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RE: Vessa
While Vessa was preparing for her big presentation, I secretly went out to pick up Alex from work. It was only five but Alex had managed to take off the night to attend Vessa's function as a surprise. She came out hot and sweaty, we got in and started the drive home.

“How's the baby?” I asked.

“Lovely,” was all she said as she took my hand and placed it on her bulging tummy.

“You know that's such a good look for you. I really mean it.”

“Thanks, and trust me, I'm loving every minute of having your baby grow so fast inside my body.”

Though she was only about halfway through her pregnancy, Alex was already sporting a belly that one could easily mistake for the third term. And her breasts, though neither large nor small originally by any means had certainly already become large by any definition of the word. I couldn't even get my hand all the way around one of them anymore. Just like Vessa, her tits had been swelling almost daily with milk for the baby I put in her belly. And her top was not shy in showing off that fact.

“You're looking particularly sexy today by the way. New top?”

“Mmm I'm glad you noticed. Willa says dressing like this helps to motivate the class.”

“Well it certainly motivates me,” I said.

“Is that so?”

She gave me sly grin and looked down at the rising tent in my pants.

Then she said, “It seems I'm not the only one in this car with a bulge...” and she winked at me.

She scooted a bit closer to me and leaned over to unzip my pants. “Shall I?”

“We're almost home you know. I don't think you can – Ohh – “

She gulped my whole member down her wet throat without warning and it was all I could do to keep from swerving into the next lane.

She had to contort herself expertly to keep me going and I glanced over in time to see that she had to clench the muscles over her belly, making it contract as she did so. I even saw the baby kick in protest to its new momentarily smaller space. She put her free hand over the spot where the baby kicked in response as if to try to calm them down and gave a couple comforting pats to her belly for good measure. It seemed instinct for her to do this even.

She used her tongue to wrap my head and stroke the tip all the same and before I knew it we were in the driveway. It was simultaneously one of the best car rides I've ever had yet the saddest because of how fast it ended.

But that didn't stop her from finishing me off at least. I was surprised to realize that the same moment that I was able to slide closer to give her more purchase, was the same moment that she got me off and she looked up at me with a mouthful of my cum, swallowed it and said, “Thank you, daddy. Your baby was hungry for a snack.” And she even patted her belly for me. Vessa must have been talking to her because she knew way too much about what I like.

All I could do was shake my head.

Not to be outdone, I got out of the car and gave both of her ass cheeks a firm squeeze while helping her out of the car. “How on earth were you still able to do that with such a big belly?”

She winked at me and used her hips to playfully bump mine, “I'm a yoga instructor, silly. It's my job to be flexxxxible.”

We got inside where she let her ponytail down and asked, “So did you pick up a dress for me?”

“Shh, Vessa still doesn't know you're coming tonight. But I do have one for you in your room.”

“Sorry!” she continued in a whisper, “What color is it?” she asked with big eyes.

“You'll have to see for yourself. You should be able to use the shower in your room without her hearing.”

“Okay!” She ran back and before I could even get a glass of water to drink she ran back and gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “I love green!” Then ran back.

I laughed and walked into my bedroom to see Vessa.

“Oh, good timing baby, could you fasten me up?” she asked.


It was all I could say. I pulled the clasps up the back of her dress but only just managed to get them. The dress fit her like a glove. It showcased her tight ass, full tits and swollen belly perfectly.

“I doubt you could even wear this thing next week.”

“I know. Actually that reminds me, could you stick those bottles of milk in the freezer? I had to milk myself to even fit in this dress.”

“Sure thing honey. Ready to go soon?”

“As ready as I'll ever be.”

“Alright, meet me at the door. I'll be right back after I put these away.”

I went downstairs to our basement freezer and before I knew it I heard the two girls squealing with glee. I adjusted my tux tie and ran back upstairs just in time to see them hugging each other as much as their bellies would allow.

“You're coming?!”

“Philip wanted to surprise you. I took tonight off!”

“Thank you so much, this means a lot to me. It'll really help me relax, really.”

“Anything for you, love,” said Alex.

“You look so good in that dress by the way.”

“Thanks, you can thank your husband for picking it out for me.” She turned to me and said, “I have no idea how you do it but it fits me perfectly. Well almost perfectly. It's a bit tight across my boobs but knowing you I assume that wasn't by accident.”

“You caught me.” I said.

“I swear, he must measure us at night,” said Vessa.

“The way you two girls grow? Not a chance. I'd never get a wink of sleep! I just have a good eye and you both have great bodies I might add.”

“Thank you,” they said in unison.

And they did indeed have just that. Vessa's dress was pulled tight across the front everywhere it needed to be (which was everywhere) and across her ass to leave very little to the imagination. Alex's dress was very similar in cut but was instead striped with green and white along the whole thing. The stripes did a great job accentuating the size of her belly on her petite frame and drew the eye to her growing tits as well.

After watching them both sway their hips for me, I helped them each into the backseat of my car and we were off.

And before we knew it, we were all at the the event hall and my wife had center stage and was in the middle of her presentation. She was such a bombshell in that dress that she thought she had to wear prescription-less glasses during her presentation to look more credible. So instead of her looking like a model giving a presentation, she looked like a sexy librarian giving a presentation. I couldn't tell if the glasses really worked as intended or not...

Regardless, she gave a great presentation.

“...But all of these benefits so far have been applicable to pregnancies with complications: growth to prevent premature births, healthier birth weights, full-term pregnancy assurance, etc. The drug I am developing, Philexa, has far more applications than health correction. I would even argue that its main design purpose would be the gestational assistance that the drug provides to the mother.
“My theory is that due to the obstetrical dilemma, the human gestational period has seen an undesirable decrease in length which limits the ultimate mental and physical growth of children at birth. My drug, through further development would seek to correct this problem first by allowing the mother to carry much longer than the natural forty weeks and second by correcting the complications that would otherwise arise out of carrying a child in the womb for an unnaturally-prolonged length of time such as behavioral issues or neurological disorders. There are a host of reasons that both of these problems are corrected through my drug but the primary one is because Philexa ensures that the placenta continues to function optimally throughout a mother's pregnancy. There are twenty-nine main control points that enable Philexa to perform its necessary functions but there are 138 secondary and 543 tertiary requirements that have been included in the drug's structure to ensure that it is accepted and beneficial to the human system. I will go over those twenty-nine primary points in my presentation as my team and I have written literature outlining the in-depth analysis of the drug overall which can be given by request tonight.
“But before I do that I would like to emphasize that this drug is not merely in the development stage. As you may have noticed, I am currently pregnant.”

Vessa was rewarded for her understatement with a warm round of laughter for the welcome jargon break.

“And with triplets too! I assure you however that despite my size and even though my due date would regularly be scheduled for four weeks from now, I will not be delivering for another sixteen!”

Each dinner table fussed over this statement with quiet murmurs.

“I have taken it upon myself to test the drug and so far my results have surpassed my predictions. Each one of my babies is currently twelve pounds and still growing rapidly,” she said with a proud smile, “and through extensive, redundant examination we have concluded that not only are my babies far healthier than normal, but they also show no signs of negative over-development normally associated with their size or gestational period at this stage.
“To explain why, I will now go over the twenty-nine primary reasons for this wonderful drug's functionality. It is my belief that with further study, Philexa could control and even prolong human gestation to a full eighteen months which is what I believe would remove the limiting developmental shackles to human potential placed upon us by the obstetrical dilemma.”

