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Unrealistically Huge Stories
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Unrealistically Huge Stories
I am looking for stories where the woman has an absolutely huge belly. I have come across some that fit this description but most that say that they are sadly are not. Please post stories or where to find said stories of this type.
June 10, 2018 12:06 am
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RE: Unrealistically Huge Stories
You need to be more specific. How huge? So as to avoid disappointment.

June 10, 2018 6:48 am
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RE: Unrealistically Huge Stories
like octomom or bigger mostly in the hyper category. something close to a story like swollen succubus by Mich
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June 10, 2018 2:01 pm
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RE: Unrealistically Huge Stories
Big, bigger, biggest and beyond!!
Have you tried
Tons and tons of stories....
Add preggogalaxy and ExpandingComics and Impreg-nation to your group stack.... then prepare yourself for days and days of reading!
Your welcome! Wink
June 10, 2018 8:14 pm
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RE: Unrealistically Huge Stories
much appreciated let me know if you know where to find more
June 10, 2018 11:49 pm
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RE: Unrealistically Huge Stories
Here was one of the first hyper belly stories I ever wrote.

Check out my gallery as I have a few posted in there.
June 13, 2018 11:25 pm
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RE: Unrealistically Huge Stories
(June 13, 2018 11:25 pm)BelliusMaximus Wrote:  Here was one of the first hyper belly stories I ever wrote.

Check out my gallery as I have a few posted in there.

One of my absolute favorites!
June 26, 2018 3:04 pm
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RE: Unrealistically Huge Stories
Appreciate hearing that Porkchop!
June 26, 2018 4:43 pm
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RE: Unrealistically Huge Stories
This is probably (IMHO) my best story.... comments welcome but please be kind! Blush

Missed Period (Full story)
by Matrix aka Porkchop (

Nancy enters one of the patient room nervously and, after changing clothes and settling in on the examination table, she awaits nervously for the doctor to enter.
Dr. Shepherd knocks, then enters her room with a relaxed smile, greeting Nancy warmly.
Nancy smiles in return.
“…now lie back Nancy, I’ll examine you and we’ll figure out what’s going on,” Dr. Shepherd said.
She complies, she’s always hated going to the OB/GYN but she needed some answers.
The doctor pulls back her hospital gown to begin examining her vaginal area, “Hmmm, everything feels okay here, except for a slight swelling of her uterine wall.” He thinks to himself.
“Nancy, when was your last period?” he queries.
“Well, Dr. Shepherd, when I was 14 years old I had what I thought was my very first period but it didn’t seem right. I mean there was very little blood at all, no cramps whatsoever and it was over in about half a day,” She replies.
“Uhhh hmmmmm,” Dr. Shepherd mumbles, in a doctor-like fashion.
“… aside from that day I’ve never really had a period, I thought I was just a very late bloomer… I thought I was just lucky like that,” She continues.
The doctor probes more, finds her cervix also swollen.
“Pregnant?” he thinks to himself.
“So, are you sexually active?” he asks nonchalantly.
“Well Doc, I realize that it’s kinda old-fashioned but I was saving myself for my wedding day and…well, it was Christmas Eve and Lance and I had been together for such a long time. He’s so patient Doc and, after three years of dating and making him wait, I figured we had waited long enough… “ she answered cheerfully, “Err, why Doc…. do you… you don’t … think that I might be pregnant, do you?”
Nancy was beginning to worry now. Her eyebrows furrowed and she began to think of what many, many changes would happen if she were indeed pregnant.
How would her parents react? What would Lance say or do? Would he still love me? Would he still want me? How would I finish college? What would it feel like to have a huge tummy?
Dr. Shepherd began pressing upon her lower tummy, trying to locate her ovaries to see if they were okay.
He paused suddenly, he probed a bit more before settling in on a mass of tissue, round and solid.
“…way too big to be an embryo…” he thought to himself.
“Nurse Davis,” he said, “Would you please bring in the ultrasound equipment, I found… errr... there’s something that I want to take a closer look at?”
Nancy was now very, very nervous! “What’s wrong Doc, what’s going on? Is there a tumor, am I pregnant... its cancer isn’t... OHMY, I’ve got cancer!?!” she responds semi-hysterical.
Dr. Shepherd calmed and soothed her as any good doctor would, assuring her that they’d know more once he took blood samples and got the ultrasound going.
The nurse returned wheeling in the ultrasound machine and hooked everything up.
Doctor Shepherd asked her to draw a few vials of blood for testing which she also did quickly and painlessly.
“You’re very good at this!” Nancy complemented her.
Dr. Shepherd drops a couple globs of gel onto Nancy’s chiseled stomach, adjusting knobs and moving the ultrasound device around to enable him to get a better look, he once again finds the small mass.
“Hmmmm, these look like tiny embryo’s… but there are so many of them, how could this be?” he thinks.
The monitor was positioned so that only the doctor and nurse could see, Nancy lay patiently, somewhat calmer than before although her clenched hands around the table reveal the turmoil within.
“How old are you now Nancy?” Dr. Shepherd asked.
“I just turned 19 years old a few months ago… went to school anyway which was turned out to be kinda fun,” She responded.
Suddenly both Dr. Shepherd & Nurse Davis stop and point at the monitor, gasping loudly.
“Oh my god!” Dr. Shepherd blurts out.
“What… WHAT!!!” Nancy responds now greatly alarmed.
“Shhhh… shhhh!” Dr. Shepherd hushes Nancy.
“How many do you see?” The Doctor whispers to Nurse Davis.
“20, maybe 30… maybe more… I don’t know!” She replies shaking her head.
“Would you please rush those blood samples down to the lab, tell them that we need absolute first priority, okay? Then get Dr. Shaw from OB down here ASAP!” he says to the nurse firmly.
The nurse exits abruptly, leaving Nancy near sobbing with fear and uncertainty.
“Hold still just a bit longer Nancy, then I think we need to talk!” he replies to her unspoken question. “Just let me assure you that... this... whatever it is does not look like cancer... so you can relax. I’m not exactly sure what it is... but it’s NOT cancer, okay?”
Somewhat relieve, Nancy sits back angrily as tears well up in her eyes. She tries to wait patiently.
Dr. Shepherd continues with the ultrasound, trying to get a better electronic view of what appears to be a mass of dozens of embryo’s.
Zooming in closer and closer, enhancing the picture as much as possible the embryo’s begin to take better shape.
On the monitor he finds a huge embryonic sac with several dozen eggs massed together.
Multiple umbilical cords extend to the inner uterine wall. “She is pregnant with multiple babies, dozens of them! How can this be!?!?!?” he says to himself.
“That initial period you said that you had when you were 14, right?” the doc queries, calming and reassuring her.
Nancy nods her head.
Doctor Shepherd does some calculations in his head. “Now if she did have her first period then… and that was just over 4 years ago then, producing one egg a month for 4 years would equal 48 eggs.” He thinks whilst peering at the monitor.
“Nancy, are your breasts a little tender, have they grown or changed color at all recently?”
“Why yes, Doc! They’ve changed quite a bit recently,” she answers, “Why… please tell me what you are thinking!”
Doctor Shepherd, feeling great compassion towards his frightened and now extremely pregnant patient, pushes the monitor away to talk to her face to face.
“Just one more question, then I’ll tell you what I think what may be happening.
How long ago was your first sexual encounter?” he asks gently.
“Oh, about a month and a half ago.” She answers.
“Okay, Nancy I’ll know more once the blood tests return but we think that you might be pregnant.” He reveals to her gently. “But that’s not all, there appear to be more than one sweetheart. A… A WHOLE LOT.... a great deal more than one!”
Nancy’s eyes fly wide open, her hands fly to her stomach trying to feel the growth within.
She finds the lump and caresses it. “Are you sure... is this them!?” she says.
“Yes, I think so!” he answers.
“So how does this happen? Just how many babies are in there?” she questions him, still probing and prodding her tummy.
“Well, from what you’ve told me… I think that you have actually been producing eggs every month yet your body hasn’t released them like it’s supposed to. It seems that since you had your first sexual encounter, he …umm, Lance right? Apparently… somehow he impregnated all of your eggs, all at once.
“Wow….. err, Doc, h…h…how many?” she answers, her eyes widening.
“As near as we can tell, though the scans are crude and the embryos are incredibly small now, and….”Dr. Shepherd drones on.
“How many, HOW MANY Doc?!?!” she shouts.
“48, maybe 49 of them…..” he finally answers. “But I don’t understand why you haven’t spontaneously aborted them, I mean, it’s impossible for a human being to carry so many babies.” He says.
“Apparently not.” Nancy mumbles to herself in quiet reflection, her eyes still wide from the shock.
Her mind wanders then reality slows slips away as she imagines her very near future.
“What are her parents going to say?! Or do?! Or think?! How will she take care of them? How big will I grow?” “I remember when my Aunt Leslie was pregnant with her triplets and she was enormous when it was almost time for the babies to be born….
How big will…. How big will I get?!?” she thought.
A smile trickled across her face… “…Pregnant, very, v e r y, extremely pregnant!!” she whispered to no one.
“Nancy… NANCY!” Dr. Shepherd woke her from her pleasant stupor. “Are you okay?”
“Why yes, yes Doc, it’s… it’s all just settling in. Uhmmm, can I go home now, I’ve got many, many things to decide… and I’ve got to tell my parents and…. Lance. Oh boy, Lance is gonna freak!!!”

