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RE: Vessa
The doctor was able to leave his practice early that day we would later find out from Karl, and after much was said to convince him that I was not in labor with three huge babies, he deemed me to be in unusually good health, other than my recent mild trauma of course.

Only three stitches were needed after all was said and done and it turns out I passed out from shock rather than blood loss. A bit embarrassing I suppose but I'll take embarrassment over a concussion any day.

I thanked him and made him bring home the chocolate chip cookies I had made earlier that morning before Philip's and my fight. He was a lovely old man. I was lucky Karl's father was friends with him and he was able to make a house call for my sake.

Karl left to take him home.

Soon after they left, Alex must have felt like she couldn't ignore the elephant in the room any longer: “Don't you think you should call Philip and tell him what happened? He's going to go crazy enough as it is because he wasn't here to help you...”

“I know... Hey, do you want some hot chocolate?”

“Um, sure.”

“Good, let's go to the kitchen,” I said.

Alex helped me off the bed making us giggle when our bellies kissed. I wasn't dizzy anymore but I took her hand anyway because she offered and she was too kind for me to refuse.

In the kitchen I got the cocoa, milk, marshmallows, and my chocolate bar supply out. And some cheddar cheese.

“Cheddar cheese?” Alex asked.

“I've had a craving for it all day since I baked those cookies.”

“Ah.” She didn't challenge me on my cravings anymore after being so pregnant for so long herself.

“So,” she continued, not letting me out of our conversation, “What about Philip?”

I sighed. “I'm still mad at him for what he said.”

“About you not getting the grant anyway? Because it was your fault too you know. Having sex in pub – ”

“Yes, yes, I know. And yes I'm still mad at him because of that.”

“Well I'm sorry to say it but you should really just get over it.”

That was not what I wanted to hear so I scowled to make sure she knew it.

“What?” she continued, “He was mad! And he had a right to be after you blamed him like that. He just said something hurtful to get back at you.”

Our cocoa was done so in as much of a huff as I could muster, I took my goodies back to huge, comfortingly plush couch and plopped down. Alex sat next to me with her own mug, munching on a bar of chocolate. She let me pout for a while.

Half a brick of cheese and two bars of chocolate each later she said with her mouth full, “You know, thefe two go reawy well togever. You wouldn' phink it but vey do!”

“What cheese and chocolate? I know! So tasty. I'm beginning to think I should start a restaurant for pregnant women where all my food cravings are the menu.”

“Haha! Maybe not all of them. You could keep that lutefisk and grape jelly idea to yourself and I doubt anyone would be too upset.”

“What about grape jelly and vanilla ice cream?” I asked.

“Mmmm! That sounds amazing!”

“Does it? Because I have both of those things here.”

“Oh my gosh. I'm getting them!”

We ate right from the container and the jar. And when there was enough room to pour the rest of the jelly into the container, we did that too.

Then wouldn't you know it, there was no more ice cream and there was no more grape jelly. We didn't even talk until it was all gone. But by then we couldn't move anyway so all there was to do was talk.

“Ugh, why did we eat all that ice cream?” Alex moaned.

“I regret nothing!”

“Fine. Why did I eat all that ice cream?”

“Ask yourself that when baby starts kicking from the sugar rush.”

“Ugh,” she replied. “Don't remind me.”

“You know you're right,” I said.

“About the ice cream?”

“No, about Philip.”

“Well I know I'm right about that.”

“It's just that we hardly ever fight and he's never said anything so negative about me before.”

“Sure but you know how he is with money...”

Confused, I asked her, “No, what do you mean?”

“You know how money issues always turn him off so...”

“It's never been a problem for us before.”

“Right but even I have noticed that he will do anything to avoid confrontations having to do with money no matter how small.”

“He once paid three times the actual cost to repair the transmission on his car even when the shop owner offered half price after he admitted that his employee was trying to scam him out of money.”

“Exactly. Bickering over money is a huge turnoff for him.”

“Wow, you're so right. I never even realized... Growing up he was always a bit poor.”

“You see?!”

“Well you're proud of yourself,” I observed.

“I'm like a marriage doctor!”

“Yeah, isn't that ironic?”

“How do you mean?” she asked.

“It's my husband's baby that's in that belly of yours, after all!”

We giggled so much after that I thought my ice cream would come out through my nose.

She wiped a laugh-induced tear from her eyes and asked, “But seriously though, you're not mad at me are you?” She was genuinely concerned.

“Alex, I'm really not mad at you. I know that must mean I'm crazy but I'm glad he made you pregnant. Otherwise you wouldn't be here right now. And besides,” I added with my voice hushed, “Don't you think it's sexy that we're both knocked up at the same time by the same man?”


“So I'm not crazy, right? Like that woman said? I shouldn't feel ashamed?”

“For what?”

“For enjoying my pregnancy. I just love carrying for Philip.”

“Is that what this is all about? That woman?”

I nodded and started to cry.

“Oh, my love, don't cry. She has no idea what she's talking about. Why are you letting that woman get to you?”

“I've just never felt this fulfilled in my life before and ever since I met Philip all I've wanted to do was give him babies. Even more than that; I wanted to provide him with the best babies. Is that wrong?”

“Of course not, Vessa.”

“Women like her make it seem like it's wrong.”

“Because they don't understand women like us,” Alex said, “I don't know about you but even as a little girl I was fascinated by pregnancy.”

“I was too! And Philip said the same thing!”

“So what can be wrong with that? I think it's biological just as much as heterosexuality or homosexuality is. I'd bet my life on it.”


“And you know what? I think of all the possible sexual attractions out there, an attraction to pregnancy must be the most natural one out there.”

She made me so happy, I was speechless. Alex snuggled right up next to me, round belly to round belly, and held me as I finished crying. But at least I was crying happy tears this time.

“Thank you Alex. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Vessa,” she brushed my hair off my face and behind my ear. She leaned in for a deep, probing kiss.

“Wait,” I said. “I want Philip here too.”

“And Karl?”

“No, just Philip. Will Karl care if we?...”

“No. I made him agree to an open relationship with you and Philip until the baby's born.”

“Really?” I was a bit dumbfounded.

“Yeah. Don't ask me why,” she blushed, “It's embarrassing.”

I kissed her again and said, “Let me get my phone.”

“Wait,” she said. An idea crossed her mind. “I'll call him.” She pushed herself off of the couch and got her phone off the kitchen counter. “I want to show you something.”

“Oh? And what's that?”

“How much he loves you.”

Her phone was ringing as she put an earbud into her ear and she handed me the other one so that I could listen to their conversation as well.

“I don't think this is a good – ”

“Oh, hey Alex. How are you?” I heard Philip say through my earbud.

“Hi, Philip!” she said back, “You sound sad. Is something wrong?”

“Yeah. Vessa hasn't called you yet?”

“Um...no. Why?”

“We had a fight.”

“Oh no! Is everything okay?”

“I don't know. Maybe you should talk to her first. She can tell you what happened.”

