The Hotel Secret
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Firstly, please accept my apologies for an extended absence from the Stories section here. If you’re a regular of my posts, you will have seen that I have explained a few times that in recent months that my health hasn’t been brilliant since the turn of the year. I’ve had a few long-term medical conditions all flare up at once (literally), including an admission to hospital for a couple of days back in March, which has really taken a lot of energy out of me. I won’t go over the finer detail, but lets just say that obviously my main focus has been on this rather than stories as I’m sure you’d understand!

Whilst I’m still not 100%, I’m determined to try to at least get one story out during the summer! Since the back end of last year since my last posted story, I’ve had several ideas. All of which sat dormant for months in various early draft stages and as I simply didn’t have the drive/energy to complete them, I’ve felt no choice but to scrap them all and start again from scratch when I’ve felt a little more up to the task. Some of these ideas may surface again in the future. Some may not. We’ll just have to take it from here and see.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my next story as below. I just hope my standards haven’t slipped since my absence from the writing scene. I’ll let you be the judge of that! Please be warned that there are sexual scenes in this story, but I have tried to keep them reasonably simple and tasteful as possible. This story is likely to be over three, maybe four parts as it looking like it’s going to be one of my larger ones. It isn't yet complete (most of mine usually are by the time I post the first part), so please bear with me. I will try my hardest to get this all done within the next few weeks - certainly by the end of the month.

So, here we go:

The Hotel Secret

Marriage on the rocks

Things were noisy in the Ellyson household. Unfortunately, this was becoming a regular occurrence these days. It was becoming so regular that the neighbour had started taking notes on a scrap of paper to report them to the local council for ‘noise nuicence’ issues. The Ellysons weren’t concerned for their neighbours. Not because they were inconsiderate people by any means. They were actually quite the opposite. It was the fact that they were going through a very difficult period in their lives.

Andy and Clara Ellyson, aged 36 and 35 respectively, were a married couple and had been married for the past seven years. They were dating for more than three years prior to that, so they’d known each other for more than a decade. They’d experienced a lot together in their first few years of marriage. Various sorts of active holidays, bought a house together, they’d met lots of people and had a wide social circle of friends. In terms of employment, Andy worked at a local bank and Clara had worked herself up the ladder at a sea-front hotel about 10 miles away. She’d worked there since she was 18 and took over as being the manager a little over a year ago. Both were earning good money.

The couple had no children and whilst Andy wasn’t in any particular rush, still enjoying their time together as a couple, Clara was starting to get a little broody. The couple had been married for seven years and there were still no sign of any children from it. An unusual situation. Near enough all of her female friends had now had children and aged 35, she knew she wasn’t getting any younger and really did want at least one child before she turned 40. Understandably, her natural body clock was ticking and it would become more difficult to conceive the older she got. Clara had discussed this with Andy on a few occasions and he seemed to distance himself when it was mentioned. He seemed a little nervous and perhaps scared to discuss it. The truth is that he wasn’t ready to become a father yet. Unfortunately, this started to put strain upon the relationship.

So, why were things noisy in the Ellyson household? It wasn’t just the lack of children. Things hadn’t quite panned out in their marriage as the pair had hoped for over the last few years and it has started to take a considerable strain on their marriage. They were always shouting at one another and the discussion over having children was just the start of it all. Andy had missed out on a few promotion opportunities because he generally had a short tempter. He told things as they were and was perhaps a little too brutally honest with people. Clara was also finding herself working longer hours as her own promotions took place, so they were seeing less and less of one another. It got to the stage where the more menial things such as vacuuming the hallway or mowing the lawn turned into a twenty minute slanging match between the pair. It was always someone else’s turn, they were doing it ‘too loudly’ and silly things like that. Even puffing up the pillows on the sofa in the living room had once turned into an argument. It was getting to the stage that the very sight of one another was becoming unbearable.

There was a day when enough was enough. “I can’t cope with this any more...” Andy shouted, following on from yet another argument. With that said, he grabbed his leather jacket and headed out the front door, slamming it behind him.

It was safe to say that Clara’s marriage of seven years was effectively over.

Along come Peter

Clara was not only angry with the end of her marriage, but embarrassed also. Even with her decent income of being a hotel manager, she would struggle badly to afford to run the house all on her own. She had savings which meant she would be fine for a couple of months but after that, she would have to seriously cut back on even some basics such as food and drink. There really was only two realistic options for her. She either had to sell the house, paying Andy his share and find a much cheaper property in a worse area or alternatively, find another partner to move in with her. A daunting task. She certainly didn’t want to sell the house, forfeiting most of what she had worked so hard for.

This was the first time since her early twenties that she found herself single. How would she now find the dating scene with herself now in her mid thirties? It was an entirely different dating scene, where standards and expectations were notably higher. At least in her favour she had the benefit of having a steady, well paid job and had never had any children to complicate matters. These things alone should put her quite high on the list of any men of similar age looking for a lady. She was also very attractive for her age. Her skin was well tanned - almost olive in colour. She had wavy golden-blonde hair which was chest height. She always wore mascara, was 5’ 9” in height and whilst she wasn’t quite a genuine size ten any more, she could still just about squeeze into some size ten clothing. She was just about as close to perfect as a 35 year old lady could be.

Over the last month or so, Clara had been online looking at a few popular dating websites. She was becoming demoralised as it appeared her age was now just starting to go against her. The few men that dropped her messages didn’t appeal to her at all. On her surfing sessions, her attention occasionally was drawn to work. She noticed on a popular travel website that someone had been leaving polite and very comments about the hotel. Something that was getting quite a few positive reactions for by fellow travellers who had been or were going to the hotel themselves. He was someone who’d claimed to know the hotel in his childhood and was heading back there in a few weeks for the first time in some ten years. She subscribed to his comments as she was intrigued as to who this person was. He didn’t leave his real name, just a user name. “I’ve gotta’ meet this guy...” she said to herself. “I’ve worked there for over ten years, I wonder if I’d remember him if I saw him” she also wondered to herself. After a few days going through his comments, she started to reply, saying that she’ll look forward to meeting him to discuss the hotel and even sent him a private message to find out about his booking so she could arrange something special.

