Pregnant Hero Academia (Story and comic)
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Disclaimer: All characters featured are at least 18 years or older. No depictions of any illegal acts are described herein. This is a work of fiction and parody. Any resemblance to any real-life events or figures is unintentional and coincidental. All actions are of a fictional nature and are intended for an adult audience and are not intended to offend or harm anyone. Please do not continue if this material is not something you wish to view.

Here is an ongoing story I've been working on with the artist Mabeelz. The writing style is specifically designed to flow like a comicbook, which is linked below.

Kinks included: Rapid pregnancy, superpowers, femdom, light bondage, m/fff groups.

Pregnant Hero Academia: Where to become a hero, you have to impregnate as many girls as possible. A parody based off the MHA series.

You can read the comic version here (which is a good idea if you don't know the characters):

You can read along with the text version here. You may want to read the first chapter in the above link as we're picking up the action starting with chapter 2:

“Impregnate me again!”

Tsuyu’s flushed, aroused face nearly made Isuku instantly cum. He gritted his teeth as he felt her warm lips wrap tighter and tighter around him. “W-wait...”

Closing his eyes, he felt his self-control vanishing. “Why didn’t they understand? If I lose control…” He thought to himself as Tsuyu pushed herself back harder and harder, her plump ass cheeks smacking straight against his abdomen.

“Tsuyu, if you move like that, I can’t...I can’t…”

Ochacho licked his ear as she sensually whispered “Can’t what? You can’t hurt us…”

Tsuyu grinned back over her jiggling ass. “Yeah, ribbit, more like you can’t STOP!” With a smirk, she bucked her hips even harder. He couldn’t hold on much longer. Didn’t they realize what would happen if Blackwhip emerged?

“Y-you don’t get it, if we continue...I could...lose control...”

“That’s what we want!” Ochacho grabbed his face and kissed him full on the lips.

And that was the limit. He couldn’t take it anymore, and came hard and deep inside Tsuyu. She screamed with ecstasy as she felt more and more cum fill her up, and Isuku couldn’t stop himself from thrusting again and again until Tsuyu slumped to the ground, shaking with orgasm but happily holding her even more inflated belly.

“Good work, girls!” Isuku turned his head in surprise at the unexpected voice.

Momo was standing there, arms folded underneath her large breasts, a smirk of approval on her face.

“Upperclassman?! Uh, it’s, it’s not what you think!” Isuku sat back and tried to cover himself up. “I was just…”

“Doing your duty as the bearer of All for One?” Momo walked over to him, slowly stripping off her own clothes. Isuku could only sit and stare at the sight of her tall, curvaceous body coming towards him.

“This is why you were chosen for your Quirk.” She stepped over his body, his penis unintentionally becoming hard again at the sight of her naked body hovering over him. She pushed on his shoulders lightly, pressing him down onto his back. “You can’t lose control if you take control!”

“This is what All for One means!” Momo declared happily as she lay on top of Isuku, her warm curves smothering him. “Give it to all of us!”

“But…” Isuku began, but her soft finger halted him.

“Shh...just trust your upperclassman.” Momo’s hands moved towards his throbbing member as she slid her warm, velvety lips on top of him. Ochacho, watching from the side, started to rub herself at the immensely arousing scene playing out before her as Momo sloooowy moved her hips downwards to completely envelop Isuku.

“Oh...god…” He could only helplessly lay back as she easily slid straight to the base.

“That’s it…” Momo reached behind her, parting her own ass cheeks slightly to push him even deeper. “Keep going...we’re just getting started.”

“Ah…” Isuku gasped slightly as she raised her hips upward, almost completely releasing him from inside her. With a smirk, she suddenly slid straight back down, somehow pressing further than before. “Unh...u-upperclassman…”

As she bucked her hips, Momo happily started to cry out. “ don’ don’t have to call me that…” With a smile, she stared deep into his eyes. “You can call me Momo right now.”

With her long legs on either side of his body, Momo thrust herself faster and faster on top of Isuku, her face filled with both untamed pleasure and focused determination. “I’ve wanted...ah...wanted this for a very long time.” Pausing briefly, she slowed down the pace of her hips, she grasped his face with both of her hands. “I thought about it long and hard...and I want to be your pregnant heroine!” With that statement, she kissed him deeply, hammering her hips even faster than before.

“Do it!!!!” She thrust her entire weight straight down onto the panting Isuku. Everything was Momo...her body’s warmth completely surrounded him, and he could feel nothing but the throbbing, pulsing heat utterly taking over his body and mind… “Yes...yes….yes!!!!” The sound of her cries of pleasure were finally too much; and with his own cry of passion, Isuku felt his own borders breaking down...

“AaaaAAAAHHH!!!!” Isuku screamed as he came instantly; Momo was only too happy to be filled as she burst into her own hot warm orgasm. Was it her screams or his that filled the room? Or was it the cries of Tsuyu or Ochacho, who were frantically rubbing their own overheated bodies as they watched the erotic scene unfolding around her? Momo, the calm, proud, and studious older student, was bucking her hips wildly, her black ponytail whipping in the air as she screamed with lust. “Yes…! Fill me…! Get me pregnant!!!”