And with that Vessa paused long enough to greedily down the entire bottle of water placed next to her on a stool for her to drink. It wasn't enough though because she motioned off to the side for another one and someone dutifully ran out to give her another and placed three more for her on the table. She smiled her shyest smile and continued on with her presentation.

I understood none of it but that didn't stop me from being as proud of her as I could be.

Her presentation lasted another two hours and I could only imagine how badly she needed to go to the restroom because the babies had really been pressing on her bladder. And sure enough, when she was done and I was helping her off the stage to a dignified yet loud standing ovation, she had me quickly escort her to the closest one.

Dinner would have been long and dull had Vessa and Alex not been there at the table as there were so many old, filthy rich people there. Something I found ironic considering the reason for the event in the first place. Alex and Vessa both ate prodigiously to feed their tummies. Before I knew it, however, dinner was over too.

Then came the part my wife and I both hated: schmoozing.

It came naturally to Alex however, as I was glad to notice. One moment she was standing right by us and the next her lithe but swollen body had disappeared.

I kept true to my wife's earlier requests however and I made sure my arm was made available for her to hold onto the whole night which meant that I was subjected to a great many long-winded conversations. To make it better for myself and to help pass the time, I let my hand roam freely to explore Vessa's backside. Unfortunately, just whenever I could manage to grab a good handful of her, she'd just take her own hand and move mine up until my arm was wrapped around her body and placed non-suggestively on the shelf of her hip. It was better than nothing I suppose but I couldn't keep myself from realizing how much ass-play I was missing and her dress was really starting to tip my sanity. I needed to have her, and soon.

I even noticed that her dress was actually getting tighter across her breasts as the night wore on. She was literally filling with milk with each hour that passed by. It was a good thing that the tailor was amazing because I could see the stitching hold strong despite how much my wife's growth was testing it.

She must have picked up on my obvious signs because she rested her head against my shoulder and patted my hand as it was just about to make another break for her ass. Instead she once again slid my hand along her silk dress and invited me to palm as much of the side of her belly with my hand as my arm around her back would allow. Just then, as it would turn out, the last conversation of the day walked up to us. I say walked but I should say waddled because she was pregnant. And sexy despite her ridiculous tent of a dress (she and her husband also seemed to be the only other people in the whole function who were under the age of fifty). I could tell she had a decent figure to accompany her beautiful face. We found out that both of them were OBG/YNs. He didn't talk much and he barely seemed to be paying attention to our conversation at all but I managed to catch her name which was Elsa.

“I promise I won't keep you long because I know you must be exhausted,” Elsa said to my wife.

“Oh no, please. I have plenty of energy, really. You have no idea. Even with all three!” said Vessa as she ran a hand over her belly.

“Your presentation was amazing by the way. Actually, may I?” Elsa motioned to touch my wife's belly.

Vessa smiled and nodded eagerly.

“I hope you don't mind me saying so but I'm astounded with your size! I mean so many women come into my office but I don't think I've ever seen such a belly just stick out on a figure like yours does. It's so big and you carry it so well!”

Vessa chuckled and said, “I don't mind at all! I will say though that – “ And she cut herself off.

“Say what?”

“Oh nevermind, you probably don't want to hear – “

“Oh no, please! What's on your mind?”

'Well it's just that,” my wife lowered her voice to a whisper, “To be honest, my belly has just gotten so big that we can't have sex the ways we used to. Since you're an OBG/YN and pregnant yourself I was hoping you knew of something like a few posit – “

Elsa cut her off and said, “Say no more! I know just what you need to help you both out. There's this Lamaze class in the city that does wonders for this sort of thing.” She continued in a whisper, “In fact, my husband and I had the same problem and we have been going for months now. It really helps. You should come!”

“A Lamaze class? Helping your sex life? Really?”

“Oh sure!”

“Alright, I guess we can give it a try. Does that sound like a good idea to you Honey?” Vessa asked me.

“Sure, I'll try anything.” I said. And It was true. I was mainly thinking that I would try anything if it meant I got another excuse to put my hands on Vessa but I was also thinking that I would try anything if it meant I got to go home immediately , and well, put my hands on Vessa.

And so Elsa gave us the details just before she beat a hasty retreat from the function with her husband.

That is when I took the opportunity to grab the pulled fabric across her back, squeezing it with my hand to stretch the fabric even tighter over her torso, letting her know as subtly as I could that I needed to go balls deep inside her before my balls were going to explode.

She looked up at me with her huge eyes specifically to roll them at me with a cute little smirk on just half of her mouth. “Okay, big boy,” she whispered, “I know!”

“Have you met with everyone you need to?”

“I think so. Now how about we go home and get you taken care of?”

“Sounds good to me! I've been at code red for about ten minutes now.”

She laughed, “Code red, huh? What does that mean?”

“Nothing good for anyone here, let me tell you!” I joked.

“Alright, from here on out, it's handshakes and business cards only. Hey, where'd Alex go?”

“You're only just now noticing? She's been MIA for a couple hours now...”

“Oh,” she said, “I'll give her a text real quick. Let me just grab my phone...”

Nobody was around so without warning she plunged her hand into my pocket to fish out her phone, “Wow,” she laughed, “You weren't kidding...” She gave me a single courtesy stroke with her hand as she retrieved her phone from my pocket.

A moment later she got a text from Alex. Apparently she had gotten lucky herself.

Vessa and I both laughed and we prepared to leave the function.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Ready. Business cards?”

“Business cards, check,” I pulled a stack of her business cards from my jacket pocket.


“Coat, check,” I wrapped her up in her coat and buttoned it up for her.


“Hand, check” I put her hand at hand-shaking level for her.

“All set,” she gave me a peck on the lips and we left.

Fourteen business cards and twenty-six handshakes later we were in the car and driving. One hour after that we were home. Five minutes after that I did what I had been wanting to do all day: I wiggled her dress up until I had access to her butthole and I pumped her full of all of my cum. Then we were both out like a light.
September 6, 2015 4:16 am
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RE: Vessa
Great story!
September 19, 2015 12:45 pm
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RE: Vessa
Thanks a lot! Here's some more:

Alex took a few days off from work after Vessa's big night. Apparently, she hit it off real well with the person she went home with.

A few days later, I was measuring Vessa before helping her into her workout clothes. We were just about to go to the Lamaze class that Elsa had recommended to us.

“So that makes me...” Vessa had written down her measurements, “Wow, 99-142-105.”

“You bet it does. You know what, why don't we just skip the class. Practice makes perfect after all, doesn't it? I mean, do you really think they can teach us anything we haven't already tried?”

“Yes... it's directly related to their profession after all. I'm sure they help couples figure out sex positions all the time. I've just never heard of a Lamaze class doing these things...” she said.

“Alright, well what do you want to wear?”

“That one...and...that one. They're my favorite. They look cute on me.”

“Not the choice of words I'd use but why not... No panties?”

“Nope, going commando,”

“Sounds good to me!”

Vessa had to pick up a new top the day before for today's class because her breasts had just expanded again overnight. Luckily she learned this when she was doing her daily routine and we managed to find a new top with the same cut she likes but one size larger to accommodate her ever growing milk-laden tits. The top was another one of her favorite cuts: it was just a simple, supportive pink sports bra but it showed an amazing amount of her cleavage and perfectly displayed the full shape of her engorged breasts. I helped her stuff herself into that bra but we had to work together as a team to do so. The results were worth it. There was still some slight bouncing when she moved but otherwise her boobs looked deliciously mashed together but still round and huge.

