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And final chapter! The text in this is directly copied and contains warnings from the Author

Erica's Belly Chapter 6


I would first like to thank you for reading; whether you have read the entire Erica’s Belly series, or if this is the first one that you’re reading. If it is the case that this is the first, I recommend you read the earlier chapters before this one, you will find this more enjoyable and it will make more sense!

As I have previously said, this is the final chapter, at least in this iteration, of Erica’s Belly. I have really enjoyed writing this series and I hope you have enjoyed reading it just as much.

As you read this story, you will find a warning nearing the end of the text on this page. Please read the warning carefully as, if you don’t, you may find this chapter and the series ruined! What comes after the warning may just be something you really don't want to read. The warning will help you decide that!

Now that’s out of the way, enjoy this final chapter!


Erica and Jen were once again in Dr Field’s office, and he had some explaining to do.

The previous day Jen had undergone the first expansion procedure on her belly. It had gone as planned. But the following night, last night, something not-so-planned had happened.

Jen had left Dr Field’s office with a belly that looked about half-way down the line of a pregnancy. A half-gallon of expansion gel in the implant. It had stretched no more than about a quarter of the way to her knees when sitting.

Only now, Jen looked full-term. Her belly was considerably larger. Her back had started arching, her belly button protruding, and stretch marks had started appearing over her swollen midsection.

In the early hours of the morning, Jen had been awoken by a sharp pain in her stomach. She had at first thought she had rolled over onto her newly bloated belly, not being used to the new size of it. However, the pressure had continued building. She had reached under her covers, beneath her shirt and felt instantly that something wasn’t right.

She had gotten out of bed a pulled her shirt off quickly. She had looked down and found her belly protruding considerable further out from her frame than it had been when she had gone to sleep the night before. She had been greatly concerned and ran into Erica’s room.

She had knocked on Erica's door, concerned at what was happening. She had then walked into Erica's room, her belly and breasts exposed, to see if Erica had any idea what was going on. It didn't come as a surprise that Erica was just as in the dark, and just as shocked, as Jen was as to her suddenly larger tummy.

Erica had felt Jen’s exposed midsection, finding it feeling spongy rather than firm to the touch like her own gargantuan gut. Jen stood there and her belly had continued to grow. Bloating out, distending further and further before her own and Erica’s eyes.

Jen had been truly frightened, not having control over her own body. Helplessly watching as she ballooned outwards. For all she knew at the time, it would never stop. Her belly could keep growing, getting larger and larger without her having any control as to just how large it would eventually get.

Concerned about this prospect, and not having any other option, Erica had called Dr Field as Jen sat beside her, watching her belly expand.

Thankfully, Dr Field had instantly known what was happening and told Erica to tell Jen not to worry. He explained there had been a mix-up with the expansion gel that had been injected into her belly implant. Rather than the gel that had been used on Erica’s belly, Jen had been given a new gel which, once semi-solidified into its jello like consistency, reacted and released small gas bubbles into the gel mass. This caused it to expand outwards to twice the size it was when it was first set. This also caused Jen’s belly to feel spongy when pressed on, rather than firm like Erica’s, due to the spacing in the mass caused by the little bubbles of gas.

Dr Field had told the girls to come to the office the next day and he would let Jen know her options regarding the future of her belly. He was also going to provide her with significant financial compensation for the mix-up. As an experimental surgeon, he was well insured for instances where unexpected scenarios presented themselves with patients.

Now, sat in Dr Fields office, Jen’s belly protruded out onto her lap. Stretching about halfway to her knees. Her skin was bare at the base as the unexpected size of her belly meant she had no clothing that would fit. It had been an oversight for Erica, not keeping her ‘intermediate’ size clothes from her expansions. Jen’s belly button now protruded proud of the surface of her skin. Her belly looked round and smooth. Although, a few faint stretch marks were appearing over the surface of her oversized belly. She looked like she was coming to the end of a pregnancy; not like just the day before, she had had a toned, flat midsection, with abs visible.