Nancy begins to gather her things, Dr. Shepherd wants her to stay for more tests, more blood work but realizes that there will be more than enough time for hospital tests.
“Oh okay, Nancy” he says, “Just call me next week because we’ll have a lot to talk about, things to decide.”
Nancy smiles, continues getting dressed and soon leaves the hospital.
Venturing out into the hospital parking lot, Nancy smells the fresh air… she looks around at the clouds, strangers walking by, children laughing and she finds a greater appreciation in life than ever before.
With an enormous shout of joy, she jumps up as high as she can, shouting with a freedom and reckless abandon that she hadn’t felt in quite some time.
Stopping suddenly, her mothering instinct takes over as she calms herself, realizing that such exuberation could jar her diminutive bundle from their tiny, fragile womb.
The drive home passes without thought, she’d driven home from college several times, always on the same highway, always at the same speed.
She arrives home sporting a huge grin yet unsure how to break the news to her family.
Yet no one is home, she remembers that her parents are away for the week vacationing at their summer home.
She slumps down onto their plush couch, her hands cradle her tiny tummy bulge.
She drifts off to sleep with a multitude of thoughts racing in her mind.

* * * * * * *

Awakening early one Saturday, 10 days after the big news and just a month after her first time with Lance she pads barefoot and semi-awake to the bathroom.
“It’s only been a month, why do I have to go to the bathroom so often?” Nancy wonders aloud.
Her babies are each the size of grapes by now, only the size of a large clump of grapes given Nancy’s incredible condition. The sexy pink nightgown that Lance had bought her a year ago was beginning to get uncomfortably tight, her formerly taut tummy now bulges prominently, seemingly growing just a little every day.
“Hmmmm, 4 pounds in 10 days… “ Nancy says to herself, “I wonder if this is normal?”
“Well, I feel okay despite being not-so-obviously super-pregnant, my breasts are still tender though,” Nancy says, modeling them in front of the bedroom mirror.
She notices that they are suddenly fuller, heavier. The slightest touch of her nipples make her wet in her loins. “Oh oh, oh….mmmm… I better stop this now before I can’t,” Nancy whispers.
Her body’s heat has turned up a notch, she begins to sway her hips ever so slightly, kneading and caressing her body as never before. “So alive am I!!” her thoughts scream in her head, “More alive and more fertile than any human… EVER!
I… I am having a basketball team… no, not enough players…. a…a… football team…no, no, still not enough,” she ponders to herself, eyebrows furrowed.
She stops for a moment, her lovely tanned hips slowing as she is caught up in thought.
“Geez, I have enough babies to play both sides of baseball game, complete with 4 umpires, 3 relief pitchers-per-side, a play-by-play announcer, a color-man and… and… and 14 spectators in the stands doing the wave!!!”
“Oh my god!!!!” she shouts.
“What, WHAT!!??!!” Lance responds, leaping out of the bed grabbing a nearby pillow to fend off her would-be attacker.
Nancy screams, unaware that Lance had snuck in her bedroom in time to see the whole show.
“You… you surprised me,” She gasps,” what the hell are you doing here!?”
“I just came over to see my baby,” he answers coyly.
“Which one?” she responds. “Huh?!” replies a confused papa-to-be.
She waltzes over to the bed, her fingers brushing by his crotch, lingering for a moment.
“Hey fella’s…. remember me?” coaxes Nancy, speaking to the two incredible potent sperm containers that made her so massively pregnant.

* * * * * * *

“I know that it’s been only 2 months but… but… well, look at me!!?!?! I’m enormous!!
I gain about 2 lbs. per day, my ankles are large and swollen half the time…. My, my back is killing me and look… look at me…” Nancy says, taking off her sweater as she begins to undue her blouse.
Both Dr. Shepherd and Nurse Davis’ eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets as they witness Nancy’s profound growth.
Nancy is easily the size of a normal mother at 7 months yet, upon closer examination of her belly it appears to be pulsing, throbbing.
Trying to remain calm, Dr. Shepherd motions Nancy onto the examination table.
Her ever-growing belly prevents her from climbing up straight away but, after a few grunts and groans she manages.
Dr. Shepherd slowly unbuttons the rest of her blouse, there are only 4 or 5 buttons left holding on to the strained fabric. Clearly, shopping for new (read that as bigger) clothes is going to be a priority… soon.
“Now relax Nancy, let me run a few tests, take an ultrasound and generally see how things are going in there, okay?” he says sounding tremendously reassuring.
His voice soothes her quickly, she’s developed a small crush for her handsome doctor though having an ever-expanding waistline somewhat tempers her fantasy.
Kind Dr. Shepherd gently removes the stretchy material of her pants revealing her lovely, tanned pregnant tummy.
He gently probes and prods her belly, slightly amazed by its size even though he’s absolutely certain that she’ll grow much, much more.
Very, very quickly!
“Well sweetheart,” he says, “I realize that this is going to be a difficult pregnancy for you… for anyone, really! But you are coming along nicely, nothing seems to be out the ordinary.”
He smiles, patting her tummy, “Except for this entire pregnancy, I mean, the whole thing is out of the ordinary!”
Nancy sighs, reaches up to cover the doctor’s hand with her own.
“You’re gonna take good care of us, right?!” she queries innocently.
“You bet I…..err, we all will!!” he responds, feeling slightly uneasy. Her touch aroused him slightly, feelings that he hadn’t expected
“Nancy,” he begins to gently question, “I’ve made a few phones calls and pulled a few favors and…. well do you realize the enormous expense that this… this wonderful historical pregnancy is going to incur?”
“Err, no Doc, I haven’t really thought about it… much?” she replies. She reaches up and gently places her other hand over the Doc’s hand. “Are the babies okay, am I okay?”
Dr. Shepherd begins to answer but is suddenly surprised by a slowly increasing desire for… for his patient!
“My God, I’m a doctor for heaven’s sake! I’ve delivered nearly 700 babies here.” He thinks. “What is it about Nancy, besides making medical history, is arousing me so?”
“I’ve arranged for the hospital to take care of all of your expenses for this remarkable pregnancy, all of them Nancy!” he beams.
Nancy attempts to sit up, the Doc realizing her tummy somewhat prevents her, helps her up.
“Really Doc, really… that’s wonderful… fantastic, awesome… just aweso…” she says with glee.
“Okay, okay Nancy… but you’re going to have to fully cooperate with us,” He replies, introducing new wrinkles into the mix.
“We’ve purchased a van for you Nancy, to bring you back and forth from the hospital for your weekly checkups.”
“Yes, yes,” she nods her head intently.
“We had to get the largest van available because…well, because in about 3 or 4 months I don’t believe that you are going to be able to get around much. The hospital stands to garner an incredible amount of publicity from this pregnancy, Nancy.
I mean, 48 babies all at once. The record now is only 8 and if we can keep these babies inside of you long enough to mature then… oh boy!” he continues. “I’ll need to take measurements Nancy, pictures, video’s, etc in order to document this incredible event.”
“Oh….” She says, somewhat taken aback.
“Nothing weird Nancy, I mean, your family can take the video’s, pictures if you’d like… I’d even do them if you wanted me to.” He reassures her.
“I’d just continue doing what I have been doing in your case and publish my findings in the A.M.A. eventually. Now, you realize that the media is going to descend upon us like a pack of wolves once this breaks so… the idea is not to let that happen,” he says.
“Errr… I guess so Dr. Shepherd, seeing how I’ve got to come down here anyway and, being a college student, really have no source of income. I really don’t have much of a choice. Umm, how much would the whole thing cost anyway?” she asks.
“Well, the McCaughleys bills I believe were well over $800,000 and that was just for 7 babies,” he answers.
“Oh…I think that I’d better take advantage of you…err, of this opportunity.” Nancy blurts out, then blushes. Her attraction to the kind doctor sometimes overwhelms her.
“When would you like to see me… umm, us again?” Nancy asks, pushing her already engorged protuberance towards Dr. Shepherd.
“Oh… see Nurse Davis and she’ll make an appointment, say in two weeks then I think we’re going to have to make it a weekly event. I definitely must keep my eye on you.”
He says.
Nancy slowly and seductively re-buttons her blouse and gets dressed, she’s somewhat sure that he’s enamored by her belly, “….maybe eventually he’ll like all of me”, she thinks.
Nancy, accentuating her semi-waddle just a bit, exits the doctor’s office and drives home.

