The Pregnant Lifeguard
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Rounderize (Edited)
Hey all, back again with a new story. This is about a pregnant lifeguard named Jenna. I'd give more setup but there's really no need, except to tell you know that this story will be a total of 5 chapters, which I've already written. The other chapters will be up shortly, just finished revising and editing them.

Also I got my deviantart page running, where you'll be able to find all my writing in one place including some things that might not fit exactly into the preggophilia world but are still fetish related.

Without further ado:

The Pregnant Lifeguard  – Chapter 1

(Contains: Multiples pregnancy, explicit sexual situations)

Jenna took a long look at herself in the mirror and then glanced down at the tiny swimsuit in her hand. Clearly she had a big challenge ahead of her.

She felt her hands gravitate to her midsection, like they had become so accustomed to doing over the last nine months, and she began to rub her hugely pregnant belly. 

Ever since she was 16, Jenna spent her summers as a Virginia Beach lifeguard. She had just got back into town for what was going to be her 5th summer, but this year was obviously going to be very different.

Jenna was tall, blonde and undeniably gorgeous. She was the type of girl who could easily have been a model if she hadn’t grown up in small town Virginia, but she still enjoyed the attention that came with being the hottest girl in town. Before she got pregnant, she had a sexy, slim body that was accompanied by some decent curves of both her breasts and ass. Now at nearly 9 month pregnant, she looked quite different. Today, she wore an extremely tight, white tank-top that only covered about half of her massive, taut belly. Underneath, you could see the bright pink sports bra that was stretched over her swollen tits. And her small, tight grey booty shorts were equally stretched over her plump bottom.

Another look at the one-piece lifeguard swimsuit made Jenna start to question how comical she was going to look stuffed into the tiny red thing, if she could even fit in it at all. The more she grew, the more she missed her old body. More importantly, she missed the attention that it brought her. After all, that’s what got her into this situation in the first place.

Jenna had been a sex addict for as long as she could remember. It was so severe that she craved cock all the time, and there seemed to be no end to her needs. She had fucked countless guys over the years, and she rarely had boyfriends that lasted more than a month or two before she got bored and wanted new dick. With her drop-dead gorgeous looks, it was never hard to find her next target. Most of her friends and acquaintances were very aware of how slutty she was, so it came as a shock to no one, except Jenna’s parents, when she got pregnant at the end of last summer. She had just turned 21, so it had been a crazy, wild time. She couldn’t remember the amount of guys she slept with, let alone most of their names.

So as she stood in the locker room and continued rubbing her massive belly, Jenna smiled to herself and thought about any number of random guys that could have knocked her up. Despite her promiscuity, she had never really thought about ever getting pregnant. Now that she was ready to pop, she was very aware of how much responsibility she had coming her way. But that didn’t stop her from being turned on thinking about how slutty she had been to get her in this situation.

Her parents were shocked and disappointed in her, and she had no other choice but to own up to at least part of her mistake. As far as they knew, Jenna had been seeing a boy all who suddenly took off back west when she told him that she was pregnant. She wasn’t sure they bought the story, and in fact they were so furious, they sent her to live with her sister in Indiana for the rest of the year. 
And that is where the trouble started.

Jenna and her older sister Kate had never had a great relationship. Over the course of their teenage years, Jenna had stolen or slept with most of Kate’s boyfriends.  Now at 26, Kate had a husband, Frank, and two small kids of her own. She moved to Indiana to be closer to Frank’s family, and settled in to a nice quiet life there. Knowing what kind of trouble Jenna might bring, Kate only agreed to take her in because their rich parents were willing to pay her.

However, pregnancy hormones were not on Jenna’s side. They fueled her sexual desire to a level that was impossible to satiate. She masturbated day and night, but it was never enough. Early on in her pregnancy, it was relatively easy to throw on a baggy jacket and pick up guys at the local bar. But as soon as her belly really popped somewhere during the 4th month, it became harder and harder to find a willing cock. To Jenna, it seemed that Indiana was mostly rednecks who would sooner fuck their own cows before they would fuck a pregnant chick.

Jenna had finally gotten to the point of desperation, and about a week ago it finally caught up with her. One night after Kate put the kids to bed and went to sleep, Jenna decided to get her sister’s husband Frank, very drunk. She was already nearly 9 months pregnant, but that didn’t stop her from knowing exactly how to seduce a guy. First she lotioned every inch of her pregnant body, so her belly, tits and ass were smooth and shiny. She put on a tiny black thong, and then squeezed her swollen breasts into an old leopard bra. She had always been able to drive guys wild with it, but now it could barely contain her tits. The nipples were poking over the edge and it was far from comfortable, but she thought it would do the trick. She slipped on a silk robe over it, and headed back out to the living room. Frank was already half passed out, a beer can clutched in his hand.

She waddled up to him slowly, as seductively as she could considering her thighs had gained weight and she could feel them rubbing together. But she could feel her hot pussy burning beneath her beach ball belly, and that kept her motivated to get Frank’s cock in her.

 “Frankie, do you want another beer?” She asked in a soft, sexy voice.

Frank startled awake, and looked up at Jenna.  She undid her robe, and it fell open, revealing her stretched, globe of a belly. Her belly and tits shone from the lotion, glistening in the living room light. Frank’s eyes widened at the sight, and before he could respond, Jenna reached down and grabbed his cock. As drunk as he was, he definitely wasn’t hard enough for her.  She stood back up and rubbed her hand up her thigh, brushing past her pussy, up the giant line on her belly, across her popped out belly button, and up to her overflowing tits. Frank watched with fascination. She grabbed the TV remote and suddenly dropped it to the floor.

“Oops,” Jenna feigned, seductively. She pulled up the robe in the back, so that her round ass was right in his face. She began to bend over, which was difficult at this point in her pregnancy, but even more when she was trying to make it sexy. She leaned further and further down, she could feel her belly pushing between her legs. She knew at this point, Frank had a straight forward view of her thonged ass and pussy, and belly hanging low between her legs.

“Do you like that, Frankie?” Jenna asked in her sexy voice again. She stood back up with the remote and walked back towards him. He was turned on, but still not hard enough for Jenna. She lowered herself slowly to her knees, and began to pull out Frank’s cock. Still mostly limp, she popped it into her mouth and went to work, an expert at her craft. She could feel Frank start to grow in her mouth, while she bobbed back and forth. She could also feel her large belly pushing against his legs, and her swollen tits jiggle even in the confines of their bra. She started to imagine how good his cock was going to feel inside her after months of celibacy. She was thinking of how she would ride it, take it all in, and enjoy every single inch. At least that’s what she was thinking about until her sister walked in… and that was the end of her stay in Indiana.

 Now a month later as she stood in the empty locker room, she returned to her present challenge.

“This fucking swimsuit,” she said to herself. She started to take off her clothes. First she peeled the skintight shirt off of her huge belly. The hardest part was her shoes, which she had to sit down for, and finally her skimpy jean shorts. She wore no panties, because who needs them, she thought.

Jenna looked at herself in the mirror again, now completely naked, and sighed. She was so huge, the only word she could think of when looking at herself was “balloon”.  She had spent most of her life as a size 2, and now she was far from that. She couldn’t complain about the swollen tits though, and that seemed to be the one thing guys appreciated about her pregnancy. She swelled nicely from a B to a D cup, and her breasts had become so full that they hung down and rested on her swollen belly. 

Next she turned to the side in the mirror and put her hand on her ass. It too had rounded out nicely, thanks in part to the 30-something pounds she had put on during the pregnancy.  She wouldn’t mind if this also stuck around after she gave birth, knowing it would be another thing that would help keep the boys interested. She turned back around, belly in full view. Jenna couldn’t stand the sight of the linea negra running down the middle of her belly all the way to her pussy. She thought it was ugly, although having such a huge stomach was already bad enough.

Jenna put her hands on her belly and gave it a little squeeze. It was extremely tight; in her mind she felt like she was already stretched to the absolute max, like some over ripened fruit. She moved one hand down around the curve of her belly, along her linea negra. As she reached the apex of her domed belly, she felt the belly button, once a cute little innie, now popped out like a giant third nipple. And actually, it kind of turned her on like a nipple. Jenna rolled the belly button in two of her fingers, and started playing with it. She felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through her belly and down into the lower parts of her body. Without thinking, she moved her other hand down, around the curve of her belly, towards her wet pussy. She hadn’t seen it in months because of her size, but she was still very familiar with it. She could hardly go a day without touching herself. She continued to play with her belly button with one hand and just started to touch her pussy lips with the other when suddenly, she realized someone was behind her.

“Jenna…? Holy shit!” said a voice. Jenna spun around as quickly as her massive size would allow her.

Sarah, Jenna’s friend and fellow lifeguard, stood with her jaw hanging open, staring at Jenna’s naked body. Jenna started to reach her hands up to try to cover her massive tits, but quickly realized that was a futile gesture. Besides, it was common for the lifeguards to see each other naked all the time in the locker rooms. But usually there weren’t any that were 9 months pregnant, and looked like they accidentally swallowed a beach ball.

Sarah was about as good of a friend as Jenna had. She was a short 5’2” brunette, not super skinny nor fat, but with small breasts and a semi-cute face.  At her best, she had the girl-next-door vibe, which equated to being not much competition for Jenna, and therefore eligible as a friend. But as Sarah continued to stand there and gawk at the enormous belly in front of her while wearing a perfectly fitted red lifeguard uniform, Jenna began to feel for the first time ever, a tinge of jealousy towards Sarah's body.

“You’re back?” Sarah said, still in disbelief.  “You look like you were due like, last week!”

“Nope. Actually just got two little ones cooking in here,” she said as she patted her taut belly.  “But I can go into labor, like, any freaking moment basically.”

Sarah ‘s mouth hung open. “Twins? Holy shit Jenna, are you kidding? Why didn’t you tell me??”

Jenna hadn’t kept in touch with her friends since she left for Indiana. But Sarah was actually the first person Jenna told after she found out she was knocked up last summer. At the time, Sarah was just surprised it hadn’t happened sooner considering her promiscuous ways. But seeing her friend blown up to epic proportions with twins was a whole different type of surprise.
“Yeah, Twins!” Jenna replied. “I’m 36 weeks. And I guess with twins, you can basically just pop anytime. The doc says it’s rare to make it all the way to 40.”

Sarah looked Jenna’s body over again, still clearly in shock. “Why are you back at work if you can give birth like any second? And what happened with Indiana? I thought you were staying with your sister?”

“Yeah, about that…” Jenna had a small smile on her face. Sarah had been around Jenna enough to know what that meant.

“NO. You didn’t!” Sarah whispered.