“She's not with you?”

“No, I'm in a hotel right now.”

“Which one? I'll come over and we can...talk...”

“No, I don't think that's such a good idea right now.”

“Why not?”

“I just don't think it would be appropriate at the moment.”

“Did you two separate?”

“Oh god, I don't think so... Do you think that's what she wanted?!”

“I don't know.”

“Could you call her for me and ask her?” My husband sounded panicked, “I need to know...”

I couldn't stand to hear him like that so I covered the phone's mic with my hand and whispered, “Please stop. You're torturing him!”

“Just wait,” she whispered back, taking my hand off her phone.

“How about I just come over? I can tell you need to be with me right now,” Alex said, “Yeah, I'm coming over.”

“No! I'm not going to cheat on my wife!”

“What do you mean cheat? She sleeps with us all the time. I mean I'm pregnant too because of you...”

“It'd be cheating to me, so I can't. I'm sorry. It's killing me enough already knowing I can't sleep next to her tonight. I couldn't live with myself if I hurt her even more than I already have.”

It was too much. I couldn't stand to hear him like that anymore. “Philip!”


“Yeah, it's me.”

“But I thought – You're with Alex right now?”

“Yeah. Listen, I'm really sorry we did this to you Baby. Can I come see you?”

“Uh, of course! Do you want me to come instead – ”

“I want to come to you.”

“I'm at the Bristol, room 210.”

“Be right over!”

I turned the call off of Alex's phone and gave it back to her, she asked, “How are we going to get there? I don't have a license and aren't you too big?”

“Yeah, just call us a cab. I think I've should get some things ready. Let me know when our ride's here.”
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RE: Vessa
I set my phone down on the wooden stand next to my hotel bed not knowing what to think after Vessa hung up Alex's phone. Was she still mad at me? She sounded like she wanted to patch things up tonight but why did she have Alex try to trap me?

There was no point in dwelling on such thoughts so I put them out of my mind.

My hotel room was beautiful. Oak was all over. The bed, the walls, tables, and even the tiny kitchen were all covered with the stuff. I shouldn't have been surprised, after all, the hotel I was in had the same taste in the restaurant below. The Bristol was my favorite place to come on rough days. The lounge downstairs was a great place to work but I had never actually taken a room there before. The window looked onto the street below so the view wasn't that great but the room's lighting was soft and warm and the room itself was beautiful enough.

There was a TV that I was already bored with, alcohol that I was abstaining from, and a bunch of work on the laptop from my car that I was no longer pretending to do. There was a shower though.

So I put the hotel's water to good use until my hands were prunes, dried myself off and waited on the bed. And waited, and waited.

An hour went by and I wondered if maybe she had changed her mind. But I waited anyway and exactly thirty seven minutes later, I heard a gentle knock at the door.

I lunged at the door and fumbled with the locks and on the other side was my wife wrapped up tight in her woolen cream coat and tartan scarf, the collar pulled up around her neck. There were pools in her eyes.

“Hello,” Vessa said. Her bottom lip was trembling.

“I'm sorry, Honey.”

“I'm sorry too!”

“It was cruel of me to – ”

“No, I'm the one who was cruel! To throw you out like I did?!”

“Come in here,” I said, “You look freezing.”

I sat her down at the foot of the bed and knelt down in front of her with my hands on her hips, tugging aimlessly at the pockets of her coat. Her mittened hand brushed hair back under her knit beanie and her other played nervously with the strained coat buttons over her belly.

“I never would have gotten through medical school if you hadn't encouraged me so I shouldn't have lashed out at you,” she said, avoiding my eyes, “I can't believe I let those people and money come between us for even a day.”

“I shouldn't have said what I did.”

“No, you were right. Who knows if I'd have gotten that grant?”

“Then I should have been more patient.”

She was looking at the ground but I could see her mouth curl into her quirky half smile, “Maybe,” she said. “But it was still my fault for attacking you. I just wanted to blame someone other than myself.”

“It's okay.”

“I've been so stressed lately because so many people are relying on me doing this study right and it's so dependent on me and my own pregnancy of course and it's three babies instead of just one and – ”

“Shh, shh. It's okay, you have me to help you!”

“But that's driving me crazy too!”

“What do you mean? Why?”

“Because you do too much for me! Why do you put so much into our marriage when I give so little back?”

“Where did you come up with that idea?”

“You do favors for me that I never repay.”

“Like what?”

“Like all of those banquets I make you go to.”

“But you do repay me for those.”


“Simply by holding my arm.”

“What if I wasn't pretty?”

“Honey, at your worst, you make Helen of Troy look homely and that's why I married you.”

“That's a terrible thing to say!”

“Why? Is it wrong to love you because you're beautiful?”

“No, but I won't stay beautiful forever.”

“Nobody stays beautiful forever.”

“But I don't want you to ever leave me! Especially after today...”

“Honey, I'm not ever going to leave you.”

“How can you know that?”

“Because you say you want me and that's all I will ever need. You're more than just a person to me now, you're my whole life. Everything that I will ever need to be happy in this life is inside you. Your good heart is here, and of course your mind is too and I fall to pieces just knowing my little girls are safely inside your womb. But your eyes and your lips and your nose and that dimple you show me when you're happy all comfort me more after a rough day than anyone's words ever have. Can anyone else make me feel that way? No. And to me, that's reason enough to love you for your beauty. Do you think I'm wrong?”

She shook her head at the ground still unable to look at me so I held her chin until her eyes were staring right into my own.

“You may not like what I'm going to tell you,” I continued, “but it's how I feel. When I see you walk towards me, especially as these precious months have gone by, I enjoy most the feeling that you're all mine. Like you belong to me. And I let myself pretend that making you pregnant has turned my fantasy into a reality. I imagine this every time I see you from across a courtyard, or when I watch you sleep in the morning or when you put your hair in a braid. I hold onto every one of those moments I can because they make all life worth living.”

I stopped for a moment to collect my thoughts and said, “I guess what I'm trying to say is you shouldn't worry about me ever leaving you because I already belong to you. And what I want more than anything is for you to belong to me like I will always belong to you.”

A tear slipped down her cheek but got trapped in her dimple when she smiled. She wiped it away and said, “Oh, but I do belong to you! You don't need to pretend! I am all yours!”

She willed me off my knees with a mitten on each side of my face up to her own and she kissed me until I was gasping for air. Then she kissed me again. She kissed my eyebrow, she kissed my nose, she kissed my chin, she kissed my neck. I was covered in ruby lipstick.

She pulled me down to sit next to her but the bed was a twin so I had to sit facing her side with my left leg draped behind her and my right leg on the floor. She couldn't twist very well but I pulled her into me and she leaned her head back to fully accept my tongue. I danced with her own tongue, rolling around her mouth, loving every little sound she made that let me know she wanted more.