* * * * 12 weeks * * * *

The sun shines in upon Nancy, arousing her from a deep and unusually restful 8 hrs of sleep. “Wow, I really needed that nights worth of wonderful, blissful sleep... hmmm, I wonder if Mom has made breakfa …uh oh!” Nancy stops mid-sentence, her hands instantly moving to her ever-increasing belly now noticeably larger than the previous night.
“I think I grew some more last night, a lot more!” she says to herself.
A crooked grin grows across her face, she loves being so impossibly pregnant, every day something new about it surprises her, pleases her and makes her feel special.
Slowly, gingerly she rolls over and steps out of bed… wobbling a bit as her body readjusts, she pads barefoot over to the full length bathroom mirror.
Modeling a bit, she slowly twirls around checking out her lovely tummy.
Nodding her head in approval she bends her knees a bit, causing her over-ripe, 10 month-plus-with-twins size pregnant tummy to settle deeper in her hips.
She measures herself in what has become a daily regiment, “I know that Dr. Shepherd is going to make medical history, but nothing says that I can’t keep track myself!”
Hmmm….. 48 inches of tummy, gosh… that’s up 5 inches from last week.
My boobies haven’t really grown so much, I guess it’s just too early for my milk to come in.
She steps on the scale, the dial spins swiftly past a hundred pounds, stopping at 145 lbs., “Thank goodness I’ve only gained 25 lbs. so far, I know I’ll get much bigger eventually but I’m kinda enjoying the huge tummy without the required weight gain.
So far, at least!” She says to herself.
Somewhat flush and flustered, Nancy stops the impromptu show and ventures into the bathtub area.
“Hmmm, if I keep growing like this I won’t even be able to fit into this shower,” she mumbles to herself.
Slowly, softly she washes her burgeoning body taking time to carefully notice every tiny bulge, a foot maybe, a butt possibly; as they protrude through her tummy.
She’s tried many, many times to actually count the babies, to name them and figure out where they all are but they seem to be in constant motion when their awake, making her task impossible.
Retreating from the shower, she begins to towel the moisture off her body.
“Humph…” she groans as she realizes that she is unable to reach certain parts of her body now, her gigantic tummy most certainly in the way.
Sudden, a hand covered by a towel begins to dry her off. A warm breath nuzzles her neck and she moans softly.
“…’bout time you came over here!” she whispers to him, “I was wondering if you’d left me for someone sexier, some freshman with a tiny, tiny waist.”
Lance smiles, he is still unsure as to what their future holds but he knows one thing- he loves her this way, loves seeing her grows… sometimes right before his very eyes.
“No, no sweetheart, I’ve sworn off skinny, shapeless babes forever! It’s all completely about you, you and this wonderful, beautiful belly!” he says holding her tightly, warmly.
He kisses her deeply, ramming his tongue down her throat nearly causing her to pass out.
The babies seemingly respond in protection of their mother with multiple kicks to his abdomen.
“Hey!! Guys, girls… it’s me, Daddy! Why are you acting like that?!” he smirks, waving his finger in accusation.
Nancy shakes her head furiously, waking herself up from the delirium caused by his deep kisses. “C’mon big fella,” she says, “Help me get dressed!”
“Oh yeah!” he responds, leaping to his feet and racing her to her closet.
As if she could run these days anyway.
No, at best Nancy could only walk and slowly… her over-stretched tummy swaying back and forth, her belly button sticking out a full inch.
Lance could only watch in amazement and Nancy and her belly ambled closer and closer.
Looking into the closet, then back at Nancy then into the closet again he quickly determined that there weren’t very many choices for his inflated girlfriend.
Reaching deep into her closet, he retrieved the largest outfit he could find.
A pink dress with an empire waist, buttons on the back. Nancy sat down on her bed, her belly fills her lap, her forearms resting atop.
She smiles approvingly, not because of the only available dress to fit but because,
“Oh.…well, I guess you know what this means, “ she sighs.
“What, WHAT?!?!” Lance responds to her change in mood.
“It means..... its SHOPPING TIME!!” she shouts with glee.
Lance sighs; he hates going shopping with her, usually ends up simply being the bag carrier, toting multiple bags of clothing to their van.
Finally after much pulling and tugging, she dawns her dress. Looking closely, one can barely see a bit of tanned belly flesh peering through strained buttons as they enter the hundreds of stores and millions of pounds of concrete known simply as “The BIG Mall”.
Nancy finds herself incredibly giddy and silly at the site of soooo many choices.
“This is gonna be fun!” she squeals as they enter, sliding glass doors opening in quiet automation.
After only five minutes of shopping Nancy becomes increasing agitated and nervous.
Nudging Lance, “Err…. honey, “ she says, eyes shifting left and right, ”Is your fly open or something? Do you have tissue on your shoe because…”
Lance smiles, he too has noticed the stares from the majority of passersby but he is positive that it is not directed at him.
He chides her delicately, stopping by a storefront window to show her what people seem to be staring at.
“I… I…uhmmm, Nancy…. they… they’re not really staring at me.” Lance says cautiously gesturing toward the large pane glass.
Nancy turns and the sheer size of her belly snaps her quickly back into reality.
She can still barely reach her arms completely around her waist, pulling the hem of her already over-stretched pink dress even tighter. Her huge belly already occupying her entire torso, causing her to look a week beyond full term with twins to on-looking strangers.
“Oh yeah….” She sighs.
“But I’m only 12 weeks along Lance, I’m not really that big am I?” she asks shyly.
“Funny, she seems sincere… I thought she wanted to get impossibly, inhumanly big,” Lance thinks to himself quickly.
“Nancy, you are simply the most beautiful woman I've ever known; I love everything about you…. including your incredible tummy!” he responds lovingly.
They browse through the regular stores finding a few items in the maternity section that she likes, but nothing really adorable.
Turning the corner she notices that a new maternity clothing has just opened, “Pea in the Pod” reads the banner as well as “50% off sale!”
Nancy’s eyes light up and she hustles over to the entrance, waddling a fast as her big belly will allow.
A store clerk notices them enter and waltzes over to help. She’s somewhat disappointed when she sees Nancy because it’s obvious by her size that Nancy is beyond full term....
“Just how many maternity clothes could one need with only a few days until delivery,” she ponders to herself.
“May I help you?” the polite clerk queries.
“Yes, yes,” replies Nancy, “We noticed your sign and can you point me in the direction of the 50% off sale?!”
“Oh... err, everything in the store is one-half price.... we need to move out a lot of stuff for the Fall and Winter months. But you shouldn’t be needing ... err, I mean, you look like you've only got a few days or so till the big day... right?” the store clerk asks, curiously.
“Well.... something like that,” Nancy answers vaguely, tugging on her blouse to emphasize her tummy, “I’m carrying more than one which is why I’m so big!”
“The clerk’s eyes brighten, “Wow, twins... congratulations!”
Nancy scurries away without answering, heading toward the “Plus Size” section to browse.
Wonderful colors, patterns and new styles are found and a huge pile of clothes begin building in Lances arms.
She grabs lots of maternity lingerie too, “Got to keep my man happy!” she says, dropping yet another batch onto Lances awaiting arms.
He smiles but she doesn’t notice as the plethora of boodle soars over his head.
“Sweetheart, “Lance says with sarcasm, “I think we’ve got enough for now, okay?”
With great difficulty he walks towards the fitting room and dumps the entire load on a waiting table.
Lance settles down to help, watching his ever-burgeoning girlfriend try on outfit after outfit after outfit. Normally he hates this kind of thing but he finds himself completely entranced.
With each and every change of clothes she displays her choice with turns and twirls, often dancing slowly, seductively when the particular dress demands it.
Lance covers his hand over his bulging jeans, looking around to see if anyone else has noticed Nancy’s impromptu show.
The store is practically empty with the exception of a few underutilized floor associates offering to help. Their subtle stares indicating that they too have been mesmerized that someone so big could move so... so... well.
Lance shakes his head in disbelief and begins to ferry the mound of clothes up to the front for checkout. The same clerk from before begins ringing up the items, her eyes bright as she calculates all of the commission royalties she is going to get.
Lance looks back to see Nancy posing in front of the mirror with the last of the pile, looking as beautiful as ever.
The clerk continues her duties, the black/green screen displaying the cost of this shopping trip flies by $325 dollars.
Lance withdraws his Visa®© card from his wallet, “God bless America... and credit cards!” he says with a smirk.
Nancy hauls the last of her 3 outfits to the register, a snake green jumpsuit catches his eye as she holds it up in display.
“What do you think, kinda kinky and outrageous?” she asks.
Lance just slaps his hand to his forehead and chuckles in disbelief.
“That’ll be $1157.61” the store clerk says in utter shock.
Lance just looks at Nancy, “Errr... sorry,” she replies somewhat sheepishly.
Their shopping spree at “Pea in the Pod” fill 18 shopping bags alone, bring the total to 23 shopping bags. The store clerk offers to help take them to their car, still eyeing Nancy and her belly with astonishment.
Luckily, the door closest to their car was just outside so the walk wasn’t too far.
Lance opens the van and begins piling the bags in, Nancy standing along side, her hands over her belly in quiet reflection and utter satisfaction.
“Miss...?” the store clerk queries, “My I ask you a question?”
“Err, yes,” Nancy replies, obliviously.
“I’ve worked at the store for many, many years, I’ve seen hundreds of pregnant woman come and go and... well, I’ve never, ever had anyone buy so much, especially someone that is so close to giving birth!” she explains. “May I ask when you are due and... if I may be so bold, is it just twins.... or more?”
Nancy and Lance are suddenly caught off guard. They’d remembered the feeding frenzy exhibited on the news when that lady had seven babies, what’s it going to be like when the word gets out that she’s having nearly 50!
“Uh.... ummmm, that’s a good question” they answer simultaneously, obviously stalling.
“We’ll tell you because you look like an honest person and you’ll have to swear to secrecy?” Lance says.
The clerks pupils grow wider, she stares at Nancy’s belly just a little harder.
“Not to mention the fact,” Lance continues, “That we’ll return all this stuff if you blab and you’ll lose all of you commission... what do you get, about 20%?
The clerk’s eyes dart back and forth, “Why would these people be so secretive if it wasn’t a big, huge story!?!” she thinks.
“I’m only 3 months pregnant, Nancy says, “With a lot more than twins, or triplets for that matter!”
“OhmiGod!” the store clerk blurts out, “Can I touch it... err, your tummy? How... how many?”
Reaching down, she feels Nancy’s incredible bulge. It’s very, very hard and unyielding. Very unlike any pregnant belly she has ever felt before.
“Fifty,” Nancy says, “There’s nearly 50 of them in there... at least that’s what my doctor believes.”
“Fif... fifty, ohmigod!!” the clerk responds, removing her hands quickly in near shock.
Nancy and Lance smile at each other, Lance thanks the friendly clerk and reminds her of her promise. They drive away wondering if they just let the proverbial cat out of the bag and just how loud will his father bellow when the credit card bill comes in.

