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Has anybody the other parts of this story?

Erica's Belly - Chapter 1
She had always loved the modification of bodies, the changing of the body from what it naturally was: piercings, tattoos, cosmetic surgery, you name it. She preferred the modifications however that were more permanent, things that couldn't be changed in an instant. There was one things however that she loved more, it was something she had loved a lot longer, for as long as she could remember really. The round, dome like appearance protruding from an otherwise slim body. The thought of being able to do nothing about them, that they were there whether you liked it or not. Pregnant bellies. She wanted one badly, the only problem being that she didn't want the product of a pregnant belly; she simply wasn't there with her life yet.

Erica was 19 years old. She was in her sophmore year at college. She was on the other side of the country from home and the previous year had been the first time she had ever live away from her parents. It was a big change in her life; she had friends and family that loved her dearly but she knew it was the right decision. It had been time to take the big step and move forward in life.

She was a beautiful girl; long brunette hair, a toned atheletic body and perfectly proportioned breasts and ass. She was a smart girl as well, she always had been. Top of her class throughout high school and had won a full ride scholarship through one of the top colleges in the country. She was pre-med. While she of course wanted to do some good in the world with what she was learning; there was a large part of her that wanted to let her create her deepest desires herself. Make them a reality. Be able to change peoples bodies to how they wanted them to be, not how they had been given to them.

Her roommate at college was Jen. They had instantly hit it off together and became very good friends. They shared a lot of common interests like the sports they were involved in, the courses they were taking and the boys that that they liked. The only thing that they didn't share, at least not to Erica's knowledge was her affinity for the pregnant form. Atleast, Erica hadn't had the courage to ask her whether she did. She had had a similar experience before with her urges and desires, and it hadn't ended well. In the end, her once best friend had never spoken to her again. Simply thinking that Erica was weirdo.

It had been the summer before college had started. Erica and two friends had gone to the beach in celebration. It was one of the hottest days of the year; beams of glorious sunshine were hitting the sand through the cloudless sky. The beach was busy and everyone was having a great day. Erica, Lindsey, her ex best friend, and Paula made it to the beach early afternoon. There wasn't much space left, only a few patches here and there, which meant they had to take the first space they got. It wasn't too far from the ocean, and it was next to a young couple, perhaps in there late twenties, who were laid on towels soaking up the sun. They were both in swimwear. The man in standard bathing shorts, and the woman in a revealing two piece bikini. Also, which was the first thing Erica noticed, the woman was heavily pregnant; not far from giving birth.

When they sat down in their acquired spot, Erica couldn't help but stare. Realising what she was doing she made every effort not to look, and to an extent it worked. Well, for a little while atleast.

After about a half-hour of bathing in the sun, the pregnant lady said to her husband, 'I'm getting hot, I'm going to go an take a dip in the ocean.'

'Okay, babe.' The man replied.

She got up and started walking to the ocean. From behind, she looked perfectly normal. In fact, she looked like a super slender, super fit woman. It was when she got to the ocean and turned around that it was visible. The huge protruding gut, not noticeable from behind. Her ballooned belly stretched out from her midsection, totally out of proportion with the rest of her body. Her belly button had popped out a tiny amount and she looked radiant. At that point Erica lost the control she had tried so hard to keep. She was looking non-stop. The lady walked slowly side to side, the water half way to her knees, cradling her enormous belly. The water being splashed around her landing in tiny droplets and glistened on her stretched skin.

Lindsey caught Erica looking at that point, almost drooling. She didnt say anything however, not until later that day. Erica made the most of the experience, never taking her eyes off the woman. How could she? She was stunning, she was everything that Erica wanted to be. Only Erica just wasn't ready for what the woman would have it what could be no longer that a month.

The woman and her man left shortly before Erica and her friends, and that was it Erica never saw her again. But she had the memories of her glorious belly.

When they got home that day, Paula was dropped off first. Lindsey was driving, and was heading towards Erica's house when the teasing began.

'I saw you today, you know,' Lindsey said. 'I don't think I've ever seen you so infatuated with anything it my life. What is wrong with you? You were pretty much drooling over that woman's fat gut.'

Erica was about to start defending herself when she thought better of it. She had nothing to defend. She couldn't control what she liked. It was in her nature, if Lindsey couldn't accept that then she guesses she wasn't the person that she thought she was.

The teasing continued over the summer, taunting messages and threats of exposing Erica's secret. Eventually Erica told Lindsey to do what she wanted, she wasn't bothered. At the end of the summer, Erica would be out of town, thousands of miles away, and what one cruel girl did wouldn't matter anymore. And that was that. Erica left for college and never saw Lindsey again until the next summer back at home. At that time Lindsey was apologetic, but Erica would have none of it. She had made her decision. She could live with it.

Erica never told anyone about her desires as a result of that day, and made sure that she never let anyone figure them out on their own again. Well, at least until the day Dr Adam Field, a pioneer in plastic surgery, gave a guest lecture at Erica and Jen's college.

A group of pre-med students who had made their interests of one day potentially entering the field of cosmetic surgery public had been invited to the lecture. They had been promised that Dr Field would be discussing new advances in cosmetic surgery and how the current limits were being broken.

The talk began at 6pm promptly on a Monday evening after the days classes were over. Dr Field was a tall man, in his mid-forties, who had a great smile and an inviting aura surrounding him. Erica and Jen took an instant liking to him and were eager to hear what he had to say.

They had both said they were interested in potentially one day becoming cosmetic surgeons and were invited to the talk along with eight of their classmates. Dr Field began by introducing himself and his background before discussing The Field Institute and their recent advances in the field. He told the group of how one day, people would be able to have their bodies any way that they wanted. With zero limitations to what they wanted.
That was when Erica's interest was really sparked.

She went into a daze, whilst also listening attentively to everything that Dr Field had to say. She envisioned herself, her body changed, her belly sticking out just like she was pregnant, without the little bundle of joy ever arriving. The problem was, she had no way of bringing the subject up without making her desires public. But in the end, she didn't have to. Someone did it for her.

Jen, who had a very similar build to Erica but with blonde hair and a significantly larger chest, brought it up. Although not directly at first. Dr Field opened up the floor to questions once he had finished delivering his presentation. Jen spoke up at that point.
'Dr Field, thank you for your talk today, it was very interesting,' she started. 'I was wondering if you could clarify a few of your points. You discussed the advances in body modification, specifically implantation of the gel sacks which can be expanded limitlessly in the body, similar to breast implants, without the need for additional invasive surgery; I was wondering, does this mean that they could be applied anywhere on the body, and are there any issues?'

'Effectively, yes. Although, while they are approved for medical use, they are still continually being developed, for example at the moment the gel which is used to fill the sacks only lasts around 2 years before is degrades. While it is not toxic to the body, it is an issue for patients who want the modifications to last longer periods of time. For example, say the gel sacks were to be used for breast implants. The sack would be surgically implanted into the breast, it would then be left to settle for around a week.

'Then, the gel would be injected into the sack through the skin and an instant seal would be formed automatically so the gel wouldn't leak. The gel would then semi-solidify. At the moment it lasts for around two years, it then degrades into a water consistency. While it is not an issue the texture and feel of the implant isn't right. We offer two options at the moment. We can either remove the sack, which of course requries surgery, or we can inject more gel prior to the degradation. This would give another two years with the correct consistency from the time of injection. The initial gel would degrade inside the new gel giving a liquid centre. The problem with this however is it means the modification would be larger than initially requested, which most people don't want. Therefore ninety percent of the time the sack is removed and a new one inserted. We are of course continuously working on the gel in order to engineer the life inside the sack.

'In regard to location in the body, there aren't really any limitations. What specifically did you have in mind?'

'Nothing particular, it was just curiosity really,' Jen lied. 'Say for example biceps, if someone wanted them to appear bigger than they actually are?'

'Of course. Are there any other questions?'

There were a few more from others in the class, however for the rest of the session Erica and Jen sat there, both in quiet thought. What they didn't know was just how similar their thinking was.

Dr Field finished the session with some final words, 'Thank you all for coming today, and I hope this talk was useful and good luck with your studies. If anyone would like to speak privately please come down to the front of the lecture theater and I will be happy to answer any further questions. Thank you'

There was a round of applause and then everybody stood an left. Erica and Jen didn't, they made their way to the front, where Dr Field was waiting.

'In the belly,' Jen said, looking at Erica, with a mutual agreement in their eyes.
'Excuse me,' Dr Field said.

'The gel sack implants, could they be implanted into the belly?'
'Why would you want that?'

'Lets just say I've always had a thing for pregnant bellies.'

To which Erica nodded her agreement.

'Theoretically yes. Although, it has never been tried before.'

'If you had a willing volunteer, would you be willing to try such a thing?'

'Well, I suppose that could be arranged, although there would be no guarantee of the outcome, and that person would have to sign a disclaimer accepting these risks.'

At that Jen quieted down, seeming to have been put off at the thought of not knowing what would happen.

'I'll do it,' Erica said.

Both Jen and Dr Field looked at her.

'Really?' Jen asked.

'Yes, I've been wanting something like this for as long as I can remember, there is not a chance I am passing up such an opportunity.'

'Well, if you're that sure,' Dr Field said, 'I suppose we could arrange something. Usually, these surgeries are expensive, however as you would be classed as I trial subject for this new surgery, we would pay you.'

'You already have my permission Dr, no persuasion is required. Although, I won't turn payment down,' Erica said with a smile.

'I'm proud of you Erica,' Jen said. 'If this goes as planned you can sign me up next doc.'
'Great then,' Dr Field said. 'If you come to my office tomorrow, we can set something up.'
That night, Erica and Jen were in deep conversation about their desires. Erica felt wonderful having someone to share it with and felt it was gift how that day had gone. She couldn't wait for the next day and the possibilities it held.
'Are you sure you want to go through with this Erica?' Dr Field asked.

'As I have said many times before, the answer is, yes,' Erica replied.

She was lying on the operating table. It had been two weeks since the consultation, Erica was about to have the sack inserted into abdomen. She would then be left for a week to ensure there were no complications. From then they had agreen to inject half a gallon of gel into the sack to simulate pregnancy. The gel would expand the skin of Erica's belly making her look pregnant, without actually being pregnant. It was everything that she had wanted.
Moving forward, Dr Field had agreed to observe Erica to ensure there was no danger to her and that everything in her 'pregnancy' was moving forward as planned. Should everything be OK, in one month, Dr Field would inject more gel, another half galling into Erica's belly stretching it further.

