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Does anyone have story about the spy who gets caught in the process of trying to figure out what a scientist is doing and as she gets caught he uses her to make super soldiers based off her generic make up?

I do know what you're talking about. It's called something like Nazi Hammer, Buckhammer, or something along those lines.
Pretty sure it's in one of the drives somewhere

Is this it?

Super Soldiers

By Vi

The mission was straight forward. I would Parachute into the Verkhoyansk mountain range and make my way to a top secret base. Once I had filmed the base I would make my own way to the town of Magadan and meet my contact, who would sort out my transport back to the US. At least, that was the plan.

I'd had a bad feeling about what was going on ever since I hit the drop zone. It was quarter past midnight local time and the moon was up, covering the forest with its cool glow. I quickly unhitched my 'chute and buried it in the snow. Checking the rest of my equipment I began moving off, silenced rifle in hand. I was making good time, but something was not right. I stopped moving and carefully crouched down, scanning the tree line for movement. When I was sure that no-one was nearby, I laid down my rifle, closed my eyes and began to concentrate. This is what made me such a good agent, my officially recognised sixth sense. Only the female agents seemed to possess this skill. The scientists claimed it was something to do with a woman's empathy, but could never prove it. I didn't care. All I knew was it made me fight better, think clearer and (as I was trying to do now) detect any possible human threats nearby. I concentrated for a few minutes but couldn't detect anything. At least I knew there were no soldiers nearby. I began moving quietly towards the enemy base. At 01.27 I reached the target area.

The base was fully illuminated, consisting of about a dozen concrete structures, with a helipad and landing strip. The perimeter was a three meter high chain link fence, with a guard tower on each corner. I could see a handful of armed guards inside the compound. None of them seemed particularly vigilant. Reaching inside my backpack I pulled out my mini camera and began filming. The base seemed quiet, which made my job easier, but I still felt as I something was wrong. As I was changing films my mind screamed a warning. Instantly I sprang to the left as bullets whizzed past my ears. Two soldiers ran towards me, each armed with a stun baton. I dropped into my fighting stance and leapt at the first, a well aimed kick sent him tumbling to the ground. The second attacked. I anticipated and blocked his first swing. My karate chop felled him moments later. I was aware of about a dozen more opponents moving in on me. Another warning flared in my mind but too late. I was hit in the leg and arm and stumbled into the snow. Looking down I saw not bullet holes, but darts. Tranquilliser darts! I tried to stand but toppled face down into the snow. Everything went black.

I don't remember which was more disorientating, being drugged or the room I awoke in. It was a large spacious room, decorated in pinks and blues. There were all of the luxuries you would expect to find in an expensive hotel room. A TV, stereo, everything. I lay on a wide double bed that felt very comfy. My combat gear was gone, replaced by a white cotton night gown. The room felt warm and welcoming, in fact the only signs that this was a prison cell was the locked door and the large, obvious one way mirror. I could sense people watching me from behind it. I took me a few minutes to compose myself as my head was still throbbing from the drugs. This done I began speaking loudly, if somewhat unclearly, asking what they wanted. Soon the door opened and a tall women wearing a clean cut military uniform entered. She wore her hair in a bun and had dark piercing eyes. My instincts told me to attack, although the cocktail of drugs pumping through my veins made it hard for me to even move. Standing at the foot of the bed, she asked me how I was feeling. I told her my name rank and serial number. Her severe expression seemed to melt away and smiling told me that they had not captured me to obtain information. She then left, suggesting I get some rest. Soon I found myself drifting off into a nervous sleep.

