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Beware of Scammer
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Hello members of the community, I sending this out to warn everyone of a scammer who has not only appeared here on multiple occasions, but on reddit and OF. She has been reposting the same images for nearly a year now on multiple accounts making it look as if she is 6-8 months pregnant. She will get you to go to her snap to make the transaction and only verify with a picture of her face, not showing her belly. Do not give her money, as I made the mistake of trying to get a custom from her and lost money from it. I don't want other members to be scammed from her.

Liked by nunya2013 (Dec 3, 2023), MLR44 (Dec 2, 2023), ilcarpw (Dec 2, 2023)
I would like to follow-up with a request for help in this situation. Can someone perhaps help in reporting to take these accounts down? I don't want her to have a platform to do this kind of stuff anymore.

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