Erica was warned from the start, no matter what, she would have the belly for a minimum of two years, with every subsequent injection adding another two years to the time, as removal of such a large implant would leave heavy scarring and be of serious risk to her health. Erica agreed. She wanted this bad.
One week later, the day before her first injection, Erica stood in her bathroom. She was naked, in front of a mirror, standing sideways looking at her belly. In some ways it was ceremonial. She had always had a flat, toned stomach. It was something she had worked hard for, while she loved big bellies, she was a lover of sport and exercise and piling on the pounds wasn't the way she wanted to grow her gut.

She was saying goodbye for, less than 24 hours later, her belly would be distended. Protruding out from her body like she had always wanted. She was nervous, there was no doubt about it, but it was something she badly wanted to do. And nothing was going to stop that.
There was a knock on the door. She quickly covered up in a towel and opened the door to Jen.

'Are you OK in there?' Jen asked.

'Sure.' Erica replied. 'Just saying goodbye in a way, tomorrow my body changed for a long time.'

'I know, and I am proud of you. You're a pioneer in a way you know.'

Erica smiled and Jen engulfed her in a hug. Jen pulled away and put a hand on Erica's flat belly.

'I can't wait to see this ballooned out. You're going to look amazing.'

'I know, I can't wait either.'

Erica stuttered a bit and then asked Jen, 'Would you mind taking a picture? I want to keep some each time a get an injection. For comparison. I don't like taking them in mirrors.'

'Sure, no problem.'

Jen took her phone out of her pocket and Erica dropped her towel. She stood there naked in front of her friend.

'The last we'll see of skinny you for a while,' Jen said.

She took the picture.
Erica was sat in a chair in Dr Field's office in her bra and panties. A small needle had been inserted through her skin and into the sack just below her belly button, where the keyhole surgery to insert the sack had been completed. The scar was barely visible just one week later.

The needle was attached to a tube which was connected to a plastic container that contained the gel which would soon fill the sack and oush her belly outwards.

'OK,' Dr Field said. 'If you're ready we can begin?'

Erica just smiled and nodded. Dr Field pushed a button and there was quiet hum from the machine as the gel started moving through the tube.

'OK,' Dr Field said. 'It should take about twenty minutes to inject the half gallon into the sack. You will feel quite a bit of pressure and it will be quite uncomfortable. If at any point it becomes too much to bare, tell me and we can stop.'

Erica nodded again, the gel had already started filling the sack and she could feel the pressure. She could feel the sack growing in her abdomen and feel her skin growing tighter. Her belly started pushing outwards and the gel continued to flow into her. There was a slightly euphoric sensation mixed with some pain. Although, she knew it would be worth it. Her belly continued to grow, to expand and push outwards from its natural position.

Ten minutes had passed and it kept growing slowly. Dr Field continued to check Erica was feeling OK and she continued a nod and smile.

It was finally happening. Before her very eyes her belly was growing outwards, distending, ballooning. She loved it and could only imagine what the future could hold. How big could she actually get? Only time would answer that question. But Erica had a good idea.

To be continued...

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I've seen this before.. correct me if i'm wrong, but didnt the maker of this story leave DeviantArt (Where it was originally Posted)?

I have the entírety of that story, the writer and I have been a little in contact but it seems that he has indefinitely left the scene. It'll take a bit but I'll post them all

Erica's Belly Chapter 2

‘Do you want a drink or anything?’ Erica asked.

She was sitting on the couch watching a movie with Jen. It had been three months since the sack that had been implanted inside Erica’s abdomen had been filled with a half-gallon of the special implant gel by Dr Field.

‘No, I’m OK thanks,’ Jen replied.

Jen watched Erica get up and walk into the kitchen. Erica was wearing cotton blue shorts and a thin white tee. From behind, as Jen watched Erica walk, she looked perfectly normal. It was when Erica got into the kitchen and turned to the counter at the side to pour a drink that what had been done to her was noticeable.

Erica’s belly was protruding from her otherwise completely normal body. She looked like she was about three to four months down the line with a baby inside of her. It was what she had always wanted, and was now what she had. For a minimum of twenty one more months. Dr Field had told Erica that removal of the implant would be impossible without leaving large scars over her belly, something she obviously didn’t want. However, in around twenty one months, the gel would degrade and could be drained like water; the sack could then be removed as easily and invisibly as it had been put in. Only that wasn't going to happen.

Erica had already made an appointment with Dr Field to have another injection of the special gel injected into the sack in her abdomen. This time however, rather than the half-gallon injection like the first time, she was having a full gallon injected. This would effectively triple the size of her already swollen belly. It would also mean adding another two years onto the time that the sack would be inside her. But it was what she wanted. It was what she had always wanted.

Erica returned to the couch where Jen was waiting. She had paused the movie; a romantic comedy with the typical story of boy meets girl, they fall in love, they have a fight and break-up, all before realising they were destined to be together and living happily ever after. It was just a way of killing an afternoon where they didn’t have anything else to do. They had both just finished there sophomore year of college, both pre-med, and both looking forward to a summer free form their studies. They had moved into an apartment together close to campus, after becoming great friends following them being roomed together in their freshman year. They had just resigned the lease which would mean they would be living together for at least another year.

Erica thin tee was floating at her waistline, being propped up by her inflated midsection, and showing an inch of flesh above the band of her shorts. Jen could do nothing but admire her roommate. She was the one who sort of initiated the whole thing, after bringing it up with Dr Field following a presentation he made at the university about the advances in cosmetic surgery. Only, what Jen wanted, which Erica now had, had never been tried before. Jen was unsure, but Erica wasn’t. She had clearly wanted it more badly than Jen, even though she didn’t have the courage to ask.

They both had a thing for big round pregnant bellies, although they were not ready for the new life that accompanied them, or that they only lasted nine months. For the time being though, just watching her friend was enough for Jen. Once Jen was sure it was safe, she fully planned on going through the procedure herself.

So far there had been no complications. Erica was in perfect health and the forecast couldn’t look better.

‘You know you really do look fantastic,’ Jen said, staring at Erica’s bulging belly.

‘You tell me that all the time,’ Erica replied with a smile.

‘I know, I just want to make sure you don’t forget it.’

‘Well, give it a week and I’ll look even better. This belly will be three times as big. And three times as beautiful.’

‘You got that right.’

Erica sat down, her belly pushing slightly outwards into her lap.

'I was wondering,’ Jen started. ‘I know you have probably though about this, hell I know I have and I haven’t even had the procedure yet. Have you thought about what you’re going to tell your parents. I mean culture at college is very different. Our generation is much more ready to accept anyone for who they are and who they want to be. I know my parents at least would have something to say if I was you. I don’t mean to be rude, I was just curious.’

‘No don’t worry about it,’ Erica replied. ‘Of course I’ve thought about it. They are pretty open minded. I mean, my mom had breast enlargements twice while I was growing up, but I realise this is quite a bit more extreme. But, at the end of the day, I’m sure when it was first done breast enlargements was even more extreme.’

‘I guess you’re right. But are you worried?’

‘A little, but I’m sure no matter what they’ll come around. Eventually. I am their daughter after all. And to be truthful, if they can’t accept me for whom I am and who I want to be, then that’s there problem. Because trust me, there is a lot more to go where this came from,’ Erica said while placing her hand on her belly.

Jen smiled, and Erica did the same.

Jen looked down at Erica’s belly, ‘Do you mind if I touch it?’

‘How many times have I told you?’ Erica replied with a smile. ‘If it wasn’t for you asking Dr Field in the first place, I would never have had this. I’m sure I would have never had the courage to ask. You never have to ask me, go for it.’

Jen did, she placed her open hand on her friends shirt. Erica took Jen’s wrist and lifter her hand off, she then lifted her shirt exposing her belly. She placed Jen’s hand onto her bare flesh. She felt a stream of pleasure course through her body when she did.
Jen felt the same. They both smiled at each other.

Jen caressed her friends exposed abdomen. It was warm and firm and the skin was tight. If she didn’t know she wasn’t, Jen could have easily been fooled into thinking her friend was really pregnant.

‘It’s really awesome, isn’t it?’ Jen said.

‘It really is!’ Erica replied. ‘Now, I want to finish watching this movie. Even if it is the most clichéd thing I’ve seen in my life.’
At that, Jen lifted her hand off of Erica’s belly and pulled her shirt down for her. She then pushed play and the story told a thousand times before resumed on the screen.


‘Good morning Erica,’ Dr Field said as Erica walked into his office. ‘I trust you are well?’

‘I am Dr,’ Erica replied. ‘And good morning to you.’

‘So are you ready for your injection today?’

‘I couldn’t be more ready. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. My belly has never looked better!’

‘It does look great. I’ve done a pretty good job here if I do say so myself.’

‘You can because you have.’

Erica sat down on the examination bench and removed her shirt. The procedure was going to be identical to last time. A small needle would be inserted into Erica’s belly, through the skin and through the muscle into the sack which was located just below. The gel would then fill the sack, expanding her belly making it look like her ‘pregnancy’ was progressing rapidly before her eyes. The needle would then be removed and an instant seal would be formed in the special sack preventing the gel from leaking out. The sack was almost limitless when it came to how far past its original size it could stretch, and it was super strong so nothing could break it and prevent the gel from leaking out. Over a few days, the gel would semi-solidify around the gel already in her belly. It would have a similar consistency to jello, and would stay that way for around two years. The gel already in the sack would degrade earlier giving the implant a liquid centre.

‘OK, Erica, if you’re ready we can begin,’ Dr Field said.

Erica smiled and nodded.

‘There are just few more things to mention this time around. The size of your belly will significantly increase this time and protrude from your frame considerably further. This means that your skin will stretch a lot further and it will be a lot more uncomfortable than last time around. The skin has lost quite a bit of elasticity as it is already stretched with the gel already in your belly. If it feels like it is too much at any time, let me know and we can stop.

‘You will probably want to consider oils and lotions this time if you want to avoid stretch marks after the procedure. Your centre of gravity will also shift slightly so it may take a short time to fully adjust to walking with your new bigger belly. That pretty much covers all of the disclaimers so let’s begin; do you have any final questions?’

‘Just one,’ Erica replied. ‘How much bigger exactly do you think I will be? I mean, if you could but a number of months on how far along I would be if I was actually pregnant.’

