[Trade] Calling all preggo dan lactation lovers
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This is my collection, i already started to collect all of this videos (most of all is JAV) 10 years ago. I get all of this videos from downloading, torrent downloading, trading, and also buying it. My collection is about 3.8 TB for now.

I will UPDATE THE LIST of the videos little by little, so you can take a look at my collection.

Please offer me something good

Here's some criteria that i look:
1. Pregnant or breast milk videos
2. Full videos
3. Video MUST BE named with the real name or code
2. Video MUST BE include some sex scene in it
3. Prefer Japanese or Asian. (if not Japanese or Asian, make sure it is rare video and really good, coz i am not really interested if it is not Japanese or Asian girl)

Send me PM with these include in it
1. Video that you want from me
2. Video that you offer to me
3. Make sure the name of the video that you offer to me clear enough, so i can googling it, or maybe you can attach some image of the video
3. I can trade with 1:3 videos, ( 1 video from you, 3 videos from me)
4. I will directly send download link of your chosen video via PM
5. I will also inform you if i already have the video that you offer to me, so you can offer me another video
6. If you have video that currently not listed, just let me know, i can search it in my storage.

most of the videos are from LETS GO'S series
most of all videos are uncensored

kemambut (Edited)
this video is not sold anymore

FC2 263494
[Image: dcec82856674514.jpg]

FC2 276539
[Image: b5060c856674594.jpg]

FC2 398078
[Image: 421b74856674644.jpg]

FC2 430507
[Image: 750880856674684.jpg]

FC2 430581
[Image: 230249856674724.jpg]

FC2 432998
[Image: b5c329856674754.jpg]

FC2 433000
[Image: 26325f856674804.jpg]

FC2 440692
[Image: aa96ac856674834.jpg]

FC2 445071
[Image: c38068856674874.jpg]

FC2 445837
[Image: 2533ea856674914.jpg]

FC2 511306
[Image: 9bb0f7856674964.jpg]

FC2 525444
[Image: 8ca5cf856675034.jpg]

FC2 594705
[Image: 9b4242856675094.jpg]

hi brother ! i want all video ! please swnd to me thanks

kemambut (Edited)
(May 13, 2018, 3:57 pm)man00147 Wrote: hi brother ! i want all video ! please swnd to me thanks

Hi there
What you can offer to me?

Btw for all you guys that already send me PM, i already reply it all, kindly check your inbox

brother maybe you TAKE TO ME WHAT YOU WANT


Is this still available?


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