* * * * 24 weeks * * * * *

As they enter her bedroom after an early morning shower Lance begins nuzzling her neck, that special place just beneath her right ear… the exact place that he knows will arouse her immediately! This is her “spot”!
Nancy, clearly aroused by his sexual advance turns quickly and slowly backs him down towards her bed.
At only 6 months pregnant she is absolutely enormous, simply breathtaking to behold.
After all, 24 weeks pregnant with nearly 50 babies! Her incredible belly has grown to well over eighty inches around, her ample breasts have increased dramatically as well, engorged from her smallish “A” cup to a generous “DD” as they prepare to hold multiple liters of milk.
Lance smiles as he realizes that his ever expanding girlfriend is all his…. and, even more thrilling is the fact that she is going to get much, much, MUCH bigger.
Nancy waddles steadily forward, no need to entice her boyfriend because the stiff protuberance from his jeans tell her all she needs to know.
Lance reaches out to hold her gigantic belly, he tries to put his arms around her but quickly remembers that he hadn’t been able to do that in several weeks.
Nancy presses forward, the sheer bulk of her tummy forces Lance backward with an “Oomph!!”
“Oh, I see that you’re in a hurry this morning!” he says with a smirk.
He gently scurries backwards from the foot of her bed while holding her tummy as she continues moving forward. With increasingly more and more difficulty, Nancy ambles up atop of Lance, her skin still moist from the warm shower they’d taken together moments ago.
Gently she lifts herself onto Lance swollen member, her heavily pregnant belly forcing him deeper into her bed.
Laying down facing her, all he can see is her mountainous belly rising high over his head and, although she has since enveloped his member with her over-stuffed love box, the front of her tummy is nearly up to his neck. Wriggling somewhat nervously, Lance tries to get comfortable but is hopelessly pinned down by her 85-pound pregnant belly.
Nancy’s pointy belly button sticks out over an inch, like some kind of strange, alien antennae, her inner temperature rises and suddenly, the babies begin to stir as it’s approaching feeding time.
Lance reaches around and holds her tightly, the rumbling within increase as the babies continue to awaken, meanwhile Nancy’s libido grows stronger and stronger.
Incredibly, Nancy strong leg muscles begin to contract and loosen causing her to gently bob up and down on her boyfriends’ erect penis.
The weight of her belly pounds poor Lance even further into the mattress as multiple kicks, punches bulge from within.
Both she and Lance are oblivious to the inner turmoil now as their dual climax approaches!
“More….. more, more,” she grimaces as she continues to grind.
Lance’s chest is being steadily pummeled by her over-ripe belly, he’d cry out in pain if he wasn’t enjoying himself so much!
“Mmmph… oh my, oh.. oh my, I’m almost there!” she cries out softly.
Suddenly, as the babies fully awaken, Lance and Nancy reach their respective crescendo’s, a bed-shattering climax erupts from within each; each crying out in ecstasy!
“Nancy, Nancy….. “,he groans deeply.
“Lance, Lance… LANCE!!!!” she shrieks in reply!
He absolutely loved it when she cries out his name!
Nancy eventually rolls over and they falls asleep entwined, her enormous belly sticking straight up in the air, babies still moving vigorously while she slumbers.
She awakens hours later, her vigorous bout of love-making left her feeling wonderfully sexual and free, her tummy rumbles from hunger.
She reaches up, probing her massive belly billowing well above her head.
“Hmmm, I think I just might be a little pregnant.” She says to herself, then laughs uproariously at the understatement.
“Pregnant Nancy…preg-Nancy… PREG-NANCY!!!” her eyes fly wide open.
That weird dream has come true, I don’t believe this!!” she thinks.
She reaches up to caress her incredible tummy, her fingers no longer able to touch end-to-end as she wraps her arms around herself.
The babies are quiet now, gently rocked to sleep by her lovemaking with Lance.