On the day of the mystery person’s arrival, Clara made sure the room that had been booked had been cleaned thoroughly and had even left a complimentary bottle of wine in there as a goodwill gesture. At around 2pm, two men walked up to reception and Clara’s assistant, Abbey, dealt with them. Upon booking them in and having already been told about what had been happening online, she noticed these two men were the people who were being booked into the specially prepared room. She introduced herself and asked the question as to who wrote the positive comments. The younger one of the two suddenly grinned and said it was him. He introduced himself. His name was Peter, or just ‘Pete’ as he preferred to shorten it to. He was there with his father for a few days visiting relatives in the area. “Stay here! The manager wants to see you!” Abbey said, also smiling. This was where Pete was introduced with Clara.

“Hi!” she said, shaking his hand and his father’s hand. After a few thank you comments from her, she got the key to the room and joked that they probably didn’t need showing where it was. She was right - Pete knew the room they were staying in and even described where it was, as if there was a map of the hotel still in his head. Clara was blown away by his politeness and his knowledge of the hotel. Everything he was coming up with was certainly true to Clara’s recollections from her earlier years at the hotel. Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember his face. After all, she’d seen thousands of people in the hotel over the last decade. Pete was generally a shy and modest man who was almost 30. Before he left for the stairway to head up to the room, Clara shouted across to him “When you’re settled in, please come back down to see me and we’ll have a proper chat!” Clara suggested. Pete agreed. Following this, Pete and his father headed up to their room.

Pete returned to the reception alone about twenty minutes later, where Clara was working behind the desk. There was no one else in the area needing attention, she was already looking at him, so he approached her. “So, I hear you know this hotel pretty well?” Clara asked. “Yeah, I used to come here on family holidays when I was a child. I have relatives in the area, you see. I used to stay here three, maybe four times a year” Pete replied. “So, what made you stop coming?” Clara enquired. “Well, it’s kind-of hard to explain really. I never used to be a fan of change and I know this place was sold and taken over by a local business guy about ten years back who then refurbished the place and changed some things that I used to like. Not only that, but five years ago I lost a relative who actually introduced me to the place so I...well...stayed away. At that time it just didn’t feel right coming in here, you know? As I said, I don’t really know what goes on in my head sometimes but I felt I just needed to stay away for a bit” Pete explained. “I see...It’s okay, I understand. As long as you’re happy to be back we’re more than happy in having one of our old regular guests return, so welcome back!” Clara laughed, with a sweet smile on her face.

The next few days went by and Clara got to know Pete better. She was sad when he had to leave as they got on very well indeed. Over the last few nights, she had joined him for a few late drinks after her shift had finished and it was clear that there was something more there than her simply attending to a regular guest. On the morning of his departure whilst Pete’s dad was loading up the car with their belongings out in the car park, Clara called Pete across. She was starting to fall for him and by now had found out Pete was single himself, although being a shy person, would never say anything of a possible relationship nature. She had to act and act quickly. “When are you up here again?” she asked. “It’s funny you should say that, I’m back up here in just over a week’s time” Pete replied. “Oh great...! I don’t see a booking for you though?” Clara replied. “Ah yes... I hate to say this but as I’m travelling alone this time, I’ve just booked myself in at that cheap place on the dual carriageway. This was more of a special occasion than anything” he replied. Clara just smiled and jokingly looked at him in faux-horror. “Well, we won’t be having that. We have several spare rooms then - let me book you in now...”. Clara replied, returning behind the reception desk to the computer. “But I can’t afford it!” Pete replied. “Who said anything about it being chargeable?!” she grinned. Pete smiled in return, saying “Seriously?!”. Clara just nodded and handed over the printed confirmation. They kissed each other on the cheek and bid each other farewell.

Back in business

Over the course of the next week, Pete knew that Clara must have started to like him more than just a guest. She had found him on Facebook. She’d also found his Twitter account. She had also sent him several text messages on his mobile phone. These social media messages were turning more personal. For the first time in a long time, Pete genuinely thought there may have been a chance for him and was beginning to think could this increasingly close friendship develop into...well...something maybe a little more intimate. He had learnt of Clara’s marriage breakdown and whilst he felt sorry for her, he thought that perhaps this was his chance. He thought he was just living in hope even if he could ‘strike whilst the iron was hot’, given his general luck over the years had been abysmal. Could there be something there? Pete simply didn’t know, but was looking forward to find out if there was, or as what usually was the case - it was all in his head.

Pete arrived back at the hotel as planned and Abbey was quick to call out Clara from her office to book him in. “Welcome back!” she said, giving him a quick hug. Pete blushed slightly as he hadn’t had that sort of close contact with a female for a long time, but managed to cover it well. There was obviously something more to this than just a simple hotel stay. He could feel it and now here was there alone without his father, it was his opportunity to act.

Pete obviously was up there for a reason and went about his business over the next day or so, chatting up Clara as he walked by reception. His confidence was slowly growing and he started to keep on catching Clara alone around the place, where they’d joke, make lots of eye contact and occasional body contact such as hands on shoulders, pats on the back and Clara even went as far as putting her arm around his waist. He was really liking the way things were going and Clara was also liking the company of another man.

On Pete’s final evening at the hotel, he headed up to his room for the final time. Clara wasn’t behind reception for some reason and this upset him. He wanted to offer her a drink and a chat in the bar when she’d finished and still being a shy person, was too scared to ask Mandy and Abbey - her reception staff, where she was. He wished them a good evening and headed off up to his room, giving up thinking he’d wasted yet another opportunity. He simply didn’t know what the final buttons were in order to push women just that one stage further in terms of getting closer - intimacy.

At about 10:45pm when Pete was settling down watching some TV, there was a knock at the door. He wondered who on earth it could be at that time. He certainly wasn’t expecting anyone and he knew by then the hotel’s night staff were already on duty, where porters kept a close eye on the entrance to the hotel. “It could only be one person...” he thought. He walked over to the door and looked through the shielded peephole. It was none other than Clara.


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A manager's special

Pete opened the door. Clara just grinned at him and there was an awkward pause. “Well...aren’t you going to invite me in?!” she said, before slowly pushing him backwards into the room. “Sorry, yes!” Pete laughed, as Clara had her hands on his chest. She helped the soft-close mechanism of the door with her heel, making it close more quickly. “So, what do I owe this pleasure...?!” Pete laughed, although inside he was nervous. He suspected this was his chance... “I think you know why...” Clara replied, with a dirty smile on her face. He then knew this was his opportunity. A hotel room, one attractive lady now obviously pushing herself onto him and no one around to notice what they could now potentially get up to. Pete guided her slowly over to the bottom of the bed, where they both sat side by side.

