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Pregnant Farts and Burps
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I’m posting this because I saw a request from a guy who was looking for videos of pregnant women using the toilet and farting. The lady in this video does not sit on a toilet however she does rip some nice pregnant gas farts. (For fart lovers only!)


Pregnant Gas Farts
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Amazing Big Grin, thanks for the video, I am one of those who asked for videos like this, here I leave my contribution to the fetish Smile
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Here are links to vids of every instance I know of of preggo farting. (many of them from daniel's pornhub channel; thanx)

Miscellaneous: Accidental Pregnant Farts in Porn (would love if someone could figure out the original vids to any of these clips)
Preggo MILF Farting (this woman looks familiar but I don't know her name; mostly talks about farting but farts twice at the end)
Pregnant Black Chick Showing Off
1 Hour Pregnant Farting (you used to be able to buy this vid and a few more she did but it seems like her store presence is gone now; technically scat, but you can't see any of it)

Kristi: Pregnant Eating Ice Cream & Farting
Kristi Pregnant Farts
Kristi Preggo Farts
Pregnant Masturbation Farts - Sexy Preggo Farting While Masturbating
Preggo Kristi Ripping Big Farts In Tight Jeans - Farting Pregnant Kristi
Naked Pregnant Pillow Farts:
Pregnant Purple Panties Fart:

Porcelain Lilith: Green Panty Farts
Bathtub Farts
Striped Panty Farts

Pooalexa: Alexa Pregnant Farts

Gassy Gabby: My Farts Stink (c4s description claims she's pregnant, first trimester I guess)
I am Pregnant and Gassy (21 weeks according to c4s description)

Charlie Z: Pregnant Burping (this is obviously mostly a burping vid, but at 3:30... it may just be one but I'll be damned if it isn't hot)

That's all the public pregnant farting vids I know of where I'm sure they're preggers. I wish more of them would focus more on rubbing/patting their big bloated bellies than their asses; I can get ass from a normal farting vid, I wanna see what's making them gassier than the rest!
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So.... does this mean we could see a few burping videos as well?
(July 21, 2020, 2:22 pm)965arris So.... does this mean we could see a few burping videos as well?
There are way more vids of that than farting (understandable I suppose). from my last post is definitely my favorite.

Some vids can be hard to find publicly: for Kristi, has Candi's Wobble Baby, has Renna's 40 weeks preggo burping and exhausted while has her burping outside, has SunnyZass's Wonder Woman burps and has her Commentary Burps, has Sydney Harwin's pregnant girlfriend issues, and has Heidiv's car burps, though you can't really see her belly.

Other than those, these two playlists should contain most of the ones I'm aware of:

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Thanks for all of these links!
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One of the somewhat annoying things about burp/fart vids is the downtime in between each burp/fart. I have edited a 20 min pregnant belly stuffing video that was linked to this thread down to 1 min 7 seconds. It shows every burp and hiccups the hot preggo released from her mouth with reduced downtime in between.


Burping Preggo Edit
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3:25 and 8:07. may be more

Burps: 1:10-1:15, 3:18, 3:30
Indegestion: 3:50-10:00
I like to think she takes a dump at 10:00 because of lines at 6:30 and 9:25
Liked by AllenTagerman (Apr 1, 2023), AquaL (Aug 15, 2020), Neo__hec (Aug 1, 2020)
This post was amazing! Does anybody have anymore videos?

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