Stepping Into Surrogacy (Mpreg, Surrogacy)
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“Why did I agree to do this?” I exclaimed, turning to the side and looking at my heavy and gravid body, filled to near bursting with three babies. Being a surrogate seemed like a compelling side job, working from home as I was. But I didn’t think I’d get a triple dose of babies. One would’ve been enough for my first trek into carrying little ones for people who couldn’t conceive, but the doctor was impressed at me having triplets as a first timer, thinking multiples might be my expertise in the future.

“Seemed like a great idea at first, but I’m almost regretting it: my back is killing me, I have to pee constantly and doctor thinks you guys might go overdue, scary as that sounds. I’ve already gained 60 pounds, you guys can’t grow much more,” My exclamation was just met with more kicking and punching from within, the babies not listening to my complaints

I felt so heavy, even with looking like a fertility goddess out of my fantasies. I’d even developed boobs that would disappear within a week or so with the treatments after I gave birth. It was more a physical imitation of the female body, the procedure allowing the otherwise male body to function like a female one for the purpose of carrying young.

The process drew my interest years ago and I never thought it’d be workable in my lifetime, but here I was, ready to pop soon with three babies, DD breasts over the shelf of my bump and feeling like I had to pee again, even though I’d already gone 10 minutes ago.

It was a chore to keep myself clothed at this stage, nothing really fitting me, which led to a conclusion of waddling myself around in just my underwear, only wearing the bra at this point, still not fully used to wearing female underwear yet.

My hands continued to wander over my stretched skin, the babies fairly calm so far as I sat on the bed, rubbing in the oil to stave off stretch marks, though things seemed pretty fair on that end, my massive mound pristine, shining with health.

The babies were developing well too, my due date not too far off as my body prepared itself, hips spreading slightly and baby growth stabilizing, not much room to grow left even with my bigger male womb

The lowest baby, one of three girls nesting in me, thumped on my bladder, forcing their mom-dad to push themselves off the bed to waddle back to the bathroom and quickly pee.

“You’re pretty active for still being in the womb. Hate to see how you’ll be once you’re born,” I commented as I rubbed the base of my swell, the baby kicking at my hand, her sisters following suit as I moved both hands to the top of my baby factory.

My belly gurgled, the trio in me clearly hungry as I moved my big self to the kitchen and fed us all. Fried chicken was a big craving, though not without its quirk of being drenched in caramel and mustard, the combination initially making me a bit queasy to even think about.

But the babies enjoyed it enough to make sport with my organs and kicked me hard enough sometimes I couldn’t help but break wind, being pregnant full of embarrassments like that.

After finishing my craving meal, I let everything settle, the babies taking up so much space I didn’t dare try moving until they let me digest things a bit

Eventually, I had to get up, not wanting to sit around for too long and let the babies weigh me down. I did a bit of prenatal exercise, trying to keep in relative shape, which explained how I wasn’t completely bedridden in spite of my belly sticking out almost 2 feet from my waist, though I was hoping things might be easier once one of the babies descended.

Immediately as I was thinking of this, the babies started tossing and turning in me, much more than usual as I waddled as quickly as I could to pose in the mirror.

My eyes widened as I saw my belly shift downward, the process unfolding before me, rather than happening when one was asleep like so many other surrogates had told me.

I decided to get out my camera and film for my personal diary, since I hadn’t done it today

“Looks like I finally dropped: one of my favorite parts of pregnancy, in spite of my bladder being squished. I look even more fertile in a way, so close to delivery and yet so full of life on the verge of birth. And I can actually breathe better than before, though three buns in the oven makes it hard even now,” I said with a laugh.

The babies were jostled slightly by my amusement though, so I moved myself closer to get some of their movements on camera, even though it was mostly ripples on the surface of my baby bump at this point more than the bulges from the beginning of the third trimester.

After all the excitement today, I wanted to just relax, running a bath for myself to soak in and take some of the pressure off my back, even if for only an hour or so at best.

Shuffling off my boxers and unhooking my bra, I instinctively blushed at my nude form, covering my breasts and crotch for modesty, almost posing for a magazine. This made me think to get a few pictures, awkwardly managing to keep everything hidden and yet giving off a sense of subdued sensuality as well

The bath was ready as I got my gravid self into the bath with a few grunts, the effort of carefully moving my swollen and fertile body around more than I realized sometimes as I let out a long sigh of relief.

“This makes it all worth it, you three,” I said, drumming my hands on my bump as it stuck out like an island from the water, the babies shifting around as best they could or just banging on the walls of their shrinking quarters, bumps appearing all over my belly.