‘In all honesty; you will probably look like you will be coming to end of your pregnancy. After this you will have a full one and half gallons of this gel in your belly. That’s not a small amount.’

Erica smiled, ‘That sounds great. Also, is there an advisable limit to how much I can have in there?’

‘Well, as you know, you are the first to do this, so we don’t have any guidelines as of yet as to how far your belly will stretch. Of course, in natural multiple pregnancies there is no way of knowing how big the belly will get so your skin and body can adjust, but we have to do it right. The sack is no problem, and there is no shortage of gel. So really, it is up to you. You do have to remember though, if you have further injections after this one. Your belly will be beyond the size of a full-term pregnancy, and it will be that way for two whole years.’

‘OK doctor, thank you. I’m ready now.’

Dr Field then inserted the needle into Erica; he then switched on machine and the familiar humming of the gel being pumped into the sack begun. The Dr was right; this time was different to the first.

Almost instantly Erica could feel the pressure building. She could feel her skin stretching and the sack growing. Her belly instantly started to push outward, swelling beyond its already inflated size.

As the gel continued to move through the tube and into the sack, Erica’s belly continued to grow. Ballooning and expanding. The pressure kept building and her skin kept stretching.

At one point, Erica thought she was going to have to ask the Dr to stop, it was almost becoming too much to handle. Dr Field could see that and asked her if she wanted to take a break. Erica shook her head.

‘I can do this,’ she said.

Dr Field nodded and the gel continued to fill the sack.

Her belly was now pushing outwards. It was already beyond what Erica would have classed as full-term pregnant, yet there was still at least a quarter-gallon left in the container, and it kept flowing into the sack.

The growth and swelling continued.

Erica felt a tightness right at the front of her belly. It took her a minute before she realised what was happening. Her once cute oval belly button was giving into the continuing build up inside her belly. It flattened out and then began to push outwards. Her innie belly button was fast becoming an outie.

‘This won’t be permanent will it doctor?’ Erica asked.

‘It may be, unfortunately there is no way of telling. As I have said, and as you know, you are the first patient to undergo this procedure. But don’t worry, you are perfectly safe there is nothing to worry about’ Dr Field replied.

Erica just nodded, the container was almost empty but her belly continued to grow. It was now halfway to her knees, covering the entire first half of her thighs. Her belly button protruded from her huge growing gut.

Then, the container emptied. The procedure was complete. Erica’s belly was enormous. Protruding outwards from her slender and athletic frame.

Unlike the first time, she knew that this injection was going to result in a big change to her life. And it was going to last a long time.

She looked sideways at the shirt she had worn when she came in. There was no way that was going to button up now over her burgeoning belly. She would need a completely new wardrobe. And she was going to have to shop in maternity sections. For two whole years.

Erica looked down, she cradles her giant belly. Slowly rubbed her hands over the surface of the stretched tight skin. Dr Field was right; she was also going to need to add those oils and lotions to her shopping list. There were faint stretchmarks all over the surface of her belly and they would become much more prominent if not dealt with early.

Her once well-proportioned breasts were now nothing compared to her mammoth belly. She hadn’t considered that, how breasts also grow with pregnancy. But that was something for later. Right now, all she was concerned about was what was pushing out in front of her.

Dr Fields walked over to her and removed the needle. The seal was instantly formed and there was nothing that leaked out of the almost invisible hole. It would be invisible in day.

‘How are you feeling?’ Dr Fields asked.

‘Huge.’ Erica replied.

Dr Fields nodded. ‘There is private room down the hall where you can rest for a few hours. I’ll take you there now. Like I said, take it easy standing up as this will be difficult at first.’

Erica didn’t believe the doctor when he told her that first. Now she tried to stand up and instantly knew what he was getting too.

She stumbled forward when she stood and almost lost her balance. The doctor brace her and let her recover.

‘Take it easy,’ he said.

Erica nodded and moved slowly. It was like there was a force pulling her forward to the ground. As she stood up straight the weight of her new belly wanted to pull her to the floor and she had to fight it. She walked very slowly to door. The doctor let go of her and she moved slowly.

As she moved forward she saw herself in the mirror for the first time which was on the wall just by the door.

She didn’t recognise herself.

Her belly was huge. Protruding outwards, swollen beyond anything she had imagined. She knew that one day she would like her belly to be this big, but didn’t think it would be so soon. It was slightly purplish from the swelling and had a slight shine from the stretched skin.

But, after the shock dissipated, she was pleased. This was what she wanted. And this was what she had.

Dr Field took her to the room where she relaxed for a few hours before a nurse took her home. The doctor had given her a gown as the shirt she had come in with had no chance of fitting her now. The doctor told her the payment would be in her account by the end of the day, which she was getting for being the first to trial the procedure. She knew that she would be straight online when she got home to order some bigger shirts.

The one thing she couldn’t wait for though was Jen’s face when she saw her belly.


When Erica arrived home Jen was in the shower. She walked into living room and sat on the couch wearing the gown Dr Field had given her. Her belly pushed the thin fabric outwards so much it looked like she had a pillow stuffed under it.

When Jen finished in the shower she came out of the bathroom wearing a towel. Wrapped tight a round a body very similar to what Erica’s used to be like.

‘Oh your home,’ Jen said, the bathroom door being behind the couch obscuring the view.
‘So, how did it go?’ She said with noticeable excitement in her voice.

‘Bigger than I expected,’ Erica replied.

Jen slowly walked round and instantly saw what Erica was talking about. She was speechless.

Erica stood and removed the gown. Exposing her swollen mammoth belly. It almost formed a straight shelf under her now petite looking breasts and was flat as the skin re-joined her waist line.

‘Wow.’ Jen said.

Erica just nodded.

Jen moved forward and put her hand on the exposed flesh tentatively. This time the pleasure was much more intense as it flowed through Erica.

‘Did you know it was going to be this big,’ Jen asked.

‘Not really.’ Erica replied. ‘It was a bit of shock.’

Jen slowly caressed her friend’s ballooned midsection. She moved her hands around to the front where Erica’s belly button protruded from the surface of the skin.

‘Now this I really like,’ Jen said.

‘Well don’t get used to it,’ Erica said.

‘What?’ Jen responded. ‘I thought you couldn’t get this taken out for two years.’

‘Who said anything about taking it out? I’ve scheduled another appointment for next month. I want my belly bigger!’

Jen didn’t know what to say.

To be continued…

Erica's Belly Chapter 2,5 (interlude)

After she arrive home that day, the day she had undergone her second expansion, she knew that it would take some adjusting to. What she didn't realize was just how much adjusting. For the first two days she couldn't leave the house. Neither Erica nor Jen owned a shirt that would cover Erica's new belly. It was simply too big.

The money that Erica was receiving for being a willing subject in an experimental procedure was more than enough to cover a new wardrobe, but it took two days to arrive. Pants, bras and underwear weren't a problem. Her legs hadn't gained weight and her breasts and ass were as perfect and the same size as ever. The only difference, and the one that mattered was the enormous belly that now protruded from Erica's body. For those two days, all she could do was try to cover up. She stayed inside wearing tee's that didn't even cover her belly as far as her belly button; which now stuck out proud from the surface of her skin.

Jen didn't mind. She loved looking at her friend’s overly swollen gut. She loved it just as much as Erica did. Those two days were two of the best Jen had had since they had been living together.

It took some significant adjusting to for Erica to get used to her burgeoning belly. And Jen was there every step of the way to help her.

It was the little things at first; from getting Erica up out of bed in the morning, which required tremendous effort to overcome the weight of her belly. Moving around the apartment was also difficult; Erica had to adopt a waddle in order to move right. Erica's back was also now slightly arched from her belly pushing her frame forward. But Jen was there every step of the way to help.

It was worth it though, for it was everything that Erica had wanted, for as long as she could remember.

Standing in front of a mirror. No clothes covering up her body. She could just admire herself. Her otherwise slender, athletic and toned body; overshadowed by an enormous bulging belly, protruding out. A belly that, when she sat covered half of her thighs and reached halfway to her knees. The sexy curves that her arched back, enormous gut and perfect ass formed was just what Erica wanted.


One week after Erica had been blessed with her new belly, it was the day she was off home to see her parents. She wasn't sure how they were going to react. It was all she had really thought about since the second expansion. But whatever happened, she knew she had made the right decision and she would stand firm to her parents.

Jen had offered to accompany Erica to her parents’ house for two reason. The main reason being for support if Erica needed it. The second was getting Erica there.

Erica's parents lived almost on the other side of the country. A six hour flight. Only thing was, in her current condition, flying wasn't an option for Erica. Driving was also now impossible. She could only just fit behind the wheel of her car. Which would now sit where it was in the parking garage below her apartment building for a long time. It simply wasn't feasible for Erica to drive it. Jen had offered to drive Erica there in her car.

The drive would take at least twenty hours. It was a long road trip. Which would require an overnight stop. Erica and Jen had planned it out so that they could stop at a motel they had found approximately halfway into their journey. That way they could rest up and be back on the road to arrive at Erica's parents’ house in the late evening the day after they left.

They were to leave on a Friday, to arrive late Saturday. Erica had called her parents to let them know she was coming with Jen, and to prepare for something big. She didn't want to tell them exactly. Only that it was nothing to worry about, but she did not look like she did the last time she had seen them at Christmas.

Erica and Jen set off early on the Friday morning. Jen helped Erica into the car, and helped her fasten the seat belt across her swollen midsection. Jen enjoyed any opportunity to get close to it. Ericas belly stretched halfway to her knees. Jen couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to experience such a thing. She wondered whether Erica could see her toes when she stood. How it must feel to cradle such a large belly that was attached semi-permanently to your body.

It was one of things that Erica loved about her belly so much. How, there was no going back really. Sure, she could have the implant removed but it would cost her in scars on her belly. She would have to wait two years to have it removed without scarring and there was nothing that could change that.

Only, that wasn't going to happen for, when Erica returned from her parents house, she had an appointment scheduled with Dr Field for a third expansion; which would add another two years minimum to her belly's lifetime . She wanted another full gallon of the special gel injecting into the implant sack. She really wanted to expand her already massive gut to its limit. She wanted to push herself and see how far she could go. Whether the third expansion would be the last, she didn't know. All she knew was she wasn't ready to stop just yet.

The first day of driving was uneventful, it was smooth sailing with a few stops at rest stops to have a coffee and break. It was mainly for Jen so she didn't drive off the road.