Next morning I awoke to find a breakfast tray by the bed. I felt hungry and cautiously began to eat the well prepared meal. There was something strange about the way it tasted. As I was finishing the meal I noticed some clothing draped over the foot of the bed. I lifted them up to find that it was a blue leotard with matching tights.
"Put them on and follow the corridor to the gym." Boomed a voice over a loud speaker, just as the door latch clicked open.
Although I was not willing to obey my captors, this was a good opportunity to assess my surroundings and hopefully plan an escape. Quickly I slipped the clothing over my small frame and headed out of the room and down a long corridor. The corridor was well lit and reminded me of a hospital. As I walked along it I passed several other doors, all locked. Eventually I reached a large set of double doors which opened into the gym. The room was large and seemed to be a cross between a dance studio and weights room. A balcony crossed one wall, about fifteen feet up. There were two other women in the room, both wearing the same workout gear as me. One was a tall lean blonde the other a fairly short Asian woman. They turned towards me as I approached. As soon as I saw them I knew that they were special agents like me, I can sense others with powers like mine. But were they on the side of the captors or prisoners like me? I played it cool and tried not to give too much away. There stories were similar to mine. Lisa, the blonde, was British intelligence and Mai was from the Republic of China. They had both been ambushed whilst on missions and brought to this base. Neither knew where it was located. Whilst we talked quietly two guards with stun rifles stepped out onto the balcony. We turned as the double doors closed behind us and saw a tall, well built woman standing there. She wore a red leotard which showed off all of her big curves.
She clapped her hands and began telling us that she would be our instructor. We would do as we were told or we would be punished. With that the class began. Reluctantly I joined in, deciding to choose a better time to rebel. The routine was a kind of cross between aerobics and yoga, with most of the exercises catering for the pelvis. Lisa and Mai gave me the impression that they were equally baffled by what we were doing. The class lasted an hour before we were told to return to our rooms.

After I had freshened up in the washroom, I put on a robe and sat down in front of the TV. There was only one channel and that seemed to show women's programmes, you know Ricky Lake, fashion, keep fit, that sort of thing. My hips, thighs and ass began to ache as I watched the TV. I wondered why. The workout had not exactly been strenuous and I was in the peak of physical shape. The feeling got worse as the morning went on. By lunch time I felt very uncomfortable and had been calling for assistance when the door opened and two women walked in. They wore nurses uniforms and carried one tray with a salad on it and another with a pot of cream. I nearly flew at them in anger. Fortunately I held back. The women greeted me and introduced themselves as Claudia and Martina. Claudia then told me to remove my robe and stand in the middle of the room. This I did and the two nurses began rubbing the cream over the effected areas. I groaned softly as the cool cream soothed my aching parts. The ointment seemed to work almost immediately. Once it was done I felt a little self conscious and quickly pulled the robe back on. The nurses left and I ate my lunch.

This routine continued for about a week. Practically all my waking hours were spent either eating, exercising or watching TV. When I could, I tried looking for ways to escape, although it seemed as if my captors had thought of everything. There was not a single minute of the day when I was not under some form of surveillance. I also used my limited contact with Lisa and Mai, finding out all I could about them. Gradually I started to like the two of them, we had a lot in common. Not only because they were necessarily on my side, but because they were starting to 'develop' like me.
I didn't notice it at first, (I had my mind on trying to escape), but I was starting to put on a few pounds. By the end of the week my once slim body was clearly becoming pear shaped. My hips, ass and thighs widened, as did my fellow prisoners, who were baffled by what was happening to us. Why would the Soviets capture us, if it was only to fatten us up? What reason could their be? The fitness instructor was tight lipped about our situation, as was Claudia and Martina. The only signs that this was meant to be happening was the increasing size of our leotards and tights, which other than our loose fitting gowns and night dresses, were the only clothes we wore.

On the eighth morning of my capture I awoke, not in my cell but in an operating theatre. In my groggy state I could just make out surgeons moving around me. They seemed to be clearing away their equipment. Just then, a face I recognised loomed into focus. It was the female officer that I had met on my first day of imprisonment. She wiped my brow and spoke softly to me, although I couldn't understand what she was saying. Some orderlies wheeled the table I was on back to my room and then lifted me onto my bed. I dozed off for a while and awoke at mid day, to find my breakfast waiting.
The nurses told me to stay in bed for the rest of the day, refusing to tell my what operation I had undergone. My body still felt numb from whatever drugs they had given me, so I didn't argue.

When I next met Lisa and Mai they were just as confused as me. We could recall little about what had happened to us other than we had in some way been operated on. Our bodies showed no visible scars or effects of surgery. There was something about me that felt different, as if I had changed and not understood how. Normally this would have bothered me as I liked to be in control of my body, but right now it made me feel almost... contented.
The workouts changed a few days later to incorporate more breathing exercises and we would also be paired up to help each other during the routine. The meals I was given also seemed to be getting bigger, as did my appetite, and my butt! My weight continued to increase, strangely only effecting my lower half, but my body stayed firm and toned thanks to all the exercises we were doing. Also, my emotions were all over the place, one minute I would feel trapped and need to escape, the next I would feel happy or sometimes even horny! I actually looked forward to the two nurses rubbing the lotions over my body because of the thrill it gave me. But I was not the only one experiencing these strange feelings. Occasionally I could sense Lisa or Mai thinking sexy thoughts when we were paired up in class. As did I.

