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RE: Vessa
When I woke up, I was surprised to see Vessa sitting on my morning wood. I looked at her and she just said, “We forgot to do this last night so I thought you'd like to do it now.”

I was content to just grind back into her puckered asshole. I was still tired but getting woken up this way is one of my favorite things in life so I didn't mind. I was done really quickly and shot my load onto her tits since she didn't like it when I came in her ass and going ass to pussy is always a dangerous thing. She had a fun time rubbing it in like it was some lotion and I helped her stand up.

She went into the water with me to wash off and we played a bit. Since she still wanted another turn, I decided to play a game where I would go in the water and eat her out until I couldn't hold my breath any longer. Needless to say, it took some practice but I was pleasantly surprised to see her milky juices flow into the water letting me know she had a good time. She met me under the water to give me an adorable little underwater kiss which she was able to hold twice as long as I due to her seemingly unnatural affinity with water. When we were done, we swam a bit more to wash off and I helped her out.

We went back to the pack under the waterfall and noticed something was amiss.

“What happened,” I asked.

“No idea. Is that our map?”

Sure enough, it was. There were two tiny strips of the map, like it had been torn up, but no sign of the rest of it anywhere. There was also a lot of food missing from one of our bags.

“Do you think that man did this,” she asked.

I had no idea what she was talking about but then the day before suddenly came rushing back to me.

“Must have been. He must have followed us all the way back this morning. I grabbed our stuff, took her hand and we looked around carefully looking for any sign of him.

But he was gone. I didn't want to wait around just in case however so I said, “Lets get out of here.”

She seemed happy with that idea so I quickly dressed myself and helped her into her now dry panties and shorts. It took a bit of effort like before but it was easier than putting her tits back into her clothes.

No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't fit them back into her half tee or her bra. This was a problem. Had she really grown overnight and enough to actually outgrow a sportsbra?

We didn't wait to figure out so I had her put her purple jacket on, which was only able to confine her tits: I was surprised to find out that even it wouldn't zip over her belly, and we left.

Without the map.

We kept following the trail for a long time. It wound and curved and kept climbing up. We noticed that we could follow the stream that led to the waterfall which was actually a stream that seemed to snake along the top of a small series of level mountains. Vessa figured it was probably used for irrigation at least somewhere so we decided to follow it.

We were walking for about three hours before Vessa was tired and we had to stop for her to eat.

I was exhausted and laid down for a moment and was content to drink some of my water and watch my wife eat. She was really cute to watch since her belly was bulging and bare out of her jacket and pulled tight across her tits. Like usual, she ate a large portion of food but she stopped abruptly and said, “Maybe I should save that for later.”

“Eat everything you can, Hun. I'll figure something out if we run out of food.”

“Nah, I can wait.”

“Alright then. You know, we're probably safe on time here. Do you want to see if we can get that shirt on you again?”

“Yes. This jacket is heating me up like a sauna in here. My back needs to breathe.”

“Alright, stand up for me, Muffin.”

She stood up and took off her jacket, always a glorious thing to see and I took her bra out of her pack. As hard as we tried, we still couldn't get it over her voluptuous breasts.

Then she realized something and said, “Oh my goodness. I can't believe I'm a doctor. I'm lactating and Alex milked me before I tried on these clothes.”

“You must be right.” I grinned when I remembered my plan the night before and because I knew what this meant.

“I hope you're hungry Honey because you're going to have to drink as much of me as you can.”

“I think I can do that.”

I set to work finding a good spot to suckle on my wife's engorged tits and found a nice spot under a very cool tree where we could both rest our backs but were still close enough that I could suck on her nipple. I brought our stuff over, sat it down then sat down myself and pulled my wife over and sat her down on my lap.

Immediately began to take my fill of her milk which tasted like the best meal I'd had in years. It was rich and creamy I felt like I was literally getting stronger with each pull on her breast. Not to mention I was getting really hard in the meantime.

She stopped me for a second and I honestly got a bit angry when she did so since I was so in need of her milk and having such a good time. She was surprised to see my mood change so drastically and had to calm me down by sitting up and slowly sliding my throbbing cock into her moist love box.

She explained, “It's okay Honey, calm down. I just want to feel you inside me while you're drinking. You're going to make me cum anyway just sucking away like that.”

“Sorry,” I said, “I'm just really hungry.”

“Shh. It's okay. Just take your time and drink as much as you can,” she said; she pulled my head to her tits for me to drink.

I sucked for a long time and I think she was actually producing milk as quickly as I could drink it because I had to suck on one breast for at least half an hour (not that I'm complaining).

She ground down on my cock lovingly, not pressuring me to finish her off.

When I was done with the first breast, I stopped and picked her up to fuck her against the tree to thank her. With me inside her for so long we both came almost instantly and then I remembered that I still had to drink what was in her other breast.

I sat back down again but she pulled me back up and asked me, “How long until you're ready to go again?”

“I dunno few minutes.”

“Let's wait then. That was really fun.”

I did as the lady asked. As soon as I was ready to go, I sat down and helped her take my cock into her eager pussy then went back to work drinking from her other breast.

By this point I was no longer hungry and I felt like I could march all day without growing tired. But it took so long to drink all her milk that she grew hungry again and needed to eat something.

So here we were, sitting there slowly fucking our brains out, me sucking her tits off and her eating as much granola as she could stomach.

It was a strange day to say the least but at least it was enjoyable.

Needless to say, I eventually finished and then I finished her off for the third time that day and she finished eating.

Then we had to try to fit her into her clothes.

I picked up her bra and held it around her tits long enough for her to zip it up.

“It worked!” she said, “Oh my goodness. How much milk do I produce in a day...”

“Alex was right the other night because I can hardly stand. How do you hold all of this in there,” I asked, rubbing my stomach.

“Apparently enough to feed a small army.”

“Good because that's exactly what you're making as we speak,” I said. I poked her tummy for emphasis.

She laughed, then said, “Can you help me put on my shirt?”

We tugged until her shirt came back down and stretched over her life-saving endowments. I put her jacket back into my pack and we were off.

A couple hours later (I could tell it was only a couple because Vessa hadn't yet made me stop so she could eat), we came up to a man-made trough carrying water downhill.

Vessa's eyes lit up knowing she was right and she took my hand to lead me down the sloping earth. It was not something I'd have been comfortable with her doing the day earlier but I was too exhausted to realize my error and I was also beginning to feel queasy.

Luckily we didn't have to wait long and we found a small village at the bottom of what turned out to be a very small hill.

It turns out we found a small indigenous village by accident and we surprised a couple of them when we came off the mountains.

They were very kind to us and offered us shelter immediately and some water. That is when I passed out.

When I awoke, I found myself inside a cozy building with Vessa and a couple other people by my side. One man spoke English and asked me if I was okay. He gave me some water to drink which immediately made me feel better. Within half an hour I was sitting up. Vessa, of course was happily holding my hand and eating from a large plate of food with the other. When she finished one plate, the set another one right down full of fruits.

When I sat up they gave me my own plate and I began to eat. I had a ravenous hunger and it was nighttime so I assumed I was out most of the day.

“How long have I been out, Love?”

“A full day! I was really worried about you.”

“You mean we lost the whole day?”

“No, we found this village yesterday and then you passed out. You've been all day today, the day after.”

“Oh, I see. I'm sorry.”

“Don't be. I'm just glad you're okay.”

“And you? Are you feeling well?”

“Oh sure,” she said with a smile, “They haven't let me stop eating since they found us. Not that I'm complaining...”

“I don't know how we're going to repay the village...”

“They even sent someone to bring a helicopter for us.”

“Oh no, that's too much!”

“They should be here soon.”

We stayed there for another day and spoke with the English-speaking man for a while. Everyone we met was very kind and there was even another young pregnant girl there that loved comparing her belly to Vessa's. It was much smaller but she was also a full foot shorter than Vessa.

The girl told us that she wanted her child to be a boy by taking a stick and drawing a baby in the dirt with a small penis sticking out. Then she said something to the English-speaking man in her own tongue. He said, “She wants to know if you think your child will be a boy.”

Vessa brightened the room with a big smile and asked for the stick from the pregnant girl. Next to the little boy she drew three baby girls in the dirt, pointed to her belly and rubbed it.

The pregnant girl squealed with excitement and everyone else clapped and smiled. An older woman rushed out and then rushed back in with some more water food which Vessa laughed and gratefully started eating.

That night we slept soundly and were carried back to Rio by the helicopter that came to help us. When we asked the English-speaking man how we could possibly thank him, he just said to raise our three babies well and to just let them know how much love was visited upon them by his village. We thanked him and were seen off but not before they handed us yet another basked of food for Vessa and some more water.

She of course finished both before we landed.

They brought us to a hospital in Rio where we were given a room to share and they checked us over. I was found to have some water poisoning, no doubt from the pond and was told to rest for a few days.

Examining Vessa was a bit more difficult and she of course required a bit more attention and some bloodwork. We had to stay overnight while the bloodwork was completed. For some reason however, this seemed to make Vessa nervous.

The next morning we were visited by a local ranger and we told him our story and everything that had happened. It turns out that the three men had actually gone ahead of us on the trail and hidden it from us so that we would take a much more dangerous route to the waterfall. The two injured men were badly wounded despite being able to leave so quickly but they were caught limping at the foot of the hill by two rangers after trying to run away from them. They ratted out the last one who was caught who did in fact tear up or map that day and then ran off thinking he had most likely ruined our chances of finding our way back. We never found out what happened to them.

After that the doctor came in and told us in private that she was pleased to report that nothing was wrong with her but that she did find something she couldn't explain and was forced to keep her there until further tests were done. She was going to give her a series of medicines until then and listed them off to her until finally Vessa panicked and explained that she was a doctor.

Then she said, “You can't give me that.”

“Why not,” the doctor asked.

“Because it'll have adverse effects when combined with something else.”

“Do you mean the medicine you're taking?”

Vessa nodded.

“Would you care to explain what it is? I've never seen it before and it seems to have some rather...incredible effects.”

Vessa sighed and turned to me saying, “Please don't be mad at me for not telling you. If I had told you, you would never have let me try it.”

“Try what,” I asked.

Then she said to the both of us and said, “Since I got pregnant, well actually before I got pregnant, I've been taking an experimental drug.” She turned to me, “That research project that I told you about, well it was mine. I only just acquired the proper funding to carry it out. My partners only agreed when I told them I was the first test subject.”

“And that was this...fertility drug,” the doctor asked.

“No, it does nothing to affect fertility, I think my egg just happened to split three ways during my gestation or maybe three eggs descended during my impregnation; multiple births are very common in my family. The drug is an experimental one that I've created and I am testing myself as my first patient.”

“Then what does it do,” the doctor asked.

I was surprised and just sat there listening to what my wife had to say.

“It does a few things. Its primary function is to increase bloodflow and metabolism for the mother. This in turn increases the metabolism and bloodflow for the growing babies.”

“That's why you can't stop eating!”

She nodded and as if I reminded her, she turned to the tray of food that she set aside and took a huge bite from a doughnut. Then she continued on, “Sorry, I'm really hungry,” between chews, “The drug also allows more oxygen to be absorbed by the blood which of course is already flowing more efficiently through the system. This allows the mother to have much more energy throughout the day and keeps her healthy. I have noticed that I can run even further than I used to. In fact, it wasn't until very recently that I had managed to break my own marathon record, even with the hindrance of a such a large belly.”

“This is explaining so much,” I said.

“I think, however, that I reached my energy peak as the babies have simply grown too much and any extra calories that I consume simply go to their greedy developing bodies,” she smiled and patted her belly. “I will be far more active than a normal woman would be during a pregnancy, especially a triplet pregnancy, but from here on out, I think my overall energy will decrease in proportion to their size.”

“Where did you develop this drug? What lab did you use? Surely you must have had a prototype made up for yourself...”

“Ah well I had the first one made months ago, obviously,” once again Vessa looked at me, “Do you remember that I went to that heart conference?”

I nodded.

“Well I went to meet with a friend of mine from med school who was kind enough to develop a trial for me off the books and I went to go tell her the news in person. She was the one that provided me with the samples, I don't have that sort of expertise.”

