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Rules (Requesting profiles will result in a ban)
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The rules of this forum are simple:

1. This section is for images only;

2. Photographs of teens should be posted in the "Pregnant Teens" section;

3. Nude photographs of individuals under the age of 18 are strictly prohibited;

4. Hardcore content is not permitted;

5. Linking directly to profiles is not allowed;

6. Lastly, please avoid posting links to other websites without including a few pictures from the gallery or archive that is being linked to.
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People sending messages to pregnant women has become a recurring problem. Some of these messages border on harassment and are disruptive to this forum and the girls themselves. Because of this, linking directly to profiles of pregnant women is prohibited*. This means it is not allowed to share URLs of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram profiles, to name a few sites. This restriction also extends to asking for links to profiles. Content must be uploaded directly to the forum or to a file hosting service ( for instance).

* This rule does NOT apply to webcam girls. This rule also does not apply to video content or YouTube profiles. In other words, you may continue linking directly to YouTube profiles and videos because it isn't possible to upload video content to Preggophila. It would be best to download YouTube content and then upload it to a file hosting service, but knowing how inconvenient this is I'm prepared to make an exception.

Violating this rule will result in a warning the first time, a 30 day suspension the second time, and a permanent ban the third time.

Most contributors are excellent about not linking to profiles so this shouldn't be an issue. Contributors who have linked directly to profiles in the past have made very valuable posts and this we all appreciate. This new rule is not intended to diminish your contributions or "scold" you. We value your discoveries, but the method by which you share your discoveries must change because of the actions of a few. This rule must be respected moving forward.

The main reasons for this restriction are as follows:

a) When a link to a pregnant profile is shared a small number of users feel compelled to send creepy and harassing messages. This has the effect of scaring girls into disabling or making their profiles private. Everyone loses access to amazing content when this happens. To my memory there have been at least three or four notable instances of this occurring. When you discover good content, post the content. If it's more convenient to upload the content to a file hosting service ( feel free to do so, but posting it here is obviously preferred.

b) It is an act of courtesy to not post profiles and respect the privacy of finds. These girls are not sharing photographs for the purpose of receiving crass or disturbing comments. I have received several complaints from women regarding this behaviour. We are extremely lucky that girls are sharing pictures of themselves, but let's remember that we are not the intended audience.

Feel free to comment on this rule or make suggestions.
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