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Stevie D Stories??
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Stevie D Stories??
I remember coming across a number of his stories but I can't seem to ind them anywhere now. Does anyone know where I can find them?
December 22, 2017 3:36 pm
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RE: Stevie D Stories??
I believe there are a few on this website. Is there any one in particular you are looking for?
December 22, 2017 6:54 pm
pregluver21 Offline

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RE: Stevie D Stories??
if possible, all of them
December 23, 2017 10:46 am
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RE: Stevie D Stories??
(December 23, 2017 10:46 am)pregluver21 Wrote:  if possible, all of them

There would be a problem with a few since they involve underage girls.
December 24, 2017 2:53 am
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RE: Stevie D Stories??


Megan Malone sat at her teacher's desk stuffing papers into her briefcase. It was her birthday---the big 4-0---and not one of her teacher-friends had said a word about it all day. It wasn't their fault. She hadn't exactly broadcast it was her birthday. She hadn't really celebrated since Tom, her husband, died of cancer seven years ago. Heading for the teachers' lounge to get her winter coat, Megan opened the door and everyone shouted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

Josh Winters heard the lilt of feminine laughter as he was about to enter the teachers' lounge and stopped. Megan Malone. When he took the principal's job last year he'd gotten brief profiles of all the teachers at Sandy Bridge Elementary School. Everyone said the widowed second grade teacher was loved by all. Josh had expected to see an elderly woman with her hair in a bun and support stockings. Instead he found a sexy redhead with shapely legs that didn't stop. It was pure accident that he'd discovered today was her birthday and told the other teachers.

At that moment Megan came through the doorway with an armful of presents and crashed into him. "It's my birthday. I'm officially over the hill now," she said as Josh helped her load her arms again. YOU SURE DON'T LOOK OVER THE HILL. He must have said the words out loud because Megan went up on her tip toes flexing her sexy calves and kissed his cheek. "Thank you kind sir. You are a nice man," she smiled. Josh wondered how nice she would think he was if she could see the erection that was hidden by his suit jacket.

Megan dropped her presents onto the sofa and saw the light flashing on her answering machine. Maybe someone else remembered her birthday, she thought as she pressed the play button. "Megan, this is Sam Clayburn. If you're not doing anything I'd like to come over. I have something important to discuss with you." He was the lawyer who had handled things for her after Tom died. Megan wondered what he could want now after all these years.

An hour later she was sitting on her sofa with Sam Clayburn holding a letter shakily in her hands. "Your late husband left instructions to give you this in the event that you reached your 40th birthday and still hadn't remarried. I'll leave you alone to read it," he said. It was minutes later before Megan realized he was gone. Slowly she opened the letter, instantly recognizing her dead husband's handwriting. "Dearest Megan, If you are reading this you are celebrating your birthday alone. I'd give anything to be there with you. But I hope I can still give you a part of me. Before I had chemo I had some sperm frozen, enough for you to have a baby--if you want to..." Tears were streaming down her cheeks. A BABY. She'd wanted a baby more than anything else in the world!

Three days later Megan was sitting in Dr. Nora Young's office. "What can I do for you, Megan? You sure look healthy," the doctor said. "I want to have a baby," she blurted out. "I didn't know you were seeing anybody....are you having trouble conceiving," Dr. Young asked. "I'm not. Oh! For a teacher I'm not doing a very good job at explaining things," Megan exclamed handing Tom's letter to the doctor.

"Wow! Do you want to have artificial insemination," Dr. Young asked. "I want to have a baby of my own more than ANYTHING," Megan answered. "Are you sure there aren't any chances of doing it the natural way," Nora asked tactfully. "I'm 40 and men aren't exactly beating down my door," Megan told her. "Maybe they would if you let it be known you were interested," Nora said, thinking of at least one, if the school rumormill was true. She heard that Josh Winters had it bad for Megan but she just couldn't see it.

Josh was working on suppy requisitions when Megan knocked on his door. God she was beautiful. "I'm going to have a baby..." she started. "You're pregnant," his mind snapped back. "No....not yet. Oh here, you might as well read this too," she said handing him the wrinkled letter. "You're going to have artificial insemination," Josh asked. "I have an appointment next week. I didn't want you or the school board to think I was breaking the morality clause if it works and I get pregnant," Megan told him. "Don't worry, I'll explain everything," Josh said. It took a strong woman to want to raise a child alone. All he could do was to be there for her when she needed help.

Laying on a treatment bed in the fertility clinic wearing a thin gown that left all the wrong parts exposed, Megan never felt so alone in all her life. She was about to get dressed and bolt when she realized that's why she was doing this--so she didn't have to be alone.

"Megan, are you sure you want to go through with this," Dr. Young asked. She was holding a syringe that Megan tried not to think about. "This is going to be a little cold and you will feel a little cramping. I want you to just lay here for about a half hour," she said and with the push of a plunger, Megan knew her life had changed forever.

Megan had to wait two weeks before she could do a home pregnancy test. On that morning she read the instructions for the millionth time, then peed on the little plastic stick. When she returned to the bathroom minutes later after getting dressed for school, the stick was vivid blue. She was going to have a baby.

Megan was still in a daze when she got to school. "Do you know anything yet," Josh Winters asked as she walked past his office. "I'm pregnant." Megan said smiling but then tears were streaming down her cheeks. Josh pulled her into his arms and into his office. "You're the first person I've told," she sniffed. "I don't know why I'm crying," she added. "Maybe it's pregnancy hormones," Josh smiled. The hug felt good---for both of them. Megan could have sworn Josh's lips kissed her forehead but she wasn't sure.

"Congratulations Megan! You are positively pregnant," Dr. Young said smiling. "When am I due," Megan asked as it was finally sinking in. "I'm going to say February 8--give or take a few days, since we know exactly when you conceived," Nora answered.

School was over at the beginning of June as Megan started her second month of pregnancy but she'd agreed to help with the summer learning program. Wearing a summer dress and sandals, she came into the kitchen for breakfast. As soon as she smelled her brewing decaf, Megan knew she was going to be sick. Cupping a hand over her mouth, she dashed back up the steps to the bathroom where she huddled over the toilet throwing up.

Josh was sitting at his desk when his telephone rang. "Josh, this is Megan Malone, I'm sick..." she started. "Is it the baby," he asked worriedly. "Morning sickness. I feel dreadful," she answered still fighting back the nausea. "Don't worry, I'll find a replacement. You judt take care of yourself," he told her. No matter what Josh did, he couldn't get his mind off Megan. Then he remembered that Gloria Jones, his secretary, had three kids. "Gloria, can you come in here for a minute," he called.

At 61, Gloria Jones considered herself a mother figure to most of the teachers at the elementary school and she had a special fondness for Josh. "Can I ask you a personal question? Did you ever have morning sickness," her principal-boss asked. The only person he had talked to was Megan Malone and she was out, Gloria thought as she began putting together pieces. Was Megan pregnant and Josh the father?

"I had morning sickness with all three in spades. Eating crackers or drinking ginger ale usually helps. Josh, is Megan pregnant and what do you have to do with it," Gloria asked. Slowly, Josh explained about the letter and Megan's visit to the clinic. "That is one strong woman, but no woman is that strong," she said, knowing that Josh was just the right person to take care of her. She couldn't help smiling to herself at how Josh looked at Megan when he didn't think anybody was noticing.

Nora Young had just finished with a patient when her receptionist buzzed. "Josh Winters is on line one. Isn't he that dreamy principal," she asked. "Yep, but I have a feeling he is going off the market soon," Nora smiled. Josh told her about Megan's morning sickness and his secretary's remedies. "Make sure she doesn't stop eating and she drinks alot so she doesn't get dehydrated," she said knowing it would take Josh straight to Megan's front door.

Megan wasn't sick anymore but she was feeling totally drained. She was laying on the sofa when the doorbell rang. Opening the door, she found Josh standing there with a bag of groceries. He was so sweet to be worried about her and she couldn't deny how very handsome he was.

She was wearing a faded pair of jeans and a rainbow sweater and although she looked a little pale, Josh thought she was beautiful. "This is supposed to help morning sickness," he said handing her a bag as she invited him in. They were sitting on the sofa talking when she drifted off to sleep, sliding onto his lap. Looking at her lovely face while she was sleeping, Josh could admit to himself that he was head-over-heels in love with this woman. A woman who was carrying another man's child. Sliding out from underneath Megan, he smiled as she protested the loss of a warm pillow in her sleep. Heading to the kitchen, Josh looked through the cupboards until he found several cans of tomato soup and the makings for toasted cheese sandwiches. So there could be no question of his intentions, Josh set two bowls and saucers on the kitchen table.

Megan stirred awake to find herself laying on her sofa and a man singing in her kitchen. Josh! Something smelled delicious and she was suddenly starved. Sneaking to the kitchen entrance, she watched him as he flipped a toasted cheese sandwich. He was incredibly handsome. "Hey sleepyhead," he said smiling at her and her heart skipped a beat. "Are you hungry," he asked. "VERY," she answered, and it wasn't just for the meal he'd prepared.

As weeks passed and Megan moved through her second month of pregnancy, she began to notice subtle changes. Her morning sickness faded but she was still sleepy alot of the time. Her normally B-cup breasts were extremely tender and a little swollen. At school, everyone accepted her pregnancy even though she really hadn't told anybody yet. She was certain that Josh had something to do with that.

In the wee hours of the morning, Megan woke up in the middle of a terribly erotic dream. She was making hungry, passionate love with---oh God, she was making love with Josh! Oh Lord, she was so aroused she could smell her own aroma. Reaching her hands under the baggy nightshirt she slept in, Megan began fondling her bare breasts until she was breathing fast and her nipples were rock hard. Moving a hand to the crotch of her moist panties, Megan squeezed her pussy and moaned with pure pleasure. Sliding her hand under the waistband, she began rubbing her pussy, making it wetter and wetter until finally she plunged two fingers deep inside. Oh God, Megan could feel it happening. OH JOSH, I'M CUMMING, she whispered as she had a thunderous orgasm.

By the beginning of her third month in July, Megan feared she was turning into a pregnant nymphomaniac. Dr. Young listened to her and broke out giggling. "Some women are sick for their entire pregnancies and some are, well, horny. Sex is perfectly normal and healthy for you now, Megan. You are doing a great---you've gained three pounds," Nora told her.

Josh had heard that pregnant women had a special glow, but he didn't believe it until he saw it with Megan. He loved watching her working with her little students. There was no doubt in his mind that she'd be a terrific mother, or that he was falling in love with her.

Suddenly Megan hit a stage where she never felt better in her life. She was three and a half months pregnant and at long last she was starting to show. Standing naked in front of her full length mirror, Megan cupped her hands over her enlarging breasts. Soon she'd need new bras. Moving them lower, she felt the slope of her thickening tummy which was still disguised in most of her clothes. She loved being pregnant!

Josh knew he should have gone to the Burger Barn instead of Adam's Ribs. The place was packed and a line was forming. He was about to leave when he heard his name and turned to see Megan waving at him from a half empty booth for two. "Thanks for inviting me to join you. I'm starving," Josh said. "Me too! I've been eating everything in sight laterly," she said smiling. God, she was lovely, Josh thought. "Guess the baby wants to start growing," he smiled back. "Believe me, this baby is growing," she exclamed but she looked like her normal self to Josh, except maybe she was a little bustier. But he didn't even want to start thinking about Megan's breasts.

When the waiter came to take their orders, Megan insisted they be put on the same bill to save time. "I still owe you for cooking for me," she told him. "OK, but only if you let me buy next time," Josh said hoping she would agree. When she smiled and said OK, he began figuring out how long he would wait before asking her out. They both ordered ribs and decided to share a large plate of French fries. Watching Megan eat ribs was one of the most sensual experiences in Josh's life. She moaned with pleasure with each bite and when he brushed her chin to wipe away a spot of barbeque sauce, her tongue touched his finger and he was instantly hard.

