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With what's been going on in Ohio, Georgia, and Alabama, I wanted to see how you guys felt about the whole abortion situation.

Also please try to make this thread as civil as possible (remember Amy Schumer?). I understand this is a very sensitive/controversial subject, but just because you disagree with them doesn't mean their opinions are automatically invalid.

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Bellyfan27 (Edited)
Coming from Ohio, I don't really know a whole lot about the sudden fuss of this topic. Abortion has been a hot button issue for years (probably since abortion was introduced to the public) and I've always said that it's up to the parents to decide. I believe that abortion would be right up until a certain stage of the pregnancy, like when the embryo turns into a living fetus. I guess it just depends on who you're talking to.

So I said not sure

Just a little reminder, there was an abortion thread made a while ago that devolved into chaos.

orta03 (Edited)
*Incoming unpopular opinion, you have been warned*  Good for those states.  It's high time we stop the barbaric practice of abortion.  These are human lives at stake.  Rape, incest, or medical emergency are the only times abortion should be used.  Women have several different forms of birth control and they have the option of giving the baby up for adoption.  This is not an attack on the liberty of women as some might have you believe.

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If you don't want a kid but have unprotected sex due to any reason, take a Plan B or whatever other contraception within 5 days and be done with it. It's not like you'll know if you're pregnant or not within the first week anyways.

As for women who'll experience medical emergencies during pregnancy, we're at a point where most first world doctors should be able to save both the mother and child's lives without either one dying during delivery.

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A woman has the right to do whatever she wants to with her body, always and forever. The government has no place telling her otherwise.

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Who cares? Unless we end up in a recession or depression I dont care. This world is being populated with too many dumb people. Watch that sci-fi movie with Mat Damon. All countries will be like that soon unless something is done. The norm will soon be 8-10 kids per family (or woman) by 2040. That means more people either doing illegal things or not working because of that. There wont be enough immigrants to fill those jobs. If people want to sex then go in the back door. Simple as that. Sadly people are regressing. I bet you that if you asked any nice person about conflict resolution they dont know what it is.

I dont care about politics. The only lives I see as important are people who go down in history. Over 98% of babies born will NEVER make contact with aliens, make a federation or do tech stuff. People make a big deal out of nothing.

AquaL (Edited)
I guess I'm on the Pro Life side, I wouldn't straight up ban it. But it does make me unconformable imaging a scenario where a woman goes and gets multiple abortions.

But there's always going to be pregnant women so I'm fine.

doubleintegral (Edited)
I think both sides get plenty wrong.

The pro-life side (and many conservatives), in general, will move heaven and earth to prioritize the life of an unborn child over the life of the woman carrying it. If that woman also happens to be a minority or economically disadvantaged, they generally couldn't give two shits about the child after it's born because, if they had their way, there wouldn't be any social support structures in place for the mother and child. Red states deny science that shows a decrease in maternal mortality when there is access to safe abortions, and they take sex education and broad access to contraceptives off the table in favor of abstinence-only education which simply doesn't fucking work. And as we've seen in Alabama, even legitimate reasons for terminating a pregnancy are starting to go out the window, and that WILL result in more maternal deaths.

The pro-choice side (and many liberals), in general, leans too heavily on the rights of the mother. Too many people view abortions as a get-out-of-pregnancy-free card, and holding yourself personally accountable for mistakes made (e.g. unprotected sex) is a foreign concept. The argument that life doesn't begin at conception is a steaming pile of horseshit, as are the "cluster of cells" or "a fetus is not a baby" arguments I've heard, because they gloss over or tapdance around the fact that abortion is the process of ending a human life. No one should get an abortion to make their life more convenient (or less inconvenient, if you will).

It should be harder to get an abortion, but people should have cheaper and better access to health care and sex education. People should be held accountable for dumb choices that result in pregnancies, but if we're going to legally force women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term then let's make sure to hold the babydaddies accountable as well, instead of letting them bolt with virtually no repercussions whatsoever. There is some fertile middle ground in all of this, and in that middle ground the NEED for abortions would be drastically reduced and the few abortions that are done would be safe. But both sides have repeatedly shown that they would rather continue being raging ideologues that demonize each other instead of actually coming up with a solution that helps everybody.

Liked by hadeg (May 20, 2019), preglovr12 (May 17, 2019)
Here's the thing: you can't force a woman to carry a baby in order to teach her and/or the daddy a lesson. You just end up using the woman as an incubator for a child that isn't wanted by either of the parents, and the old line of "no child is unwanted" is horseshit. We have a "system" because yes, plenty of children are unwanted. So none of that tracks very well. Pregnancy, childbirth, and children should not be punishments against women for having consensual sex or for getting raped.

And I'm really not understanding how it's possible to focus "too heavily" on the rights of a woman and her bodily autonomy. That's completely and utterly impossible. You realize corpses have more bodily autonomy than living women do, right? It's why if you want to be an organ donor, you have to get that made official -- otherwise after your ass dies, people can't do anything to your body other than dispose of it, even if your guts could save a life. We're telling women now that they don't have as much agency as dead people. What a fucking disaster.

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