Models & Performers
Rules (Models READ this before posting)
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This section is reserved for introductions by models and performers.

1. Create a thread, introduce yourself, post a few pictures and include at least one verification photograph (write "Preggophilia" on your belly or hold a sign -- the former will get you more attention). Be sure to include your age, how far along you are and your name (real or stage.)

2. After you've introduced yourself here, you can share photographs in the "General Pictures" section by creating a thread there too. Please remember that the pictures section is for pictures. You may link back to your introductory thread or remind people of offerings within a pictures thread, but all posts must be accompanied by plenty of pictures. If you don't have many pictures to share, that's fine, however that means your thread and all posts will remain here.

3. Please remember to keep all posts contained to an introduction thread and a pictures thread, if you choose to create one. 

4. Verification is important -- if proof of authenticity isn't posted within 72 hours, your thread and PMs will be disabled until this is resolved.

If you have questions or need clarification, please let me know here or by PM.

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