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A lot of story from deviant are good.  Have order a few commission story.  This one is one of them  What would you think?

Adam’s Dream
Adam looked down at his phone. None of the other girls had responded to his text. Katsumi and Catherin, he knew they would rarely reach out and they were not the best communicators, Catherin especially. But Danielle and Taryn were usually ready for their regular meet ups to discuss all of the craziness that was going on in their lives through the past months, from the mystical pregnancies themselves to the surge of magical creatures appearing in the city, attacking strangers as they went after the Furies themselves. And Taryn was on her phone constantly so she had to have seen his messages.

But none of that bothered him as much as Caitlyn not responding to his text. They had been best friends for years and lately had become more than just friends. If anyone was going to reply to him or just reach out to him in the morning, it would be her. Also, they had been spending nights (and then mornings) together several times in the past weeks so if they didn't wake up in the same bed, either Adam or Caitlyn would text the other as soon as they got up.

For whatever reason, Adam was not hearing anything today. Still, he took it in stride. He knew he would see not just Caitlyn but the whole Furies crew in school. And see their incredible, full, round pregnant bellies. Caitlyn was his girlfriend now and he adored her, plus she had the advantage of having the biggest belly as she carried twins inside her womb from two different patron gods. But he still appreciated the other, round bellied girls and since Danielle got mixed up with Loki, she had a very proud, large belly with an extra demigod baby growing inside of her swollen stomach.

Adam smiled contentedly as he walked up to the school's front door and opened it up, excited to see their curvaceous, pregnant bodies once again. He paused in the doorway when he looked inside of the school building. He saw a pregnant belly alright but they were coming a lot sooner than he was anticipating. Every girls moving through the school had a large, full term pregnant belly sticking out of them, stretching the fabric on their clothes and making a firm round ball in front of them. Adam's eyes darted from student to student. He had just seen these girls yesterday and they were definitely not pregnant then. Or at least, they were not this pregnant! And it wasn't just a handful of the students or just the girls he knew had boyfriends or were sexually active. It was all of them! From the quiet and studious nerds, resting their stacks of books on top of their large, shelf like pregnant stomachs, to the pious prayer club girls who decried pre marital sex all while stroking their own bulging bellies straining their skirts and blouses, to the girls in the school's Queer Straight Alliance club, who had their belly button piercings sticking out as their bare pregnant stomachs peeked out through their shirts and pants, and Adam knew they didn't have boyfriends to get them pregnant.

He looked worried, feeling a cold sweat wash over him. Caitlyn's pregnancy appeared just as suddenly and mysteriously. Could all the girls here at the high school be pregnant with the gods' babies? He knew Caitlyn and the rest of the girls ended up this way because of an ill fated archeological trip but if the past few months taught him anything, it was that there were more mysterious and mystical forces at work in the universe than he could imagine. 

As Adam walked forward, he saw a blur in front of him and stopped himself abruptly. Two members of the girls' basketball team were waddling past Adam, their tracksuits barely able to contain their large pregnant stomachs, straining the zipper and pushing the fabric so tightly that Adam could see the full shape of their pregnant bellies and their popped out belly buttons pushing through it.

One of the basketball players snorted and rolled her eyes. "Watch where you're going," she said as she kept on waddling.

"With all the preggos he hangs out with, you would think he knows better," the other basketball player said with a laugh, one hand resting on top of her big round belly. As they waddled away, Adam just got even more confused. They were both acting like their pregnancies were completely natural. Come to think of it, as Adam looked around, none of the girls were being shy about their bellies. Everyone was waddling around like they had been pregnant for the past eight months and did not suddenly wake up with a swollen, ripe pregnant stomach. 

What was going on?

"Mr. Conners, please, you can not just stand in the hallway and take up space," said one of the school's teachers, Ms. Williams.

"Sorry, I just got a little spacey," Adam said, turning around to reply. Then, he stopped in place and his eyes went wide when he saw the teacher. Ms. Williams had a large pregnant belly filling out her tight gray sweater, making her body surge forward as she pushed her hips forward to accommodate for her full womb. She held one hand against the side of her expectant stomach as her equally swollen breasts rested on top of her pregnant belly, their shape and size as clear through the tight sweater fabric as her pregnant belly. She reminded him of the pregnant teacher he had as a young boy, and the first time he realized he had a thing for pregnant women.

Slowly, his eyes moved up from her huge, round pregnant belly, up past her heaving chest, and then to her face, one eyebrow raised as she looked back at him. "Especially when so many of our student body and staff are...dealing with mobility difficulties, we need to keep the foot traffic flowing. Please, make your way to your first period class, Adam."