The girls chatted endlessly throughout the drive, getting know each other even better than they already had. They arrived at the motel at 8pm on the Friday night, and agreed to share a room.

Erica wore nothing but her underwear in bed that night. Something that Jen loved. Getting to see her friend’s massive belly in all of its glory was seldom. Erica knew that Jen liked it and she didn't mind one bit.

Erica had been taking good care of her new belly. Rubbing lotions and oils on every day to make sure that skin stayed supple and smooth, while also limiting the stretch marks. There were a few, it was unavoidable having your belly stretched so large in such a small space of time. But the few that were there she didn't mind at all.

Jen couldn't help but stare at the mountain that had been created with sheets resting atop her friends gut. She could see Erica's hands moving slowly around her expansive belly, caressing the skin. She couldn't wait for the day that she could have that surgery. And seeing how well it had gone for her friend, she knew that day wasn't far away. It would take some time to catch up to Erika, but it would be worth the wait.

They both slept well and continued on the day after. Again, the drive was uneventful. They made good time and reached Erica's parents’ house at 9pm on the Saturday night.

When Jen pulled onto the driveway, Erica saw her parents through the living room window. They jumped up out of their seats ready to greet their daughter and her friend. Erica wasn't so ready to meet her parents, as this could be a defining moment in her life with them. But only the next few minutes would give the answer to whether they would accept her decision or not.

To be continued...

Erica's Belly Chapter 3

'Oh, Erica,' Erica's mom said, disappointment was clearly there in both the tone of her voice and her eyes.


Jen had gotten out of the car first after they had pulled up on Erica's parents drive. It was the first time that they had seen their daughter since she had undergone her expansion procedure. Erica had been wary about visiting them but it was something that she knew she had to do. Her parent's deserved to know who their daughter was.

Jen had walked around to the passenger side where Erica was sitting. Cradling her enormous belly. Expanded past the size of woman coming to the end of a long pregnancy. It was the belly that Erica had always wanted. And it was now the belly that she had.

Erica had undergone a procedure in which a special sack had been implanted under her stomach muscle and filled on two occasions with a special implant gel. Her belly had grown before her very eyes as the gel flowed into the sack and pushed out her formerly slim and toned midsection. It now protruded out from her frame, resting on her thighs halfway to her knees.

The gel which had been implanted had semi solidified in the sack and formed a jello like consistency. However, it would take two years from the last injection for the gel to degrade and be able to be drained. Until that time, Erica's belly was there to stay. At least it was if she didn't want her belly covered in scars from the removal of sack filled with one and a half gallons of semi-solid gel.

Erica had been struggling to get around since the second expansion and she needed Jen's help to get out of the car. She had gone from having half a gallon of the expansion gel in her belly to one and half in one session. She had grown the size a woman would in a normally pregnancy over the course of seven months in less than an hour.

As she got out of the car, her parents saw her for the first time.


'What happened Erica,' her mom said. 'Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?'

'Well, if I had done that I would have been lying,' Erica replied. 'And, you taught me never to lie didn't you?'

'What are you talking about,' her mom responded. 'You're huge, you must be coming to the end. You didn't even tell us you had a boyfriend and now this.'

'I don't have a boyfriend mom. And I promise you, I know what it looks like, but I'm not pregnant.'

'Please let her explain,' Jen said.

Both of Erica's parents looked at Jen, as if to say and who are you.

'I'm sorry,' Jen said. 'I'm Jen, Erica's roommate.'

A spark of recognition crossed their faces, as if they had suddenly remembered that Erica had told them she was bringing Jen home with her.

'Well I guess you both better come inside,' Erica's dad said. 'If you're not pregnant like you say so, then this should be good.'

Erica smiled. Her dad had always been the joker of the family, the one to see the lighter side of things. Suddenly she didn't feel so pushed away like she had when her mom had first seen her.

Her parents' walked back into the house, leaving the door ajar behind them.

'Are you ready?' Jen asked.

'As I'll ever be,' Erica replied.

Jen helped Erica walk to the door. Erica had had to adopt the waddle of a woman nine months pregnant. Her enormous belly pushing out in front of her was causing her back to arch slightly, shifting her center of gravity. Walking to the door carrying her giant gut in tow was a good feeling, it was just one of the things she had always wanted to experience.


Erica and Jen sat on one couch, Erica's parents on the other. Erica was cradling her swollen midsection, as if protecting the sack inside of it. She wasn't sure exactly how her parents were about to respond.

'It's an implant,' Erica said.

Her parents just sat there, confused.

'Similar to breast implants, only it's not in my breasts. It's in my belly.'

Still, her parents sat there, blankness on their faces. Clearly they didn't know how to respond.

'Please, say something.'

'I don't know what to say,' Erica's mom said.

'I know this is strange for you trust me. But this was something that I have wanted for a long time. As long as I can remember really.'

'What do you mean exactly,' her dad said.

'I like pregnant women. I really do. The shape of their bodies, the enormous belly. How it's the only thing that's big where the rest of them stay relatively the same. I've always wanted a belly like that. But obviously not the baby.' Erica said.

'But, I err...' Her dad stuttered.

'Look, like I said I know this is a shock, but try to see it from my perspective. This is something I've always wanted. An opportunity presented itself, a cosmetic surgeons was doing a talk at college and was telling us about all of the new advances in the field. Jen brought it up about the possibility of having an implant in your belly. And well, I couldn't pass up on such an opportunity.'

Erica proceeded to tell her parents the story of her belly. How she had gotten the sack implanted, had to expansion injections, and how she was planning for a third when she returned to college.

'Look. Imagine a hundred years ago.' Erica said. 'Breast implants, people would have thought people who wanted two silicone balls placing in their breasts were mad. But today, it's totally normal. Who's to say in a hundred years bellies like mine won't be normal? Mom, you have implants yourself. Yes, this is more extreme, I realise that. But boobs aren't really my thing. Big bellies are. Why am I wrong for who I am? This is what I like. I'm an adult now and it's my body. Please, both of you, say something.'

Erica's mom let out a large sigh.

'You always were a smart girl,' she said. 'And this is never something I could ever see you doing. Hell, I never even imagined breast implants, never mind this. But I and your dad are open minded people. And you are our daughter. We'll always love you no matter what, and you're right. Maybe in a hundred years, this will be commonplace. You have nothing to worry about, we'll always be here for you. I can see this took a lot of courage and you gave a god argument.'

The burden that was lifted Erica's shoulders when her mom said that was unimaginable, indescribable. Almost as if she was laid on her back and someone had taken out the implant. She smiled broadly and so did Jen. Her parents returned the smiles and got up to give their daughter a hug.

Erica got to her feet. Which was not an easy task. Her mom was first, and she put her hands on her daughter’s shoulders. She engulfed her in a hug. Erica's big belly pushed into her mom.

'Well this is something I'll have to get used to,' her mom said.

'Oh I wouldn't,' Erica replied.

'What, I thought you liked it.'

'No. It's not big enough,' Erica smiled.

'Right, third injection. You will be careful though won't you? If at any point is becomes too much to bear, you will stop, won't you?'

'Mom, of course. You have nothing to worry about. I love my body. That's why I'm doing this, not because I want to destroy it.'


Over the next week Erica enjoyed the time back at home with her parents. She didn't go out much, simply because she missed being at home. She loved college, but it could never beat home.

She continued to slowly get the hang of walking with her distended belly. Reducing the degree she had to waddle until she was almost walking normally. She knew that she would have to do this now for, in less than one week when she was back at her college apartment, she would be having another expansion injection.

She was getting another one and a half gallons of gel injected into the sack. This would double the amount that was already in there and double the size of her belly. She couldn't wait. Her goal was to get her belly to her knees, the full length of her thighs. She knew this would have some huge ramifications on her life, but at the end of the day, life was to live, and this was how she liked living.


The day before Erica and Jen were due to leave to travel back to their apartment, Erica decided she wanted to go to the beach. The very same beach that had first revealed her secret to her ex-best friend Lindsey.

After Lindsey had caught Erica looking at a very pregnant woman in the ocean, she had taunted her and wanted nothing to do with her. This time, Erica was looking forward to being the 'pregnant' one. She had put on one of her old bikinis that she had left at home when she moved to college. She put on one of her maternity shirts she had bought with the money she was getting for being the first to undergo the belly expansion procedure and some summer shorts.

When they got to the beach, Erica and Jen found a spot close to the ocean. It was nowhere near as busy as the last time Erica was there. They each put down a towel and Jen sat down. Erica stood there looking out at the ocean. It was a very hot day. Not a cloud in the sky.

'Are you ready for this?' Erica asked.

'Ready for what?' Jen responded.

Erica pulled down her shorts. Her legs and ass looked great in the bikini bottoms. The same as they always had. Then came the big reveal. And big it was. Erica pulled off the maternity shirt, exposing her huge belly to the world. Jen loved the sight of it. She could never get enough of it. She planned on getting the procedure done herself during the next college year.

Erica's belly was massive. She looked gravid. Her gut protruded out from her otherwise slender, athletic frame. She looked easily as though she would give birth any day now. But that obviously wasn't going to happen. That belly would be there for a long time yet. At least two years by the time she had the next injection.

'Hand me the lotion, would you?' Erica asked Jen.

Jen just sat there, staring.


'Yeah?' She replied.

'The lotion?'

'Oh, right. Sorry, I was just...'

'I know what you were doing. I've told you, stop making excuses. Look at it all you want, touch it all you want. If it wasn't for you, my belly would be as flat and small as it used to be. I wouldn't have this enormous thing bulging out from me.'

Jen smiled. It was true, if Jen hadn't asked Dr Field about the procedure in the first place, Erica wouldn't have her belly. She couldn't know for sure, as the situation never arrived, but she would never have asked him what Jen had.

Erica squeezed the bottle of lotion and dispensed some onto the shelf the top of her belly was forming. She dropped the bottle in the sand and started massaging the liquid into her skin. Her swollen gut shone in the sun and the gleaming surface reflected the light.

Erica was so happy at that moment. Standing there, half naked in the shining sun. Her belly swollen and bulging out like she was nine months pregnant. Her best friend sitting by her side, admiring her bloated gut. What more could she want? Well, apart from her belly being bigger?


Erica walked into Dr Field's office. The day had come for her third expansion injection.

'Hello Erica, how are you today?' Dr Field asked.

