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Lithium Kat
I was hoping somebody might remember a very old story. I'm pretty sure the title was "Abdominal Hyperplasia" which was the fictional condition the girl had where water accumulates in her uterus when she's aroused. I remember her putting on a silk bra in the doctors office and panicking as her belly grew. There were 2 sequels that weren't quite as interesting with a machine she uses to compress her belly back down to normal.

It is very old and I don't remember if it was on BE Archive, sickstar's joint, or on belliusmaximus. I've tried rummaging around on webarchive but can't find it. Maybe it was on a different site that I don't remember the name of.

Abdominal Hyperplastia:
The Beginning
by Daniel-San

Tilden screamed out in pain as she felt her swollen belly constrict around the baby.
"You're doing good, Tilden, now PUSH!" yelled the doctor sitting between her splayed legs.
She strained against the stirrups and the advancing infant, which, before any of this happened, she had named Jacqueline after her grandmother.
Tilden screamed out in white hot pain as the baby seemed almost to split her in two!
Suddenly, the pain stopped and she looked over her swollen belly, at the doctor.
The doctor stood up and yelled, "We've got a breach!"
"Wha-?" She asked confused, feeling a dull ache on her crotch. There was chaos in the delivery room.
"Get her in the OR!" was yelled above the confusion.
Suddenly, she was out in the hall, and into another room.
"Tilden, your baby is breached, meaning it's backwards. We must perform a Cesarean Section to remove the baby!" said a masked face. She nodded. The masked face said, "Count backwards from ten."
She nodded and they put a plastic mask over her mouth and nose. She breathed in, smelling rotting walnuts as she counted.
"Ten, nine, eight..." she blacked out.
All around Tilden was mass confusion, as the doctors prepped her for the C-Section.
Her belly was swabbed with alcohol. As they began to cut her belly open, Tilden saw a light at the end of a long tunnel.
She was floating over the operating room, watching the doctors. She heard the heart monitor let out a shrill beeping sound. "We've got flatline! Try to get her back!" She heard mass confusion as they delivered the baby, who cried out.
And she heard the defibrillators going and trying to jolt her back to life.
After about 5 minutes of floating in the operating room, she heard the doctor say, "Let's call it...she's gone." And with that, she floated out of the operating room and towards the light.
***12 years later***