She had her hand on my chest which she would keep there to slow me down. It was her way of letting me know when she was ready for more. She was full of lust though and her other hand was desperate to grab my hair but her mittens were still on and she couldn't run her fingers through like she usually does. So I took the moment that she took her hand off my chest to rip off her mitten as a sign that she wanted me to go faster.

Vessa stopped me. “Wait,” she said. “I want to show you something. Unbutton me.”

My blood was pounding so I attacked the buttons of her coat but she put her hand over mine to calm me down and said with a soft kiss to my cheek, “Slowly, my Love. Be gentle.” She tried standing up but didn't quite make it until I helped her by the hips. With a hand on my shirt, she pulled me to her.

She took the end of her scarf and put it in my hand. I unwound it from her neck and tugged off her shoulders and I kissed her hot neck when it was gone. I could feel the heat radiate off her skin.

“Keep going, my Darling,” she purred. “Here, I'll help.” With her warm hands, she took my fingers and popped the button open. I saw her porcelain skin underneath. The next button revealed a little cleavage. The next one a lot. With each undone button, she held my hand still and leaned up to briefly touch my lips with her own.

She had on lingerie. I could see that her breasts were straining against a delicate silk prison underneath her innocent coat.

I undid the buttons over her belly one by one, relieving them of their duty. I could tell each one was exhausted too, she had outgrown yet another coat. And with each Snap! I glimpsed more and more of her fertile body.

Finally, I took off her coat and hat and saw what she had on for me.

Vessa was dressed in black silk lingerie from head to toe. She was wearing a halter style babydoll with a plunging square neckline that ended just below her boobs. A wide strip of cloth wrapped around the back of her neck and ran vertically down the front of both of her breasts to serve as their only support. This strip was hemmed to a second identical strip of cloth that circled all the way around her, underneath the curves of her bust, and just above the swell of her belly. There was even a big pink bow right in the middle of the strip, below the valley of her breathtaking cleavage.

The true genius, however, of the lingerie she was wearing was how it made Vessa's breasts spill out on either side of the cloth strips. Her breasts were exposed enough to fully drink in the gentle curves of her melons but at the same time, the silk hid just the right amount of her skin to tease me and to make me want to be teased even more. And they looked heavy and full like that, pushing out against the silk like they couldn't be contained for much longer. Her nipples were peeking at me through the fabric. I'd never seen her tits so strained and round from the pressure of so much milk inside them. They were almost too perfect to call tits anymore. Almost.

“W...wow,” I stammered. She was too sexy to take in all at once.

Her mouth curled into a bashful little smile. “How do you like me?”

Still shocked, I sat down on the bed to recover from my daze. Or I would have if the bed had been there. Instead, I fell right on my ass.

I sat up straight against the bed and adjusted my posture, trying to pretend that falling on the floor had been the plan all along but she just shook her head and giggled at me with her hands covering her mouth.

When I licked my lips, I looked at her like a wolf stalking a deer. Her smile disappeared and she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, moving her hands to cradle her belly protectively. She moved deliberately and slowly like prey does when it knows it's being stalked.

Vessa stood there for me to keep looking. And so I drank the rest of her beauty in. If her exquisite breasts were wrapped perfectly to show off how supple they were, then her precious belly was dressed perfectly to show off how fertile she was. She gave me a couple of slow turns so I could fully appreciate what she had on for me.

Opaque silk mesh fell down loosely from the silken strip below her breasts. The material made a tiny, flirtatious skirt around the bottom half of her torso and hovered above her panties, adding even more to her femininity. As the babydoll was a maternity cut, it had a slit in the material right down the middle of her belly, mirroring the gap above which revealed her cleavage. Her belly parted the mesh and the cloth fell away from her belly being too inadequate to properly cover up her immensely productive womb.

Her womb looked uncontrollable. Overstuffed with life. Vessa's belly early on in her pregnancy was kept softly round and in check by her strong core and ab muscles but now those same muscles were no match for her womb. Three of the largest unborn baby girls in the history of mankind grew healthier and stronger and fatter every day she carried them inside her body and that's why her belly looked like a sphere on her frame. The skin of her belly was absurdly tight but thanks to my constant rubbing, still unbelievably soft and smooth and blemish-free. She still carried her belly high on her frame showing clearly that despite her unbelievable size, she was still not ready to give birth. And it was obvious by her posture that she was proud to be the embodiment of fertility. Her shoulders were back, her belly thrust out and her back straight. She had to lean back to keep her balance even as she supported her belly from underneath with her hands. When she looked at me, her face told me that if I could somehow, then and there, put more of my babies inside of her, she would only love me more for it.

Vessa's hips, even this far into her pregnancy were still the widest part of her body but only just. If her engorged breasts and gravid belly made her fertile and feminine, then it was her hips that made her a woman. Through hard work, her body was still fit and toned but due to her pregnancy, somehow better proportioned. I wanted to pull her hips to me and have her sit down and grind on me the whole night.

Below her belly and well below the mesh silk skirt of her babydoll were her ruffle panties. They were black like her top and just as tiny and cute. They were designed to prove to me how suitable Vessa was for bearing children in the most lewd way. Her ass was too round for her panties and so I could see just a little bit of her bum cleavage peeking out of the top. And bum was the perfect word because of how cute her cheeks looked tightly wrapped up in ruffles. The ruffles stopped just above her pussy which was covered by smooth silk. They were low on her hips and so tight that I could see the silk push into her pussy, tempting me to go there myself. I looked carefully and even saw a tiny little zipper guarding access to her body.

Her panties were also her garter belt because four little clasps pulled her stockings up her smooth, shapely legs. The sheer material ended about a quarter of the way down her thighs and each stocking had a tiny matching pink bow on the top of each one.

She turned around on her “fuck me” heels to show me that naughty little black line that I love so much running down the miles and miles of her toned legs. Her heels were cherry red and tall enough that she shouldn't have worn them.

But even as sexy as her body was, it was her face that made me want to cum inside her. It was always her face that made me want to fuck her the most. Her big, seductive eyes lusted for me and her light eyebrow was lifted, teasing me to rush over and have her. She had a cute little upturned nose and soft cheeks despite her high, well-defined cheekbones. And lips just meant for pouting. Those lips were what men everywhere dreamed of wrapped around their cock but they belonged to me. Vessa's lips screamed fertility just by being as plump as they were. Her tender face was framed by the graceful curve of her feminine jawline and her lustrous hair. Due to being so far along in her pregnancy, her hair was outright glowing. The soft curls of her golden hair fell just past her shoulders and bounced at her slightest movement.

“Wow...” I said again.

She giggled and turned around for me once more.

“Come here.” I demanded.

“On your lap?”

“Yes, please.”

“But I won't be able to get up!”

“Good. Then then you can't get away from me.”

Embarrassed but smiling, she maneuvered carefully in her high heels, turned to the side, and I helped her sit down in my lap. Her long legs were sprawled out to my left and her butt was on my right thigh. My right arm was wrapped around her back to support her and my left went to work exploring her body.