“I see. Please continue,” said the doctor.

“The next effect is that the drug boosts natural hormones in the mother to encourage growth.”

I saw that one coming.

“And finally there is one more effect, possibly the most dangerous one, and that is it prevents pregnancy for any reason other than catastrophic accident until the mother reaches a certain hormonal trigger.”

That made the doctor look nervous, “And that trigger is...”

“It requires the body to produce roughly twenty-five percent more than the normal amount of birth-inducing hormones.”

“It what?!” screamed the doctor. “Twenty-five percent? Do you know how dangerous that is? Especially with triplets?”

“I do. That's why I tried it on myself first.”

“You're going to be pregnant for fifty weeks!”

“Most likely closer to a full year. I balanced it for my body for an extra two weeks.”

“Oh my goodness,” said the doctor as she sat back in her chair. “Why put yourself through so much risk? What is this drug going to do for you that a natural pregnancy won't?”

“If I'm correct then I'll have created a way for any woman who wants to to have stronger, smarter babies for the cost of an extremely cheap drug.”

“And how will it do that?”

“Well the drug has some smaller effects that I've built into it. It increases the mother's craving for protein in order to grow larger babies and the extra hormones increases the mother's production of milk rate as well as the amount of milk they would otherwise be able to contain at any one time.”

Any reason I had to be mad at my wife flew out the window at this point, everything I was hearing was good new for me. I gave Vessa my doughnut for her to eat which she took and started eating without even noticing.

“Next, the extra energy gives the mother a natural need to exercise more and is impossible to get rid of. Trust me, I know first hand that the first thing I do when I get out of this hospital is run on a treadmill until it breaks. If I'm correct, the extra conditioning will breed a healthy desire and need for vigorous exercise into the gestating child. Well children, in my case.”

Something told me that we were going to need to move out of our city home; we were going to need lots more room pretty soon.

“Lastly, the increased gestation time allows women to carry to term who might otherwise be unable to, but it allows healthy mothers like me to carry much longer. Again, if I'm right, this will not only dramatically increase the baby's overall size, it will also increase their brain size at birth, and possibly their overall intelligence.”

“At the expense of a caesarian,” said the doctor.

“Naturally,” Vessa said, rubbing her side. She finished off my doughnut and drank some water.

“What else have you noticed. Any strange side problems?”

“Only a few.”

“Like what?”

“I can hold my breath for a really long time and I can produce an extremely large quantity of milk already at twenty weeks.”

“Couldn't that simply be due to your, erm...size?”

“Not quite. I had already considered that but what I mean is I can produce milk almost as fast as I can intake water and the other necessary nutrients. In fact, my husband already knows this firsthand.”

The doctor turned to me and gave me what could only be considered a look of judgment which I felt was rude. In fact I sat up straight and took pride in my ability to suck milk from my genius wife's tits in defiance of the doctor's scowl.

“Anything else?” Now she seemed reluctant to ask.

“My sex drive needs constant attention.” Vessa looked over at me with a wink.

This made the good doctor squirm in her seat, “I see. Well then if I'm right, then most of these changes shouldn't occur until the growth phase of gestation.”

“Yes, it should mostly happen during the phase most dependent upon caloric intake.”

“The third trimester.”


“And you swear you're only about twenty weeks along?”


“Then why the hell are you so damn pregnant?!”

Vessa put a hand to her belly, laughed and gestured at me with her other hand saying, “Have you seen the size of my husband?!”
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RE: Vessa
After that conversation, she let us go. It wasn't until later that I was able to confirm what I thought I was hearing in the hospital and asked Vessa (while she was doing nothing other than running on the treadmill) about what all that meant.

“So how big are you going to get?”

“Well,” I was impressed that she could speak without having to do so between breaths, “I honestly have no idea. If I knew that it was going to be triplets, I probably would have waited until I had a pregnancy with just one baby.”

“So you want to have more babies when this pregnancy's over?”

She stopped the treadmill and walked over to me getting me wet with her perspiration. She said looking up into my eyes, “Honey, I don't know when I'm going to stop being pregnant. Especially after having so much fun with this pregnancy. I know you wanted a few kids but I'm afraid you're getting more than you bargained for because you're getting lots and lots of them instead. In fact, I promise that you're never going to even see another condom again for the rest of your life...”

Oh boy...

I know that sometimes women get a bit baby-crazy but I never even thought that it could happen to a someone that was already pregnant, especially when it wasn't one or two but three taking up rent inside her.

At least I got to enjoy another thirty weeks of my growing wife before she started popping out babies left and right...

You know, I think I could get use to the idea of having a lot of kids. I mean who knows, right?

All I knew was one thing: it was already the best vacation of my life. And it was hardly over yet.

With that strange fiasco behind us, Vessa and I decided to relax for the rest of our vacation. The good news was we still had about a week left before I had to switch gears and get back to my work and Vessa had to begin compiling her study.

I knew we couldn't leave until we visited a famous Rio beach so I woke up early the next day and made Vessa some breakfast in bed.

Our hotel's small kitchen let us cook a modest breakfast and I made her lots of eggs and bacon. She loved it when I made her breakfast smileys so that's exactly what I did: I gave her ten breakfast smileys one right after the other. I had some myself but had to wait for her to finish her ten eggs and five strips of bacon before we planned the day.

She wanted to visit the 'most fun beach in Rio' and I made it my job to research exactly what that was while she took a long shower. So I went down to the reception area where I asked two of the cutest reception girls I have ever seen where such a beach was and they danced around the answer until I was forced to drop a few hints and flash my wedding band. They pouted but I think we all had a bit of fun. With that out of the way I arranged a few more things like a rental car and some more sunscreen and body oil, the most important two things for the day, which we were definitely going to need.

After that I took a shower while Vessa relaxed in bed after having such a big breakfast.

Then of course, she made me go shopping with her.

She was wearing one of my biggest t-shirts because everything else she had was pretty dirty and her booty shorts. My shirt fit so oddly on her because it was so long and baggy everywhere but her belly and tits. I think she had a bigger chest than me by this point. I was going to have to take a measurement of her later.

There were tons of shops by the beach that she liked but just like she always does, she chose the one that she considered the most chic.

It was relatively empty and I suppose that was because they catered to each customer individually due to their high price point. When we entered, two young and gorgeous girls popped out of a back room and greeted us with disarming smiles. I'm sure it's no accident that all the tourist traps are populated by young, beautiful girls but that's all part of the fun.

Of course while they were disarming me, my wife was disarming them with her midsection. I wondered if they had ever seen a pregnant girl walk into their store and I bet they were at that moment asking themselves the same question.

They were very friendly however and seemed to love Vessa's company. Vessa almost always blends in with anyone around her which is one of her countless gifts and I think her pregnancy has made her even more charismatic.

The two shop girls fawned over her and asked her all sorts of questions pertaining to her due date and they screamed after hearing that she had triplets packed inside her. After that it was all giggles. They took her measurements and were not shy about stripping her down to nothing to do so.

I think she must have tried on twenty suits. They probably just wanted to see what she looked like with them on. I was amused to see that after trying on the first suit that covered her belly, they told her to take it off before she had a chance to tell them she didn't like it. From there on out it was all bikinis. It was everything I could have wanted.

They put everything on her from swimmer gear to sexy beach wear to tiny strap nipple covers and thongs. These last ones drew the most giggles and over-the-shoulder glances at me. All I did was smile back my best charming grin (a very charming grin if I do say so myself) and wave.

When they were done having their fun, Vessa and the two girls came back out after having picked out five suits as well as a few other beach-related items.

After she paid for them they whispered to her something about being somewhere at nine p.m. which I was unable to catch. When I asked her about it she just laughed and told me not to worry about it until later. I did my best to forget about the surprise and we went off to the beach that was recommended to me.

It was packed. I saw skin everywhere. Luckily the beach stretched for miles and we were able to luck out and find a really nice spot as another couple was leaving right next to the water. We walked up and I staked out our land claim with my huge beach blanket and umbrella and stripped off everything but my suit. I flopped onto my back and held up the sunscreen with a grin saying, “Sunscreen me please!”

She smiled, and tugged on my hand until I sat myself up and said, “Not yet, Darling. First you need to see what I bought for you.”

I had almost forgotten that she was still wearing my t-shirt. She ran through the sand quickly and disappeared into the ladies' changing room. In her wake, I saw her turn a few heads and even saw two men who couldn't have known each other nod at each other with wolfish grins. The didn't even bother to look my way but that didn't bother me because she quickly emerged from the changing room.

I can only use two words to describe her appearance: perky and ripe. The first thing I noticed is that she had on a very sheer linen top but that was about all she seemed to have on. It hung off her body about as much as anything could these days and it ended just below her bikini bottom which I had to assume was there because I couldn't see it.

As she skipped over to me, something I never grew tired of seeing her do (and was amazed that she could still do it) I could make out just the faintest outline of her bathing suit. It was red and made mostly of nothing. It covered her cheeks and was strapped over her shoulders but I could still see her pussy lips through the bottom and enough cleavage to know that she could hold a beer bottle between her tits.

When she was standing over me on the towel she said, “Do you like it?”

I didn't say anything and just took her hand to pull her to me so I could wrap my arms around her. As I held her tight and kissed her, I removed her linen shirt as sneakily as I could and took it over her head then I sat back and got a good look.

She pretended to play modest and covered her body as much as she could with her arms which was truly impossible. She looked amazing. The bikini bottom was slung low on her hips well below her belly and ended just above where her cheeks ended. The top encircled her pert but abundant chest with a simple band of fabric supported by two thin straps over her shoulders. Just above her butt was an adorable black bow and was matched with a white bow where her top clasped together. If I had to guess, I would have to assume this was a suit that one of the two shop girls actually owned. I could see why: it belonged on a model's figure.

I put her shirt to the side and pulled her so she came closer to me. I moved her arms so they weren't hiding her body and drank her in. I enjoyed looking at her smooth, flawless skin stretched tight over the big ball that was her belly. As usual, she didn't go to any lengths to hide it from view or diminish its size which was substantial to say the least.

After a brief make-out session on the beach, I had her lie on her side so I could put sunscreen on her back. When I was done there, she rubbed me down and then I let her back on my chest so I could put sunscreen on her front. It was so soothing for her that she actually fell asleep on me for at least an hour. There was no way I was going to wake her but it wasn't easy to stay like that for so long. The shade from the umbrella was nice however and I enjoyed the feeling of her body against mine.

When Vessa woke up, she was full of energy and was starving. As much as we didn't want to give u our spot on the beach, we did in favor of finding some food for her to eat.

There were lots of restaurants on the beachfront to choose from and she picked one that had lots of seafood, one of her more normal cravings of late.

We both ordered the smoke salmon but she ordered two servings and added pasta sauce with diced oranges to hers. Even for her that was strange but she swore it was the best meal she'd had in days. After I gave her my leftovers to eat, we left and went to another restaurant on the beach to sip cold drinks in the sun and watch the beach-goers on the hot sand.

Here we both ordered simple smoothies without alcohol and sipped away to whittle away some time. My strawberry smoothie was amazing and I gave some to her to try to convince Vessa to get one rather than the cucumber-cantaloupe smoothy she claimed was good for her pregnancy. It was so good apparently that she had three of them.

We were both sitting on stools at a bar and I had to help her get up on hers. With her cute little feet dangling in the air and her belly taking up most of her lap, she was a sight to see. She was all pale (but turning more golden with every sun ray) skin. Her belly hid her bikini bottom from the front of which there was little material to begin with.

As I waited for her to finish her third smoothie, I went to the restroom and left our beach stuff with her. I also needed to make a few calls.

About ten minutes later, I returned and saw her still sitting at the bar but this time there were three well-toned men crowded around her. She was giving them polite smiles and pulled her sunglasses over her eyes. I began walking faster over to her when she tried giving them the cold shoulder by fixing her hair.

That's when one of them took the liberty of rubbing his hand over her belly. That's when I sprinted.