"No!" screamed Jacqueline! She grabbed the controller away from her step-brother, Davy.
Immediately, Davy stomped off out of the room, crying his whiny little head off.
"Mommy!!" screamed Davy as she looked back at the television screen.
She skillfully controlled the little caveman on the screen, riding the one-wheeled contraption, over humps and avoiding boulders.
Suddenly, she heard Davy crying softly out in the kitchen and her step-mother clomping out of the kitchen, towards Jacqueline's location.
Her step-mother bellowed "Jacqueline Tilden Cipriano!" She winced. When she was called by her last and middle name, she knew she was in trouble.
"Yes, mom?" She knew after getting slapped on the rear-end so many times, not to call her 'step-mom', 'step-mother', or her real name, 'Juliet'.
Whoever knew someone named Juliet could inflict so much wrath?
"Are you fighting with David again?" Davy's face had tears streaming down his face but he was smiling his head off.
Jacqueline glared at Davy, who hid behind Juliet's leg.
"Yes, mom...." she looked down at her controller; a black box with one red button and long black joystick handle.
"Jackie, what am I going to do with you?" Juliet sighed. "Let David have his turn at the games and you can play later." Jacqueline breathed a sigh of relief though not too heavy, as not to incur Juliet's wrath.
Juliet seemed in an awful good mood today, she wondered.
As soon as Juliet rounded the corner, back out into the kitchen and upstairs, Davy chuckled maniacally and shook the one-buttoned controller around. Davy stuck his tongue out and grinned hugely.
This angered Jacqueline and she stomped upstairs from the evil little brat.
In her room she leaned against the door feeling pain in her chest. She never noticed before that she had budding breasts!
They sat on her chest, poking her shirt out just a tad. She pushed them in, feeling pleasure.
That night, Juliet took her out to the store, though she didn't know why.
"Mom, why are we going to the ladies department?" she asked.
"I'm going to buy you your first training bra!" Juliet said as they rounded the corner, to see many bras hanging on racks.
You look like about... let's try a small." Juliet said examining the two lumps poking the "Strawberry Shortcake" shirt out a tad.
Juliet took the white garment off the rack and pushed Jacqueline towards a pair of swinging doors marked
"Fitting Room".
Jacqueline looked at Juliet as she handed her the bra, which reminded her of a butterfly with straps.
"Jackie, if you need any help I'm right outside the door."
And with that Jacqueline was left alone in front of a huge mirror, with her first "bra".
She pulled off her pink and white shirt and looked in the mirror.
Her chest looked normal and she couldn't figure out why she needed one of these things.
She shrugged and looked at the bra. It had clasps extending out of the bra's "wings". She looked confused and pressed the "wings" against her buds.
As she put her arms through the straps, felt the bra scrape against her nipples, sending a wave of pleasure through her chest.
She gasped as the straps laid against her shoulders.
"Jackie dear, are you all right in there? Need any help?"
In a shaky voice, "No, mom. I'm fine."
She reached back grasping at the clasps. As she pulled the straps tight behind her body she felt the "wings" press up against her buds sending more pleasure through her body.
Her tummy felt a little tight, but she shrugged it off.
She pushed the two clasps together, but couldn't get them to meet.
All the while the cotton of the bra-cups were scraping her nipples sending waves of pleasure and making her gasp lightly.
Suddenly, she heard a snap and the bra got tight. "I got it!" She whispered under her breath.
She looked at herself in the mirror. The white cloth seemed out of place but it fit.
Her stomach seemed to be a little fat. "Mom?" she called out. Juliet was in the fitting room right away.
"That bra is perfect on you." said Juliet.
"I dunno, mom. It makes me look fat." Jacqueline touched her belly.
"Well, you do look a bit swollen," commented Juliet. "Is it too tight?"
"No. It's not." Juliet adjusted the bra so it would look better and the scraping of the cloth sent another wave of pleasure through her chest and down to her stomach.
Her belly seemed even larger now.
Juliet looked at Jacqueline's belly. It did look like it was a little larger than before but figured that the bra was showing off Jacqueline's baby-fat.
Jacqueline looked at herself in the mirror. "Mom, I don't like this bra." Jacqueline's fingers went behind her back to undo the clasps.
She felt the bra's material rub her nipples as she did and she actually heard a gurgling sound in her stomach. It reminded her of her stomach growling but she had just eaten about an hour ago.
Her stomach felt even tighter now.
"Mom!" She exclaimed watching the skin press outwards, almost imperceptibly.
"What, dear?"
"Something's wrong with my tummy." She put her hands on her belly. It felt tight and swollen yet didn't look like it was any bigger.
"What do you mean?"
"I don't know. Whenever I feel good I feel funny and my stomach gets bigger." Jacqueline responded, pushing her swollen stomach inwards.
She heard sloshing in her stomach yet it could be her imagination.
"That's silly, Jackie." Juliet scoffed. "Now let's go find another bra, if you don't like this one. Put your shirt back on and meet me back at the rack."
Jacqueline nodded and Juliet walked out of the fitting room. Her fingers undid the clasp as soon as the door was closed and she heard a slight gurgling sound come out of her belly.
She took the bra off and pulled her "Strawberry Shortcake" shirt back on.
She pulled the front of the shirt over her belly and it felt a little tight as her belly seemed to push the shirt out and looked in the mirror.
"I look fat," she breathed and left the fitting room, bra in hand.
"Jackie! There you are!" Called Juliet from the racks. "This one is cute."
She said, holding up a silky looking bra with teddy bears on it, "I feel funny about putting bras on. Can we just buy that without my trying it on?" Jacqueline said nervously.
"Jackie, don't be silly. Just go in there and put it on." Jacqueline took the bra and clomped off to the fitting room.
Back in the room, she pulled off her shirt again and pressed the silky material against her buds.
This time, instead of the cotton scraping her nipples, it was soft and cool silk.
She gasped. This time, she heard a loud gurgling and she could actually -SEE- her belly press outwards!
"MOM!" she screamed.
Two seconds later, Juliet was in the fitting room, looking at the crying child. "Jackie! What is it?!" Jacqueline said nothing, but stood up, showing her belly.
