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Stories of Pregnant Teachers/Family Members
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There was a teacher at my high school who was pretty popular, young (24 when I started there), petite blonde woman (maybe 5’ 2” and 110 lbs). About two months or so into my freshman year it got out that she was a pregnant, and even though I didn’t have her I got excited because she was often around the school and such.

Anyways, few months pass, she’s getting bigger, students talk about it, she’s pretty friendly and mentions it jokingly from time to time, good stuff. She gets pretty big, nothing unreal though, and goes on maternity leave in mid May to end the school year. Oh well, fun while it lasted.

Come back next year and she’s back to teaching. She normally taught junior classes so I still don’t have her but she runs a club I’m involved in and some other stuff so I’m around her. Turns out near the beginning of the school year she announces she’s pregnant AGAIN. Everyone was shocked. She must have conceived like six weeks after squirting out the last one. And this time she gets BIG. The first puppy must have stretched her out because by February she’s a big as she was full term with her last baby. Bring closer I get to hear her talking about her pregnancy and the baby and stuff, she’s having another girl, etc. I never get to feel her belly but one time she lifted her shirt for some of the girls and holy cow was she stretched out. She was pretty petite so her belly is taught, no give at all, and this pregnancy her belly button sticks right out like a real button, classic pregnancy button. Very hot. Anyways, she goes on maternity leave again in like April or something and doesn’t come back for the rest of the year.

Junior year rolls around and she’s back to teach again... and of fucking course she announces she’s pregnant AGAIN like right when the school year starts. Everyone is even more shocked this time. Like, her husband just couldn’t stay off of her! In the two years I’ve known her she’s pumped out a baby every year and is going for three. It’s starting to wear her out too, she’s noticeably a little heavier this time around (probably just didn’t have time to lose her baby weight from pregnancy number two, plus caring for two kids has to be tiring). I get to have her as my teacher and you can guess why I was in the front row the entire semester. It came out that she was having a boy and that it was definitely her last baby, but she’d been a little scatter brained and such and ultimately decided that she would end her teaching career to become a stay-at-home mom after the fall semester of my junior year. Bummer because I wouldn’t see her at her biggest and she was pretty cool, but I had my fun. The school had a going away party for her and when she gave me a hug her plump little few months belly pushed into me, pretty tame but definitely still a highlight.

Well, life goes on, other teachers get pregnant, whatever. I end up hearing my senior year that she was pregnant again, which honestly at this point wasn’t surprising. But then I later learned it was twins, and I heard other teachers talking about how big she was. Now I thought she was big in her second pregnancy and didn’t hear this talk, so I was getting real desperate to see her. Thank god, my senior year my school has a June going-away bash for all the seniors, and she attends. And HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. She was MASSIVE. Not only her belly, but her tits and ass and thighs had swelled up too. She went from being petite to having a total mom bod, except her mom bod was loaded down by yet another pregnancy. Like, I didn’t see how she could stand degree of massive. She had her three young kids in tow and her overloaded womb weighing her down and she just looked so damn worn out, which was honestly pretty hot I thought. I remember that she was wearing some mom jeans and a floppy lace black shirt that was so tight on her belly. And no poking out belly button this time, I think it had be stretched flat by how god damn big she was. The shirt was so tight the bottom of her belly was totally visible if you were even slightly below her (like sitting down near her), and it was just strained. I remember she had gotten a lot of stretch marks on the underside of her belly that she didn’t have before. My other teachers were not kidding when they talked about how massive she was. I ended up making small talk and congratulated her on the pregnancy, but sadly I was too timid to ask to feel at that point in my life.

She ended up delivering two weeks after that party and she missed the graduation ceremony because of it, but damn I will never forget how fine she looked. I haven’t talked to anyone about her since but I wouldn’t doubt if her husband shot at least one more kid into her between then and now. I definitely credit her with really kickstarting my fetish in a big way from beyond just big bellies; the way she just kept getting knocked up over and over, and just how burdened she seemed by having all those kids I found really strangely hot.

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(July 7, 2019, 9:10 pm)Barefootmamma Wrote: Resurrecting this, but I thought I’d add my memories and give my perspective as a woman, and a pregnant one at that.


Im 33 weeks, big with a baby in me and we fuck like bunnies.