A week and a half later Megan was standing in front of her bedroom closet in just her bra and panties. There was no hiding her pregnancy now. At nearly four months, she was getting a belly. She was trying on clothes to see what still fit when the telephone rang. "Megan, this is Josh," his masculine voice said and she swore she could feel her nipples harden. "Hi Josh," Megan said trying to sound normal. "What are you doing Friday night? I still owe you a meal," he said. "I'd love to but.....but I can't," she told him. "Are you OK? Is it the baby," he asked worriedly and his concern touched her heart. "I'm fine. I just can't fit into any of my good clothes anymore," she said then started giggling at her own dilema. "We don't have to go anywhere fancy. We can go to the Burger Barn if you want to," Josh suggested. "OK, you have a date," Megan said hanging up and throwing herself onto the bed and hugging her pillow. She had a date with Josh Winters and she was getting more pregnant by the minute.

She was absolutely beautiful. When Josh picked up Megan on Friday night, she was wearing a pair of denim shorts that showed off her long, shapely legs; a light green pullover top couldn't hide her swelling waist and slightly larger breasts. She wore her long red hair down and her skin glowed with healthiness. Josh knew he was falling deeply in love with a pregnant woman.

Josh was glad he only had a two mile drive to the Burger Barn. Looking at Megan's legs was definately a distraction. He was helping her out of his SUV when her knit top rode up enough for Josh to see her denim shorts were unsnapped, the zipper was halfway down exposing a bright pair of pink panties and her swollen middle.

Watching Megan polish off her double cheeseburger with mushrooms, order of onion rings and a large chocolate shake, Josh couldn't help laughing. "What's so funny," she asked smiling back at him. "You. You're eating like a lumberjack," Josh said. "That's why I can't wear most of my clothes," Megan frowned.

"A good shopping trip will take care of that," he said. "I HATE to go shopping, especially alone," she told him. Josh didn't like shopping either, but the thought of spending a whole day with Megan was just too inviting. "I could go with you. We could make an adventure of it," he suggested. She looked surprised for a moment then her green eyes brightened and her smile widened. "OK, you're on," she said.

The next morning Megan still couldn't believe she was going to spend the whole day with Josh. But they were going to be buying clothes she would wear as her body took on the dimensions of a hippo. Drying off from her shower, Megan stood naked examining her nearly four months pregnant shape. Her breasts weren't nearly as tender as they were, but now they were almost C-cup. Her waist had thickened to where she couldn't fasten any of her pants anymore. She had to be crazy for going shopping with Josh.

It was all Josh could do to keep from showing up at Megan's doorstep at the crack of dawn. When she opened the door she was wearing a baggy yellow T-shirt and a light gray pair of shorts with a drawstring waist. "Are you sure you really want to do this," she asked. "YES! It will be lots of fun," he told her. Much to both their surprise, they had a terrific time. Josh was amazed that Megan needed clothes for the warmth of late summer and fall, and the cold of winter too. Casual things to wear around the house and dressier outfits for school. She looked so beautiful in everything.

Shopping was so much easier for Megan with Josh along. He helped her pick out slacks and skirts with elastic bands and drawstrings for her growing tummy. A few pair of maternity bibs that he said she looked cute in, and dresses and tops that made her feel beautiful. As much as she tried to deny it, she was falling in love with Josh Winters.

Megan and the clerk were picking out support stockings for her long, shapely legs. Next they moved on to larger bras for her swelling breasts, ones that hooked in the front, that could be used for nursing the baby. When they started talking about whether maternity bikini, thong, high thighed or regular maternity panties were best, Josh had to leave. He was so hard from thinking about how Megan would look wearing them.

Both of them had their arms full of shopping bags when Megan opened her front door. "Where do you want these," Josh asked. "Upstairs, I guess," she answered, leading the way to her bedroom. It wasn't until their arms were empty that they felt any awkwardness. "I had a great time spending your money," Josh smiled. "Me too," Megan giggled. She meant to kiss him on the cheek but somehow their lips met and they were kissing passionately. Reluctantly they parted. "That was nice," Megan said breathlessly. "It sure was. Want to do it again," Josh whispered in her ear. Before she could answer with words, they were in each other's arms and she melted into him. Her heart was pounding as Josh's tongue traced her lips and she opened them for him. Their tongues were touching, dancing as their hands learned each other's body. "You are so very beautiful, Megan Malone. I want to make love with you," he whispered.

"I'd like that too....but I'm...I'm PREGNANT," Megan said. "I kind of figured that out from all the maternity clothes we bought," Josh smiled, kissing her nose. "I'm not thin anymore! I'm getting a belly that's gonna get LOTS bigger. I'm...." she started. "You're BEAUTIFUL. You are the most beautiful woman I've ever met. If you're trying to convince me you're not, maybe this will change your mind," Josh said, taking her hand and moving it over his erection. "Oh Josh," she whispered longingly.

Together they laughed as they brushed the shopping bags off Megan's bed then met back in each other's arms. Megan's heart was pounding as Josh untied the drawstring on her shorts and pulled them down over her long legs. "Now it's your turn," he told her. Megan's hands were shaking as she loosened Josh's belt, unhooked his jeans and pulled them down around his still hard cock. Smiling shyly, she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off his shoulders. She couldn't believe she was really doing this---that she was going to make love with Josh. "It's your turn now," she told him.

Josh took ahold of the hem of Megan's yellow T-shirt and slowly pulled it up---first exposing her nearly four months pregnant belly then her overfilled bra. Sweeping her off her feet, Josh carried Megan to the bed, deposited her in the middle, then slipped off his briefs and followed her down. "Oh Josh! I know this sounds kind of crazy coming from a pregnant woman...but it's been a long time since I've done this," Megan whispered between kisses. "Don't worry Meggie, I would never, ever do anything to hurt you," he told her and she knew it was true.

Their bodies were entwined and Megan was lost in a sea of erotic sensations. Her bra was somewhere on the floor and Josh was kneading her swelling breasts with his big gentle hands. She couldn't help moaning with pleasure as her nipples hardened. When he began licking around them and stroking them with his tongue, Megan could feel her panties getting moist.

Josh was totally in awe of the pregnant woman laying under him. Her red hair was spread underneath her as she whimpered and moaned with pleasure. She was so responsive he wanted to take her right away but he wanted to give her all the loving he could muster. Megan had never felt so many wonderful sensations in all her life. She was so wet and the bed smelled with the aroma of their lovemaking. She felt Josh's hard cock pressing against her thigh and wrapped a hand around it. When she started stroking it, she heard his low groan.

"If you keep doing that, this is going to be over much too soon, Meggie," Josh said pulling away and positioning them so she was on her back and he was straddling her. He rubbed his big hands down her sides and then over her slightly rounded nearly four months pregnant belly. The firmness amazed him as did knowing there was a new life growing inside Megan. Placing his hands along the sides, he leaned over and kissed her belly. "Oh Josh." Megan whispered, her heart filled with love for this man. Then his hands moved lower to her inner thighs. When he began rubbing them Megan moaned with pleasure as she felt her orgasm building. He gently squeezed her pussy and suddenly it was cascading through her.

"Oh Josh! I want you so much! I want to feel you inside me," she exclamed breathlessly as she moved her bent knees wide apart. Her heart was pounding as Josh moved his muscular body between them. Timidly taking his hard cock in her hand, Megan guided it to her sopping wet pussy. It was all Josh could do to keep from plunging deep into her softness. But he had to be gentle for Megan and the baby. He eased the head of his hard cock into her then waited for her to adjust. "Are you all right, Meggie," he asked, kissing her cheek. "More, please," she smiled, wrinkling her nose as he slid deeper. She was SO TIGHT and felt SO GOOD.

Megan felt so full it was almost overwhelming. Slowly she began moving her hips and Josh began thrusting his hard cock in and out in an age-old rhythm. "OH GOD! OH JOSH! I THINK I'M GONNA....I'M GONNA CUMMMMM," Megan exclamed as a tremendous orgasm overpowered her and Josh sent his seed streaming into her pussy.

For a long time they lay there with Megan's back against Josh's chest and his arms around her swollen middle. "Are you OK," he asked kissing her neck. "If I was any better I'd be in heaven," she smiled. "I want us to build something together, Megan. To really get to know each other," Josh said. "What about the baby," she asked. "I can love anybody that's even a part of you," he answered as they kissed tenderly.

Over the next few weeks in August as Megan started her fourth month of pregnancy, she and Josh spent nearly every waking moment together. They talked about friends and family, their life experiences, likes and dislikes. She told him about her marriage to Tom and his illness. Somehow she didn't feel nearly as lonely with the baby coming and her budding love for Josh. The only dark spot on the horizon were the tests Dr. Young wanted to do to make sure the baby was OK, since she was older than most pregnant women.

Gradually the news got around town that the elementary school principal and the widowed but pregnant second grade teacher were an item. Judy Sechler, the school board president, found out when her son told her he'd delivered a pizza to Josh's house and Megan answered the door. Sam Fletcher knew something was going on when Josh brought back DVDs to his store that Megan had rented. But Josh and Megan were both so happy they didn't notice all the smiles they were getting.

Megan and Josh were cuddling on the sofa watching "Dirty Dancing" and munching popcorn when it happened. She felt a tiny flutter from deep inside her womb and went still. "Meggie, are you OK," Josh asked worriedly. "I'm....I'm WONDERFUL! I just felt the baby move," she said taking his hands and moving them to her bare hard rounded belly but the movements were too gentle for him to feel. "I'll still be here when he starts kicking," Josh said. "How do you know it's a boy," Megan asked. "Because that's what your husband would have wanted you to have," he answered. Megan was just so glad to have someone to share this special time with.

Bright summer sunshine was streaming through her open bedroom window when Megan woke with the need to pee. The baby was taking up more room inside her four and a half months pregnant body. Adjusting to her changing center of gravity, she got out of bed and hurried to the bathroom. Megan was soaping her swollen belly when the baby started fluttering. "Good morning, sleephead! It's about time you woke up," she told her passenger. "Today is a big day for the two of us." Megan was still worried about the amnio but Josh was right, Tom was in heaven watching over her and his baby.

After drying off, Megan admired her changing shape in the mirror. Her swollen breasts were true C-cups now and the rings around her nipples had become darker. Her four and a half months pregnant belly was rounding and there was a faint dark line running down the middle. "Oh baby, I just love what you're doing to me and I think Josh does too," she smiled.

Josh was at the elementary school checking over homeroom assignments for the tenth time. He glanced at the clock again. It was quarter to ten, almost time. "Doesn't Megan have a doctor's appointment today," Gloria, his secretary asked suddenly. "In a couple minutes," Josh answered. "Why aren't you with her," she asked. "Because she said she wanted to go alone," he said. "And you believed her? She probably just didn't want you to feel uncomfortable. Sometimes what a woman tells you isn't really what she wants," Gloria said as Josh hurried out the door.

Dr. Nora Young didn't know how much longer she could stall. Megan Malone was sitting in her waiting room looking nervous, alone and for the first time in Nora's presence, her pregnancy was showing under the orange and white striped maternity smock and loose waisted orange shorts she was wearing. At that moment, the man of the hour came rushing through the door. "Josh," Megan exclamed struggling to her feet. "I was afraid...I wasn't going to make it," he said getting his breath back as Megan kissed him longingly and Nora smiled.

An OB-GYN office was definately new territory for Josh. He watched as Dr. Young took Megan's blood pressure and tested her blood sugar level. He smiled as she wrinkled her pretty nose about stepping on the scales to be weighed. "You've gained about eight pounds, Megan. That's right where you're supposed to be," Nora told her. "How much will she gain before the baby is born," Josh asked curiously. "I'll be happy if she gains between 30 and 35 pounds," Nora answered. "I'll be HUGE," Megan exclamed.

"Now it's time for the fun part," Dr. Young said as Megan lay on the examining table and unbuttoned her maternity smock revealing her bare rounded belly. Both Josh and Megan were still as Nora moved the stethoscope listening piece until she found the baby. The look on Megan's face was pure bliss when she heard the heartbeat. "Would you like to listen," Nora asked Josh. It was the most amazing thing that he'd ever experienced. At that moment he knew that he would give his life top protect Megan's baby.

