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(May 29, 2019, 12:35 am)Akhenaten Wrote:
(May 28, 2019, 11:49 pm)Thechickenlawyer Wrote: So no I do not care. This country cares so much about "abortions" like it depends on it. I am not pro life or pro choice. I just watch them fight.

That is called privilege. As a male, you have the privilege of not having to care because it won't ever affect you personally. If you were a woman, you would have to care because your country is about to make it so that if you get raped, you have to have the baby. And that's about, oh, I dunno, 100% fucked up.

That is true about the rape thing. But that is also why there are adoption places and orphanages. (Other than relationships [friends ETC]) I only care about things that are critical only if they will possibly cause a recession or depression. So women die so what? We still do our jobs, we still go to sites like this. The world doesn't stop moving. We all got our own stuff do deal with & do everyday. Im not saying it is useless to me but.. unless me & you will end up poor because of this law then oh well. Women have been through far harder things throughout history than this an they succeeded. 

Lastly: how does this  affect your life or any of our lives (I want actual examples or reasons) cus Im interested. Lemme say this: say women die an we see it on the news or articles or women (& teens) go to jail for killing their babies. What happens to us (ourselves & our family?) Its not like any of these women will be on NBC (example coming) doing something like "We are live broadcasting on Uranus where *insert name here* has met with the queen of the planet and we are united to form a federation with the other planets of our galaxy. This is a proud day for us all." 

That will never happen. I will still go to college, still shop at Target & you will do you no matter what laws get made or no matter how many women die or go to jail. Its not like cities will be boarded up an women riot an destroy most of America. This aint Star City 2040 this is unfortunately real life.

How does it affect your life? I dunno, man. Are there any women you care about? Mother, sister, girlfriend, daughter? One of them gets raped and pregnant, and now suddenly you're affected. You cool with that? You think they're cool with that?

It's not a recession or anything, but it sure as shit matters to women. Let them decide what's best for their own bodies and their own lives. No one else can decide that for them. The fact that people would push for a country that says otherwise is utterly barbaric.

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