Jenna nodded. “I fucked Kate’s husband. She caught us one night, and needless to say it did not go over well. She kicked me out and I had to beg my parents to take me back. They agreed, I think just because of the babies. But they said I couldn’t just lay around for the next month waiting to pop. So I called Jeff and he agreed to put me on light duty, just as backup in the towers, until I have these little guys. It’s not like he had any choice, after all he could be the father, for all I know!”

“Jenna, you are such a slut!” Sarah said.

Jenna patted her belly, “Of course. How do you think I ended up like this?” Both girls giggled. Jenna’s milk-filled tits jiggled on top of her firm belly, and she suddenly became aware once again of how naked she was.

She looked at Sarah, who was again staring at Jenna’s body. Was that jealousy Jenna thought she spotted in her eyes?  Nah, couldn’t be. Who in their right mind would want to be this huge?

“Besides,” Jenna said, “You have no idea how horny pregnancy makes you!”

“Really? Even more than you already were?” asked Sarah.

“Oh hell yes. If I could live just sitting on top of a cock every minute of the day right now, I totally would.”

“Doesn’t the belly, like, get in the way?” Sarah asked, and she leaned in a little bit closer towards Jenna, almost like she was inspecting the belly’s size.

“Well, I actually haven’t been fucked in months. The thing with Kate’s husband never got past me blowing him. But yeah, even just masturbating is super difficult at this point. But I imagine riding some cock would be a whole other process with this thing.” She patted her tight belly again, and the sound smacked loudly through the locker room. “I can’t wait till I deflate back to normal size!”.

Sarah leaned in even further, her face almost directly in front of Jenna’s enormous belly now. She realized Jenna was looking down at her, and stood up quickly. “Do you… mind if I feel it?” Sarah asked.

“Mind? Girl why the hell would I mind?” Jenna laughed. “Go for it!”

Sarah reached out her tiny hand, and placed it at the top of the round sphere in front of her. Jenna swore she heard Sarah gasp a little bit. “I’m sorry, it’s just, it’s just so amazing! I honestly can’t wait to get pregnant!”

That wasn’t too much of a surprise to Jenna. Sarah had always been more of the “good girl” and had never been shy about how much she looked forward to being a mom. She was however, surprised that she had any interest in being this pregnant.

“Haha, I feel like you should be the one carrying this enormous thing around then!” Jenna said.

“Oh my God, I would love that,” Sarah said as she looked at Jenna.

Now Sarah had both her hands on Jenna’s belly. She moved them around in big, sweeping circles, trying to cover as much as the globe as she could. But the belly looked absolutely enormous in her small hands.

“Here,” Jenna said, “feel this.” And she took Sarah’s hands and moved them to one side of the dome, then pushed their hands in hard, denting the firm belly. “This is baby A.” Jenna moved their hands to the other side of the belly, and pushed down again, “And this is B over here.”

“Whoa, just whoa,” Sarah gasped. “This is awesome!”

Jenna had an idea. “Hey, since you’re not afraid of this big ol’ belly, how about you help me out a little? I could use the extra hands. Literally.”

Jenna reached into her locker and grabbed the oil bottle she carried everywhere. Her biggest fear in pregnancy was getting a single stretchmark on her perfect skin. “Help me put this oil on, it’s my daily ritual that has now started taking forever. Obviously.” Jenna gestured to her balloon of a belly.

“Sure!” Sarah said, excited by the idea.

“You take bottom, I’ll take top, okay?” Jenna said. Sarah giggled. “Okay!"

Jenna squirted a bunch of the oil onto her belly, and she could feel it dripping down its curve. God I wish this was cum, Jenna thought to herself.

She felt Sarah’s hands touch the underside of her belly, catching the dripping oil. Then her hands went to work, moving left and right across the tight skin.

Meanwhile Jenna rubbed her hands all over her upper belly, just under her boobs. She then cupped both of her oversized breasts, and spread some of the oil onto them as well. She let them fall back onto her belly with a light smack.

Sarah continued to rub the underside of Jenna’s gargantuan stomach, when suddenly, she passed her hands across the belly button, and Jenna let out a load moan. Sarah pulled her hand away quickly.

“I’m sorry!” Sarah said. “Did I hurt you?”

“No, no, it’s just…sensitive.” Jenna said. “Actually, it feels really good.”

Sarah reached her hand back out slowly, and began to play with Jenna’s protruding belly button again. “Oh….God…” Jenna moaned.

Sarah continued to roll the button between her thumb and pointer finger, gently rubbing it just like a nipple. Then she took her pointer and pushed the belly button back into the belly as far as it would go. She got it to be almost flat with the big sphere, but as soon as she lifted her finger, the belly button popped back into place. She looked at Jenna’s face, seeing how much those moves had just driven her friend insane.

Jenna continued to moan, but opened her eyes to look at Sarah. Without speaking, she took Sarah’s hands and placed them high on her belly, just under her breasts.  Sarah got the clue, and began slowly moving her hands along the rest of the curve of the belly, until her hands slid under Jenna’s giant tits. She continued up them, rubbing one with each hand.

Then she leaned in quickly, and began sucking on Jenna’s left nipple, darkened and puffy from pregnancy.

“Oh, ohhhh.” Jenna moaned. She slid her hands down her belly, and through Sarah’s lifeguard swimsuit she could feel her modest breasts pressing into her belly. Jenna squeezed them with one hand, and with the other hand she continued the journey downward, until just finally reached her mound that was dripping wet by this point. She plunged three of her fingers in, as deep and as hard as she could.

 “Mmmm!!!!” Jenna had to bite her lip to keep from screaming. Sarah meanwhile, had moved on to the other tit, suckling away at it. One hand held the round breast, while the other hand continued to roam the massive belly. Eventually, she found her way back to the belly button where she began to play with it again. Jenna’s body jolted, and Sarah knew she was happy with that maneuver.

Sarah let the giant tit fall out of her mouth, as she licked up the tiny bit of colostrum that had leaked into her. She then kissed Jenna right between the breasts. And then she moved further down, to the top of the belly, and kissed that. Then she moved a little lower, and kissed again. She could feel Jenna’s arm speeding up as she masturbated faster and faster. Sarah soon kissed all the way down to the belly button, where she gave it a slight lick. She knew this is what Jenna wanted. Sarah grabbed the massive bump on both sides with her hands, and opened her mouth over the belly button. She slid her tongue down, around the distended nub, and began rolling it around in circles. Sarah looked like she was trying to blow up an already overinflated balloon.

Jenna was in absolutely heaven. As soon as she felt Sarah’s tongue start to swirl on her belly button, she began to masturbate at a furious level. She was so close to cumming she felt like she might explode, and as she thought about how this was the first decent human contact she’d had in months, she felt her body start to shake uncontrollably, as a fuzzy warmth spread out from her pussy to all the limbs of her body.

She moaned a deep, guttural sound and felt her legs shake more as her climax started to wane. Sarah suddenly moved one hand off the belly, and reached around to grab a handful of Jenna’s plump ass. This really turned Jenna on, and she could feel her climax stretch for a few more seconds before she finally finished.

“Oh. My. God.” Jenna gasped, as she slumped down onto the locker room bench behind her. She felt the weight of her belly spread her legs apart, but she badly need to sit because of her shaking legs. Sarah stood up and smiled, suddenly looking once again like the innocent girl-next-door that Jenna had known for many years.

“Well, that was unexpected.” Sarah smiled, “But I’m really glad I could help.”

She reached down and patted Jenna’s belly again, clearly a fan of it. “I swear I could hang out and rub this thing all day! But actually, I have to get back to my tower. I was only stopping back in here to grab my towel. But I’m so glad I ran into you!”

“Me too,” Jenna tried to smile, still out of breath from her climax.

“What tower are you in?” Sarah asked.

“Uh, I think Jeff told me 3.”  Jenna replied, trying to orient herself to where she was, let alone what tower she had to work in.

“Oh man. I was hoping you’d be backing me up! Bummer!,” Sarah said, with a wink.

“I gotta run though. Do you need help getting up?”

“Yes! Please!” gasped Jenna. She didn’t think she had the strength to lift her belly and stand up on her own yet. “Actually, can you grab my swimsuit first?”

Sarah reached down and picked up the suit off the floor. She opened up the leg holes, and leaned down to help Jenna put her feet in each one.

“You are a saint,” Jenna said.

“No prob!” Sarah replied cheerfully. She reached down and grabbed both of Jenna’s hands, then the girls worked together to pull Jenna up.

"Oof, I am a human blimp,” Jenna said. “And I seriously doubt this suit will even fit my giant blimp body.”

Jenna reached down to grab the suit that was halfway up her legs, and even this was a bit difficult. Sarah leaned over and helped shimmy the suit up for her.

“Moment of truth!” Jenna said, as she grabbed the shoulder loops for the red swimsuit, and stretched them high and wide over her giant bump.  With a lot of effort, she got each arm in and finished pulling it all the way up. She could definitely feel how immensely tight it was. It pulled hard on her shoulders, while simultaneously digging the back of the suit up her butt crack, essentially giving her a thong. She could feel the material stretched tightly across her belly, and she turned to give it a look in the mirror. Sure enough, the red material was stretched so shiny and thin, it seemed like it was almost see-through.

“Well, yep. I would make an amazing Macy’s day float.”

Sarah laughed. “No, sweetie, you look incredible! Just be careful not to bump this thing into stuff!” She reached out and fingered Jenna’s massive belly button once more. Jenna let out one more moan. Sarah giggled and winked, then turned and bounced away.

Jenna smiled, neither surprised nor uncomfortable with what just happened. She was happy to fool around with girls from time to time; since really all that mattered is that she got off.  Of course she still loved cock more than anything, and felt like she could still use a big one in her right now.

Jenna looked one more time in the mirror, this time seeing how much her belly button really did stick out. It looked like it might rip out of the suit at any second. Jenna reached into her locker and grabbed a red lifeguard sweatshirt. Thankfully, they had given her an XL. She pulled it on, and was disappointed to see how tight it still was on her belly. She was hoping it would cover up her belly button and at least make the belly not be so apparent. But that was not the case; no amount of clothes could take the focus off her enormous torso, and her belly button protruded forcefully through the jacket.

It’s going to be harder than ever to find somebody willing to pound me when I look like a giant balloon, Jenna thought to herself. With a sigh, she grabbed the rest of her stuff and waddled out of the locker room.

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Very nice story. Can't wait for the next chapters.  Tongue

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This was awesome. Love the swim suit part

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Rounderize (Edited)
And here's Chapter 2! Pregnant Jenna continues her quest for satisfaction...

The Pregnant Lifeguard - Chapter 2
(Contains: multiples pregnancy, explicit sexual situations)


Jenna pushed open the locker room door, and waddled into the main lifeguard office with her hugely pregnant twin belly. She started to look at the schedule to see who would be stationed on tower 3 with her, when someone came out of the office door and almost bumped right into her. The man fumbled with his clipboard and looked up at Jenna.