Pete was very nervous almost to the point of choking. His shyness was starting to come through and he was frustrated with himself that he could hardly speak. He thought he was going to inadvertently ruin his big opportunity. Fortunately for him, Clara could see through his shyness. She thought he was cute. “You like me...don’t you?” she said, softly smiling at him, as she started to undo the top button on his shirt. He looked down at her hand as she undone the button to reveal a small portion of his upper chest before looking back to her, smiling and nodding. She proceeded to undo the whole of his shirt until his front was bare and the shirt just flopped down his sides.

“So, you’ve never a lady older than yourself before?” she asked. Pete by now had plucked up enough courage to speak, feeling more comfortable with what was happening. “No. I haven’t” he said, before considering his next comment. “If I have to be honest, well, I haven’t been that close to many women before” he added, smirking. Clara smiled dirtily at him as she got closer to him by leaning across. “Well, there’s a first for everything. I think you may be surprised” she whispered in his ear. Pete was up for this and he could feel an inevitable erection forming quickly in his pants. He attempted to hide this by moving his leg slightly over it, as if he was crossing his legs. “Has your shift finished?!” he nervously asked. Again unfortunately for Pete, he was never good at this sort of thing and felt embarrassed that he was so shy. “Oh yes... That’s why I came up here... I’m not due back until 7am, so, you’ve got me all night!” she said, pushing him down from the upright position on the bed into more of a leaning stance. At that point, she noticed the growing bulge in his trousers. “Hello!” she said rather loudly, as her eyes widened looking at what was clearly now a penis being notably restricted. “I think you need a little help with that...” she said, unbuttoning his trousers.

Pete couldn’t believe what was happening to him. How could he be this lucky to have not only a free hotel room, but also a very attractive and clearly horny woman with him, who was now happening to be undoing his trousers? He now felt comfortable enough to start undressing Clara. Her top was the first to go. As Pete raised it up to her breasts, she pulled it over her hair and flung it into the corner. Then Pete unbuttoned her pencil skirt - for the first time feeling her bare skin with his fingers in the process. This also ended up in the corner. Both Pete and Clara were now slouched on the bed wearing nothing but their underwear. Only one thing was going to happen next.

Age brings experience and Pete was in for the dirtiest sex he’d ever had. Her body was toned and her skin nicely tanned. The more he scanned her body, the harder his penis become. Pete was struggling to believe she was 35. Sure, she probably had put on a few pounds since her 20’s, but in no way did her body look over 30 to him. The skin around her midriff clearly shown that it had never been put though the pressures of pregnancy either. He was in for a slow-stripping exhibition of her underwear. She slowly removed her bra and placed it on the desk behind her. The only garment of clothing she now wore whilst standing there in front of me was her laced knickers. She raised her arms up and placed them behind her head. Her hair rested down on the top of her breasts and her natural hour-glass figure was notable. Pete couldn’t help but slowly remove them until Clara laid completely bare in front of him. Within moments, his own boxer-shorts were removed. Typically for Pete, he commented that he didn’t have any condoms. Clara just smiled at him. “They’ll be no need for that. Just...relax” she said.

Towards the end of their sexual encounter, she bounced up and down like someone ten years her junior. She had clearly been sexually frustrated for a long time. Someone who had been deprived of her natural sexual urges. “I’m about t...” Pete shouted “Ohh..keep going!” Clara said, as Pete couldn’t hold his urge any longer. He exploded his load deep inside her. He withdrew as quickly as he could, before Clara grabbed his penis and started rubbing it over her belly. The remnants of cum were very much deposited where she saw fit and smothered it over herself. As she stood up and swept her hair back, the dim table lights shown Pete’s rubbed-in cum making her belly and breasts shiny and sticky. She walked around with the product of his lust on display to him, with a smile on her face. “I’m gonna take a shower” she said.

The following morning, Clara had to dress quickly as their overnight session of passion meant she almost lay-in. After scrambling for her work clothes, coming her hair and telling Pete she’d see him down at reception to see him off, she darted out of the room. As she come down the stairs into the reception area, Mandy and Abbey were already behind the desk and looked at her rather confusingly. “You’re already here?!” they said. Without wanting to give the same away, she quickly had to think of an excuse why she was leaving the bedroom area of the hotel at that time in the morning. “Oh yeah...I got in early” Clara replied. Fortunately for her, they accepted her excuse.

An hour later, Pete come down, had his breakfast and went back to his room to collect his things. After a few final and slightly more personal farewells than last time, he left again saying he’d be back up again in another week’s time. Both Mandy and Gill looked at each other, not really knowing what was going on...

An interesting 'meeting'

The following week, Pete duly returned and over the course of that week, himself and Clara had exchanged various text messages and personal e-mail over where to go next with their long-distance relationship. He was now very much in love with her as he’d never, ever felt a sexual experience as intense as that before.

Upon his arrival, he went to his room whilst Clara looked on him from a distance from her internal windows in the back office. "I have a meeting, girls" she announced to Mandy and Gill, her reception staff. “Oh really? There was nothing in your diary. Have we forgotten something...?” Gill asked. “Umm, no. It was a last minute thing. I hadn’t had the chance to put it in the diary unfortunately. Sorry about that, I should have said. Yes, I have a few people upstairs in the conference room waiting for me. I’ll be about an hour or so. Just hold the fort and I’ll be back as quickly as I can!” she said, before heading out to the reception desk and for the stairway. “Do you need us to bring any refreshments?” Mandy asked. “ need, no” Clara replied, having to again think on her feet. With that said, she headed straight up the stairs, past the conference room and to Pete’s room at the far end of the corridor.

Indeed, she had a meeting alright. A meeting with Pete’s penis! Whilst Clara’s staff were busy downstairs, she was busy upstairs getting her belly and breasts coated with cum again, for the second time in as many weeks. This time, there was no such delay or uncertainty from Pete’s perspective. He was becoming more comfortable in being around Clara after the first occasion.

Unfortunately for Clara, her staff were beginning to get suspicious of what was happening on hotel grounds. Every time Pete would appear, she would find an excuse to disappear from her office or the reception. Given that Pete headed upstairs shortly before Clara made her excuses to leave and also head upstairs, it was clear to them that some form of intimacy was happening between them. Given that Clara hadn’t announced her break-up from Andy, they were very quick to assume that she was having an affair. “We’ve got to call Andy. We can’t let this go on and not say anything to him”, one of the staff members said. “Shouldn’t we speak to Clara first?” another replied.