Missed Period
by Matrix (

*****32 weeks****

“Dammit…dammit... dammit, I’m… I’m….. I’m stuck!” She grumbles to herself, breathing heavily.
Nancy knew that this was going to happen eventually, knew that soon her amazing pregnancy would leave her stuck somewhere in her home.
And now, it finally happened.
Lying on the couch watching daytime TV, she’d fallen asleep after a refrigerator emptying lunch. “… got to keep feeding the babies,” she kept telling herself as she downed calorie after calorie after calorie.
She’d grown accustomed to the growth spurts, always surprising yet welcomed.
Dr. Shepherd had said that she couldn’t gain enough weight to put herself in jeopardy and to eat like there was no tomorrow for the entire 9 months.
Her appetite astounded everyone, poor Lance had to get a second job, then figured out that working at an All-You-Can-Eat restaurant was the best way to go.
He’d always bring home loads of leftover food from the eatery and watched in awe as his ever-burgeoning girlfriend’s belly expand to frightening ranges.
Nancy’s incredible belly towers over her as she lay down on the couch, its sheer weight almost doubling her normal body weight of 125 lbs.
Too big to sit up, too big to even roll over as she lay there helplessly… hoping above all else that someone would arrive home to rescue her before ever-mounting pressure on her bladder became unbearable.
“Oomph,” she groans in one more vain attempt to sit up, “Where is Lance, he should be back from work now anyway! And, we’re going to be late to see Dr. Shepherd.”
Just then, as if on cue, Lance enters the living room whistling to himself.
“Hi honey, I’m home and I come bearing many groceri…,” he stops mid-sentence.
Sure he’d seen his lovely girlfriend throughout her improbable pregnancy, witnessed first hand her unprecedented growth but seeing her lying on the couch simply took his breath away.
Pinned underneath she still manages to flash a smile. “Hiya sweetheart… err, could you come and help your baby-making girlfriend up, I seem to be a bit stuck!” She says incredulously.
Lance drops the groceries clumsily; fortunately the breakables were still in the van.
From his vantage point Lance can see Nancy’s head sticking out of one end of the loveseat, her bare feet sticking out the other end, swaying aimlessly and her enormous stomach, mountainous to behold, towering above her.
Tanned flesh in a gigantic hill swooping toward to the ceiling, easily 3 feet above the top of the couch.
Perfect, bulbous and huge her pregnant belly flesh is, without blemish or stretch mark.
Lance walks towards her slowly, his eyes fixated on his miraculous girlfriend, “How is this possible that she is so gigantic yet still hasn’t delivered?!” He mumbles to himself.
Her belly button juts upward fully 3 inches like the television mast of a skyscraper.
He walks around to her side, Nancy reaches out for help from her awkward position.
Suddenly it occurs to Lance that he just may not be able to move her, she weighs… what, over 225 lbs.!
He pulls, tugs and with bulging, straining muscles pulls his enormous girlfriend off of the couch and, not having the chance to adjust and shift her weight properly; she tumbles onto the floor landing squarely on her enormous belly.
“Oomph… dammit!!” She grumbles, her tight butt sticking straight up in the air, feet nearly dangling above her tremendous belly.
She tries placing her bare feet onto the floor, rolling… rolling over her gigantic belly with much effort. “Ahhhh…,” she says, her toes finally touching.
Lance tries to help but feels incredibly foolish, she is his fiancée not some whale stranded on the beach.
With many more grunts and groans Nancy manages to hoist herself but up to a standing position. Her XXXXXXL (6XL) shirt still doesn’t completely cover her belly, it extends from well beneath her knees, jutting out over 50 inches forward then slopping gently back to her mid-chest.
She’d had a t-shirt made special from the corner shop – with a large, large arrow pointing downward it read:
“Many, many, many, many babies onboard!”
She fumbles around with her toes, searching awkwardly for her sandals. She hadn’t been able to see her feet since about week eight but managed to coerce Lance into painting her toes pink for her OB appointment today.
With great difficulty and Lance partially supporting her, they amble out to the van realizing for the first time that both cannot fit through the doorway together.
It had been many weeks since she was able to fit in the front seat, her ever-growing belly making her more and more immobile.
She hated that part! As much as she liked being pregnant… especially this pregnant it also had its downfalls.
They’d furnished and decorated the inside of the van since it had arrived.
Plush, blue carpet with matching curtains adorning the rear window. An enormous reclining chair sat facing the door near the front of the van, an old ‘60’s style tie-dye shirt separated the front seats from the rest of the van.
“Now, the hard part…” she groaned as she waddled slowly up the ramp.
It has been increasingly difficult for Nancy to both balance her enormous belly enough to walk, yet stoop over in order to fit into the van.
She finds herself spreading her legs further and further, looking like a sumo-wrestler.
Lance sympathetically smiles, then chuckles.
“Laugh it up funnyman,” she responds talking out of the side of her mouth, not wanting to take her eyes of her target.
Step by step, she ambles forward, the van swaying side-to-side as she shifts her weight.
Stooping over, her belly grazes the floor of the van infrequently.
“Oh Lance… Lance,” she says, stopping to catch her breath, “How am I going to get on? I've got two more months and… and I don’t think I’ll be able to walk soon, let alone board this van again!”
With a huge sigh of relief Nancy slumps down into the welcome arms of the reclining chair. From Lances’ point of view, all he can see is her cute, fluorescent pink painted toenails, her wonderfully shapely tanned legs. And her huge, huge belly!!
He cannot even see her head anymore!
“Okay, okay…. let’s go,” she says, her arms flailing in his direction as she cannot see him either.
They pull into the back of the Doctor’s clinic, their van appearing more like a utility van collecting hospital uniforms than anything. Deception had been their plan since the very beginning and it still has worked!
Exiting the van was often more difficult because the recliner had become increasing worn with Nancy’s growth, forcing her deeper within, plus the babies always, always woke up during the ride.
Lance opened the door and was immediately dumbstruck in awe as he witnessed her enormous belly sway left and right, forward and back simultaneously.
“Well, don’t just stand there gawking at me.... help me up,” Nancy said, “You know I always have to pee after the drive!”
Leaving the van with a purpose they scurried along as best as they can.
Lance opens the door as Nancy slows to just barely fit through, the cloth of her t-shirt brushing the door jam.
A quiet hush settles over the waiting room of the OB/GYN clinic as she enters.
As she walks in slowly all the clinic patients can see is her huge, HUGE belly enter the room seemingly by itself. Swaying slowly back and forth for breathtakingly long moments before the rest of Nancy’s body emerges.
Several young mothers, two of which are still in high school, simply stare at Nancy’s gargantuan tummy whilst prodding their own barely noticeable bellies, their mouths wide open enough to be mistaken for a two-lane tunnel.
Nancy relishes this part of her weekly visits, absolutely loves the instant shock that floods the room as she enters.
As with the last several visits, she stops by one of the younger mothers and stretches, reaching towards the ceiling extending her hands and arms as high as she can.
Her chest and tummy expand as the clinic patients already huge eyes widen, witnessing Nancy grow even bigger than before.