'OK, Jen,' Dr Field started. 'First of all, I just want to apologise for the mix-up. This is obviously unacceptable and I assure you that I will find out exactly how the mix-up occurred. You will receive significant compensation for what has happened. If you so wish, I am obliged to tell you that you can take this further. However, I would prefer it if we kept this in house.'

'I was scared,' Jen said. 'I was very scared, however I do understand that mix-ups happen. You don't have anything to worry about Dr. As long as my health is unaffected then I won't be taking this any further.'

'I assure you that your health will not be affected. You have nothing to worry about there.'

Jen relaxed a bit at that point.

'So, what next?' Dr Field said. 'I guess you're wondering what happens now with regards to your belly?'

'The thought had crossed my mind!' Jen said.

'OK, well essentially, this isn't much different to Erica. The gel will still stay solid for two years, it will then degrade naturally and can be drained. This will be the case for each expansion you have. The expansion will last for two full years, then you will be able to drain the gel and remove the implant. If you want to remove it before that time, while possible, heavy scarring will be present across your abdomen.'

'Well, I certainly don't want that!'

'I guessed as much. Do you think there is the possibility of you wanting to expand your belly further?'

'I've thought about this. At first, the answer would have been I'll see in a few weeks. However, now that I've seen just how good my belly looks so much bigger, there is no question anymore. I'd like to have another expansion.'

'OK, there is no problem with that. However, I should inform you that, the gel that is currently in your implant is incompatible with the gel that Erica has in hers. Therefore, any future expansion you have will have to be performed with the same expanding gel.'

'Does that mean that my belly will grow during the expansion and then again once it has solidified?'

'It does.'

Jen at first thought about this. Did she really want to go through again what she had the night before?

Then she thought again. Despite how scared she had been, it was strangely exciting. To see her belly grow before her eyes, not knowing just how big it was going to get.

'Will that be a problem?' Dr Field asked.

Jen smiled at him.


It was the next day, Erica and Jen were once again at Dr Field's office. This time, Jen had asked Erica to sit in the waiting room rather than go into the office with her. Jen was about to have another expansion, and she wanted for Erica to not see her as she expanded, but rather see the finished product. Just like Jen had each time with Erica.

Erica didn't mind and in a way was quite excited to be able to see Jen fully expanded rather than watch the expansion happen. Besides, she would get to see the after-expansion when the solid gel reacted and further expanded Jens ballooning belly.

As the two girls sat there in the waiting room, Jen's belly looking like a full-term pregnancy, covering half of the length of her thighs; Erica's belly stretching well past her knees and defying gravity by floating out into the air; they sat and admired their swollen midsections. Less than half a year ago, both girls had had flat, toned and athletic bodied. No bellies to speak of.

Now there guts were enormous. Erica's by far the biggest; but for how much longer she wondered.

Jen had a distinct advantage over Erica with just how big she could have her belly. As the gel inside Jen's belly expanded, it took up a lot more volume per unit mass. For every gallon of gel Jen had injected into her implant, it would ultimately take up two gallons of space; meaning that with a belly the size of Erica's it would only weigh half as much. The stress on her body would be half as much, which would mean that she could potentially go much further.

But that was a long way off. Or, so Erica thought.

What Erica didn't know was, Jen had arranged to have three gallons of the expansion gel injected into the implant during the procedure that day. That would put three and a half gallons total into the implant, which, following the after-expansion, would take the space of seven gallons equivalent of the gel Erica had.

Erica and Jen had been in the waiting room for no longer than ten minutes when Dr Field's assistant called Jen up.

'Dr Field is ready,' she said. 'You can go in now Jen.'

Erica wished her friend luck, not knowing that, in less than a day, her belly would be smaller than her friends.


Erica was sitting in the waiting room reading one of those typical waiting room magazines. She wondered whether anyone outside of health office owners actually bought those things.