I started to notice that my door was no longer locked at night. Security seemed to be becoming lax. The guards on the balcony stopped appearing during our exercise classes and I could sense that less people observed me through the one way mirror in my bedroom. Also, I found that my sparse wardrobe was beginning to fill up with new clothing. Mostly baggy dresses and mu mus (it looked as if they intended me to put on even more weight, and I had started to get a little pot belly), along with some new workout clothing and underwear. I didn't normally like frilly dresses with flowers on them, but these seemed kind of nice. During our next workout, I discussed the new clothes with Lisa and Mai. Mai was getting really quite plump. It was probably her smaller frame, but she was becoming quite round. Her belly was full and firm. She had a glow about her. I was getting hot just looking at her. I began telling Mai how nice she looked now she was filling out, when I felt Lisa rub my butt.
"Your becoming a bit of a wide load yourself." She said with a smile. I giggled and wiggled my ass, telling her it must be the Italian in my blood. Then we all went quiet, suddenly realising what we were doing. I had never felt this was about another woman before. It was so out of character for me. The uneasy silence was broken by the instructor who paired us up and began the session. When we'd finished and I was back in my room the two nurses arrived and applied the cream as usual (which now incorporated my belly). Before they left, Claudia told me to make myself look nice for a meeting that we would be having later that afternoon. I immediately began going through my wardrobe to see what I would wear. After much deliberation I chose a pink and white polka dot dress with white pantyhose and pumps. Although it was baggy, it really showed off my big butt, which I new Lisa liked. It was strange dressing to impress another woman.

Later, a guard entered my room and led me to the meeting room. I followed him eagerly wondering if we would find out what they wanted from us. The meeting room was sparsely furnished with a big video screen on one wall. Lisa and Mai were already there seated at the front before the familiar face of the female officer. Once I was seated the briefing began.
For the past decade, the Soviets had been working on a 'Super Soldier ' program to build a unit of elite warriors. This special forces unit would consist of virtual supermen, with unrivalled skills and abilities. Part of this plan was to give these troopers our mysterious powers, making them the ultimate soldiers for the 21st Century. But the only way for a person to get our powers was to be born with them. We were to be the mothers for these soldiers!
My mouth went dry as the officer spoke these words. I could sense feelings of alarm coming from Lisa and Mai. The officer continued, explaining that the drugs in our food had already began to alter our bodies to make us better suited to bearing children, hence our widening hips. I dropped my hands to my wide thighs as the realisation hit me, but that was not the biggest supprise.
"Each of you has already been impregnated, and, thanks to your hormonal changes, and a few alterations we've made, will reach full term in a little under 3 months." I just sat there mouth agape as she explained that we would each be giving birth to triplets, for our first pregnancies, hopefully more for out consecutive ones. I rubbed my rounded belly in shock, realising that I had, in the back of my mind, known all along. At once all three of us were on our feet, charging at the officer. With a shriek of delight she sprang forward and somersaulted over our heads. We turned to see her sprinting for the doorway.
"Sorry ladies. Looks like it's time for you to get some rest." She called over her shoulder as the door closed behind her. I heard the hissing of gas and everything went black.

I refused to eat anything when I awoke, until the nurses threatened to have some guards strap me to the bed and force feed me. I knew each mouthful was turning me more and more into a human breeding machine, designed for having babies, but kept on eating. I would need my strength, for when I escaped.
I hadn't given much thought to escaping over the past few days, (I was too busy fantasising over my two fellow prisoners) but now I felt more focused. Security seemed less strict than when I had first arrived. This would hopefully give me a chance to look around undetected. The main problem though was lack of equipment and supplies. What if this base was in the middle of a desert, or even underwater? I had to find out.