“Ahhh...” Nancy says to them confidently patting her belly, “Don’t worry, it won’t be long till you too have a tummy like mine! You should have seen the lady who had twins, now she was really, really big!”
The two youngest woman emit a simultaneous “Eeep!!” as Nancy continues onto the bathroom. The older, more experienced mothers just smile, nearly biting their tongues in half trying their best not to laugh aloud!
All eyes follow her as she turns the corner. The din of the previously quiet room grows immediately... Nancy knows that they’re all talking about her... and she loves it!
Lance chuckles to himself as well, at first he thought her little prank was a bit cruel but he found himself loving their expressions anyway.
Nancy enters her usual room in the back of the clinic, far away from the other patients to find Lance already there perusing the newest magazines with one hand while holding a large glass of water for her in the other.
It’s her special room complete with multiple maternity belts for monitoring the babies heartbeats as well as several ultrasound machines.
“I just went to the bathroom....” she sighs as she takes the glass and drinks.
She wonders why she has to continue the charade of filling her bladder with liquid to act as a sounding board for the ultrasonic waves when she is damn sure that she has at least 10 gallons of fluid in her tummy in the first place!
Her examining table is in the near vertical position with slats on the bottom. Backing up to the tables, she stands on the slats, the examining table responds to the change in weight and slowly lowers to the horizontal position.
Suddenly almost as if on cue, Dr. Shepherd enters followed by three other nurses.
“Ahh.... on time as usual,” he says with a smile.
Nancy responds with a semi-smile of her own as the examining table reaches full horizontal but still lowering... finally resting about 12 inches from the floor.
“So, how are you feeling today Nancy?” Dr. Shepherd asks matter-of-factly.
They both knew the routine, both knew all of the answers and questions but went through them anyway out of tradition.
“I’m quite fine Dr. Shepherd,” Nancy says sweetly, “Everything feels exactly like what you said and from what I’ve read about pregnancy. I’m just getting almost too big to walk anymore. I got stuck on the couch today and had to wait for Lance to rescue me!”
Dr. Shepherd smiles, prods Nancy’s over-generous tummy then gently rolls back her 6X t-shirt.
He still cannot get over the incredible size that she has attained, with virtually no additional discomfort, no unmanageable stresses on her body.
She was a miracle to behold!
“Tape measure, please?” He asks for and receives almost instantly. Nancy just lies there looking at the ceiling and watching Dr. Shepherd intently.
“I know I’m so big that you could never, ever want me but... but please notice my toes,
I painted them just for you,” Nancy thinks to herself, flexing her brightly painted toes for expression.
“Fundal height, 57... 57 inches,” Dr Shepherd says, trying to contain his excitement.
“That’s up 8 inches from last weeks measurements,” one nurse responds writing down the results for posterity.
“Err, did you measure yourself today sweetheart... ah, I mean, Nancy?” He asks causing her to blush.
“Yes... I did... well, umm... Lance did because I can’t go around my belly anymore. How much was I... Lance?” she replies.
Reading from a small piece of crumpled paper, Lance answers, “My baby’s tummy is 94 inches around now, her chest has swelled to 40 inches... I’m not sure how much she weighs though.”
Reaching down to check the readout on the examining table Dr. Shepherd winks at Nancy, assuring her that’s everything is going to be alright.
The digital display shows “237 lbs.” to which Dr. Shepherd merely points at, the nurse catching his subtle clue.
“Okay.... here’s the part I know you hate but you know we’ve got to do it,” he says with sympathy.
Nancy just nods her head and braces herself.
No matter what they have done, the slick gel for the ultrasound was always, always bone-chilling cold. And they needed a lot of it to cover her spectacular belly!
Utilizing 3 ultrasound machines, the nurses moved quickly in covering her belly with the gel.
The dimly lit observation lights in the room shone directly on her belly, then reflecting throughout the room like a kaleidoscope.
Nancy always felt like Buddha during these moments and snickered inwardly.
The nurses moved with speed and accuracy, scanning into the computer the pictures of her tremendous cargo. They were lucky today because the babies were slowing down, running out of room as well as nearing their sleep time.
Dr. Shepherd just stood back and watched, his eyes transfixed at this incredible girl.
Quickly it was over and he pressed a button enabling the images of the ultrasounds machines to be linked together, creating a 3 dimensional picture of Nancy’s gigantic tummy.
He marveled at his newest purchase, the finest ultrasound machine ever made... pausing momentarily at the bottom left of the screen.
“Oh.... man....” he said, reaching in his pockets for his glasses, fumbling in putting them on.
The nurses also notice the reading and turned away quickly, leaving the room without so much as a “goodbye.”
Dr. Shepherd grabs a few nearby towels and hands a couple to Lance.
Together they begin to slowly wipe the gel from Nancy’s belly. Slowly, sensuously they continue without word, without sound.
Lance, feeling uncomfortable with the silence, begins to hum the theme to ”Gilligans’ Island” but stops abruptly after Nancy punches his thigh.
From below she observes kind (and cute) Dr. Shepherd methodically wiping her tummy dry, his eyes closed as if in a completely tranquil state.
They finish after a few wondrous minutes for all and Dr. Shepherd pulls a short stool up to the examining table, bending over slightly to talk to Nancy face to face.
Nancy truly is a sight to behold at this point, her belly so huge as it towers above them.
“Nancy... err, we’ve got a probl... well, not really a problem but,” he says awkwardly, sitting onto the stool.
“Is everything okay, you seem a bit startled?” She answers slightly troubled.
“Everything is fine... sorta, it’s just that... well, with our new ultrasound machine we discovered.... err, a few more babies in there,” he says, pressing one hand gently on her incredible abdomen.
“The computer counted 55 of them... I think a few of the embryos may have split and we simple couldn’t have kept track of them before.” He says, awaiting her reply.
Nancy thinks about it for a moment, then nods her head.
“I’m okay Doc, really I am and if it’s two or twenty or even 55 babies in me, I know that you’ll take care of us all!” she says lovingly.
Dr. Shepherd smiles back at her in amazement. “Gosh... I had thought this news would send you through the roof, but you’re handling it so well.”
Putting his hand on her shoulder, “I appreciate how cooperative you’ve been... I really do!” He says with a smile.
“The toenail polish, please... please... PLEASE notice the toenail polish,” she thinks to herself whilst trying to send a mental picture to her cute OB doc.
“Okay, you guys can go now and I’ll see you again next week,” Dr. Shepherd says.
Nancy tries bending forward, even kicks her legs up a bit to facilitate a shift in weight but to no avail, her impossibly massive belly holds her down.
A flash of pink catches Dr. Shepherds’ eyes, he looks down and finally notices.
“Nice! Err... pink your favorite color?” He says with a smirk as he reactivates the examining table.
Nancy blushes, her eyes scream out inaudibly,”He noticed, he NOTICED!!!”
“Cute, cute!” he says, wishing to make her feel beautiful.
Nancy bounds out of the office feeling not the least bit enormous despite the extra five babies within, “Dr. Shepherd noticed me and my cute little toes,” she thinks.
“Damn I wish I could see them,” she sighs.

