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Stories of Pregnant Teachers/Family Members
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There was a teacher at my high school who was pretty popular, young (24 when I started there), petite blonde woman (maybe 5’ 2” and 110 lbs). About two months or so into my freshman year it got out that she was a pregnant, and even though I didn’t have her I got excited because she was often around the school and such.

Anyways, few months pass, she’s getting bigger, students talk about it, she’s pretty friendly and mentions it jokingly from time to time, good stuff. She gets pretty big, nothing unreal though, and goes on maternity leave in mid May to end the school year. Oh well, fun while it lasted.

Come back next year and she’s back to teaching. She normally taught junior classes so I still don’t have her but she runs a club I’m involved in and some other stuff so I’m around her. Turns out near the beginning of the school year she announces she’s pregnant AGAIN. Everyone was shocked. She must have conceived like six weeks after squirting out the last one. And this time she gets BIG. The first puppy must have stretched her out because by February she’s a big as she was full term with her last baby. Bring closer I get to hear her talking about her pregnancy and the baby and stuff, she’s having another girl, etc. I never get to feel her belly but one time she lifted her shirt for some of the girls and holy cow was she stretched out. She was pretty petite so her belly is taught, no give at all, and this pregnancy her belly button sticks right out like a real button, classic pregnancy button. Very hot. Anyways, she goes on maternity leave again in like April or something and doesn’t come back for the rest of the year.

Junior year rolls around and she’s back to teach again... and of fucking course she announces she’s pregnant AGAIN like right when the school year starts. Everyone is even more shocked this time. Like, her husband just couldn’t stay off of her! In the two years I’ve known her she’s pumped out a baby every year and is going for three. It’s starting to wear her out too, she’s noticeably a little heavier this time around (probably just didn’t have time to lose her baby weight from pregnancy number two, plus caring for two kids has to be tiring). I get to have her as my teacher and you can guess why I was in the front row the entire semester. It came out that she was having a boy and that it was definitely her last baby, but she’d been a little scatter brained and such and ultimately decided that she would end her teaching career to become a stay-at-home mom after the fall semester of my junior year. Bummer because I wouldn’t see her at her biggest and she was pretty cool, but I had my fun. The school had a going away party for her and when she gave me a hug her plump little few months belly pushed into me, pretty tame but definitely still a highlight.

Well, life goes on, other teachers get pregnant, whatever. I end up hearing my senior year that she was pregnant again, which honestly at this point wasn’t surprising. But then I later learned it was twins, and I heard other teachers talking about how big she was. Now I thought she was big in her second pregnancy and didn’t hear this talk, so I was getting real desperate to see her. Thank god, my senior year my school has a June going-away bash for all the seniors, and she attends. And HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. She was MASSIVE. Not only her belly, but her tits and ass and thighs had swelled up too. She went from being petite to having a total mom bod, except her mom bod was loaded down by yet another pregnancy. Like, I didn’t see how she could stand degree of massive. She had her three young kids in tow and her overloaded womb weighing her down and she just looked so damn worn out, which was honestly pretty hot I thought. I remember that she was wearing some mom jeans and a floppy lace black shirt that was so tight on her belly. And no poking out belly button this time, I think it had be stretched flat by how god damn big she was. The shirt was so tight the bottom of her belly was totally visible if you were even slightly below her (like sitting down near her), and it was just strained. I remember she had gotten a lot of stretch marks on the underside of her belly that she didn’t have before. My other teachers were not kidding when they talked about how massive she was. I ended up making small talk and congratulated her on the pregnancy, but sadly I was too timid to ask to feel at that point in my life.

She ended up delivering two weeks after that party and she missed the graduation ceremony because of it, but damn I will never forget how fine she looked. I haven’t talked to anyone about her since but I wouldn’t doubt if her husband shot at least one more kid into her between then and now. I definitely credit her with really kickstarting my fetish in a big way from beyond just big bellies; the way she just kept getting knocked up over and over, and just how burdened she seemed by having all those kids I found really strangely hot.

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(July 7, 2019, 9:10 pm)Barefootmamma Wrote: Resurrecting this, but I thought I’d add my memories and give my perspective as a woman, and a pregnant one at that.


Im 33 weeks, big with a baby in me and we fuck like bunnies.

Thank you for sharing! That was delightful. We don't hear from many women about their own intense sex drives. Would you mind a few nosy questions?

How old are you? Considering you started thinking about getting pregnant in third grade, you must have waited a long time to fulfill that desire.

Shirt stuffers probably have an idea how pregnant they want to get. Are you pleased with how big you're getting? Are you hoping for lots bigger?

There are no accidental pregnancies anymore. How did you find yourself 10 weeks pregnant and needing a boyfriend? Couldn't stand to wait anymore? Deceived (hope not)?

I envy your boyfriend. Did he have a special desire for pregnant women when you met? Does he have one now? Would you like him to make you pregnant again (and again and...)?

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My father's ex (not my mother) was pregnant when I was just starting to enter puberty. I hated her, and she mistreated me a lot, but she was a very beautiful woman, and I was enamored with her pregnancy. It was a very confusing time for me.

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