She slapped his hand and shook her head, flashing the wedding band I put on her finger and tried to get down off the stool but she was stuck. Not only that, the one who touched her belly actually was keeping her on her seat and wouldn't let her down by holding her hips.

I could see her yell something, probably 'Stop!' but I was still too far away to be able to hear it. At least it drew the attention of dozens of people around her.

The man's two friends tried to play her yell off like they were all good friends to the people around but I could see my wife looking desperately around for me so I tried to go faster. The sand was awful for running on and I couldn't run any faster than I already was with my legs pumping as quick as they could over the fine beach grains.

Then the man leaned in and whispered something into her ear making her slap him. Then I got to them.

Vessa pointed at me but before they could turn, I pulled the man's neck to take him off balance and rammed my fist into his diaphragm hard enough to make him collapse to the ground. One of his friends attacked me but I simply took it as I towered over him and the blow was pathetic. I probably weighed half again more than either one of them. In fact, Vessa was far taller than each of them by several centimeters and probably would have been fine had she not had a big belly to worry about. Luckily I got there in time and I only had to slam the heel of my fist onto the man's nose to hear an audible break and their last friend put up his hands and took his friends away.

The scene was awkward partly because they were hitting on a heavily pregnant wife and partly because I seemed to come out of nowhere and end their assault so abruptly. I saw a lot of heads turned our way and I expected a few nods of approval or at least a murmur of agreement but all I got was a single guy clapping. Even he quickly realized his applause was out-of-place and stopped after a questioning head or two turned in his direction.

Why does this place hate tourists so much? I thought to myself. Can't I get a break? I mean, I was on vacation.

There was nothing I could do but get out of there so I picked my wife up off the stool and set her on the ground. I took out her linen shirt and helped her on with it and said, “Geez, what's with this place?”

She just shrugged while doing her best to hide herself from view with my body so I tucked her towel around her chest and we got out of there. I threw some money begrudgingly onto the counter annoyed that they didn't do anything to help her out.

With the mood ruined, Vessa and I decided to go to another beach. The one we were at was massive so I'm sure we could have just gone to the other end of it and nobody there would have known what happened but she wanted to see other beaches anyway.

We went down the coast a few kilometers and found a less crowded area where we were going to go swimming.

I opened her car door for her and helped her out. Then she said, “I think this suit is going to fall off if I swim in it. Could you take me to the changing room again please?”


“I want you to be close by me okay? Can you stay with me from now on?”

“Of course Honey, I promise you won't be more than three inches from me the rest of the day.”

“Well you can't come into the ladies' room, silly!” she said. She booped my nose with her finger.

I rolled my eyes and was just glad that she was cheerful and no longer spooked.

She went in to change and I tapped her bouncing butt as she walked away from me.

When she came out, she was wearing a more modest bikini more conducive to swimming. The top was blue with a red fish right over her breasts and it was designed to keep her breasts contained and supported. Her bikini bottom was a simple black and it covered her bum but was still more than flattering to her shape.

“Let's go!” she said and bounded down the beach.

I hardly had time to find a good spot for our stuff but tossed it to a secluded spot and dove in after her. We played around a bunch and swam as far as the guards would allow us but we still didn't feel alone enough to fool around like we wanted to. There were lots of kids around.

That's okay. Vessa had bought some swimming resistance gear to work out a bit in the water and she worked off some energy while I tried to keep up.

She taught me a few techniques and smoothed out my form which actually made a somewhat faster. Even with what happened earlier, it was a good day.

After that, we packed up and had a quiet dinner of room service at our hotel while we watched a movie cuddled up in bed together.

It was only around seven when Vessa's cell phone rang. She answered it and giggled a bit before putting it down looking at me with excitement. She pulled me off the bed and told me we needed to go somewhere.

Bewildered, I followed her out after she took some of her things and I put on my own breezy linen shirt and some maroon shorts.

I drove her a little ways with her using her phone as a GPS until we stopped at an apartment located in an upscale part of town. We parked and knocked on the door.

It opened and I suddenly I heard three girls squealing.

The next thing I knew, I was pulled into the apartment where we met the two shop girls from earlier. The two Brazilian beauties brought us to one of their bedrooms.

I was all smiles by now and had not a care in the world so of course what was I to do but begin unbuttoning my shirt and kick off my sandals. Apparently this country was full of angry men because the women only fucked tourists.

The three of them stopped to watch me. I was completely oblivious to their stares while I was looking down taking off my clothes until I heard the three of them die in laughter.

One of the girls hugged me and said, “You're so adorable!”

The other one stopped me from undressing, buttoned me back up and said, “Make yourself at home. We're going to get your wife ready.”

A younger me would have been embarrassed but I laughed it off with them after realizing they didn't want to have a foursome though I was extremely disappointed.

Then they disappeared into the bathroom for an hour.

I heard them each shower and then I heard enough giggles to power a small country for a week.

I was laying back on the bed lamenting the fact that I hadn't brought a book with me to read when they came out of the bathroom.

The two girls were all made up and wearing some sexy party dresses and my wife came out wearing the sexiest bikini I'd ever seen.

It was pink with black trim and covered her pussy, and nipples but nothing else. The top wrapped around her back with thin white strips of cloth. The small bit of cloth covering her lower lips was secured by only a single strip that probably considered itself the luckiest piece of cloth as it disappeared inside her ass crack.

The rest of her body was dripping with body oil and shined magnificently. One of the girls handed me an unopened bottle of body lotion and said in English, “You're in charge of keeping her wet!” Then she wiped some excess oil off her hands onto her own legs.

Then they took the rest of Vessa's stuff and left the apartment with me trailing in their wake, confused about what was going on.

They us drove several kilometers to the outskirts of town. It was night already and when we stopped we saw an open restaurant flooded with warm, hanging beach lights and lots of people milling about. I noticed that most of them were wearing skimpy or tight clothing to show of their hard bodies but a few of them were completely naked. I doubt a single person was over the age of 35.

They brought us to a nude beach.

I helped my wife out of the car and she needed me to readjust her bikini. Then we got inside.

It was packed with people. I saw even more skin and bikinis and pregnant bellies everywhere.

Pregnant bellies?

I looked around a bit more and sure enough. There was gorgeous, nubile women all over the place sporting and thrusting out their swollen wombs as far as the eye could see.

Vessa handed me her things and took out the oil as well as a pair of black fuck-me high heels. She gave me the oil and turned around so I could rub her down while she strapped on the shoes.

Apparently she was going to compete in a pregnant bikini contest...

Well I gave her some extra oil and she signed up for the contest. I couldn't believe how many people were there and especially how many pregnant girls were there. I could tell I was going to enjoy this.

After she was all signed up, they handed her a t-shirt to put on which was a bit tight around her torso despite its intended purpose. It had the name of the nudist beach we were on as well as a couple sponsors. Then she went backstage where the rest of the pregnant girls were going.

I couldn't follow them so I decided to take a seat as close as I could to the front but had to settle for a spot a row back.

Then the shop girls gave Vessa a wave and a kiss on the cheek each for good luck and came to sit next to me with giggles aplenty.

The show started and they brought out each girl for a brief introduction. Unfortunately I couldn't speak Spanish so sometimes one of the girls would translate for me, especially when something amusing was said.

There was a huge variety of girls. Some were tanned some were pale and others were dark. A few looked like they had just heard they were pregnant three weeks prior and some looked ready to go into labor.

One of the girls, a gorgeous black woman with long flowing hair and large eyes seemed too shy to take off her shirt in front of the huge crowd of people. After a few seconds of the crowd cheering her on and her covering her mouth with her hands, a sexy girl hopped up on stage wearing a tight dress and began shimmying out of it to some raucous chants. She had nothing on underneath. This gave the girl the courage she needed and off came her top. She had nothing to fear, she had a wonderful shape and some lovely tits.

The next girl up was Brazilian to the nines and had a skimpy bikini on underneath. It was covered in shiny green sequins and she gave us a sexy belly dance and a giggle of her luscious tush.

After each one of them was through, they all lined up against the back of the stage while waiting for the rest of them to go.

A few more girls came up and then a drop-dead-gorgeous South Korean girl walked on stage. She had silky black hair in a bun and a tight little body with a huge belly. It looked as big as her. She had a sweet heart-shaped face and a lovely mouth. I could tell she was going to be my wife's main competition when they announced that she was carrying twins and wasn't due for a month. The crowd hollered and cheered as she went back to the rest of the girls on stage.

A few more appeared like a sexy Brazilian bombshell with a large belly but almost nothing else on her and another sporting a fuzzy bikini.

I was waiting and waiting for my wife to appear and was worried that she got too nervous and decided not to compete. That was when I saw her stroll across the stage. She took deliberate steps to make her body bounce and I heard the crowd go into a frenzy. They could tell how well-endowed she was even with her t-shirt still on. When they asked her to take it off, she teased everyone and shook her head. When they heard her speak English they started teasing her back until she put her hand to her ear for more applause and told them to get louder with her hands. That's when she ripped the shirt off right down the middle showing her bulging curves to everyone. She was still slick with oil and she whispered to the announcer something. The announcer's eyes went wide and she yelled something in Spanish, probably, “Triplets!” because she then put her hand to Vessa's belly and kissed it. The crowd went crazy and she wiggled her fit ass back to a couple judging glares along the line of women.

Vessa was the last woman so they then took all the girls off the stage and started bringing each one out all over again but this time each girl was handed a hula-hoop and told to keep it going as long as they can.

It turns out keeping one going while pregnant is particularly difficult. Most women could only control it for about ten seconds before letting it fall to the ground. The only rule was that they couldn't use their arms to control it so most tried to keep it going with their chests. One particular girl seemed to have practiced beforehand, a spicy brunette with a modest figure and belly, and she kept it going for two minutes before it fell to the ground. When she was done, she gave a quirky smile and a wave before hopping off the stage. She got the most applause in out of anyone.

When Vessa's turn was up, she looked like she didn't know what to do. After a couple seconds, she figured out how to keep the hoop circling by keeping it between her breasts and belly which acted as a sort of shelf. Soon enough however, it went right over her belly but she caught it magically with her hips. When she did that, one of the girls put her lips to her mouth and gave a piercing whistle for encouragement. The three of us were clapping trying to make the most noise out of all the contestants. Vessa had the hoop in control for about twenty seconds this way but had to use her butt to keep it going. Because her butt was round enough it acted as a sort of shelf keeping it from falling down. The vigorous movement took coordination however and she lost her timing which caused it to fall down. Fifty-eight seconds was her score and that put her in the top ten for the hula-hoop contest.

When she was done, she smiled and laughed at us with a shrug and left the stage giving the crowd a cute little finger wave.

Next was the watermelon contest. They took watermelons cut in half and set them evenly along a long, U-shaped table on the stage. Then they brought all the girls up to some watermelon and told them the first one to finish wins the contest. They all had on cheaper, more modest bikinis for this contest since they were going to be dripping with juice.

Then they were off.

Only a few of the girls took the challenge seriously and they started chowing down as fast as any contest eater generally would and others looked around and didn't look interested in making fools of themselves.

Vessa didn't fit either one of these categories. Before the contest started, she was already eyeing the watermelon like a vampire awaiting a sleeping prey. When the race began, she picked it up no faster or slower than any other girl. She simply started eating it like a regular meal seemingly oblivious to everyone around her. She must have been hungry.

Vessa was flanked by two girls. One was a thin girl with a belly only a few months gone and the other was the South Korean girl who was growing twins. The South Korean had water all over her body giving her a glistening sheen from all the lights burning down onto the stage. No doubt she was eating to try to compete with Vessa. The other girl was looking past Vessa at the South Korean girl eating voraciously and at one point simply gave up after she just couldn't eat any more.

After she gave up several others gave up. The pretty black girl gave up, then the gregarious Brazilian girl and then a couple more.

The girls who were racing had slowed way down and I could tell they were getting full. Most of them had only a little bit to go but they looked miserable trying to finish their piece.

Finally there were three women left. The fiery South Korean, Vessa and another Brazilian girl behind them. Soon enough, the Brazilian girl looked at the two of them eating away and she suddenly stopped, sitting down in the fold-up chair behind her. She put a hand to her belly and started rubbing it around her skin slick with juice.