“I like that zipper by the way,” I said.

“You mean this one?” She reached my hand under her belly and between her legs. She was drenched.

“Hrrmm! Mhm!” I pinched her panties until I found the zipper and pulled it down to finger her.

“Wait. Not yet,” she purred. “I want you to take all night. I want you to make me so dirty that no shower can clean me up in the morning.”

“Okay,” I squeaked. “What did you have in mind?”

“I have a surprise for you. Come with me.”

I helped her stand up and she put her coat back on. She looked presentable again but her stockings and shoes gave her away.

“I can't believe you wore that from home,” I said, “Weren't you cold?”

“No,” she said proudly. “Come on. We've got to make a stop at the lobby first.”


She took me by the hand to the elevator. Vessa was too pregnant to walk down stairs safely in those high heels and we found a night attendant at the desk downstairs.

“Hello,” she said to him, “Is it too late for room service?”

“Oh no. We offer room service throughout the night should you desire it.”

“Wonderful!” Vessa said gleefully, clapping her hands together, “May I order some fruit and um, some uh, whipped cream?”

“That won't be a problem. We'll have a fruit platter sent up to you shortly. May I ask what room?”

“Actually, if it's not too much trouble, I'd like to customize my order please. It's my cravings, you see!” she stepped back from the counter to display her belly. “A bit silly I suppose...”

“Not at all, and that shouldn't be a problem. It will take extra time to prepare however. What would you like?”

“Could I have...cherries, grapes and some honeydew melon?”

“Of course.”

“Oh! And some peaches and cantaloupes, please.”

“Cantaloupes? Whole ones, madam?”

“Oh yes, a few of those at least. And could they be cut in long strips for me?”

“And some bananas!” I blurted out.

“Ooo! Especially bananas!” Vessa agreed.

The attendant lifted his eyebrow with derision, “Strips and bananas then. Will that be all?”

“That should do it... Melted chocolate would be divine if you have some of that too.”

“We do.”

“Yum! That too!”

“Chocolate as well. This will not all fit on one platter, I'm afraid.”

“Oh, that's okay. We'll be wanting three anyway,” she said.

He seemed skeptical that we were serious but he was a professional. “And what room would you like this delivered to?”

“210,” I said.

“Wait, make that 400 instead please.”

“400? Are you sure?”

“Yes please. That's my room. Remember? I booked it a little while ago.”

“Oh, I remember. 400 it is. It should take about an hour to prepare.”

“Great!” Vessa said.

She took me by the hand again and pulled me back to the elevator. When we were inside I said, “You booked a room?”

“I knew we were going to need a big room for tonight. And besides, your bed is way too small.”

We got out and walked down the fourth floor hallway and she fished in her pocket for the door key.

Room 400 was one of the hotel suites and was even more lovely than my room. It even had a four-poster bed.

She pulled me into the room and took me to the kitchen table where there were two large paper bags. I sat down and she stood next to me while she reached into the bags pulling out one by one: two bottles of lubricant, bondage rope, two blindfolds, four bottles of body oil, four pairs of cuffs, a ball gag, feathers, anal beads, a butt plug, and a vibrating dildo. Everything was still in its packaging.

“You came prepared,” I said.

“We did.”


Vessa walked over to the bed and pulled back the curtains. Sprawled out on it was Alex. She was lying on her side with her head propped up on her arm and her other slowly stroking her pregnant tummy. But while Vessa's lingerie was coquettish, Alex's was downright slutty. Her whole body was covered, from head to toe, in a fine black bodystocking, save for an opening barely big enough to fit her tits through, and another right between her legs for easy access.

“Oh my god,” I said.

Alex's lingerie was simple but her body looked so good because of it. She looked due now. The baby was incredibly big for the sixth month and her body looked like she was getting ready for labor. Her breasts were supple with milk just like Vessa's but also like Vessa, her breasts were firm from pressure and genetics. Vessa's figure was still more sultry and shapely than Alex's but Alex still had a body that could rival any gorgeous Brazilian bikini model, and that would go double for her tush.

Alex's belly was just as firm as her butt although it was more pliable than Vessa's. She still had room to grow even if her belly was a perfect egg shape on her frame. It bulged against the netting of her bodystocking as a reminder that her belly was always getting bigger and wouldn't fit in a couple weeks.

“Say hi Daddy!” Alex said to her unborn baby. “Oomph, she kicked! Did you see?”

“Mhm...” And it was true. Even from this far away I could see her skin undulate.

“She's so feisty. Probably because she's so big already. Isn't that right, Vessa?”

“That's right, my Love. Let me feel!”

Vessa sat down on the bed by Alex's belly and rubbed over the fine netting until she felt a kick with her hand. “Oh, hi there Cutie! I love you too! She loves her Aunt Vessa.”

“I think she loves you for making her so big inside her Mama.”

“She'll be just like her big sisters. Maybe I can get them to kick and say hi.”

Vessa scooched over so their bellies were mashed together and she lifted up her babydoll to show them moving around inside her. But even as they moved, Vessa's belly grumbled and growled from hunger. A bit embarrassed, she laughed and said, “Always hungry, aren't they?”

“I wouldn't have it any other way,” said Alex. “Come sit down with us,” she said to me.

I sat down between them. Alex pushed herself up and they leaned against me. So I was sitting between my knocked-up Brazilian ex-flight attendant lover on my left and my super-pregnant sexy wife on my right. I was like a kid in a candy store. I had no idea where to begin.

That's when I saw it: three stitches on my wife's perfect head.

“What the hell is this?!” I demanded, standing up. “What happened to your head?!”

“Shh, shh. Come here,” Vessa said, tugging at my hand.

“Turn to the side, I want to see!”

Vessa shifted and tilted her head back. I took my phone out and shined the light on her scalp. “You got these today?”

She nodded, turning back to me on the bed. “I really had to exercise and – ”

“And I wasn't there!” I got on my knees and put my head on what little of her lap was left.

“It was my fault! Not yours! I shouldn't have – ”

“I can't believe I wasn't there...”


“Are you okay?”

“Of course.”

“And...” I put my hand on her belly.

“They're all very healthy.”

“Vessa kept them safe and sound, Philip,” Alex reassured me.

“Here,” Vessa said, taking my phone, “Sit down again.”

I sat between the two of them and said, “I should have stayed even if you hated me for it.”

“I'm the one to blame Honey, not you! I wasn't careful enough and I threw you out...”

“You can say that all you want, but I still wasn't there to help you when I should have been. I'm never leaving you like that again.”

“Ohh,” said Alex crying, “You two are so beautiful!”

“You have no idea,” Vessa said, tearing up herself, “Do you know what he said to me earlier?”

“Oh, no...” I fell all the way back on the bed with my arms out in embarrassment.

Vessa told Alex everything we said to one another downstairs. And each word only made them both cry even more. I blamed pregnancy hormones...

When Vessa was finished, Alex wiped the tears from her face and asked, “Did you really mean that?”