Jacqueline sniffled, "My belly got bigger!"
"What are you talking about?"
Jacqueline picked up the bra, which she had thrown in the corner. "Watch."
Juliet watched as Jacqueline place the silken bra cups over her budding breasts.
Jacqueline turned to a profile and moved the cups over her nipples and even this time, Juliet heard the gurgling!
Juliet watched as Jacqueline's belly skin pushed outwards a little.
Jacqueline gasped and threw the bra into the corner. "Jackie, honey. We're going to the hospital!" Jacqueline nodded and put her shirt back on, her belly distorting the legs of "Strawberry Shortcake" just a tad.
Nearly ten seconds later, they were in the car, heading to the hospital.
Jacqueline sat in the passenger seat as Juliet drove. The car's tire hit a pothole on the way causing it to jump.
Jacqueline gasped, feeling her shirt excite her nipples. "Mommy! Hurry!" Jacqueline yelled, feeling her belly press outwards again.
"I'm going the fastest I can!" And with that, they rounded the corner and into the hospital.
One minute later, they were in the waiting room and Juliet's fingers flew over the sign-in sheet.
Juliet sat down beside Jacqueline.
Jacqueline touched one of her nipples and the front of the shirt distorted some more as her belly pushed further. "Stop that!" scolded Juliet in a hushed tone.
The triage nurse came around the corner, a few minutes later and looked at the sign-in sheet.
She looked at the sheet for a few seconds then, with a puzzled look on her face,
"Juliet Tyler York?" Juliet and Jacqueline stood up and walked to the nurse's office.
"Now, do we have a stomachache, Jackie?" asked the nurse, cooing to the child in the seat.
"Listen!" Juliet started off, heavily. "This child has something wrong with her stomach and I want her checked out RIGHT AWAY."
"I see, ma'am. What do you mean?" Asked the nurse briskly and professionally.
"Well, we were in the store today....." Juliet told the triage nurse about how Jacqueline had tried on bras and that she complained about feeling funny.
And about the last time when Juliet saw Jacqueline's belly press forth. All the time, the triage nurse was nodding up a storm.
"Okay, I see. Let's take a few tests, shall we?" Jacqueline nodded. "Give me your arm."
Jacqueline put her arm up and the nurse put the blood-pressure cuff around her arm.
"Now, this may hurt a little." The nurse almost purred.
Jacqueline nodded again and felt the cuff inflate around her arm. As the cuff got tighter and tighter, Jacqueline winced in pain feeling her arm throbbing.
After the usual tests they were instructed to wait outside in the second waiting room.
Jacqueline absently rubbed her belly which, if she was pregnant, would be around 4 months along as they sat down outside the doctor's doorway.
If she was wearing something a little looser than this shirt, her bulged belly wouldn't even be noticeable. But since the shirt she was wearing was a little tight on her to begin with, you could see the bulge.
To the outside person, Jacqueline was merely a chubby kid and not taken second notice to.
Inside the doctor's office, mumbling was going on. Jacqueline listened in.
"Yes, Ms. Moore... I'm truly sorry, there's nothing we can do...." Must be on the phone, Jacqueline thought. "I understand, Ms. Moore... Yes.....4 months. Okay, I'll see you here in one month. Okay.... see ya Ms. Moore."
10 seconds later, a female doctor emerged from the room. "Ooooohhhh-kay, Ms...." the doctor looked at the paper, "Sip-ree-anna?"
"Sip-ree-anne-no, actually," corrected Jacqueline.
"Right, okay, let's go in, shall we?" Juliet and Jacqueline stood up. The doctor looked at Juliet, "Are you family?"
"I'm Jacqueline's legal guardian."
"Okay, let's go into my office." The doctor, Juliet, and Jacqueline entered the office and the doctor shut the door. "Okay, it says here that you're having some trouble with your tummy?"
"Yes, ma'am," replied Jacqueline, courteously.
"Okay, would you tell me, Jacqueline, exactly what happened?" Juliet opened her mouth to speak but was hushed by the doctor's open hand.
"Yes. Okay, my mom...."
"Step-mother?" asked the doctor.
Jacqueline nodded and continued. Juliet squirmed in the chair. "My mom took me to K-Mart to try on some training bras. Anyway, I got...sort of....a funny feeling in my...." Jacqueline looked away and pointed at her chest.
"I understand… go on," the doctor smiled.
"Well, after getting that....funny feeling.... from trying one on, my belly felt tight. I told mom about it but she thought it was nothing." Juliet nodded. "So, I took that bra off and tried another one on, that she picked
out. And.....*sniff....I saw my belly get bigger!" The doctor saw Jacqueline's eyes water. "So....* we are."
The doctor looked over at Juliet. They seemed to have a short, non-speaking conversation with their eyes and Juliet got up. "I'll be back, sweetie" and she kissed Jacqueline on the forehead.
Juliet walked out of the office and when the door clicked shut, the doctor instructed Jacqueline to take her shirt off.
Juliet looked a little embarrassed, but complied. The doctor put a cloth measuring tape around Jacqueline's stomach and measured out 24".
"Now, I want you to do the same thing you did in the fitting room." The doctor pulled out a training bra from a cabinet drawer and handed it to Jacqueline.
Jacqueline nodded and silently grabbed the bra. The doctor watched as the girl pushed the bra-cups against her breasts and something odd happened.
Jacqueline pressed the bra against her chest, exciting the nipples and the doctor watched as Jacqueline's belly pressed outwards.
Jacqueline looked down and saw her belly getting bigger and she threw the bra across the office and ran into the corner, crying and holding her now larger belly.
The doctor was dumbfounded. Jacqueline bawled her eyes out, bringing Juliet back in the room.
Juliet glared at the doctor and hurried over to the corner where Jacqueline sat, holding her now 5-month pregnant belly with tears streaming down her face.
The doctor choked out, "I....I’ll be right back." and the doctor left Juliet and Jacqueline alone in the office.
"Mommy....why is this happening to me?"
"I don't know, dear." Juliet responded, rocking Jacqueline back and forth. "I don't know."
Jacqueline settled down, just staring at her swollen belly.
A few minutes later, the doctor returned and whispered something in Juliet's ear and handed a slip of paper to her; smiled at Jacqueline and exited the door again.
"Mom? What'd she say?" queried Jacqueline.
"Jackie, she told me to send you to a specialist." Juliet showed Jacqueline the slip of paper that the doctor had handed her.
It read:
Dr. Ellen Dale, M.D. - Specialist
Abdominal Disorders
12 West Street
Bel-Air, MD 21014.