The South Korean girl ate and ate and ate. She didn't stop for breath. But Vessa did. Vessa was still munching away, sometimes rolling her eyes with contentment, still oblivious to the world around her.

Then the South Korean girl stopped to burp. Then again. And then you could tell she didn't want any more. She ate as quick as she could but looked right up at Vessa eating her watermelon as steady as a train and knew she wasn't going to stop. She knew she couldn't eat anymore. With jealousy in her eyes, she set her rind down, still with lots of pink inside and gave up. Then I noticed that every watermelon had pink inside it. None of the girls had fully finished and entire half of a watermelon.

Vessa was the only one left going but she some watermelon to go before she beat the girl who ate the most of hers. She didn't know this, of course, and probably didn't care because all she wanted was her food.

Eventually, with the crowd chanting her name she finished her piece. By the time she was done, the thin girl to her side was rubbing Vessa's belly for her with a grin to help her settle and fit more in there.

Then she finished.

Vessa looked up after putting her green rind on the table and smiled at me with a pair of lovely wet lips.

Then she leaned down to the thin girl and asked her a question. She didn't speak English so they had the announcer walk over and translate. The thin girl laughed and handed her watermelon leftovers to Vessa. Vessa gave a few excited claps and started munching away again, happy to be eating once more.

The announcer laughed and said something in Spanish as the crowd roared in applause. Some of the pregnant girls laughed and some shook their heads.

After they raised Vessa's non-eating hand in the air to announce her as this contest's winner, everyone cleared the stage to allow the crew to clean for the final competition.

There was a break which would allow the pregnant girls some time to get ready and I met Vessa with the shop girls after a few minutes.

“So what's next?” I asked.

“I think,” she said between bites of watermelon, “a costume contest.”

“Oh? What did you bring?”

“You'll have to wait like everyone else!” said one of the girls.

I smiled and didn't argue.

“Could you do me a favor Baby?” asked Vessa.

“Sure Babe. What is it?”

“Can you rub me down again? It's for the contest and I'm still hungry.”

I laughed and nodded, taking out the bottle.

“Oh, oh! Wait. Could you actually go grab me a bit more watermelon? I don't think this piece is going to be enough.”

“Sure thing,” I think they should have just given her a whole melon...

When I was done doing my duties, Vessa (still munching away) and the two girls disappeared backstage so she could change. I took my seat again and waited.

Eventually, with the stage cleared and everyone ready again the announcer came back onstage and announced that the next portion was entirely up to the girls and had no restrictions for the costume. Then they brought out each one.

Some were creative, some were sexy, and some were just plain boring. Like one that came out wearing a one-piece bee costume. She was cute but the crowd wasn't too enthusiastic about her choice.

One girl was Mrs. Claus. Another was a sexy pirate. And of course there was a sexy maid. The outgoing Brazilian girl wore a flamboyant outfit that would have fit right in in a Brazilian parade and no doubt that was why she had it.

She had the best costume until the South Korean girl came out dressed like she was in a K-pop group. She gave us a couple standard moves which drove the crowd wild and a wink when she was done along with a pat on the belly. Whenever she bent down showing us her shapely legs, her twin-filled belly was on full display going through her legs.

When she was done, she pranced off the stage to cheers and hoots.

Then Vessa showed up.

Vessa wasn't really wearing a costume. In fact, she wasn't wearing much of anything. Her body was covered in oil from head to toe. The respectable tan she'd gained over the past few days wasn't perfectly even but made her a radiant color and the oil made me want to lick her entire body from head to toe. The only thing she had on was a fine body stocking. The material stretched and pulled over her form like some sort of contour map. Her nipples were covered with skin-tone dots and her pussy and asshole had a strapless skin-tone thong covering them. She was wearing her black heels and when she walked out with more confidence than most runway models, the entire crowd was silent. Her tits and long, flowing blonde hair bounced, her ass wiggled and her muscles shined in the light. When she reached the end of the stage, she pointed at her belly and giggled, bending slightly over to look at it in her best impression of Marilyn Monroe. Those of us that were closest to the stage could see why she pointed, the babies were moving. A lot.

She rubbed her belly a bit then patted it and blew a kiss to me. Then she turned around and gave us a walk with as much sexy attitude as she could muster.

It was too much. As she was leaving, the crowd screamed and I could tell they were asking for her to come back. A few men and one woman begged desperately over the roar of the crowd for her to reappear but when she heard them, she was at the stage curtain and she wiggled her finger from side to side and mouthed a kiss at them. She gave us one last wink and disappeared from stage.

After that, they had the pregnant women change back into their normal bikinis for the final judging. Each girl sauntered out as seductively as they could and came to a stop posing for effect.

But not Vessa. She walked out absentmindedly in her skimpy bikini chowing down on some more watermelon. When a couple men in the back gave a high-pitched whistle to her, she looked up, smiled and waved with a big mouth full of juicy fruit.

Each girl was brought forward and given a numerical score based on the previous events. Most didn't take it too seriously but a few did. One girl, the sexy native Brazilian even stripped down when it was her turn to try to be judged. They gave her a few points for style (or lackthereof) and she made it the thing to do. Each time a girl really wanted it, she either had to put up or shut up and strip down to nothing. Of course this made the event much more exciting.

Two girls were chosen so far (both nude): the Brazilian and the South Korean. As they got to the end of the line, everyone knew who they were going to choose next.

They got to Vessa but she refused to strip down. She shook her head with some embarrassment and the female announcer tried to get her to strip off her clothes by appealing to the crowd. After two tries however, she gave it a rest and asked if they still wanted her even with her bikini on. Everyone screamed 'Yes!” in Spanish and up she stepped.

With the three girls on stage, they raised each girl's arm for cheers and then handed out the prizes.

Third place went to the South Korean girl who quickly put her bikini on and tried to look as respectful as she could. Next was the Brazilian and with first place was, of course, my wife, Vessa.

They put a tiara on top of her head and the announcer girl wiped away the watermelon juice on her belly before putting on her sash. This made Vessa chuckle, her belly bouncing with the laughter then on the inside with the babies.

There were also some prizes. The first prize was a two-year supply of diapers which they promised to double for the South Korean's twin babies. The next was a beautiful oak crib for the Brazilian woman.

Vessa's prize was a paid trip for two to a romantic destination of her choice. And a box of condoms.

She was so excited that she began hopping up and down as much as she could. When she settled down, she took the box of condoms, opened it and ripped off each one, throwing it into the crowd. Everyone laughed and the announcer asked her to bring the lucky man on stage. She waved over to me and I got up right next to her, towering over everyone else. I smiled and they handed me a bit more watermelon to feed to Vessa which I did to great cheers and applause.

After that, the crazy night was over and we were driven back to our hotel by the two lovely shop girls so we could relax the rest of the night.

The second week of our vacation was uneventful compared to the first week. I refused to take Vessa on anything even remotely dangerous and I guarded her like a hawk after the problem at the beach. But those things passed from our minds. We toured the city and spent a few more days on the beach. There were even some people who came up to say hi to Vessa after having recognized her from the pageant. I even got a few knowing nods whenever a girl came to say hi with her boyfriend.

We tried to get in contact with Alex but she didn't return our messages. We were both pretty worried. Just before we left, Vessa decided to call her airline to check up on her. It turns out she was already back to work and currently in Panama. We were just glad to know she hadn't done anything harmful even if she didn't feel like talking to us.

Our flight back wasn't as exciting as our flight over and I could tell Vessa preferred our first flight despite our embarrassments. She was fidgety the whole way over even after I woke up halfway through the flight. I told her I'd make it up to her when we got home.

And that's exactly what I did.
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RE: Vessa
Really enjoying the story, good plot and well written!

I have a couple of questions though, just some details. How tall is Vessa? And compared to Phillip? And what are her measurements now compared to near the beginning?

I really enjoy the story, just thought i'd give some feedback; knowing those few details help to visualise what she looks like!
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RE: Vessa
@GreyFox Thanks for your complements!

I'd say Vessa is probably 5'11" or maybe 6'. Philip is much taller by about three or four inches, maybe more. It's mostly my imagination. I don't like putting these things into people's minds because it limits the reader's enjoyment.

Vessa's measurements at the beginning would probably be 36D/24/37. I'm not too good w/ measurements but if I had to choose these would be the ones I'd give her.

Anyway, here's some more for you:

A month after Rio, I found myself thinking about mine and Philip's trip as he was driving me to my maternity yoga class. It all seemed to have happened just yesterday and I wouldn't have been able to believe any time had actually passed if it weren't for the fuller size of my pregnant belly. One of my girls kicked me to snap me out of my train of thought and I'm glad for that because I don't like being reminded of how quickly my first pregnancy is slipping away from me.

I know that I'm lucky that I actually enjoy pregnancy and I was worried that I might not actually like it when push came to shove. Now I find myself already looking forward to carrying for Philip again. I meant what I said to him about keeping me this way but I doubt he really believes me. I can hardly blame him. How can the two of us take care of so many with our busy schedules? And is it even right to have so many? I don't know. All I do know is that I can't wait to have more.

My daily measurement was right on track with my predictions, well maybe a bit on the bigger side but that's better than the alternative. It just means my drug is working. I measured in at 110 centimeters today and I'm only 25 weeks along. I'm not even half way there and I'm already so big.

Philip doesn't mind. Each morning he enjoys me even more than the previous one which wonderful because I've been needing him so badly. I've actually been using him to fall asleep because he knows how to get me exhausted.

But that's neither here nor there. In a few minutes I'll be at class with Mary, my new-found belly-buddy that I've become close with these past few months. Yoga is just about the only thing that Philip and I don't do together. It's not really his favorite form of exercise and I enjoy the time I get to spend with a friend or two though I'd be lying if I wasn't glad to see him after class each day.

Mary is quite young at 20 to be having her first child but her brother co-own a ski-resort here in Oslo and the two of them are very successful as a result. This is a good thing as she's not married and hasn't even had the courage to tell the father about her pregnancy. Whatever she does, I'm sure her child will be taken care of by her family.

Philip parked the car in front of the studio and, always the gentleman, helped me get out of the car. The babies are making moving around more difficult and my winter garb isn't helping at all. He doesn't mind though. It gives him a chance to give me a kiss before taking off for an hour or two. Usually he give my ass a squeeze too, much to the chagrin of the other girls in the class. I'm sure he thinks he hides his move pretty well but trust me, he doesn't.

I went to the changing room where I found Mary already changing.

Mary is far into her pregnancy at eight months and she tells me she's carrying a boy. She's actually quite large being such a petite girl and I enjoy watching her carry such a big belly. I've only increased my love for the pregnant form since I myself became pregnant and I've discovered that I enjoy the company of women almost as much as men though I have yet to tell Mary this.

She's a bit shorter than me and has fewer curves than I do even before we became pregnant but her figure has only benefited during her past eight months. She has a pretty face with tight lips, long eyelashes and dirty-blonde hair. Though her bust is far smaller than mine, she's still quite big and cute her butt is lovely to watch during class. In fact, I saw her putting on my favorite pair of shorts that I actually helped pick out with her one day after class a few months back. Small pink ones.

“Hey there you!” I said.

“Vessa! We were just talking about you,” Mary said. She gestured to another woman, Tess, next to her.

“Oh? What about?”

“Your ears must have been burning. We were just talking about how big we've both gotten and how difficult it is to get around these days. Then we thought of your triplets! Must be insane!”

Tess looked me up and down with a sort of judging glare and nodded.

“Oh my goodness. You have no idea!” I replied, “I've gained two centimeters in the past five days!”

They gasped.

“Up here!” I pointed to my breasts. Mary's eyes widened just as much as Tess' narrowed. “Down here is another story altogether.” I rubbed my belly for emphasis.

Now I should mention that I like to play a little game with my relatively new tummy friends. Since entering the pregnancy scene, most of the women I meet can hardly conceive (well they can but – you know what I mean...) of enjoying being pregnant. In fact, it's sort of a taboo. I discovered this right when I became pregnant and decided to play the game with them. I've come to realize that it turns me on.