She saw a young man walk in through the entrance. He instantly caught sight of her; it was hard not to. Her belly truly was gargantuan in size. Erica had gotten used to the stares and under-the-breath comments, it was just part of life having a belly as big and unusual looking as she did. She was preparing herself for another one.

The young man took a seat opposite her and continued looking. He looked a bit uncomfortable. Erica wasn't going to say anything, if he wanted to make a remark she wasn't going to arm him.

Eventually he sat up from the slouched position he was in.

'I, erm...' He stuttered.

Erica just looked at him.

'I've seen you around here.' He said.

'And?' Erica replied.

'I've been wanting to say for a while, I think you look absolutely amazing.'

Erica was taken back. She hadn't been expecting that.

'You are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen and your belly is just fantastic. I've always thought pregnant girls looked great, and your belly is so much bigger and better.'

'Thank you,' Erica blushed.

'I'm only speaking the truth.'

'Erica,' Erica said, offering her hand.

'Andy,' the young man said. He got up, clearly seeing Erica wasn't able to lean forward far enough to shake his hand. 'Do you mind?' He said, gesturing at the seat Jen had left vacant.

'Not at all,' Erica said

'So, I hope you don't mind me asking and think this is too forward, what made you want a belly this big?'

'I love big pregnant bellies,' Erica replied. 'Simple as that really. I didn't want a baby though. Dr Field did a presentation as my college, a few months later, bam, I have a gut this big.'

Andy smiled.

'What about you, why are you here?'

'Oh, I'm here for an interview for an internship. Dr Field really is a pioneer of cosmetic surgery, as I'm sure you know. I've been here a couple times before volunteering; making copies, getting coffee, you know the boring stuff that you have to do to start off. That's when I've seen you about. I want to study medicine to one day become a cosmetic surgeon, so I thought it would be good to get a bit of experience. I'm deferring starting college to make sure this is definitely what I want to do.'

Erica smiled.

She spent the next thirty minutes chatting with Andy. She found him fascinating and it seemed he loved her titanic tummy just as much as she did, maybe more. It seemed in just thirty minutes she had told this stranger most of her life story. By the time Jen was finished with her expansion, Erica had given Andy her number. She thought it was time to get back out there. She knew that her current physique would not be appealing to everyone so she couldn’t afford to miss the opportunity.


Jen's belly now had three and a half gallons of gel. Given that half a gallon had already doubled in size, it actually took up the space of four gallons.

Erica got a shock when she first went into the room to see Jen. Just like she had done before, Jen had been sat, her belly swollen, slightly purple, and stretched out from her otherwise normal looking frame. Her belly was now awash with red stretch marks. Her back arched considerably and her belly button protruding much further out and much rounder. Her belly now stretched all the way to her knees and a little bit more. Erica quickly put it together and realised that once the after-expansion had occurred, Jen's belly would be bigger than her own titanic tummy.

Erica really didn't have the words.


At home that night, Jen sat upright on her bed, her back to the backboard; just like Erica had done for two weeks while she learnt to walk with her current enormous belly. She wasn't wearing any clothing. She really didn't know what was about to happen. Her belly was going to grow, there was no doubt about that. What she didn't know was just how big. Her breasts were sitting on the shelf her bloated midsection was creating. Her belly was sitting on her thighs, completely covering them from sight. Before the night was through, she knew that it wouldn’t just be her thighs that would be lost to sight, it would be her entire legs, and probably her feet as well.

She was nervous. But excited at the same time. The not-knowing exactly how big she was going to get was one thing, but what was really getting to her, really turning her on; was knowing that there was no off-switch. Once the expansion started, there was no stopping it. Her belly would keep bloating, keep growing, and keep ballooning until the reaction creating the gas bubbles in the gel had stopped.

It was just before 10:00pm when it started.

'It's starting,' Jen said. 'I can feel the pressure building.'

Erica sat beside her and put her hand on top of Jen's belly. 'Well this is really going to be something,' she said.

'Goodbye legs!' Jen said smiling.