Over the next 4 weeks Jacqueline played video games, watched television, fought with her brother Davy; did the normal things she always did. She was getting used to having a belly of a 5-month pregnant woman.
They had to wait until the appointment which was 4 weeks since the hospital visit.
Juliet snored in her room as the sun peaked over the horizon when she was jolted out of bed by the clanging of the telephone.
Juliet got off the floor, which gravity had deposited her on and grabbed the telephone groggily.
She pressed the receiver against her ear. "Yeah?" she asked, rubbing her eyes with her free hand.
"Mrs. Juliet York?" said the female voice on the other end.
"This is Dr. Dale and I'm confirming an appointment for 2:00 pm. this afternoon."
"2:00 pm. ? It's been four weeks already?"
"Yes. I need you to come to my office and we can work on your daughter's stomach problem." Juliet looked at the business card, which was slightly torn and creased.
"Yes, thank you."
"See you then, Ms. York."
"See ya then." replied Juliet.
Juliet hung up the phone and clumped through the house, into Jacqueline's room. Jacqueline was lying on her back, sheet showing off the swollen belly. Juliet sighed and woke the little girl up.
Jacqueline entered the bathroom and stripped her clothes.
She entered the shower stall and turned on the water. She felt the water pelt her swollen belly and she began to soap up her hands.
She rubbed the bar of soap over her belly. It felt good! She rubbed the bar faster over her stomach. Suddenly she felt a tightness in her stomach and she watched it push out a tiny bit.
"Better stop that, I think", she said to herself. She grabbed the showerhead and began to rinse off the soap. She wondered what would happen if she put the showerhead into her mouth.
She brought the head to her mouth and closed it around the metal.
She felt the water fill her mouth, bulging her cheeks a little. It felt REALLY nice!
She drank the warm water in deeply. She felt the water course through her body and she watched with amazement as her belly pushed out further and further.
She drank on the showerhead like it was a source of life-force. Her belly pressed and bulged further and further outwards.
Suddenly, she felt her jaw lock and she tried to pull the showerhead out of her mouth but it wouldn't budge! She tried to scream but the water muffled it and she felt more and more water enter her!
Her belly was now about 9 months pregnant and STILL growing!
"MRM!" she tried to yell but the showerhead didn't provide enough volume and her belly pressed out further!
She struggled with the showerhead, feeling her stomach pulling her down.
She could feel both sides of the stall with her belly and her belly began pressing against it!
She felt her belly grow really tight and shiny.
Suddenly, there was this sound like a water balloon popping and she bolted upright in bed!
"Mom!!!" She screamed, her mouth now free of the showerhead!
She looked around and she was in her bed. Her stomach was still 5-months pregnant size and she was all right.
Juliet was at her side right away. "What's the matter, Jackie? Bad dream?"
"Yeah, I guess so."
"Jackie, I got the call today. We're going to see Dr. Dale in a few hours. Get ready and I'll have breakfast for you when you get out of the shower."
Jacqueline nodded and Juliet kissed her on her forehead.
Upon entering the shower, Jacqueline eyed the showerhead. She shook her head and grinned.
Meanwhile, Juliet heard the shower going and she began cooking a light breakfast of eggs and sausage.
She finished the cooking just as she heard the metallic squeaking signaling that Jacqueline was done.
Jacqueline exited the shower and dried off. She put on a nice bluish purple shirt and sweatpants.
Her stomach bulge was sort of visible, but it didn't look out of place.
A few hours later, they pulled into Dr. Ellen Dale's clinic.
In the waiting room there were people holding their stomachs. None of the patients thought a small girl with a 5 month pregnant belly was unusual.
As Jacqueline and Juliet sat, various magazines sat on the table untouched and gathered dust.
The minute hand slowly crept past the 12 on the clock, signaling 2 o'clock has past.
Jacqueline stood up, feeling her belly pressing against her dress and she picked up a magazine.
Jacqueline absentmindedly flipped through the uninteresting articles in the magazines.
Finally, at 2:15 pm. a nurse came out and looked at the clipboard.
"Mr. Chris McKay?" Called the nurse. Juliet grumbled and sat back as a man stood up and followed the nurse out of sight.
Deafening silence in the waiting room was driving Jacqueline up the walls.
The minute hand crept by half past 2, when finally the nurse came back out. "Juliet Tyler York?"
About time! Thought Jacqueline as they followed the nurse into Dr. Ellen Dale's office.
Dr. Dale was a plain looking woman, in white coat. "Hello there, Jackie."
"Umm, call me Jacqueline please, Dr. Dale" Jacqueline corrected. She eyed Juliet who was kind of fumbling with her fingers, standing beside the door.
"And please, call me Ellen."
Ellen whispered into Jacqueline's ear, "Would you like your step-mother to wait outside while I do my examination?"
Jacqueline nodded.
"Okay, Jacqueline," Ellen looked at the clipboard, "It says here that you have some problems with your tummy."
Juliet butted in, "Yes, I took her to this..."
"I'd like Jacqueline here, to tell me what happened. Please step outside for a minute?" Juliet huffed and exited the room.
When the door clicked closed, Ellen said, "Please tell me in your own words what happened."
"Well," Jacqueline exhaled. "My step-mom took me to K-Mart to buy me a training bra. When I put one on in the fitting room, I felt full and tight in my belly. I thought it was nothing and that the bra made me look fat.