“Stay here and watch the desk” Mandy said, as she headed for the stairwell. “Where are you going?” Gill asked. “Where do you think? The Conference Room. We need to know”, she said. Gill thought it was an invasion of personal space, especially given they were spying on their own boss, but their curiosity had certainly got the better of them. Upon arriving at the large, double doors to the conference room, Mandy stood outside for a second or two. She couldn’t hear anything. She slowly approached the doors and put her ear to the door. Still no sound. She shook her head and simply opened one of the doors without knocking first. As she suspected, the room was deserted and the lights were switched off. The only light was the natural daylight coming through the small glass dome in the middle. The large table in the centre with it’s dozen or so chairs sat there, prepared and polished, waiting for people. She didn’t want to head to Andy’s room as she knew exactly what was going on and didn’t want to overhear anything. She headed back downstairs and nodded to Gill. She immediately knew by then that Clara was seeing Pete.

Mandy and Gill were going to have a difficult time in proving Pete and Clara were having sexual relations on site whilst she was on duty, although it was true. Without evidence, there was nothing they could do and they didn’t want to face being fired. Neither Mandy or Gill knew how to approach Clara on this and certainly didn’t want to catch them in ‘the act’, but they did gently approach on Clara’s return to the office. Her face dropped when she discovered that Mandy had been to the conference room and found it abandoned. She had no other option but to confess not only what was going on with Pete, but what had happened to her husband, Andy. Was it merely payback for Andy or did she truly love Pete? She really didn’t know.

Either way, if the couple were going to continue on with their fantasies upstairs in future, of which more had been planned, then they were going to have to be more discreet about it...and certainly not whilst Clara was meant to be on duty.

One becomes two

Three weeks had passed by since Pete’s last visit and for him, he was about to get some news from Clara. Over the last week, she had been waiting for her period. It hadn’t come and given the two sessions of unprotected sex, she went out and bought a pregnancy test kit. It come back positive. Clara was pregnant with Pete’s child. What a mess of a situation. Clara had wanted children, but never, ever thought it would be like this. She didn’t even know where Pete stood when it come to children as the subject had never cropped up. Their relationship hadn’t got that far down the road yet to discuss such matters.

Upon Pete’s arrival, she acted as usual. Inside, she knew that this evening she would probably break to him the biggest news he had ever had and had no idea how he’d take it. Her shift went by very slowly, with each hour feeling more like two. She couldn’t wait to get upstairs not so much for an evening of passion, but for an evening of questions and trying to find answers and solutions to the testing times they were going to face ahead. At the end of her shift, she headed straight up the stairs with Mandy and Gill looking at each other thinking this was going to be just another sexual encounter between the pair.

Pete was indeed getting ready for another evening of passion but he knew within ten seconds or so of Clara’s arrival in his room that something was wrong. Clara asked him to sit down and in the back of his mind, he half suspected that his girlfriend was now either with child, or she was about to break off their relationship. He waited for her to break whatever news she had. “Look, there’s no other way to say this. I’m late... Really late. Pete, I’ve taken the test. I’m pregnant” she said. There was about a five second pause where there was total silence.

Pete struggled to find words and his eyes were as wide as saucepans as he looked down towards the carpet. It was clear he was in shock and Clara now suspected the worst for both her new relationship with Pete, but also the baby. “Wow...!” was the best he could come up with, before slowly looking up to her. He slowly nodded. “I’m sorry... I never planned fo...” Clara said before Pete interrupted. “No, no! I’m...well.... I’m actually thrilled!” he said. “Really...?! Can we really go along with this and make it work between us?” Clara said, with a happy, high pitch to her voice. Pete again nodded. “I think we can... Seriously. I’m willing to make this work if you’re happy about keeping the baby” Pete added. The pair hugged. “Have you told anyone yet?” he asked. “No. Not a soul. You’re the first person. I don’t want to tell them downstairs on reception yet... They know about us, you know. They know about the breakup too. Let that settle in with them first and I’ll probably tell them in a couple of months before, you know... I start showing” Clara explained.

Pete left the hotel with a spring in his step for a few reasons. Reasons that as of yet he hadn’t confessed to Clara. Firstly, he didn’t particularly like where he lived. He had dreamed about a move away from his home area for a number of years. With Clara now pregnant, this was his big opportunity. Secondly, as he had been quite a shy person over the years, he had seen many of his friends simply ‘overtake’ him when it come to life achievements of this nature - a partner, marriage, kids e.t.c. It seemed he had somehow ‘fastracked’ everything he’d seen his friends gain over him within a month. Thirdly and most importantly for Pete, he had a secret fetish. Something he’d kept to himself since he was a teenager and this was now his perfect opportunity to share it. He actually had a fetish for pregnant women. A fetish which had grown over the years to the point he spent a lot of his personal free time scanning the internet for pictures of them. He could perhaps finally live his dream of being intimate with a pregnant woman as her pregnancy progressed. He only hoped that Clara would accept his fetish and perhaps go along with it.

Whilst Clara was genuinely excited about becoming a mother, Pete was secretly even more excited. He knew he would reveal all to Clara, but was going to wait until the next occasion the pair met to allow him time of how to approach her on his fetish.

Their journey together was only just about to begin...

Starting to show

Clara was now just over three months pregnant and decided to announce it to her staff. Her usual clothes were starting to become a little tight and everything she wore still covered her well, she knew it would only be a matter of time, sooner rather than later, where her middle would start to attract attention. Over the phone with Pete she was becoming concerned. “I’m gonna’ have to announce this to my staff, Pete. They’re starting to look down at it when I’m talking to them. I can sense they’re talking behind my back too. I stopped two of them talking when I walked into the breakfast room only yesterday. I can’t hide this any longer” she said. Pete agreed it would be the best to tell them now, so following the phone call she called Mandy and Gill through to her office to break the news. The pair of them weren’t surprised and Clara could tell they were uncomfortable with the idea of Clara not only finding another relationship so soon after her marriage breakdown, but to also become pregnant almost immediately after also. They remained respectful of her news though and said they’d support her whilst she remained at work.

Pete was due another visit and after exchanging a few texts and e-mail, she knew that Clara’s belly was just starting to grow. This alone brought a tingle in his trousers and encouraged him to masturbate to the cause. He couldn’t wait to get back up to the hotel and meet her not only to see her progress, but to announce his fetish to her. He could only hope with every fibre of his body that she would understand and look upon it favourably.