Megan was so glad that Josh was with her as Dr. Young smeared bluish gel over her belly then moved a small instrument over her smooth skin. "OK guys, look at the screen if you want to see what the baby is," Nora told them. Josh took her hand as they looked together. "Oh my God," Megan exclamed. "Congratulations Megan, you are going to have a baby boy," Nora said. "He's beautiful," Megan said, her voice filled with emotionas tears of joy streamed down her cheeks.

When it was time to do the amnio, Megan held onto Josh's hands tightly as Dr. Young monitored where the baby was then inserted a long needle that almost made Josh faint. "I have the lab ready to do a rush job, it should take a couple hours. I can give you a call," Nora said. "I'll give you my cell phone number," Josh said, "that way we won't have to wait by the phone."

They left the doctor's office holding hands. "Do you want to get something to eat," Josh asked. "I can't. I'm too nervous," Megan said. "How about a movie," he asked. "Can't concentrate," she said. "The baby's going to be perfect. I just know it. We could go back to my house and make love all afternoon," Josh said kissing her nose. "OK," Megan grinned.

Taking Megan's hand, Josh led her upstairs to his bedroom. They had done LOTS of cuddling and kissing but they hadn't had sex together since their first time. Taking her into his arms he kissed her with all the passion he was feeling. "You are so amazing, I love you Megan Malone," he finally said the words. "Oh Josh! I love you too," she exclamed.

Putting Megan at arms length, Josh began to unbutton her maternity smock. "You are SO beautiful, Meggie. You look like an orange creamcicle," he smiled then almost groaned when he saw her lacy pale orange bra. Josh rubbed his hands reverently over Megan's rounded four and a half months pregnant belly then moved his fingers under the elastic waistband of her orange maternity shorts and slid them down over her long, shapely legs. Just looking at her this way was making him hard. Megan wanted Josh so much that her hands were shaking as she unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it out of his pants and took it off him. Loosening his belt, she unsnapped his pants and started pulling them down, almost gasping when she revealed his hard cock. After he stepped out of his pants, Megan stood up and planted herself in Josh's strong arms and they were kissing passionately.

Megan wasn't sure how they ended up in Josh's bed, but they were there with their bodies entangled, making love in the middle of a hot August afternoon. Her hands roamed over his broad shoulders and washboard chest as Josh explored her back and slid his hands to her bottom. She felt Josh's hard cock pressing against her thigh. Timidly she touched it as Josh groaned. Wrapping her hand around it, she began rubbing it until Josh gently flipped her over onto her back as she giggled.

Josh thought that Megan looked like a goddess laying underneath him. Her breasts were big enough to fill his hands now and she whimpered with pleasure as he fondled them. "So lovely," he whispered. "Don't get too used to them, mister. I'm baby enhanced," she smiled. Soon she was breathing faster and her nipples were bullet-hard. Josh ran his tongue around the dark circles then across her nipples as she arched toward him. He smiled when he began to smell her aroma faintly. Taking a breast in his mouth, he ran his tongue across her nipple again then took it between his teeth and scraped it. "OH! OH JOSH," Megan cried as she orgasmed.

Megan was lost in Josh's sweet lovemaking. Her eyes teared up when he cradled her rounded belly and kissed her unborn son. Josh's hands moved lower and she sighed as she opened her knees for him. Then she felt it, something she'd never experienced before. Josh's head was at her wet crotch and his tongue was licking her pussy lips again and again as she bucked her hips to get closer to him. "OH JOSH, THAT FEELS SO GOOD! I LOVE YOU JOSH," she moaned. Then he plunged his tongue into her dripping pussy. "OOOHHH, I'M CUMMMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG," she exclamed as she had her second orgasm.

Josh couldn't wait one second longer, he had to get inside Megan. Once he was sure she had recovered he moved between her sexy knees and gently entered her as her pussy muscles tightened around his thick cock. He began plunging in and out and she quickly matched his rhythm with her hips. "I love you, Meggie Malone," he told her. "Me too. OH GOD. YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN," she moaned and as her orgasm hit, Josh flooded her with is sperm.

Josh was holding a sleeping Megan in his arms when his cell phone rang. "Sweetheart, it's Dr. Young," he said, putting the phone in her shaking hand and then holding her tightly. "Oh thank you! Thank you," she exclamed and Josh breathed a giant sigh of relief. He loved this baby already even though it wasn't born yet, even though it wasn't his. "Oh Josh! He's perfect," Megan said joyously. She was so glad she had him to share things with. God, she was in love with him! "Are you hungry," Josh asked, rubbing her bare belly. "I'm STARVED," she exclamed. "I'll go make us supper. You can rest for awhile," he said, sliding out of bed and putting on a pair of shorts.

Megan didn't want to rest anymore, she was too happy and excited for that. She should have been sore too, she'd had more orgasms in one afternoon than she'd had in her life, but she wasn't. Wrapping a sheet around herself, she went to the bathroom to take a shower. The baby was moving all over the place as she dried off her four and a half months pregnant body. "Hi my precious baby boy," Megan told her passenger. She stopped to look at herself in the mirror. She looked like a woman who had just made love for hours. She shouldn't have felt sexy---her breasts were finally something to talk about, but she definately had a belly now. Yet Josh made her feel VERY sexy. Slipping one of Josh's white dress shirts over her naked body, she went to find him.

Josh had just put the steaks, baked potatoes and toss salad on the table when Megan came padding into the room barefooted. She was wearing one of his shirts that reached about halfway down her thighs, and upon closer inspection, nothing else. He could clearly see the dark rings around her hard nipples, her swollen belly and the patch of red hair above her pussy through the white material. He'd never thought of pregnant women as being sexy, but Megan sure was. Even though they'd made love for hours he was getting hard again.

School was back in session as Megan began her fifth month of pregnancy in September. She'd decided to teach until Thanksgiving before going on maternity leave. She'd sent letters home to all the parents of her new students telling them to expect some pregnancy questions. All the kids were excited and wanted to touch her tummy to feel her unborn son move.

Nora Young wasn't surprised when Josh came along with Megan for her fifth month checkup, or that they were holding hands and looking dreamy-eyed at each other. Everybody in town was watching their romance which was growing at almost the same pace as Megan's tummy. Megan's self-esteem had increased so much under Josh's loving that she didn't mind stepping on the scales. "You've gained 11 and a half pounds. That's right where you should be," Dr. Young told her. "You should work some exercise into your routine, too. Walking is good. And unless I tell you to stop, you can keep making love until you go into labor," she said as Megan blushed and Josh smiled.

A week later Megan was giving a reading lesson when suddenly her unborn son gave a sharp kick and she stopped in mid-sentence. "Are you OK, Ms. Malone," her second graders asked worriedly. "I'm fine. The baby just kicked me hard and I wasn't ready for it," she smiled and soon she had two dozen pair of hands on her rounded belly. Now she could hardly wait to introduce the baby to Josh.

By the time he got to Megan's house from his meeting at the school district office, she had supper started. She was at the stove stirring a pan of spaghetti sauce, dressed in a pair of blue maternity shorts and an old T-shirt that didn't quite reach over her rounded five and a half months pregnant belly. Her long red hair was pulled into a ponytail and she had bare feet. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he wanted to come home to this every day for the rest of his life.

Megan's face lit up and she smiled when Josh came in the kitchen as he loosened his tie. "Have a rough day," she asked. "I HATE meetings," he exclamed. "Are you hungry," she questioned. "VERY! For YOU," he answered, turning off the burner and then taking her into his strong arms and kissing her passionately. "What's gotten into you," Megan asked when she got her breath back. "YOU. I LOVE YOU," Josh answered as he was working at getting her out of her maternity shorts. Then he scooped her up into his arms and headed for her sofa. "JOSH! What if somebody comes," she giggled. "Oh you are definately going to cum," he said lowering her onto the cushions and stripping off his clothes.

Their bodies were entwined as he pressed her into the soft cushions. Megan moved her hands over his strong body as they kissed and their tongues danced. Josh paused just long enough to pull off her T-shirt as she giggled. Her heart lept with joy at how much this man wanted her. Josh reached behing her back, unhooked Megan's bra and tossed it onto the carpet with the rest of their clothes. "SO BEAUTIFUL," he said in awe as he cupped her milk-filled breasts with his big hands and she whimpered. Soon her nipples were hard and she could feel herself getting wet.

Josh loved exploring Megan's changing body. Her breasts were the same but her five and a half months pregnant belly had grown, become rounder. He was rubbing his hands over its smooth, firm surface when suddenly it moved. "Is that what I think it is," he asked in a whisper. Megan nodded. "Hi little guy. It's nice to meet you," he said leaning over and kissing Megan's bulging belly.

Josh's hands were rubbing her inner thighs, closer and closer to her pussy as the baby continued to move in her belly. "OH JOSH! YOU'RE MAKING ME SOOOOOO WET! I WANT TO FEEL YOU INSIDE ME," she told him then lifted her bottom off the cushions so he could pull down her drenched maternity panties. Josh moved between Megan's knees and she guided his hard cock to her dripping pussy lips. He pushed the head in slowly then smiled as she bucked her hips for more. She was so tight her pussy fit his cock like a glove. Soon they were moaning and groaning as they made earthshattering love. "OH JOSH! I'M GONNA CUM," she shouted as an orgasm overpowered her and he blasted his load into her already occupied womb.

After they showered together and filled themselves with spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread, they enjoyed the front porch swing with Megan laying across Josh's lap. "I'm too satisfied to move," she moaned. "Well, here's somebody who's moving," Josh smiled as the baby kicked inside Megan's belly. "He is so amazing."

Megan was almost six months pregnant when the Sandy Bridge Elementary School PTO held its Fall Festival at the end of September. Josh found himself perched over a dunk tank where everyone in town was paying to try to get him soaked. But that was OK because he could keep an eye on Megan. She was wearing maternity blue jeans and a pink top that no longer hid her rounded belly. Her long red hair was pulled into a ponytail and she was smiling as she painted designs on the kids' cheeks. Just thinking about her made him hard. It was a good thing he was going to be spending half the day in cold water.

The baby was kicking away as Megan painted her hundredth smiley face on a chubby little cheek. She couldn't resist moving a hand to her rounded tummy. "You sure do look happy, Megan. You're glowing," Tina Sanders, the elementary art teacher said. "I LOVE being pregnant," she answered. "I was talking about Josh too," Tina added. "When Tom died I didn't think I'd ever love again, but now I DO. I LOVE JOSH," she answered.

Josh was still cold and he knew that Megan had to be tired when they got back to his house. He scooped her into his strong arms as she giggled. "Where are you taking me," she asked as he started up the steps. "I'll give you one guess," he said kissing her nose. As soon as Josh put her down she was in his arms and they were kissing---a slow, passionate, breath-taking kiss. Then he was slipping down her maternity jeans and she was undressing him too. "I need you to warm me up," he smiled. "Usually you do that by putting on clothes, not taking them off," Megan giggled.

They lay like spoons with Megan's curving back against Josh's chest. His chin was on her shoulder and he kissed her neck as she smiled. Josh's arms were wrapped around her with his hands on her rounded nearly six months pregnant belly as her unborn baby turned and kicked. "He is so amazing. Just like his mommy," Josh whispered. "I love having him inside me, and you holding me like this, and I LOVE YOU, Josh Winters," she said as they drifted off to sleep.

Fall was in the air as Megan started her sixth month of pregnancy in October. She and Josh were living together, spending weekdays at her house and weekends at his. Everyone in town knew they were a couple but he was an elementary school principal and she was a teacher and appearances had to be maintained.

When they were at Megan's house they shared cooking duties and she was amazed at how good he was at it. They worked around the kitchen table as Megan graded papers and Josh went over reports. Later they cuddled on the sofa and munched on popcorn as the baby moved inside her. Megan loved the weekends they spent at Josh's house. They watched DVDs on Friday night until they felt the desire to go to bed and make passionate love. On Saturdays they went shopping or to arts and crafts shows, or just hiking to enjoy nature. Saturday nights they made love for hours then slept in late on Sunday with Josh bringing them breakfast in bed.