It started like it always did. The building pressure, the feeling of the tightness of skin ready to stretch to accommodate the immense size of the belly. Only this time, there was no stopping it until it was over. Nothing could be done.

The reaction started fast, Jen's belly started pushing forward quickly. Bloating and ballooning, growing and stretching further and further outwards. The first thing Jen noticed was the pressure on her spine as her belly pushed out. It was growing quickly, well past her knees, almost half way down her shins.

The girth and width of the belly increased at the same time.

The pressure inside of Jen's ballooning belly was incredible, and it only kept getting larger.

The growth was relentless. It was faster than Erica had ever seen her own belly grow. All the girls could conclude was that the huge volume of gel was causing the reaction to move very quickly.

Jen's belly was fast approaching her feet. It was already wider than Erica's. And it showed no sign of slowing down.

Unlike the previous expansions Erica and Jen had done, they had no point of reference; no gel container showing how much was still to flow into their bellies. All they had was the knowledge that the gel should grow to twice its size. But Dr Field, admitted that was a crude method; it could grow to less than twice the size. Or more.

After watching Jen's belly reach her feet, the girls concluded the latter was likely to be the result of the expansion. Jen's belly just kept growing.

Her belly button was now the size of Erica's, her back arched just as much, and her belly was now larger in both width and length. Her titanic gut was now bigger than Erica's. Jen was now entering unchartered territory. And she didn't know just how much further into that territory she was going to stray.

Her belly continued to grow. Her thighs, her knees, her shins, her legs, and now her feet were lost to sight. Her belly was bigger than anything she or Erica had imagined it getting. It was mammoth. Titanic. A behemoth.

The pressure was starting to ease, but the growth was still happening. Her belly was still growing, despite her feet being long lost.

Erica was starting to grow concerned. Jen was in pain, cradling her mammoth midsection. It was covered in more stretchmarks that anything she had seen. Erica's belly was starting to look small in comparison to Jen's. But it still kept growing. And there was still nothing that could be done to stop it.

'Maybe I over did this.' Jen said.

Erica didn't know what to say. Jen's belly was so big. The only saving grace was that it would ultimately weigh just over half as much as Erica's. It shouldn't be too bad to carry around. Only the size would make it more difficult than Erica's; but as Erica knew, the biggest problem was the weight. Which Jen wouldn't have to deal with too much.

The same warning had been given to Jen. Two years. No comebacks. There was no way to safely remove the implant.

The growth was finally showing signs of slowing down. And then, just like it had started, it stopped.

Jen's belly was big. Beyond big. Bigger than anything describable. It was a blimp protruding from her frame. In the position she was sitting, the three quarter point of the length of her belly was resting on her feet, the remaining quarter then stretched past her feet.

It was super firm, super round and covered in stretch marks. Her back was arched further than Erica's. The pressure on her spine was immense. Her belly button was bigger than Erica's. Bigger than a tennis ball.

Jen was massaging and caressing the surface furiously. Erica was rubbing lotions and oils over the surface of the mass. The two girls were in over their heads. They didn't know what to think. They both had bellies that were bigger than any bellies that had ever existed. But, at the end of the day, they had both asked for them.


Surprisingly, it didn't take Jen even a week to be up out of bed. Erica knew that it was the weight of her belly not being a great as her own being the reason. Sure, the colossal size of it took some serious adjusting too, but over time Jen got the hang of it. She didn't even need the special support shirts Erica needed. She needed to do back strengthening exercises to support her belly and ease the pain of her massively arched back.

The two girls knew that future expansions wouldn't be happening. Both for her health reasons and for practicality.

Sure, having such a massive belly was fantastic but there was a point where it became far more of a burden that a benefit. Most people who knew what they had done would believe they had long crossed that point. But for Erica and Jen, they knew they had got it just right.

Their bellies were titanic. Enormous. Bigger than anything they had ever imagined them being. And they were theirs.