On his next visit, he waited patiently in his room until Clara had finished her shift. She entered his room and true, there was no sign of any growth at all in the clothing she was wearing that he could make out. She was wearing a slightly baggier navy coloured top though, which gave him some reason to be optimistic about what was being hidden underneath. He sat her down on the bed and confessed his fetish to her. Clara was a little taken back at first and didn’t know how to react. As it sunk in though she started to smile. “Well, we’re going to have some fun with this over the coming months aren’t we?! I suppose you’ll be wanting to see more of me... Kinda’ ironic really. There’s going to be more of me to see as time goes by anyway eh?!” she giggled. Pete was relieved. After the initial shock of his pregnancy fetish sunk in, Clara appeared to be more than accommodating towards it as she was just about to demonstrate.

She then slowly stripped down to her bra and knickers and stood directly in front of Pete, who was still sitting at the end of the bed. His face was basically at her upper belly/lower chest height. It was clear to him that her midriff was looking rather chubby. Her belly looked slightly rounded as if she’d had a very large meal and was bloated. “None of my jeans are fitting me correctly any more. I’m having to undo the button and wear slightly baggier tops. If I don’t wear those, I’m wearing my bigger dresses which aren’t so tight” she explained. Other than that, everything else appeared more or less as Pete remembered her being on those passionate evenings.

Another few weeks had passed by since Pete’s last visit and Clara was now four months pregnant. Upon arrival the next time, Pete was in for a pleasant surprise. It was clear that Clara’s tummy was now just becoming noticeable through her existing clothing. In the room that evening she performed another striptease for him. Her once slim tummy now bulged out almost as far as her breasts. “Do you think I’ve grown?” She asked. “I don’t feel as though I’m that much different to be honest” she added. Obviously as Pete hadn’t seen her for the best part of three weeks, there was a small but noticeable difference and commented as such. He was invited to feel around her newly forming bump. Her skin was still lovely and supple. It felt warm and soft as his fingers slowly stroked over this new convexing surface. It felt surprisingly spongy and could be pressed in, before springing back out again. There wasn’t so much of a bump at the top of her stomach, but there clearly was a bulge from about half way down, before it curved back inwards down by her public bone. She knelt on the bed with her hands cradling this new bulk, whilst Pete fingered her innie, round belly button. “I’ve never been this...fat before” Clara commented. This turned him on greatly.


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Belly Button

It’s noticeable

Clara was now close to four and a half months pregnant, with her belly’s small bump slowly but surely beginning to round further out. In the evenings after work, she took off her top and looked down on herself. There was becoming a sight she never thought she’d see. Her breasts stuck forwards as they always had done since they formed, but there was something else there now, also. Below her breasts, her tummy now stuck out. Not just a small, puffy bulge. It was now no longer on level with her breasts, but it was now beginning to push out beyond them in a neat dome. Right at the front, which must have been an inch and a half or so further out than her her breasts was a shallow, darkened recess in the dome. As she leant a little more forward she seen what it was. It was her now stretching navel. The once circle shape it had was now becoming wider and slightly elliptical. She looked on in fear wondering how much bigger her belly would get. She never really expected her middle to start filling out as relatively ‘early’ as this. To her, having her belly out beyond her breasts was heavily pregnant. She wondered where the rest of the growing baby was going to fit.

She started to experiment with her pre pregnancy clothes a little more. To her surprise, within a matter of a few weeks, almost none of her trousers and skirts fitted her any more. They either had to remain slightly unzipped or unbuttoned to contain most of her bloated, rounding middle. She could stuck most of this in and even push in her bulge, but at the release of pressure, her belly filled straight back out again. Most of her tops were struggling to contain the additional circumference her middle had filled out to, with many forming horizontal straining lines in various places across her middle. Some tops were now too short and revealing a thin slither of her bare belly. Many were stretched skin tight to the point the shape of her belly button could be made out. Fortunately, most of her shirts were still okay for the time being, although a few of the buttons were now clearly beginning to strain.

Pete was impressed with her progress on his next visit to see her. There was certainly a few tingles in the trouser department when he caught a side-view of her in one of her t-shirts which clearly shown her belly now beginning to push into undeniably pregnant territory. She clearly hadn’t just packed on several pounds any more. Her stomach was rounded out neat enough to see she was now moderately pregnant.

She was now starting to back-off her sessions to the gym that she used to attend also. She didn’t want to cause any damage to the baby and several people were starting to look at her as if she was a bit daft. Clara didn’t blame them - why would a pregnant woman, who’s belly is clearly growing beyond her control and about to get considerably larger, want to try and keep it toned?! Not only that, but her general level of fitness was now decreasing as she started to gain a few pounds and her growing size meant she started to sweat more as she exercised and sweat sooner also. It wasn’t a particularly attractive look.

A surprise visit

Clara was now five months pregnant. One day in her spare, private time in the office behind reception, she’d use the computer to research more about pregnancy and how the baby would develop inside her. She lifted up her top to see her belly continuing to slowly swell further outwards. As she slumped slightly in the office chair, she could now fit her arms under the bump, as it jutted a few inches out from beyond her breasts. She looked down at her sides to see there was now a growing, neat curve there. Her skin was smooth and there were no ripples of fat to indicate she was simply fat. This was now a moderately big tummy and having pressed in the upper part to see her increasingly shallowing and slightly widening belly button, she immediately but her top back down.

This wasn’t any ordinary day though. Clara was about to receive a surprise visit on reception. Her reception staff, Mandy and Gill both rushed into the office, looking shocked and worried. Clara looked up at the pair from her desk. “...What’s up?” she said, looking concerned herself. “It’s....” Mandy said. Clara rolled her hand forward, suggesting that Mandy finished her sentence. “It’s Andy, Clara. Andy has just walked through the door”, Gill said. Clara’s eyes widened almost like a startled cat. “Oh no... I can’t see him... No. Not like this. He’ll go spare if he sees me pregnant. Ummm... Stall him. Just tell him I’m not here. Make something up. Anything. I don’t care what you say to him” she replied, leaning back on her seat, seeing he was now almost at the reception desk. “Your car is in your parking spot though. He wouldn’t have missed that...” Mandy said. Unfortunately it was too late. Andy, after waiting for a few seconds without any attention, made his way behind the reception desk and entered the office. “Umm... I’ll leave you to it...” Gill said, and both her and Mandy glumly headed out of the door closing it behind them, leaving Clara speechless. She sat bolt up and rolled her chair closer to the desk to hide her bump.