So, my step-mom brought me another bra. When I tried that one on, I saw my belly get bigger."
"I see. Would you mind me checking your belly?" Ellen asked, kindly.
"S-sure," Jacqueline stammered and pulled up her shirt, exposing her rather swollen belly.
Ellen felt around the swollen stomach skin, feeling some resistance when she pushed in.
Jacqueline gasped, and breathed heavily. Ellen watched as Jacqueline's belly distended a little.
"Oh, my!" Exclaimed Ellen. Jacqueline's belly was now that of a six-month pregnant woman and beginning to round outwards.
Jacqueline sniffled.
"Okay, Jacqueline, please follow me."
Jacqueline put her shirt back on which had grown a little tighter. Jacqueline followed the woman, out the back door to the office and down a short hallway into a room labeled: MRI.
Juliet was on the doctor's heels.
"What does MRI stand for?" asked Jacqueline.
"Magnetic Resonance Imaging. I'm going to take a picture of the inside of your belly."
"Will it hurt?" Jacqueline asked, holding her swollen belly.
“Nope. You won't feel a thing." They entered the room and there was this huge machine with a circular cut out in the wall.
"Okay, please Jacqueline. Would you mind laying down on this bed?" A wide table-like protrusion slid out of the wall. Jacqueline nodded and complied.
She laid down on the cold but oddly comfortable bed, feeling new weight in her belly.
"Is there anything you'd like to listen to, while inside?"
"Inside?" Juliet asked.
"Yes. This bed will take Jacqueline into the machine and take pictures of her abdomen.
"I like new age stuff." said Jacqueline. "You know, like Yanni and all?"
Ellen grinned and gave her a set of headphones. "Now listen, Jacqueline. When you get into the machine,
I need you to stay absolutely still. You're going to be in there for a long time." Jacqueline nodded and put the headphones.
Jacqueline laid down and Ellen placed posts around Jacqueline's swollen belly, to hold it in place.
"Okay, you ready?" asked the doctor.
"Yes," and with that the bed began to slowly move her into the machine. Through the headphones, she heard the Yanni song, "Santorini" begin. The music comforted her, as the bed completed it's journey into the cylindrical hole in the wall.
The machine hummed and she watched it turn slowly. Music coursed through the headphones and she smiled, feeling drowsy.
After the song ended and a new song began but Jacqueline was asleep.
Jacqueline was running through a field. Sunlight poured down on the grass. A boy in a swimsuit ran past her, giggling. The boy called out a playful jeer to Jacqueline and she chased him.
Birds were singing and everything was happy and perfect.
Meanwhile, Dr. Ellen Dale watched as the MRI pictures came in. When they came in completely, she pushed a button and a 3-D image of Jacqueline's belly appeared.
"Hmm," said Ellen. "There seems to be a massive build up of fluid just outside her uterus."
"From what," asked Juliet.
"I'm not sure yet. I'm going to inject her with some pheromones, to see something. May I have your permission?" asked Ellen, kindly but firmly.
"Yes, by all means. I want to figure why this is happening to my step-daughter."
Back in Jacqueline's dream, she had just caught up to the boy who said, "Girls are stupider than the planet Jupiter!" She tackled the boy. The boy squirmed and hit her in the arm.
"Ow!" yelled Jacqueline! "Ooooh! You're gonna get it!" she chased the boy some more.
The pain actually had originated from the shot of pheromones given to her.
The boy ran behind a barn of some sort and Jacqueline was close behind. Jacqueline rounded the corner, and was suddenly in a huge city! How'd I get here, she wondered.
Dr. Ellen Dale and Juliet watched the 3-D image, as fluid seeped out of Jacqueline's uterus, ovaries, and Fallopian Tubes.
Jacqueline heard laughing and she turned around. The boy had a fire hose in his hand and shoved it into Jacqueline's mouth! She felt the water splash down her throat, painfully pushing her stomach out.
Inside the MRI machine, Jacqueline's belly was slowly pressing it's way outwards.
Inside the dream, Jacqueline struggled with the firehose, feeling her stomach bulging painfully outwards quickly. She fell backwards onto the ground, feeling a wave splash through her stomach.
Suddenly, she was in the MRI room, out of the machine, with an 8 1/2 month size pregnant belly.
"Mommy?" she asked, feeling her tight stomach.
"Jacqueline, you have a condition called 'Abdominal Hyperplastia'," said Dr. Dale. "It means, whenever you get excited and feel good, your body makes a mistake and thinks it's pregnant.
So it produces fluid to compensate for the fact that you have no baby inside you."
"Is that why my belly is getting bigger?"
"Yes. All the excess fluid is swelling you stomach out."
"How do I get back to normal?" she asked, pushing her belly in. It felt like a squashy water balloon instead of a normal belly.
"Well, you've got one of two options. One, you can come back to the hospital every month so we can drain the fluid surgically. Or, we can do one surgery and provide you with a machine that can let the excess fluid
out of you, like going to the bathroom," said the doctor.
"I'd rather go with the second one," answered Jacqueline.
"Okay, we can start the necessary paperwork, if you'll follow me, Jacqueline and Juliet."
Jacqueline pulled her shirt back on, but it no longer covered her belly and her belly button showed out from the front. "Mommy?" asked Jacqueline, pointing at her exposed skin.
Dr. Dale smiled and handed Jacqueline a larger shirt.
It covered her belly better, but it felt tight.