“Every word.”

Vessa stretched out next to me on her side and gave me a loving kiss on the cheek. Then Alex did too. They pulled my arms around them and we sat there for a few minutes while they stared at me with dorky smiles on their faces.

“I couldn't ask for a better husband.”

“Trust me, I'm the lucky one,” I said.

“That's also true,” she laughed.

“You've been good to us too though,” Alex said, “You've been such a perfect man throughout our pregnancies, getting us whatever we want in the middle of the night, cleaning up after our morning sickness...”

“Rubbing our feet and our backs... I mean you've read more books about pregnancy than both of us together!”

“But more than anything, you make us feel so sexy while we're pregnant.”

“Because you are. I would do anything to make either one of you two happy.”

“Every woman should have someone like you,” Alex said, snaking her hand up my shirt to rub my chest.

“Careful,” Vessa laughed, “I'm willing to share, but don't forget, he belongs to me!”

“Mmm, that's fine... I'm happy enough to have this,” she cooed, patting her belly. And as if on cue, Alex's belly rumbled from hunger as well.

“Oh no!” Vessa turned my head to look at her and purred, “Our yummy fruit and cream won't be here for a while. How should we fill Alex's hungry tummy?”

She was so sexy. I looked at Alex and asked, “Would you like some milk?”

She nodded eagerly.

“How much milk can you drink?”

“I'm going to have all of it!” she grinned.

“Good. I'm going to make sure both of your bellies get even fatter tonight.” I sat up and looked at the head of the king-size bed we were on. It had tons of pillows. I arranged them so they could lay comfortably next to each other and said, “Vessa drinks first. She's been waiting longer and your boobs are already out for her.” I picked Alex up in my arms and set her carefully down on the left side of the bed. Then I picked up Vessa and set her down on a bunch of pillows in the middle of the bed, leaving enough room for me, and lower than Alex so her breasts were easy to suckle from. Their bellies were so big that their bodies had to angle awkwardly away from one another but that didn't stop Vessa from greedily latching onto Alex's aroused nipple like her life depended on it.

They both moaned softly together as Vessa's mouth slurped and pumped back and forth on Alex's plump breast. Desperate to drink even faster, Vessa put her arm around Alex and pulled her chest into her face.

Over on the table, I took the bondage rope and a pen from a desk and, going over to Alex, I wrapped one end of it all the way around her belly over her belly button and marked it on the rope.

Curious, she giggled and asked, “What's this for?”

“You thought I was kidding, huh? About making you bigger tonight?”

“Don't you worry, we're working on it!” Alex said. She took my hand and placed it on her belly. “Oh! Your hands are so cold!”

“Sorry, Gorgeous.” I pinched the nipple Vessa wasn't attached to and accidentally released a bit of the precious pressurized milk contained therein.

“Don't waste it!” Alex said, “Can't you see she's hungry?” She brushed a bit of Vessa's hair from her face lovingly and reached over as far as she could to pat her belly.


Walking around the bed, I measured Vessa the same way I did Alex. Needless to say, Vessa's measurement used much more rope.

Vessa stopped drinking briefly to plead, “Take your clothes off and spoon me! And get some oil!”

A trail of clothing was left in my wake as I grabbed the oil from the kitchen table. Hopping on the bed, Vessa stopped again to make sure I was where she wanted me to be. She took my left leg between her own to dry hump. I say dry but really she was anything but. Slick oil poured into my hand from the bottle and I teased the mesh up off of Vessa's belly and slapped a whole mess of it right on top of her. She interlocked her fingers with mine as I made sure to kneed the stuff into her smooth skin, keeping rhythm with her lustful bucking on my leg.

When she finished the first breast, Vessa still had Alex pinned to her with her other arm wrapped underneath her body. Alex couldn't get away even if she wanted to. She clearly loved it, however, pure contentment written across her face.

Her muffled Mmmphs and groans merged with the sounds her sloppy sucking. Pulling her hair back more, I sucked on her earlobe, something I know makes her tingle all over. Her moans turned to whimpers and she pulled at her own hard nipples, eager for more pleasure. I saw a little of her own milk leak out.

“Careful, Love,” I said. “Don't you want to keep it all inside for Alex to have later?”

“Mmhmm,” she whined.

I moved my hand off her abdomen to cup her breast but she took it away quick, putting it back on her shiny, round belly, telling me what sensations she really needed.

“Talk to me...Baby. Tell me what you...like!” Vessa said between breaths.

“I like watching you suck your lover's milk. Pull her closer! Don't let her get away from you, Baby!”

I saw Vessa's fingertips sink into the skin of Alex's side as she clutched her harder.

“Oh!” Alex was surprised when Vessa jerked her even more into her face.

I kissed her bare shoulder. “I like feeling how wet you are.” And again.

“Mmmmm,” she purred. “Do you like...me...when I'm...wet?”

“I love it when you're wet for me.”

“Unnngh...Why, Baby?”

“I love it when you feel good.”

“Huuungh!” she panted. Her cheeks were sucking in further. She gripped my leg harder. Moved faster. “Do you...want your preg...nant girl... to be happy?”

“That's all I want!” I whispered past her earlobe.

And she gushed all over my leg. Her mouth sucked hard one last time, making Alex yelp. The breast popped free from her mouth and Alex rolled on her back, panting herself.

Vessa leaned back into me and turned her body more so she could thank me for her orgasm with a lustful kiss.

“Is my pregnant girl happy?” I whispered between kisses.

“Mhmm,” she moaned. “I want more though.”

“Name it.”

“Can I surprise you?”

“As long as it makes you happy, I don't care.”

“Yay! Can you help me up?”

I helped her sit up and pulled her to her feet. She grabbed her phone and said, “I'm gonna shower and check on our order real quick. I'll be a few minutes.”

“They'll be here...come back to bed. I'm not done with you yet.”

“I know,” she smiled. “I just wanna know how much longer we have to wait. Why don't you get Alex ready for round two?”

“Yeah,” Alex agreed with devilish eyes, “Make sure I'm ready for round two!”

I grinned and jumped back into bed.

“Oooh, it's still wet there,” I laughed.

“From Vessa? I bet it smells delicious.” Alex got on all fours and crawled over to me and sniffed around. “Mmm!”

“Turn around. I'm gonna smell you,” I demanded.

With a lewd grin, she did as she was told and I sat up right into her pussy, breathing in deeply, getting my fill of her musty, sweaty sex. I kissed her tenderly, ripping the netting over her crotch for better access with my mouth. Her belly was hanging down right where my free hand was so I palmed it, pushing against her skin. Feeling her abdomen was healthy and strong comforted me.

“Silly Goose! Round two means she wants a second meal from me, not round two of sex!”

“We'll do that later. Right now I'm the one that's having a meal. Now sit on my face.” I laid back on the bed and pulled at her hips.

