Youtube Photoshoot video?
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I'm looking for a video that was on youtube, it was a photoshoot with a pregnant woman and her husband. They're latino and they're walking around over a bridge and he's rubbing her belly a lot. She is absolutely massive, maybe twins? It's from the last year or two I think, and I'm pretty sure it got shared on here but after some digging I still can't find it. Any help would be much appreciated!

Hey guys. Sorry to double post on my own thread, but I've searched over and over through youtube, this site, and my own drive, and can't seem to come up with the video I'm thinking of ANYWHERE. Im giving it one last shot here, then I promise to let it die. 

First I figured I'd offer a folder with some of my favorite photoshoot videos, for anyone interested, and so I'm not just asking for help completely empty handed :D

And for a little more information about the video I'm looking for:  It's a standard youtube (or possibly vimeo) photoshoot video done in a style to this one:

The woman had either twins, triplets, or just one enormous singleton. She has a bare belly for the whole video. I think she was latina, and her and her husband walk around a park or something - and maybe over a bridge like I mentioned before. She wears a jacket during the shoot which she tries to pull closed over her belly for some shots, but her belly is just too enormous. And her husband rubs her belly a lot in the video, from what I can remember.

I've searched high and low, so if anyone remembers this video and has it to share, it would be awesome!

It was triplets !

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(December 13, 2019, 6:47 pm)peb Wrote: It was triplets !

Holy crap, thank you so much!!! You're AWESOME.

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