Trying to remember what show a scene is from
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circlesquarer (Edited)
Hey folks, 

I was thinking about a scene I saw a few months ago, but the name of the show is totally escaping me.

The premise is, a couple is talking about starting a family so they don't use a condom. Afterwards, the guy has a nightmare that it's the next morning and she's full term pregnant. Everything gets worse immediately - it's a nightmare after all. They have to move into his parents' basement, he fails a job interview, the baby turns out to be quads, etc.

As I recall, the actress was actually off the show for that season because she was pregnant, and they brought her back in for this scene when she was full term. She was looking incredibly thick and I think was wearing a pink tee shirt and maternity jeans.

Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? Just the name of the show would be plenty for me to track down the episode.


EDIT: I found it again. The show is "Life in Pieces", S3E2 - "Bunny Single Nightmare Drinking" and the scene in question starts around the 9m45s mark. Here's a link to the episode on Hulu -

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