“What do you want? You know I don’t like being interrupted at work” she said rather ironically, given what she’d been doing with Pete. Andy approached slowly, grabbed the spare chair in the office and sat down. “I think we need to talk” he said calmly. “We have nothing to say to one another. It’s over. You walked out and I’m moving on, so stand up and leave” Clara said, pretending to look at paperwork on her desk, shuffling them around nervously. She just wanted him out of the office before he spotted her growing bump. “I was too hasty, Clara. Look, the truth is I’ve come here to apologise. “So, you walk out of my life and five months later, well near enough, you come here and want me to forget about everything?” she questioned. “I know it sounds ridiculous, but...” Andy went on to say before being interrupted. “Ridiculous? Do you know what situation you left me with when you walked out? How do you think I’d keep up with the mortgage payments? How embarrassing did you think it would be for me after explaining to everyone you’ve walked out? Just go. Please” Clara pleaded.

Andy stood up and slowly pushed the chair back to where it was before approaching Clara’s desk. As he was about to make his final plea, he approached close enough to see what Clara had been trying to hide. As he looked down, he noticed her belly. That certainly wasn’t just a few extra pounds she was carrying. It was rounding out more than that. He pointed... “You’re...You’re pregnant...” he said, crunching up his eyes looking stunned. The game was up for Clara. She didn’t know what to say but had to think quick. “I see you’ve really had a difficult time in these last few months then. You’ve basically shacked up with another man more or less immediately” he added. “Like I said. I’ve moved on and so should you” Clara said, standing up, pointing to her office door.

“Who’s the lucky guy then? Is it someone we know? Someone who works here?” Andy said, starting to raise his voice. “No. It’s no one neither of us knew. We just...’clicked’. It’s none of your business, so just leave” Clara asked, again, pointing to the door. “Who is he?” Andy demanded. At that point, Mandy and Gill had heard enough with the raised voices and entered the office. “Andy, I think you better calm down or leave” Mandy sternfully said. After a moment of awkward pause in which there was some huffing and puffing from Andy during the silence, he gave in. “This isn’t over Clara...” Andy shouted pointing to her, as he stormed out of her office and out of reception. Both Mandy and Gill comforted Clara following this, as it was clear this experience had upset her.

Wanting some time to herself and some fresh air, she left her staff on reception and headed out across the car park and over to the other side of the road, where she leaned against the concrete railings between the pavement’s edge and the grassy cliff which lead down onto the beach. She decided to call Pete and tell him exactly what happened. He sounded rather horrified that her ex seemed to be back in touch again, not just out of fear that he would lose Clara but for the fact that he was worried that Andy would remain nearby and perhaps begin to stalk him once he knew who he was. Clara assured him that nothing had changed in their relationship. She was over Andy. That wasn’t going to change and assured Pete that Andy’s bark was considerably worse than his bite.

Despite her relationship assurances over at least their short to medium term future, Pete decided to act. He wanted to move areas and move in with Clara. The company he worked for had a depot not too far from the hotel - thus his visits not only for family reasons, but also for business. He decided to hand in a transfer to that depot the following day.

New man about the house

Within days, Pete took some annual leave from work, headed up to the hotel and took her out for ice-cream. There was a place they knew about half a mile’s walk down the coast from the hotel. His phone went off. It was a text message. It was his boss confirming that his transfer had been accepted and he could relocate to the depot not far from the hotel within the next month. “Yes!” he said with delight, clenching a fist at the same time. “What’s that? Good news...?” Clara enquired. “It certainly is... I can’t wait to tell you!” he said. Clara glared at him and smiled, as if to suggest he shouldn’t have stopped there. “Oh sorry...! Well, after you called me about Andy, I decided to start the wheels in motion with regards to our future together. Look... I need to be closer to you. I think we both know that” he said, with Clara nodding. “Well, my company has accepted a transfer request that I gave to them shortly after we spoke. A transfer to the nearest depot here. They’ve accepted and I can relocate there next month!” he said. Clara smiled with delight. “That’s great news...!” she said. “The only thing is... I don’t know how to say this. I’m being really cheeky in asking but... I thought I’d ask if it was okay to... well... move in with you?” he suggested. Clara stopped and immediately hugged him, giggling with glee. It was obvious that the answer was ‘yes’.

As they walked along the sea front on the way back, she suggestively sucked on her lolly-ice. Pete couldn’t help but notice her swelling tummy that pressing out against her sky blue t-shirt. It was pulling the material tight against the outward curve that was now a good few inches out from beyond her breasts. Pete was both excited and nervous at the same time. He was excited at her growing pregnant form which was a huge turn-on for him, but was nervous that this could possibly not only ruin her figure after birth, after all she was no spring-chicken any more, but that she could also develop stretch marks as her belly would become increasingly swollen over the coming months.

Barely a fortnight passed and Pete was given the go-ahead to relocate. As he was merely moving depots and still working for the same company, there wasn’t much to sort in order for him to transfer to another location. His boss gave him ‘the nod’ to go sooner than he expected. He decided not to tell Clara so it would be a bit of a surprise for her when he turned up on her doorstep. Without hesitation that evening, he collected his work gear and left the depot for the final time. At home that evening, he packed what he could into his car advising his parents he would be back for the rest as and when he could. After a short period of sleep, he headed off to Clara’s house in the early hours of the morning and arrived just in time for breakfast.

He knocked on the door. Clara was surprised to see him there, with his car filled more or less to the roof with his belongings. “Wow! You’re moving in quick! I thought it was going to be at least another few weeks?!” she laughed. “Sorry... I was going to say, but I wanted it to be a surprise! I hope you don’t mind!” Pete replied. “Of course not. Get in!” Clara replied, throwing her arms around him. Whilst she was at the hotel working that day, Pete slowly emptied his car and moved in.

Six Months

The couple were now on a countdown to their new arrival. Clara was six months pregnant and it was time to sort the more practical things out before it was too late and before she got too large. Pete had given the house a mild-makeover and the spare box bedroom at the front of the property, set to be transformed into the baby’s nursery, was about half-finished. The cot hadn’t been bought as of yet and they were simply saving the last few pounds needed to purchase it. It was the same story with the carpet they had chosen.

Clara remained in work for the time being and felt she was fine to carry on full time. Mandy and Gill were beginning to learn how to do some of her more basic duties in order to cover for her whilst on maternity leave. The large company that owned the hotel had already arranged for a temporary manager to take over as and when the time had come.

As for Clara herself, well, her hormones were starting to run wild. She was craving certain foods and unlike some pregnant women, there was no let up as of yet when it come to the more intimate, bedroom activities with Pete. Naturally, Pete was not going to complain in the slightest!