Josh was already at school when Megan woke up on the morning of her six month checkup. A substitute would teach her second graders and Josh would meet her at Dr. Young's office. Still half asleep, she moved a hand to her firm, rounded belly and smiled---knowing that everything she was experiencing wasn't a wonderful dream. The baby stirred awake while Megan was under the warm water of the shower, turning and poking her with tiny knees and elbows. She never dreamed she could love anyone as much as she loved her unborn baby---and Josh too.

Megan needed a second towel to dry off her six months pregnant body. She couldn't resist pausing to examine how her 40-year-old body had changed in the last few months. Her breasts were plump and filled with milk, her aerolas and nipples were dark. Her well-rounded belly was enlarging rapidly and was firm and smooth. The line running down the middle was darker and her hips were getting wider to support all the weight she was gaining.

Still naked as a jaybird, Megan padded back to the bedroom and gathered up clean clothes. Her breasts were still a little tender and her nursing bra, two cup sizes larger than her normal B-cups, felt great. Stepping into a pair of lacy white maternity panties, Megan slid them up over her shapely legs and around her swollen tummy. Since she knew she'd have to partly undress at her doctor's appointment, she put on flowered capri pants with a purple knit top that clung to her big swollen belly.

Josh was so worried that he'd miss something that he got to Nora Young's office before Megan. "I was hoping I'd have a minute alone with you, Josh. I have something for you," she said handing a booklet to him. Josh glanced at it. SEXUAL POSITIONS FOR LATE PREGNANCY. Before he could look at the pictures Megan came into the waiting room and smiled at him. God, she was lovely. With her long red hair pinned up and wearing cute flowered pants that went up to her ankles and a purple sweater clinging to her six months pregnant belly, there was no way she looked 40.

The only reluctant part of her examination was stepping on the scales. "You've gained 14 pounds, Megan. That's great for a first-time mom. You'll probably gain 10 pounds in the next month," Dr. Young told her. "I'm going to start looking like a hippo before too long," she exclaimed, not seeing the look that Nora threw to Josh.
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Megan lay on the examining table with her knit top pulled up over her swollen six months pregnant belly. Josh watched as Dr. Young moved her skilled hands and then the stethoscope over it. "This sounds like one healthy baby," she said and he watched as Megan's smile brightened the room as she listened to her unborn son. "Your turn," Dr. Young said to Josh. He was amazed. The baby sounded so much stronger than before and he realized he was falling in love with this unborn baby as well as its mother.

An hour later Josh and Megan were at the local Chinese restaurant as he watched her eat a plate of sweet and sour pork, using her chopsticks with amazing skill. "I had such a craving for Chinese," Megan said between bites. Her pregnancy had only made her more lovely to Josh. "You know what they say, you'll be hungry again in 10 minutes," he smiled. "That's a pretty safe bet right now," she giggled. "What do you want for dessert," he asked. "YOU," she said wrinkling her nose.

Hand in hand they went up the steps to Megan's bedroom. Standing beside the bed, Josh took her in his arms and kissed her thoroughly. When she felt Josh's tongue pressing against her lips, she opened her mouth to him and the kiss grew even more intense as their tongues danced. Megan was still getting her breath back and her unborn son was kicking as she undid Josh's belt, unfastened his pants and pulled down the zipper. She smiled as she cupped his erection with her hand causing Josh to moan. It made her feel wonderfully sexy to arouse Josh even though she was six months pregnant.

"One of us is definately overdressed," Josh said as he pulled Megan's purple knit top over her head revealing her white lace maternity bra. Slowly he untied the drawstring holding up her cute flowered maternity pants then slid them down her long, shapely legs. When he saw the matching lace panties he got even harder. Placing his hands on Megan's smooth rounded belly, he felt a ripple of movement from her womb---and kissed the spot. Megan loved Josh so much that it literally made her knees weak. He scooped her into his arms then deposited her gently in the middle of the bed. They were kissing passionately, their bodies pressed together as the baby kicked between them. Reaching under Megan's shoulder blades, Josh unhooked her bra and gently removed it.

Josh never considered himself a breast man, but Megan's were becoming magnificient. They had filled with milk until they were nearly D-cup in size and the rings around her long nipples were a rich chocolate brown. Taking them in his hands, he began fondling them as Megan whimpered with pleasure. "Oh Josh! That feels SOOOO good," Megan exclamed as Josh rubbed his tongue over her hard erect nipples. Then he was sliding his hands to her swollen six months pregnant belly. "I'm getting fat," she complained. "The only thing you're getting is more beautiful," he told her, kissing her tummy.

Megan was lost in a sea of erotic sensations as Josh touched her six months pregnant body everywhere. He touched her knee and she moved them apart. Then he was rubbing his big hands over her inner thighs, closer and closer to her pregnant pussy. Megan was breathing faster as she felt it starting to happen. "Oh Josh! You're making me SOOOO WET," she told him excitedly. "I think I better see for myself," he smiled as he moved a hand to the crotch of her white lacy panties and gently squeezed as Megan shuddered with her first orgasm.

Still getting her breath back, Megan lifted her bottom off the sheet long enough for Josh to pull down her soaked maternity panties. She hoped he would make love to her the way he had before and smiled when she felt his tongue moving up and down her pussy lips. "God Meggie, you taste like champagne," he told her. Then Josh pushed his tongue into her wet pussy and when it touched her swollen clit Megan orgasmed again. The baby was turning and kicking inside her six months pregnant belly as Megan got her breath back. Josh's hard cock was pressing against her leg and he groaned as she cradled it in her hand. "I want to feel you inside me so much," she whispered as she moved apart her bent knees invitingly.

Josh was sure he'd explode if he didn't get inside Megan soon. He moved his body between her knees as she guided his cock to her dripping pussy. He was extra careful not to put his weight on her bulging belly as he slid inside her and her pussy muscles tightened around his cock. Megan loved feeling Josh inside her, she was so aroused even though she'd already had a pair of orgasms. She began moving her hips as Josh picked up the rhythm. In and out....deeper and deeper. "OH JOSH....I'M GOING TO CUM," she exclamed as her third orgasm hit.

Megan's appetite was suddenly ravenous. She did her best to eat good things for her unborn son but whenever she got a craving for something, Josh went to get it for her. With each passing day, Megan found it harder to imagine a life without Josh in it. Soon her pregnant belly grew rounder and heavier and all her curves became softer. Josh thought she looked stunning. She usually took a nap after school while he prepared supper. Before the fall evenings got dark, they'd go for a walk but Megan could never make it past Donna Drake's bakery without stopping for a treat. "I'm going to weigh 300 pounds before this pregnancy is over," she sighed as she took a bite of brownie. "I know a great way to work off some calories," Josh smiled as he took her hand and they headed back to her house.

Kicking off their shoes, Megan and Josh headed straight up the steps to their bedroom where they quickly undressed, but then slowed things down. "We always do this so fast. I want to make love with you for hours," Josh said as he took her in his arms and kissed her longingly. Megan's six and a half months pregnant body was a boneless puddle of erotic sensations. Josh was making love to every inch of her body and now she had LOTS of inches. His hands were fondling her breasts which were now so full of milk for her unborn son that they were now D cups.

Josh couldn't get enough of Megan's pregnancy enhanced breasts. He began licking around her rich brown aerolas as she moaned with pleasure. When he rubbed his tongue over her rock-hard nipples he felt her body start to stiffen as she moved her knees apart. Taking a nipple between his teeth, Josh scraped it as he felt Megan shudder.

Megan felt herself going over the edge. "Oh Josh! I'm gonna cum," she exclamed as her orgasm overpowered her and her pussy was drenched and the bedroom filled with her aroma. "Make love to me, sweetheart! I want to feel you inside me," she whispered when she got her breath back. "In time, Meggie my love, in time," Josh said as he turned his attention to her six and a half months pregnant belly. He was amazed how firm and smooth it was. He pressed his fingers against the side and was rewarded with three solid kicks that made him smile. "I think he likes this," Josh laughed. "I know his mommy sure does," Megan moaned as he moved his hands even lower on her six and a half months pregnant body.

Josh's big hands were rubbing her smooth inner thighs as Megan whimpered with pleasure. She never knew that making love could be so wonderful, and she was amazed that she'd discovered it while she was pregnant. "Oh Josh! I'm SOOO wet! Make love to me," she moaned as she moved her bent knees apart. Josh gathered up Megan in his strong arms and laid her gently in her side so her rounded pregnant belly was supported by the mattress. Touching her opening, he found her wet and ready then moved his hard cock to enter her.

"MMMM. You've learned something new. I'm VERY impressed," Megan smiled. "Dr. Young gave me a booklet with positions that will be easier for you and better for the little guy," Josh told her as he pushed his cock deep into her. "OH JOSH! That feels WONDERFUL! Remind me to thank her." Megan exclamed as she felt herself about to orgasm again.

Megan was almost seven months pregnant when she and Josh started natural childbirth classes. It was a little earlier than usual but Dr. Young was being overly cautious since Megan was over 40 and it was considered a high risk pregnancy. By the time she got home from school her back was aching and she was exhausted. Climbing the stairs slowly to the bedroom she shared with Josh, she kicked off her flat shoes, slipped out of her maternity dress until she was just in her bra and panties then lay down resting her big bulging belly against the mattress with a quilt pulled up to her neck.

The house was quiet when Josh got home from a meeting but he knew he wasn't alone. After gathering the ingredients to make chili, he snuck upstairs and looked in on Megan who was sound asleep. Being pregnant was hard work and it was getting more difficult as the baby grew larger inside her body. At that moment Josh felt an overwhelming love for both mother and child. About an hour later when supper was ready, Josh sat down on the edge of the bed, pulled back the quilt and kissed Megan awake. "MMMM, you taste good," she yawned. "Supper is ready. I made chili and cornbread," Josh told her. "YUM!! I'm STARVED," she exclamed pushing away the quilt.

Josh was totally amazed by Megans nearly seven months shape. Her breasts were so filled with milk they were magnificient. Her big bulging belly had grown so much in the past few weeks yet she never looked more beautiful. The line running down the middle was getting darker and her belly button was flattening out. Josh placed a hand on each side of her belly and felt the baby thumping way. Megan moved her knees apart invitingly and he rubbed the croch of her cotton maternity panties until he heard her breathing quicken. "We better not get started, supper will be cold and we'll miss childbirth class," he said kissing her nose.

After supper, Megan took a nice hot shower hoping it would make her backache go away and make her smell a little better. From the booklets Dr. Young had given her, she knew that all pregnant women sweated a lot. She needed all of two towels to dry off her nearly seven months pregnant body. She wondered if she'd ever get used to there being so much of her. Padding naked back to the bedroom, Megan sat on the edge of her bed then bent over her tremendous tummy to blindly fish her bare feet through the leg holes of her high thigh maternity panties. Couples were supposed to dress casual for the childbirth class, so she pulled a pair of light gray leggings up over her still slender long legs. Lifting her heavy breasts into a bra that hooked in the front, she pulled a dark blue sweater over her head that clung to the rounded shape of her belly. She didn't know why other pregnant women tried to hide their bellies under baggy clothes, she was proud of her condition and liked showing it off.

There were seven other couples in the natural childbirth class. Megan was happy to be around other women who had pretty much the same shape as she did and their common condition made them fast friends. Josh was curious to see if the other men thought their mates were as sexy as he thought Megan was. He was sure that everyone there thought Megan was his wife and the baby was his and that was fine because if he had his way it would soon be a reality. After the introductions, the instructor outlined what they would be learning and they watched a video of an actual birth that left Josh shaken. He knew Megan was the strongest person he'd ever known but he didn't know if he could watch her go through delivering the baby without fainting himself.

When they took a break all the women hurried off to pee while the men gathered in their own huddle. They were all complaining about mood swings and extra pounds and lack of sex while he couldn't identify with any of that. When Megan came back into the room his eyes were instantly drawn to her. She was wearing leggings that clung to her long, shapely legs and the blue sweater did nothing to hide her ample milk-filled breasts and the large mound of her unborn son. Her long red hair was pulled into a ponytail and her skin shone with healthiness. While the other pregnant women in the class seemed to be lumbering, Megan moved with a graceful flow. When she saw him looking at her she smiled at him and his heart skipped a beat. She was absolutely beautiful.