2 months later
The surgery was over and the "pressing machine" was installed in the house.
During the surgery, a small bridge was built, so the excess fluid could drain out, when sufficient force was placed upon the stomach. Of course during the surgery, all of the fluid was drained first.
And now, it was time to use the machine for the first time.
Jacqueline's belly was swollen to 9 months pregnant.
It was getting tougher to stop getting excited over boys. Just thinking of them caused her belly to press out some.
She was going through puberty and her breasts were slowly swelling out.
Anyway, she stood in the huge machine, watching the "human" like impression of the other platen slowly sliding towards her. She felt the cool metal touch her belly and began pressing it.
It pushed harder and harder, the platen coming closer and closer to her face.
It was getting uncomfortably tight and then suddenly, she felt a trickling between her legs.
The platen though continued towards her. The trickle turned into a stream, then into a gush as the platen came together with the other platen she was standing against.
She felt a gushing liquid between her legs, as if someone had turned on a hose that was expelling warm water out of her vagina.
After a few minutes the liquid finished trickling out and she felt her stomach go tight again.
Finally, the platens pulled apart and she was left back to normal flatness.
Though the floor was covered in yellowish fluid.
Juliet smiled. "We're going to have to install a drain in this room before next month."

The End (Beginning)

Abdominal Hyperplastia 2:
A Day in Adventure World
by Daniel-San

"Help me, Mike!" Jacqueline yelled. I was completely at a loss! There was Jacqueline, pleading for my help, and I didn't know how to help her! Her stomach was approaching 15 months pregnant size, her skin taking on a sheen look.
"Mike! Damn you, help me!" She exclaimed again, trying to press her stomach in but I heard something snap inside her and I saw her legs shudder and swell, as if she had popped a water balloon insider herself. Her legs continued to swell and her stomach began to stretch outwards again.
I watched in horror as her arms began to swell and stick out at her sides, her belly stretching further out, pulling her breasts out against her engorged belly!
Her arms and legs were now just cones of skin with feet and hands sticking out from the ends.
As she continued to grow, people began to gather around, snickering and laughing at me!
As her coned appendages widened, skin pulling out over her rounding form, I screamed at the gathering throng, "SHUT UP! I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO DO!"
I watched, wide-eyed as she became completely round, her palms starting to puff up and her head getting pulled back as more skin began to pull over the sphere!
I heard Jacqueline choking and gagging as her cheeks pulled out, over her body. In slow-motion I saw her skin push against her fingernails.
Jacqueline pleaded softly, muffled, "" Her fingernails dug into her skin and there was a huge explosion!
I fell off my feet and landed on a hard surface in the dark.
"Mike? Are you all right?" Came Jacqueline's voice. Needless to say, I was disoriented.
I looked around and I was in Jacqueline's bedroom and stood up.
Jacqueline was look at me, groggily from underneath some sheets. Was all a dream! I grinned stupidly, and got back on the bed.
"Yeah, I'm all right. Just had a bad dream."
The next day, we were driving down route 214 West, heading for an amusement park called Adventure World, located in Largo, MD. Jacqueline was dressed in a tight, cobalt-blue, one-piece bathing suit.
Over top of her bathing suit was a pair of cut-off jeans, and a white t-shirt.
I was dressed in a yellow t-shirt and purple bathing shorts.
We made our right into Adventure World, waiting in line for a couple of minutes to get to the parking-toll booth. I paid the $6 for parking and we drove our way into the parking lot.
An hour later, we were in the amusement park, heading for the "Wild One" roller coaster.
We headed up the ramp, into the roller-coaster's station, where we got in line for the front-seat of the roller coaster.
A few minutes later, Jacqueline and me were in the front seat of the roller coaster.
Since today was Wednesday, there wasn't too many people in the park, so we were alone in the roller coaster.
The attendant checked our seat belts, and made sure the lap bar was down all the way.
The attendant gave the woman behind the controller-station a thumbs-up sign. The woman behind the station went through her spiel, unemotionally.
"While riding the Wild One, be sure to secure all loose articles, such as hats, glasses, keys, and wallets. Keep hands and arms inside the coaster at all times, and enjoy your ride on the Wild One."