Then I helped her stuff her legs and ass into her grey yoga pants. The only downside to these pants was the fact that she always made sure to buy the super quality ones to prevent anyone seeing through the material, even despite how much her hips, ass and legs tended to stretch them. At the same time I appreciated her efforts to keep her body at least somewhat private and meant only for her husband to see (and bisexual partner). Other than that there was nothing special about these pants. What was special was going into them of course.

Vessa has taken extreme care to make sure she maintains her shape. And a great job she has done too. She has put on fat of course but only slight and only in areas that it would be welcome anyway. Her pregnancy has made her butt cheeks fuller, rounder and bouncier and of course she has added lots of fat to her breasts as well. Her legs, on the other hand, have continued to see more muscle gain from her glutes all the way down her calves. Just the other day I helped her safely do squats and you can see it in her thighs. If it weren't for her triplet-filled belly and constantly filled breasts, she'd look like a professional fitness trainer.

When fully on, her yoga pants ride incredibly low on her hips. I mean they barely even ride any higher than where her hips actually start to curve back into her waist (when her womb wasn't occupied that is). She assures me however, that they still feel comfortable and are in no danger of slipping off even while exercising. The ridiculous low waist cut of her pants leaves on full display her entire belly of course, even the lower curves where it meets her hips. I swear, if Alex didn't shave her pubes for her, everyone would be able to see some of her blonde pubic hair coming out of the top of her pants. They were so low that her butt and hips were the only thing keeping them on her waist at all.

She put one hand on my shoulder as I bent down so she could slide one leg into them at a time. You could see every curvy detail of the muscles of her legs and especially the roundness of her cute butt cheeks filling out the back like two perky and happy pillows. And to really make them look amazing on her, the yoga pants had a subtle silver sheen to them that helped to bounce the light off her form in an amazing way.

Of course what really made the outfit amazing was the fact that, like always, she proudly kept her lewd belly completely bare for all to see just how perfectly round and huge it was on her. I could see everything around her midriff from her popped-out navel to the lovely valley of her spine going up her back. She looked pregnant from every angle now. The swell of her belly had overtaken her waist entirely and the firm form of her pregnancy was well-defined against the rest of her torso. She looked amazing from behind because of this. Her still growing belly bulged past her sides from behind despite the fact that her back and hips were just as trim as ever. What I loved most was how her belly was a constant reminder to everyone around her that she chose me to cum inside her and that she obviously loved it by the way she wore as little as possible to show off her well-impregnated body.

Because her yoga pants rode so low, and her sports bra was so snug, I could see nearly every detail of her torso and every one of her subtle curves was gorgeous.

After I got done thinking all of this in real time, Vessa had apparently been waiting for me to stop ogling at her body because she had to break my reverie by lifting my head to look into her eyes so that she could plant a delicate kiss on my lips. “I really enjoy it when you look at me like that, my Love,” she said.

I helped her on with her tiny socks and her shoes, kissing her belly button on the way up. Then she handed me her coat and I buttoned it up around her and we were off.

I'm usually never late but today we were. The class was already about fifteen minutes into the two hour session and we stumbled in the studio while they were already in session. Vessa had just told me a joke so I was laughing loudly as we entered the room which went suddenly quiet as we entered. I was left wondering whether or not we had just found ourselves back in high school. But we walked in anyway trying to save some face the whole time as a woman resumed talking from our abrupt interruption.

I unzipped my coat and then hers, the latter sparking a mumble or two from a couple women who thought they were more subtle than they actually were. And that's when I realized that the women in the class were not exactly dressed for high-aerobic activities to say the least. Most of the women were dressed in conservative maternity exercise clothing a good step or thirty away from the blatant style that my wife was sporting. Baggy shirts over sports bras and dated shorts seemed to be par for the course in this room, and my wife stuck out like a sore thumb with her sausage-casing attire.

But caring about such things has never been a weakness of Vessa's and truth be told, I don't even think she noticed the clothing disparity. Instead, she walked over to the only people we even knew in the room, Elsa and her husband, and she sat down holding out her hand for me to join her on the floor. A couple eyes floated our way but most everybody seemed to be doing their best to actively avoid eye contact.

We sat down side by side because everyone else was likewise seated and simply out of idle habit I started stroking the full length of the curves of Vessa's back. Contented, she put her own arm around me and rested her head on my shoulder.

There was a woman in the center, who was pregnant herself, speaking cheerfully to everyone and there seemed to be about thirty people altogether in the room including both women and men. The other couples all had a pregnant woman of course and all but one had what was presumably their significant other. The last pregnant woman was accompanied by another woman which I assumed meant they were lesbian because, after all, Elsa had implied that this was a sexual class. The speaker was also accompanied by a man who seemed to be cheerful himself though she did most of the talking.

“...And now I'd like you all to face your partner and we will begin...” she said. And so everyone turned to their partner.

“...Good...Now stretch out those hands to one another and I just want you to hold them and look into their eyes...”

Now I was actively being encouraged to look at my pregnant wife. So far so good. I splayed out my legs to get closer to her and so she did likewise. We were about as close as her belly would allow as she was still impressively flexible. But after many minutes had passed I was starting to wonder when we were going to start some exercises. I could tell Vessa was thinking the same thing because she started looking around and grinning. Everyone had closed their eyes...

What's going on? She mouthed to me.

All I could do was smile and shrug so we silently agreed to play the staring game together.

Shit! I mouthed. I lost the first round. Just when I was going to win the second round, the leader broke the silence and said: “...Good...Now I want you to both reach out and just cradle your pregnancy together...Go on...Go ahead...” She and her husband both stood up now and began walking around the room. Every now and then you'd hear her say as rhetorically as she could: “Wonderful...Each womb's special shape is wonderful isn't it?...”

I of course wasted no time in claiming some real estate on the underside of Vessa's belly and she giggled a little bit, placing her hands on mine. We stared at each other again but seriously this time because I could feel how hard my children were kicking inside my wife's lovely tummy.

Wow! I said.

I know, she smiled at me and I leaned forward to kiss her.

And holy shit, you'd think I had just invented the cure for cancer with how loud the speaker lady screamed in joy.

“Oh isn't that wonderful?!” she screamed, “Everyone I want you to look over here. What an inspiration! I'm sorry, I hope you don't mind, what are your names?”

“Um this is my wife Vessa and my name is Philip.”

“Just wonderful. I'm Annette and this is my partner Bernard. We haven't seen you before, have we?”


“This is your first time here?”


“Such progress!” she addressed the whole class and said, “Look at how they have spread their legs out just to sit closer to one another. And look how he holds her belly. Notice how he doesn't just put his hands on her, he holds her womb from the bottom. This shows that he isn't just putting his hands on her body, he's symbolically promising to support her as she carries their baby. The position of his hands also invite her closer to him, much better than holding his hands out as if he's holding her at bay. Look at the angle of his back as well: he's leaning forwards as much as he can saying, 'I'm here for you'
“Now, after studying their body language, I want you all to look at yourselves and see if you can emulate their behavior. Go ahead.”

After she finished embarrassing us thoroughly and everyone turned back to their partner, Vessa and I were afforded the opportunity to look around to at least attempt to see what was going on.

What I noticed was that the other couples in the room seemed to be sitting at a distance from one another. What I noticed more than anything was how, sure enough, the pregnant women's partners were all putting their hands right on top of their respective bellies like they were afraid of what they were doing. I could only assume that this was why every pregnant woman looked annoyed.

“Do you know what the hell is going on? What kind of Lamaze sex class is this?” whispered Vessa.

“Babe,” I whispered back, “I don't think this is a sex class. I think it's a support group for pregnant couples who aren't having sex!...”

“Oh my god!”

She surveyed the room again just to see and squeaked an amused little laugh in agreement.

