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How do you guys personally manage your fetish?
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I've been a lurker for a little bit now, and only created my account because to click an image you need one. After reading through some threads I'm honestly curious, how do you treat your fetish to pregnancy, bellies, etc? Me personally I do not like to even think sexually upon leaving the privacy of my room, especially once I leave the house in general. Sometimes when people just randomly bring up things related to my fetishes I get a little awkward even though they have 0 idea. When I pass by a pregnant woman I usually just pay it no mine, maybe giving a glance when no one is looking, but that's it. Some people on here I see can get a bit degenerate, I don't mind, others are just here to trade some videos, save some pictures, find a few drives, and leave, and more are just glad they have a place to discuss some little things and are glad to not be judged. I'm the second, but I thought I'd just throw something out there. Thanks for reading, and no judgement to anyone here
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I treat it as a small hobby and nothing else.I have too much going on in life to make a fetish any more bigger than what it already is. Granted I don't go around and call myself a preggophile or go on "safaris" trying to sleep with every pregnant woman that I find. I see it as a phase of life that comes and goes, and treat it as such.
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Yeah, I'm not sure there's really much for me to manage, it affects my life as much as any of the other things that I'm attracted to do.
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I pretty much handle it as a second life where I’m this guy who likes to talk to random women about their pregnancy and get a few pics in and chat with preggos online but me on my normal non fetish day to day I’ll do my thing and if I see a bump it’s just there ( unless it’s huge ) and I pay it no mind
it doesn't really effect anything for me its pretty much completely separate from my normal life, except for if I'm out in public and I see a woman I find attractive the image of her with a bump automatically pops into my head sometimes but that only lasts maybe a few seconds
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I basically force my fetish on my husband every time we have sex. I’ve told him many times that my body misses pregnancy and I want to be pregnant again, I usually whisper “fill me up baby” right before or as he’s coming. He does like to tell me explode when I’m on the verge of orgasm. I still have a round belly so I love rubbing it all over his penis while we are standing, he will gently play with my clitoris and rubs his mouth and hands around my breasts, occasionally he will rub his hands over my belly and navel like he really seems to enjoy my round belly, I think he just knows I like it because I told him it feels good to keep doing that, and I’m relieved he didn’t reject me or the type of touch I wanted and craved intensely, I love thrusting myself onto him during foreplay. Like my womb has come alive and is hungry for cum. I think a lot of women can relate that sex is only as enjoyable if we can be honest and if we don’t feel safe we won’t feel relaxed during sex.

He doesn’t know I’m into cum inflation, being filled to the max full term with multiple babies, belly button popping, growing bellies, navel licking and sucking and belly rubbing worshipping, you know all that yummy stuff is like an instant turn on to know men are into it as well. I’m actually into the anime hentai stuff with tentacles that has to do with cum inflation and breeding or impregnation, if only the monsters would stay and play a bit after the bellies have been inflated and filled. I would love more if the stay and play after stuff or get hard again and keep going, keep filling, and more turning the fear and horror into something beautiful and pleasurable, wow how much better it could be for women if they were allowed to feel safe while enjoying a fetish like this.
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I think I manage it well, personally. Barring those on this forum (and over on Mpreg Central), I'm certain no one who knows me face-to-face is aware that I have a belly/navel/pregnancy fetish. It's something I very much keep to myself and sadly because there are folks out there who simply cannot control themselves and act very creepily, it's something I've said for years that I'm prepared to take to my grave with me. Everything I do with regards to it is done in private.

Something that I've discussed here in the distant past is similar to what MyandGoSeek said above. The fetish for me goes through 'spells' - so it's something which I find myself into for a certain amount of time before then going 'cool' on it for a while, where it genuinely doesn't bother me. Only recently I found myself having no real desire for the fetish for around three weeks.
I don't manage it very well as I generally feel bad about it.
I never told anyone about my fetish but I couldn't resist if I met pregnant woman outside. Especially those who has huge belly. I spend most of time with wife or close friend. To make it not so obvious when met hot pregnant woman, I would commenting on something I could to not make it obvious I'm into pregnant woman.

For example:
Last friday I met a huge pregnant woman at starbucks that I couldn't resist not to look at her. She's not so beautiful but she has a huge pregnant belly that I would say she was ready to pop anytime. I made comment and said to my wife like "Look at her, she is so damn pregnant and queueing for starbucks. She can't hardly move but her husband is sitting there not doing anything. He should queue instead of her" something like that so nobody suspect anything.

If I were alone, I would find a reason to stay near the pregnant woman and if got any moment, I will approach. Like if she needs help, I would come and help and start the conversation about her pregnancy
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