The entire spiel was old for her and she was obviously bored with the job.
The roller coaster began to move out of the station, and down the track. Jacqueline put her arm around me as the coaster began to speed up a bit as we headed for the 90-degree turn that goes up the first hill.
As the coaster rounded the corner and began to go up the first hill, the chain grabbed a hold of the coaster to pull it up the hill.
As the full weight of the coaster began to get pulled by the chain, the coaster jolted forward, shaking our heads backwards. You've just got to love these old roller coasters!
When we jolted forward, Jacqueline gasped. I smiled as we went up the 45-degree hill.
The clanking, clacking sound of the chain filled the air as we went higher and higher into the air.
Jacqueline, who was sitting on my right side, hand holding my left shoulder, began to clench my shoulder as we moved higher up, revealing more of Adventure World.
When we got about halfway up to the top, Jacqueline's fingernails dug into my shoulder and she gasped loudly. I looked over and saw her holding her stomach as it was slowly pressing her cobalt blue swimsuit outwards! Shit! It was happening now?!
Above the clanking of the roller-coaster's chain, I yelled to her, "I thought it was only when you saw a guy you liked?!"
Jacqueline responded over the clanking, "It's...erf...actually whenever I get excited!" I watched as her stomach stretched the front of her bathing suit.
I turned around and shouted back to the station personnel, "HEY!!! STOP THE RIDE!!!"
Unfortunately, we must've been out of earshot of the personnel because we climbed higher and higher on the hill.
Jacqueline was clenching the lap-bar in one hand and holding her inflating stomach in her other.
I struggled to pull up the lap-bar, but it wouldn't budge. We were nearing the top of the hill and Jacqueline's belly was slowly making it's way outwards.
I hugged Jacqueline as we rounded the top of the hill and began to SCREAM downwards. I watched Jacqueline's belly surge outwards!
I yelled "SHIIIIITTT!" as we moved down and up the next hill. Down and up the next hill and I saw a tear in her bathing suit. We rounded the 180-degree turn to head back to the station, but not after 3 or 4 more
Jacqueline was slowly getting pushed back against the back of her seat as her stomach was pushing against the lap-bar.
The coaster went screaming through the Typhoon Sea Coaster's structure and 6 people in a passing log-flume boat were looking at me, like they were saying "What the hell are you doing, taking a pregnant woman on a roller coaster?!"
As we exited the Typhoon Sea Coaster's structure making our way towards the last thrill of the coaster,
I thought, "Why did I come to Adventure World in the first place?!" Jacqueline was pressed against the back of her seat, her stomach bulging over and under the lap-bar.
The coaster turned on a 35-degree angle and began to go through the 360-degree turn which was at the end of the ride.
Jacqueline's stomach bulged upwards, pulling her off her seat as all of her stomach flesh pulled out of her bathing suit, the cobalt-blue material coming back to rest against her sides.
Coming out of the looped track the roller coaster came to a halt about 50 feet from the station.
"HEY!!! SOMEONE!!!" I yelled, watching the dome of flesh bulging over the lap-bar.
The coaster started up again, but we were already out of the coaster, running out of the "waiting" station. The lap bar had become wedged loose by Jacqueline's belly, so we ran out a service entrance, holding
Jacqueline's engorged belly. It appeared to be 9 months pregnant and getting tight!
"Thank god I brought this!" Jacqueline exclaimed, pulling out what looked like a deflated inner-tube.
We ducked into a bathroom and ran into a stall.
She pulled off her mangled swimsuit and was now naked in front of me!
Jacqueline sat on the toilet, and put the deflated inner-tube thing around her belly, which was slowly making it's way across her legs and hanging down, off the toilet-bowl.
She pulled off a piece of fabric and the inner-tube thing inflated, squeezing her belly.
It all inflated inwards, squashing her belly harder and harder as it got larger!
She gasped and groaned as I saw her stomach bulging over and under the tube.
Suddenly, there was a huge splash and she screamed!
She then grinned and I heard a gushing sound from inside the toilet and her stomach deflated quickly, returning to pre-"roller-coaster" size.
She stood up and said, "Get me my bag." I complied and handed her the beach-bag. She pulled out another swim-suit and I flushed the yellowish liquid that had filled the toilet bowl.
She donned the suit and we both walked out of the bathroom, as if nothing ever happened.