Thank you for sharing! That was delightful. We don't hear from many women about their own intense sex drives. Would you mind a few nosy questions?

How old are you? Considering you started thinking about getting pregnant in third grade, you must have waited a long time to fulfill that desire.

Shirt stuffers probably have an idea how pregnant they want to get. Are you pleased with how big you're getting? Are you hoping for lots bigger?

There are no accidental pregnancies anymore. How did you find yourself 10 weeks pregnant and needing a boyfriend? Couldn't stand to wait anymore? Deceived (hope not)?

I envy your boyfriend. Did he have a special desire for pregnant women when you met? Does he have one now? Would you like him to make you pregnant again (and again and...)?

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My father's ex (not my mother) was pregnant when I was just starting to enter puberty. I hated her, and she mistreated me a lot, but she was a very beautiful woman, and I was enamored with her pregnancy. It was a very confusing time for me.

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(August 20, 2019, 12:57 pm)preggome93 Wrote:
(July 13, 2019, 9:12 pm)preggome93 Wrote: I'm the oldest of 7 children and 5 of my six siblings were born before I was 10, the last when I was 15. To give some background I've always being attracted in some way to pregnancy, In P3(so age 6-7) my teacher was pregnant and i remember being attracted, not sexually attracted, just attracted, to her belly. That's the first time I remember being attracted to a pregnant woman and over the years i remember being attracted to random pregnant women I saw. Fast forward to age 11 when I started typing Naked women into Google. I was feeling curious and searched for naked pregnant women and when I saw them I loved it. I have two main subfetishes within the pregnancy fetish - pregnant petite blonde teens and pregnant mature bbw. My mother is quite large(fat) and was 40/41 during her last pregnancy so she fit right into my subfetish. When she started showing I started finding her sexier and sexier and I saw her naked and in her bra and found her absolutely massive belly and dark areolas on her tits that were so saggy that they rested on her belly so sexy. When she sat on the sofa with her top open on her belly feeling my sibling move I got so horny a few times that I left the room and even went into the bathroom to have a wank to it. I've never thought that she was nice looking other than her pregnant belly and tits. Even today, two and a half years after, I get hard if I think about it and masturbate to it.

Update: I found a few pics of her  the day before she gave birth to me and she looks so sexy in them. I've cummed to them so many times!

Can you share those with us?

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Resurrecting this thread a bit, I had a new experience with a professor and educational advisor of mine. She is currently in the second half of her pregnancy. She said she was 25 weeks along, but she is carrying on the larger size due to her small frame. Keeping that in mind, she is really starting to round out. I actually did not know she was pregnant since I had not visited her this semester since my advisors switched for me again for the fifth semester in a row now, which is quite irritating. Nonetheless, I have a close relationship with her since she helped me out a lot with deciding between taking a seminar to help prep for grad school or to have an internship. Both of those fulfill the same credit hours for my degree, so it is an either or.

Seeing her in the hallway, I said hey to her. I had no clue she was pregnant until she turned around to give me a hug since it had been such a long time since we had last seen each other. She must've been pregnant when she was still my advisor but I had no clue it seems. We exchanged greetings and I asked her advice but I had to get to class. She told me where her new office was and I went there in between a two and a half hour break I had. Walking in and closing the door, she was there patiently waiting for me and had been sitting back in her desk chair, which accentuated the shape of her belly to make it look rounder from my perspective.

We discussed my plans and possible options I could go through. Internship with a professional firm or the seminar that is based around a semester-long research project where I gather all the data and such myself then give a report and a presentation at the end of the semester. Since I plan on doing grad school right after graduation, I have picked the seminar route. Going through the motions of the advisement, I asked what had been new with her. Obviously, she mentioned her growing belly. She told me she was pregnant last I saw her but it was early enough that I could not tell, which matched up with my assumptions. So, we talked about how she and her husband were excited to welcome their son into the world next year. This was her fifth child, and she is well into her 30s. Late-30s. Curious, I asked whether this would be the final pregnancy for her. She replied with being on the fence. She said she'd be fine with five but she could be tempted to even it out at six. I also asked whether this was interfering with her work, but she said she wasn't teaching any courses this year or next year to compensate for her pregnancy.