“Oh… Jenna!” Jeff blurted, and before she responded, he glanced down at her round belly, stretched out before him. “Holy fuck!”

Jenna just replied with an eye roll, and folded her arms on top of the huge belly.

“I’m sorry,”Jeff choked, “It’s just… it’s just… wow. When you told me you were pregnant and wanted to come back to work, I didn’t know you were this pregnant.”

“Calm down Jeffie,” Jenna said with a wink. “I still have another month! Maybe...”

“Really?” Jeff said, not believing her at all.

“Yes sir. There are actually two in this big oven.“ she said while patting the tight surface.

“Jesus,” Jeff said, and swallowed hard.“Look Jenna, I know I agreed that you could come back until you give birth, but this might be against regulations. I mean, could even save anyone if they were drowning?”

“Jeff. Jeff. Jeff.” Jenna sighed. She walked up closer to him, and his eyes opened wide. “Let’s go in your office for a second.”

She turned away, and waddled through his door. Jeff followed reluctantly behind. Jenna closed it just, and locked the handle.

“Jeff. Do you remember when we fucked at the labor day party last summer? If I remember right, we fucked right here on your desk. Right?”

Jeff’s eyes widened a bit, he had no response. Jenna actually wasn’t sure if they fucked on the desk because she had been supremely drunk that night, but was pretty sure they fucked somewhere. Jeff was mid 40’s, balding with a total dad-body, but as soon as she was drunk Jenna didn’t care who she fucked, which is why her and her boss had hooked up at the end of summer Labor day party for the last several years.

“I remember it was right here, because I remember I leaned over like this –" Jenna pulled up her jacket a bit, exposing her full, ample bottom, and leaned onto the table. It wasn’t quite the same as last year, considering her entire belly was resting on the desk, but it helped jog Jeff’s memory.

“Yes. Yes I think we did.” Jeff whispered, as he looked down at Jenna’s tight ass bent over his desk.

Jenna stood back up slowly, and turned to face him. “Id guess that was about, 8 ½, 9 months ago, wouldn’t you say?” Jenna asked, in a teasing voice.

“Oh fuck,” said Jeff, and slowly nodded.

Jenna moved more towards him. Jeff was taller than her, so when she bumped her belly into him, it was almost directly at his cock level. She could feel his decent-sized bulge poking into her swollen midsection.

“So it seems like my boss,” Jenna said in her most innocent little girl voice, “fucked two babies into me. Made me look like this,” Jenna stood back, and lifted up her hoodie to reveal her belly, stretched in her tight red swimsuit underneath.

Jeff’s eyes almost bulged out of his head. “You look like you’re going to explode!” he blurted.

Jenna gave a fake pout. “Now that is not a nice thing to say to the mother of your children. Especially when you’re the one who did this to me.” She rubbed her belly with both hands.

“Shit Jenna, are you sure? I mean….” Jeff looked panicked, but had no words.

“Well, the timing sure lines up, boss. And I seem to remember you blasting a huge, fat load right into me.” As she finished her sentence, Jenna ran her hand down her belly, eventually landing between her legs. She started rubbing, and moaned a little as she continued. Jeff continued to stare, speechless.

“So..mmm… the way I see it, you only have a couple of options…mmm… Jeffie.” Jenna moaned as she continued to rub her pussy. “One, you can fire me, and I’ll tell everyone…mmmm… including your wife ….mmm… that we’ve been hooking up since I was 16 and that these….mmm… are your babies.“

“No, you can’t – “ Jeff spat.

“Shut up Jeff.” Jenna interrupted, she stopped rubbing her pussy, and waddled up to Jeff. She got really close, as close at her belly would let her. She spoke in a stern, no-bullshit voice. “OR, option 2, you let me go do my job as the world’s most pregnant lifeguard, and you don’t say shit to anyone. In return, I won’t say shit to anyone either.”

Jeff let out a small sigh. “Yes, that sounds good, whatever you want Jenna – “

“Funny you should say that…” Jenna said with a smirk. “Because there is another stipulation to me keeping my mouth shut.”

Jeff hung his head, defeated.

“You are going to fuck me again, Jeffie, just like you did last year.”

Jeff looked at her, confused. “Wait, you want to have sex again? But you’re….”

“What Jeff? Massively pregnant? So what? That doesn’t mean I can’t fuck.”

Jeff blushed. “Okay, but what about the babies?”

“Really? That’s what you’re worried about? Didn’t you ever fuck your wife when she was preggo with your rugrats?”

“Well, a couple times but she wasn’t ever very into it, and plus she just had singles, and you’re like, super, super pregnant.”

“Jeff, Jesus Christ. I may look stuffed to my limit, but don’t flatter yourself – I can still manage to fit your tiny little cock inside me.”

Jeff blushed again. "Jenna, I don’t think this is a good idea, you know someone might see us.”

Jenna was getting restless, she could feel her pussy yearning for some dick, knowing that it was right in front of her. “Jeff! I will fucking tell your wife and your kids that you knocked me up unless you fuck the shit out of me right now!” she shouted.

“Damn, Jenna, okay.. calm down,” Jeff said as he started to cave to Jenna's request.

Jenna smiled. “That’s more like it. Now, get over here.” Jenna turned back to the desk, and leaned over it again. She rested her giant belly on it just like before, and made sure her ass was posed perfectly for Jeff. From behind, it hardly looked like she was even pregnant. Only those who knew how tight her ass used to be would spot the difference, but the ample, plumper ass was actually more of a turn on for Jeff. His cock bulged suddenly through his swim trunks, hard as a rock.

Jenna turned her head around and saw it. She could feel her pussy flood with wetness. “Looks like you’re ready to fuck your little pregnant slut, huh Jeffie?”

Jeff approached her, pulling his dick out from his swim trunks. “Hey,” Jeff started, “should we like, take off your swimsuit first?”

Jenna groaned loudly. “Jeff! Jesus! It will take me a fucking hour for me to get my huge, pregnant ass out of this fucking thing and then back into it. Now man up, and put that cock in me!”

Jenna reached back, and pulled the crotch of the swimsuit to the left, exposing her moist, swollen pussy for Jeff.

“Oh wow….” She heard him gasp. Jenna smiled to herself, knowing she was about to get exactly what she’d been craving for months.

She felt Jeff get close, starting to straddle Jenna. She felt her belly squirm with the babies, pushing back against the pressure of her belly mushed against the table. She had to hold herself up a bit to not squish them. Jeff got close, and she could feel his cock press into her ass cheek. He reached leaned over and reached around Jenna’s massive body, grabbing wildly for her engorged tits. With one hand he found her left breast and squeezed.

“I don’t need foreplay Jeff!” Jenna yelled. “Give me that cock!”

Jeff stood back up, but as he did he ran his hands along the sides of Jenna’s massive belly. It was tighter than a drum, and Jenna could feel his hands slow down alongside it, likely marveling at the size and tightness.
“Damn…” she heard Jeff say behind her.

“Yeah, It’s like fucking an over-inflated balloon. Now come on!” she screamed.

Jeff finished rubbing the side of Jenna’s belly, and stood up. Jenna closed her eyes, getting ready for the moment of pure bliss.

She felt Jeff’s hands touch her ass and rub each cheek firmly, one hand started to take over from her, holding the swimsuit to the side. She could her Jeff breathing faster, and heavier. His cock bumped into her ass cheek and suddenly -

“Ahhh-uhhhhh…” Jeff moaned, and Jenna felt a hot, sticky wetness explode all over her plump ass.

“ARE. YOU. FUCKING. KIDDING. ME???” Jenna stood up quickly and pushed Jeff away from her. She reached around to her ass cheek, and wiped off the stickiness. She held her hand up, looking at the glob of cum with a look of shock and anger. She looked at Jeff. Jenna was furious, this hot wad was supposed to have ended up deep in her pussy.

“You are such a fucking loser, Jeff!” Jenna yelled, and then took a step towards him and smeared the glob onto his shirt.

“Oh, come on!” Jeff yelled as he stepped back, looking at the mess on his shirt.

Jenna reached around to her wide butt again, and found more cum on the back of her swimsuit. She tried to wipe some of it off with her hand, but she could see there was a big, wet stain on her ass.

“And fuck Jeff, you ruined my uniform! What the fuck am I supposed to wear now?” Jenna pulled off her hoodie and threw it at Jeff. He stumbled backwards. She started pulling off the swimsuit, one shoulder at a time.

“What the hell do you expect? “ said Jeff. “You’re ass is insane right now! As soon as I touched it I just, exploded!”

Jenna had pulled her swimsuit down below her tits, at which Jeff gawked.

Jenna shook her head. “Fine. I’ll take that as a fucking compliment.” She looked up at him, and smiled suddenly. “But you’re not done.”

Jeff looked at her, confused once again. Jenna reached her hand up which still had some cum left, and licked it off her fingers, slowly. Jeff just stared in amazement.

“You’re going to make sure I finish too, Jeffie.” Jeff nodded slowly, watching her as she continued to lick every last drop of his cum off her fingers. At the same time, she was pulling her swimsuit down with the other hand. The uniform peeled off like a second skin, slowly exposing her bare, shiny belly beneath. Jeff continued to gawk at her.

She got it down so that the swimsuit was just hanging around her waist, only covering her lower parts. She glanced around the office.

“Alright, I’m not getting on the floor of your dirty little man-cave, so guess what? You’re about to help me haul this preggo ass that you like so much, up onto this desk.”

She waddled back towards the desk, and Jeff followed her. She turned her back towards the desk, her taut, shiny belly pointing right at Jeff.

He reached out around her hips, and they started to count. “One, two, three,” On three, Jenna did the best little hop she could considering her massive size, and Jeff did his best to thrust her up while clutching her widened hips.

Their effort was a success, and Jenna’s soft bottom came down on the edge of the desk with an audible plop, and she could feel her tits jiggle hard against her tight bare belly, which barely shook at all. She spread her legs quickly on the desk, making room for the large globe to sit between them. It hung so low it actually sat on the desk between her legs.

She leaned back with both hands on the desk to take some of the pressure off her back and belly. It towered into the air, a massive dome. Jeff was staring once again, seemingly amazed at its size. With Jenna leaning back, the belly seemed to be poking out further than ever before. It did not look humanly possible to have this torpedo sticking out so far from such a thin, sexy girl. Jenna watched Jeff’s face closely, seeing the amazement in his eyes.

“You wanna feel your babies, daddy?” Jenna said in a seductive voice.

Jeff looked up from gazing at the belly to meet Jenna’s eyes. “S- sure,” he stammered. He reached a hand out slowly, and rested it on Jenna’s large, stretched belly. He moved his hand in a small circle, then brought up his other hand to the other side of the belly. Jenna’s massive belly rested between Jeff’s hands, which were at least a foot and a half apart while holding it.