During the second part of the class, the couples practiced breathing exercises they would use during labor. Megan sat on the mat-covered floor between Josh's legs as he wrapped his arms around her with his hands on her firm, well-rounded nearly seven months pregnant belly. The coach counted off the "contractions" while Megan huffed and puffed and Josh moved his one hand in a circular motion on her mound as the baby kicked away. But soon she was breathing in an entirely different way and she smiled when she felt his erection pressing against her butt. "I think we have some unfinished business at home, mister," she whispered in his ear as she smiled.

Josh was sure he was going to get a speeding ticket driving home and he was positive Megan was smiling all the way. He didn't even bother turning on the downstairs lights, he led her straight up the steps to their bedroom. Even at nearly seven months pregnant, Megan looked so damn sexy that Josh didn't know where to start undressing her. Taking ahold of the hem of her sweater, he slowly pulled it up over Megan's big bulging belly then her D-cup breasts and finally over her head. God, she was breathtaking. Unhooking the front of her bra, Josh freed her milk-filled breasts, placing his hands under them to feel their weight as she whimpered with pleasure. Kneeling down, he slipped his fingers under the stretched waistband of her gray leggings and slowly tugged them down over her belly, revealing her skimpy maternity panties. This time it was he that moaned. Pullling them over her smooth, shapely legs, Josh's cock was so hard he was in pain.

Megan wasn't sure how they ended up in bed, she was too wrapped up in Josh's passionate lovemaking. He was kissing her neck as his big hands fondled her plump milk-filled breasts. Soon she was breathing hard and her nipples were hard as bullets. Josh's rough tongue was licking across them sending little jolts of sexual energy to her pussy making her wetter and wetter. His hands slid lower to her rapidly enlarging nearly seven months pregnant stomach. "You're so beautiful baby," he said as he kissed it, then his tongue was following the dark line down to her flattening belly button as a powerful orgasm coursed through her as she screamed with pleasure.

Moving his head to Megan's pregnant pussy, Josh began licking up her sweet juices as she writhed with pleasure. "JOSH....JOSH....NOW! MAKE LOVE TO ME NOW," she panted as she struggled to roll over onto her side with her tremendous tummy resting against the mattress then lifted her leg high giving him access to her dripping pussy. "I've been looking at your book," Megan smiled as he moved his hard cock to her opening and pushed it deep into her. She was so tight and her body so responsive as he pushed his tool in and out...deeper and deeper until they both orgasmed then fell back across the bed in each other's arms.

Winter weather started to arrive in November as Megan started her seventh month of pregnancy. Josh was already at the elementary school when the strong kicks and jabs of her unborn son woke her up. She had an appointment with Dr. Young at 10 so the substitute who would take over her class when she went on maternity leave was teaching her second graders. Moving her hands to her mammoth mound, she rubbed her hands over her smooth skin, feeling the faint jagged marks on the sides under her smoothed over belly button for the first time. Then her unborn son woke up with a volley of kicks and sharp turns. She just LOVED being pregnant! "I guess we can't stay in bed all day....and getting up isn't going to be easy without your daddy around to help us," Megan told her passenger, then realized her words. Even though Josh wasn't this baby's biological father, he was going to be the man in her son's life, and the man in her bed and her heart.

Pushing away the warm quilt, Megan groaned with the effort as she moved her gravid body across the bed, the weight of her unborn baby holding her down like an anchor. By the time she got her breath back, she realized she had another problem---she really had to pee. Pressing her hands against the sheet, Megan grunted as she pushed her big seven months pregnant belly outward and struggled to her feet. Cupping a hand over her crotch, she waddled hurriedly to the bathroom to empty her shrinking bladder.

It took Megan all of two giant bath towels to dry off from her shower. She couldn't resist the opportunity to closely examine how her 40-year-old body had changed in the last few months. Her face looked a little puffier and all her curves were rounder and softer. Her normally unspectacular breasts were now plump and so full of milk she could see blue veins in them and the rings around her nipples were rich chocolate in color. They were so sensitive now and Josh knew just what to do to drive her into a sexual frenzy. Just below them, her tremendous tummy began rounding outward. She never dreamed there would be so much of her. Her belly was smooth and firm with a dark line running down the middle to her flattened belly button. Her hips seemed wider and firmer to support all the pregnancy weight she had gained.

Totally naked, Megan streaked back to her bedroom and gathered clean clothes to get dressed. Lowering her heavy body to the edge of the bed, she leaned over her big bulging belly and blindly fished her feet through the leg holes of her panties and maternity jeans then put on purple knee socks all the while the baby thumped away. Standing up, she stretched the waistbands over her pregnant shape then lifted her heavy breasts into the cups of her maternity bra and pulled on a colorful warm knit sweater.

Josh was already at Dr. Young's office waiting when Megan arrived. Even at seven months pregnant, she was so beautiful that she took his breath away every time he saw her. And when she saw him and smiled her shy smile, his heart was lost. He smiled at her reluctance to step onto the scales. "You've gained 25 pounds, Megan. That's great for a first time mom," Dr. Young told her. "That's a whole sack of potatoes," Megan groaned as he helped her get onto the examining table. "You're the sexiest sack of potatoes I've ever seen," he whispered in her ear. "Thanks, mister. There will be a reward for you when you get home and it won't be a baked potato," she wrinkled her nose.

Nora Young smiled to herself as she watched the interaction between the two lovebirds. As she moved her hands and then the stethoscope over Megan's well-rounded stomach, she wondered how long it would be before she heard wedding bells. "Everything sounds great, guys. Want to have listen," she asked as Megan jumped at the chance. "Oh my God! It sounds so much stronger," she exclamed. Josh thought so too, but nothing prepared him for when Dr. Young did another ultrasound. "He's SO BIG! He looks like a real baby," he marveled. "No wonder I'm huge," Megan smiled, feeling better about her very pregnant shape.

Moving through her seventh month, Megan felt herself slowing down. It was getting harder to get up every morning after not being able to sleep much because her unborn son seemed to think that her resting time was HIS play time. And every time she was nearly asleep, she realized that she had to pee and she woke Josh too to help her out of bed. At school, she couldn't just get up to get what she wanted and lowering her heavy pregnant body to the level of her second graders was increasingly difficult. The baby was constantly kicking and when she moved a hand to her swollen stomach to feel it, she always had several pairs of little hands who wanted to feel the baby move too. As much as Megan loved teaching, she was glad her maternity leave was approaching soon.

Natural childbirth class left Josh shaken. They watched several videos of actual births and the thought of Megan having to go through that to deliver the little guy scared him to death. Megan put up a good front but he knew she was afraid too. It was a little better when they visited labor and delivery at the hospital and got a chance to look at all the babies in the nursery. "I can't believe they are all so tiny! How can THEY be so little and me be so HUGE," she exclamed. "You aren't huge, sweetheart. You fit just fine," Josh said wrapping his arms around her. "That's because you have very long arms," she giggled.

On their way home the couple stopped at the Burger Barn where they didn't even have to order. Megan was becoming legendary for being able to down a double mushroom burger and large order of onion rings. "Oh I'm stuffed! Why do you let me feed my face like that," Megan growned when they got back to the house. "And just how do you suggest that I'd stop you," he laughed. "You have a point," she laughed patting her mammoth mound. "I know a way we can work off some of the calories and work on your muscle tone at the same time," Josh said taking her in his strong arms. "How can you even look at me! I look like a hippo," Megan exclamed. "You are the most beautiful women I've ever known," he said pulling her even tighter against his erection.

Hand in hand they went upstairs to their bedroom where they were kissing passionately. Josh rubbed his hands over Megan's curved back and cute bottom, pressing her mammoth mound even closer to his chest. Holding her at arms length, he unbottoned her maternity smock and took it off. At nearly eight months pregnant her mammoth mound was impressive and so were her D-cup breasts as he unfastened her bra. Untying the drawstring on her maternity pants, he loosened them then slid them down over her shapely legs so she could step out of them and her panties. God she was lovely.

Megan lay in bed giggling as Josh frantically undressed. Seeing what she did to him made her feel extremely sexy even though she was almost eight months pregnant. When she was in his arms again they were kissing longingly as Josh moved his hands over her smooth skin. He was kneading her D-cup breasts causing her nipples to stiffen and her breathing to become faster. "So beautiful," he whispered as he moved her tongue over her nipples and Megan whimpered with sexual excitement. "Do you know what the other women at childbirth class call this," she asked breathlessly. "What," Josh asked, kissing her nose. "BABY DANCING," she answered as she giggled.

Josh was fascinated by Megan's mammoth mound. Is was now so big it amazed him that she keep doing the things she'd normally do. He ran his hands over the sides feeling how firm and smooth it was---and witnessing the strong kicks of the baby from inside. Now he could even see little bumps made by the baby's feet, knees and elbows. Josh ran his tongue down the dark line running down the middle of the tremendous tummy as he felt Megan's body shudder. Her belly button was starting out a little. Then he discovered the little jagged lines. "What are these," he asked. "Stretch marks....from the baby getting so big," Megan answered. "Do they hurt," he asked. "No....there's just kind of itchy....Dr. Young can give me something for them," she answered as his hands moved even lower.

Megan was in heaven as Josh's hands rubbed her inner thighs, closer and closer to her pregnant pussy. She was already so wet that she could smell her own aroma. Then Josh was between her legs and she felt his tongue going up and down her pussy lips. She just loved it when he made love to her this way.Soon she was writhing with sexual excitement holding Josh's head to her crotch. When he plunged a tongue into her dripping pussy and found her swollen clit, she screamed with pleasure as she had a toe curling orgasm.

At nearly eight months pregnant, Megan's belly was too large to make love the conventional way any longer. Josh took one of their pillows and placed in on the sheet so that when he helped her up onto her hands and knees, she could rest her belly against the pillow. Placing his body behind her, he reached around her, touching her breasts and tremendous tummy as she moved her knees even farther apart so he could rub her pussy. When he was sure she was ready, Josh pressed his hard cock against her pussy lips and gently pushed it deep into her as Megan moaned with pleasure. Soon she was rocking back and forth with his thrusts. When her orgasm hit, she screamed with pleasure as she collapsed onto the pillow as Josh sent wave after wave of manhood into her pregnant pussy.

On her last day of school before Thanksgiving vacation and her maternity leave started, the parents of Megan's second graders brought cupcakes and Kool Aid and her little students presented her with drawings of how they thought her baby would look. As much as she loved teaching, Megan knew she was on the verge of beginning a new and wonderful part of her life with a baby of her own and the man that she loved. Josh watched Megan from the doorway and smiled to himself as a terrific plan began to formulate in his head.

Beginning her eighth month of pregnancy at the beginning of December, it was the middle of the morning before the strong kicks of her unborn son woke her up to an empty bed. Well, her tremendous tummy was so big there wasn't THAT much room, and then there were her half dozen pillows so she could get comfortable. Come to think of it, it was a wonder there was any room in her bed for Josh at all. "Well, precious. We can't stay here all day cause you're mommy really has to pee," Megan told her passenger as he kicked stronger inside her.

Working her gravid body to the edge of the bed, Megan tipped herself over the edge catching herself with her knee. The baby was so heavy in her belly that getting out of bed was more like a circus act. Groaning as she struggled to stand, she waddled hurriedly to the bathroom where she peed a river. The warm water of the shower felt good on her aching back but her mammoth mound was so large that the water hit it and missed the front of her legs competely. She needed part of a third towel to dry off all the parts of her pregnant eight months pregnant body that she could still reach. When she was finished, she couldn't resist pausing to examine how her 40-year-old body has changed in the last few months.

Even though her face was a little puffier, her skin tone exuded healthiness and when Josh told her that she was the most beautiful woman in the world it made her pregnancy glow shine even more. Megan found that all of her curves were rounder as her body began storing fat to keep her strong during the rigors of nursing her baby, her butt was bigger than she remembered it ever being but Josh didn't seem to mind. Her normally B-cup breasts has increased two full cup sizes and were so teeming with milk for her unborn baby that she could see blue veins in them. The rings around her long nipples were rich chocolate and lately the insides of her bra cups were moist at night from leaking milk.