One evening in their bedroom, she stood by the make-up table naked. She stood with her hands cupped underneath her increasingly swollen bump as if she was cradling or carrying it. The front of her belly must have been pushed two or three inches out beyond her breasts, now. She was now leaving the stages of moderate pregnancy and was now beginning to look heavily pregnant. She skin started to lose that initial suppleness and softness from earlier on in her pregnancy and for the first time began to look taut as it was now just beginning to stretch to fit her ever growing outward curve. As she looked down, her feet were beginning to disappear beneath the growing arc of now pulling skin. Unfortunately, all this continued to spell bad news for her belly button. Not only was it enduring growing pressures from within as her belly stuck further and further outwards causing it to shallow out further, but was now stretching wider thanks to her skin slowly pulling wider at the front.

Their adventures in the bedroom were becoming a little restrictive. Pete lay on the bed whilst she sat on top. No genitalia was now on display as her belly stuck far enough out to not only cover that, but out up to the lower half or so of Pete’s own belly. As he looked down and out beyond my own chest, all he saw was Clara’s rounded out belly wobbling tightly as her skin began to strain with the bulk. Her belly button stared straight back at him, much shallowed and now looking like a horizontal ellipse whilst sitting in this position.

Pete also couldn’t help but notice that his girlfriend was still trying to squeeze into some pre-pregnancy clothes for a laugh, but she had more or less lost the battle now. Most of her t-shirts no longer covered her middle. Even the larger ones were pulled tight against her belly and at least a good inch or so of bare, stretching skin on the lower half of her belly, as it curved inwards, was now on display. Around the house though, Clara didn’t seem to care that some of her belly was on display to him, knowing of his fetish. She’d even quickly raise such tops for a second or two in front of him and them lower them back down again for a laugh. Some of her pre-pregnancy button shirts were even more revealing. The lower two or three buttons would now no longer button up, so either side of her shirt simply hung lose. Not only was there slithers of bare skin on display around the bottom of her shirt as the material was now too short in places, but a thin triangular-shaped piece of bare belly, from her trouser line up to the bottom of her shallowing navel was on display at the front where the shirt was now open. He could see just by looking at this that her belly really was beginning to stretch. The space between the top of her crotch and her belly button was certainly larger than what it was before, thanks to the formation of the growing outward curvature. In these regular clothes, it was easy to see just how much her stomach had expanded - and there was still the best part of three months to go...


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Belly Button

Seven Months

Another month went by and Clara was still happily working away full time, although now it was starting to become a bit of a struggle with her additional and ever growing bump. During one day whilst Pete was off work, he decided to go and visit Clara after collecting a few things to finish the baby’s nursery. He entered reception, where she was sitting behind her desk in the manager’s room behind. She saw him enter through the internal window and signalled him to go through. So he duly went around the side of the unmanned reception desk and through the door to greet her. She wore a one-piece black cotton dress with a turquoise and cream leaf pattern. It was clearly a maternity dress of some sort and the first time he’d seen her in such clothing for work. On her swivel chair from behind her desk, she wheeled to the side. It was clear that she was now getting...big. The roundness of her large belly clearly made itself known, as the bulge pushed itself out and tight up against the material of the dress which was pulling notably taut already. From below her swelling breasts, her belly was really bulging and had now rounded out far enough to start resting outwards over the top third or so of her thighs.

Their adventures in the bedroom at home were becoming increasingly restrictive. Pete lay on the bed whilst she sat on top. No genitalia was now on display as her belly stuck far enough out to not only cover that, but out up to the lower half or so of Pete’s own belly. As he looked down and out beyond my own chest, all he saw was Clara’s rounded out belly wobbling tightly as her skin began to strain with the bulk which stretched outwards towards her forward facing thighs. Her belly button stared straight back at him, shallowed to the point of almost being flat and now looking like a horizontal ellipse.

Pete couldn’t help but worry for Clara. She had the best part of another two months of this pregnancy to go, yet already looked so large in his eyes. She was still carrying on as normal, as women are usually told to do whilst pregnant these days. She had a midwife’s appointment and was happy to go alone as Pete couldn’t get the time off work to be with her. She was given some news which he would find rather arousing. As the midwife examined her belly, she asked if Clara was taking anything for stretch marks as her skin was still remarkably clear of any sort of blemishes, despite feeling as if it was now tightening up. Clara shook her head, but she admitted it was something which had been worrying her given the fact that her belly was now pushing out close to four inches out from beyond her breasts. After all, there was only so much her belly would naturally expand before that possibility could become a reality. The midwife started whispering something in her ear that made them both giggle like school girls. “It’s free as well!” Clara giggled.

Upon arrival home after the appointment, Clara couldn’t wait to tell Pete some rather interesting news from the Midwife when she revealed what the pair was giggling about. “Did you know that you can actually produce the cream to rub on my belly!” she said, grinning. “Huh?!” Pete replied, looking confused as he wasn’t the quickest or most straightforward of thinkers. “Apparently...” Clara said, getting close to his ear “...cum works wonders”. Naturally, Pete was already feeling tingling in his nether regions. After another spell of intimacy, Clara lay flat on her back. Her rounded out tummy stretched clearly upwards from her frame. Even with gravity in it’s favour, it was clear it was getting fuller and fuller, with the baby taking up more space in order to keep Clara’s poor stomach stretched upwards in a neat, round dome. Large parts of her taut skin was liberally covered in thick cum. It glistened in the room light. Her near flat, round belly button almost vanished under the cum, as it ran in all directions from it - almost like an explosion or a fountain. It was a foggy, sticky mess. Pete couldn’t help but think about Clara’s husband. Less than eight months ago, he had a very attractive, well toned wife. Now his wife is in the hands of another man, naked, heavily pregnant and her belly coated in the same substance that has in effect piled many inches onto her waistline in a relatively short space of time.

Barely a week later, Clara returned from her usual light jog around the block earlier than usual. As you would have expected, she was exhausted. Her belly’s size was now simply too big and too bulky for her to continue her usual exercise, even though she’d toned it right down in recent months. She raised her strained pink cotton top to reveal her ever growing, rounded out belly. The increasing vastness of smooth, tight skin was all she focused on, as it was beginning to sink in that her efforts to stay in shape were in vain. It wasn’t just a moderate, sticking-out tummy any more. It was increasingly stretching further and further out into a very large, swollen belly indeed. It was now literally blowing outwards like a balloon and her navel had stretched all it could without popping. It was obvious that any time now, she’d be sporting an outie. She let out a little whimper as it was clear her stomach muscles were now no longer capable of reasonably holding in her growing baby. Her belly was now clearly heading further outwards at an increasing rate.