She leaned up a bit, and with one hand, began pushing around on her belly. It hardly dented in at all since there was so little room left in there. But she pushed in different areas, until finally something squirmed inside her giant belly.

“Oh, here!” She said to Jeff, grabbing his hand and moving it to the upper part of the belly where she had felt the kick. She held his hand, pressing hard into the belly, until the movement repeated.

Jeff looked up suddenly, “Wow! Cool!” he said with a smile. He adjusted his hands again, right as another large kick made Jenna’s entire belly shake.

“How do they even have enough room in there to do that? You look like you’re at capacity!"

“Jeff, you certainly know how to make a girl feel sexy.” Jenna said sarcastically. “But like I said, I could still have another month, so who knows how big I’ll get."

Jenna leaned back again, and enjoyed Jeff’s hands roaming around her swollen middle. Jeff did small, gentle rubs all over, and one of his hands started to wander up the curve of her belly, and grabbed one of her swollen tits again. Jenna let out a small moan. “Mmmmm, daddy, that feels good.”

Jeff reached for the bottom of her swimsuit, which was still on her. She did a small shuffle so that he could pull it off her ass. Her tits bounced again with her movement, but he finished the job and she now sat completely naked, and completely enormous, on his desk. Jeff stood between her legs, her pussy giving way to the hugely domed belly.

“So how do you want me to get you off?” Jeff asked.

Jenna gave a sexy grin and started to push his head down, between her legs. She watched his eyes widen, but before he said anything he disappeared behind her huge belly. She leaned back on her elbows and slid her crotch out to the edge of the desk.

Jenna felt Jeff’s hands start to rub up her thighs, pushing her legs further apart. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, since her belly kept her from seeing anything that was about to happen anyway.

She felt his fingers play with her pussy lips, and then Jeff’s tongue plunged into her. It was pure ecstasy for someone who hadn’t felt anything besides her own fingers inside of her for months. She felt her entire body shiver as Jeff’s tongue circled around her clit.
His cock may be worthless, but the man has a way with his tongue, she thought.

The pleasure kept coming in waves, so much that Jenna felt her arms getting weak. She lowered herself off of her elbows until she was laying completely flat on the desk. She heard pencils and papers fall around her as she spread out. Now her belly stuck straight into the air, like a large, rising mountain on the desk. I'm certainly a sight to behold, Jenna thought. If anyone happened to walk in, she imagined it would look comical to see such a huge blimp getting eaten out on her boss's desk.

As Jeff continued his job, fully circling Jenna’s pussy lips and clit with his tongue, Jenna slid her hands up along her towering belly. She reached the apex with both hands, stretched almost as far as she could reach, and began twiddling her belly button. It felt so good she started to squeeze her legs, almost forgetting that Jeff’s bald head was down there. She heard a muffled cry, and she looked down, seeing nothing but her own enormous stretched belly towering in front of her. She tried to look to the side but couldn’t see much.

Suddenly Jeff’s face popped up to the side. He gave a little smile and then spread her legs back apart, and started back to work. Jenna giggled, picturing Jeff down there staring up at her huge belly like a towering balloon in front of his face.

She continued to play with her belly button with one hand, careful now not to have another knee-jerk reaction. With her other hand, she slid it up to get a handful of her tits. They were warm, and very, very full. She circled her finger around one of the nipples, mimicking the movement she was doing on her belly button. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she sent herself into pure bliss. Jeff’s tongue continued to circle her clit, and Jenna was approaching the brink of another climax. Jeff’s tongue wandered further down, and Jenna immediately reached down around her globular belly and grabbed Jeff’s head to correct him back onto her clit. It wasn’t an easy feat, and she now was at an awkward angle reaching around her enormous belly. But she felt him return to the zone, and she suddenly began to cum intensely – one hand still rubbing her tit, and the other pushing Jeff’s head deeper into her pussy.

Jenna felt the warmth spread through her body once again, an ecstatic numbness that started in her crotch and made its way through her belly. She finished and collapsed back on the table, breathing intensely. She laid there for a moment, completely naked and just enjoying the feeling of being satisfied.

Jeff finally emerged from behind her immense belly, now standing over her as she laid on the table. She looked at him, still dazed, and gave a little thumbs up.

“Not too bad, Jeffie.” She gasped. “Now comes the hard part – getting my big ass down from here.”

Jeff laughed as he held out his hand to her, and Jenna grabbed it to sit up. Her belly slowly lobbed forward, and she spread her legs once again for it to rest between them. She rested both hands on the belly, then took a deep breath before sliding her butt slowly off the desk. Jeff helped her the rest of the way, and she returned to solid ground with another thump and a jiggle of her breasts.

She started to bend over to pick up her uniform and sweater from the floor, but bending over at this point was nearly impossible. She looked comical, swollen, naked and spreading her legs to try to get to the floor.

“Let me help you,” said Jeff, as he reached down and picked up her stuff.

She took it, and then held out the uniform. “So what hell are we going to do about this? As slutty as I am, I’m not quite the kind of girl that’s gonna walk around with your gross cum stain on my ass all day.”

Jeff chuckled. “Well, it looked like you were about to rip out of it any second anyways. Honestly, I think if you coughed it might have exploded off of you.”

“Gee, thanks a bunch Jeff. What do you want me to wear to work?” she asked impatiently.

Jeff looked around his office, then went over to a row of cabinets. He opened one up and looked around, pulling out various uniform packages.

“Hmm, extra large?” he said, looking down at one, and then tossed it to Jenna.

“I’d be offended again, but unfortunately it’s probably right,” said Jenna.

She opened it up and pulled out the contents. She could tell from the strings what it was. “A bikini? Jeff are you fucking kidding me?” she said in disbelief. She turned the red lifeguard bikini over in her hands.

“This thing wouldn’t cover a fraction of my enormous body!” she exclaimed.

“Well,” Jeff said, almost embarrassed, “I just thought it would give you more breathing room. You know these are the recreational uniforms, but I’ll make an exception and let you wear it for real duty. Plus you should really wear your hoodie over it anyways… In case... people…”

“In case people see that there’s a whale dressed as a lifeguard?” Jenna said.

Jeff seemed at a loss for words. “No it’s just… well, yeah, kinda.”

Jenna looked down at the red lifeguard bikini, and rolled her eyes. “Fuck it,” She pulled the swimsuit bottoms out of the bag. “Well, don’t just stand there, get over here and help me.”

Jeff hurried over, and went down low with bottoms. Jenna held onto his back with one hand and her giant belly with the other while Jeff led her foot into the bottoms one at a time. He helped her pull them almost all the way up, before she took over.

Jenna tugged at the bottoms, squeezing them up over her plump ass and jiggling her tits a bunch along the way. The bikini bottoms were skin-tight, she could feel her pussy tightly packed into the front of them, and once again the material had ridden up her crack to give her more of a thong look.

“Dammit,” she said out loud. She tried to look at her crotch, of course with no success whatsoever. “Does it look like my pussy is about to burst out of these things, Jeff?”

“Um…” he tried to think of an answer, “it is a bit, tight. But I think it’s fine.” He lied.

“I don’t supposed you have a double XL?” Jenna asked.

Jeff shook his head. “Sorry.”

Jenna sighed, and began to put the bikini top over her head. She pulled the cups over her huge tits by placing one in at a time. She made Jeff come over and tie the back. As he was doing so, she looked down, seeing her huge cleavage that was pulling the middle string so tight it looked like it might rip apart at any second. Not to mention, her tits were spilling out both sides of the top. She tried to adjust both her boobs, with no real success.

Jeff finished tying and stepped back. Jenna did a slow, gravid spin, showing off her new look. “What do you think?” she asked playfully.

“Incredible,” said Jeff. “Especially that ass! But you should really put this on.” He handed her the red hoodie. She started to pull it on, first over her tits, but before she began to stretch it over her huge bare belly, she looked at Jeff with a pouty face.
“Say goodbye for now, daddy.” She said to Jeff.

Jeff gave a nervous smile, and bent down in front of Jenna’s huge belly button. “Bye, bye, little guys!” Jeff said, and then patted Jenna’s belly lightly.

To Jenna, her belly was so tight that it felt like his hand was bouncing off with every pat. Then Jeff gave one more little rub to the belly, right on the belly button. Jenna doubled over from the pleasure it sent through her, straight from the tip of her belly down to her pussy.

“Are you okay?” Jeff asked, frightened, “Are you going into labor? Because I can’t deal with that!”

“No you idiot,” Jenna said, taking a deep breath and standing back up. “My belly button is just really sensitive.”

“Oh, ok.” Jeff said. “Well, I guess you’d better get to work. I think you’re on Tower 3.”

Thanks to the belly button play she'd just gotten, Jenna was turned on again already. She looked Jeff over, knowing there was no way this loser was ready for round 2. At least not yet.

“Fine. But maybe I’ll see you for my lunch break, Jeffie.” Jenna said as she pulled her hoodie the rest of the way down over her ripe pregnant belly.
“That might not be a good idea…” said Jeff.

“Okay, well, we’ll see.” She said with a wink, and started waddling towards the door. Before she opened it, she pulled her jacket up in the back, and bent slightly forward, sticking her rounded ass out for Jeff one more time.
He looked around uncomfortably, but his eyes wandered right back to the ass that had caused him to blow his load. Jenna stood back up and opened the door, then turned back one last time.

“Hey Jeff? Please tell your wife and kids I say hi!” and with that, Jenna waddled out the door, hoping the day wouldn’t continue to be a total letdown and praying that she might actually be able to find some dick.

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The Pregnant Lifeguard  – Chapter 3

(Contains: Multiples pregnancy, explicit sexual situations)


Jenna lumbered out of the lifeguard headquarters, and into the bright sunlight. She continued out onto the beach, towards lifeguard tower 3. As soon as she hit the sand, she had to walk slower, careful to keep her balance with her hugely rounded frame. She held onto her belly with both hands as she waddled through the sand, one slow and wide step at a time.

Pretty soon, Jenna was out of breath. It was 11am and already sweltering hot, and her thick hoodie wasn’t helping. She stopped for a moment, looking down at her big belly stretching the material. She couldn’t see her feet from this angle, but she was used to that by now.

Jenna looked around at the beach, noticing for the first time that it was packed with tourists, which was a normal sight for a Saturday at the beginning of summer.
Fuck, Jenna thought to herself, she was hoping she’d make it through the day keeping her huge bump covered as best she could, but there was no way she was going to make it in this heat.

She sighed, and began to pull the hoodie up off her round bare midsection and over her head. She looked down now at her immense cleavage. Her breasts pulled the fabric of her suit so far from her body, that from her angle she could see straight down to the smooth top of her enormous belly.