Between her heavy breasts, Megan's mammoth mound began rounding outward. She stood sideways with one hand on top of her big belly and the other underneath it marveling at just how much there was of it. The line running down the middle to her belly button, which was starting to push out, was even more defined as were the stretch marks. Megan knew she would have to get something from Dr. Young to keep them from getting any worse even though she was pretty sure that her bikini days were over. Her hips were wider and flatter to support all the pregnancy weight she'd gained and lately her feet and ankles swelled if she spent too much time on them.

Megan missed her second graders but there was so many things she wanted to get done before her son was born. She spent hours pouring through catalogs and looking on the internet for baby things and items for the nursery. The first weekend her maternity leave started, they had a bunch of friends over to the house to dismantle all of the furniture in the spare bedroom closest to theirs and get it ready to make a nursery. It warmed Megan's heart that Josh wouldn't let her lift a finger and he kept sending her secret looks that warmed other parts of her anatomy.

Snow was falling steadily outside her bedroom window as Megan started getting dressed for her eighth month checkup with Dr. Young. Sitting on the edge of her bed, her tremendous tummy reached almost halfway to her knees and her heavy milk-filled breasts hung as she blindly fished her feet through the leg holes of her cotton maternity pants and jeans. Struggling to stand, she stretched the elastic bands over her big bulging belly. Lifting her D-cup breasts into her bra she hooked it behind her curved back. Since it was bone chilling cold outside, she stretched a white turtleneck top over her gravid shape then added a warm red, white and green knit Christmas sweater.

School was already cancelled for the rest of the day by the time Josh met Megan for her appointment. He was reading a parenting magazine when Megan got there, her long red hair sticking out from under her stocking cap and her tremendous tummy. As soon as she was warmed up, Dr. Young had her on the scales. "You've gained 29 and a half pounds, Megan. You are doing great," Nora told her as she beamed. Next she lay on the examining table with her sweater and shirt pulled up bearing her mammoth mound as Dr Young listened to the baby and checked her position. "Everything is progressing just the way it's supposed to," the OB/GYN told them. "Do you have anything for stretch marks," Megan asked. "I'll give you some creme that will help," Dr. Young said.

Josh was in bed later that evening when Megan came padding in their bedroom holding the jar of moisturizer and wearing just her maternity panties. The sight of her bare milk-filled breasts and tremendous eight months pregnant belly was breathtaking. "Will you put some of this stuff on for me," she asked then lowered her heavy body to their bed. Using Megan's popping belly button for a nose, Josh put two big dabs of creme for the eyes, added a large curved streak for a mouth and then made a circle around her tremendous tummy. Megan moaned with pleasure as he rubbed the cool lotion onto the surface of her mammoth mound. "I think you should put some on my breasts too," she smiled and he groaned. "Only if you go Baby Dancing with me," he said kissing her nose. "I think that can be arranged, mister," Megan giggled.

After making passionate love, Josh and Megan lay like spoons with his arms wrapped around her tremendous tummy. "I don't know how you can even look at me! I feel like I belong in an Animal Planet show about whales," she moaned. "You are NOT a whale. You are the most beautful woman in the world," Josh said kissing her neck as the baby gave him some solid pokes. "See the little guy agrees," he added. "I know....I really do LOVE being pregnant. It's just that I'm HUGE. My back aches all the time and I have to pee every 15 minutes," Megan told him. "I know sweetheart, I admire you so much for what you're going through," Josh said, rubbing his hands over her mammoth mound. "It will all be over soon and you'll have a beautiful baby boy."

They decided to paint the nursery blue with colorful balloon appliques. Josh painted the high parts while Megan painted everything she could reach. She looked so adorable in her most battered pair of maternity shorts and one of his old sweatshirts that only reached to her popped out belly button, leaving several inches of bare pregnant belly exposed. She told him she didn't want to ruin a good maternity shirt which warmed his heart because he knew she was already thinking about getting pregnant again with his baby, even though he considered the one in her belly his as well. When they were done painting, Josh knew that Megan was exhausted. "You have a spot of paint on you," he told her. "Where," she asked. "Right there," Josh said taking his wet paint brush and touching her belly. "Oh, you're going to pay for that, mister," Megan exclamed.

Josh thought about making love to Megan in the shower, but at nearly eight and a half months pregnant, her mammoth mound was just too large for both of them to fit comfortably. When she stepped out from under the water, he was waiting there to dry her off. He patted her lovely face dry then moved on to her slender neck and shoulders, stopping to kiss them liberally. Her milk-filled breasts were magnificent. They were so full that he could see blue veins in them and the rings around her long nipples were rich brown. When Josh rubbed his thumbs over her nipples, Megan moaned and they hardened instantly. Then he realized his thumbs were wet while her breasts were dry. Sticking a thumb in his mouth, he tasted the sweetness. "Hey, you're taking milk from a baby, mister," Megan giggled.

Sliding his hands lower to her tremendous nearly eight and a half months pregnant tummy, Josh marveled at how smooth and firm it was. She was so full of baby! Taking the moisturizer in his hand, he rubbed it over the sides and then the base below her pushed out belly button where the stretch marks were. He dried off her hips which were wider and flatter to carry her pregnancy weight, then ran the towel over her slender, shapely legs. Even her feet were sexy. "Would you like to go Baby Dancing with me," she asked, wrinkling her nose. Josh took her hand and led her back to their bedroom where he let Megan undress him.

They were kissing passionately as Josh touched her gravid body everywhere. Megan moaned with pleasure as he fondled her D-cup breasts. They were so full of milk they ached. Maybe it would be a good idea if Josh....As if he could read her mind, he took one of her breasts in his mouth and ran his tongue over her hard nipple. The sensation of Josh suckling her breast sent a wave of sexual energy to her pregnant pussy that made her instantly wet. "So sweet.....just like you," Josh said giving her a wet kiss before changing breasts. His mouth slid from her breasts to where her mammoth mound began. As his hands moved over the firm, smooth surface he felt baby parts pushing against his hand from inside Megan's womb. "So amazing," he whispered in awe.

Josh's tongue was tracing the dark line down the middle of her tremendous tummy as she was so aroused she couldn't keep still. When he licked her pushed out belly button, Megan couldn't contain her orgasm any more and she groaned with pleasure. "Make love to me....I want to feel you inside me too," she panted when she got her breath back. Her eight and a half pregnant belly was so large that they could only do a few of the positions in the booklet Dr. Young had given them. With a great deal of laughter, Josh helped her up onto her hands and knees on the bed. Her stretched stomach was so big it touched the mattress and her heavy breasts hung swaying. Josh checked her pregnant pussy to make sure she was ready then placed his hands on her sexy ass and sunk his hard cock deep into her as she groaned with pleasure. Soon they were both moaning as they rocked back and forth. "Oh Josh! I'm gonna cum," Megan panted as a powerful orgasm ripped through her and her big belly suddenly tightened. "Sweetheart, are you OK," Josh asked worriedly. "I'm was just a Braxton Hicks...the baby's getting in some practice," she smiled.

They lay facing each other in the darkness, Megan's very pregnant body supported by a half dozen pillows. Josh couldn't resist moving his hands to her big bulging belly to feel the baby move. "I think he's telling us that we better get his nursery filled so he has someplace to sleep when he comes out of there. I think we better do some serious shopping," she moaned as she shifted her gravid body to find a more comfortable position. "I'm not supposed to say anything....but I think we can hold off on shopping. Our friends want to do something special for you and the baby, but that's all I'm saying...even if you torture it out of me," he said kissing her nose.

But there was one secret he was keeping from the love of his life. When the elementary school students held their Christmas program, they invited Megan to attend. She missed her little second graders and all of her teacher friends so much she was thrilled to go. Josh looked out at her sitting in the front row of the auditorium. She was wearing a festive green velvet maternity dress that did absolutely nothing to hide her mammoth mound and white stockings that showed off her terrific legs. Her long red hair was pulled up and her beautiful face shone with healthiness.

One by one the classes performed their Christmas songs and skits until Tina Sanders, the school's art teacher and one of Megan's best friends among the teacher's called her up to the stage. "We have a present for you, Megan. One I'm sure you will enjoy," she said as two of the other teacher's brought out a huge box. Megan opened it only to find another box, and then another one and another smaller one as the kids roared with laughter. When she got to the last box, she opened it and it was empty. "I think this is what's supposed to be there," Josh said joining her on stage and handing her a small velvet box. Her heart was beating frantically, the baby was hammering and tears of joy were streaming down her cheeks as she opened the box to find the most beautiful diamond ring she'd ever seen. "Will you marry me, Megan," Josh asked as he bent down before her. "SAY YES!" "SAY YES!" everyone was shouting at the too of their lungs. "Of course I'll marry you! I love you more than anything," Megan said as they embraced and kissed and everyone cheered.

News of the elementary school principal's and pregnant second grade teacher's engagement quickly spread through the closeknit community. When they went to Adam's Ribs to satisfy Megan's craving they were given the most romantic table in the restaurant and everybody wanted to congratulate them and see the engagement ring. Watching Megan eat her ribs always made Josh react the same way. "I think it's time to get you home and into bed," he told her. "But I feel great! I'm not even tired," she told him. "Who said anything about going to sleep," he smiled kissing her cheek.

Josh shouldn't have been nervous; he and Megan had been making love for months. But this was different, she was going to be his wife. His fingers were shaking as he undid the tiny buttons on her green velvet dress. Peeling it off her shoulders, he grinned when he saw her white bra and maternity panties covered with tiny Santa's and lots of mistletoe. "You aren't the only one full of surprises, mister," she said and soon they were making passionate love. Afterward, they lay cuddling in each other's arms, her tremendous tummy between them. "I have another surprise for you. I know what I want to name the baby....Thomas Joshua Winters," she told him. Josh didn't know what to say. He'd always assumed she was going to name the baby after its father and that it would have it's father's last name too. "You are going to be my husband....and the only father that this baby will ever know. I'll make sure he knows all about his biological father and I'll NEVER forget the gift that Tom gave me, but YOU are my baby's father," Megan told him as they kissed again.

"How soon can we get married," Josh asked as they enjoyed their closeness. "As soon as I'm thin enough to fit a swimsuit and enjoy our honeymoon. And that's not going to happen overnight," Megan told him. "I think you are the most beautiful woman in the world....but then I'm head-over-heels with you," he said kissing her nose. "Josh, when we get you think we can try to have another baby right away. I don't want TJ to be an only child...and I really want to have your baby inside me," she told him. "I'd love to have another baby with are one sexy mama," Josh answered and they were kissing again.

Megan and Josh spent their first Christmas together quietly, mostly because she was VERY pregnant and definately slowing down. Since Josh had over a week off, he could pamper her and do all the little things around the house that she couldn't do without getting fatigued. They went to the community Christmas service and smiled at all the crying babies that interrupted the minister's sermon. Driving around town, they looked at all the beautiful decorations until Megan realized she had to REALLY pee and made Josh speed to get her home before she wet her pants. Most of all, they felt a contentment that came from knowing they would be spending the rest of their lives together.
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Starting her ninth month of pregnancy at the beginning of January, Megan couldn't imagine how her tremendous tummy could get any bigger. Josh was already at school when the strong kicks of her unborn son woke her from a restless sleep that was interrupted many times to trek to the bathroom to pee. "I know....I want out of there," Megan told her passenger as she rubbed her hands over her firm well-rounded stretched stomach. But she couldn't stay in bed all day, she had a 10 A.M. appointment with Dr. Young who wanted to see her every week since she was considered a high risk pregnancy because of her age.

Pushing away her covers, Megan huffed and puffed with the effort as she moved her nine months pregnant body crossways on the bed with her bare feet on the floor and her bent knees wide apart. Pressing her hands against the sheet, she groaned with the effort as she pushed her tremendous tummy outward and struggled to her feet. Rubbing her aching curved back, Megan waddled hurriedly to the bathroom to pee. She felt so huge and ungainly that she didn't trust herself getting in and out of the shower so she filled the sink with warm soapy water and gave herself a handbath as her unborn son kicked strongly inside her.