I nearly nodded off with all the stress melting off my body in the bath, but I was starkly reminded of how pregnant I was when one of the babies kicked near my colon, making me audibly fart, the bubbles rising upwards as I was awoken by the suddenness of it.

“Guess that takes care of some of that gassy feeling I had. Let’s get to bed, though I’ll probably need to pee before that,”

It was a Herculean effort to pull myself out of the bath, though I’d gotten better at it in the third trimester with how often I tended to take a pregnant soak.

After drying off with two towels and getting on my bra, I decided to go bottomless, getting on a sleek nightgown, still blushing at the feeling of feminine clothes a bit, though it certainly helped with the nightly pee breaks and cooling my body off, generating heat so much I almost didn’t need a blanket sometimes.

I sat on the bed, doing my nightly ritual of rubbing in oil to keep my skin firm and avoiding stretchmarks. I still had some on my butt and boobs, but they were virtually unavoidable with how the procedure worked. But the womb and skin were stretchy by design, so the oil was more a way for me to bond with the little ones, even though I was already resolved to give them up.

“I’d say I can’t wait to give birth, but you guys make me so big and feeling fertile and sexy, that I wouldn’t mind going overdue, even if it means that much more aches and pains of being ready to pop with triplets,” My hands continued to run over my curves, even slightly groping my bust as I smirked

“Doubt I’ll get knocked up with three next time, but I’ll definitely miss this feeling until I strike gold again with lucky number 3,”

My oil properly applied, I lay on my side, the only comfortable position at this point, along with pillows to prop up my back and legs, the babies gently listing around in my womb as I continued to rub, savoring this feeling as much as I could, both of us drifting off to sleep


My wish to be overdue had been accepted, the babies quite comfortable as I was still very pregnant, 2 weeks past my due date and the doctor wanting me to try inducing today.

I’d kept myself in shape, though I didn’t exhaust myself, since I knew I’d need energy if I was going into labor any time now.

First thing was to do some prenatal stretching, light exercise at this point to relax the body. Squats, one of the most recommended ways to induce labor, was going to be in the afternoon, after some other solutions.

I got a good sweat with the calisthenics that followed, the babies rocked to relative calm for once, usually the opposite. I hoped that meant they were getting ready to come out, but only time would tell on that.

The foods recommended for inducing labor, such as pineapples and peppers, were only somewhat appetizing, though eating them one after the other certainly got my tummy rumbling, the babies occasionally lurching around as my body tried to digest it all, no contractions starting to my disappointment, just burps and farts with all the near indigestion I was getting, everything so squished in my fertile body

Next was a bath to relax things, mixing in some special spices and such to prepare the body more for labor, ease the pain in some way, etc.

I practiced my breathing as I sat in the bath, hands constantly at my bump, rubbing in circles, palpating to feel the general positions of the babies for the upcoming birth, and running through the checklist in my head for labor.

After heaving myself out of the bath and quickly drying off, I got into a robe, not wanting to get on clothes if I was just going to get nude for the water birth.

The last thing on my list before squats was a few scary movies, the shock possibly starting contractions and the like.

It felt a little silly to be sitting in a robe, over 9 months pregnant with triplets and expecting a jump scare to jumpstart labor, but here I was trying it. Other mpreg surrogates insisted this was a good thing for stubborn babies.

The first movie made me jump a few times, but nothing seemed to be happening, the babies pretty calm, though that had me worried, since they were usually pretty active when I watched TV and such. I gave my belly a few rubs as I waddled over to change the DVD, something much scarier than before.

This time around, I was scared a bit more and it was about halfway through when an especially sudden appearance of something frightening made me gasp and clutch my bump as I felt it tighten.

“Contraction? Or just a Braxton Hicks?” I thought out loud, the former becoming more common the bigger I got.

I waited a few minutes, a second tightening telling me this was the real thing. With a bit of rocking and the babies getting squished as I shifted my fertile body off the couch, I waddled quickly to get things ready, thinking some squats might push labor along a bit faster.

I went through one set, breathing out a contraction as I did so.

Starting a second set, I had to pause before I got into another squat, leaning against the nearby wall as I felt a release of pressure, a puddle building below me.

“Well, that’s the cork popped, looks like these babies are coming,” I said, moving to call the midwife, breathing through a few more contractions and then moving to get the tub set up even if I had to take breaks otherwise.

Hope I don’t have to give birth on my own for my first surrogacy…you guys could surprise me-I commented as I rubbed my already sweating belly and fanning it slightly with the heat I was generating through laboring only about 10 minutes so far.

“Maybe I’ll agree to do this again…” a chuckle escaping me in spite of the situation

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