'Very good thank you doctor.' She replied. 'Although I would imagine I will be lot better a couple of hours from now.'

Dr Field smiled as Erica walked by. She removed the maternity shirt she was wearing and sat in the familiar chair. She had worn an extra-large shirt that day, to ensure that it would cover her new, much larger belly.

'OK,' Dr Field said. 'So this will be the same as usual, I'll insert the needle, we'll start the pump and start filling the sack up. Like always, if this becomes too much to bear, let me know and we can take a break.'

Erica nodded.

'Now this time, your belly will grow significantly larger than it has previously. The addition of one and a half gallons of gel will grow your belly at the sides a bit but the most significant size increase will be forward. Your belly will push out quite a bit. It's the path of least resistance essentially. Like if you were blowing up a balloon, its starts filling out the sides and then it starts stretching long ways. You will also notice considerable arching of your back, to accommodate your larger belly. There will also be considerable weight increase. You will be carrying three gallons of the gel around with you in your stomach.'

Dr Field listing the outcomes of this injection only excited Erica more and more.

'This time, you will find it much more difficult to walk around at first. That is what the wheelchair is for.'

Dr Field pointed to wheelchair in the corner of his office.

'After the procedure we will take you to a recovery room for a few hours and then a nurse will take you home after the procedure. Now, if you are sure you want to proceed, we will begin. Are you ready?'

'Absolutely, never been more ready in my life,' Erica said smiling.

'Great then,' Dr Field said. 'Let's begin.'

The needle was pushed into the sack through Erica's belly and abdominal muscle. Dr Field then switched on the machine where Erica was once again met with the familiar hum.

It was much faster this time. The increasing pressure in her belly. The stretching of the skin. The pushing outwards.

As Dr Field had said, Erica felt the bloating at the sides first. Slowly her belly expanded pushing outwards further than it had ever done before. Swelling continuously as the gel moved from the container and into the sack.

It didn't take long for the front of Erica's belly to start pushing forwards. Swelling, bloating, enlarging. She noticed her belly button was also moving further outwards than it already was. It was going to be very noticeable through any shirt that she wore.

Her belly was now stretching beyond three quarters coverage of her thighs and it kept going. The pressure kept building and her belly kept growing. Seemingly never endingly outwards. It was growing in length away from her body and size at the sides. She felt her already stretched skin stretching further than it ever had before.

What she was seeing before her very eyes was her belly approaching her knees. It was without a doubt the biggest belly she had ever seen in her life. And it was hers. That filled her with a joy that masked the pain of the pressure pushing her belly further and further out.

Her belly finally reached her knees. They were no longer visible for the gargantuan gut that was now protruding for her otherwise slim and athletic frame. She got a shock as she caressed her ever expanding gut and felt how large her belly button now was, poking out at the end of her burgeoning belly.

That was when she got the next shock. She looked over to the container to find that only half of the gel had entered the sack. There was still half a gallon to go. And her belly was already at her knees.

She didn't know whether to continue or not. She had reached her target. Her belly now obscured her knees from sight. Seeing her thighs was now a thing of the past. And still her belly kept ballooning out.

The decision she made was quick. This was what she had always wanted. And she wasn't going to stop.

So she let her belly keep growing and growing. Ballooning, distending, expanding to massive sizes. The pressure inside her gut was unlike anything she had ever felt. Her belly was just pushing ever outwards.

Her back was arching much further than it already was from the last inflation. Compensating for her ever expanding and inflating mid-section. She continued to caress the stretching skin. Massaging the ever expanding surface. Stretch marks were forming all over her belly. She knew this was unavoidable given the immense size her belly now was. Her colossal gut just didn't seem to want to stop.

She was massaging furiously, trying to ease the stretching sensations of her skin trying to accommodate the size of the sack within.

It just kept going, and the speed at which her belly was pushing forward was escalating. For the first time during an expansion Erica was growing slightly concerned. Her belly was now well past the length of her thighs. Her knees were long lost to sight, but it just kept growing.

The weight of her gargantuan belly was becoming greater with every ounce of gel that entered her body. It was pressing down on her thighs that were now completely covered, and then some, to the mass of skin and gel before her. She was no longer the girl she had been. She would never be that girl again.

Still it kept going, there was a point where Erica's mind started to play tricks on her, making her think the container with the gel was bottomless, and her belly would never stop growing.

She looked over at the container once again. It was nearing the end though. Nearly three gallons of the gel was now inside of Erica's belly. It stretched out well beyond her knees from the position in which she was sitting. Her vast, gargantuan gut was bigger than anything she would have imagined possible. And it was all hers. And it was what she really wanted. She wondered just how different her life would be with her new belly. Bigger than anything she had ever seen or ever imagined.

As the gel in the container came to its last few drops, Erica's belly took one last surge, pushing further forward than ever. Her sides ballooned slightly more, but as Dr Field has said. The front of her belly was so much further forward than it was, or than Erica had thought it would be.

Her intention before entering Dr Field's office for her third inflation was for her belly to reach her knees. That passed long ago.

Then the gel stopped. The third expansion was over.

Erica took a deep breath and started caressing her belly. It was a mass of flesh, stretched skin filled with gel. There were visible red stretch marks forming all over the surface; Erica knew it was inevitable. She had stocked up on oils and lotions ready for it. She just hoped they would be enough.

This time, Erica thought, this time there are going to be some big changed to my life.


She stood there in the bathroom of her and Jen's apartment. She had not seen Jen when she came in, she was out working at one of the local student bars. The money Erica was receiving for participating was more than she could ever earn from a part-time job. Not that she was in any condition to work one anymore anyway.

She had been home about a half hour. A nurse had dropped her off like Dr Field had promised. The walk from the car to the ground floor apartment was an immense struggle. She found herself cradling her gargantuan gut at the same time as she was trying to support her heavily arched back. She was in a bit of a state, she had to admit. But it was worth it in her eyes.

The belly protruding out before her was colossal. No doubt was there about that. But she loved it, and it was hers.

After the nurse had helped her into the apartment and left, Erica decided she wanted to get a shower. She struggled up off the couch and made her way slowly, supporting both her belly and her back at the same time to the bathroom.

She got into the bathroom and closed the door. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing another gown from the hospital. Even the extra-large maternity shirt she had took with her was not big enough to accommodate her enormous size.

Still, her arms, legs, breasts and ass were the same size as ever. The only change to her was the protruding gargantuan belly hanging from her frame.

She slowly stripped of her clothes and admired her curves in the mirror. She turned to the side and saw just how big her belly was. Covered in red stretch marks. Swollen like nothing she had seen before. She checked the cabinet to make sure the oils and lotions were there for after she emerged from the shower. They were.

She turned around and opened the shower cubicle door. She turned on the water and let it run for a minute to heat up.

When she stepped inside, she found the first problem that her new belly presented her with.

As she stepped in, her belly button hit the wall, followed by her belly being compressed against the tile. And yet, she wasn't even stood in the shower.

Her belly was preventing her from fully entering the shower cubicle. She backed out and stepped in backwards. She reached for the door and tried to close it.

It was no good, her belly prevented the door from closing fully.

She tried to turn in the shower cubicle but it simply wasn't big enough. There wasn't enough space for her gargantuan expanded gut. The door would not be closing with her in the shower.

She turned off the water and got out. She looked down at her belly and caressed the immensely stretched surface of her skin.

It was at that point that Erica wondered if she had gone too far. Whether her belly, the belly that she would be stuck with for two years minimum was too big.

Then she saw herself in the mirror. The figure that she had always wanted, gone to the extreme, was there before her. And it was her figure. A belly that no longer looked pregnant with a baby, but rather a belly that looked pregnant with a small human. And it was her belly. Her belly to caress, massage and hold.

She knew she had made the right decision.

She also knew that she had probably reached her limit, her midsection likely wouldn't be growing any bigger than it was. Although, the mammoth expanded belly that was protruding from her was without question the biggest 'pregnant' belly she had ever seen.

And yet, despite the problems she knew it would cause in her life, she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like bigger.

It was big enough for now though. More than big enough. She loved it. And she couldn't wait to show Jen.

To be continued...

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Erica's Belly Chapter 3.5 (interlude II)

Erica was sitting on the couch when Jen came home. She had been sitting there for over an hour. When she had gotten home from her third expansion injection she had wanted to get a shower. Only, she had not been able to.


The third expansion had added an additional one and half gallons of the expansion gel to the sack implanted below her abdominal muscles. It now carried a full three gallons of the gel and was in the process of semi-solidifying inside her belly. Once it did so, it would stay that way for two years, meaning there was no going back for Erica.

Erica's belly was now gargantuan. It protruded out from her once slim and athletic frame, creating the look of a young woman who was well beyond what could be classed as full-term pregnancy. She had wanted to get a shower after getting in, so that she could dry off and apply the lotions and oils to her belly. She wanted to try and reduce the stretch marks that were now in abundance over the surface of her tight skin. The shower however had not been successful, as she had been physically unable to get in.

Her belly had hit the tiled wall of the shower before she had fully stepped inside. She had turned around and tried to reverse in, but it was no good. Her belly prevented the glass shower door from being closed, and there wasn't enough room in there to turn around. So, not wanting to soak the bathroom, she had temporarily given up.

She had slowly gotten redressed, to an extent, in the underwear she had been wearing during the expansion. She had no tops that would fit her anymore, even after purchasing some extra-roomy maternity clothing after her last expansion. She had been given a gown to wear home from the doctor's office, but that lay on the bathroom floor as she refused to wear it. Her pants also lay on the floor of the bathroom as, this was only something she was just admitting, they were becoming uncomfortable and a bit too tight.

She could only assume that her belly was reaching capacity and the sack had had to find room to expand into during the last expansion. Therefore, the last expansion had started stretching out the skin below her waist. Previously, her waistline had been relatively unaffected, but the expansions were now seriously taking their toll. Even the panties she was wearing were feeling tight, but she was fond of maintaining her modesty.

Walking was now also now extremely difficult for Erica. She found herself having to support her heavily arched back, while also attempting to cradle her enormous heavy belly. She knew that this time around, the expansions was going to take some serious getting used to, and was heavily going to impact on her daily life. From struggling out of bed in the morning, to getting back in at night. But to Erica, it was worth it.

When she had gone into the doctor’s office, sitting down, her belly had stretched out halfway to her knees, covering half her thighs. She intended for it to reach her knees following the expansion, only it hadn't stopped there. It had continued growing, and passed her knees. It had been a bit of a concern for Erica during the procedure, but she had powered through it, knowing that was what she wanted.