She immediately felt cooler, but now she also was feeling a bit self-conscious. Of course Jenna loved attention and spent a lot of time showing off her goods, but since she’d been in Indiana for so long, she hadn’t gotten a lot of practice time in displaying the belly for everyone to see. In fact, this was the first time she’d been in a bikini in public since she was pregnant.

Jenna took a deep breath and started to waddle on, taking each step slowly. Almost immediately she felt like all eyes were on her. Or more specifically, her massive bump.

A group of teenage girls sitting around on their beach blankets began to snicker as Jenna waddled past them.

“Holy shit, look at that belly!” She heard one of them whisper.

“No way, is she a lifeguard?” another asked.

She gave them a dirty look as she continued past them, while simultaneously marveling at their tight, flat stomachs. Jenna suddenly missed her own flat belly even more. She put both hands on her enormous middle and started rubbing, wishing for her old body back. Hopefully those skinny bitches will get themselves blown up this big too one day, Jenna thought, out of pure jealousy.

Just when Jenna thought the stares were starting to wane, she passed a family, and saw a small kid point at her belly. "Wow mommy, big balloon!" he said excitedly. That's exactly what I am, thought Jenna. The mother smiled apologetically at her as she waddled past.

Jenna soon started to get winded and wished she had reached the tower already, but she saw that it was still a bit further down the beach. As she passed tower 2, her friend Sarah came out to the ramp and waved down at her.

Jenna waved back and winked, remembering their fun little interaction from earlier. The girl truly knew how to work Jenna's sensitive belly button, and just thinking about it made Jenna wet. Part of her wanted to waddle up the ramp and force Sarah to help her out again, which she was sure Sarah wouldn't mind, but Jenna knew she had to get to work.

“Whoa momma! Other swimsuit didn’t work out for ya?” Sarah said with appreciation.

Jenna smiled up at her. “It’s a long story…”

“Well you’ll have to tell me next time,” said Sarah with a wink. “Either way, you’re killing it in that bikini, girl!”

Jenna felt flattered, and so she did an awkward little twirl in the sand, her belly swaying slowly in the rotation, and her boobs and ass jiggling along for the ride.
Sarah started to cheer for her, “Whoo whoo! Sexy lady!”

Jenna, now feeling more confident, did a cute little dance, shaking her round bottom back and forth. The dance, mixed with Sarah’s cheering, got even more people staring at Jenna’s hugely pregnant belly.

“You go girl!” Sarah called out from up in the tower, and Jenna finished her little dance with another twirl, and then patted her belly firmly with both hands. The “smack” sound on the taut skin was so loud, everyone around Jenna could hear it. She looked at the staring faces, and suddenly couldn’t help but laugh at herself.

She blew a cute little kiss to Sarah, and headed on towards tower 3.

As Jenna kept walking, she started to relax, and even began to enjoy that all eyes were on her. She knew most of them were either shock or disgust, but somehow it still made her feel sexy.

As she walked, another pregnant woman was walking the other direction towards her. The brunette lady was middle aged and had an average mom shape, but her shiny belly was stretching out fairly far between a bright yellow bikini. Jenna estimated she was probably 7 or 8 months along with a single.

“Wow, almost due I bet?” the woman said with a smile.

Jenna patted her belly, “Who knows? 36 weeks with twins!”

“Holy crap!” the pregnant lady said, startled. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that.”

“No it’s fine,” Jenna laughed. “I’ve heard it all at this point.”

Without asking, the lady reached her hand out and started rubbing Jenna’s huge belly.

“It’s so tight! Much tighter than mine,” the lady laughed, as she moved her hands around on Jenna's shiny dome. “Want to feel it?”

Jenna considered for a moment. Despite being heavily pregnant herself, she’d never actually touched another pregnant belly before. Before getting knocked up, pregnancy and bellies had never really been on her radar.

“Sure!” she decided, and reached out her hand to the woman’s midsection.

Although only a fraction of the size of Jenna’s midsection, the woman’s belly was still a nicely rounded bump. It felt soft and smooth under Jenna’s hand. She immediately noticed her belly button was popped out but still flat, so she rubbed her hand across it gently. The woman didn’t seem to react.

I must be the only one who gets off from belly button play, Jenna thought to herself. She rubbed the nicely rounded belly a bit more, as the lady finished up rubbing Jenna’s belly with a big, sweeping motion all the way from top to bottom, followed by a soft pat directly on the belly button. Jenna could feel her legs squeeze together in pleasure.

“Nice to meet you, and good luck!” The woman said cheerily before she bounded off down the beach with a lightness in her step that Jenna envied.
Fuck I wish I could still move like that pregnant bitch, Jenna thought.

She continued to head down the beach and was almost near tower 3, but the intense heat was getting to her again, so she decided to hit the water before officially going to work.

Jenna waddled down the edge, and held her belly as she waded in. A few people on the beach were staring at her. She waded through the water a bit more, going in up to her waist, and then finally submerging her huge stomach beneath the water. She leaned in, and swam through some of the waves. Having the belly weight off of her back was a huge relief. She kicked her legs, and felt her round ass jiggle hard in the water. She stroked forward with her arms, and could feel her belly sway beneath her like a giant submarine.

She swarm a few more yards before she noticed some guys on the shore playing catch. They clearly were college-aged frat boys. There were three of them, but one in the middle was staring at her. He had shaggy brown hair, a cute-enough face, but a body that immediately made Jenna wet. He was muscular, with a tight 6 pack, a perfect tan beach body. He threw the football to one of his friends as Jenna looked his body up and down once more, then he turned to stare at her again. They held eyes for a while, before Jenna stood suddenly in the shallow water, her belly emerging from beneath the water, glistening and shiny in the sunlight. The Mystery Man looked stunned, and his eyes went quickly to her belly. Suddenly, the football smacked him right in the chest and fell into the water.

“Hey what the hell?” said one friend, a not-as-muscular thin blonde guy.

“Pay attention!” yelled the other friend, who was short and chubby, wearing a t-shirt likely because he was embarrassed of his pudge.

They both followed their friends gaze out to the water, and saw Jenna standing there, dripping in the ocean like a pregnant goddess. She winked at the Mystery Man.

“Dude, did that preggo just wink at you?” said the Chubby Guy.

“That’s hilarious!” shouted Blondie, and he splashed water towards Mystery Man.

Jenna could tell by the guy’s stare that he was really into her, so she decided to tease him a little bit. She reached down and cupped a handful of water, then let it sprinkle all over her belly, running down the side in streams, and with her other hand she rubbed big circles around her belly. The cool water felt nice on her warm skin. She ended her little show by rubbing both hands up her massive globe, and pushing her hands under her breasts. They heaved upwards, and then plopped back down as she finished.

The Mystery Man looked like he might pass out, and it made her giggle. The friends, watching the interaction between Jenna and their friend, seemed to find it amusing.

“Well you can’t get her pregnant twice dude!” said the Chubby Guy to Mystery Man. Clearly he's the “funny” fat guy of the group, Jenna thought.

“Shut up!” Mystery man yelled, and then threw the football at him. Chubby ducked, and the ball flew past him up onto the beach.

Jenna had started wading towards the group, and was now nearing the shore.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get your ball, boys.” Jenna said with a seductive smile.

The two other guys laughed, but Mystery Man stared at her as she approached. As she got close to him, she reached out and touched his chest lightly with her hand, staring into his eyes, and waded around him out of the water. All of the guys turned to follow her.

Despite her belly, she attempted the sexiest walk she could, holding her legs tightly together, one in front of the other like she was on a runway. She could feel her ass bouncing one side and then the other, her plump cheeks nearly bursting out of the bathing suit bottoms. She heard the two friends laughing.

“Dude, there’s no way you could fuck someone that big! You couldn’t even find her pussy!” whispered the Chubby Guy.

Jenna glanced back to see the Mystery man punch the fat guy hard in the arm. “Shut the fuck up asshole! She can obviously hear you!” He looked back at Jenna apologetically.

She turned and kept walking, finally making it to the football. She thought there were only a couple ways to play this. She could either squat down, using her center of gravity, in the awkward, pregnant-lady way she usually did. Or she could go for the kill.

She decided on the latter, and spread her legs enough to get a good balance. She then bent over slowly, sticking her round ass outward. Jenna leaned forward, her belly lowering, eventually coming into view between her legs. She bent her legs a bit, and could feel her massive belly push in between them as she got low enough to grab the football. She tried to get a look behind her, but couldn’t see much. She knew the boys had a full view of her ripe ass, her pussy that was tightly packed in her swimsuit, and below that her belly hanging wide and low between her legs.

She slowly stood back up, trying to make it as sexy as possible, and turned towards the guys. Now all 3 were standing there open-mouthed, shocked. Mystery Man, however, had a clear chub in his swims trunks.

Jenna smiled and tossed the football at them, feeling her tits sway back and forth in her bikini top as she did.

“Th…Thanks!” the Skinny Blonde managed to choke out.

“It’s all good boys. Just make sure none of you go drown today. I’d hate for my hugely pregnant ass to not be able to save any of you.” With that, she winked at the Mystery Man and turned away.

Damn, that felt good, she thought, should have been spending a lot more time at the beach, I guess.

Jenna continued to waddle down the beach, now smiling at anyone who was paying attention to her. She gave a few winks to guys she thought were cute enough, it hardly mattered if they were with their wives or girlfriends, Jenna was just happy to tease anyone she could.

She rubbed her belly as she walked, and started thinking maybe it wasn’t all bad. Unfortunately, as she arrived at the ramp of tower 3, she looked up at the figure standing on top of the tower, and suddenly her positive mood came crashing down...

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The Pregnant Lifeguard  – Chapter 4

(Contains: Multiples pregnancy, explicit sexual situations)


"Holy Fuck!” said the girl at the top of the lifeguard ramp, with a nasty smile growing on her face. "Jenna, is that you? I hardly recognize you! You're so...BIG."

Jenna immediately rolled her eyes. If there was such a thing as a real life nemesis, Teresa was Jenna’s.

Teresa started working at the beach last summer after just turning 18, and she and Jenna were at each other’s throats immediately. Probably because they were too similar, and often after the same guys. Teresa loved to tease boys almost as much as Jenna. She was half-latina, so her lush brown hair and smooth bronze skin seemed to be exotic to the Virginia boys. Jenna had spent most of last summer being jealous of Teresa, at least until she slept with Teresa’s main boy-toy, Bobby.

As Jenna started to reminisce about Bobby’s cock, Bobby came out of the tower behind Teresa and hugged her from behind.

“What’s that, baby?” He whispered in her ear.

Teresa shook him off, and pointed down at Jenna.

Bobby followed her finger, and as soon as he saw Jenna's hugely pregnant belly, he looked confused. When he looked at the face that the belly belonged to, his eyes widened like he just saw a ghost.

“Jenna!?” he said, as he stepped away from Teresa.

“In the stretched-out flesh,” Jenna replied, as she grabbed the handrail and started to pull herself slowly up the tower ramp.