Erica had been spending more time with Andy, they had had several dates before declaring themselves a couple. They were doing things normal couples their age do. Sure, certain bedroom activities came with their difficulties, but the perks of Erica having such an enormous sexy belly made finding ways to do it more fun. They were truly in love.

Erica had wondered whether she would find someone like Andy. She knew that alienating herself was a risk of her belly but she was lucky she had found Andy. She knew that one day Jen would find someone. How could anyone resist such a beautiful girl with such an enormous gut?

They had the bellies they had always dreamed of. Bigger than anything they had ever dreamed of. More money that they needed. And Erica had Andy.

Erica and Jen were happy. They just wondered if in two years’ time they would want to keep their bellies. Or return to their old boring lives. Only time would answer that question.



That is the end of Erica’s Belly. At least, I assume, it is how most of you would like it to end: happily ever after. Only, I’m not necessarily a believer in happy endings. It’s not that I’m bitter, not that I don’t believe they are impossible; but I do believe that every decision that is made in life has consequences.

The decisions that Erica has made throughout this series have been, dare I say, reckless and irresponsible. In fact, that is to say the least. Sure, she has had to overcome a few obstacles here and there as a result of her obtaining a belly as big as she has. Not being able to walk for a couple of weeks, being extremely limited in terms of movement; a belly covered in stretch marks, an arched back in pain, and a belly so heavy she has to wear special clothes so that it doesn’t stretch and strain the skin beneath her breasts. But, in a way, she wanted all of this; it was part of what she signed up for, part of her turn on, if you like to look at it that way.

And now, she has the boyfriend of her dreams who loves her belly just as much as she does. A boyfriend that, if Erica wanted to, would allow her to keep her belly for life and never work another day. She is truly happy and the ultimate repercussions of her rash and extreme decisions that have left her with the body she has, are essentially benign.

Only, like I have said, I don’t believe life works that way.

This is your final warning. If you are happy with the ending to Erica’s story you have just read, stop reading now. Leave Erica for now and look forward to the potential of her returning in the future.

This is no joke, no laughing matter. This is about to get dark. You may think that I have written this warning as a way of getting you to read on, to tempt you in. But, ask yourself, if this warning wasn’t here, surely you would have read on anyway?

This story has been about a fantasy of mine. I love big, round, bulging, pregnant-looking bellies; I’m sure you do to if you have read this. But, fantasies also have their dark sides. There are repercussions most people don’t like to think about, that could lead to things you don’t want to know about. And what is about to happen is just one of the reasons why the implant and expansions Erica and Jen have had are impossible in real life.

Cross this next page break at your own risk. If you want a happy ending, the Erica’s Belly series is already over.


Erica was at Dr Field’s office. It had been one year to the day since she had had her last expansion. The expansion that had left her with a belly bigger than she had ever imagined having. She took it in her stride now, living day to day. Her belly was part of her. Despite its gargantuan size, and the obvious limitations that came with it, she loved it. Her life had changed immensely, she knew it would to a degree, but not to the level that it had. She struggled to remember life when her belly wasn’t there, protruding out massively from her otherwise normal frame.

Over the course of the year, her belly had almost ruled out exercise; she tried to do as much as possible, but that wasn’t a lot. She had put on a not-inconsiderable amount of weight. Nothing massive, but certainly noticeable. Even with a gut as big as hers. The weight had mainly found its way to her breasts, her ass and her thighs. Her breasts were larger than they had ever been. They now rested proudly on her titanic tummy when she wasn't wearing one of her special bras. Her ass was rounder and bigger than ever, which complemented her frame well, and it still looked absolutely fantastic.

Andy loved Erica’s belly just as much as Erica, maybe even more. He had always had an infatuation with pregnant women, with big bellies. Now, he had a girlfriend whose belly was the biggest he had ever seen. Gravity-defying, swollen and firm. Perfect in every way. If it was up to him, Erica’s belly would be that big forever. Hell, if it was up to him, Erica would be having another expansion injection that day, but he didn’t want to push things. He knew that Erica had once considered it, but had been talked out of it by Jen. He understood there would be unknown risks to Erica’s health, but he was sure that she would be able to handle it. For the time being, at least, he was happy with how big it was. And, at least he knew that it would be there for at least one more year. Maybe when the gel had been drained, he could convince Erica to get her belly refilled and get a bit more added at the same time.