Megan needed all of three towels to dry herself off, then she couldn't resist looking at her gravid 40-year-old body in the full-length mirror. Her normally tiny breasts were now DD and so teeming with milk for her unborn son that blue veins were clearly visible. Her nipples were longer and the rings around them were a rich chocolate color. Between them her mammoth mound began rounding outward. Megan just couldn't believe how much of her there really was. There was a dark line running down the middle of her firm, smooth stomach to her pushed out belly button. Despite the moisturizer Dr. Young had given her, there were a few jagged red stretch marks along the sides and at the base underneath her belly button. Her hips were wide and flat to support all the weight she had gained. Her curved back was always aching and pushed out her tremendous tummy even more.

Since no towel in the house would fit around her anymore, Megan waddled slowly back to the bedroom where she gathered up clean clothes and lowered her gravid body to the edge of the bed to get dressed. When she was sitting, Megan's nine months pregnant belly reached nearly to her knees and there was no way to move it out of the way. Bending over it as best she could. Megan fished her feet blindly through the leg holes of her cotton panties and maternity jeans then struggled to put on knee socks since it was freezing cold outside. 'Oh God,' she thought to herself, 'if I get any bigger Josh is going to have to help me get dressed before he goes to school!'

Struggling to her feet, Megan stretched the elastic waistbands up over her mammoth mound then buttoned on a red plaid flannel smock that barely fit around her nine months pregnant body. Waddling downstairs, she poured a glass of orange juice and took her prenatal vitamin as the baby kicked. "I think these suckers must be made by Miracle Grow the way you're making your mommy so gigantic," she told her passenger. She was just finishing a double chocolate muffin when Josh came in the door. He didn't like her driving anymore since she could hardly fit behind the steering wheel. "Are you ready to go," he asked, wiping chocolate off her face and kissing her nose. Megan looked down at her stocking feet. "You might as well get used to it, daddy. You're gonna be putting on LOTS of shoes in your future," Megan giggled, holding out her foot.

"OH MY! In medical terms, you look about ready to pop, Megan," Dr. Young giggled as she led her and Josh into the examining room. "Do I HAVE to do this? I feel like we should be using the one down at the feed mill," Megan complained as she stepped onto the scales. "You've gained 34 pounds, Megan. That's pretty darn good for a first time mom. I think you're baby is about done and you'll only gain a pound or two before he decides to come out," the OB/GYN told her. "THANK GOD," Megan exclamed.

Josh watched as Dr. Young moved her experienced hands and then the stethoscope over Megan's mammoth mound. "I feel like a beached whale," Megan moaned. "Maybe this will get you feeling better," Dr. Young said as she hooked the monitor to the speaker and they were listening to TJ's strong heartbeat. "Over the next few weeks the baby will start moving into position to be born. You'll notice that he won't be able to kick you up under your ribs anymore and you'll feel his weight low in your pelvis. They'll be a few other changes you'll notice right away but I'll let you discover them on your own," Dr. Young smiled.

The following weekend, Josh lured Megan over to his house so they could sort through stuff they wanted to keep and move back to Megan's house when they sold his. Meanwhile, all of their friends were back at Megan's house getting ready for a surprise baby shower. He did his best not to get her too tired but carrying around the baby was a real job since she was so close to delivering. "All I want to do is take off my shoes," Megan groaned as she went through the front door. "SURPRISE!!" everybody shouted and the baby shower was on. Megan had a wonderful time opening baby presents from all her friends. They'd given them everything they needed to fill the nursery but her mind couldn't help straying to Josh and wondering how he was doing with the guys. "We can't help noticing your like a fish out of water without we thought we'd turn this into a bit of a bridal shower too," Kristen Drake, one of her best teacher friends blushed as she handed Megan a small box. "OH MY.....I think he will definately like this...I just wish I didn't look like a whale," she told her friends.

There was a time when sitting around with a bunch of guys drinking a few beers and watching basketball was one of his favorite things. But all Josh could think of was Megan. He was totally in love with the woman. He found her in the nursery surrounded by a mountain of things for the baby. When she saw him, she flashed that little shy smile that always got to him. Gathering her up in his arms, Josh kissed Megan on her forehead, then her nose, and finally a breathtaking kiss on the lips. "What was that for," Megan asked dreamingly. "I missed you," Josh answered. "Me too. Are we silly in love or what," she giggled.

Josh was already in bed while Megan lingered in the bathroom. He was about to get up to make sure everything was OK when she opened the door slightly and stuck her head into the room. "The girls got something for you too. I hope you like it," she said stepping all the way into the room. Josh was speechless. Megan was wearing a black piece of lingerie he could see right though and she was beautiful. He'd heard the term "hugely pregnant" but he had no idea what it looked like until now. Megan's breasts had grown to DD proportions and were so filled with milk that it leaked out every time he fondled her breasts and played with her nipples. Between them, the top of her mammoth mound began and acted like a shelf for her heavy breasts. There was just so much of her. "Do you like," she asked nervously. "I love it.....I LOVE YOU," Josh answered. "You're not just saying that," she questioned as he pushed away the quilt to reveal is hard cock as she smiled wickedly and came to bed.

Megan sighed with pleasure as Josh kissed her so many times she lost count and touched her everywhere. And boy did she have a lot of EVERYWHERE! As much as she loved being pregnant and having TJ inside her, she was ready to have her old shape back even though Josh was doing amazing things with her gravid one. Megan whimpered as he fondled her heavy breasts, she hoped Josh wouldn't be disappointed when they went back to being normal size, then prayed they WOULD go back to being normal size, at least until she was pregnant again. Josh's tongue rubbed across her stiff nipples and she knew she was lactating as a bolt of sexual energy went through her nine months pregnant body making her wet in an entire different way. "You are so sweet," Josh whispered.

Josh marveled at the size and texture of Megan's mammoth mound. It was so firm yet her stretched skin was amazingly smooth except for at the sides and base of her big belly where there were a few jagged red stretch marks--battle scars from her nine months of pregnancy. With his hands along the sides of her stretched stomach and TJ kicking away inside, Josh traced the dark line running down the middle as Megan shuddered underneath him. When he licked her pushed out belly button she groaned with pleasure as an orgasm overpowered her. "Make love to me sweetheart! I want to feel you inside me too," she said panting to get her breath back. "Do you have any suggestions," Josh smiled. "I guess we have pretty much exhausted our options," Megan giggled. "I want to be on top."

Taking Josh's already hard cock in her hand, Megan began stroking it and gently squeezing his balls as he groaned with pleasure. It gave her such a sense of power that she could do this to him when she looked like a hippo...but she was such a horny hippo and loved what Josh was doing to her dripping pussy with his fingers. When they were both ready, Josh steadied Megan as she guided his throbbing cock to her pussy lips then slowly lowered her heavy pregnant body as his cock pushed deeper and deeper into her. Soon they were moaning with pleasure and grunting with the effort of pregnant sex as Megan worked faster and faster as the baby kicked strongly inside her tremendous tummy. "Oh God! I'm gonna cum! I'm CUUUMMMMIINNGGGG," she screamed as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure rode through her and Josh sent his manhood into her already occupied womb.

About a week later Megan noticed something was different as soon as she woke up. Her unborn son was kicking strongly but they were definately lower and she could take deeper breaths than before. Pushing away the covers, she groaned as she strained to move her heavy nearly nine and a half months pregnant body so she was laying across the mattress with her knees bent and her bare feet wide apart on the floor. She had to wait to get her breath back before she grunted with the effort as she struggled to her feet and waddled to the bathroom as she rubbed her already aching back and TJ thumped away inside her.

When Megan caught her reflection in the full-length bathroom mirror, she stopped in her tracks and moved her hands to her mammoth mound. "Oh my goodness," she said out loud, "this must be one of Dr. Young's surprises." Suddenly her big bulging belly wasn't rounded anymore, it just jutted outward as the baby had dropped into position to be born. TJ was so much lower than before and it made her feel like she was carrying an anchor against her pelvis. Later in the afternoon when Josh came home from school and saw her he couldn't believe it. Megan looked like she had swallowed a giant watermelon and her belly button was sticking out even farther.

"Oh Megan, you have DEFINATELY dropped," Dr. Young exclamed when she went back for her weekly checkup. Megan needed help to get up onto the examining table as her center of gravity and the weight of her belly were causing her bigtime problems. "Perfect!" the OB-GYN said. "Your baby is just where we want him to be and your cervix is starting to get thinner. Pretty soon this is going to be over and you're going to be able to hold TJ," Dr. Young told her. "He can pretty much come out any time he wants to. In the meantime, it will be no more least deep penetration. The other stuff is just fine."

As days passed both Megan and Josh were on edge. Everytime she had a Braxton Hicks contraction or felt something a little funny, she wondered if her labor was starting for real. At school, every time his phone rang, Josh feared it was Megan calling for him to come and get her and take her to the hospital. But Megan's due date came and went and TJ showed no signs of wanting to leave his warm coccoon. Dr. Young told Megan her unborn baby was fine, but if she didn't go into labor within a week she'd induce labor. "Give it a couple days and if nothing happens, I'm going to let you and Josh try to get something started," the OB/GYN told her.

A cold February wind was blowing outside her bedroom window when Megan woke up from a sleep interrupted by at least a dozen trips to the bathroom to pee, half of which woke up her unborn son causing him to hammer away inside her womb for hours. She was ready for this pregnancy to be over! Taking her tremendous oblong tummy in her hands, Megan groaned as she worked herself until she laying across the mattress on her curved back with her knees bent and her feet wide apart on the floor. Grunting with the effort, she pressed her hands against the sheet lifting her bottom off the mattess and pushing her big bulging belly outward as she struggled to stand. Rubbing her aching curved back, Megan waddled hurriedly to the bathroom to pee again.

She was much too big and clumsy to risk falling getting in and out of the shower, so Megan filled the basin with warm soapy water and gave herself a hand bath, at least the parts of herself that she could still reach. She needed all of three bath towels to dry off then she couldn't resist examining her ten months body in the full length mirror. Her face was a little puffier than normal and all of her curves were padded as nature prepared her body for the rigors of nursing the baby. The main instruments involved in that process were so filled with milk that they leaked into her bra cups. Between them her gigantic oblong stomach jutted outward, a dark line running down the middle to her totally popped out belly button. Her hips were wide and flat to support the 36 pounds she's gained during her pregnancy. Her curved back was already aching as she headed back to the bedroom to get dressed.

Lowering her heavy very pregnant body to the edge of the bed, Megan leaned over her tremendous oblong belly and blindly fished her feet through the leg holes of her maternity panties then struggled to stand and pulled them on. Slipping into her warm fluffy robe she tied the belt around her between her breasts and belly then stuck her feet in her furry slippers and waddled downstairs to breakfast. Peeking out the window she saw it was snowing already/ The announcer on the radio said a winter storm warning was in effect. "Maybe your daddy will be home from school early," Megan told her passenger as he kicked low in her belly.

Megan started ridding up around the kitchen and found a sudden burst of energy. By the time school was dismissed early and Josh came home at noon, all her cupboards were organized and she had a pot of vegetable soup simmering on the stove. "MMMM....smells really good in here," Josh said wrapping his arms around Megan from behind. "You better not undo me...there's nothing underneath this robe but a lot of breasts and belly," she giggled. "That sounds really good to me too," he whispered as he nibbled on her neck and she should feel his hard cock pressing against her butt. "Dr. Young says we can have sex...REALLY HAVE SEX. It might make the baby decide it time for him to come out," Megan told him. "Well, never let it be said that I didn't do everything I could to keep that from happening," Josh smiled, taking her hand and leading her upstairs to their bedroom.