“You're right, there's no other way!” she whispered.

“You said this thing is two hours long?!” I asked.

She was about to burst into laughter so she nodded instead of risking the fit.

Glad that she was amused but myself annoyed that I was now presumed to be a man too prude to fuck his pregnant wife, I asked, “Can we just go?”

“No! Elsa knows everyone in my business circle. It would look bad if we left!”

“Well then what are we going to do?”

“Um, well, just play along and pretend to become a new man by the end of the session I guess and we won't ever have to come back.”

“What a waste of time...”

“Sorry honey. I promise I'll make it up to you.”

“In that case, I'm gonna make you do such filthy things for me...”



Annette had the class change positions once again and sure enough, she flipped out again when I did what she told us all to do. Something about showing that I wasn't taking her for granted, I couldn't figure it out. If I realized what I was doing, I wouldn't have done it. I was thinking that maybe I should just keep Vessa at bay with a ten foot pole from then on just to get through the class without finding myself pelted with angry glares from a room of jealous pregnant women and their horny (therefore also angry) husbands (wife). That's when I got an inspiration.

I leaned down to whisper into Vessa's ear, “We have to fuck with them.”

“What?! No! You always take these things too far!”

“Come on! I can't take another hour and a half of this!”


“I'll massage your feet for a whole month straight.”

“You already massage my feet,” she said.

“Shit, you got me. I'll do the bills for a year.”

“No way.”

“I'll carry our next child.”

“Ha! Even if you could I wouldn't let you, I love it too much!”

“I'll buy you a pool.”

“Hrm?... What'd you say?”

“I'll get a pool installed.” I had been planning on surprising her with a new pool anyway and this seemed as good a time as any to tell her about it.

She turned her head around to look at me with her skeptical goggles on. “Really?...”


“You'll put in a pool for me?”


She pretended to ponder it a bit before whispering, “What did you have in mind?”

“I want to see if I can get you to orgasm without anyone here noticing.”

“You what?! That's way too much!”

“For a pool?! No way! The deal is if you let me try whatever I want to do to make you cum as long as nobody notices, then I buy you a pool this spring.”

“Hrm...but what if I cum everywhere?”

“I brought a towel, didn't I?...”

“Wouldn't you still be grossed out if I came everywhere even if I wiped it up with a towel?”

“Hun, you're obviously asking the wrong guy here...”

She just rolled her eyes at me and said, “Alright, fine. I'm game. But if anyone catches on you stop.”

Of course now that I actually had permission, I had no actual plan. Vessa wasn't the quietest woman in bed and we were all still sitting in a damn circle. The people across from us could see everything I did to her.

Luckily, however, she's susceptible to teasing so that's where I started. Soon after we made our bargain, Annette had us all change positions so that we were all facing the center of the circle. She had all the pregnant women sit in front of their respective partners so my crotch was nestled happily next to Vessa's firm butt cheeks. My legs were splayed out, wrapping around her as much as I could while she sat with her legs crossed and her belly consuming her lap. My moment came when Annette then had us all lean forward to cup our pregnant partner's bellies again. I did this but I really leaned forward, trying my best to cover Vessa up with my whole body. I was hoping this would at least shield the fact that I was fingering my wife. I cupped the underside of her belly with one hand but slipped my other right over the soft mound of her pussy as discretely as I could.

I knew she liked to be teased for a while so I used my fingers to barely touch the skin of her belly and I roamed around her hips touching her gently through the fabric of her yoga pants. Sometimes I'd brush the inside of her thigh with my finger nails, sometimes I'd just palm the underside of her belly and sometimes I'd run my finger around her lower opening without touching her lips.

Annette had us maintain positions in this class for a really long time but that worked to my advantage because it allowed me to build Vessa up slowly the way she likes.

I tried to be as casual as I could but it was difficult in a class meant for prudes to look like you're not interested in your wife's body when you're secretly trying to get her to orgasm. So whenever I saw someone's gaze linger too long on us I moved my hand up to her belly again and I'd lean back a bit.

I think Vessa was getting off on the randomness of my touches actually. After a while, I noticed that her back muscles might tense when I tickled her belly or her right thigh would twitch when I just barely caressed one of her pussy lips through her pants. She had a bit of an exhibitionist streak to her anyway and I think just being in this class while doing this made her feel extra bad.

She shuddered against me and feeling her body tremble against mine caused my blood to flow south immediately. I couldn't help it. I could feel my cock filling up and in record time it was at full mast.

This was bad.

I hadn't planned on this but I obviously should have. I mean if I stood up, my shorts would be a horizontal skyscraper for everyone to see. It was also angled oddly against my wife and I had to shift my crotch so that it was comfortably tucked against my wife's back until I could get the situation under control. When she felt it against her, she turned her head in alarm and whispered: “Phillip!”

Of course that's when Annette chose to have us all stand up and so everyone did. Except for us.

Annette saw us and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Oh sure,” said Vessa, “It's just that...um...I'm...I'm having such a hard time standing up these days...The blood rushes right to my head. You know how it is...”

“Of course! Take all the time you need. You must be due any day now! So please don't overexert yourself.”

“Well I uh...no need to worry about that. I'm not due anytime soon actually. We...are just really comfortable like this.”

Another squeal from Annette. “Isn't that wonderful! So much love between you two. What a lovely couple! I'm starting to think you don't need our help at all!”

“Heh, I dunno about that,” Vessa said, “I uh...am doing all the work after all,” she gave a nice slap to her belly. “And Philip loves toOOOOOOO – “ I pinched her clit in an attempt to remind her to stay in character. Needless to say, it didn't work as intended. She played it off as well as she could. Nobody could see exactly where my hand was anyway at the angle they were standing after all. Vessa continued, “I mean Philip hates to, um do these sorts of activities with me, especially with...” She motioned to her belly and rubbed her hand over it.

“Well we all need to be more supportive of the ones we've asked to bring new life into this world, don't we?” said Annette. She was addressing the class though her segue was awkward from us to everyone. “And every day we all need to remember that the larger a woman's womb gets, the more love we need to pour into her...”

While this spotlight was on us, I slowed down my work on Vessa for obvious reasons so I thought Vessa was going crazy when she took advantage of Annette's weird monologue to turn her head to whisper back at me, “For fuck's sake! Don't you stop!”

“Don't stop what?!” I whispered back.

“You know what! Don't stop!”

“Are you crazy?!”

“I won't leave 'till I cum!”

“What?! -”

I was cut off by Annette whom I had just realized asked me a question about a year ago.

“...um, what?” I asked.

“I just wanted to know if you agreed with me.”

“Oh I do. Most definitely.”

“That you need to show your love to Vessa more and more by the day.”

“Oh I do show my love! I'm trying right now actually, all day I mean. More than you know...”

“That's just lovely. I love to hear so much love come from a loving man to his pregnant wife.” She was really starting to get on my nerves.

But I let it out of my system by pouring my love right into Vessa like I was told. I stopped teasing around so much and I pushed her leggings by poking my fingers inside her. My fingers didn't go far of course because I was still over her pants but she shot upright real fast and hit my chin with the top of her head.

“Everything alright?” Annette asked her.

“Oh sure, it was just a strong kick.”

“Oh I bet! Your baby must be huge! When are you due by the way? You said you weren't going to deliver soon but um...” she trailed off probably because she was embarrassed to continue her thought.

Vessa smiled, “I'm having triplets.”

“Oh my! No wonder! So precious. Take all the time you two need. You've got to be careful with three precious ones on the way!”

This woman...