Alex giggled and put her hands on my thighs. She took her fingers on each hand and walked them down my thigh, tickling each and every spot as she went. The fingers marched forward as she stretched out her body along my own, over my knees and along my shins. I saw her pussy better with every inch and her belly between her legs expand up and down from each breath. Then she gripped my ankles with her hands and her body was prostrated on top of me. Alex's belly was too proud, however, to disappear and was quite right instead to bulge out on my chest, elevating her pussy in defiance and out of convenience for me. Proud that I should have to suffer such an inconvenience, I sat up on my elbows and wrapped my lips around hers.

I moaned and hummed to vibrate for her and flicked her clit with my tongue. I felt her thighs up and down noting every muscle twitch and nervous movement.

Soon her motions sped up. Her hand went away from my leg to tug at her breast. Back and forth she ground into my face, except for her belly for it was too big and her skin stuck to mine.

Vessa's shower water stopping long ago, she waddled back in stuffed perfectly once again in her lingerie piece du jour.

She growled like a tiger and crawled on the bed toward me. My wife slapped Alex's ass hard, just enough to be uncomfortable.

“Mmmm. Look at you two,” she turned around to Alex and quietly said, “I bet you're ready to come, aren't you? Look how hot and sticky you are. Push that tongue in a little more for me?” she purred to her pregnant friend.

“Huhngh!” Alex moaned. Her body went back one more time and she was spent. Exhausted, she rolled over onto her back.

We both laid next to the tired woman, stroking her sweaty body as she recovered.

I went to the kitchen, got her some water and she sat up on the bed with help from Vessa. The plump cushions at the head of the bed looked comfy so I plopped down in them, perfectly content with the world.

Knock knock knock! The door yelled immediately. Of course. Who else but room service?

I threw on my pants and opened the door to a young bellboy pushing a huge cart with three covered platters on it.

“Three, eh, fruit trays, sir?” he asked.

“You're a lifesaver, lad! I'll take that and you take this.” I handed him a bunch of bills from my wallet and wheeled the cart in the suite.

But my spot on the bed was indeed comfy so I silently declared break time and plopped down once again on the cushions. Alex thought I looked comfy so she crawled on over to me with her cup of water and laid in between my legs, falling back against me.

“That looks nice.” Vessa lamented.

“It is nice,” Alex said.

Alex sipped from her cup and handed it to me when it was empty. Her hands began massaging her breasts in circular motions.

“I'm sorry, Love, did I make you sore there?” Vessa asked.

“Oh no. I feel great! I just thought this helps me, you know, make milk.”

Vessa beamed, “It does! But perhaps bigger hands would help? I'll get you lots more water.” She got off the bed.

Alex lifted her hands off her breasts and I took over. It was so heavenly that we were both fully catatonic, not a tense muscle between the two of us

Alex drank more water from the cup Vessa gave her and we sat there content to just be.


The next installment will feature a belly job by request. Please feel free to make requests and post complaints, questions, comments, and/or suggestions.
March 4, 2016 11:56 pm
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RE: Vessa
This is amazing, nothing less...
March 6, 2016 2:57 pm
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RE: Vessa
This rivals 'Project Gaia' for best story, hands down!
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RE: Vessa
Thanks! I'm really glad you guys enjoy my story and I love reading Gaia as well so that means a lot to me. Sorry I haven't posted more in a while so I hope this next bit is good enough to make up for that delay:

“I'm lonely,” Vessa pouted after watching us for a while.

“Aww. Come here, darling,” Alex said with open arms.

Vessa crawled up to her on her side to avoid any unnecessary belly collision and they locked lips. I was still massaging her breasts so Alex was limp as a noodle but Vessa teased her by pulling away from their kiss.

“No fair! I'm comfy here! I don't wanna move.”

Her belly growled.

“Baby needs you to,” Vessa smiled.

“Oh, fine. I guess I am pretty starving...”

I pushed Alex up and enjoyed watching the two heavily pregnant women play musical chairs on a bed for my lap. Eventually Vessa wrapped my arms around her and I sat the two of us up so Alex could access my wife's breasts a bit easier.

Alex was off to Vessa's side on all fours when she began suckling. While Vessa sucked from Alex with pure greed, Alex took a far more seductive, sexual approach like she was trying to compete against her own lover. She pursed her lips on the breast, entirely swallowing the nipple, and she looked right into my eyes. Her eyelids were slow when she blinked, heavy with lust. Each sip drew her cheeks in and we watched her throat gulp down every drop.

I stroked Vessa's breast for Alex hoping to make sure she got everything. Vessa leaned up to push her two soft pillows onto my own lips. With my other hand I traced the silk of her lingerie over her body, pushing it gently into her skin.

“Where did you find this? I love it.”

“I hoped you would. It's custom.”


“Yeah, got it today.”

“How on earth...”

“My girlfriend owed me a favor and she's a seamstress.”

“So that's why it took you so long to – ”

“Yeah, I'm sorry.”

“Don't be, you're always worth the wait. I just can't believe she made this so quickly.”

“She's really good.”

“I noticed.”

“We're still gonna have to make up for that lost time tonight.”

“Oh, that goes without saying,” I agreed.

Alex kept going and going and going. She spent as much time on Vessa's first breast as Vessa took on both of Alex's. And when she was done with the first, milk was seeping out around her lips and falling down her chin. She sucked like a champ and then let go, ready to move to Vessa's other side.

“Oh, you've got a little there,” Vessa said, pointing to her lips.

Alex leaned down and mashed her milky lips onto Vessa's. Vessa bit Alex's lips and cleaned the milk off of them. Then she licked Alex's chin clean too and went all the way down her throat where milk had dribbled down.

“Tasty,” she growled.

Alex laid down on her side inviting us to do the same so I spooned Vessa once again and Alex latched onto Vessa's ripe breast.

She closed her eyes this time and took it slower than the first. More delicate. I watched and held Vessa, already massaging her other breast to jump-start her lactation.

Vessa carefully leaned over to pat Alex's belly and said, “Oh my, baby must be hungry. I remember the first time you drank from me you could barely finish everything! This time's much better. Good girl.”

When Alex finished, she was tired from all of Vessa's heavy milk but more than satisfied. As she relaxed, I took the rope that I had measured their bellies with and wrapped it around the two women. Vessa was bigger by a quarter centimeter and Alex grew by two!

“Oh, that's not enough,” Vessa complained. “I want more.”

“How about some fruit?” I asked.

“I almost forgot! Oof! It's so hard to get off this bed these days.”

I got up and walked her over to the bountiful feast of fruit we had ordered. Alex, curious herself, peeked over our shoulders and moseyed in between us.

Vessa uncovered a pool of molten chocolate, dipping her finger in it. She turned to us, bringing her finger to her lips and closed her eyes, sucking all the chocolate from her finger, her swollen lips puckered all around her digit.

“Mmmm. So good.” She dipped her finger again and let Alex lick it off.

“Very,” Alex's eyes lit up.

They turned to me looking for a cue.