I said, “And I've been getting so tired lately,” (I haven't) “and my face has gotten so fat too,” (hasn't changed a bit).

“No way!” Mary said, “You look great. Really, you do. For triplets too? Oh my gosh...”

“Thanks Mary.”

“I dunno...I think your face has gotten a bit puffier. Maybe it's the lighting in here...” said Tess. That bitch.

“Oh shush! She looks great.”

“Would you believe that Philip wants me to have more of his babies too? He told me he's gonna knock me up right after I'm done 'baking his first three girls'. He wants a son.” This was the fun part. I of course wanted more children with Philip but they didn't have to know that. It was fun to let them think my body was being used for breeding. I will say thought that those were his words, verbatim, but when he said it we were making love so...and he only said it because he knew it would get me even hotter. Philip also wants a boy but I probably want one more than him and I intend to give him at least a couple even if I have to use the law of averages to do so. Take that to mean whatever you want it to.

“That pig!” said Tess.

“Oh my god. He said that to you? Did you slap him?”

I looked down and shook my head to really play the part. I rubbed my burgeoning belly. “He said he thinks I look better like this. With a round, belly full of his babies.”

“Ew! What a pervert!” Tess said.

“That's not all,” I continued, “He said it gets him hard to know that my swelling belly was being used to grow his healthy babies and that there was nothing I could do to stop myself from going bigger for him every day.

Then I realized I should stop. I was probably going to get them to call a women's shelter if I kept on like this...

Their faces were priceless. On the outside I looked solemn but on the inside I was bent over laughing my belly off.

“We should go. Class is about to start,” I said. I needed them to turn their thoughts to other things.

I walked past the two stunned girls and followed the line of waddling women in various stages of development.

I took my usual spot at the front of the class to better watch our instructor, a svelte, swelling, sweet girl with red hair and a cute, hardly-noticable belly. She had a very toned butt, however and a nice bust. She never failed to get me worked up during our workout. Her name was Willa.

Mary took her usual spot next to me.

We started with lots of stretches. Willa is very flexible and I think she likes to show off to the rest of the class by doing crazy splits. And that's what she did. The rest of the class seemed pretty okay with going as far as they can go. I tried my best but my belly got in the way. I got a great view of Willa's curvy backside that I was none too shy to get an eyeful of.

We stretched our arms, our necks and our backs and then moved onto my favorite exercise: the one where we're on all fours. This exercise helps us strengthen our tummy muscles and we slowly pull in and release. I love watching the other girls' bellies contract and expand. Some can only do the exercise on their elbows due to the large size of their bellies and I fantasize about my husband taking them from behind. I don't know where that comes from because I never wanted to share him before my pregnancy. Must be my hormones.

Willa's control was superb and I could see her little belly going from an extra size or two back to her usual tight abs. It was then that I realized that I would much prefer to have a baby inside me than a tight stomach like hers. I enjoy the curves more and I think it's a rewarding feeling to be full from someone's love. Must be the hormones again...

Anyway, as we continued I could see the class getting sweatier and sweatier, even Mary who is almost as fit as I am. I'm sweaty but then again I always am due to my increased metabolism. That's alright, the girls in my class are quite cute and look sexy with a bit of sweat on them.

I could tell Mary was getting tired after trying to keep up with our fit instructor. They were both about the same size before their pregnancies and Mary told me she'd be damned if her belly was going to weigh her down. In fact, she quit skiing only two months ago which really made me mad to be quite honest.

It was about halfway through our workout when we took a break. I really needed one, not because I was getting tired but I had to take off a layer of clothing. I was probably fogging up the windows by myself at this point. Off came my half tee and my leggings. It's okay, I had on some white boy shorts and a sports bra underneath. I'm sure my fellow yoga-goers probably aren't too happy about me shedding my clothes for whatever reason they might have but I had no choice in the matter. Besides, I think I finally caught Mary taking a rather heated peek at the goods for a change and not one of those curious glances but one of those dirty glances. I think today was the day.

I sated my starving girls with half a gallon of a fruit shake I had prepared before leaving home and drank a bunch of water. Then I was all set to finish the workout.

We continued with a few more stretches and then got into some simpler positions to relax us. Willa paired us off for some paired exercises. To my surprise, she put Mary with another girl and took me as a partner. Until now, she never took a partner. But Mary and I just shrugged it off and began the routines.

I quickly figured out why Willa did this. She wanted me.

The rest of the day consisted of one person stretching and the other helping but not once did I ever help Willa. Instead, she insisted that she massage me as I did the stretches. It was lovely. She was a good actor too. I doubt anyone knew what was going on.

The rest of the class ended too quickly too. It was over a full half hour early to my disappointment. Just when I was getting used to her hot hands too.

Mary and I went into the locker rooms and changed.

“Well that was weird,” Mary said.

“What?” I asked.

She whispered to me, “Willa feeling you up! Wasn't she?”

“Oh don't be silly. I think she just knew I was tense is all.”

“Right. That's why she had to end the class early to go and have a wank in the bathroom.”


“Tess said she saw Will B-line right to the bathroom after class. Isn't that right Tess?”

Tess nodded.

“She's probably got morning sickness. You know she's only a couple months in.”

“Maybe. Listen, do you want to get something to eat with a few of us?”

“I can't Philip and I have to run a lot of errands today. Maybe next time?”

“Aren't you hungry? You're always hungry nowadays!”

“I am but I really need to go. I'm sure Philip has a feast prepared for me.”

“Of course he does,” Tess said, “That perverted pig!”

I laughed and they left.

Then I was finally the only one in the changing room. Mainly because I was having a harder time putting such tight clothing back on these days but partly because I was waiting for something that I was sure was going to happen.

That's when Willa came in.

She already had her panties off and was in the process of putting up her hair into a pony tail. She closed the door and pounced on me.

I was not expecting her to be that direct...

“I know...” she said between desperate kisses, “...you want...me...”

I was stunned.

She stopped kissing me for a moment. “I've seen the way you look at your friend Mary. And I've seen you staring at my ass in the mirror. We have five minutes before the next class shows up. Shall we?”

I nodded once before she pounced on me. I wouldn't normally pick a sweaty locker room for this sort of thing but I didn't have much time to argue.

I quickly found out how strong Willa was. She had her way with me which was alright in my book. She had me sit down on the chair and said, “You're so big...I love it. You'll just have to let me pleasure you. Is that okay?”

I didn't even respond before she was tearing at my leggings. She ripped them so much that there was no way I was going to wear them out. This was bad...

She took off my panties and started smelling me.

“Oh you're a dirty girl...” I said.

“You have no idea.”

She love my folds and rubbed my button so well. She was better at it than Philip. I was going to have to teach him to do it her way. She sucked gently but used her full mouth and I'm sure she was staring up at my girth the whole time even if I couldn't see her.

I finished very quickly and came all over her. She stood up, wiped me down with her towel, then her own face and breathed deeply into it.

Again, I was stunned.

“You had better get going. They'll be here soon.”

Then Willa hopped into the shower after carefully stuffing her wet towel into her gym bag. Then she took out a dry one. What had I gotten myself into?

I left wearing my big coat and nothing but my tight gym shorts underneath. I'm sure Philip enjoyed it but I had to pretend that I ripped my leggings stretching. I couldn't tell him about what just happened. Not yet at least...

Then we drove away, Philip with an amused look on his face and me with nothing but confusion on mine.
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RE: Vessa
Two weeks later I was standing in my bathroom looking in the mirror.

Because my belly blew up.


And I didn't know if this was good or bad. Twenty seven weeks pregnant and I was 126 centimeters. I grew eleven centimeters overnight.

I knew I shouldn't be surprised because I ate like a pig last night. The meal I ate before the day's end contained about six thousand calories. I really needed the food. I was starving. I was not expecting to wake up to this however. Maybe this was a sign to bring in a colleague or two for some outside opinions...

Either way, I didn't make it a hair past the bathroom door before being scooped up in Philip's arms and gently placed down on our bed. It's moments like these that remind me that I'm lucky to have a husband as fit and loving as him. I'll have to have him show me a couple back exercises. My new belly wasn't going to lift itself after all.

“How's my pregnant woman this morning?” he said.

“Pregnant,” I replied.

“I can see that...did you...did you get...bigger? I mean what happened last night?” He pulled my slip up and rubbed my newly-grown belly. I didn't even see him put lotion on his hands but his hands were so silky smooth. Oh my god I've always loved his touch and today was better than most...

“I've been waiting for something like this to happen. Remember that I'm in my third trimester now.”

“Oh, right. But haven't you been for a few weeks now?”

“Technically, yes, but these things don't happen on cue, you know.”

“Right, right. How are you feeling?”

“Like I just pumped your giant babies full of a few kilos each. I haven't felt this tired since before the pregnancy.”

He stopped rubbing. He looked worried.

I pulled his hand back onto my tummy and pulled his face closer to mine.

“But not nearly too tired for you. I could use an early-morning workout.”

I pushed him back on the bed and saw his full member already ready for me. I love the feel of his skin against mine while I sleep so I rarely let him sleep with much on. This had the added benefit of making access to him in the mornings much easier.

I positioned myself over him like I usually do when I need to do things quick and dirty but found something odd.

“What's the matter, Honey?” He must have seen me pouting because he sat up and I could tell he was suppressing a chuckle. The cheeky guy. He knew what was the matter.

“I can't fit anymore!”

“I see that... You've become a very...big...girl, haven't you?”

“Mhmm...” I loved this game.

“Well what shall I do with you?”

“Let me go?”

“Oh not until I'm done having a bit of fun. And with this swollen tummy, it doesn't look like you're able to get away from me, does it?”

I shook my head no.

“Right then. Turn around.”

Philip sat up against the back of the bed with his towering, pulsing phallus just waiting to be impaled. I must have smacked my lips without even noticing it because I found them watering with my own saliva.

I turned around to look at it again.

“Naughty girl. Turn around. No looking. Sit on your knees.”

I did as I was told and he took my hips in his hands, lowering me slowly over his own hips. I could feel just the tip stretch me wide and then he lifted me up again.

I whimpered. It was so close to being inside. And his fingers were brushing the insides of my thighs just teasing me. He never failed to explore me with his hands whenever he could and I was sure that he was going to reach around to rub my hood like he always does.

I couldn't wait any longer and spread my legs over his thighs a bit more to lower myself onto him. He pressed his chest into my back and I could feel every throbbing vein slide against my lips and into my body. And just on cue, his hand went right to my clit rubbing me like he needed me to climax more than himself.

Then I remembered Willa.

I took my hand from my belly and placed it on his hand and showed him to gently manipulate me like Willa and oh my god. It was too much. I didn't even have time to enjoy it! I collapsed and began shivering on the bed. But he fell over with me and he was still inside. He was in the middle of a laughing fit!

He was smart enough to pull out though and let me be for a minute or two, content to watch me recover from my convulsions.

Oh goodness, I haven't had something like that happen in months and I don't know why. I must be more sensitive than usual today.

Whatever the reason however, I'm sure Philip was at least a little disappointed.

“I'm so sorry Hun! Is it okay if I help you after breakfast? I don't know what came over me!”

He laughed. “It's alright baby. Just relax. You need some time to get used to being a lab mouse after all...”

Oh jeez. Now the girls are hungry. “And now the girls are hungry!”

He crawled over the bed to me and held me close letting me rest against his chest.

“You're so worried! It's okay! You'll be okay. You're a brilliant woman and I'm sure you'll figure all of this out. Don't worry about me.”

“Are you sure?”

His hands went to work again. God I loved him.

“You know it.”

I sat there for a few minutes in his arms. He managed to calm the unborn babies inside me and I felt them go back to sleep. Then I did. I was so tired. What's strange is that a week ago I had buckets of energy.

A few hours after, we got up and I made us a mess of pancakes.

I concluded that my growth spurt was what caused my day of exhaustion and back aches because the day after I was back to my usual exercise binge. But that was a week ago. And it's happened again.

I woke up yesterday noticeably bigger than the day before and I could hardly get out of bed. Philip convinced me that I should get some help so today I was meeting with my friend and OBG/YN Lia as well as a professional friend of hers for a relatively impartial opinion.

