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Pregnant encounter in conservative country
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Hello guys, I don't wanna get much in detail, but I currently live in a muslim country. Not Pakistan/Saudi like country, but a more secular and open country, but still... 
5 days ago I was walking in a very crowded street, and there I saw her... 
Blue long dress, a very heavy waddling, with a GINORMOUS belly... My heart stopped beating, my knees felt weak, I thought to myself "this might be the biggest pregnant belly I've ever seen, PORN INCLUDED". Definitely twins, I also thought. Her belly was sooo far away from her, think the dimensions of the greatest cam girls twinners of all time. 
I literally stopped, my mouth felt dry, I watch her enter a ground coffee shop. I started thinking : approach or no approach. My mind was racing. 
But finally I convinced myself that since she was some kind of a Guinness record I couldn't miss the chance. So I waited outside the shop. She bought a pack of ground coffee and then waddled outside. I smiled to her, she smiled a little. I thought I was gonna faint. She walked before me. The woman could BARELY WALK. 
I walked towards her and said "excuse me". She stopped and turned. 
"Hi", I said, "I'm a journalist and I'm writing on pregnancy in ... (name of the country), would you mind answering some of my questions ?"
She seemed a bit startled, mostly not by me but by the people in the street (very crowded like I told you). She said "what kind of questions ?". I said "ummm about health care and that type of stuff". 
She was thinking, and my heart was pounding. 
" Why not ?" she said with a faint smile. 
I swallowed the saliva left in my mouth and picked up my phone, I tried to be "assertive" and not look weak, I told her "ok so now give me your number so I can ask you questions". 
"Ok" she said, she took her phone from her purse. 
At that moment, the paranoid voice inside my head told me what if she gives you a false number ? So I told her "give me your phone I'll write down my number" and did my best to hide my shaking hand (because of the context, because of how huge she was, because I wasn't believing I dared to do it). 
I wrote my number and called myself. "See you", I told her, and I went away. 

I have been texting her for a few days now, and she seemed to answer quick and "eagerly". I got to know her better, without displaying any fetishism or sexual attraction. 
Yes, she is 8 months pregnant with twins, but she told me she "was so huge that she might be induced soon". 
I tried to make the questions more "physical", asking her about her belly shape, linea negra, etc., she said "yes I have a popped belly button and a large dark brown linea negra". 
I told her the phone wasn't very practical for asking questions, and that we should meet, and she said ok. 

I'll keep you posted...

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Dude, you should try to get some pics of her ? Would love to see that

Any updates?

Yes, I'll try to post soon!

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If u got the pic share with us

No pics, just a little something that happened, I'm really busy these days and I want to write it in detail!

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