“I think we're ready to continue actually.” I said. Annette managed to put me right off which, considering the situation, was a good thing but I knew that if I could have seen my balls at that moment that they would definitely have been a deep shade of indigo...

I stood up and helped Vessa stand as well.

Annette told us to arrange ourselves into a rectangle throughout the studio's floorspace. Finally! I had been wanting to get out of that damn circle for an age. I took Vessa's hand and I took her directly to the far corner of the small room. I was sudden enough to warrant a few odd glances from the people we breezed by and I'm sure my decisiveness must have amused Vessa to no end.

The corner was dark. I had been eyeing it since we made our bargain because it must have had a light out. There were four couples to a row and then three in ours plus we were at the back of the room and everyone was facing toward the front mirror. I knew I could get away with so much more there.

“I want every couple to get three pillows. There should be enough.”

With my new instructions I whispered, “Stay here!” and looked around before sneaking a nipple tweak and I went to the side of the room where people were grabbing pillows. There were lots so I waited until everyone got some and I snagged an extra two pillows for her before going back.

“I want the mothers to make themselves comfortable, like so...” said our instructor.

She got on the floor on her side, facing us and her husband, Bernard, put a pillow under her head, between her legs and in front of her to grab.

Everyone did likewise. I bent down and helped Vessa sit in front of me, then get into position. The extra pillows were a stroke of genius because it meant that I could place them like a fort around my wife! And so I did. The man from the couple in the row closest to me was the only one that seemed to think the extra pillows for her to hold onto were a bit odd but I didn't care.

“Now I want you all to comfort your loved one and really just massage your love into your loved one's body. Start with her lovely belly and work towards her legs and her back... And just enjoy your lovely time together.”

She really loved the word love. But I loved her instructions. I dived right in so as to keep her rhythm going. I could tell she was cooling down a bit from having to move around but I suppose what really clued me in was her aggravated whisper: “What are you waiting for?!”

Our Lamaze class' new battle formation gave us way more privacy plus we had the pillows. She was hugging the wall of pillows in front of her too so my hands could roam everywhere they wanted.

I started back with one hand on her belly. I pretended to massage her upper thigh with the other but of course I was actually teasing her swollen mound again. She was still aroused and after a few minutes of squeezing, brushing, tapping, tickling, and flicking over her pants, I pushed in with two of my fingers. She wiggled her whole body for me and I loved seeing that response from her.

She had clearly been waiting for the other shoe to drop for some time now and I decided to let another one drop by tweaking the nipple of her breast. They were rock hard and poking right out of her top at this point a good half inch despite her top's attempts to keep them mashed in.

I knelt down to mash my crotch against her butt cheeks. I couldn't help myself and I was going slow enough that nobody around could really tell I was dry humping her. I also made sure she could feel me growing again.

We kept that position for a while, probably twenty minutes and after she switched sides to keep up appearances, I pulled the top of her yoga pants down enough so that I could get my fingers properly wet.

And she was wet. She was positively dripping down there. I had one hand cupping her breast and pinching her nipple, and the other focusing on manipulating her button while still massaging her lips. She was wiggling out of control so I kept it up as long as she was still excited.

But I still had to time her orgasm. I didn't know when we were going to get a safer opportunity for her to cum. I leaned down to see what she thought but she was having a bit of a problem caring about words at that moment so I gave up and continued my routine.

It must have been luck but we didn't elicit a single glance the whole time. Eventually however, my wrist tired from its awkward contortions down her pants. So I leaned down to say, “I'm going to have to rip a hole in your pants if you want me to keep going...”

Immediately her hand darted down to her crotch and she savagely tried to rip a hole in her pants between her legs right under her pussy. She was too wild however, so I calmly moved her hand back to her pillow and made the tear for her.

Her pants were soaked with sweat. I had only just realized it but she was dripping sweat. Her forehead, hair, pants, belly, you name it, were all drenched. She had been all riled up for so long that she was nearly steaming. I wiped her down all over with my towel and dabbed her forehead before going back to my play.

It was a good call on her part that she didn't wear any panties that day. I slid my fingers right into her and pressed down with my new, improved angle right down on the back wall of her opening, right where she like it the most.

And she moaned. Loudly. Her own hand had to slap against her mouth to prevent herself from giving us away.

I was getting a good rhythm going, fingering her, just when Annette told us to all stand up and grab a birth ball.

“Don't you move!” warned Vessa.

“Babe,” I whispered, “I have to! I'll be right back...”

She whimpered and it was one of the most desperate and sexy things I'd ever heard in my life. I put the pillows aside and helped her stand up only to noticed that her grey yoga pants had a huge wet stain from her sweat and juices covering her crotch. Her huge belly covered the angle pretty well but I let her know how wet she was before I got a ball for us.

I walked back, this time to one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen: she was standing there bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet with her legs crossed at the knee like she really had to go to the restroom. She had her hands clamped over her crotch to cover her wetness no doubt and so her tits looked even more mashed together than they already did. Not only that, her whole body was bouncing up and down for me to see because she was so on edge from all the foreplay. Her tits strained the integrity of her bra as they tried to break free as they went up and down snug but perky. Her belly, stretched to capacity as it was, had very little room to bounce and so it rippled more than anything but she kept her body so fit that I couldn't tell if it was her belly bouncing or the movement of my overly cramped babies filling up her belly. Even the subtle curls of her beautiful hair bounced with her.

With a torturous grin on my face I leaned in and asked, “A little wound up babe?”

“Mhm,” she whined.

“Don't worry, I'll release you during this round of exercise.”

And boy was it going to be easy to do just that. Annette took a ball and held it out in front of her own belly and said, “This will be our last exercise for the day. You're all doing so well. I think we're all making progress and we've all learned to care for one another just a little bit more today.”

Everyone politely clapped and people seemed to be genuinely pleased with the class, a few couples even shared loving looks with one another. A bunch of couples gave us a show of some PG-13 kisses though I did notice that the men still held their wives as though they all had bombs inside their bellies rather than the infinitely better baby alternative.

Annette continued, “I want the mothers to put the ball in front of them and lean on it on the floor like so.”

She got down on her knees with her arms wrapped around the ball while her head rested on it.

“And now the partner will line up square behind the mother like Bernard is doing now,” Annette said. Bernard put his hands on her hips and knelt right behind her. “And I want you to support the mother as she stretches with the ball back and forth, back and forth like so.” Annette rolled the ball forwards and back and Bernard guided her with his hands on her hips and back, moving along with her.

Vessa and I both looked at each other and she licked her lips.

Annette and Bernard certainly didn't know it but she was practically inviting Vessa and I to fuck doggystyle.

Vessa ripped the ball from my hands and slammed the ball on the floor with that signature ting that inflated rubber balls make when they hit the ground.

She eagerly assumed the position and was the first to do it. The people in our row and the row ahead of us looked back at her, looking at her strangely because she was clearly so eager to begin this exercise. Vessa even reached back her hand grasping at the air until she made contact with my hand and dragged me down to the floor with her to begin the exercise. The couples were still watching us so all I could do was shrug at them as I placed my hands on her smooth, exposed skin. A few people arched their eyebrows but everyone turned around to get into position.

“Take your time everyone and relax. Remember, this will be the last exercise of the day so make it count.”

I kept our exercises innocent long enough to make sure everyone around us was absorbed back into their own world before making my move.

Vessa was running out of patience as I waited because she was bouncing up and down on the ball and slamming herself hard into my crotch every time she rolled the ball backwards.