Philip left for the day to let us work together which left me some valuable time to look for something appropriate to wear. I hadn't anticipated any formal meetings and as I've been growing rapidly lately, I have very little to wear.

I had to settle for the only blouse that fit me; I bought it about two weeks ago and although it was snug, it did the trick. Unfortunately the only thing that fit around my ass was a skirt that I bought to go with the blouse but hadn't put it on since. It was tight and just a little shorter than I'd have liked but it was all I had.

As soon as I managed to fit on my clothes, the bell rang. I hurried over as fast as my pregnant body would let me and opened the door.

I let the good doctors in and was relieved when my worries were for nothing because Lia and her friend, Dr. Andersen seemed to either not notice or not care. Dr. Andersen was also an older man and I could tell was only offering he assistance as a favor to Lia. I knew better than to push the issue.

We got right to business and I updated both gynecologists about my situation. They both looked like they were about to give me a three hour lecture about irresponsible medical practices. But they spared me.

“You know we need to examine you,” said Lia.

“I don't know if that's...”

“– It is necessary. I assume you haven't been examined professionally for at least a month?”

I nodded.

“Then we should really take a look to see if the babies are safe.”

“You want to examine me here?” I was sitting on a couch in my study. It was a strange place.

“No, we can go to my office – “

“Lia,” Dr. Andersen was looking at his watch. “I really don't have the time for this... And I definitely don't have the time to go to your office. If you want to send me a dossier the I'll help with some consultation but I can tell this is going to need a lot more – ”

“We can do the examination now,” I said. I was getting worried and really needed their help. “There's a sonogram in the closet. I'll just grab it real quick.”

“I'll get it. You unbutton and lie back. Where's your gel?” Lia asked.

“With the sonogram.”

She brought it over to me and fired it up. It was a relief to unbutton my blouse and even more of a relief to feel Lia's hands rub the cool gel onto my belly.

“My, my... They're big, Vessa. How big did you say they are?”

“If I had to guess, I'd say maybe three kilos each. They're little monsters in there.”

“I can see that. I can also see that they're definitely not that small. They're each easily 3.5 maybe even 4 kilos.”


“Dr. Andersen? Would you mind taking a look?”

He took a look at the screen and moved the wand around my belly. “Yup,” he said, “Probably four each. You need to stop taking your meds, young woman. If what you said was true you're only halfway done and these babies are not stopping for a while.”

“Oh I don't know about that, William,” said Lia. “If she stops, it might endanger the fetuses.”

“Well you wanted my opinion so I gave it. Her placenta is going to age and cease functioning if she keeps up like this.”

“I've thought of that actually,” I said, “I've added a few supplements to prevent that before the births.”

“That was just one reason, there are hundreds of other reasons to stop – “

“I know. But that's not something I can do at this point, There's some other things I'd like to look into as well. I think I know the reason for the rapid growth and would like to enlist a control or two from the hospital's research department.”

“You want to give some poor pregnant girl these medicines?” Demanded Dr. Andersen.

“I've already found a few subjects willing to test for me. I've already given them the medicines and instructions so I'll be conducting the study with or without your approval. I prepared the double blind with Lia but in light of certain events, we could really use your help.”

Dr. Andersen looked furiously at Lia for a moment. I'm sure he had no idea he was going to get cornered like this.

“You have my contact info. Send me your workup and I'll examine it. But this is not a guarantee and the only reason I'd do this is to ensure the safety of these poor girls you've corralled into your study. Now I must be going.”

Lia handed me a towel to wipe down my belly with and I re-buttoned my blouse as we walked to the front door.

“We'd be so grateful for any help you can give us, Dr. Andersen. And thanks for stopping by.”

He nodded and left with Lia.

I hadn't anticipated that meeting going quite like that but it was better than nothing.

I went to the kitchen for some food; I didn't tell them but I was absolutely starving so I took the time to think while eating. The few women I had lined up for the study had already been participating in our study for a month and I had a few predictions that I was pretty sure about. And there was one in particular that I wanted to speed up time to see if I was right.
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RE: Vessa
My usually happy-to-be-fat-and-getting-fatter gorgeous pregnant wife has been less happy and more worried during the past few weeks. I can understand why but I honestly couldn't be happier. Vessa's body is drop dead sexy. Ever since her growth spurts have begun I've noticed that all of her weight has been going to her belly. I couldn't be happier because everything stopped growing at the best proportions. Her thighs are now thunderous yet toned, her hips are wide yet slimming, and her tits are swollen yet perky. Of course her belly dominates her body now which is probably a huge turn-off for the vast majority of unlucky souls but I love to see her just get bigger and bigger. Her belly seems to get tighter and less giving as the days go by. It's a shame that I've had to hide my appreciation in favor of being tactful until Vessa's discovers whether or not there's a problem.

Vessa's been in the lab the whole week compiling the data from the subjects in her study and each day she comes home at least a little bit happier than the previous day. I take that as a good sign. She even went into the lab today, a Saturday, to finish her week's work and told me that today would be the day she would learn the good news or the bad news. Of course I was hoping for good news, for her sake and for the sake of the lives in her belly.

I spent as much time doing chores around the house as possible to pass the time while waiting for her to get back. It was dark out, however, before I heard someone at the door to the apartment.

My jaw dropped. Who do I see standing there at the door? None other than Alex with her shy but pretty smile looking right up at me. My wife was beaming right behind her.

“Look who came to visit us, baby!”

I was a bit caught off guard but I was hardly going to let that spoil my manners. “Alex! How are you? Please, you two, come inside. It's cold out there.”

“There's luggage in the car babe. Could you grab it for me?”

“Sure thing, hun.”

I went to the car and looked all over but found only a single case which had to be Alex's things. I brought it inside.

“Can you help me?” asked my wife. She was trying to get out of her coat which was getting ever more difficult to peel off of her these days.

Alex stood quietly pondering her feet. I noticed that she was wearing one of Vessa's coats which she must have brought with her to the airport. The poor girl was shivering.

When we finally took off Vessa's coat, I put it on a chair and I stood there awkwardly looking from my Wife's beaming face to Alex's timid smile.

“Well then. Can I help you with your coat?”

Alex's voice was quiet when she said, “Can I keep it on actually? I'm cold.”

“Of course! Here. Let's go to the fireplace and warm you up.”

The apartment was not large by any means but it did have a cozy little fireplace that came in handy on cold or strange days like this. I had tons of questions anyway and all I wanted to do was stop the girl's teeth from chattering long enough for her to speak.

I got a glass of milk for my wife. “Would you like anything to drink Alex?”

“Could I have some water please?”


I poured her some water then sat down on the sofa. I pulled Vessa close enough to me so that I could put my arm around her shoulders to rub my hand over her inviting tummy. She snuggled into my body.

Across from us Alex sat nervously upright in a chair bundled up in Vessa's coat, holding onto her cup of water.

She took a sip. Why was the ice so impossible to break with this girl?

“So Alex, to what do we owe the pleasure?”

Her mouth opened as if to speak but Vessa broke the silence.

“I've asked Alex if she would be so kind as to stay with us for a while as a favor for her hospitality in Rio.”

“Wonderful!” I replied. Good news I suppose... “Taking a bit of vacation from work then?”

Alex turned to Vessa, worried.

“Well, actually, I've invited her to stay a bit longer than that.”

“Really? There's not much luggage...”

Vessa whispered to me in Norwegian, “Her departure was a bit sudden.”

“Is everything okay?” I asked Alex.

She took a moment before looking down and shook her head. She looked like she was about to cry.

“What's wrong?”

“Honey, are you still cold?”

A quiet “No,” escaped her lips.

“Would you mind?”

She shook her head.

Alex stood up and took off Vessa's coat. It was rather huge on her since Vessa was both taller and larger in stature in more ways than one. I didn't even notice until it was off but I could see now that her belly was swollen. She was definitely pregnant.

I was stunned.

She was wearing a pair of yoga pants and a lycra gym top which did little to hide her condition. She looked good with a belly.

“But it's only been two months. How could you be so – “

“ – Big? Guess,” said my wife. She put her hand over mine and rubbed it over her belly for emphasis.

“You're kidding. Triplets?”

Alex smiled to herself and sat down again. She was big enough that her belly bulged out from her torso even while sitting. Not a huge amount, but a noticeable amount.

“Nope, not quite.”


“No, she's carrying only one baby.”

“Then why – “

“Alex? Would you like to explain?”

“Okay. Well I had morning sickness really quickly – ten days after our...night...and I came to see your wife on your last day in Rio. You were out getting food. I took a couple tests and found out I had actually taken after only one night.”

“So you think that I'm the father?”

“Oh we know you're the father,” said my wife.

“That was the first time in a year that I – “

“I see.”

“But I had a test run remotely anyway because, well, I'll let her explain.”

After a moment, Alex continued, “That day Vessa told me about her experimental drug and invited me to try it with her and, well, I accepted.” She looked down at her belly. “And that's why I'm already so...”

“Pregnant!” said my wife. She was oddly happy about all of this.

“But it's only been two months and you look like you're in your what, sixth month?”

“I'm sorry,” she said.

“Oh no! It's okay. Really, you look lovely.”

“It's your fault that she's so big, you know,” said my wife.

“What do you mean? I thought you said she was taking the drug.”

“She is.”

“Then what – “

Well a few weeks ago when I had my growth spurt, I set myself to studying the issue a bit more closely. When I looked at the data I found that I was the only...overly fecund...outlier in my test study. Even despite the three girls in here and my general...fertility. My fetuses are fifty percent larger than I predicted they would be before I became pregnant, even including the extra drug growth. Then Alex called me and explained how she could no longer hide her belly any longer and I asked her to fly over while she still can. And so here we are.”

“But that still doesn't answer...”

“Don't you see?! You're the reason we're so big!” Vessa was happier than I've seen her in months. “There's nothing wrong with my drug! It was you!”

“What do you mean?”

“I had your DNA studied and it turns out a small fraction of the population – I'm not sure exactly what percentage yet – has a rather extreme reaction to the drugs, probably due to an odd gene. It just so happens that you're one of them. And so here we are,” she looked down at her belly and cupped it lovingly.

“But isn't that still a rather serious problem?”

“Not really, we just need to be more careful physically and monitor our nutrition.”

“Well that's a relief I suppose,” I said. I had no idea what to say. “Brilliant work, Honey. I knew you'd figure it out.”

“Thanks, Baby. But Alex deserves some praise as well, don't you think?”

“You're right. Where are my manners? Thanks for your...uh...contribution Alex. You've no idea how much of a weight off our shoulders this is.”

“Off the shoulders and into the belly!” said my wife.

“I'm so glad I could help. Really, you don't know how happy I am,” said Alex.

There was a strange pause. She was still behind a thick layer of ice for some reason. Despite what she said, she was still so sad... I looked at Vessa. She leaned in to whisper to me in Norwegian.

“Alex called me in tears yesterday when her parents saw her belly after she got back from the gym. She hadn't told them she was pregnant. Plus they're rather...devout Catholics.”

“I see.”

“They kicked her out of the house so I told her I'd pay her to fly over and be in my study. I was going to set her up in a hotel but seeing how she's pregnant and doesn't speak any Norwegian and has no friends here, I figured she could move in with – “

“Of course she can!” I said in English. “Alex, would you like to move in with us?” I stood and took Alex's hands in mine to pull her up as well. Vessa smiled at me.

She had a tear in her eye and looked up at me, “So you're not angry with me for keeping your baby?”

“Of course not! I think it's wonderful.”

“Even though I didn't tell you?”

“You're telling me now aren't you?”

“But won't you hate me for being here, Vessa?”

Vessa labored to stand up and put a hand around Alex's waist. “To be honest, it's my fault in more ways than one that your belly is swelling like this. Did you know that in Rio I was the one that wanted you? My husband was just there for the ride... Besides, I think it's wonderful what you're doing for him.” She rubbed her hand over Alex's small belly.