Parts 1 & 2
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RE: Unrealistically Huge Stories
* * * * * * 36 weeks * * * * *

“Tada!!!!” Nancy shouts, emerging from the multi-colored cabana by the swimming pool. “How do you like my newest suit, I had it special ordered to fit me,” she announces.
Lance at poolside looks up and is nearly blinded by the reflection from the brightness of her enormous bathing suit.
He’d practically run out of new expressions, new words for her incredible size!
“Huge!” just doesn’t do her justice anymore, he thinks to himself as she approaches.
She wore a neon yellow, 2-piece bathing suit; the bottom portion of which was completely hidden by her spectacular belly. Her breasts also have entered the “Spectacular” range and simply kept growing. “Even if I did have this bathing suit made to order, I don’t think they truly believed me when I told them I have FF cups but only a medium waist,” she says.
“Medium waist my ass,” Lance guffaws!
“You know what I mean, despite my obvious condition, my legs and hips are barely wider than normal… see?” Nancy says, turning to wiggle her dainty butt.
She turns and approaches him slowly, gingerly.
Her “waddle” is greatly exaggerated as her legs are pushed well apart by the depth of her tummy.
Nancy’s astounding belly is surprisingly tanned, unlike many of the expectant mothers that she has gotten to know. Perhaps because she has grown so enormous, the buoyancy her pool provides has definitely helped ease her burden and improved her tan at the same time.
Her parent’s pool was simply breathtaking in its beauty and design.
Near Olympic in its size, it fit her well, allowed her to enjoy it to the utmost despite her overwhelming proportions.
She eases herself down the steps into the wading area of the pool, her muscular arms extending outward like a tight-rope artist. She’s had to convert to such measures when encountering awkward situations.
Her center of gravity could change in a moment with the ever-present rolling and shifting of so many babies inside of her.
She enters the pool gracefully, parting the waters like Moses only she doesn’t wield a staff, just an enormous tummy!
Nancy resembles a huge ocean liner setting sail, cooing gleefully as the coolness of the water settles in…. and the weight, the tremendous weight of her improbable belly was lifted.
For the moment she felt lighter than she had in many, many weeks and her overworked back muscles simply relaxed. God, she loved their pool! There was a long slide at the end, nearly 30 ft. high with twist and turns like an amusement park.
Surrounding the slide was a veritable fortune of landscape paraphernalia complete with exotic bonsai trees and Japanese maple.
Several of the bushes that outlined the pool were cut into various animals, the “giraffe” bush stood tall and proud overlooking the entrance flanked by the “bear” bush.
Nancy glides through the water like a supertanker, her presence sending wave after wave towards Lance’s float, rocking him violently.
“Tidal wave!!!” Lance shrieks, his arms flopping overhead as he tumbles over into the pool.
Nancy just stops, her hands on what use to be hips, now indiscernible because of her tremendous tummy. “Very funny,” she says with a scowl.
Lance paddles slowly towards Nancy, a bit of makeup sex is high on his impromptu list when suddenly, they hear a knock at the gate of their pool.
Both spin around in the water, Nancy's movement much more awkward causing a small whirlpool.
"Oh... hiya Kevin, how are you doing?" Lance shouts.
"Kevin... Kevin is here!!!" Turning around quickly, Nancy grabs Lances shoulder, "Did you invite him over?"
"Errr, no sweetheart, I didn't but I think that he finally took you up on the offer you made," Lance answers.
Then it hits her... hard!!
Nancy had been hitting on Kevin once a week, every single week of every single year of their high school days and not once had he really noticed her.
She'd always, always had a crush on him... actually she couldn't remember a time when she hadn't viewed him as the absolute perfect man.
And now... now of all times he was here!?!
"Make him go away!!!" she screeches under her breath, "No.... no... don't do that.., ummm... ummm…"
"Yes?" Lances replies coldly, knowing full well her latent feelings were once again resurfacing.
He thought that she'd gotten over him and now that they were about to be parents on a grand scale, he thought for sure that she'd finally realized that he was the one.
"Can I come in, your Mom said that you were a bit sick and since you'd invited me over about a billion times I thought I'd finally take you up on your kind offer, "Kevin says from behind the fence.
"Damn, damn... damn," Nancy says, thinking... thinking as quickly as she can how to not be discovered.
"Come.... come," Nancy pauses to clear her throat, "Come on in, Kevin."
Kevin opens the door and pauses and it's no wonder why every single girl in the school wanted him. He is the epitome of an extremely attractive guy, model good looks with wavy brown hair. Captain of the football, baseball, soccer and track team with countless trophies along the "Shrine of Heroes" hallway at their former high school.
Nancy swooned right there, sighed deeply as she floated towards the pools edge, shielding her monstrous figure as best she can underneath the water’s edge.
"Hiya Kevin, how's it going?" Nancy queries in her best guy voice.
Kevin smiles in response, perfectly capped teeth glisten in the afternoon sun.
"Pretty good, I was home from college and heard that you were home too.... I came by to check on my two friends.
"Friends.... friends, since when were we friends," Lance questions just under his breath.
Nancy elbows him sharply in the ribs, he grimaces in pain.
"It's good to see you Kevin, how's school going," Nancy asks, trying to distract him from looking deep into the water to see her massive form. She places her elbows onto the ledge exposing her very large, milk-filled breasts, the cleavage of which is simply too inviting.
Kevin notices immediately and all but stares.
"So... you're looking pretty good these days Nancy, everything alright?" He says.
Lance slowly backstrokes away, realizing that he has become virtually invisible to those two anyway.
"There's a shark over at the other end of the pool... next to the school of man-eating piranhas, I'm going to go over there and become a meal," Lance says.
"Oh... okay, sweetheart," Nancy responds, not paying attention.
Nancy also floats away towards the middle of the pool, careful to only expose her body from her ample chest up, the shallow waves and bright sunlight distort her lower body from Kevin's perceptions. Her massive belly has become extremely buoyant in the last few weeks causing her to float effortlessly, it's mass pushing her well endowed breasts up and out of the water even further, spreading out giving Kevin a tremendous stiffy.
"Nice err... yellow swimsuit Nancy, it looks kinda funny in the water though, hard to tell your shape.... are you holding a beach ball underwater or something?" Nick asks, trying to get invited into the pool.
"Ummm, no, it's a new 2 piece that I had made up special, they had this cool
"Baby yellow" color that I just had to have... I'll show it off in a little while if you like," she says coyly.
"Mind if I get in, it's awful hot out here?" Kevin asks.
"Yeah and I'm getting out for awhile... you two lovebirds... I mean, swimmers like something cool to drink?" Lance offers.
Surprised, Nancy responds sweetly, "Yes, yes Lance, thank you."
"Me too dude," Kevin chimes in.
Kevin prances up to the diving ladder, pauses then springs to life executing a perfect
2 1/2 somersault pike, cutting through the water with expert precision.
By now Nancy has positioned herself just next to the diving ladder and watches intently as Kevin swims a few laps, wondering if he is too caught up in himself to look underwater and notice the changes that have happened to her.
After 3 laps Kevin reaches the silver ladder and struts out of the water, shaking and drying his hair.
He lies back down onto the concrete at the shallow end of the pool and motions for Nancy to come over.
Nancy simply shakes her head "No," her game isn't yet finished and besides, she really wants to know what kind of guy he truly is.
Undaunted, Kevin again motions for her to come over, lifting one index finger and motioning the "Come hither" gesture to which Nancy again ignores.
"Hmmm, this one is going to be tough," Kevin thinks, "Maybe I'll just go the direct approach."
Kevin crawls seductively on his hands and knees over to Nancy at the shallow end, swaying and gyrating his hips causing Nancy's sexual juices to immediately begin flowing.
"Say... Nancy, how come the two of us never got together all of the years," Kevin asks, his puppy dog eyes pouting brilliantly, blue-green pupils flashing in the waters reflection.
"Oh... you were always just too busy with all of the those other girls to notice me Kevin," Nancy responds shyly, "I know that I'm not as pretty as they are."
“Nonsense!!” He retorts loudly, "Yes... yes there were a lot of them.... err (catching himself before he sounds stupid) I mean, only a few that really mattered but I'm looking for someone special."
"Well, I hope that you find her... you see, Lance and I are in love now and I'm with him. There was a time when I would've done anything to go out with you but...." Nancy says.
"But..." Kevin urges.
"But, I love Lance and he loves me," she finishes.
"Hmmmm, are you sure?" Kevin says, flashing his million dollar smirkish smile,
"I mean, maybe you aren't completely sure. Maybe you and I should get together in the meantime….till you are truly sure, that is."
"But… but what about Lance," Nancy says, leading him on.
"Lance... he's a good guy but I think that you deserve better," Kevin answer coldly, calmly.
"Hmmm," she says, leaning closer and closer to Lance, her huge belly shoved deeper into the water is now nearly lifting her completely out as she leans in for a soft kiss.
Kevin, sure that he has her right where he wants her looks around first to see if Lance was paying attention then quickly looks back into her eyes and kisses her softly.
"Such a soft, tender kiss,” Nancy thinks as they exchange saliva, "I can't wait to see his expression once I come out of the pool.”
It’s now Kevin’s turn to swoon, he sighs deeply and, in mock humility, rolls over and slips in the pool. Nancy is a bit startled by his kiss and even more surprised as he swims toward the shallow end of their pool and slinks onto the shallow marble steps.
He is halfway in and halfway out of the water as he folds his hands behind his head in near triumph.
“I’ve got her now, she’s mine despite her lame boyfriend,” he smirks to himself.
“There’s plenty more where that came from over here,” he says.
Now it’s Nancy’s turn to smirk!
“Okay, but I’m kinda shy about all of this especially since Lance should be back any moment,” she responds.
“Lance, Schmance… you’re with Big Kev now… what’s he have that I don’t have, what’s he got that I cannot get for you, babe?” Kevin brags on, completely sure of himself.
“Are you sure that you are ready for me… I mean, be gentle because this is a special bathing suit, I paid a lot for it… I really, really hope that you like it… and me in it!” Nancy says.
She paddles towards the shallow end of the pool slowly, seductively. Their eyes remain locked and each time Kevin tries to look down to spy her swimsuit as she moves towards him, Nancy dips her head and catches his eyes again and locks them in.
Nancy’s foot has finally reached the curve of the pool, she can walk now… it’ll only be a moment until her secret is revealed.
Nancy walks slowly forward and begins to stand erect, the top of her fantastically enormous belly beings to emerge, displacing more and more water as she presses forward.
Kevin gorgeous smile slowly begins to change, the corners of his mouth dipping downward from a smile to wide-open, utter surprise and amazement.
He does an expected double-take as Nancy gets closer and closer, her gigantic belly plows through the shallow water.
Kevin arms stretch out before him, trying to hold back her advances but still she continues.
“S…s..s….stop… r..r..rr….right there!” He screeches.
A wry smile appears on her face.
“What? Well, what do you think of my suit?” Nancy replies, seemingly oblivious to his utter shock.
“Errr, it’s a nice suit Nancy, sweetheart... really it is!” He stammers.
Nancy still presses forward, her proud belly now towers above Kevin.
Still she continues and gently but firmly presses her huge tummy deep into his chest, covering his entire chest and legs down to his shins.
He reaches out to protect himself, trying to hold her at a distance.
“What’s Lance got that you don’t have, you asked?” She questions angrily. “He’s got one incredible set of very, very potent testicles!! So…. the next time you decide to hit on some babe and she tells you that she’s attached and in love with someone….”
She presses him deeper into the water, his head barely above the surface.
“…. take her word for it, got it!?!?” she finishes.
“Y…y…yes Ma’am,” Kevin replies feeling like he’ll drown if she doesn’t remove her incredible belly.