They looked delicious themselves, so pregnant and decorated I thought I wouldn't mind watching them stuff themselves for a while. Two armless chairs were by the kitchen table and I set them facing the bed, right next to it. I took their hands and sat them both down on a chair and wheeled the food onto either side of them.

I laid on my stomach on the bed, propping up my head with my hands and commanded, “Eat.”

And they did as they were told. Vessa thought the peaches looked particularly good and puckered her lips up to one, and bit into it, forcing messy juice to flow into her waiting belly but some escaped around her lips and down her neck. Alex leaned over and cleaned Vessa up for her with her own mouth. Then she took a huge bite of a big banana and mashed it against her cheek before swallowing with an audible gulp.

They stared at me while they ate like I wanted them to. Looking down into my eyes, they ate slow and deliberately, making sure I knew how much they savored every bite. Alex's belly filled her lap in her upright chair, the netting of her outfit strained even more against her tummy pushed out as it was. Vessa's belly, on the other hand, dominated the whole chair as our triplets were fed more and more fruit. Her belly's domain ended where here breasts began, they were too plump to be overshadowed. Her panties couldn't even be seen but her babydoll parted dutifully to allow her stomach to expand.

They dipped strawberries in chocolate and fed each other sloppily. Chocolate fell into their cleavage with nothing but fingers to clean it up. More juice dripped down their chins, this time from cantaloupe and honeydew melon.

Vessa put a cherry in her mouth, stem and all. Her blue, heavy eyes watched me for a minute as her tongue maneuvered inside her mouth. She pulled out the stem tied in a tight knot. “When are you going to feed me?” She asked.

I sat up and pulled them both to the bed sitting facing me, one on either side. From the closest tray, I dipped a strawberry and put it into her mouth, rubbing her belly for her as she chewed.

I fed them all the strawberries, most of the cantaloupe and two bananas each. Soon, Alex moaned, “I think I'm full.”

“Maybe you can rub her and help her fit more in there,” Vessa suggested.

I picked up the tray and put it between them and grabbed the oil. They kept eating as I oiled their growing bellies. Alex after a minute or two was eager to eat more and the two of them finished off the rest of the tray.

When they were both full, Vessa leaned back on her arms, her belly thrust out in front of her and said, “I can't eat another bite!”

“I'm glad. Did you enjoy everything?” I asked.

“Mhm,” Alex chirped, “I hope you enjoyed watching.”

“I did. Now what shall we do?”

“You!” they both said in unison. Alex got the hiccups and we laughed even more.

Vessa waddled over to the kitchen and grabbed a blindfold and the handcuffs.

“Put this on and lie down. We're gonna have our way with you now.”

Wishing I was already living ten seconds in the future, I tied the blindfold around my head and a mouth that tasted very much like Vessa's kissed me. Then her hand pushed my forehead and I fell over on a bunch of pillows.

They cuffed my arms and legs to each corner of the bed and I could barely move as they secured the gag over me. I felt two pairs of lips on me then, one girl kissed my stomach, the other my elbow. They roamed over my torso without touching me at all save for their plush lips. They wanted to torture me.

“Why are these still on?” Alex asked, speaking about my pants. She must have been the one kissing my stomach. She playfully bit my leg through my pants and growled, “Grrrr...”

“Is that the sound the monster makes?” Vessa giggled.

“No, it's the sound I make when I want the monster.”

“In that case,” Vessa replied, “Grrrr...” She ambled her body over my own to join Alex. She put my zipper between her teeth and pulled opened the fly and unfastened the clasp.

Then they both pulled my pant legs down with their teeth all the way off.

“That's better,” Alex purred.

“Oh my, Monster looks angry!”

“It's okay, I know how to please him!” Alex teased my inner thigh with kisses and licked me but didn't touch my balls or shaft. It was worse than torture.

“That's not how you please him!” said Vessa playing along, “He likes tickling!” and I felt her weight leave the bed.

“Does he like feathers?”

“He loves them! See if you can...uh...keep him happy while I get some,” Vessa said.

Alex kept up her shenanigans around my groin, brushing me with her lips or lightly pushing me with her tongue, or blowing over my genitals. I squirmed and wiggled, my wrists dug into the cuffs. I wanted so badly to break free and just take her.

Oddly, Vessa didn't get back on the bed for another few minutes but I knew when she did because the first feather that touched me made my whole body jump. I was very ticklish.

They both giggled like schoolgirls. Now they used their feathers on me from my feet to my armpits to my sides and neck and of course the tip of my penis. My wrists dug into the cuffs after what once was just my wiggling became violent thrashing. I was surprised the cuffs didn't break.

More lips, more feathers, and now more licking. Soon my whole torso was jumping off the bed the few inches it could. My own frustrated growls fought their own playfully sexy growls.

“Streetlamp!” Vessa cried. It was our safeword.

They stopped. I gagged confusion.

“Oh Baby! Your wrists! I'm so sorry.”

“Hrmm​m?” I said into the gag.

“Your skin broke from the cuffs!”

She pulled the gag out.

“It's fine! Just keep going!”

“No it's not fine! Here,” she said as she uncuffed one of my hands.

I put my hand behind my head to pull the blindfold down to look at the damage.

“NO!” they both yelled.

“Keep your blindfold on!” Alex said, “We'll uh, wash you up.” She got off and went to the bathroom.

“Do you want to keep going?” Vessa asked.


“No, I mean tied up.”

“I want you to just do whatever you were going to do. I'll worry about my wrists later.”

“I think one of us bleeding profusely in a day is one too many so Alex is gonna clean you up first.”

“Ughhh,” I complained.

“Don't worry, my Darling. We have all...” she kissed my cock, “...night...” and again, “...long...”

It was a bit of a relief to have someone touch my cock so I didn't complain when I was re-gagged nor while Alex washed up my wrists and tied my arms and legs to the bed with the bondage rope instead of the cuffs. Vessa kept me docile with her touch. The rope was much better anyway. It was much more comfortable to roleplay with my hands tugging on rope than with my wrists digging into cuffs.

When she was all done, I felt Alex get back onto the bed and the feather torture began once again. Their mouths kissed me and then licked me and then their mouths sucked on my skin. Then I felt a mouth suck softly on my testicle. And though I enjoyed it, I was just so relieved to move on to the next part whatever it would be.

And it was a combination of oral sex from one and a massage from the other. She was doing things I wasn't used to like licking my scrotum with her tongue while she was sucking on me. She put my organ in her mouth for fun but she spent most of her time pleasuring my testicles. I enjoyed her roleplaying as a ball-worshiper but I really needed to cum.

Vessa's hands oiled me down in the meantime. She rubbed my biceps and shoulders and all the skin on my torso accessible to her. Smooth hands explored my pectorals and my abdominals with an obvious sort of selfishness to their task.

I was pleasured by them for a while and my restlessness got worse and worse. Vessa knew I was nearly at my breaking point and she stopped, placing her hand over my heart and running her other oil-slick hand through my hostage hair.