Now the moment you all have been waiting for, I asked her if she wanted to go over my new schedule plan with her since I would be taking the seminar. It would change my hours up a bit. So, I brought my plan behind her desk and knelt down next to her so we could review it together. Since everything was in order, I was able to admire her belly from the side. Along with her curvy shape and above average breasts in size, I was quite enticed. Showing proper restraint, I didn't embarrass myself in front of her. However, she saw me look at her belly for a little bit when she rubbed it while looking over the papers. She then asked if I ever wanted kids in my life. I replied with a maybe and when I was ready to financially support them and the woman or women who have them. She also asked if I was planning on settling down with someone in the future. Due to my non-committal nature, I was honest and said not at this point but perhaps later. So, she asked me if I wanted to be able to feel her belly! Taken aghast by the sudden request, I was slow in replying. She noticed that and said she did not mind and loved the attention actually. So, she pulled up her shirt in front of me. Remember y'all, the door was closed and locked from the outside automatically when closed.

I replied with a yes if that was alright with her and nodded of course since she was the one who asked me. She let me put both of my hands on her belly, and I turned her with the chair to fully face me so that I got the chance to be mesmerized by her form. Feeling it, it was quite soft but a little hard in certain places near the underbelly region. She let me feel all over since she had known me for a long time and I developed a great friendship with her. Similar to the seventh grade teacher I mentioned, she let me give her a relatively long belly massage. This one was at least four minutes long or so. Maybe even close to ten! I honestly couldn't keep track of time in a situation like this. I was once again surprised with my restraint that I didn't try anything further than just giving her belly a much needed rub, which she appreciated tremendously. She told me she had been having a tough time with back pain this pregnancy and she took any chance she got to sit down and relax. After a long period of enjoying the privilege she gave me, I replied that I had to be off to the other end of campus to do some studying. But, I stayed a minute longer I think to give a real good rub all over her belly since she was letting me. At one point early-on, she looked completely relaxed and let her eyes shut while she first guided my hands to parts of her belly she wanted rubbed.

I exited the office and gave her one more hug accompanied by a gentle tap and a few more seconds of a rub on the side of her belly and worked to her back. I told I might come back to check up on her later in the semester, which I will be trying Monday, to see how she was doing. Once again, I seem to have been extremely lucky to know someone who was so open with me and allowed me to enjoy some rubs. i truly believe she loved the experience and there is a sort of reciprocal bond now. She helps me with my academics and I help her with her body positivity but not in a sexual matter. Seems like a win-win to me!

That's all that happened. I would go more in-depth about her looks, but I am in college still and am very close to her. Who knows if there is someone on here who happened to know her. Gotta respect privacy as much as we can, so no pics unfortunately. Hopefully my descriptions were vivid enough, she still had a big innie by the way lol.

Anyways, thanks for reading everyone!

Will update if anything else happens!

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Little bit of an update here:

I wasn’t able to see her yesterday due to an emergency I had with my personal life. I suspect it would’ve been a similar experience to the former anyhow. So, I’ll be on the look out again and see what else happens.

This could just be a general experience thread but I’ll leave that up to @Bellyfan27 if they would like to change the thread’s topic. Not too many professors that are on the younger side at my college, but I’ll keep an eye out. Got lucky with my academic advisor.

I do, however, have multiple stories of family members. Since they are extended family, I am a little more willing to share these encounters. Though I am still hesitant about posting them on the forum. I’d be more trusting through a PM with my family members in mind. I don’t want to give too much away to the creeps that lurk around the forum from time to time. Shoot me a PM if you wish to discuss them more. I’d be much more comfortable leaving that conversation in a private sphere.

Also, thanks for the feedback I’ve received about my posts! I appreciate all the constructive criticism I’ve received, and I’ve earned a fair few friends on this forum since I stopped lurking and started to post my experience with pregnant women. After this semester, I will be considering taking on commissions for writing since I do so much in my professional time that it has influenced a hobby once more that I’ve cherished for multiple years.

Let me know if you’d like to chat about anything or just want to give me some more feedback about my posts. Some are long and detailed, others are short and more concise because the experience was relatively short or not much happened. But anything is better than nothing.