* * * * * 40 weeks * * * * *

Nancy hears the door to her bedroom open, listens intently as soft footsteps approach her.
“H-h-hello?” she calls out, unable to move very much anymore, her enormous belly
completely blocking her view of anything except that which is directly to her side.
“Oh, g-morning Mom, how are you doing today?” she asks with a smile.
Nancy’s mother forces a smile as she peers down at her daughters face but her expression changes quickly as she turns her attention to the gigantic mound of blankets rising overhead.
Nearly touching the ceiling fan now, her daughter’s growth has caused many to faint and all to simply gawk, shaking their heads in unbelief.
“I know, I know Mom…. it’s incredible to think that it’s all…. me, but today it’s…it’s … today. The very last day for me to be like this. Soon, I’ll be able to walk normally again, be able to see my feet, go to the bathroom normally and eat like a normal kid,” Nancy responds, small tears dripping from her eyes.
“Yes… yes, sweetheart,” Nancy’s mother sighs, “I brought the tape measure in like you asked although I don’t know why it matters anymore. You… you… you’re enormous, Nancy! Bigger than anyone… ever… ever!” She sputters, shakes her head and begins to cry. Nancy stretches out for her but is held firm onto the bed by her massive tummy. Nancy’s mom leans over and they embrace tightly.
“I love you so much!” They both say simultaneously and cry even harder.
After several minutes Nancy’s Mom stands up quickly, wiping the tears from her eyes,
“Okay, now what do I do again?”
Nancy also wipes the tears from her eyes, “Okay… um, first take off the sheets and blankets but… before you do, I want to warn you… err, tell you something.”
Mrs. Conners steps back a bit, looking surprised, “What Nancy… what?”
“Well, I know that you haven’t seen me in a… ummm, my bare tummy in awhile and well, I’ve grown quite a bit in the last week.
I even had a last minute growth spurt last night so please don’t be…” Nancy begins but is stopped mid-sentence as Mrs. Conner rips back to sheets and gasps!
“Ohmygod…,” she says softly, nearly whispering.
“… shocked!” Nancy finishes her sentence.
Mrs. Conner can only stare, her mouth agape enough to be mistaken for the St. Louis Gold Arch.
“I’m … I’m sorry Momma, I tried to warn you,” Nancy says, mustering a smile.
Mrs. Conner reaches out to touch her daughters' impossibly huge tummy, cautiously and with great trepidation.
Summoning up a bit of courage, Mrs. Conner says, “My… oh… its really not that huge! Really, why I’ve even seen a few…. (pauses at the absurd comments that she’s about to make) a few mothers-to-be bigger than you!”
Nancy just looks at her, a gentle smile rolls across her face.
Mrs. Conner probes her daughters’ gigantic belly slowly, she smiles often as she presses portions of Nancy’s tummy inward and receives a kick in reply.
“Did you feel that?” Mrs. Conner asks.
“What?” Nancy replies.
“The baby…. err, one of the babies kicked me,” Mrs. Conner replies.
“Oh… ummm, Mom… its really hard to tell anymore, they all seems to be either kicking me or each other constantly. I guess I’ve simply gotten use to it by now,” Nancy replies nonchalantly.
Suddenly her belly turns rock hard and swells as a Braxton Hicks contraction kicks in, Mrs. Conners’ eyes light up immediately.
“What was that?!” She says with great surprise.
“A contraction I think, the practice ones according to Dr. Shepherd,” Nancy answers.
“Did it hurt, I mean, I vaguely remember my Braxton Hicks contractions but I remember that they got my attention pretty quickly, I can only imagine what they feel like carrying 50 babies!” Mrs. Conner says.
“55 babies, Mom!” Nancy corrects her, a single tear rolls down her face.
“Oh Nancy, you’ve been so brave going through all of this so far… hold on sweetheart and it’ll be over very, very soon!” Mrs. Conner encourages her.
“Yes, I know Mom and I, for one, will really be glad!” She answers, hoisting herself up onto her elbows, her massive belly leaning forward like the tower of Pisa.
“Mom?” Nancy queries, tentatively.
“Yes, sweetheart?” Mrs. Conner replies.
“I need a favor… I mean, Lance usually takes care of … but he’s been working hard and…. would you mind… err, can you help me take a bath?” Nancy asks uneasily.
Mrs. Conner’s eyes widen, “A bath… umm, where? Surely you can’t still fit into the shower!” She slaps her hands over her mouth as if trying to herd the sensitive words back into her back but its too late.
Nancy sighs, “I know… I know Mom that I cannot fit into the shower anymore but Lance has been bathing my belly and me down at the Jacuzzi.”
“At least I can still fit in there,” she says holding out her arms to receive a tug out of the bed.
Mrs. Conner obliges but can only hold onto one of Nancy’s arms, her prodigious belly and engorged breasts blocking the way.
“Uh One…. And uh two…” Nancy says, rocking forward as best she can, her tummy and breasts swaying as she prepares to stand up.
“Three!” They both shout at the same time and pull mightily. Nancy springs forward and nearly loses her balance as her center of gravity adjusts and settles in deep within her tremendous belly.
Her arms straight out to her side like a trapeze artist, Nancy slowly waddles down the hallway, “Mom, can you bring along the tape measure… for the last time… and a bunch of towels too?”
Mrs. Conner grabs the needed items, pauses for a moment to collect herself and trudges on.
Taking nearly 10 minutes just to reach the other side of the house Nancy finds herself completely out of breath, the extra 350 pounds on her powerful frame has simply overwhelmed her during the last few weeks, gaining 100 lbs alone in the last trimester.
“Can you turn on the water, Mama… make it hot like I like it!” Nancy asks.
“Now Nancy, you know cute Dr. Shepherd has told you that hot baths are too much for the babies…” Mrs. Conner replies, filling the Jacuzzi.
Nancy nods her head, reaches down to remove her all but invisible underwear and nearly topples over.
“Whoa!” Nancy says, regaining her balance.
“Be careful now sweetheart,” Lance cautions, steadying her from behind.
“Whew… thanks honey,” Nancy says, kissing him.

- To be continued -
July 29, 2018 3:14 pm
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