"One of us is way too dressed," Megan said as she loosened Josh's tie and took it off then unbuttoned his shirt. The baby kicked strongly as she undid his belt and then pulled down his dress slacks so he could step out of them. God, he was handsome and miracle of miracles he thought she was beautiful even though she couldn't imagine being any MORE pregnant than she was. The crotch of his white underpants was bulging. Megan moved her hand there and felt his erection as he groaned. "See what you do to me, Meggie," he whispered. "I think I want a farther demonstration, mister," she smiled as they kissed.

Josh untied the belt from around Megan's fluffy robe then slipped it off her shoulders. She was absolutely magnificient. He knew she had panties on, but he couldn't see them with her ten months pregnant tremendous tummy blocking his view. Taking her in his arms, Josh loved the way her body felt against his, her stomach was so big and firm, while the rest of her was so soft and womanly. "I love you Meggie....more than I thought I could ever love anyone," he told her. "I love you too, Josh....for the wonderful man you are...and for the terrific husband and father you're going to be. Make love to me! I want you so much," Megan said as they moved towards their bed.

They were kissing passionately as Josh's hands roamed over Megan's gravid body and she moaned with pleasure. Her breasts were breathtaking, so plump and filled with milk that as Josh took her hard nipples between his fingers, milk streamed out. When he started licking them he felt Megan's body shudder. "Oh Josh! You made me cum," she whispered excitedly. Then his hands moved lower to her tremendous tummy. It was so firm and oblong in shape as the baby has moved into position to be born. He licked the dark line running down the middle and when he stroked her pushed out belly button with his tongue, Megan screamed with pleasure as a second orgasm overpowered her.

Megan was lost in a sea of sensual feelings as Josh made love to her. The baby was kicking strongly inside her huge ten months pregnant stomach and she felt like she was so wet she felt like she had a river flowing between her legs. Josh was rubbing his big hands over her inner thighs, closer and closer to her dripping pregnant pussy. Then his face was at her crotch and he was licking her pussy lips as she moaned with pleasure but then she was giggling. "What's so funny," Josh asked. "I can't see you with this HUGE belly. You could be the mailman pleasuring me," she laughed. But when his tongue found and began stroking her swollen clit Megan cried out his name as a third orgasm hit. "Make love to me Josh! I want to feel you inside me! I want you to put me in labor," she told him.

At this point in her pregnancy, only one way worked to have sex. Josh helped Megan up onto her hands and knees and helped her get settled with her mammoth mound touching the sheet and her heavy breasts hanging. Placing his hands on her still slender butt, Josh moved the head of his hard cock to Megan's pussy lips and ran it up and down as she growned with pleasure. She was so wet and ready. With a gentle thust he pushed his cock into Megan's very pregnant pussy but she wanted no part of slow or gentle. She began moving her hips to meet this thrusts and groaning with pleasure. "OH YES! THAT FEELS SOOO GOOD! HARDER JOSH.....PLEASE DO ME HARDER....OH GOD.....I CAN FEEL IT! YOU'RE MAKING ME....I'M CUMMMINNNGGGGG," she screamed as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure passed through her ten months pregnant body and Josh sent his manhood deep into her gravid body.

A full-fledged winter storm was raging outside as Megan and Josh lay in their bed sleeping like spoons. Neither of them has moved since making love and even the baby was still in Megan's womb. When the telephone rang, Josh picked it up quickly but Megan stirred and heard someone talking to Josh frantically as he started to get out of bed. "What's wrong," she yawned as she struggled to turn over to face him. "A water pipe broke at the school. I have to go help move stuff out of the way....are you going to be OK," he asked looking at her mammoth mound. "Don't worry we'll be fine," she told him as he dressed quickly and took off out into the snowstorm.

Hours later it was starting to get dark outside and still snowing hard when Megan woke up naked in the bed where she'd made love with Josh. "Wow! What a nap! I think we better get cleaned up and get a clean sheet on this bed before your daddy comes back," she told her passenger as she pushed away her covers. She was just about to roll over onto her curved back and begin the struggle to get out of bed when suddenly she felt her tremendous tummy tighten and she doubled over it. "Oh No! I can't be in labor now! Maybe it was just a Braxton Hicks," she said out loud as she settled her gravid body back into bed. About 10 minutes later another pain doubled her over. She was having contractions!

Megan knew she had to stay calm. The first thing she had to do was get out of bed. Huffing and puffing with the effort, she worked her gravid body crossways on the mattress with her knees bent and her bare feet wide apart on the floor. She was just about to struggle to her feet when another contraction came and she clutched her hard stomach until it passed. Once she got her breath back, she grunted as she pressed her hands against the sheet lifting her bottom off the mattress and pushing her mammoth mound outward as she got to her feet. She suddenly had to pee so bad but she had to get ahold of Josh first. Dialing the elementary school's number from memory, Megan let it ring and ring until finally the answering machine clicked on. "Josh, I'm in labor, Come home now," she said then hung up.

She'd only taken a few steps when a powerful contraction hit. Moving her knees apart she dropped to a crouch as she clutched her rock hard belly. Suddenly she felt a pop of pressure and liquid was gushing out of her, running down her legs to make a puddle at her bare feet. Her water had broken. Waddling hurriedly to the bathroom, she filled the sink with warm soapy water and tried to clean herself off from her afternoon of lovemaking. She was just starting to dry off when she felt the next contraction building, they seemed to be coming closer together than she should be and they were so strong that she couldn't help doubling over when they hit.

Josh still wasn't home when she got back to the bedroom so the tried the school again with the same result---the answering machine. Looking out the window, it was still snowing like crazy. Gathering up clean clothes, she lowered her heavy ten months pregnant body to the edge of the bed. Taking a deep breath, Megan bent over her mammoth mound to stick her feet through the leg holes of her panties when she felt another contraction building. When it hit, she couldn't help moving her knees apart and doubling over her hard belly. She was starting to feel the urge to push. That shouldn't be happening this fast, should it, she thought to herself.

Megan dressed as warm as she could, considering there was a snowstorm going on. She fished her feet through the legs of maternity jeans then pulled them up over her mammoth oblong mound. Pulling on a sweater, she started walking towards the door when another powerful cramp doubled her over as she used her natural childbirth breathing to get through it. She didn't know how much longer she could wait for Josh to come home, things were happening too quickly. She decided to call Dr. Young and tell her she was in labor, but when she picked up the receiver there was no dial tone. Now the phone was dead too.

Sitting in her easy chair, Megan felt the pressure in her lower back and deep in her pelvis, then the contraction hit and it felt like a steel rope was being tightened around her tremendous oblong tummy as she doubled over groaning. She'd had three contractions in the last 20 minutes. She just couldn't wait for Josh. Struggling to her feet, she took her delivery bag to the car and put it in the passenger seat. Pressing the automatic garage door opener she watched it go up as a wave of snow blew into the garage. Oh God, there was at least a foot and a half of snow in the driveway! She wasn't going to be able to go the hospital...or ANYWHERE. Oh Josh, where are you? I need you now, she said to herself.

Megan knew she had to get ready to deliver her unborn son. The contractions were coming every few minutes and they were so powerful they made her double over groaning with each one. She was panting to get her breath back in the livingroom as she moved her fingers under the stretched elastic waistband of her maternity jeans and slid them down her long legs and stepped of them. Wearing just a stretched pullover sweater and knee socks, Megan started to the kitchen as she tried to remember everything she would need to deliver her unborn son. A contraction was building. When it hit her mammoth mound grew rock hard and she couldn't breathe, couldn't stand. Dropping to a crouch with her knees wide apart, she placed a hand at the top of her tremendous tummy and pushed. She had to get ready fast....her baby wanted to be born.

Lots of towels.....a pair of scissors....rubbing alcohol.....oh God, CONTRACTION! Megan fought to keep from collapsing to the floor as the tummy tightening contraction gripped her sweat covered body. They were coming every few minutes now. She'd managed to find a rubber band to pull her long red hair into a ponytail to keep it out of the way as she fought through the labor pains that were wracking her body. A shoe string, she needed a shoe string to tie off the umbelical cord.

Megan didn't think she could carry everything she'd gather to deliver the baby upstairs and the contractions were so close and powerful she didn't think she could make it up the steps between them. Putting everything on the floor beside the sofa, Megan lowered her ten months pregnant body to the cushions, knowing that she wasn't going to get up again until after she'd delivered her unborn son. "Please hurry Josh! I need you help me do this," Megan whispered as she felt another contraction starting to build.

Josh was never so tired in all his life. Everything was finally fixed and put back in order at the school and all he wanted was to get home to Megan. The light on his answering machine was blinking, he rewound the tape and hit the play button. "Josh, I'm in labor. Come home now," he heard Megan's voice and dashed out into the snowstorm. His car was covered with a foot of snow and the roads were a mess. He took off walking as fast as he could when he saw a flashing amber light coming closer to him and started waving his arms. "Is that you, Josh," Hank Metzger, the borough manager yelled from the snowplow. "Can you get me home fast, Hank. Megan's having the baby," he told him.

Megan was exhausted. Laying on the sweat-soaked cushions with her knit sweater pulled up over her panting mammoth mound, she didn't know how much longer she could last. Another contraction knifed around her sides, tightening her stretched stomach into a hard ball. Suddenly there was intense pressure in her lower abdomen and deep inside her wide hips. She wanted to push. She just HAD to push! Lacing her fingers under the base of her tremendous tummy, when contractions came she braced her sock-clad feet against the wooden arm of the sofa and pushed against it as she pulled her belly back towards her until she felt the baby's head sliding completely into the birth canal.

The contractions were coming on top of each other. Powerful, body-twisting gripping pains that made her want to push the baby out of her 40-year-old laboring body. So much pressure building again. When the contraction hit, Megan placed the heels of her hands on top of her sweaty mammoth mound with her elbows bent outward and doubled over grunting hoarsely as she pushed with all her might. Oh Lord, she could feel it happening, the baby was moving down the birth canal. At that moment the front door burst open and a snowman came rushing into the livingroom. "Megan! Where are you," Josh yelled.

"I'm here......UUUUNNNGGHHH," Megan answered with all the voice she could find. Josh followed the sound until he saw the tops of her knees and her bare mammoth mound sticking up from the couch. "Megan! Don't worry sweetheart, I'll get you to the hospital," he told her brushing the sweat and a wisp of wet red hair from her eyes. "NOOOOOO. Oh, it's too late! The baby's coming, Josh. The baby's coming NOW!!," she exclamed as another contraction hit and he watched as she doubled over grunting as she pushed. Oh God. Josh tried to remember what they learned in childbirth class. He looked between Megan's bent knees to her opening and he could see a patch of dark hair, the baby was crowning.

Megan was so happy that Josh was with her and she wasn't going through childbirth alone but there wasn't any time to relax. The contractions were constant and she couldn't help bearing down and pushing with all her might with each one. Intense pressure was building again, when the contraction hit, Megan gritted her teeth and grunted as she pushed so hard she lifted her bare bottom off the cushions with the effort as her crotch suddenly felt on fire. "That's it Meggie sweetheart! Our baby's head is crowning," Josh told her as she gripped his hand. On the next contraction she pushed with all her might, groaning then grunting then screaming as the baby's head pushed completely out into Josh's waiting hands. "Little pushes, Meggie.....we're almost there," Josh told her. With the next contraction he turned the shoulders and their son came sliding out into his hands.

Josh tried to remember everything he'd learned in childbirth class. He cleaned out the baby's nose and mouth then tapped his little bottom as he turned bright red and began crying for all he was worth. In fact, both he and Megan were crying too. He gave TJ to Megan who cuddled him and talked to him while Josh tied off the umbelical cord and cut it. At that moment there was all kinds of commotion at the door. Two paramedics and Dr. Young came rushing into the house along with a bunch of neighbors.

Megan and Thomas Joshua only spent two days in the hospital but a week later they were still the talk of the town. Everybody sent cards and enough clothes and toys for a dozen little babies. Megan and Josh quietly sorted out a bunch to send to the Red Cross to give to needy children. "It will all quiet down soon," Josh told her. "Then it will pick back up again when we get married," Megan smiled. "And just when are we going to do that," he questioned. "As soon as I can fit in a bikini, mister," she giggled as they kissed.
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