"Right...sorry again..." Adam said, eyes still on Ms. Williams and her pregnant belly as he slowly walked away. Like the rest of the girls in the school, Ms. Williams was not pregnant yesterday, or at least she wasn't that pregnant. And she was acting like it was totally normal!

He made his way through the school, heading to the gym. His first period was physical education, which is where he knew he would see Caitlyn and her huge twin filled pregnant belly, struggling to fit into her gym shorts and tight white athletic t-shirt. He let out a sigh of relief, knowing he would see at least one familiar pregnant belly that he knew was supposed to be there, even if its origins were as strange and uninvited as all of these other pregnant classmates.

As Adam got farther down the hallway to the gym, he saw some more pregnant students pass by him, only they were much bigger than the others. They were close to the same full term twin size that Caitlyn and now Danielle had. His eyes went wider as he gawked at these other pregnant girls, their clothes unable to contain their expectant bodies. 

One of the girls frowned and crossed her arms against her chest. "Don't just stare at me, weirdo. Can't you do that with your girl?"

"Sorry," Adam said, turning his head back and picking up his pace. The door to a classroom swung open and out waddled another teacher, Mrs. Yim, with a pregnant belly the size of an overinflated beach ball. She was even bigger than Caitlyn and even as she struggled to waddle and maneuver with such an enormous pregnant middle, so big she had to crane her neck to see past it, Mrs. Yim did not seem like this was anything new.

"Excuse me," Mrs. Yim said with a smile, puffing out a deep exhale as she held both hands against her belly. "The babies are jumping up and down on my bladder."

"G-go ahead," Adam said, taking a big step out of the way as Mrs. Yim waddled past him as quickly as she could, making her way down the hall. He was really confused now and as he got closer to the gym, he saw more and more teachers and students with Mrs. Yim's belly size, and several who were even bigger.

Ducking his head, Adam moved more quickly, heading for the boys' locker room to go and change for gym class. At least in here, he did not have to worry about any of the strange sudden pregnancies he had been seeing around. He grabbed his shorts and shirt and he could hear his classmates whispering and chattering about the pregnancies at the school.

"C'mon, you're telling me it's not your baby? Still?" one boy whispered to his friend.

"No, I am telling you, she got pregnant and it was a total shock for me," he replied back. "It's not like we were really together, we were both with other people, but it's still a surprise. Especially when every other girl in school is pregnant too!"

"We all thought it was so stupid when they made those four girls wear the fake pregnant bellies to warn us against getting a girl knocked up in high school," his friend replied back, shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders. "I guess we should have listened."

Adam's face flushed as he closed up his locker. Clearly, everyone could see what was going on, not just him. Something very strange was at work here.

But Adam had no idea how weird it was until he went out to the gym and finally saw Caitlyn. She complained about how big she was before but now, she was absolutely colossal. Caitlyn moved and wobbled slowly, with a pregnant belly big enough to fit him, Taryn, Danielle, and the rest of the girls inside of her womb, and probably leave room to spare. Caitlyn's pale pregnant stomach stuck out about ten feet in front of her, and both of her arms stretched to their limits could only reach a small fraction of her overall belly surface area.

But like every other pregnant girl in school, this did not seem to bother Caitlyn at all. She smiled and waved her hand at Adam, grinning and hurrying over to him as quickly as her legs to carry her enormous maternal body. "Hey Adam," Caitlyn said, blushing as she came up to him. "How've you been? It feels like it's been a while since we had a...a night to ourselves, you know?"

"Yeah, I miss it," Adam said slowly, eyes wide as he looked Caitlyn's belly all over. He could make out the little bumps and stretches from fetal bodies moving inside of her but it was way more than the two she had in their originally. If the two of them had one of their usual nights together, how would Adam even be able to share the bed with her when her pregnant belly was this big? "Y'know, I tried to text you and the rest of the team this morning but I did not hear back from you."

Caitlyn just laughed. "Oh dude, my phone is so lost, there is no way I could have responded to that. I can barely even see the floor. Once I dropped my phone, it was gone until the babies come." She leaned over to try and whisper in his ear. "Maybe you can come by sometime soon and help me find it." Then she gave him a peck on the cheek and made his face burn and blush even more.

"Okay, Pyrmi, enough of that," the coach, Mr. Donaldson, said, clapping his hands together to gather up the class. Caitlyn smiled and winked at Adam as she tied her intensely white hair up in a ponytail. "Okay everyone, time for the usual class today. Remember, each period is going to be competing against each other at the end of the year so don't just look at this as playing games. Try and learn, get better." 

Adam raised one hand. "Get better at...what, Mr. Donaldson?"

The coach just scoffed and shook his head. "What, are you still half asleep, Conners? Gravidball! Now get to your side of the court. You're goalie, unless you forgot that too."

