Writing a story, looking for suggestions/feedback
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So basically wanted to write a long form, novel length fantasy adventure centered around pregnancy, with some Futa thrown in.

The plot involves a barbarian woman who gets chosen by the goddess of life and fertility to vanquish all evil (there's a joke made about how the goddess was insecure about not doing enough and so gives a mortal a noble but vauge/impossible to complete mission)

The gimmick of the plot is that since she's a goddess of life, she won't or can't allow people to be killed and so blesses the barbarian with certain powers. 

The barbarian is sexually irresistible, especially to immoral or evil types. When they inevitably have sex and cum inside her womb, the barbarian takes in their soul/life force and becomes pregnant with them while the original body dies. In essence giving them another chance at life. 

Now I know people get squeamish with unbirth stuff so I'll just have the bad guys either burst into sparkles as they orgasm or shrivel and turn to dust, I want it to be funny rather than scary. 

The pregnancy itself is of the rapid/hyper variety, with just one baby she looks like she's 9 months with quads. The goddess allows her to choose when to birth so that she can find a nice place to drop them off and I thought about limiting the number of babies to 6, large but realistic. After 6, they go into a limbo state. So number 7 has to wait his turn until after the barbarian births the current batch. 

The trade off for pregnancy is that the barbarian's body becomes tougher and stronger with each baby. 

She travels the land with two male companions, a thief/assassin and a warlock who are devoted to her. They have their own sub plots. Additionally the warlock wants to fuck and impregnate the barbarian for real without getting reborn as a baby and is looking for a loophole. He's annoyed at being stuck with oral/anal stuff. 

The current plot is the Goddess asking the Barbarian to find a way to deal with the evil women of the world since they can't impregnate her. This is where the Futa stuff comes in. I have two ideas and need help deciding:

1. Barbarian can grow a dick and impregnate the evil ladies, basically turning them into moms fills them with goodness, lol. Evil ladies could have kids already but the idea is that they would be neglected or estranged 

2. The Barbarian can transform women into Futa's and then the process is as normal 

So, thoughts, feedback??
There's always

Option 3. Barbarian can enter a three-way with one of her male companions and the evil one. As long as she's touching him while he cums inside the evil one, there's an energy transferrence and the evil one gets the same disappearance effect as a male.

Side note, this causes massive overload orgasms for the male in the mix, and you can do interesting things with that as a plot device.
Option 4: all evil women in the world are futas and with each encouter they fuck the heavily pregnant barbarian adding more Babies inside her without them dying, as she takes their evil out of them by releasing it into her womb. The more she carries the more stronger she becomes.

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