“What happened to you?” Bobby asked in a terrified voice.

Jenna got to the top of the ramp with a wheeze. “Well Bobby, you of all people should know how this works. A penis went inside my vagina, sperm came out of it, and boom, giant belly.” She patted it softly.

“Oh my God.” Teresa said, a giant grin still on her face. “I literally can’t believe this. I mean I heard the rumor that you got yourself knocked up, but in a thousand years there’s no way I pictured….this.” she said as she waved a hand up and down Jenna’s body.

Jenna suddenly felt her ego crashing down. She looked at Teresa’s tight, slim body. She had perky, B cup boobs, and a tight, rounded ass. Even though she was in the standard Lifeguard bodysuit, there was no question that Teresa had an amazing body. Jenna looked at Teresa’s flat stomach, and felt herself getting pangs of jealousy. She looked down at her own huge belly, protruding so far in front of her that she couldn’t see her feet. She felt sadness and anger building in her.

“Why are you here, Teresa? I’m Bobby’s backup for the day, so what the fuck are you even doing in this tower?”said a furious Jenna.

Teresa scoffed. “I'm over here on my break, visiting my man,” Teresa reached out and touched Bobby’s abs, “not that it’s any of your damn business! The question is what the hell are you doing here with your gross pregnant ass? You couldn’t save anyone, as huge as you are.”

“Jeff gave me my job back, until I give birth. I have every right to be here.” Jenna said through gritted teeth.

“Oh come on, we all know the only reason he did that is because you’ve been fucking his brains out for years, slut.” Teresa looked at Jenna in disgust.

Then Teresa took a step forward towards Jenna, and suddenly reached out and pushed on Jenna’s belly with one finger. Jenna felt the tightness fighting back against the finger, and the pressure was uncomfortable.

“What the hell?” She tried to smack Teresa’s hand away, but Teresa just reached to another spot with her other hand, and poked again.

“You really look and feel like you’re about to blow, girl!” Teresa started laughing harder. “I can’t believe what a balloon you turned into! Look how big this slut got, Bobby!”

Bobby watched on uncomfortably as Teresa kept poking around Jenna’s huge belly. Jenna tried to swat her fingers away, but with that much real estate to cover, it was hard to keep up. Every time Teresa poked a finger in the rounded skin, her belly would dent slightly, and the skin discolored to a whiteness for only a second.

Jenna suddenly tried another tactic, she gripped her belly with both arms, trying to cover as much of it as she could. Naturally, there was still a ton of skin exposed, and Teresa had no problem finding bare, taut skin to continue to poke and taunt. She reached down low, and suddenly patted Jenna hard on the underside of the belly. The “smack” sound echoed loudly.

“I bet nobody wants to fuck you anymore, Jenna!” She said as she patted another area of the belly, and then poked another.

Jenna gave up, let her hands fall to her sides, and allowed the skinny bitch Teresa to continue to poke her twin belly, trying to humiliate her. Jenna stood there in silence, starting to feel tears in her eyes.

“If I keep poking this big round slut, do you think she’ll pop Bobby? Do you?” Teresa laughed again and kept poking. Jenna covered her face in embarrassment.

Bobby suddenly interrupted. “Hey, T, give her a break will ya? She’s got enough to deal with. Clearly.”

Teresa looked at Bobby with disgust. “Are you still into this ho? Even with her disgusting, enormous belly poking out at you?”

Bobby was flustered, “No no! Baby, come on you know that’s not it. You’re the only sexy girl to me! And besides, you know last summer was an accident. I didn’t even want to sleep with her.”

Jenna was suddenly pissed, and felt her fire return. “Really Bobby?” she spat. “Because that’s not how your dick seemed while it was pounding me, in the sand, right here in front of tower 3, isn’t that right?” Bobby blushed.

“Bitch, I will fight your pregnant ass!” Teresa yelled. Several people sitting around the beach started staring. “Me and Bobby are together now, so any little thing you had in the past doesn’t matter anymore, got that?”

“Well,” Jenna said, as she started to take a step towards, “Does Bobby know that? And more specifically, do his babies?” Jenna said as she patted her belly on both sides, with a firm hard smack.

Teresa gasped, and Bobby took a step back and stared at Jenna’s giant belly as if it was suddenly a ticking time bomb.
Jenna squinted her eyes, and suddenly burst out laughing.

“You. Bitch.” Teresa said, looking at Jenna, Jenna’s belly, and then Bobby.

Bobby tried to choke out a response. “You...You’re just kidding right Jenna?”

Jenna continued to giggle, her belly bouncing slightly with each laugh. She held onto it with one hand. Then she looked at Bobby, and tried to speak in her sexiest voice.

“I dunno Bobby, am I?” and she blew him a kiss.

Teresa continued to look at both of them in disbelief. “You know what, fuck both of ya’ll, I’m out!” Teresa ran into the tower, grabbed her hoodie. As she came back out, Bobby tried to stop her.

“Come on baby, that’s not true! I don’t think I even came in her!”

Teresa pushed past Bobby, ignoring him. She stopped in front of Jenna. They would have been standing nose-to-nose if it wasn’t for Jenna’s huge belly between them.

“I’m glad your slutty ass got exactly what you deserved,” Teresa said with hatred, and then she gave Jenna’s belly one last hard poke, right in her belly button, denting it all the way in to the tight rounded belly. She let her finger off, and the belly button flew back out with an audible pop.

“Ugh!” Jenna groaned and bent over, as Teresa turned and hustled down the ramp.

“Shit!” said Bobby, grabbing Jenna by the arm. “Are you okay?”

Jenna looked up at him, out of breath, from a combination of the pain and pleasure coursing through her belly down to her vagina, and managed to nod her head.
Bobby continued to hold her arm, and started to lead her inside the tower. There was a small stool in the corner, where Bobby took her. She sat down with a heavy plop, and leaned back to catch her breath.

“Thanks, Bobby,” Jenna said with a smile.

“Yeah.. uh, no problem.” He said, clearly feeling uncomfortable about being suddenly alone with her.

“Are you okay now? Did she hurt you? Or… the babies?” Bobby asked shyly.

“I think I’ll survive,” Jenna said, as she rubbed the sides of her belly. She looked at Bobby. He was pretty lanky. Last summer if you had asked her, she probably only went after Bobby because Teresa was so interested in him. But that was before Jenna had got him alone one night after work, and managed to seduce him rather easily. It was then that she realized what a massive cock Bobby was hiding in his swim trunks. He ended up being a great fuck, even though she couldn’t remember whether Bobby was lying or not about cumming inside her. It hardly mattered, as far as Jenna thought. One thing she did remember, is Bobby seemed to be especially fond of her cute little tits that she had last summer.

With that in mind, she decided to see if he felt similarly about her newly ballooned treasures.

“Hey Bobby, would you do me a favor and rub my back for a minute? As you can imagine, this belly,” She rubbed it, “can really cause a lot of pain.”

Bobby looked hesitant, “Um…”

“And I think when Teresa poked me and I bent over, I might have pulled something,” she said with a sad shrug.

“Oh… oh ok.” Bobby said shakily, and started moving towards her. She rotated around on the stool, and settled in, Her belly hanging down between her legs. Bobby started rubbing low, and it felt like Heaven to Jenna’s sore back. He began to slowly work his way up.

“Good so far?” Bobby asked nervously.

“Oh yes…” mumbled Jenna.

“Can you go up a little higher?” she asked.

He moved his hands up, nearly to her shoulders and kept rubbing.

Jenna slowly moved her hands up to meet Bobby’s. She pulled them down, leaning Bobby in close behind her. She guided his hands down her shoulders, to her chest. She heard Bobby let out a little moan, and so she kept going, sliding his hands and hers under her bikini top, which didn’t have a lot of spare room. Her soft, warm tits squished out the side even more, and she took her own hands out, leaving Bobby groping her from behind. She immediately lowered her right hand down across her belly, and began rubbing her pussy from outside her bathing suit.

She moaned softly as Bobby excitedly began to roam around her tits, circling her nipples with his fingers, and squeezing repeatedly.

“You like my new big tits, Bobby?” Jenna said through her pleasure moans.

“Uhhhh…” was all Bobby was able to get out.

She began to feel his huge rod poking into her back, getting harder and hotter against her. Imagining that huge thing inside her, Jenna decided to shift things around a bit. She suddenly pulled out Bobby’s hands from her bikini, and spun back around on the stool, looking up at Bobby standing in front of her, his cock bulging out of his shorts right at her eye-level. Bobby looked down at her, suddenly remembering the belly, and suddenly looking very frightened. He started backing away, but Jenna quickly grabbed his wrist.

“Hey, hey Bobby boy. Don’t let this thing scare you. Everything still works as advertised… and you won’t hurt anything.”

“No but.. I mean… Teresa… and… and…” Bobby searched for a response. Jenna reached out her hand and grabbed his cock beneath his suit, and started playing with it.

“And what, Bobby? Teresa’s gone. And besides, don’t you want to play with these a little more?”

She reached her hand that wasn’t holding Bobby’s cock up to her tits and pulled each one out of the bikini top, one at a time. The first plopped out, and the second followed.

Bobby’s dick got even harder, and he suddenly looked back at the door.

“Don’t worry Bobby, nobody can see you, it’s too dark in here and your back is to the door.” Jenna said, and she suddenly reached into Bobby’s bathing suit, pulled his massive dick out, and shoved it into her mouth before he had a chance to respond.

His knees buckled from the pleasure, and he let out a loud moan. Jenna was more than an expert in blowjobs, she was the absolute best. Her tongue swirled the tip of his cock, and she sucked hard, feeling the ecstasy of having a dick this close to her again. It was like meeting up with an old friend. Bobby reached down and grabbed a handful of her tits while he groaned with pleasure.

Jenna moved her free hand down into her bikini and started playing with her clit, then dove her fingers into her pussy.

Jenna’s cheeks continued to bulge as she nodded back and forth on Bobby’s cock. She started to get lost in the pleasure of playing with her pussy while having a big cock in her mouth, so she didn’t realize she had done too good of a job with her tongue. Suddenly Bobby began to shake, and let go of her tits, which let them flop to her belly and continue to jiggle as Jenna bobbed back and forth. Bobby grabbed Jenna’s platinum blonde hair suddenly, and forced her to move more rapidly.

Jenna realized he was about to blow his load, and suddenly started to yell, but only a muffle came out with the huge cock in her mouth. She hit him lightly on the thigh, and Bobby let go of her head, but it was too late. As he pulled his cock out, it exploded like a firehouse, blasting cum into Jenna’s open mouth. He stepped back and it sprayed across her cheek, and as he reached for his dick to pull it downward, the stream splashed across her jiggling tits, and finally ending with a large splat across the top of her belly.