But I couldn't just pull my shorts down to fuck her and I knew at this point that there was no way I was going to leave that room without having put my cock into her first. So I did what I had to do: I ripped a hole in my own shorts down the seam big enough to pull my cock through. I used her body as cover long enough to manage to get myself through the hole in my shorts and I lined myself up with the small hole in her pants.

And WHAM! I plunged right into her. Right as I did that, I saw her melt right into the ball. Her arched back relaxed as I supported her belly with my hand. She let go of her muscles there and I could feel the tension in the muscles of her contracted belly release as it expanded slowly with its burden of gravity into my hand toward the floor. She closed her eyes and just smiled as I rocked her back and forth, back and forth, sliding calmly into her wet lovebox and out again. I used her body to hid my cock from everyone in the room and I made sure not to pull out too far lest someone randomly glance over to see my shaft going right into her.

I couldn't believe I managed to convince her to fuck like this where there were literally people no further than a meter and a half away from us.

Her back was glistening with sweat so I wiped her down hoping to make her more comfortable. We had barely moved today but she was still soaked. It was probably a good thing because I'm sure the sweat helped mask the smell of her dripping sex.

With one hand on her hip for cover and the other roaming around to massage her, we slowly fucked for nearly forty minutes. I actually started to get light headed because my blood was circulating in my crotch for so long. I normally fuck her hard in the doggy style position so it wasn't easy to concentrate when my habit was to go at it.

But I knew that I had to get her to come soon.

I knew she was almost there but she needed a cue to climax with. I built up a crescendo for her and each time we went back and forth I pulled her harder into my body. I grabbed her hips with need. And I snuck my hand to her clit to flick it.

I flicked her and pinched her and rolled her and pressed her and mashed her and then on one particular thrust, she couldn't take any more and she came. In reflex, she shut her legs tight because she knew she was going to squirt this time. But when she did that she squeezed my shaft so hard that I released into her everything I had been building up. Her torso shook the ball and her hips trembled into mine as she released herself wantonly.

A few minutes passed before she recovered and came back to her senses and I took pleasure in stroking her body to calm her down as she did so.

Of course it was that moment exactly that Annette had to decide to end the class. With my cock still painfully hard, my wife's spent body as its sheath.

“Alright everyone, that's it for today. I think we all did great and you've all made real progress. We'll be meeting again on Thursday at 9. See you all then.”

All the men rushed up, happy to be off the hook from touching their better half's pregnant bodies.

People were eager to leave but Elsa and her husband as well as Annette and Bernard stayed behind, I could only imagine because they wanted to talk to Vessa. Sure enough, they walked over to us, still on the floor pretending to innocently stretch Vessa's body using the birthing ball.

Elsa stood over her clearly expecting us to do the same but Vessa wisely kept on pretending to prevent them from knowing what we were doing the whole class (and were currently doing of course).

After Elsa realized she wasn't going to stand up, she awkwardly cleared her throat and said, “So uh, Vessa! We didn't get to talk much today but I see you made it to the class!”

“Oh...yes,” she replied in staggered breaths, she was still performing her duty by hiding my cock from sight by keeping me inside her. “It was...very...relaxing...”

“Wonderful. You two staying a bit longer?”

“Yeah. I...need some more...ungh...kinks worked...out...”

“You sound like you're in pain. Everything alright?”

“Oh sure! Just some...tense muscles is...all...”

“I see well I won't take much of your time. It was good that I got to see you today because I just got word from a lawyer friend of mine about a sizable private grant that would be right up your alley and if you want I can turn in an application on your behalf. The deadline is actually tonight so I'll need your permission now unfortunately.”

“Really!? Oh...my...god! That's...ungh...amazing news! Thank you so...much! I'm sorry...I really can't stand...right now...my back...”

“So, eh, you approve then? You want me to go ahead and put in a word for you?”

“Yes of course!”

“Wonderful! There is a caveat.”


“I've spoken with the grant committee and they will need a provision to study in depth the abnormalities in your research.”

“Okay,” Vessa gasped again.

“If they give you the grant you'll have to them total control of and provide them with full permission to conduct a private study of their own or you'd lose all of their funds.”


“So you still want me to go ahead?”

“Really that's...no problem...at all! Thank you so...mmungh...much for...doing this for...me.”

“No problem, doctor. This is great news! I'll contact my friend and let you know who they decide to give the grant to. Should be in about two weeks' time.”

“Thank you! Hrnghh...I'll see...you then! Hrmmm...”

And that got Elsa and her husband out of the room. Annette and Bernard were the only ones left.

My cock was really starting to ache. Keeping it hard was painful inside such a tight pussy and there was no end in sight.

“So,” Annette said, “You two were wonderful today! It's so refreshing to see two people who are having intimate problems during their pregnancy work so hard to resolve them together.”

“Yeah we try...” I said. I needed to get out of her or my cock was going to fall off.

“I hope you don't mind me asking but I feel like I could help you two better if I knew some specifics about what you might be having trouble with.” Annette said. And then came the bad news, “The next class will be ready in just five minutes but sometimes that's all that's needed for – “

“Five minutes?! That's it?!” I demanded. “So you're, um we can't stay here...alone to...recover from the day's...stretching?”

Bernard looked confused at Annette before turning back to me, “Recover? Uh, not really. We have to prepare for the next class...”

“But we can maybe give you some advice or something...” Annette finished Bernard's thought.

Vessa knew by the tone of my voice that I was a bit strained so she tried to help me out by rolling back one last time on the ball and propping herself up on it and guiding me back so that I was sitting on the floor. This let me lean back on my arms and we no longer had to move back and forth on the ball. She was now just sitting on my cock reverse-cowgirl style and they were still none the wiser. It instantly felt better.

“Haha, well,” Vessa turned around with a devilish grin on her face and asked me, “This is a...bit...embarrassing really.” She looked back at me for permission.

The charade was fun but I no longer cared to keep it up, especially since the only reasons we had to keep ourselves decent had just left the studio. “Be my guest, Kitten.”

“Since we don't...have...much time, do you promise to keep this to...yourselves?”

She got their attention with that. “Um, sure,” Annette replied, “We're just here to help. You can tell us anything.”

“It's important for my...career that...our privacy is kept...a secret. Especially from Elsa.”

“Sure... You have our promise. But you two already seem to be comfortable around one another. You're the best couple we've ever had in our class.”

“Right,” replied Vessa, “Well that was actually sort of our problem. You see...” Then Vessa stood up carefully off of me and my cock, showing Annette and Bernard the juices dripping from her onto me as my cock slowly emerged from her hot pussy.

“Oh my god!” screamed Annette.

“Disgusting! You were having sex in our class?!” said Bernard.

“...Yeah about that, we really do apologize...” said Vessa. I stood up and began to wipe down Vessa's sweaty body. She was standing with her hands on her hips thrusting out her belly and she was glistening all over. “Listen,” Vessa said, “We're really sorry to have upset you. We just got carried away with a prank. We didn't mean to expose you to what we were doing. We were trying our best to keep anyone from knowing.”

“If you weren't pregnant, I'd have you two perverts escorted right out of this building!”

“Perverts?” Vessa asked.

“That's your babies in there!” Bernard yelled.

“Well, yeah...” Vessa replied.

“And you're okay with that?!” Annette asked angrily.

“Of course. I don't understand what you mean. Did I miss something?”

“Because! It's just not natural! It's wrong!”

“You don't think it's natural for me to want sex while I'm pregnant?”

Oh boy. I could tell this was going to get ugly.

In the first corner, weighing in at a meager 150 lbs, and standing at 5'6” we have the rudest of the prudest, the unlaidest of the ladies, Annette the Immaculate Conceptor!