The security around the base didn't seemed to have improved. I already new which rooms were occupied by Lisa and Mai, so took to opportunity to try out some other doors along the corridor, during my daily visit to the gym. All doors except one were locked. This door lead into another corridor. For the next five days I checked it, and each day it was unlocked. My sixth sense indicated that fewer people were watching me from behind the two way mirror in my room. Some nights, there was no-one. This was when I would make my escape. I would also go alone. If all three of us were to leave our rooms then security would be bound to notice. But by myself I could probably make it and get help. When I was not being watched I checked my wardrobe for suitable clothing. I found a long sleeved, black unitard and a pair of black sneakers that would do. Providing no-one monitored me that night, I would attempt to escape.

After the evening meal I feigned tiredness and went to bed early. I wore the unitard with its legs and sleeves rolled up, hidden beneath my night gown. After several hours lying awake on my bed I felt that the time was right . I slipped out of bed and put on my training shoes. Putting my ear to the door I could hear no sounds from the corridor and stealthily crept through. I made my way to the unlocked door and then headed down the connecting corridor as quickly and as quietly as possible. From the look of the walls, we were in some kind of underground base. It seemed logical, particularly as there were no windows in any of the rooms. I reached the end of the corridor and found the door to be unlocked. It opened up into a some sort of larder filled with various food supplies. Most were in large quantities, like sacks of potatoes or grain. But there was also a large cooler filled with large bars of chocolate, milk and fruit. I made a mental note of what it contained for future reference. I would need supplies (and I had developed a craving for chocolate). There was another door off of this room which was open, so carefully I peered through. It was a large kitchen, that looked as if 20 cooks could work inside without feeling cramped. There was another door on the far side, but a couple of young soldiers sat in front of it peeling potatoes. I could easily handle two soldiers, but something told me that this was not the time to act. I would need to know where that door lead to before making my actions known to my captors. I grabbed a couple of chocolate bars and headed back to my room.

My actions went unnoticed. I decided not to tell Lisa and Mai what I was doing, and continued to explore the base in secret. Each night my journeys through the base would be longer. My sixth sense stopped me from being seen by any guards and the supplies I found in the larder kept me well fed. Now I ate very little of what the nurses brought me to eat. My new food source would help slow down my transformation into a breeding machine. But, like my fellow prisoners, I couldn't slow down my expanding waistline.

I was unmistakably pregnant. Although I had been impregnated a little over five weeks ago, my swollen belly was that of a woman half way through her second trimester. That, however, was not the only part of me that was growing. My breasts were fuller and my protruding butt had become even bigger. My once slender legs were thicker and very shapely. Lisa and Mai were the same, and getting bigger everyday. Our workouts were more like yoga now as we practised our breathing and stretching exercises. I tired easily when we did any aerobics or exerted myself too much. I also began feeling less inclined to escape as the days went on, even though I knew that I had to take the chance before I got too big (my black cat suit was becoming harder for me to squeeze my ample body into). This was not helped by the amount of time I would spend in the larder, attempting to satisfy my hunger and cravings for chocolate bars, which seemed to get bigger everyday. Another thing that was distracting me was how attractive my fellow prisoners were becoming. Their plump, rounded bodies got sexier and sexier. I felt so horny when I was around them. Particularly when Mai began lactating during one of the workouts. She giggled and hefted her full breasts. I felt a tremendous urge to pull down her leotard and suck on her plump nipples, and so did Lisa. I could sense it. We were also allowed to visit each others rooms. They were all practically the same as mine. We'd spend afternoons watching the TV together or chatting about the most trivial of things. I was finding it harder to even use my sixth sense anymore. None of this bothered me as much as it used to.

As we entered week eight week of our captivity the sexual tension between us finally snapped. It happened one night when Lisa and myself were sat on my bed watching TV. I could see that her breasts were making her feel uncomfortable by the way she kept pulling at her night gown. I watched out of the corner of my eye, as she unbuttoned the neck and cupped her right breast in her hand. A dribble of milk was coming from it's bloated nipple. Slowly I extended my arm and caught the dribble on my index finger. I felt Lisa tense as I touched her. I retracted my arm and sucked on my finger with a moan of satisfaction. She moved closer to me on the bed and turned her bloated breasts towards me.
"Would you like some more?" She asked nervously. I leaned forward and began to suckle. Soon we lay naked on the bed, sucking, kissing and licking each other. She loved rubbing my big belly and butt. I couldn't believe what I was doing. It just seemed so right. Soon, we all began having sexual relations with each other. Sometimes in the showers we would just end up with all three of us locked in an embrace. Our bodies were getting big now, so we had to be creative with our sexual positions. I had never felt more beautiful. My firm plump body made me feel so sexy.