“I think he's ready. His heart is going to jump out of his chest!” she told Alex. And Vessa curled her body into mine, laying down next to me so her mouth was right next to my ear. I could feel her huge, turgid belly mash into my side.

Alex kept sucking on my balls like it was her mission in life.

“Remember that night you pumped your cum into Alex's body?” she whispered into my ear, curling my hair around it.

I nodded.

“Remember how hard she begged you for a baby?”

“Mhmm,” I mumbled.

“And you didn't know what to do? You probably thought I'd be so angry with you for fathering a child with another woman. Is that so?”

I bobbed my head yes again.

“You shouldn't have worried. I wanted you to do it. I wanted you to fuck her full of babies.”

She licked my ear.

Alex deep-throated me.

“We arranged that night for you to do it. Alex and me. She told me what she wanted and just like that,” she snapped her fingers, “my nipples were hard as a rock. I meant what I said in that studio, Baby. I could watch you impregnate women all. Day. Long.”

Alex really had me going. She stopped throating me and went back to gently kissing my cock and balls. She was teasing me even more.

“I needed your children inside me first of course but I think we were all of one hour into our marriage before you took care of that, fucking your babies into me. I bet I was pregnant before we even were on our honeymoon. So when the first opportunity came around to fulfill my fantasy, I took it. I know how much it makes you hard too. Look how eager you are. I bet if Alex wasn't already swollen with child you'd knock her up again if I asked you to, wouldn't you?”

I nodded again.

“Do you trust me, my Love?”

“Mhmm!” I gagged again.

“Did you really mean you'll do anything to make me happy?”

She removed my gag so I could scream, “Yes!”

“Then I want you to break my rules and fuck her pussy again.”

I turned my head to look at her, forgetting the blindfold was still on. When Alex came back into our lives, Vessa laid down some three way ground rules between the three of us to help prevent lust from becoming love. They were both free to do whatever they wanted together but since Alex was carrying my baby, Vessa had several rules, and the most important two forbade us from vaginal sex and we couldn't kiss each other above the shoulders.

“I want to watch you fuck her pussy again so badly. Will you?”

“Yes!” I arched my back like a wild animal. I had to break free or fuck something immediately. Or both.

“Good,” she purred, kissing my cheek. “Will you fill her with all your cum?”

“Yes!” I pulled the ropes with my arms and legs hoping to snap the bed in half. My whole body was raging!

“Then do it!” she commanded.

Vessa put a hand over my groin to calm me long enough for Alex to climb on top of my cock. Alex planted her legs along my sides and I felt her take me inside her one inch at a time. I was trembling, she was going so slowly. She was lowering herself onto me in a reverse-cowgirl position and all at once, I felt her ass come to rest on my body, Vessa took her hand off of me and I became the stud Vessa wanted me to be.

Even tied up I made her ride me. I knew she was pregnant but I couldn't control myself. I bucked her and pounded her and made her match my insanity just to keep from falling off the bed. Vessa never stopped me and Alex just leaned back with her arms on the bed for stability.

So I kept going. The bed creaked. It screamed. I wanted everyone in the building to hear.

I had to fill her belly again. For my Vessa.

And I erupted. I got it out of me and into her. Alex pulled it out of me with her pussy muscles. I stopped bucking to pump it into her. All of it.

Vessa wiped my sweat from my forehead and kissed my lips, cooing her satisfaction. “Mmmm, get it all in there, my Love. More and more needs to get in there! Push it all in. Do it for me.”

I couldn't feel my muscles by the time I was done.

But the two girls let me catch my breath. They could tell I was lightheaded.

“I love you,” Vessa whispered to me as she kissed me.

She played with my tongue to calm me. Her plump lips mashed up against my own and her warm hand held my cheek.

Alex was still breathing heavy with my cock still inside her and she didn't even get off me as she rotated around and she laid her body flat on on mine with my cock still plugging her –

What the fuck?

Where was her belly?!

I pulled again at the ropes binding my arms and I broke Vessa's kiss to look down my torso at a head that was laid down right under my chin. I still couldn't see because of the damn blindfold!

“Alex?!” I asked the room.

“Yes?” she purred. That's when I felt her climb into bed, her full belly mashed up against my other side.

My cock was buried inside some completely unknown woman.

And I just came in her.

And she was apparently insistent on using me to keep anything from escaping her pussy. She wouldn't budge from my chest and her thighs were clamped on my hips, locking mine to hers.

“Who's on me?” I laughed, it was too surreal to do anything else.

“I am!” said the unknown girl. Her voice was cute and bubbly and energetic. She just sounded fuckable.

“Do you want to see who you just fucked?” Vessa teased.

“Yeah.” I was all smiles.

Vessa took my blindfold off and the first thing I saw were two huge green eyes under a mane of straight, deep red hair pulled back by a white headband.

I just fucked an Irish girl!

And she was cute. She propped her head up on her folded arms on my chest. Not a day over 22, I saw that she had an adorable little nose and her wide mouth looked incapable of forming any expression that wasn't a smile. She even had freckles. They were small but prominent and they were only on the bridge of her nose and on her cheeks under her eyes. Her eyes were round and just as happy as her mouth. Everything about her was cute from her heart-shaped face to the perkiness of her cheeks and her full but confident eyebrows.

“Well this is quite a surprise,” I said.

“Philip, this is Kelly, Kelly, this is Philip.” Said Vessa.

“Nice to meet you,” I laughed.

“Nice to meet you!” Kelly chirped, grinding her hips on my cock.

“Kelly's from Ireland, and she wants to have your baby,” Alex giggled.

“I noticed.”

“They told me you like pregnant girls.”

I was amazed at how well Kelly spoke Norwegian though she did have a thick Irish accent.

“I do!”

“I could be a pregnant girl.”

Vessa laughed, “I'm pretty sure you just became one!”

“Yay!” Kelly cheered. “I've always wanted a cute little baby and a cute little belly.”

“Oh I'll give you a belly alright, but I'm not sure how little it will be...”

And the four of us laughed long enough to make me hard inside Kelly again.
May 1, 2016 2:25 am
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RE: Vessa
I don't know why but you keep improving this story, again and again...
May 2, 2016 3:41 pm
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RE: Vessa
Eagerly awaiting the next part
July 26, 2016 5:13 pm
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RE: Vessa
looking forward for hte next chapter Big Grin
September 25, 2016 9:38 am
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RE: Vessa
Any news?
June 19, 2017 2:54 am
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RE: Vessa
Sorry I've been away, been busy with work this past year. I'm going to continue this story and if there's interest I might rewrite it and turn it into a full-length erotic novel with plot and character development if there's interest. It would be focused on the same people and content but have a fluid story and much more content. If you're interested, send me a pm and feel free to add what you'd like to see more of, like different ethnicities, or situations. I could also use an editor or two if someone's that interested.

If not, look forward for more in this story anyway!
July 16, 2017 6:48 pm
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