And in the second corner, weighing in at a healthy 187 lbs, and standing at a towering 5'11” we have not the single threat, not the double threat, but the triple threat herself. She's known as the knocked-up knock-out and is always expecting trouble while eating for four. She's Vessa, the one and only, Doom Womb!


After I was finished wiping down the lovely fighter in my corner, I got behind her to massage her shoulders.

“It's not natural!” said Bernard.

“Then why do you two host this class?”

“This class is for people who want to get through the relationship problems caused by their pregnancy. It's not a sex class!” said Annette.

“So you don't think I should have sex for nine months just because I'm carrying?”

“Yes!” they both said, Bernard continued, “Think of what's in your womb!”

“That's why men are naturally repulsed by the pregnant form...” Annette tried to explain.

“You've got that right,” agreed Bernard.

“You think my wife turns me off because she's pregnant?” I asked.

“You're not?” said Bernard.

“Hmm,” I said, smiling at Vessa, “Where do I begin?”

“Because you should be...”

That did it. I stepped in front of Vessa and got right in his face, “I'm not a violent man, Barnaby but one more word about my wife and – ”

“Let me handle this, Honey.” Vessa interrupted me by taking my hand in both of hers and gently pulling me back to her side. She continued: “Do you really think it's wise to anger the stud who can do this to a woman?” She looked down at her over-stuffed womb and patted her belly.

Vessa changed then into a lewd temptress. She became a succubus who just didn't care if someone knew what she had just had done to her body by her husband in public. In fact, she wanted them to know. Her eyes flashed back at me and then at them.

“My husband filled me so full of his babies that now we are actually having a hard time getting enough! He's such a stud, in fact, that I had him get my best friend pregnant just because it made me hot. The three of us can't stop having sex! We came here looking for tips that would help him fuck me harder than he's ever fucked me before because, believe it or not, he loves the way I look with this gorgeous belly he's given me to carry. But when we came here we realized that we walked into a room where nobody even knows how to fuck! It's a wonder there were pregnant women in here at all... And you know what, I was here for four minutes before I made my husband start working me over because I knew that I wasn't even going to make it to the parking lot without an orgasm. I just need to be fucked so badly these days. By the time I give birth, I'm going to have him pleasuring me day and night. He's going to be more exhausted than me!”

They looked at us slack-jawed. Bernard looked like he was going to puke and Annette clutched her own pregnant belly.

She started to turn me on again. Hearing her speak like that made my cock grow hard and she could feel it against her ass. Vessa reached down and pulled my dick through the hole again.

“See? I get my man hard just by being near him. Isn't that right baby?”

She looked up at me and I gave her a wet kiss.

“He's not defective like you, or the rest of the men in this class.”

“Get out!” screamed Bernard.

“That's fine, I've got to go now anyway,” Vessa continued, “Just seeing his huge cock like this makes me desperately wet. Come on, Fucktoy, your baby-factory needs to go now.” She actually grabbed my still-hard cock and rolled her hips as seductively and lewdly as she possibly could as she led me to the exit by my cock.

On the way out, I managed to shrug at them and say, “I'm so glad I don't have whatever problem you do by the way. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be repulsed by a woman because her belly's full like this.” I gestured to Vessa's body before continuing, “This is what a woman should look like.” And with that I gave her a painfully hard slap on her ass, making Vessa yelp in pleasure and letting them see her jiggle before taking a squeeze of her as we left, her then my penis and then me of course.

Please feel free to send me feedback about what you like/don't like. Critiques, comments, and general likes/dislikes are all more than welcome!
October 6, 2015 2:09 pm
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RE: Vessa
Love the story! Could you have Vessa give Philip a belly job.
October 10, 2015 4:01 pm
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RE: Vessa
What a great story!! Not only is it hot as hell, but that last part had such a great message. No couple should ever be repulsed by the woman's pregnant body. I86, you rock. You absolutely rock. Smile

--- Always be respectful to pregnant women. Don't post pervy sexually-charged comments in the heat of the moment. They may be beautiful and sexy, but they're also people. Always remember that. ---
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RE: Vessa
Love the story, but with the ending of the last bit I sense trouble ahead
October 11, 2015 12:19 pm
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RE: Vessa
Looking forward for the new release!
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RE: Vessa
Likewise, been waiting a while but it's always worth it!
January 3, 2016 9:23 am
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RE: Vessa
Sorry for the long break, I have tons more and intend on finishing the whole thing but sometimes life gets in the way of such things. Here's some more:

Our altercation at the yoga studio cost Vessa the grant in the end. Elsa had heard about what we were doing in the studio and was disgusted to learn how she had inadvertently conducted business with a woman who had nerve enough to “...take part in an act of coitus in her presence.”

Even a month after that whole fiasco, Vessa was still not taking it well.

“Come on Honey, we've been over this a thousand times already.”

“I don't want to hear that! If you didn't dare me that day then – ”

“Then what?”

“That grant was twenty times my whole budget!”

“I know...”

“Do you know what we could've done with that money?!”

“A lot.”

“You have no idea,” she raged, “You don't have a clue what that money could've done. All you know about the human body is how to knock it up!”

“Oh, come on...”

“I could've completely re-engineered Philexa – made it twice as good. A couple extra researchers, some better equipment, actual test subjects besides just myself.”

“What about Alex – ”

“Hell, I didn't even have access to half the data I really needed. I don't have thousands and thousands to throw away just to buy access to some proprietary database!”

“Tell me about it...” I said under my breath. Sarcasm was all I had left at this point.

“What did you just say?!”

“Listen, Honey. It was obviously a mistake to do what we did in that studio – ”


“You were there just as much as I was! We both lost you that grant!” Then I continued with this gem: “Besides, how do you even know they were going to give you that grant?...”

She shot up in a flash and flew to the door of our bedroom, with her mouth wide open in angry shock. I followed her to the front of our house where I stopped her.

“Wait. Where are you going?”

By some miracle she managed to navigate her right foot into her winter boot without bending.

“I don't want to see your face. I'm leaving.”

“Don't. Where will you sleep?”

“A hotel.”

She put on her other boot but didn't bother trying to tie them in front of me; she's been having difficulty bending down at all lately. Instead, she took her winter coat off the peg, threw it around her shoulders and, in the same motion, put her hand on the front door knob.

“Stop,” I said. I braced my hand on the door so she couldn't open it.

“I want leave! Let me out!”

“Stop. I'll go. Just take off your coat.”

I bent down and put on my own boots and she reluctantly put her coat back on the peg. While I was down there I had another brilliant question that somehow made it past the filter: “Do you want me to help you take your boots off before I go?”

“Are you kidding?! No! Just leave!”

“Okay, I'm going. But please be careful when you take them – ”

“Go!” she screamed.

“I'm sorry, I love you.”

And I left.

Philip left and my boots were still on. What a mistake. There was just no way they were coming off. They slide on easy but those boots were the kind that needed hands to take off. And my hands were never going to reach that far anyway and so on they stayed.

I've been on bed-rest for the past month because Philip wants me at home and I get why. He's become even more possessive of me ever since that fight in the yoga studio. I didn't think that was even possible and to be honest, I've always loved how much he covets my body. But it had become an issue for me anyway. Maybe it's because I've become so dependent on him lately.

It didn't matter anyway. I just couldn't stand to look at his face after what he said. I married him because he was always more empowering than anyone else in my life and he'd never made a disparaging comment like that before.

After he left I did immediately regret blaming him for losing the grant but there was no way I was going to just open the door after that.

Maybe I needed a few days away from him.