We now received regular check-ups from the doctors. It was good to know that we were being given special attention, particularly as our pregnancies were proceeding so quickly. They would measure our bumps and weigh us. I loved seeing my babies on ultrasound, it always made me tearful. By this time my appetite was enormous. I would steal as many chocolate bars as I could, and finish my plate every meal time. Lisa and Mai were the same. We decided that whenever possible we should drink each others milk, so as to help slow down our change. Truthfully, I had suggested this because of the thrill it gave me to be breast fed by one of the others. We began using this new source of nourishment immediately. As I snuck out of my room at night, I no longer considered escape, it was merely to satisfy my hunger. I would waddle down the corridor in my night gown and gorge myself on chocolate and milk. One night, my snacking was interrupted by the mysterious female officer. I was sup prised at her sudden appearance and immediately stopped eating. She smiled and told me to continue, handing me a large bar of chocolate. Nervously I continued. The officer slowly walked around me, casting an appreciative eye over my body, before stopping to place her hand on my belly.
"Feels like your getting a little full in there." She joked.
I smiled and pushed out my bump, replying that I still had a way to go yet. She then asked if I liked the chocolate. I moaned with agreement, saying that I couldn't get enough.
"With Lisa it's Jell-O and Mai it's yoghurt. You girls are eating your way through our budget."
Puzzled I asked what she meant, before starting on another bar.
"We've produced foodstuffs to match your cravings. In your case chocolate. They're packed with a cocktail of hormonal boosters to increase your fertility, docility and sexual urges. As you know the main thing that negates your sixth sense is your sex drive. We couldn't have you thinking too clearly or you would have figured out what we were doing here and escaped. This way we have three docile heifers rather than three angry hellcats."
I realised what she was saying, what had been done to us and how we had been tricked into it. I felt slightly angry, but decided no to act on it. The female officer had two guards escort me back to my room, along with a supply of chocolate. When I awoke the next morning I found a small freezer by the side of my bed packed full of chocolate. Phew! No more midnight journeys!

During the next days exercise class I explained to the girls what I had been told. They said that the same thing had happened to them. We all giggled. Weren't we silly! It was clear to us now that we should simply do as we were told by our captors and not offer anymore resistance. We would commit ourselves to ensuring that we would carry out our roles as surrogate mothers to their conclusions. It was such a relief to know that I no longer needed to think about escaping. It was hard enough trying not to think about sex, let alone escaping. Besides, I was too big now to worry about climbing fences, or leaping out of windows. A leisurely waddle to the exercise room and back was enough for me. I even started being measured by the doctors. With every inch my belly grew wider, I felt happier. A big mom means big kids. And big kids mean healthy kids. I would spend whole evenings just sat on my bed eating chocolate with my night gown hitched up so I could stroke my lovely bump. Only a few weeks ago the idea of being pregnant scared me. Now I had never felt happier. Contented, even.

The third trimester was even better. We were all hugely pregnant, (I measured 78 inches by week ten). Our captors issued us with special elasticated corsets to help with our sore backs. My breasts had gone up to an E cup and needed regular milking. I moved about as little as I could. Just doing the breathing and stretching exercises, which would be essential for the big day, made me feel tired. I avoided unnecessary activities, but made sure our lovemaking continued. We all knew each others sexual wants and needs intimately now, and although some positions were simply impossible, we found ways around them. Around this time a funny incident occurred when the three of us were making out in Mai's room. During our session, Mai climbed onto the bed and got on her hands and knees when she began laughing. Puzzled we asked her what was so funny.
"Look at me!" She sniggered "My belly is TOO big for little me!"
I eased myself off the bed to look. She was right. Being of smaller stature than Lisa and myself, but around the same size waistline, Mai's bump was touching the bed sheets. After a few moments of laughter Lisa and I knodded to each other, and carefully manuvered Mai onto her back. She sighed lustily as we got to work on her reclining body.