Alex burst into tears and dove into my shoulder. Vessa hugged the two of us as close as she could. “Thank you both so much,” she said between tears.
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RE: Vessa
I slept on the couch that night so Alex could have a proper bed to sleep on. Vessa told me later that she passed out almost immediately.

The morning after, my wife woke up bright and early but only because the cooking bacon I was making enticed her out of bed.

She ate ravenously as usual and, also as usual, she had me massage her stomach while she ate so she could fit more inside her. This morning she was a healthy 136 centimeters around and she ate without worry after her findings the day before.

After she was done feasting, we discussed how little room we had in the apartment which became all too apparent with Alex now staying with us. We decided that today we would visit a few houses we had already been looking at since we found out about Vessa's pregnancy.

Alex woke up soon after we made our plans and she came out with her hair all disheveled and wiped the sleep out of her pretty brown eyes. She sat down still looking shy as ever and I brought her a glass of orange juice.

“Thanks,” she said.

“You're welcome. Would you like some bacon and eggs?” I asked.

“Oh no, I couldn't trouble you – “

“It's no trouble at all! How many would you like?”

“Are you sure? I'm starving.”

“Of course I'm sure! How many?”

“Could I have six please?”


“Wait. Seven!”

I laughed. “Seven it is.”

“Actually I was wondering...”


“Instead of bacon do you happen to have any sardines?”

Goodness, the girl was pregnant all right. “I'm sorry, we're all out of sardines. Ran out last week.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Would you like some bacon though?”

“Not really. Eggs will be fine.”

I wasn't about to let this girl go hungry. “Tell you what. I'll run out and get some sardines for you real quick.”

“No, that's too much, you don't have to – “

“It's okay, I'm used to getting things for Vessa, aren't I?”

“Oh he sure is,” said Vessa to Alex, “How do you think this got so full?” She patted her packed womb. “Trust me, he loves to fatten you up.”

“Don't worry. I'll be back in a couple minutes.”

“Okay,” said Alex. “Thanks for doing this for me. Can you buy a lot please?”

I laughed again. “You won't believe how much I'm going to buy for you.”

With that I left for the store leaving a huge grin on Alex's face.

The trip to the store was really a reason to let myself parse everything that happened in the past twenty four hours. In the span of an hour, I learned that my wife's worries were put at ease, my one night stand was growing my love child in her belly and I was going to be a father again. And what's more, my wife seemed to be okay with it all. Solid proof that the woman doesn't go back on her word.

I'm just glad I knocked up a cutie like her. Oddly enough, I now had not one but two pregnant beauties in my home who practically begged me to fuck a baby into them. I honestly couldn't believe the size of Alex's belly already. Of course I realized that she was a pretty small person in general but god damn that belly was only two months full! There's no telling how big she was going to get.

That's when I realized she probably didn’t have many clothes in that suit case of hers. I decided to make a quick detour to a shop down the street to grab a few things for her to wear. I've become rather adept at guessing sizes and I bought a few shirts and stretchy sweatpants for her until we can take her shopping properly. I bought them a bit on the bigger size so she would feel more comfortable.

Then I went to the store and loaded up a hand basket full of sardine cans and a few other things I knew my wife would want.

“That wife of yours is gonna get mercury poisoning, young lad,” said the older gentleman who owned the shop.

“I'm sorry?”

“I said if she's not careful, your wife's gonna poison herself and that baby of hers. Too much fish.”

“Oh right,” I said with a smile, “Thanks. We're having company over so she won't be eating them all.”

“Your company pregnant too?”

“Um, yeah actually.”

He looked up from the register with surprise then grinned. “Good lord they're falling from the trees! Not yours too I hope.”

“Haha, wouldn't that be crazy?”

“Sure would.”

I drove back and found Vessa already on the treadmill and Alex was doing calisthenics to a program on the television.

I didn't think I had been gone that long...

Out of politeness Alex stopped and came over to me when I walked in.

“Please, you can keep going. I'll make you some food while you do your thing.”

“You don't mind?”

“Oh no.”

“Thanks! I've got so much energy these days. Sometimes I don't know what to do with myself. Strange too considering how women are supposed to be tired during pregnancy, not hyper...”

“How much has Vessa been able to talk to you about the supplement?”

“Not much. Haven't had much time. Why?”

“Oh she'd be much better to talk to about these things than I. When you get a chance, you should ask her.”

She looked down at her belly a bit perplexed. She rubbed it.

“May I?” I asked.

“Of course! I mean it is your baby after all.”

She took my hand and put it on her abdomen. She was so warm and her bump complimented her figure so well.

“Here. Let me do this.”

Alex peeled her sweaty lycra top up to expose her belly for me. Her caramel skin was so smooth and I could see a single stretch mark on either side of her belly. I traced one with my finger.

“Oh please don't,” she said and pulled her shirt back down. “I don't like them.”

“It's okay. I think our baby is growing too fast for you not to have any at all anyway.”

“Your wife doesn't have any.”

“That's because I rub her down thoroughly throughout the day. I think we alone keep the lights on in the lotion factory...”

A tiny smile escaped past her guard.

“Here, I bought these for you,” I handed her the small bag clothes I bought. “I wasn't sure how much you managed to bring with you so I thought you could use some more clothes.”

“Goodness. Why are you so kind to me?”

I just laughed. “It's nothing, really. If you're going to stay with us, I just want you to be comfortable.”

She stood there for a moment then stood up on her tip toes real quick to give me a peck on the cheek before hurrying off to the bathroom.

Vessa turned to look at me and I just shrugged and set to work making some food for Alex.

The eggs were smelling excellent and I caught Vessa looking over once or twice to lick her lips. I doubt she even realized it. I brought her some water when Alex came back out of the bathroom.

The clothes were baggy on her despite her growing form but they looked good on her nonetheless. The black sweatpants were something Vessa would never wear because they completely hid her sculpted legs but Alex looked quite happy in them. The t-shirt was loose as well but mostly around the belly. It was a pink maternity shirt but I was glad to notice that her breasts were a snug fit. It came down to just above her butt.

Vessa got off her treadmill and came over to the table with Alex and me.

“Well you look comfortable,” said my wife.

“I am! How did you know my size?”

“Wild guess,” I said. “Hungry?”


I sat her down between Vessa and I and gave her a plate full of food. She immediately started chowing down. I pointed to the counter where sardine cans were piled high.

“Oh my goodness!” she said through a big mouthful.

“How many would you like this morning?”

“Four I think.”

I opened them and set them down in front of her. I gave an extra one to Vessa because I knew she wouldn't mind eating anyway. My two pregnant baby makers chowed down on their respective meals and I had the pleasure of sitting back and enjoying the moment as two different gorgeous women packed their bellies full to feed my growing children.

Vessa finished and leaned over as much as she could to massage Alex's modest belly. “Philip does this for me whenever I eat. How does it feel?”

“Mmmph,” was Alex's muffled reply, “Good.”

“You'll be hungrier if you let one of us massage you while you eat. You should let us help you so that my babies' brother or sister gets nice and big so they can all play together.”

“Okay,” she said.

She managed to pack down an extra two cans before she couldn't eat any more. Her belly looked just a little more snug in her t-shirt than it did before.

I cleaned up and Vessa and Alex went over to our small but cozy living room to talk but mostly to digest.

“Philip is going to take me to my yoga class in a few minutes. Would you like to come with me? Trust me, you're going to need it.”

“I don't know. I only just got here.”

“It's great exercise and it's fun to show off your figure there. Everyone there is going to be jealous of your figure.”

“You think so?” Alex looked down with a shy smile.


“I don't know,” she said after a pause.

“It's okay you don't have to go today. The offer stands whenever you want to go.”

“Thanks, Vessa. It's really kind of you to be so welcoming to me.”

“You're very welcome. You know if you want to you can do some yoga here. I'm sure Philip would be more than willing to...help you stretch.”

She blushed.

“You don't mind?”

Vessa leaned over and gave her a passionate kiss. “You tell me.”

Then Vessa got up and I helped her put on her jacket. I saw Alex bite her lip and stare at Vessa's swaying hips as we walked out the door.

A few minutes later we were in the parking lot to the yoga studio and I gave Vessa a long kiss before she left putting my hand on her belly.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Oh you're welcome. But I expect you to pay me back later tonight.”

“I was going to do that anyway.”

She pecked me on the cheek and I walked around to help her out of the car.

“You should get home quick, baby,” she said.

I looked at her for her to continue her thought.

“She's probably aching for you to get home after I started her off like that.”

I laughed. “Right.”

I kissed her again and pinched her ass which made her squeal and got her a few jealous looks from other pregnant women walking into the studio.

I drove home as fast as I could.
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RE: Vessa
When I walked through the door to my apartment, I could see Alex stretching in our small living room. She had one leg outstretched along with the opposite arm. Her shirt, though not tight, still showcased her ripening belly hanging down from her frame.

I closed the door and she stood up somewhat surprised.


“Hello, Keep going,” I replied. “Don't let me bother you.”

“Okay.” She was nervous.

It was that moment that I decided to torture the poor young girl. She got back down onto the floor and started her stretches again. I walked over to a large chair in the center of the living room and sat down. She was right in front of me where I could see every move she made perfectly.

To her credit, she continued her exercises in complete quiet. She hadn't put on the DVD yet, there was no music, and there wasn't even the comfort of the pitter patter of rain falling outside. It was so quiet that I could hear the soft rustle of her clothing brushing against her soft skin whenever she moved.

She stretched and every now and then she turned her face nervously in my direction to check to see if I was still sitting there. I was.

After about half an hour passed, I noticed that she was repeating exercises. Her limbs were starting to shake too.

Then she stopped.

She sat up on her knees with her feet under her and turned her face in profile to me.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Doing what?” I replied.

“Watching me like that.”

“...Because I want to...”

“But why?”

“Why am I watching you? I could watch you all day and not once miss the time that went by.”

She took a moment to think about what I just said.

“You mean you don't mind this?” She turned fully to me and put a hand on her belly.

“No. Why?”

She looked down at the ground and said, “I haven't been looked at by a single man since I started showing. Ever since I can remember, I've wanted nothing but to be pregnant and see my belly swell with a man's baby. To know that every day I was bigger than the day before. And now that I finally got what I wanted, I can't seem to find anyone to share it with. My family disowned me, my best friend called me a whore, and no man will touch me. And now I find myself half way around the world sitting in front of the father of my baby and not even he will hold me. In fact, the only one who seems interested in touching me is his pregnant wife.”

Oops. I realized then how vulnerable the poor girl was and that's when hindsight told me I shouldn't have been trying to play a game to which she wasn't accustomed.

But I knew how to remedy the situation so I got out of my chair and sat down on the floor with my back to it and beckoned her to me.

After a second or two, she crawled over to me and sat down in front of me.

“Come here,” I said. “And turn around.”

I put one leg on either side of her and she laid her back against my chest. I put my hands underneath her shirt and took her softly rounded belly fully in my hands. I kissed her neck. She immediately relaxed and I could feel her melt into my body. I pulled her close enough into me so that she could feel my rock-hard member press into her from behind.

“So you don't mind me like this?”

“I prefer you like this.”


“Not many women look better when they're pregnant but those that do deserve to always have a nice round belly if they want one. I think you're one of those rare women.”

She turned her head back to me and pulled my face down to her lips. I pushed my lips against hers and nibbled her tongue, to tease her while I held her belly in my hands.

Then I could feel her hand reach behind her to slowly stroke my penis through my pants.

“Shh...” I whispered into her ear, “There's no rush.”

Alex half turned to me then so that we could more easily kiss one another. I held her shoulders with my arm and massaged her delicate swell with my other. She put one hand on mine and braced against my chest with her other.

When I kissed her I saw her eyes finally close and a single tear streak down her soft cheek. I wiped it off for her.

She was hungry for me. Her mouth kept searching for and pushing into mine aggressively like some teenager kissing for the first time. When I'd had enough of that, I forced my tongue into her mouth if only so that she would submit to my lead. She obliged and purred like a kitten.

I stopped long enough just to say, “You didn't last long enough for me to take you the way I wanted last time. You better be ready for me because today I'm going to get what I missed out on.” Then I took my hand and rubbed over her clit through her sweatpants. She squirmed and shut her eyes tight.