Thanks for making me feel great about writing again! In addition, thank you for influencing my return to a hobby I had previously abandoned because of school and my personal life.


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Vaner (Edited)
@Avarics Your stories are amazing. Reminds me of one of my teachers who got pregnant three times in a row. Plus you write very well. Have you ever considered taking up writing?

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(December 3, 2019, 2:37 pm)Faust227 Wrote: @Avarics  Your stories are amazing. Reminds me of  one of my teachers who got pregnant three times in a row. Plus you write very well. Have you ever considered taking up writing?

Yeah. That’s basically what I said in my short update. Once this semester ends for me, I am going to try and see where my strengths are and what people would be interested in me writing about on the forum, in private, or for my own reasons. I’ve have years of fanfiction writing experience. Specifically, 6 years. However, I have really transformed due to my world-building experience in D&D.

So, I am considering writing as a spare-time hobby but nothing exactly career-wise. I will take commissions at some point in the next two weeks provided my schedule works out.

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Well I have a couple stories about my cousin and older half/sister. So, my cousin got preggo a few years ago and was so flaunty about I and proud so she would stick hey belly or allot and let me feel it and honestly, it was awesome!

My sister now, she was preggo a year or so ago and she got huuuge! (No pics, sadly.) But it was weird cuz, I mean, sure. She had a huuuge belly eventually and it was really round, but it was hard af! Really! It felt like abs or something, I figured it would be pudgy and soft cuz she was always bigger and kinda far. To the point she looked pregnant for years cuz she only gained belly weight.

Lastly, my cuz was preggo again a few months ago and she got REALLY HUGE!( I have pics posted). But she was a little insecure about it and didn't let me touch the belly much, let alone flaunt it like she used to.

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I have another two encounters to share one was when I was 15 and other happened just a couple of weeks and I’m 22 now. So the first encounter happened during summer break before I started high school. It was in the middle of August and I was babysitting my siblings, they ended up going next door to play with their friends. Now the family next door is also close friends to my family and the mother next door ended up getting pregnant and was due near the end of August so she was let’s say 38weeks pregnant during the encounter. Now I got to watch her over time, it was her forth and last child and she got huge with a torpedo belly. Now the encounter happened when I went outside to see how my siblings where doing, my backyard is fenced so I just yelled over the fence, the mother answered and said they where doing fine and that they just left to go to the park. She was outside about to start hanging laundry on her clothes line. Like I said she was 38weeks pregnant and you could the discomfort she was in and how hard it was for her to stand and hang the laundry so I asked if she wanted me to help her hang it. She was happy that I asked and said of course. So I hopped over the fence and started to help I told her to take a seat on the bench and I would hang the laundry so she did, she would pass me the laundry and I would hang it. When we finished I noticed that she started to rub her belly like crazy so I asked her if the baby was moving. She said and asked if I want to feel and said and she lifted up her tank top and let me feel her belly for a good amount of time. The next encounter happened three weeks ago some more friends of my parents who actually pretty young she is 25 and got pregnant with her second child, her and her boyfriend would over at least once a month during her pregnancy so each time her belly was bigger and bigger. In her 7 month her belly looked like the size of someone in there 9 month and she was only having one. The encounter happened when she was 37 weeks pregnant they came over because my dad was fixing her boyfriends plow truck, she was upstairs with my mom talking in the living and I was downstairs. My mom ended up going outside to see my dad and her boyfriend so I decided to go upstairs to get something drink so I could catch a glimpse of her belly. Let’s say her belly was massive it looked like she was 9 months pregnant with twins. I ended up saying hi to her and asked how she was doing. She said she was doing fine but could wait to get the baby out. I ended up going into the living room and sat down at the other end of the couch and ask her if she new what she was having. She said she was having another boy and that he was very active. I ended up asking if she mind if I felt her belly. She was wearing an open sweater with a tight light grey shirt, you could her belly button poking from it. She removed her sweater so just her tight light grey shirt was on and said sure so I moved closer and put my hand on her belly she guided it around so I could feel the kicks. I then gotten even braver and asked her if I could see the belly and she reached down and lifted up her shirt without hesitating she had some stretch but not a whole lot and then started to rub her belly some more it was very smooth and felt amazing this lasted for about 20 mins and went back downstairs before my mom came back inside.

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