Abdominal Hyperplastia 3
by Daniel-San

The subway squealed to a stop. Over the P.A. system, a garbled mumbling voice said something to the effect of "Smithsonian"
The doors pulled open, and I watched as 10 or so people walked out into the stuffy tunnel-like station, to go about their business topside in Washington DC.
I looked back at my newspaper, holding the overhead railing.
The garbled voice announced the next stop, but I didn't pay any attention to it.
The doors began to pull close, when a slender hand was put between the closing doors.
The doors then reopened and a woman in a pink shirt and jeans, holding a bag of something entered.
She was about 5'6" or so. Brown hair tumbled off the top of her triangular head. Her face had no makeup to muck up the beautiful features.
From her head, her pink shirt was stretched over her breasts. They were not large, but they were noticeable. Continuing down, she had a pair of jeans that looked like they were a little baggy on her.
The doors closed behind her, and she put the paper bag on the ground and I saw celery and a loaf of bread sticking out of the top. I went back to reading the paper and the subway began to move and speed up, heading back to New Carollton in Maryland.
I was uninterested in the affairs in the newspaper, just the same old crap anyway.
Ken Starr's investigation of the president for the umpteenth time... crime and looting.... fires... normal, run-of-the-mill news anyway.
I continued to peek around the paper at this beautiful woman. Every time she was turning her head to look around the car, I immediately stuffed my head back into the newspaper.
When the subway squealed to its final stop at New Carrollton station, the doors opened and the rest of the people piled out into the daylight. I noticed the woman was eyeing me over, so I walked up to her.
"Hi, my name is Mike."
"Huh? Oh, hi... I'm Jacqueline." I looked at her face, and got lost in her almond-brown eyes.
Her hands flew to her stomach and she looked away. She bent over and picked up her bag of groceries.
She turned and walked out of the subway quickly.
"Hey! Wait!"
I ran up to her and she turned and looked at me, again. I noticed that the bottom of her shirt seemed to be slightly pushed out. She must be slightly pregnant, I thought. How come I didn't notice it in the train?
"Yes?" she asked, not looking into my eyes.
"Well, let me walk you to your car, at least."
"I live just 3 blocks from here."
"Then let me walk you home, then!" I pressed.
She looked reluctant, then said, "Okay."
I followed her out to the road and we began walking silently. I looked over and noticed she was looking at me. We met eyes again, and she looked away, holding her stomach, which seemed to be bigger.
"How far along are you?" I asked innocently as we crossed a road into a community.
"What?" she asked. I pointed at her belly, which seemed to a bit swollen.
"Oh, that's nothing... just a little problem I have every now and again." I looked into her eyes. She made a little "oof" sound and I saw her belly press outwards a little, into her jeans.
"What the hell?" I looked back at her face and she looked at me and I saw her belly press a little further out into her jeans.
"We've gotta get to my house right away!" she exclaimed and began running, holding her bag of groceries in one arm, her semi-swollen belly in her other hand.
I followed her into the community until she came up to a house.
She looked at me and her stomach thrust slowly outwards more, smoothing the wrinkles in front of her jeans. She juggled the bag in her arms, trying to put her hands in her pockets.
She looked at me for help, her belly pressing a little more forwards.
"Oh, right" I said sheepishly and grabbed the bag. She fumbled into her pocket and pulled a set of keys out of her now tight jeans. She put the set of keys into the doorknob and opened the door.
She entered the house. I put the bag of groceries on the porch.
"Quick! Come inside!" she called. I shrugged and entered the house, picking up the bag of groceries on the way.
Inside, she was rubbing her slightly swollen belly. "Put it on there." She said. I complied and put the bag of groceries on the counter, where she was pointing. I looked back at her, her stomach then pushed out more, making her pants button snap open.
She moaned a bit, rubbing her now larger stomach.
"What the hell is going on?" I looked into her eyes. Her jeans began making a clicking sound as the zipper began to open.
"It's a medical condition known as abdominal hyperplastia. I think I'm the only one in the world with it. See, whenever I see a guy I like, my hormones are tricked into thinking I'm pregnant and swell my uterus up with liquid," she said, rather matter-of-factly.
I looked at her stomach and it decided to expand again, zipper finishing its trip down to her crotch.
She now looked like she was five months pregnant. She moaned again, and pulled off her jeans...RIGHT in front of me!
Her white panties were stretched over her enlarged belly and she began to get more excited at me watching her, causing her belly to swell some more.
She pulled her shirt up, exposing her swollen belly and I got rock-hard.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. She came out of her reverie and pulled her jeans and shirt back on... they wouldn't fit!
She couldn't button her jeans and her shirt was kind of stretched out, exposing her navel.
The knocking on the door became insistent and she began to get upset.
Her belly swelled a bit more, her navel stretching out over her belly.
"Quick! Go upstairs and get my kimono!" she pleaded. I complied right away, and found the bedroom right away. There was a yellow-green flowered kimono hanging on the doorknob
I flew down the steps, kimono in hand and she immediately threw it over her expanded form.
The kimono did a nice job of covering herself. "Hide!" she exclaimed, walking towards the door. I ducked into the kitchen and listened.

"Hiya Jackie," said a male voice.
"No, John! Not now! Please!" Jacqueline said. I heard a crashing sound and the male voice yelled.
"Now, listen Jackie! This'll all be over in a minute." I heard a burbling stretching sound and Jacqueline scream. No... I wouldn't have this! I ran out of my hiding place in the kitchen and saw a large male over top of Jacqueline, her stomach now stretched out to nine-months pregnant and kimono on the floor.
Not thinking, I tackled the large man and he cursed in surprise. "You leave Jacqueline alone!"
The man was taken aback, and then looked at Jacqueline, who was getting up off the table, her belly-button popped out. "Who are you?! Jackie, who is this moth-"
"Look! Just leave Jacqueline alone!" I interrupted. The man cursed and stormed out of the house.
Jacqueline was left, sitting on the cocktail table, holding her enormous belly.
"That was John. My ex-husband. He nearly killed me once by making my stomach TOO large!"
"Are you okay?" I asked.
"Yes...I'm fine... You've gotta take me up to the spare-bedroom." she said, her stomach now stretching out more.
"Okay." I helped her up the steps, hearing burbling and grumbling from deep within her belly.
Inside the spare-bedroom, there was this HUGE machine that looked like a press.
It had a cutout that looked like a human between the two platens.
It looked like something out of a B-Horror movie!
"Get me in this thing, quick!" she commanded, her "outie" belly-button flattening against her rounding belly. I helped her up on the platform, not thinking, just doing.
"Push the green button!" she nearly screamed.
I did so and watched the two platens begin to slide closer together. I could see veins popping up on her now beachball sized belly that looked 15 months pregnant!
She then disappeared inside the machine and I could hear stretching and squishing. Suddenly I heard a splash and yellow liquid gushed out of the bottom of the machine.
The platens finally closed, and I heard a lock. The yellow liquid continued to stream out of the crack
between the two platens.
Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours. I sat against the wall, watching the yellow liquid swirl into a drain.
The next thing I knew, everything was dark and a cold hand was on my shoulder.
"Wake up." said Jacqueline. I looked up and saw Jacqueline in a green shirt and sweatpants.
Her figure was back to normal. "I don't know how to thank you. Would you like to go out on a date tomorrow?"
"What about your stomach?"
"Oh, that only happens during my period. We're safe for another 28 days." "Sure! I'll go out on a date with you! Just have to watch that belly of yours..."
"Yeah" she chuckled.

---THE END...for now

Lithium Kat
That's it! Where was it?!

Thank you!

professorhep (Edited)
(June 12, 2020, 10:08 am)Lithium Kat Wrote: That's it! Where was it?!

Thank you!
I don't know where he found it but it is in the big pack of stories in this thread

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