Now she sat there in the apartment, waiting for Jen to come home and see her new huge belly, wondering whether she had made the right call. Or, whether her desires had gotten the best of her, and she had had a lapse in judgement and was not stuck with this enormous gut for twenty four months.


'Oh, wow!' Was all Jen could say when she first saw Erica.

'I know,' Erica replied. ‘Big, isn't it?'

'That's a bit of an understatement wouldn't you say?'

'I suppose.'

Clearly Erica wasn't her usual self, and Jen could sense it.

'What's wrong?' Jen asked.

'I don't know really,' Erica replied. 'I mean, this is all of I have wanted for so long, but now, I don't know, maybe I went too far.'

Jen walked over and sat beside her friend. She put her hand on the shelf Erica's belly was creating, almost perpendicular to the rest of her torso.

'Went too far!' Jen said. 'How can you say that? This is awesome!'

'That's what I thought at first.' She replied. 'That's why I kept going. Kept watching as my belly kept ballooning and distending. But I'm not so sure.'


'I can't even get a shower, for one thing.'

'What do you mean?'

'The door won't close. My belly is too big for me to fit in there.'

'Is that it? We have a bath you know,' Jen said with a warm smile.

'My back is so arched now and my belly is so heavy. It really hurts to walk.'

'It will take some getting used too, sure. But that won't take long. There are some exercises you can do for your back to strengthen it, I'll show you!'

'How do you know about them?'

'I used to see my mom doing them when she was pregnant with my little sister. Watch.

Jen got off the couch and got down on her hands and knees. Erica looked at her confused.

'All you have to do is straighten your back, and then relax. Keep repeating this to strengthen your lower back muscles. If you do this a few times a day you'll lose the pain in no time.' Jen said.

Erica got up off of the couch.

'Yeah I think there may be a problem with that.' She said.

'What problem?' Jen asked.

Erica struggled down to her knees. The she tiled forward.

Her belly hit the floor.

'This problem,' Erica said.

Jen just looked.

Erica's belly had hit the floor long before her hands had. She was almost still kneeling straight up. Her belly was stretching so far forward, longer than her thighs, gone were the days of her being on her hands and knees. For two years minimum.

'OK,' Jen said. 'Well, we can try it this way.'

Jen jumped up and approached Erica. She took Erica's hand and pulled her up off the floor. Part of her felt sorry for Erica, she could see that she was in a bit of a state. But she loved her friends belly, bust as much as she knew Erica did herself. She just wanted to help her realize that.

She kept hold of Erica's hand took her over to the wall. Erica cradled her belly with her free hand. Supporting the enormous weight that was hanging from her frame. Jen then release her hand.

'OK, try this,' Jen said.

Jen backed up against the wall. She then straightened her back from the natural small arch.

'Hold it like this for a second,' Jen continued. 'And then release. And then repeat.'

Erica backed up against the wall.

'This thing is so heavy,' Erica said.

Jen walked over to her.

'Allow me,' Jen said.

Jen put her hands below her friend’s enormous gut and lifted the weight, feeling the tight bear skin, making it easier for Erica.

'Boy you weren't kidding!' Jen said grinning.

Erica then straightened her back against the wall. Held it a second and released.

The gap between the wall and the furthest point of Erica's back was much greater than that with Jen due to the heavy arching her back had undergone. She repeated the maneuver several times and then Jen released Erica's belly from her hold.

'OK, now try it with the weight of your belly,' Jen said.

Erica did, and struggled doing so. But slowly, she repeated the maneuver several times.

'How does that feel,' Jen said.

'It hurts!' Erica said.

'Well it will! Give it some time. You need to do this every day, no skipping. And before long, your back won't hurt anymore and then you'll only have to hold up your gut while you walk!'

Erica smiled at that.

'Now, come on, take a seat on the couch and I'll go and run you a bath so you can clean this thing.'

Jen patted Erica's belly and then made her way to the bathroom, while Erica walked to the couch smiling.

A few minutes later Erica heard Jen shout that the bath was ready. She slowly made her way to the bathroom, still holding her belly and back.

Erica loved Jen's uplifting spirit and positive outlook. She thought that with her friends help she could make it through with her new enormous asset. And it was enormous.

Jen had managed to lift up Erica's spirit and change her mind about her belly in such a short space of time. She was now looking forward to the future again. She would continue with the exercises than Jen had shown her to strengthen her back and then all she would have to worry about was her belly.

When she got into the bathroom Jen was standing next to the bath.

'Now take those off, and let me help you in.' Jen said.

Erica looked at her.

'What, I've seen it all before. You make me take a picture of you every time you inflate.'

'You're right,' Erica said.

So she took her bra and panties off, slowly. She really struggles with bending down to take her panties off, and her back hurt when she reached round to unhook her bra. But eventually, she was standing there naked in front of her friend.

Jen took Erica's hand and Erica lifted one leg over the edge of the bathtub. She felt her thigh rub against the stretched skin of her belly. It felt amazing.

She slowly sat down in the bath and then slouched.

Her belly floated above the surface of the water like an island in the ocean.

'Now,' Jen said, smiling still. 'Anymore complaints?'

'Well there is this.' Erica said, putting her finger on her protruding belly button.

Jen just laughed.

'Oh, and none of my clothes fit me anymore. So you're going to be seeing a lot of me in my underwear these next few days. I need to order some new clothes, I just hope they make maternity clothes big enough!'

Erica put both of her hands on her belly, protruding out from the surface of the water. She slowly started to caress and massage the swollen mound that was bulging out from her frame.

Then Jen joined her. Jen envied Erica so much, she so badly wanted a belly just like hers. And she couldn't wait for the day that she would have the same expansion surgery that had blessed Erica with her best asset.

Erica lay there in the tub. Knowing that the gel inside of her belly was slowly semi-solidifying into a jello-like consistency. Once it solidified, it was stuck in her belly for two years, until it would degrade and could be drained. And until that time, unless she wanted her belly covering in scars from the removal of a sack filled with three gallons of gel, she was stuck with her colossal belly.


Erica's belly was undeniably enormous, and it would undoubtedly cause huge changes in her day to day life. Her gut protruded massively out from her frame, her back was heavily arched and in pain. Her belly button protruded out so that no top she could buy would hide it. But she loved her belly massively and knew that with Jen's help she would get by.

As she lay there in the bathtub. The thought she had had the last time she was in the bathroom, after being denied a shower by her gargantuan belly, crossed her mind again.

She wondered whether her belly could go any bigger.

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Erica's Belly Chapter 4

It had been a good couple of days for Jen. She had been off work, and able to stay at home and do nothing but relax. And best of all, Erica had just undergone her most recent belly expansion procedure which, like the last time, meant she didn’t have any clothes that actually fit her.


Erica’s belly was now colossal, having being expanded to a huge size following the injection of three full gallons of expansion gel into the sack which was implanted in her belly. The sack had been implanted below her abdominal muscles so as to simulate the shape and look of a real pregnant belly as closely as possible. However, Erica’s belly no longer looked pregnant. It was much too large for that.

Following her previous expansion, Erica had bought some extra-roomy maternity clothing to accommodate for the much larger belly she would undoubtedly have in the future. However, her belly had surpassed the expectations that Erica had had about how big it was going to be.

She had undergone three expansion procedures. The first had added half a gallon of the gel to her belly, to bloat out the sack and begin stretching her skin ready for the future. The second had added a further one gallon of gel, which had made her belly look as if she was almost coming towards the end of a long nine month pregnancy. The third expansion had added another one and a half gallons of the expansion gel.

This had really ballooned her belly. Sitting down, her midsection now stretched beyond her knees. Her thighs were completely covered by the mass of flesh that was protruding from her once slim and athletic body.

Her back had been heavily arched by the expansion procedure and her belly button now looked more like a ping pong ball that was implanted below her skin at the front of her belly. There wasn’t a shirt that existed that would hide her belly button anymore.

It and her belly were undeniably huge.

The maternity clothes that Erica had bought didn’t stand a chance with her new bloated gut. It was simply too big. She had been given a gown to wear home from the doctors following her expansion; however that had now been trashed. Even Erica’s pants were now becoming tight. Previously, her waistline had been relatively unaffected. But now, with her belly likely reaching capacity, the sack filling with gel had started finding skin elsewhere so it could continue expanding outwards.

So Erica had made an order for more maternity clothes online. She certainly couldn’t go out shopping for them. They took two days for delivery, and Jen had loved every minute of the wait. Erica had also ordered new panties as, although she was wearing them for the time being, her usual ones were becoming just that bit tight too. Her breasts remained the same size, and she didn’t expect them to get any bigger, she wasn’t actually pregnant, so she was perfectly fine in the bra department.


Jen had watched Erica continuously for two days. She had watched her walk around the apartment, still getting used to her new colossal belly. Erica had to support both her belly, due to the immense weight of it; and her back, which was heavily arched and causing Erica pain.

Jen had shown Erica some exercises that would strengthen up her back so that the pain would be lessened. She had seen her mom do them when she had been pregnant with her younger sister. She had thought her mom was weird at the time, wondering what the hell she was doing. But now, watching Erica doing those very same exercises was one of her favourite moments of the day.

She admired Erica’s belly so much, and she wanted one just like it.

Erica also admired Jen massively as well. When she had gotten her latest expansion procedure, she had been concerned that she had maybe gone too far. That her belly was now too big. However, it hadn’t taken long for Jen to change her mind and lift her spirits about the whole situation.

Erica had been unable to get into the shower, her belly being too big to successfully close the shower door on the cubicle. But after some encouraging words with Jen, she had gotten a bath and was happy again.

Erica didn’t mind how much Jen watched her and admired her; for she knew that without Jen, the enormous gut protruding out from her frame would not be there. Jen had been the one with the courage to ask. And Erica had been the one to benefit as Jen was unsure about the never-been-performed-before experimental procedure. Erica was sure, as, so it seemed, her desire to have an enormous belly was greater than Jen’s.

Erica knew that Jen intended to get the same procedure done in just over half a year. Although, she believed that that timeline would soon change, and she would see a pregnant belly on her friend before the summer was out.

