New story coming up soon from me
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Hey y'all, I've been on break for quite some time, so I figured that I would write something up that may satisfy our itch for our preferred type of literature. Keep an eye out for a story that may come in 4-5 days, give or take. Well, of you guys would enjoy the story that I have in mind writing.
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Hello, all. Here's the story that I have in store for y'all. I decided that it'll be a series of sorts. Happy reading. Big Grin
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Another story is on its way. Same ETA, same narrative.
Apologies in advance for saying this, but I think the 2nd part of the series is kinda behind schedule, so I may have to push this back 2-3 days tops. I'm so sorry, I'm just a complete half-wit when it comes to self-control and time management. I promise you, guys, there will be better writing in this part. Sad
Alright, if this goes as planned, my next story's almost about to be ready today. Expect an update to this post. Big Grin

Edit: Well, here it is: The Great Birthing: Storm and Stress by auraman9005 on DeviantArt

Enjoy it while it's still hot. Wink
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Another addition to my series soon. Maybe it'll be out on Friday tops. This time, I feel that it's too short, so I'll make it longer somehow. Smile
Here you go, guys. Another installment. Smile
Oh my, it's been quite a while since I posted on my story thread. Yeah, I got new stories for you to read. Here you go:
The Great Birthing: Inferno (Part I) by auraman9005 on DeviantArt
The Great Birthing: Priorities by auraman9005 on DeviantArt

Hope you guys enjoy it. Big Grin
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New story is now available. Here's the link:
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Got a new story written for you all. From a patron here, have a good read:
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