A few days later I awoke to find the two nurses stood beside my bed. They carried some clothes and makeup for me, and said that I should go and have a shower because today was a big day. I quickly washed and ate my large breakfast that had been prepared, before the nurses got to work on me. They helped me into the clothes (believe me when your that big it's hard to even put your slippers on). It was a kind of shinny lycra cat suit that covered me from neck to ankle, except for a big hole in the middle to show off my roundness. It had a red star on one breast and a hammer and sickle on the other. Claudia and Martina made me up with a very severe looking red lipstick and pulled my hair back into a tight bun. The look was finished off with a pair of slip on pumps and a black flight cap with a red star. Glancing in the mirror I saw how pregnant it made me look. I guess that was the idea. A few minutes later I was lead out of my room into the spacious gym. Here there were about sixty or so people, mostly scientists I guess, all in one long line. I saw the grinning faces of Lisa and Mai at one end of the line and was ushered towards them. Thankfully we had each been given a chair to sit in and I carefully lowered myself down next to Lisa. We began to chatter excitedly over what this could all be about, when one of the doctors next to us explained that one of the big generals responsible for this project would be coming to see us shortly. He told us that when he gave the word we were to stand up straight and greet General Milov. After a ten minute wait, the general and his assistants entered and everyone stood to attention. With the mysterious female officer as the guide he slowly made his way along the line, starting at the opposite end of the room. He would occasionally stop and exchange words with someone before moving on. As he neared the doctor told us to stand up straight. I heaved myself up out of the chair and stood with my shoulders back and my bump pushed out proudly. The general was introduced first to Lisa next to Mai and finally to myself. He was a stern looking man, I guess in his late fifties, but when he was introduced to us he began to smile. The general spoke to his assistants, joking with them. Luckily I understood Russian (I had been speaking it almost all the time for the past few weeks), and smiled happily when he referred to us as breeders. I wanted nothing else but to have more children. He patted my belly and congratulated me on being the mother of a new army, who would crush the evil of capitalism. I blushed.

The last couple of weeks before we went into labour seemed like years. We had gotten so big that we were confined to bed. I only got to see Lisa and Mai when orderlies wheeled us into each others rooms, and even then we were incapable of any strenuous sexual activity. I continued with the breathing exercises in preparation for labour and had regular visits from the gym instructor right up to the big day. Virtually to the day of my twelfth week of pregnancy, I was informed by Claudia that I would shortly be going into labour. I felt nervous and scared, but also a little excited. The nurses helped me into a short cotton gown and wheeled me down to the delivery room. The room was very white and clynical, filled with all sorts of equipment, including video cameras. There were observation windows high up on the walls surrounding me, and I could see a number of people in uniforms looking down at me. The orderlies carefully heaved me onto a hi tech looking delivery bed, and buckled my ankles into the stirrups. The doctors connected me to monitoring equipment to check on the babies conditions. Finally, when everyone was ready, and the cameras were recording, a nurse crouched down between my spread legs and used a probe to induce me. There was a short sharp pain as my waters broke, followed by a sudden strong contraction. They steadily became stronger and closer together, and within the hour I was in labour. Fortunately, unlike other women, I had been specially modified for breeding, so what could have lasted days passed very quickly. The nurses helped me with my breathing and mopped my sweaty brow. The pain was not what I had been expecting, in fact, it was a lot less. I moaned and groaned between pushes, but I found it easy to cope with. Within four hours of being induced, I had given birth to three healthy baby boys. I got to hold each of them before they were taken away by the doctors.

I felt very depressed for the next few days, and the nurses had to give me tranquilizers. The fact that I may never see my children again made me sad. Within a week however, it no longer bothered me. It was almost as if that was the way it should be. Soon I was back in the gym again, working out and trying make myself slim again. It was obvious that I was going to remain a plump pear shape, but I had to try. Lisa and Mai Joined me a few days later and we all swaped our birth experiences. Over the next few weeks we returned to our old routine of exercising and pleasuring each other, before being impregnated again. All I can think about these days is sex and pregnancy. I'm getting bigger each day, with four babies this time, all of them healthy boys. Thinking back, I can't believe that I tried to escape from here. Now I realise how lucky I am, to have such a simple life as this. A life where everyone has a purpose and everyone is equal. Years from now everyone will have such a happy life, because of breeders like Lisa, Mai and myself and the children we produce.


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