Jen had grown more and more in love with Erica’s belly recently. As a result of the immense stretching her skin had undertaken, Erica’s belly was covered in stretch marks. She had been advised by Dr Field to rub lotions and oils over the skin to lessen the effects. The latest expansion had really taken its toll, resulting in red stretch marks all over Erica’s belly. For the first time, Erica had asked Jen to help her with her now five times daily ritual. Jen was absolutely thrilled by the offer.

As Erica lay there on her bed, her gut stretching out to the ceiling, Jen had sat beside her. Jen would slowly and carefully caress Erica’s belly, massaging in the lotions to moisturise Erica’s strained skin. Erica enjoyed the euphoric experience of her friend massaging her belly just as much as Jen did. The lotions had been working quickly, and the prominence of the stretch marks were becoming less. However, Erica knew that they were not going away fully. Ever.

The stretching that her belly had done in such a small amount of time had done irreparable damage to her skin. The belly was there for a minimum of two years; until the gel disintegrated and it could be strained. But even if she got the belly drained and the sack removed without being refilled, which she wasn’t sure she would do, she knew that the stretch marks were there to stay. Having your belly bloated, to a size greater than that of a woman at the end of a long pregnancy, in less than three months would do that. But it was something that she had accepted, as Erica loved her belly.

Although Erica wasn’t too fond of them, Jen liked the stretch marks. Jen felt that it was one of things that came with pregnancy, and it was therefore something that she loved. She also loved the fact that the marks had given her the opportunity to be closer than ever to the biggest ‘pregnant’ looking belly she had ever seen. And not just be close to it, but to touch it and caress it and massage it.

The additional bonus of her belly, was that it had brought Erica closer to the best person she had ever met. Jen.


‘I’m going to have another expansion,’ Erica said.

‘Excuse me?’ Replied Jen.

It had been two weeks since Erica had undergone her last expansion. She was coming to much greater terms with her enormous gut. The arch in her back was still highly prominent, but the exercises she had been doing had strengthened it enough that she no longer felt much pain. Now all she had to support while she walked was her immensely heavy belly.

The maternity clothes had arrived; new tops that covered her enormous midsection in its entirety and stretchy-waist pants and underwear that were much more comfortable. She was feeling very good about the future. And, after much consideration she had decided she was going to undergo one final expansion.

Three more gallons, her biggest one yet, which would increase the volume of gel in her belly to a whole six gallons. Double that what was currently in there. She wasn’t sure what the effects would be on her body and her life, but she was sure that this would be her last expansion, and she knew she wanted to make it a big one.

Erica had decided that she wanted her belly to stick out in front of her, when she was sitting down, double the length of her waist to her knees. She wanted her thighs covered by a belly that was twice their length forward. She also wanted to add more girth. She wanted the biggest ‘pregnant’ belly there had ever been. And she was sure about it.

She knew that immediately following the procedure she would likely regret her decision. But she was prepared for that. She knew that Jen would be there for her no matter what. And she knew that after she had come to terms with it. She would love her belly even more.

‘Have you thought this through properly?’ Jen asked.

‘I have,’ Erica replied. ‘It’s going to be my last expansion. Then I’ll have my belly that size for two years. At the end of that, if I still want it I’ll have it refilled. If not, then I’ll have the implant removed.’

‘Well, if you’re sure, then you know that I’ll support you. Hell, that will be one big belly.’

‘It will, and to be honest with you, I really can’t wait. It will be good to know that that will be the belly I will have, for two whole years. It won’t get any bigger or any smaller.’

Jen smiled. She was thinking.

‘I have something I want to tell you as well,’ she said.

‘Oh?’ Erica replied.

‘Yeah, I’m going to have the procedure done.’

‘I already knew that.’

‘No, I mean soon.’

‘Oh, really. Awesome! How soon?’

‘Well, now that you’ve told me that, I’m thinking the same time that you have your final expansion, I’ll get the sack implanted.’

‘That sounds amazing. I know you’ll look great!’

‘Thanks, although I don’t think I’ll ever look as good as you. That belly of yours will take some beating. And when you get it expanded further, I may just be the best belly on this planet!’

‘Wow, that was cheesy!’ Erica said.

‘Yeah, it was kinda wasn’t it!’


‘Look, there is someone I want you to meet before you go through with this final expansion,’ Jen said.

‘Who?’ Erica replied.

‘My older sister.’

‘Why is that?’

‘Well, she was pregnant a few years ago. She had triplets!’

‘Yeah, I didn’t even think. You told me that so long ago.’ Erica said.

‘I was so jealous of her belly. Although, not quite as jealous as I am of yours. Her belly wasn’t even as big with three babies in there as yours is now. But the point is, she had it for a lot longer. I just want you to talk to her, to see if you are absolutely sure that you are ready to go through with it.’

‘That’s smart; although, it will take some major convincing to change my mind.’

‘No, I don’t want you to change your mind. Are you kidding? I don’t want to see your belly stop growing ever! I just want you to make sure you know what you’re going in for. Its great having the belly for a short period, but my sister was stuck with it for a lot longer. And, once you have the expansion, you’ll be stuck with it for a hell of a lot longer than that. Plus, my sister’s belly wasn’t even that big for the whole pregnancy, but she will hopefully still be able to give you some advice.’

‘That sounds good,’ Erica said. ‘Although, in case you forgot, mine isn’t exactly a typical pregnancy!’

‘Don’t worry,’ Jen said. ‘She knows everything, I speak to her all the time. She’s a great person and really open minded.’

‘Well that sounds fantastic,’ Erica said.

‘There is another reason I want to head home as well.’

‘What’s that?’ Erica said.

‘I want to tell my mom.’

‘Tell her what?’

‘About the procedure I’m going to have.’

‘I’m sure she’ll be OK with it.’

‘You don’t know her; she’s nothing like your parents.’

‘I’m sure it will be fine!’


The car ride to Jen’s home was not anywhere near as long as it was to Erica’s, which turned out to be a really good thing. Erica’s belly was now so large she could no longer fit into the front passenger seat of Jen’s car. She had to sit sideways across the backseats all the way there; her hand was resting on the top of her belly, feeling it move around and bounce as the car journeyed on.

Jen’s sister Hollie was waiting at Jen’s mom’s house. Jen had called her earlier and asked her to be there. She was there for two reasons: the first being to talk to Erica as Jen had promised, the second being to help Jen in explaining her decision to her rather strict mom. She had left her triplets at home with her husband, so that they wouldn’t distract Jen and Erica while they were there. She was five years older than Jen and was a high school teacher.

Jen’s younger sister, Ellen, was at camp for the summer, so she wouldn’t be around; and Jen’s dad was long out of the picture; Jen didn’t even really remember his face, he had left when she was very young. Jen and Erica weren’t staying the night. Fortunately, Dr Field was available the following day and had agreed to perform the final expansion procedure on Erica , albeit slightly reluctantly; and the sack implant surgery on Jen, which one week later would start to be filled with the expansion gel. But today was the day Jen would make the final decision as to whether, or not, she would go through with it. Although, in all truthfulness, she couldn’t see a situation where she wouldn’t do it.

When the girls got there, only Hollie was in the house. Jen’s mom was out shopping and had promised to be back within an hour. In a way, Jen was glad, as it would give Erica time to talk to her sister before her mom got back.

Hollie was taken aback when she first saw Erica. She let the two in and led them to the living room, she offered them drinks and then they sat down.

‘Wow,’ Hollie said. ‘When Jen said you were bigger than me when I was pregnant, I didn’t expect she was being so literal.’

Hollie was very pretty, there was no denying that. She didn’t look too different to Jen; you could certainly tell they were sisters. By looking at her, Erica would have never been able to guess that she had once had a belly that was nearly as big as hers was now.

Erica’s belly lay resting on her lap, stretching out slightly further than her knees. She was resting her hands on top of it.

‘I’m glad my sister was roomed with you,’ Hollie continued. ‘I’m glad she found someone who shares the same desires as she does.’

‘I’m glad I was roomed with her too,’ Erica said. ‘I think it’s amazing that we were randomly put together and share this. We really have gotten close.’

‘Tell me, does she struggle to keep her hands off you? I know she couldn’t keep them off my belly when I was pregnant.’

‘She can’t, but I welcome it. I wouldn’t have this if it wasn’t for Jen.’

‘I’ve got to be honest, I really don’t know how much advice I can give you. You are already bigger than I was, and by what Jen was telling me you are planning on becoming twice as big. Which don’t get me wrong is awesome, but, I hope I’m not being rude, why?’

‘It’s my thing. Some people like big boobs, some people like big asses. I like big bellies!’

‘And that’s great. But, have you fully thought through what this will do to your life.’

‘As much as I can,’ Erica said. ‘I mean, I will come across stuff that I haven’t thought about sure, but this is everything that I have wanted for so long. It makes me so happy you wouldn’t believe. In some ways, what this belly limits me from doing is part of the charm, it’s part of what turns me on so much about it.’

‘That’s a good answer.’

‘I suppose the thing’s Jen was wanting you to advise me on was the long term effects. I know your belly wasn’t as big as mine, and certainly not a big as it will be, but I’ve only had this a couple months. I will be stuck with a belly that is twice this size for two years. What can I expect?’

‘Frequent bathroom visits,’ Hollie said. ‘For starters anyway.’

‘Oh, that’s already started. I’m going every hour.’

‘Well you’ll be going a lot more frequently, I can promise you that. Well, to start with at least. I suppose your body will adapt over time and you will go less. Your back will hurt a lot more as well. It will curve and arch like you wouldn’t believe. Jen showed you some of the exercises that me and my mom used to do. You’ll have to keep doing them. Your belly will also be so much heavier. You will find your mobility severely reduced, at least until your belly becomes second nature and your body completely adjusts to it. To be honest I’m probably repeating here everything you have already been told or what you already know. But I’m with Jen in wanting to make sure you absolutely know what you’re getting yourself into.’

‘I know, and I’m really grateful for it. Believe me.’

‘Well, that’s all I really wanted to say. Unless Jen has anything to say.’

Jen said, ‘No, nothing. I’ve said everything already. I’m all for it, I just hope that mom doesn’t have any issues with me doing it.’

‘Well, that’s another discussion altogether. But for you Erica, I wish you all the best of luck. Your belly is absolutely stunning, and I hope you won’t mind if I come and visit once you have had your final expansion. That is a belly I absolutely have to see!’

‘No problem at all,’ Erica said. ‘I look forward to it. I’ll probably be bed bound for a while anyway. This thing is going to be huge when I’m done with it.’