“Hold...my belly,” she said. She shifted so my chest was to her back again and pulled my arm around to her belly while my right hand rubbed her nub.

I nibbled on her neck and she leaned her head back into my shoulder and she had me explore her body for what seemed like hours.

Eventually I had to have her so I moved my hands up to her breasts, cupping them and swirling her nipples around with my fingers. I tugged on them and flicked them, eliciting a small gasp from her each time.

Her hand furiously rubbed her clit while the other one made its way back to my cock which was ready for her since I first woke up that day.

She got up on her knees for me to pull out myself out of my pants and as soon as I did, she slammed herself down onto my hardened dick.

I gyrated underneath her to start going in and out of her but she stopped me by saying, “Wait. Let me just keep you inside me for a moment.”

Her muscles sucked gently on me and I rewarded her with a long kiss and a hard tug.

I pulled my mouth off of hers abruptly because I wanted to see her face as I pushed all of myself into her. She must have thought I was fully inside her but she was in for a surprise.

Alex opened her eyes to wondering why I pulled away but I shut them by massaging her button. I had to crane my neck to look at her lust-filled face. Then I slowly pushed my full length into the small opening she so needfully provided me with. Her eyes opened in shock and she made a quiet gasp when I was finished. She kept me inside like that for another long kiss and then I was done playing around.

I pounded her pussy, lifting her up and down on my manhood until I could feel her muscles give way. Then I pinned her to me like a boa-constrictor until my snake pumped her full of the hot stuff that gave her the growing tummy that she begged me for. She thanked me by falling into my body again and kissing my chest with gentle little pecks before falling asleep from exhaustion.
June 11, 2015 4:22 am
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RE: Vessa
This is still really really excellent. Can't wait to see how they keep growing!
June 16, 2015 10:23 am
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RE: Vessa
A month had passed once again and a lot had happened. Vessa and I bought a house together, I started a new project and Vessa had a press conference to organize while still running her drug study. And about three weeks ago Alex started going with Vessa to the prenatal yoga classes and has since made many friends. Especially Willa, the studio's yoga instructor. Willa even offered her a full-time job at the studio as a class instructor after knowing her for a single week. I had no idea they offered so many classes at that studio...

The house Vessa and I bought is a bit far from the center of our small village on the outskirts of Oslo but that's because it's huge. All of the stuff we owned in fact managed to fit in just three of its seven bedrooms. Our closest neighbor is half a mile away which is fine because Vessa's already been making so many new friends at her yoga classes. The studio itself is relatively close at just a little more than two miles away so Alex bought a bike to travel to and from work. She doubts that she'll be able to ride it work as our baby continues to grow in her belly but she's a very fit woman so I think she underestimates her abilities.

I has just watched Alex start her routine ride to work through the snow in her tight lycra gym pants. It became to difficult for her to bike to work due to the snow, as her belly had been swelling significantly, making it more cumbersome by the day. She always refused to let me drive her to work because she didn't want to make rumors worse at the studio despite the fact that everyone already knew she was living with my wife and me. Even so, she's been running hot anyway, just like Vessa, and she says the cold run helps her stay comfortable.

After lamenting the morning wood in my pants due to Alex's remarkable bouncing ass running off into the distance, I walked inside to find Vessa in the kitchen. Today was her big day and we had to pick up her dress, among other things, for her conference tonight in the city. She's been saying she's not nervous about it but I can tell she is because she rarely wears her hair up unless she's got something itching her mind. That didn't stop her from wearing the bare minimum.

My wife has, to my delight, continued to wear almost nothing at home. As she made breakfast, she wore her thong from the night before and an apron to cover her boobs and torso and nothing else. The wonderful thing was that her apron no longer really did the trick. While it used to cover her whole torso, it didn't quite make it anymore as her tummy poked out from the bottom of it leaving her thong on full display. Her tits had also obviously grown since she bought it and so it did little more than cover her nipples.

I sat down at the table to watch her. She smiled up at me.

“Morning honey,” I said.

“Hey babe.”

“Ready for tonight?”

“I think so.”

“Anything you need to do before we start the day?”

“Well I need to make a couple phone calls but that's about it.”

“Sounds good. I'm going to go put on some clothes real quick before we eat.”

I could tell something was off so I made my exit a slow one.

“Actually,” Vessa said, “Could you do me a big favor today?”

I turned around. “Sure thing hun, what do you need?”

“This might seem weird but could you do me a huge favor and just sort of stay close by me tonight? You know how I am with crowds. I mean this conference is just so important. If the investors like my presentation, the product and well, me,” she looked down at her belly and cradled her belly with her hand, “they might fund an actual, full trial for us.”

I knew what she was trying to say but I kept looking at her feigning confusion because I wanted to hear her say it.

“...And you're really good at helping me relax at things like this when there's so much pressure.”

“You didn't even have to ask, love.”

“In fact,” she continued, “Could you do something to take the edge off before we start the day?”

“Want to finally try out the shower?”

Her eyes lit up she nodded. When we moved in I installed a fixture to our huge bedroom shower so that a sex swing could hang down from it and we hadn't yet had a chance to try it out.

I walked over and she gave me a deep kiss. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she slowly flipped some of her eggs in the pan all the while keeping her eyes closed which of course made me smile halfway through our kiss.

We laughed.

“Sorry, I'm just really hungry today.”

“When aren't you?” I said and gave her ass a nice hard slap before rushing out of the room to set up the swing.

We ate breakfast as fast as possible and then we were off to the races. I already wasn't wearing any clothes and I ripped Vessa's apron and tiny thong off her body as we raced upstairs to the shower.

The swing itself was simple to use and we had Vessa safely strapped in record time. I turned on the water and teased her by just soaping her up.

“I need a good stuffing babe, not a good soaping.”

“Oh, you're a dirty girl.”

“I am but not the way you seem to mean. Now put down that bar of soap and fuck me.”

The girl didn't want foreplay today so I pushed her torso forward in the swing so her bulging belly was facing the ground and pushed right into her snug little pussy. The swing was amazing. It let us fuck much harder than normal since her whole body was suspended. But putting the swing in the shower was a touch of genius because it made fucking in the shower so much easier. I slipped a couple times but we were getting a new shower mat anyway.

Vessa wrapped her legs around mine and pulled herself into me to add more force to the position. The water definitely made penetration more comfortable for her. I noticed we were both pruny already.

Then she pulled herself up with the arm straps and positioned herself so that her back was nearly touching my chest and started bouncing up and down on my dick. I took the opportunity to grab some soap to put some suds on her body so she was slick against mine. Faster and faster she went, I could tell she was getting close. I used the straps to lower her body a bit more into me as she was coming down one time which made her whimper aloud. But she didn't stop so I put pressure on her clit for her since her hands were preoccupied. Up and down she went and just when I thought she was going to break my dick off with this angle her body shuddered as she came and she leaned back into me in the swing. She slowly pulled myself out of her and checked.

“You didn't come from that?!” she said surprised.

“No, but you seemed to have a good time.”

“Yeah,” she said through labored breaths, “but it's a workout.”

“I noticed.”

“How long do you think that was?”

“I dunno, five minutes?”

“Five minutes?! No way. It had to be longer than that.”

“No, five minutes sounds about right,” I said. “Your arms must be tired.”

“Yeah. If we keep using this thing I'm going to have biceps like yours in a month!”

I chuckled. “Do you like the swing?”

“I love it. I can't believe we haven't done this before. But what about you?” she asked.

“Let's do a missionary sort of thing this time. If you just let it support your back I can pull your hips into me and I can see all of you. Being able to look at your face makes me come.”

I got on the other side of her as she secured herself in the swing's back straps. Vessa was avoiding my gaze and making a cute little shy smile and her cheeks were blushing redder than a rose.

“Ready?” I asked.

She lifted her gaze up at me, bit her lip and nodded and she gave me the most intense 'fuck me' eyes I've ever seen.

I made the pace slow this time and pushed her hips into me but only just enough to tease. She whimpered again when I put only a small bit of my cock into her. She needed more. Her hands, being free this time, went to rub her nub reflexively in her need but I stopped her from touching herself and move her hands away from her pussy and put them on her swollen belly. All she could do was rub slowly over it.

My rhythms became a bit deeper and I pinched one of her nipples to let her know I would let her tug herself there. Her hand flew up and assaulted her breast, mashing it and kneading it and tugging it until I saw milk flowing freely from her hard nipple.

I thrust almost all the way in once then twice at random. She locked her huge blue eyes on me, hungry eyes, almost angry eyes. She took one of my hands and placed it on her smooth, wet belly where I could feel the kicks of our unborn children. I took some soap and rubbed her down so that her whole torso was covered in suds from her spherical, tight belly to her heavy, pert tits.

She never tore her gaze away and I waited no longer. I thrust harder and harder, I slammed her body into mine. Her pussy was mine. I made sure she knew that with each push inside her. Vessa bit her plump lips again.

I took my hand away from her smooth skin and used her curvy hips for more purchase to satisfy myself. I swung her whole body back and forth until I was ready and then I slammed her into me one last time enough to make her squeal. I squeezed my muscles as hard as I could with each pump because I wanted her to feel me taking her and I wanted her to feel every bit of my cum as much as possible. Like an animal I didn't let let my pregnant wife move until I had pumped all of my seed yet again into her wanting body.

Vessa's belly has kept growing at a steady pace which is why at the tailor's shop her belly size measured a healthy 140 centimeters. It was also why the dress was quite a bit tighter than she expected it to be.

“I'm so sorry, my dear,” said the elderly seamstress, “The measurements I took just last week were so much smaller. Had I known – “

“It's okay,” said Vessa, “This will do for tonight.”

“Are you sure? I've already let that dress out as much as I can but perhaps I have another dress here that will – “

“Really, it's okay. It's not your fault, I've just been growing so quickly lately...”

“Alright,” said the old woman, “Just let me know when you and your husband are ready.”

She left Vessa and I in the large changing room to ponder Vessa's predicament.

As a surprise I decided to buy Vessa a congratulatory dress for her press conference to a few prospective drug manufacturers tonight. In advance I forwarded Vessa's measurements to the tailor but had underestimated how much she would grow in a week's time. And now here we were with this absurdly tight dress.

The dress was actually a twin to the one I had bought her in New York those few months ago. It was a deep ruby red over just her engorged breasts and from there down the rest was a rich cream color. The main difference between this dress and the white and black one was the amount of cleavage on this one, of which there was a considerable amount. She still looked tasteful in it but only just. This dress went to her mid thigh as opposed to the other dress's much shorter length so that helped as well.

The main problem is that this dress was skin tight just like the other one. There was stitching in the back to pull the fabric in front completely tight. This had a dramatic effect on how big it made her belly and tits look. But the stitching ended just above her ass where the fabric was once again pulled skin tight.

I got up to close the fitting room door for a bit more privacy so I could drink it in.

“Wow,” I said.

“Oh you like it do you?” she replied.

“Yup. This is clearly one of the smartest things I'm ever going to buy.”

“It is soft though. Here, feel.”

She took my hand and put it on her massive bump. It was smooth.

“But I can't move very well in it,” she said.


“And I can't wear heels with it really.”


“And the price tag! Oh my gosh, is that the price?!”

“Mhmm...so smooth...”

She snapped me out of my belly rubbing trance by giving me a gentle kiss.

“This dress costs way too much, babe,” she said, “I mean I'm not going to get much use out of it. I'm only going to keep getting bigger.”

“I don't think you understand. I would buy this dress just to see you wear it for one day. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. If you're uncomfortable wearing it in public then – “

“No. I'll wear it for you. Tonight that is. I'm just worried it's just too...undignified.”

“Well it would be if you were trying to sell migraine pills but let's face it, you're trying to sell some baby-making pills! If they aren't convinced the pills are worth it after seeing your milk-filled tits in this dress then they will be once they look down at such a tightly wrapped baby-filled belly.”

My wife gave me a lovely giggle and said, “You really like this dress on me, don't you?”

“It's a miracle that I'm not ripping it off you right now.”
August 11, 2015 10:47 pm
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