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The most beautiful pregnant woman i've ever seen by myself!
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The most beautiful pregnant woman i've ever seen by myself!
True story! Smile

When i walk in the streets outside, i like to look at girl's bellies ^^ Sometimes, you could see their skin under their tshirts or their tank tops, you could see their flat shape or a little fat appearing (not too much! ^^)

And sometimes, you could see pregnant bellies! Some round and big, some little and curvy, etc...

Today, i saw the most beautiful one! This woman was walking in the street with her boyfriend/husband who was pushing a pram with a baby inside.

The woman had long brown hair, she was almost 30 y/o. She was wearing sunglasses, and was wearing a beautiful purple tube dress! First, i only saw her far from me. Then, i walked in the same direction on the other side of the street. I was looking at her back, she wasn't waddling a lot, her hips weren't too wide, but her rear was so perfect! And then, i saw her belly! So round! so large! She was thin, but her belly!!! Or she was full term pregnant, or she was expecting twins! It was really well visible through the fabric of her dress! I didn't saw her bellybutton through it. I only focused on that, so i couldn't tell you anything about her breasts ^^

I didn't took pictures, i don't like to do it, but, wow, what a view i had! it was the most beautiful pregnant woman i've never seen before!

(Sorry for my english ^^)
July 13, 2018 5:23 pm
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