I had some frustration to get out of my system and today was leg day so I got my yoga ball and stretched in my boots and underwear. It didn't matter, nothing fit right anymore anyway. I couldn't put on my workout stuff either so to hell with it.

I couldn’t do much without help these days so I just stretched my back out, leaning on the ball and rolling it back and forth. The ball didn't roll back too far before my stomach bumped the floor though. Which made me even more frustrated. I couldn't even stretch my back out without squishing my babies. I couldn't go on my treadmill in these boots without socks on my feet and there was no way I could jump rope in my condition.

I could use Philip's recumbent bike though. The seat was a little small for me so I didn't like to use it but it was the only cardio machine I could use at home these days.

So I got on and pushed back with my legs. And I pushed and I pushed and I pushed some more.

And the pedals just laughed at me. His settings were ridiculous.

Maybe it was stuck. I got off and stood on a pedal and sure enough the computer beeped on for me and for a brief few seconds the bike worked. But I wasn't on it. So I straddled the bike and pumped the pedals up and down using my whole body to keep it going just so I could change the settings to something more human.

And I did it thankfully, I sat down on the bike and relaxed my weight into the back support and continued on. Even getting it started made me sweat and the boots were not helping me one bit but I made it work.

My blood got pumping and I forgot about what had happened.

It wasn't until the babies inside me started to use my womb as their own personal exercise pool that I realized a whole hour had passed and I was thirsty. Philip keeps me hydrated these days so when I reached down for a water bottle that wasn't there I immediately got angry at him again. I know it was stupid.

I got off and got some water and looked at the squat cage which was taunting me because it was leg day. Leg day used to be my favorite. Now it's my not favorite.

But I wasn't going to let Philip ruin my exercise day so I put on a plate on either side and finished a set in front of the mirror.

Boy was I huge. I rolled my eyes down from the ceiling to glance at my posture and that's when it hit me: I really was a baby factory. My whole body had changed so much since before I got pregnant. My hips were wide to push out babies, my legs were strong to help me walk around with babies, my breasts were full to feed babies, and of course my stomach was a globe full of babies. They were my babies sure, but they belonged to someone else too. And for whatever reason that made me feel used.

Philip was doing who knows what at the moment, probably fucking Alex's brains out in that hotel room already, and here I was, full of his children and exercising just to be able to carry them around easier. I was walking around with three constant reminders inside my stomach of how much control he had over my body, even now when he wasn't even in the same house. And now Alex was sharing the same burden, all because of me!

I shook my head to clear my mind and started another set. One rep, then two. The bar wasn't loaded with much because Philip was usually around – Nevermind!

Three. Four. My legs weren't the problem so much as it was my balance. It was hard...five...to keep the bar from –

And I fell.

I fell on my bum hard.

The bar deafened me, WHAM – and fell on the safety bars. I fell and clenched my abdominal muscles. But my belly was too big for them to have much of an effect and my head hit the bar. Pain escaped my lips.

I was too stunned to move. I waited a moment in sheer panic. Had I just hurt my babies? Had I killed one of them just by falling down? The weren't moving. At all.

I had no shirt on anyway so I scanned my belly in the mirror, hoping to see some movement. My water didn't break, probably due to my drug, so at least I wasn't in labor. But there still wasn't movement.

Turning around, I saw the bar was right behind my head. I put my hand on the back of my head and drew back some blood. I panicked.

Using the rack, I stood up and ambled over to a bench with my towel on it and covered the wound. The bloodflow was stemmed but I was still dizzy.

Then I stumbled into my bedroom, onto my bed and passed out.

It was the tossing around of my babies that woke me up so ultimately I have them to thank for saving me. They were kicking me harder than usual like they knew I was in trouble. It hurt but I was so relieved to regain consciousness and to feel them alive and moving inside of me that I welcomed the discomfort.

I was on my side, of course, with the towel caked to my head by blood. The wound had stopped gushing but my sheets, pillow and towel were all ruined. It didn't matter. I had to check the babies.

We brought the ultrasound that I was using to study myself from our apartment in the city and rolled it into my bedroom where I sat down and gelled myself up. Turning it on, I was relieved to see three precious girls squirming and growing and full of life inside my womb but that wasn't enough. I had to hear their hearts. That was the comfort I needed. I roamed over my stomach, forgetting to wipe off the gel until I heard the three distinct heartbeats of my three little babies. They were so powerful. I hadn't really noticed that before but the beats were so much stronger than any unborn baby's heartbeat I'd ever heard. I couldn't help but feel proud to be their mother.

I called Alex, the woman who was closest to both Philip and I and asked her to come over to take me to the hospital. I knew I had to go for my babies' sakes especially.

She didn't have a license to drive still but her new boyfriend did and they came right over.

They let themselves in and found me on my side in bed calmly stroking my tummy.

Alex said, “Is everything alright? Where's Philip?”

“Long story,” I said, still on my side, “It's a bit embarrassing actually.”

“Oh,” she replied, “I see. Um, Karl? Could you – Oh – Vessa, this is Karl. Karl this is Vessa.”

“Good meeting you Vessa,” he said.

“And you. Thanks for driving here for me.”

“Oh, please, not at all.”

Karl was a handsome Norwegian man with a chiseled jaw, sexy glasses and dark hair. He looked athletic and they made a cute couple. I could see why she hooked up with him so quickly.

“Karl, do you think you could find us a doctor?”

“Of course.”

When Karl left, I explained everything that had happened with Alex holding my hand and putting ice on my head. She was so lovely to me and just the friend I needed that day.

Just saying my frustrations out loud made me laugh. It seemed so absurd that I inadvertently injured myself because of what had happened.

“I'm crazy, aren't I?” I asked Alex. “To think of being pregnant like that? Like it's some sort of submission?”

“Why would that make you crazy?” she replied. “What's wrong with with thinking of it like that?” Then she added with a bit of deviance in her voice, “I kind of enjoy it to be honest. I think it's sexy. It's one of the reasons I wanted to get pregnant at all. I thought you of all people enjoyed that too.”

“I guess I did. Well I mean I do. Yeah, I still do. I suppose it never occurred to me how primal it is until today. Pregnancy that is. Nearly everything about humanity has changed since we became a species but pregnancy has always been the same. The only difference between cavemen and the men of today is a little bit of civilization.”

We were quiet for a bit after I tried my best to wax poetic but it was too uncomfortable for Alex. She broke the moment a bit irreverently by saying, “But don't you think that's hot?”

I laughed after that and couldn't stop, leastways not until my head started pounding again. I winced, my hand going to my head and she brought up a new ice pack to my head.

“It's really hot, isn't it?” I agreed.

“Mhmm... What's wrong with wanting a man to have his way with you? Not everything has to be made into a battle of the sexes.”

“Maybe... Do you remember what I told you about what I said in the studio that day?”

“How could I forget?”

“Yeah. I really meant all those things I said to them about being pregnant. Thanks for reminding me that it's okay to feel that way.”

“My pleasure, Hun,” Alex said.

“So when do you think it'll take for the doctor to come?”

“You'd know better than me. I've only just moved here.”

“Because I'm going to need some clothes on.”

“Oh my goodness! We've got to get you dressed!”

Alex tried scooting herself off the bed but failed.

“Having trouble there?”

She giggled and said, “Give me a few minutes and I think I'll be off the bed. You're not the only one having trouble moving around these days.”

“I noticed...”

A dozen minutes later I had on some clothes and just as Alex was struggling to remove my other winter boot, Karl knocked on the door with the doctor.
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You'll have to pardon me for breaking up the character continuity in the story. It was getting too stale to keep writing it the way I was.
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