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Pregnant Escorts/Meeting Pregnant Women
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I thought it might be nice to have a go-to thread to share experiences or ask for help in meeting pregnant women/escorts, along with a list of resources. Post away! I'll add known directories and sites here.

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List of Resources Global:

America & Canada:

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If anyone knew of anything near Cooperstown, that would be sweet.
Smile  IntoPreggos
I hate to say this, but the only suitable place to meet pregnant women has to be the internet, esp. I went on AOL private member chats set up by pregnant women themselves wanting to "meet" someone to chat with. I tried craigslist replies to posts for meetups with pregnant women, yet they hardly replied back to me and I felt they're anxious or worried what I could do to them if I met them in real life. Safety is important...but honestly, these women wanted to actually "meet" men they are seeking, or they're picky to skip over me.

When I was younger and more approachable in my teens or early 20's, the water park in Palm Springs was a good place to meet them...a few instances I gotten to talk with pregnant ladies in their bikini swimsuits. They didn't mind having small talk together and well, they knew I kinda liked them in their condition. Now that I'm older, I know it appears creepy for a 30s-something year old male to approach pregnant women I don't know in a public arena...I wish to have a moment talking, befriending and spending time with a pregnant lady.

My advice is attending a unconventional place, though many people like to make new friends in a place of worship. In my experience when I visit churches in my area, I gotten to speak with pregnant women in rare instances, and it was good to have regular conversations...about themselves and their families, so it feels good to me, nothing sexual at all. I stick to the internet for a closer physical or emotional bond, but be careful in meetups, and avoid getting caught between them and their estranged husbands or boyfriends.
Pregnant women are growing, showing, knowing herself...and glowing bright with life. Angel

Genderfluid Gyneophile feminist here!

Autistic skills.
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I was lucky enough to find a few women on CL, but most of the women I've been with are women I went to HS with and I talk to them on FB. I'm 25 so most of the women I've been with are just now stepping into mother-hood so I've been very lucky with that. So I would say FB would be the best, I haven't tried it, but try some of these mother websites, you'll be bound to find a horny preggo somewhere.

Also another great place is School , college for example I meet a few women on campus, but of course you have to be careful like intoPreggos said some of these women arein relationships.
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Escort/Stripper Agents will not generally advertise pregnant providers on their websites (except in CA, of course) but if you call and ask, they usually have a loyal employee with a bun in the oven sitting on the back burner who will come visit you. I know a beautiful 7 month pregnant (and classy) one in Hampton Roads, VA
I had very good success in NY.
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Any suggestions?
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No other way I can think of?? Pregnant homeless shelters maybe?? They must be horny not getting any guys and being lonely
Find a girl who isn't pregnant, get her pregnant, keep fucking her (that's how I always did it).
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That's really great advice, seed.

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