Over and over he came, Momo grunting with pleasure as she felt every load fill her more and more. “AaaAAH!” Ochacho’s own voice joined in climax, her fingers a blur as as she came at the sight of proud Momo’s pussy overflowing with cum.

“Perfect…” Momo whispered as she grasped his face with both hands and eased herself off. As her pussy overflowed with his potent seed, she kissed him deeply. “Thank you…”

“Mmm…” Isuku could say nothing as he basked his own afterflow. With her large, pregnant body pressed against him, her heartbeat almost seemed to overwhelm his ears...was Quirk pregnancy really that fast?

“Hahh….haahh…” As everyone lay panting in afterglow, a bell rang and Isuku suddenly realized the time. “H-how long were we in here?”

“’s alright.” Momo smirked. “This is more important.”

Isuku smiled...then suddenly remembered something. “Wait...didn’t Mina say she wanted to see me later?”

The three girls stared at him. “Hero...your job isn’t done yet...”

Isuku hurriedly threw on his clothes. “Bye girls, have a good day! I’ve gotta hurry!!!” And with that, he ran off.

Ochacho laughed to herself a bit as she watched him sprint off. “Haha, I can’t believe that little wuss has so much energy still! Still...he’s cute when he cries."

Tsuyu merely stood there, grinning in a daze. “Can’t wait to ribbit that again...”

As Momo stood there, her face in deep thought, she murmured to herself. “His hero’s duty has just begun...her plan is finally happening.”

End of chapter! Feel free to grab a coffee and make suggestions for future characters:
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Next chapter: Burning Blade

Feel free to follow along with the comic version starting here:

The sweltering sun blazed in the noon sky.

Izuku quietly sat at his corner cafe table, nursing his strange-tasting energy drink. Even the wet droplets sliding down the tall blue can didn't cool off his hand. He looked it in frustration; it had a strange design...where'd Kiyashi even order these from?

He sighed. It had been an interesting day so far.

And now Mina said she wanted to see him, but she was a little late...

As he looked down at the crowds flooding the sweltering mall, he pondered the meaning of this new life that had been thrust upon him. Why was this happening? Where would this all end...?

As his tumultuous thoughts danced in his overheated mind, he failed to hear the soft footsteps padding behind him until it was too late...



A soft, pink body unexpectedly lept into his arms. The heat seemed to radiate off of her body as she pressed his face into her large, soft breasts...

"I'm glad I ran into you!" Mina happily yelled, pressing him even closer. "Where were you hiding?"

"Umm..." Deku mumbled, his face still covered by her warm cleavage. It seemed to be getting even hotter... "Well, I was busy with Ochacho and Momo, and then, uh, there was a class presidential issue, and..."

"Oh, who cares about those sluts!" Mina straddled his legs, trapping him in his chair between her thighs as she stretched her arms into the sweltering
air. "It's too hot to think about some pregnant whores!" Somehow, the buttons on her blouse had become undone; and she didn't seem to have a bra on...

A single sweatdrop slowly made its way down her neck, crawling its way deeper and deeper between her deep cleavage...Deku briefly closed his eyes as the sunlight bounced off her glistening body... would Mina know they were pregnant...when she asked him to meet her here?

"You're not--"

A pair of hands wrapped around his neck and mouth, cutting off his sudden cry. Instinctively, he felt his muscles tense up with energy as he prepared to strike...until a blade brushed against his neck. Time seemed to stop as he froze, a single drop of sweat dripping down beside his ear the only movement.

"Shh, shh, not gonna cut you...yet."

A soft, warm tongue ran its way across the side of his face, licking away the single sweatdrop. Unmoving, he turned his wide meet the piercing gaze of Toga. She was panting heavily, beads of sweat starting to form on her face as well; her small, firm breasts rising and falling hypnotically as she slowly rotated herself to stand in front of him.

"You picked a good location for know how shy I can be."

Holding his gaze, she slowly moved her hand from Izuku's mouth and grasped his his trembling hand in hers.

"Your blood would taste so sweet, but lately...I've wanted to try something else. I want to taste you another way..."

Her perpetual canine grin was almost blinding as she brought his hand to her chest, pressing his fingertips into her soft, warm breasts. Did she always feel The heat from the pulsing of her blood felt like it was burning through her uniform. Maintaining her unbreaking eye contact, she continued to move his hand down across her abdomen, her taut, firm muscles radiating lust and danger...

"There's a better place to drain you dry..."

She continued to move his hand downward underneath her skirt; the heat radiated out of her like a furnace...

As she brought her face inches from his own, the knife pressing further into his neck, her voice became a whisper...

"...and I have a thirst..."

Even when threatening him, she never lost her predator's grin. Rubbing the knife down his sweaty neck, her eyes never broke their gaze as she slowly started slicing down his uniform...

"Those sluts didn't even tell you why you're so important, did they?"

With a silent rip, Izuku's shirt slid apart. He tensed slightly, but her cool blade remained pressed against his overheated skin; despite her manic expression, her hand stayed perfectly still, not breaking contact but not breaking flesh...