Eight months

Clara was now eight months pregnant and feeling positively lethargic. She was beginning to develop that all too common ‘waddle’ that she had somehow managed to avoid until this late stage in her pregnancy. From the back, she didn’t look overly pregnant. Only the tell-tale heavy footsteps and slightly swayed movements from her hips really gave it away.

She was now also going onto Maternity Leave. A party had been arranged by Mandy and Gill, her reception staff and the evening went well indeed. She was handed a small wicker hamper of some very handy baby accessories. Everyone who worked at the hotel had chipped in, so it certainly wasn’t any old cheap rubbish.

With her belly now being almost as large as it was going to be, her navel was now on verge of popping out. It was now a wrinkled circle stretched tightly on the surface of her ballooned belly. From an angle it was just starting to minutely jut forwards in areas but to all tense and purposes it was effectively nothing more than a wrinkled mark which was located right out at the outermost point. How it had reached this stage without popping was anyones guess, given it was quite common for ladies to go through this a few months earlier with smaller diameter bellies.

Clara and Pete stood naked in front of one another one night. Pete’s manhood was standing to attention. As Clara drew forward towards him, he felt the tip of his penis touch her huge outward swollen ball of a belly. It hit an inch or so below her navel. They both jumped a little in surprise before the pair both smirked and smiled. As she drew nearer to him, Pete’s penis was then pushed downwards along the smooth orb of stretched tight skin on the underside of her belly, leaving a line of pre-cum behind it’s path along it. Her belly was so large that the front of it bumped into Pete before his penis could even reach her crotch, even though he tried to lean his torso forwards to compensate. Infact, it barely made it more than half way along her belly’s underside.

It wasn’t long before she was 37 weeks along. She sat on the sofa wearing nothing but an old pair of strained cotton knickers. She slowly oiled her huge dome of a belly with more traditional stretch-mark prevention methods, desperately trying to get moisture and suppleness into her tightly stretched skin that bulged upwards and outwards ahead of her as she looked down. As he slowly rubbed the lotion in, the baby started to squirm inside of her womb. She winched in discomfort as legs and arms made themselves known though visible bulges, straightening of the bulge and ripples in the large dome stretched out ahead of her. “I feel like I’m gonna’ explode” she said to herself as the baby pushed her belly’s expanded sides and top even further out, tightening the skin almost to it’s limits. Her poor and already tortured belly button was also getting a workout as it was stretched tighter as the baby pushed the front of her belly out straight and squeezed as limbs inside seemed to ripple along either side of it. It even briefly popped out at a few brief points. The shininess of her skin was exaggerated by the movement of the baby and the sunlight streaming in through the window.

The final few weeks were a real stretch-out for Clara’s poor tummy as she went though the all-to-common ‘growth spurt’. The baby grew heavier in her poor distended stomach. Not only was her stretched tight skin having to cope with the rounded, swollen enormity, but now also increased weight as the baby began to drop. It had no more to give and her poor navel was now fully popped out thanks to the additional pressure and another extra inch or so around her already expanded waistline. Her belly grew firm to the point it felt like rock. There was almost no give at all for her poor belly. It remained fully stretched out to it’s limits. A few, tiny light whisps were forming from where her pubic hair was and ran a few inches up the underside of her belly. It was a case of give birth now or risk more noticeable stretch marks.

The end is nigh!

As Clara reached her due date and reached the nine month mark, you could now tell she was pregnant from behind. Whilst her rear-end still looked relatively pre-pregnancy, her belly’s sides were now beginning to bulge outwards to the sides slightly. So, not only did her belly’s sides have to go through the indignity of being stretched tightly forwards to accommodate the vast outward curve out at the front, but now that already taut skin was being pushed outwards to the sides, forming their own little curves. There was now literally no more room for growth in Clara’s tummy. It had been expanded outwards in every possible direction.

When Clara’s due day came and went, there was still no sign of the baby. “I just want it out of me now, Pete. It’s not just my size that’s bothering me, it’s the weight. I feel like I’m carrying a bowling ball around. I’ve felt really heavy in these last few weeks” she huffed, rubbing her huge dome of a belly as she slumped on the sofa.

Two days later and there was still no sign of the baby. Phoning ahead to the hospital, they agreed to take her in as if there was no sign of any action soon, they were going to have to induce her. So, Pete loaded the car with her maternity bag and they set off. Upon arrival at the hospital, it was a long walk from the car to the maternity ward. As she hadn’t gone into Labour yet, they couldn’t pull out outside the emergency entrance. Instead, they had to use the regular car park and walk the few hundred yards from there and into the hospital. It was a long walk for a woman who was now not only ready to drop, but two days overdue. Clara’s tight black top was skin tight over her hugely rounded out, distended belly. She walked slowly and gingerly along the corridor, each step was swaying her belly from left to right slightly. Pete couldn’t help but keep looking downwards towards his mature girlfriend’s enormous stomach. The front of it must have now been sticking out six inches beyond her breasts. From her back to the front of her belly must have been measuring a foot. The sides of her belly were stretched ridiculously tight. He knew from seeing her bare that her whole middle was now tight as a drum. From the front, there was a little lump to indicate to anyone who noticed that her belly button had popped out.

In the maternity ward, she patiently waited for labour to begin. Her belly was monitored with sensors almost around the clock. as it stretched right upwards almost like a small mountain, clear of her frame as she lay. Fortunately she didn’t have to wait much longer for the inevitable happened and she went into Labour. It lasted for more than ten hours before the baby was born naturally. During that time, her whole body was covered in sweat.

The happy couple were now proud parents to a baby boy and were allowed home from hospital the following day as all was well.

As for Clara’s former boyfriend, Andy? Who know... Since storming out of Clara’s office when he discovered she was pregnant, he was never seen or heard from again. She and Pete were free to get on with their lives together.


So there we have it - The Hotel Secret. I think it turned out pretty well considering it’s the first story that I’ve made public and posted since the end of last year. Obviously, I’ll let you be the judge of that and as usual, I will welcome back any feedback and constructive criticism.

Whilst typing this, I’ve had another idea which so far spreads out close to three pages on a Word document. I’m going to play around with it for a little while as it’s very early days and I want to see if it’s something I can work with and make at least half-decent. I wouldn’t expect anything soon... I also have another story project (away from here) which is well underway and will take priority first.

Apologies that this ran over past my ‘end of July’ deadline. That’s the first one I’ve ever missed, from memory. Unfortunately, something cropped up at the end of last month that I couldn’t get out of and I ended up being away from home for more than three days...! Understandably, this knocked everything else back.

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