Bobby stood there with a shocked look on his face, as Jenna stared up at him equally horrified. She slowly averted her locked eyes with Bobby, down to her tits and belly. The cum was all over her tits, and the belly splat was starting to run it’s way down the middle, right along her dark linea negra line.
“Give me a fucking towel.” She said through gritted teeth.

Bobby looked around panicked, and grabbed one off the counter. He tossed it to Jenna and then realizing his dick was still out, shoved it back into his pants.

“I’m really sorry Jenna!” he said. “I’m gonna take my lunch break now and try and go find Teresa!” he said, grabbing his jacket and running out the door.

“Are you fucking kidding???” Jenna yelled after him.

“Sorry!” She heard him yell as he bounded down the ramp.

“Ugh!!!!” Jenna let out a cry as she wiped the dripping cum off her face. She licked the remainder off her lips, as she moved the towel down to her cum-covered tits. She slowly pulled up her bikini top, and returned each soft round globe to its resting place, packed snuggly into each cup.

She looked down at her belly, still dripping with the remainder of the cum, and and thought, how can this thing make it so damn hard to get fucked?

And just like that, as if God himself had heard her pleas, the Mystery Man from the beach suddenly appeared at the doorway of the lifeguard tower.

Hardly believing what she was seeing, Jenna felt her pussy start to get wet as she looked at his chiseled body. She smiled widely at him, knowing this could finally be the moment she’s been waiting for.

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And now, for the final chapter. Hope you enjoy!

The Pregnant Lifeguard: Chapter 5
(contains: Multiples pregnancy, explicit sexual situations)


The enormously pregnant Jenna continued to stare at the muscular Mystery Man who had just appeared in her desperate time of need.

“Hey, uh, how’s it going?” he said.

Jenna suddenly remembered the cum-soaked towel in her hand, and tossed it to the side. She adjusted her bikini top one more time to make sure everything was in there correctly, and she gave as sexy of a smile as she could muster.

“Oh, it’s good. Yeah, things are great.” She smiled. “Can I help you?”

“Well, I saw that other guy come running out and heard some shouting, so I guess I just wanted to see if you were okay.” the Mystery Man said, and then looked back outside as if he was unsure about his decision.

“Oh yeah, it’s totally cool, we were just playing around,” Jenna said as she started to stand off the stool. She didn’t catch her balance correctly, and fell back onto the seat.

“Here, let me help you,” said the Mystery Man. He hurried over and grabbed Jenna’s hands and lifted her up. She groaned with the effort of getting to her feet, but when she stopped she was looking directly into the bright blue eyes of the cute Mystery Man.

“Well, I’m really glad you're here, so you could help me out. Clearly I would have been stuck there like a beached whale if you hadn’t shown up.” Jenna said with a smile.

They both laughed, and Mystery Man glanced down at Jenna’s belly again.

“Oh! You have some lotion you didn’t get rubbed in there.” he said.

Jenna looked down at a cum blob still resting on the top of her belly, and the trail that let down over the edge of the roundness where she couldn’t see.

“Oh, no, I….” Jenna couldn’t think of what to say.

“Do you, mind?” the guy said as he reached out a hand.

Jenna almost said something, but still had no idea what to say. She debated for a second whether telling this guy that she was a slut who had another man’s load dripping down her belly, and then immediately decided that Mystery Man was the best chance she had of getting the fucking she had been craving for months. So she kept her mouth shut and nodded.

He smiled at her, and reached down to begin rubbing the cum into her belly. His touch was soft and gentle yet firm, and Jenna thought it felt good to have strong hands wandering over her body. He started using both hands, moving around to the sides, spreading the cum, and rubbing it deep into her skin. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, totally turned on by the circumstances she created with her own sluttiness. She opened her eyes and looked at the guy, but he was distracted by her belly, just staring at it.

“So…” she started, “it’s pretty damn big, huh?”

The guy looked up at her, as if he had forgotten she was there.

“Oh, uh, yeah!” He said. “Wait, no, that’s not what I mean!”

Jenna smiled. “No it’s okay, I’m carrying twins so there’s no avoiding the fact that I am absolutely enormous.”

Mystery Man looked down at the belly, shocked.

“Holy shit! Two? That’s awesome!” he smiled. “You look incredible!”

Jenna smiled back, and then started to rub her belly as well. All 4 of their hands roamed her belly together, which was now bright and shiny from the cum.

“So, you’re like into preggos?” Jenna asked suddenly. She was genuinely curious. She had spent a lot of time with this pregnancy feeling like her belly grossed most guys out, but the way Mystery Man was focusing on it and clearly it was a turn-on.

The guy stopped rubbing and blushed a bit. “Um, well. Uh, yeah,” he said, clearly deciding that honesty was easier than trying to come up with some other bullshit answer.

“Hmmm.” Jenna said, while squinting at him as if she was deciding how to respond. The guy suddenly looked nervous.

“Well I think that’s fucking sexy,” Jenna said suddenly, and began to kiss the Mystery Man. Her belly pressed into his hard abs, and the belly-to-abs touching turned her on so much she could feel her pussy flame up even more.

He reached his hands down and held her belly on both sides while continuing to kiss her. Suddenly, she turned to the door, and pointed at it.

“Close it. Now.” Jenna commanded. He hustled over and shut it, and then returned to kissing Jenna.

“Okay, Mystery Man, I want you to fuck me till I pop!” Jenna barked.

“Oh fuck, that’s so hot!” he responded as he began to grope her all over. His hands squeezed her huge tits, and then explored her belly, he followed her linea negra down, stopping for a moment to rub his fingers all over her belly button. Jenna moaned loudly.

As his hands made their way down to her pussy, he started kissing her tits, then the top of her shiny belly. One of his hands wandered around to her ass, grabbing a huge handful, while the other continued to rub her pussy. He took total control and twirled Jenna’s belly around to face him, grabbed it on both sides and started sucking her belly button for all it was worth. She felt like he might suck it off, which also sent immense shooting pleasure through her body. She turned herself back around and leaned over the tower counter. She pulled her bikini bottoms down, and smacked her ass.

“Fuck me Mystery Man!” she whispered.

“Yess,” he said as he walked closer, “By the way, my names “Ja-“

“I don’t give a fuck what your name is!” Jenna yelled, “Just put your cock in me!”

The man yanked down his bathing suit, and grabbed his cock. Jenna looked back, and was overcome with disappointment at its size. It wasn’t a micropenis, but it was far from being huge. She sighed, and put her head on the counter.

“Everything cool?” the guy asked, suddenly confused. Jenna shook her head. She had no fucking luck. Of course Mr. Pregnancy Fetish Prince Charming had a tiny cock. But was it worth it to send him away? She decided to give it a shot. She raised her head and turned back with a big fake smile.

“Yeah, baby, I’m ready for you.”

He walked up to her plump round ass, grabbed her cheeks, and plunged his dick into her pussy. Jenna’s first reaction was pure bliss. Small or not, she had been dreaming of having a cock inside her for so long it didn’t matter what size it was.

She let out a massive moan, so loud she thought people on the beach might hear. But she didn’t care.

Mystery man continued to pump away, each thrust making her ass quake, her tits jiggle in her swimsuit top, and her belly sway back and forth. He suddenly leaned in and began rubbing her belly. He tried to reach for the belly button, but her belly hung so low in front of her he could barely reach it. His fingertips brushed over it, and it was enough for Jenna to let out another moan.

“You like that?” Mystery man said, as he flicked her belly button a little harder. “I’ll fuck you so good I’ll make you feel like the sluttiest preggo that ever waddled around!”

Clearly he’s getting into this, Jenna thought to herself. It’s too bad she wasn’t, at least not really. Mystery Man thrust and thrust again, but he just wasn’t hitting the spot.

Suddenly, a hard knock on the door interrupted their bad sex.

“Oh fuck!” Mystery Man said as he pulled his dick out of her.

Jenny stood up slowly, and awkwardly bent down to pull up her suit bottoms. They squeezed over her ass, and she did a little squat motion to adjust them better.
“Hey man, are you in there? Where the fuck you’d go!” called a voice.

“Fuck!” Mystery Man said, “it’s my friends!”

“Calm down, idiot!” she said. “Answer the door!”

Mystery Man looked down and shoved his dick into his pants, but it was still bulging out. He grabbed the cum towel off the counter, and covered his crotch as best he could. He walked to the door and was about to answer it.

“Hey!” Jenna called to him, a look in her eye.

“Yeah?” he said as he turned back, looking at the enormous beautiful preggo leaning on the counter, her hands folded across her belly, a smug look on her face.
“Ask them to come in,” she said with a wink.

He looked at her and cocked his head, questioning. She nodded at him. He took a deep breath and opened the door.

Chubby and Blondie looked in slowly into the dark room, then looked at their friend holding the door with one hand and a towel around his crotch.

“Uh…come on in guys.” He said to them.

They looked at him unsure, then they looked at Jenna, standing across from the door, smiling brightly. They entered slowly.

“So uh, what were you doing in here?” asked Blondie.

“Smells like sex!” laughed the Chubby one.

Jenna pushed herself away from the counter, and began to waddle towards the guys. She pushed through the middle of them, as they looked down at her confused. She shut the door, and turned back around. They all stood there stunned, just like they had on the beach earlier.

Jenna reached behind her back, and pulled on the string for her bikini top. She slid it off her tits, down her arms, and then threw it at Mystery man. He caught it awkwardly and looked at his friends. They looked at him and back at Jenna, who was now standing there, a hot, very-pregnant blonde with massive tits sitting on top of her belly. Nobody said anything.

Jenna then put her finger in her bathing suit bottoms and began to push them down her legs. The sexy move didn’t last long, as they got to the point where she couldn’t quite bend over anymore to push them. So she stood up, and did a little shimmy, causing the bathing suit to fall to the floor. She kicked it off with one foot.
She stood there completely naked as the three college bros stared. She did a little twirl, her belly spinning around and the rest of her body jiggling sensually. She stopped, and spread her legs apart in a slightly wide stance.

“Now,” she said, “which one of you said they probably couldn’t even find my pussy?”

The guys looked at each other wide eyed, and Chubby swallowed hard.

“It was you, wasn’t it, big boy?” Jenna said, as she slowly started walking towards him.

He nodded nervously.

“Mmmmm. Well that was a very mean thing to say to a mother-to-be,” she said with a pouty face. She was right in front of Chubby, and reached down and grabbed his cock. “And I think you owe me for that.”

She then pushed him backwards, and the other two guys moved out of the way. She leaned over and ripped Chubby’s pants down. His dick was huge.
Jenna let out a sigh of relief, and grabbed his bare cock and started stroking it. She bumped it against her belly, and then grabbed his hands and put them on her tits.

“You like those, big boy?” She whispered, and felt his cock get long and hard in her hands. She stroked it a few more times until it was rock solid.