"Hah...nice..." Toga's voice panted slightly as she gazed at her handiwork; the already-overheated atmosphere was becoming thicker and murkier. Beads of sweat poured down Izuku's forehead, blurring his eyes slightly. Despite his effort not to break eye contact, he involuntarily closed his eyes...and in that brief moment, the thick air was suddenly cut with the high pitched sound of a knife slicing...

"Aahhh...that's better." As he opened his blurry eyes, he realized he definitely wouldn't be able to blink again...Toga's entire naked body, her flushed skin glistening in the blistering heat, filled his vision.

"See, you got something great hidin' inside you here." Barely able to breathe in the heavy air, he couldn't tell who was sweating more as she moved the knife down through the waistband of his pants...

"Yeah, MUCH better!" Himiko's happy reaction contrasted Izuku's own terrified expression. While his rational mind screamed at him of the danger he was in, his body had its own instinctual reaction to having her tight, hot body pressed against him...freed into the hot summer air, his erection danced before the deranged girl's hungry eyes. And before he could react further...

"Aaahh!" He could only gasp as her scorching hot mouth surrounded him; somewhere inside, he knew he should try to escape, but good...

Without breaking eye contact, Himiko began sliding her head slowly down. Her eyes never wavered for a second as her lips crawled slowly across his boiling skin. Each hot inch...she engulfed him right down to the base into her sizzling throat.

And with a happy giggle, slowly slid her warm slippery lips back upward...back up each hot inch by hot inch, leaving a trail of sizzling saliva coating him until she reached the red-hot tip. As her lips reached the top, she paused, as if she needed to take a breath...but slid right back down.

Izuku nearly came at the sensation. Insane...that was the only word he could think of. Her mouth, that hot little mouth moving faster and faster with every stroke, was insane. Sweat poured down his face as he gripped the sides of the chair unconsciously as Himiko bobbed her head faster and faster, almost becoming a blur in the increasingly-muggy air. It was like he was within a bubble of red-hot lava that radiated stright out of this girl's boiling mouth...sensing his shuddering, she suddenly grabbed his ass and, while staring directly into his soul, pulled him directly down her throat...

"Ah...AAAAHHH!!!" And like a volcano, he erupted. Himiko didn't move an inch; even as his hips jerked and bucked, she kept her searing-hot lips fastened directly to his abodomen. Staying completely silent throughout Izuku's groans of pleasure, the only noise was the sound of her swallowing as she refused to release him from the scorching prison of her mouth. Again and again he bucked his hips into her head, and again and again she gripped her lips even harder.

After what felt like an eternity, he finally collapsed back into his chair, exhausted.

And, still staring, Himiko slowly slid her face off of his still-erect penis, licking her lips without a single blink. Somehow, that terrified him even more than any threat.

"You taste...even better than I expected..." Like a jungle cat, she crawled on top of him. Reaching down, she grasped his throbbing, hot member; somehow, her grip made his skin even hotter...

While he still sat in his chair, Toga positioned herself directly above him, legs spread wide as she perched on the sides of the seat. The warmth from the sun seemed nothing compared to the heat pouring out from between her legs. "Now, let me show you what *I* have inside me..."

"Izuku!!!! Sorry I'm late! I had to go find--WHAT IS SHE DOING?"

Mina's cheerful voice rang out through the sweltering air, turning halfway into a surprised shriek. The dark-eyed girl moved fast, but Toga moved faster...

"Oops, slow down Pinky, we don't want a little...accident!" The naked girl was already behind Izuku, knife pressed back against his neck. Mina paused, arm raised halfway for an attack. "There we, you want something that belongs to me--"

"Izuku, are you alright?" Mina ignored Toga's sibulant tone, focusing on his trembling expression. His eyes told her to run, but she found her gaze involuntarily focusing on his huge, rigid penis...

"Hee...I knew you wanted something...and I bet you don't even know why..." Toga grinned. "Maybe we can play a little game."

Mina stayed in her attack pose, contemplating the situation. As long as she held the knife, Izuku's life was at stake, but maybe playing along would make her lower her guard...

"...First, let him go."

"Hee, now why would I do that? There's no fun there." Looking Mina up and down, her hungry eyes seemed to make a decision. "Tell you what...our friend here has a little problem."

"Ah!" Izuku tensed as Toga grasped his throbbing member.

"If you can finish the job faster than I did...I'll let him go."

"WHAT?" Mina's face flushed with rage.

"That's my game." Her knife made a high pitched noise as she flicked it across Izuku's tense neck. A tiny drop of blood trickled down, which quickly was licked up her darting, cat-like tongue. "I'm gonna get thirsty again soon, so you'd better decide fast!"

Mina ground her teeth angrily, fists clenching so hard she felt acid seeping out...but there was no way she could move fast enough. This psychotic bitch's game was the only way...

"Fine. So, I just--I just need to...suck faster? I can do tha--"

"Oh no, that's too easy." Her cat-like grin grew wider. "Get those clothes off...time to graduate from Pregnant Hero Academia!"

End of chapter!
Feel free to grab a coffee and support us and make suggestions here
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