Erica was there for an assessment, and Andy had driven her there; he was sat next to her in the office. Dr Field wanted to perform a few checks on her belly and her body, to make sure that there was nothing going wrong and that she was healthy.

Erica stripped down to her underwear and sat in the examination table, her belly distended out well past her knees.

Dr Field began with standard inspections, visually checking over Erica’s body. He spent quite some time of her back, making sure that her spine was OK due to the excessive arching it had had to do to accommodate Erica’s titanic tummy.

Dr Field then used an ultrasound machine, just like Erica was really pregnant. The gel was cold on the surface of her stretch mark covered skin. Andy couldn’t help but stare at Erica’s massive gut as Dr Field performed his checks. Dr Field confirmed that the first gel that had been injected into the sack, now at the centre of the three-gallon mass of gel from the last expansion, was on it's final legs, about to return to its liquid form ahead of the layers surrounding it. However, it wouldn’t do anything to drain it earlier than it's surrounding layers as the surrounding gel would remain solid long after the center was liquid. All of the gel would have to be drained together in around a years’ time.

Then Erica would have the option of removing the implant sack; or refilling it with more expansion gel for another two years, to retain her gargantuan gut.

The checks had went well; everything was looking good.

And then it wasn’t.




Dr Field had left the office after finishing with the ultra sound. He had then come back in with a rather sombre expression on his face.

He sat down at his desk, Erica and Andy sat opposite.

‘I have some news,’ Dr Field said.

‘Oh?’ Erica said. ‘Nothing bad I hope.’

‘That really depends on how you look at it. Normally, this type of news would be very good. Only, in your current situation, I’m afraid, it really isn’t.’

‘What is it, doctor?’ Andy said.

‘Erica,’ Dr Field said. ‘You’re pregnant.’

Erica and Andy just sat there. Stunned.

‘I wanted to make sure, that’s why I left the room for so long. I’ve reviewed the ultra-sound footage and can confirm that you are pregnant.’

Erica said, ‘Doctor, what does this mean?’

‘This is uncharted ground I’m afraid. But, it is not good news. Your belly is obviously massive. I always thought you would ask for another expansion. I never approached the subject as I never wanted to turn you down.’

‘You would have turned me down?’ Erica said.

‘I’m afraid so. You see, your back simply wouldn’t have been able to take any more. Your spine can only arch so far, and then it simply gives like anything else when too much stress is imposed on it. You would be paralysed. And that’s where the problem lies with this pregnancy. As the foetus grows, your belly, or the implant specifically, will be pushed further and further out. This will cause your spine to stretch further and further. It will eventually break, leaving you paralysed. This is a very serious situation.’

Erica just sat there. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

‘I assume Andy here is the father.’

Both Erica and Andy nodded. Andy took hold of Erica’s hand.

‘I’m afraid you have a very difficult decision to make. It may seem like I am rushing things here but time really is of the essence. The longer this decision is left, the greater the risk. As I have said before, removal of the implant is not an option; it simply would not be safe as it is too large. Therefore that leaves you with two impossible options, but you will have to make one.

‘Either, you have an abortion. For some people this is simply not an option, but given the risk to your health, I believe it would be justified. The second option, which in my opinion isn’t really an option, you continue with the pregnancy. Due to the implant, I could not guarantee a successful pregnancy, but the one thing I can guarantee, after about two to three months, your spine will break, and you will never walk again. It will be irreversible’

Erica and Andy just sat there. Erica was a wreck. She was completely in shock, not knowing what to do.

‘Erica, I know this is difficult, but the choice is yours and yours alone.’


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