She pushed Chubby down onto the stool. His erect cock sitting in his lap. Jenna smiled and turned around, and began to lower her gravid body down onto the cock. She felt the wide tip push her wet lips apart, and begin to slide up her pussy. It immediately felt incredible. She lowered herself further, and further, and for a second she thought the cock would never end. Finally she hit the base, and plopped herself down fully on him, her soft ass sitting atop his lap in a reverse cowgirl. He leaned back and moaned loudly. Jenna opened her mouth and breathed deep, feeling the ecstasy of sitting on the large cock. She started to move herself up and down, as best she could. Because of her size, it was more difficult than she remembered, but it was still doable. She bounces slowly, each bounce causing her tits to jiggle more and more.

She moaned as she rubbed her tits with one hand and and her belly with the other, and suddenly opened her eyes to notice Blondie and Mystery Guy staring at them awkwardly. She raised a finger and beckoned both of them over. They looked at each other and then walked towards Jenna’s bouncing pregnant body. She reached out and grabbed both their cocks simultaneously, whipping them out of their swim trunks in a smooth, experienced motion.

She looked up to see both guys’ eyes roll into the back of their heads as she squeezed on their dicks. She was pleasantly surprised at Blondie’s size, nothing crazy, but still bigger than Mystery Man’s. She continued to bounce on Chubby’s enormous cock, while starting to stroke both the other guys’. Chubby’s hands suddenly came up around her and cupped her bouncing tits. He squeezed them hard, and Jenna moaned. Mystery Man clearly wanted more of her belly, because he reached down suddenly started rubbing the top of it, right below where his friend's hands were groping her tits.

She looked up and smiled naughtily at Mystery Man, while stroking both cocks simultaneously. Suddenly, she turned to Blondie and shoved his cock into her mouth. It’s size filled her cheeks, and she started bobbing her head with a moist blowjob. She heard Blondie let out multiple grunts, and he grabbed the back of her head. Jenna actually had to concentrate, to maintain bouncing on Chubby’s dick, stroking Mystery Man’s with one and, and to keep sucking on Blondie’s. But she was a pro, and she was doing an amazing job at multi-tasking.

Mystery Man continued to roam his hands around the upper part of her belly, but Jenna knew he wouldn’t make it down to the belly button, so she used her one free hand to start playing with the protruding nub. Full of cocks and ready to burst, Jenna hit a sexual high she had never felt before. She felt like a goddess, a queen of fucking. She heard Chubby moaning louder, so she began to bounce quicker on his dick. The force of her enormous belly bouncing was hard on her back, but the pleasure was greater than the pain. She continued to ride, quick, fast motions that sent her ass and tits jiggling. He was clearly getting close, and she wanted to milk the cum right out of his fat cock. She bounced and bounced, while maintaining her work on the other two guys as well as her own belly button.

She felt the cock inside her pussy suddenly pulse, and a hot, warm load blasted into her. The sluttiness of it all sent her almost instantly into a climax as well. She bounced harder and faster as Chubby continued to cum in her, and she began to cum as well. The liquids of both their ejaculation seeped out of her. She began to slow her bounce, as she felt Chubby’s cock start to go lifeless inside her. She stopped sucking on Blondie, and looked up to give him a huge, seductive smile.
“Help me up, boys,” She said to both of them.

They reached out their hands and helped pull her to her feet, off of Chubby’s cock. She turned around and saw that he looked exhausted.

“Up there, boys,” she said to Blondie and Mystery Man, pointing at the counter.

She slowly waddled over, and beckoned them to it. They each grabbed under her arms and hoisted her heavy body slowly up onto the counter. They set her down, and she scooted to the edge and spread her legs, her belly hanging low, almost touching the counter. She leaned back and made sure her pussy was in plain view.

“You’re next,” she said and nodded at Blondie.

He looked at Mystery Man, and then walked up, between her legs. He grabbed her hips, and slid his cock into her pussy.

“Mmmm!” Jenna moaned, as Blondie started to pump away while holding her hips tightly.

“Get over here, and rub this belly.” She said to Mystery Man with authority. He hustled over, not wasting any time.

“And make sure you treat this belly button right.” She said.

Mystery man stood next to her as she continued to get pounded. He started to rub her belly, in big circular motions. He then leaned down and started sucking on her belly button, while holding her belly with both hands. Jenna was loving all of it.

“Hey, Chubby, get over here and play with my tits some more,” Jenna said to the still dazed Chubby.

He looked at her and stumbled to his feet, walking to the other side of Jenna. He reached out his hands and started squeezing her tits.

As Blondie continued to pound while the others explored her body with their hands and tongues, Jenna once again felt like she was in Heaven.

Mystery man’s tongue circled her belly button over and over, and she wanted it to never end. But she suddenly felt Blondie's grip tighten, and he began to pump faster. Jenna knew what was coming. She felt a surge explode out of his cock, filling her up once again. She felt the hot, creaminess spread around her cervix, filling her up. As he came to and end, he loosed his grip on her hips, and ran his hands down her thighs. He started to back up, out of breath.

“Oh no, you’re not going anywhere.” Jenna said to him, and nodded her head towards the side with Mystery Man.

Mystery Man had stopped sucking her belly, but now stood next to her with a hand gently rubbing it.

She turned to him, “You’re up, superstar. You better fuck me like I’m your ginormous pregnant slut.”

He nodded quickly, and hustled up to her spread legs, her pussy dripping with the cum of his buddies. Clearly he didn’t care, because he grabbed Jenna’s beach ball belly with both hands and jammed his cock into her. The other two guys stood at either side, now both of them playing with her tits.

Mystery Man was giving it her all, and with the help of his friends, Jenna wasn’t completely disappointed this time. She gyrated her hips, helping his dick to hit all the good spots in her pussy. His hands roamed her massive dome belly, squeezing in some areas, rubbing, even little pokes.

“Yessss,” he moaned.

Jenna smiled. Now that she had been fully satisfied, she could feel happy at least that she was now making this guy’s dreams come true.

“Mmmmm, yeah daddy, fuck me till I pop!” She said in her sexy voice.

Mystery Man looked down at her, with an intensity in his eyes. It was that primal state that Jenna loved making men get to. He began to pinch and play with her belly button with one hand, while the other moved down to her clit and started circling.

“Oooh!” Jenna said with surprise, not guessing that he would have ever known to go there.

He continued to pound her, and Chubby and Blondie squeezed her tits, randomly intermixing it with sucking on her nipples at various times. Jenna placed her hands on each side of her belly, and held on to her dome. She laid back further and closed her eyes as she continued to get pounded, rubbed, and sucked. She felt another climax building, and started a low moan.

Mystery Man pumped and pumped, and soon he let off her clit and belly button to grab her belly with both hands.

“YESSS!” He yelled as he fucked the giant balloon.

Jenna took over duties on her clit, but she was already there. As she felt Mystery Man’s dick blast another round of cum into her, she also reached climax, and felt every nerve in her body fire at once. She had to bite down in order to not scream, but she did grab Chubby’s arm tight as her body quivered and quaked, finally coming to completion.

Mystery Man slowly pulled his defeated cock out of Jenna, and she laid there for another moment, her eyes rolling in her head.
She could have died and gone to Heaven right then.

But she picked her head up, and looked at the three guys who were now standing in front of her awkwardly, unsure of what to do.

“Thanks guys,” Jenna said with a huge, authentic smile.

They all nodded and smiled back.

“A little help?” she asked, and the three of them hurried over to her, and all together helped lower her off the counter to the ground.
“ You two can go,” she said to Chubby and Blondie with a wink.

They looked at Mystery Man, and he nodded at them slowly. They turned and hustled out the door, and closed the door behind them.
You have one last job, Mister,” Jenna said. “You have to help me get back in my uniform."

“Yeah, of course!” Mystery Man excitedly ran around the tower, picking up her bottoms and top, and hurried back over.

He leaned down and led each of her feet into the bottoms. Jenna looked down at him, peaking over her belly, and he looked up over the dome. He smiled, clearly enjoying the view. As he rose up with the bikini top, she turned around and let him put it on her himself. She adjusted her tits again, returning them to their squished resting place as he tied her string back.

She turned back around to face him, and smiled.

“Can I, like get your number?” he asked.

“That’s cute. But no.” Jenna said with a smirk. “But I’ll let you say goodbye to the belly, lover boy.”

He looked at her for a second, unsure of what to do, but she nodded downward at her belly. Jenna put her hands on her back, and pushed it out even further, taunting him.

Mystery Man leaned down in front of it, placed one hand at the top and one hand underneath on the downward slope towards her pussy. He kissed the belly lightly, next to the belly button. Then he kissed the other side. Then, he placed his mouth over it and flicked his tongue. Despite having been fucked intensely, Jenna still felt her pussy tingle with pleasure.

Mystery Man finished his long belly button suck, and slowly stood back up. He rubbed the belly one more time, trying to caress every inch before he left.
After a few moments, he finally let his hands drop. “Um. Thanks.” He said awkwardly.

Jenna leaned in and kissed him, long, hard, and with tongue. She imagined he didn’t mind the kiss, but she was sure his favorite part was her large, tight belly pushing right into his abs and upper crotch. She even felt a twitch as his limp cock seemed like it could have a second life. She ended the kiss, and reached down and squeezed it once, for good luck.

She waddled to the door and opened it, showing Mystery Man the way out. As he walked by she gave him one last wink.
He stumbled down the ramp, still in a daze, and then turned back and waved at Jenna. She gave a little cutesy wave back. She turned back into the tower, and grabbed the lifeguard flotation device. She stuck it under her arm, and waddled out the door. She stood proudly at the top of the tower ramp, looking like a truly perfect pregnant lifeguard.

People on the beach swam and played. Some turned and stared at the hugely gravid lifeguard. A large beachball suddenly rolled past the tower, a lady chasing it. I look like I swallowed a beachball at least that big, Jenna laughed to herself. She look down and patted her taut, stretched belly, then looked out again at the ocean.

Jenna smiled at her situation. She felt full, very full. Her belly was huge and tight with pregnancy, but the loads blasted in her from 3 random strangers had filled her up like a water balloon. She could feel it seeping out from her pussy, into her bathing suit. Jenna felt more satisfied than she had in months. She looked down again at her massive bump and began to rub the bare, tight skin.

Suddenly, she felt a strong pang of pain start from her groin, and spread up to her belly. Beneath her hand she felt her belly tighten, hard as a rock.
Jenna clenched her teeth and bent over with pain, wondering if this was real labor or just an early contraction. She held her rounded belly tight between both of her hands.

As the contraction started to lessen, Jenna stood up again, smiling to herself at the perfect circle of the situation. She was possibly starting labor, and it was in the same way she had got knocked up: without knowing exactly who it was that did it to her.

THE END.... or is it?

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