Adam, stunned, went to the end of the gym where a small net was set up and watched in shock as the coach threw a soccer ball up in the air and the pregnant students bounced it off of their bellies, using their hips and backs to move their pregnant stomachs around and control the ball and pass it around. The closer Adam had gotten to the gym, the bigger the pregnant bellies were and while none of the girls were as big as Caitlyn, they all put Mrs. Yim to shame with their wrecking ball sized swollen pregnant stomachs. The role of the boys in the class was only to grab the ball when it was dropped and toss it to a pregnant teammate, leaving them to all shuffle and waddle around, passing the ball from preggo to preggo, their big bellies pushing and rubbing and kneading together, which all got Adam very excited and flustered.

And no one was better at it than Caitlyn. Adam watched, in awe of his hugely pregnant girlfriend, using her colossal belly to bounce the ball up and down. She arched up her knees, to heave her huge belly up and hit the ball with a loud smack, and he watched her gorgeous face smile while her cute white hair bounced and bobbed around. Her pregnant stomach was enormous but she was swinging it around with ease, effortlessly bouncing the soccer ball on her firm, taut pregnant belly. Caitlyn, waddling and slow, still managed to weave past the other pregnant students before dropping it down and giving it a firm thrust against her popped out belly button, shooing the ball right past his head.

She smiled. "That's one point for us."

Another girl groaned. "C'mon coach, it can't be fair to have him guard Caitlyn!"

As the girls took a break to get water and rest their swollen ankles, Adam hurried up to Caitlyn. " you not notice something strange today?"

"Our lives have been strange for a while now," Caitlyn sighed, petting her enormous bare belly. "What do you mean?"

"I mean...I..." Adam stopped as he looked, fixated, at Caitlyn's pregnant belly. It looked even bigger than before, and it was massive when he first came into the gym. "Is your belly bigger? Does it feel heavier?"

Caitlyn huffed and put her hands on her hips. "Don't be mean," she pouted, as her pregnant stomach continued to swell and expand. Adam had to take a step back as she kept getting larger.

"No, I mean it! Look at it! It's huge!" Adam said, shouting so Caitlyn could hear him across the gym. In no time, she was filling up the entire court with her smooth, round, firm pregnant stomach.

"I'm the same as I always was!" Caitlyn said, resting both hands on top of her belly. "You said you were going to be my friend and stand by me through this pregnancy!"

"I want to!" Adam said, continuing to walk backwards until he felt his legs touch the wall. He gulped; Caitlyn's growing pregnant stomach had him pinned against the walls of the gym. "But...Caitlyn! What is going on?"

"You think my belly is too big now?" Caitlyn squeaked, lightly turning her hips. That shifted her enormous pregnant stomach and it knocked down the side walls of the gym, making Adam tremble. She took one step forward and her pregnant stomach knocked him down and pinned him to the floor. The entire gym was nothing but her pregnant belly, warm and tight but heavy and firm. "But I thought you liked my pregnant belly?"

"I do! I do like your pregnant belly," Adam grunted, feeling her stomach getting heavier and heavier on top of him. "But this is...this is something else?"

"You mean you don't like my pregnant body? You don't love my big pregnant belly?" Caitlyn whined, though he could not see her. All Adam could see was her creamy, smooth pregnant belly skin and the bulges from the flurry of fetal kicks inside of her womb.

"I do! I love your pregnant belly! Caitlyn, I absolutely love your pregnant belly!" Adam shouted at the top of his lungs, again and again as her belly got heavier and heavier on top of him, pressing him down more and more.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry!" Caitlyn yelped. Adam shook back and forth until he opened his eyes and saw that he wasn't being crushed by an impossibly huge pregnant belly. He was laying in Caitlyn's bed and her pregnant stomach was on top of his face. She was still big but not quite so big. "Sorry, I'm trying to roll over."

Adam moved his arms to guide her hips away and helped himself up, cuddling next to Caitlyn in bed. "It's okay. It's soft and warm. I kinda liked it."

"I heard," Caitlyn giggled, blushing. "You were...talking in your sleep. I think I just caught the last part." Adam realized it was all just a dream. He placed both hands on Caitlyn's belly and stroked it all over, measuring its size and weight. "Um...what are you doing?"

"Just...checking," Adam said with a sigh of relief. "Hey, you know Ms. Williams at our school? She isn't pregnant, is she?"

"Not since I last saw her," Caitlyn said, raising an eyebrow. "What, you were dreaming about Ms. Williams?"

"No! No, not like that. It was just a dream where I was in school were there was all so crazy," Adam said, shaking his head.

She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. "A nightmare?"

"No, not exactly," Adam said, smiling and kissing Caitlyn on the top of her head. "In fact, I would say it was a really happy dream."


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