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Things i used to think about pregnancy and now makes this fetish even better!
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i want to share some things i used to think when i was younger. (funny anecdotes xd)

When i was a kid i used to think that a woman can not get pregnant unless she is married Tongue Since most of the women i knew at that time were: teachers, friends mothers, family, etc. it was kinda mysterious and now pretty hot, taking those movies or tv series as an example and that typical phrase "I´m pregnant" or "the baby is yours" (This applies in fiction, i like these pregnancy reveals and drama stories)

When i was a stupid teenager i used to think that the more semen you put inside the woman in sex, the more chances she has to get pregnant, but sooner or later she was going to expulse all those dead sperms that couldn´t made it and throw up all that semen in her body (and that´s how the morning sickness exist and the pregnancy symptoms like nausea with or without vomiting)
Also with these crazy thoughts i used to think, the longest the sex, the biggest she´ll get.  XD and well yeah, i used to imagine if that woman got pregnant with a huge belly, that means she had really nice sex xd (wtf with me, and i´m not done) with that in mind i used to imagine if the woman is pregnant with a girl she was the dominant genes or if it is a boy, the baby daddy was the one with the dominant genes (i know this is not real xd) (and well if the pregnant woman has twins or multiples, the sex was a masterpiece, congratulations you are a casanova xd)

Other and not that dumb thing i used to think it was the Full Moon and how does it affects to a Full Term Pregnant Woman!
this one is consider as a fact and myth (i don´t know) but for me , now in the present day, this is sexy As F+ck! this one says that the pregnant woman starts to have labor contractions because the amniotic fluid in the womb is affected with the water on earth. it is interesting!

This is a just for fun, and this thread is not about offending anyone, if you have some funny stories related with this, you are free to do it! thanks Wink

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