Erica placed her hands either side of her gargantuan gut, knowing that before long, it would be so much bigger.

Then, Hollie and Jen’s mom walked in.


Jen’s mom didn’t exactly give her approval. But by no one’s account did she say that she didn’t. She was never going to approve of her daughter doing such a thing to her body. But she certainly seemed interested in Erica. Both Jen and her sister were surprised by this; both of them were thinking that it would be a flat out no. But surprises are everywhere nowadays.

Jen was going to go ahead with the procedure; the next day, before Erica went forward with her final inflation, Jen would have the sack implanted. Then, one week later, she would start having the expansion procedure, filling the sack with the expansion gel.


One week later, Erica was once again inside Dr Field’s office. Jen had had the first of her procedures, in that the sack had now been implanted inside her belly, below the abdominal muscles. She was at home recovering.

Erica was sitting there. She was unquestionably nervous about what was about to happen. But there was no doubt in her mind that what she was doing was what she really wanted to do.

Dr Field was a little reluctant to perform the procedure giving the already enormous size of Erica’s belly. But, as Erica had given her full consent and, as a man of science he was also curious just how large her belly could go, he had agreed to do the final expansion.

This time around, Dr Field has sat Erica upright on an examination bed, with her legs stretched out straight. As her belly would be growing so much this time, he didn’t want it to droop at the front due to lack of support. This way, as her belly expanded, it could rest on her legs and grow out straight.

Dr Field had also added a hardening agent to the gel so it would semi-solidify much faster; again, this was so it would maintain the correct shape once it was inside Erica’s belly. It would also add extra support and firmness to the structure of the gel so that the enormity of her new belly would not cause it to fall to the floor, and it would still look ‘pregnant’ in that gravity-defying sense. Dr Field assured her the agent had been extensively tested with the gel and did nothing more than what he had said it did.

As Erica sat there, waiting for the procedure to begin, she saw the container with the expansion gel stored in it. There was a lot in there. As much as what was in her belly already. This both made her very uneasy, but also excited her immensely. There were butterflies in her stomach, and judging by the size of it, there were a lot of them.

She had removed all of her clothing apart from her panties and bra for the expansion. She had made sure this time that no matter what, the maternity clothes she had come in with were stretchy enough to accommodate her new belly.

Dr Field was ready.

‘OK, Erica,’ he said. ‘Your final expansion, how are you feeling?’

‘Nervous,’ Erica said. ‘But at the same time I’ve never been more excited.’

‘It’s good to hear. Now as usual, I’ll just go through the procedure before we begin.’

Erica smiled and nodded.

‘This time, we will be increasing the size of your belly by an enormous amount. And it is already enormous. There are three gallons of the expansion gel in your belly from the three previous procedures. This time, we are going to double that to six gallons, with the addition of three more gallons. You will probably have found that your waistline increased in size last time.’

Erica nodded.

‘Well as you probably guessed, that was due to the sack searching for more room as it expanded. While your belly will have by far the greatest size increase again, you will find your waist will increase somewhat to accommodate the volume of gel. You will find your back will curve greatly, and your belly will grow incalculably larger. You will find walking impossible immediately following the expansion, and even after your mobility will be severely reduced. Over time, your body will adapt and it will improve somewhat, but not significantly. The weight of your belly will double, again, this will be difficult at first, but over time your legs will strengthen and it will become easier.’

Erica continued smiling, everything she was hearing was both exciting and worrying her. It was a strange feeling, but somewhat enjoyable.

‘Now, Erica,’ Dr Field said in a considerably more serious tone. ‘This is important. Please listen carefully. Due to the size the implant will be following this procedure, you will be stuck with this belly for two years, until the gel degrades and can be drained.’

‘I know Dr,’ Erica said. ‘And I don’t want scars all over my belly so I will not be removing it.’

‘No. This time it is different. There is no way that an implant of this size could be safely removed. Therefore, for two years, this belly is absolutely permanent. There is no going back after this expansion until the gel naturally degrades and can be drained without surgery.’

This knocked Erica back a bit. She wasn’t expecting that. Up until that point she always knew there had been a safety net. That if she changed her mind, at the cost of scars on her belly, she could have the implant removed. Now, she was being told that was no longer an option. That, no matter what, the belly that she would leave the doctor’s office with today should she go ahead with the expansion; she would be stuck with for two years. No going back.

She sat there thinking for a minute. Did she really want to go through with it? Was she willing to have such an enormous belly for two years without the possibility of removing it? Was she willing to give up good mobility? The ability to have showers, at least at home? The ability to sleep on her front? The ability to take a ride in the front seat of a car? And who knows what else she would find she could no longer do with such a huge gut? All this would be gone for two whole years should she go through with the expansion.

Her mind was racing. A million thoughts every second clanging around in her head.

But, at the end of the day, there was only answer she was ever going to give to each of these questions.

‘That’s OK Dr,’ she said. ‘This is something that I want. And, this is something I am willing to have for two years. You only get one life, and this is how I want to live mine.’

Erica gave a nervous smile. With those words, she had irreversibly changed her life for two whole years.

Dr Field nodded, ‘OK then. Let’s begin.’

Erica prepared herself; she started slowly caressing and massaging her already swollen belly. She had made sure to go overboard on the lotions and oils over the last few days to make sure her skin was ready for what was about to happen. Everything being considered, it looked good.

Dr Field inserted the needle then, through her skin, her stomach muscles and into the sack.

‘OK then,’ he said. ‘Are you sure you’re ready?’

Erica said, ‘Absolutely, let’s do this.’

Then she smiled. Then her life for the next two years changed.


It started as it always had. The familiar hum of the machine. The gel being slowly pumped from the container and into her belly.

Again, the growth started immediately. Her belly, which already extended past her knees, started pushing further out. She felt the immense pressure inside her belly building and building and her belly kept pushing and pushing.

It started ballooning out at the sides at an equal speed to which it was growing forward. Her belly was inflating once again. It was a feeling she loved to feel and a sight she loved to see.

The sensation of her belly bloating filled her with euphoria, but there was also the familiar pain of her skin stretching further and further and the pressure building.

Her gut continued to grow stretching and expanding outward. The forward momentum was slowing but the growth in girth was increasing, her belly was becoming rounder before her eyes.

She realised that some of the forward momentum had been forced into her belly button and she felt that surging forward. All the while, the sides of her blimp of a stomach just kept pushing out.

Her belly, for the first time, was expanding beyond the sides of her normal frame, and it was moving fast. She could feel the pressure keep building and the skin stretching.

She made short glances over to the gel container; barely a quarter had been injected into her belly.

As the speed at which the sides were growing slowed, the momentum at which the front was growing increased. Her belly was now halfway down her shins. It was enormous, bigger than any belly she had ever seen; it was hers, it was still growing, and it wasn’t even close to being finished.

The pressure continued to build and the bloating continued.

Erica’s once slim, athletic body, where a well-toned tummy had once been, was now overshadowed by the gargantuan distended gut that was growing out further and further from her body.

The speed at which it was growing continued to speed up, and so did the pressure that was building inside her gut.

Her back was arching beyond anything she had experienced, or anything she had ever seen before. There was a pressure building in her spine as her stomach continued to power forward.

Her belly button was now closing in on her feet.

Her thighs were long gone, so were her knees. Her shins were now completely covered by the enormous gut that was still growing.

The excitement that Erica was feeling was starting to dampen, and the nerves were starting to grow.

Her belly just kept growing. As the front growth slowed, the back arching did too, but then the increase in girth of her stomach would increase. She could feel the already immense weight of her belly increasing more and more as the gel continued to flow into her belly.

As the growth continued, the repercussions of the belly that was inflating before her eyes went through her mind. As it continued to expand, she furiously rubbed, massaged and caressed her skin as it continued to stretch.

She felt the pressure beginning to die off a bit, thinking that the expansion was coming to an end.

The girth of her belly had increased immensely, but once again, the biggest growth had been forward. Her belly was now at her feet. She could feel the end of her belly with the tops of her feet. Her belly was now wider than it had ever been and almost twice the diameter of her otherwise slim frame. Her back was a curved greatly and the weight was massive.

Then she looked over at the container. There was still a quarter left.

As if on que of her looking, the pressure rebuilt.

The first thing she felt was more growth at the sides, her belly was fattening up more, growing in girth. Next came the tightness around her waist, her panties were digging into her skin, the gel was needing to find more and more room to expand into and it was taking the skin from her once slim waist.

There was not a lot of excitement left in Erica, it was mainly nerves and worry. Worry for the future. Why had she done this to herself?

As she massaged her belly she could feel the gel already solidifying into its firmer jello like consistency, aided by the hardening agent Dr Field had added. She could feel her future solidifying with it.

But then she thought back. She knew that she would feel this way. She knew that Jen would be there for her. She knew that everything would be OK. She relaxed a bit, and tried to enjoy the final moments of her expansion.

She watched as the final few drops of gel bulged her belly out. The final surges were at the front. Her belly was now resting on top of her feet.

Never did she think, just a couple months ago, that she would have a belly so big that it would be twice her usual width, arch her back beyond anything she had seen, and be so big that it would be resting on her feet with her legs out straight.

When the machine stopped pumping the gel she took a huge breath. It was over.

Her belly was vast, massive, gargantuan, and colossal; there aren’t words to describe just how big it was. It protruded out from her frame like nothing that could be imagined.

It was awash with red stretch marks, streaking her belly all over. Her belly button was bulging out at the front, looking now like a tennis ball implanted beneath her skin.

The front of her belly was now out of reach. She could no longer bend forward enough, nor were her arms long enough for Erica to reach the front of her own belly.

The first thought in her mind was how she was going to have to get Jen to lotion and oil the front of her belly. But then she thought better and realised that Jen would be more than happy to do the entire thing herself. She would be doing it to her own belly soon enough.

Dr Field made sure that Erica was OK. He wanted to keep her in the office overnight so that nurses could watch over her; but she refused. She wanted to go home to her own bed. She had never felt so tired in her entire life.

The nurses took Erica home and Dr Field has agreed for them to visit her twice a day for the next couple of weeks to make sure she was OK. The nurses put Erica in bed when they got her home, she had to be wheeled out of the office and into her bedroom as she was physically incapable of walking herself. Dr Field had also agreed to increase the amount of money Erica was receiving for participating in the procedures quite significantly, he knew that her life was now going to be immensely more difficult, and he felt partially responsible for that. Sure, Erica had willingly volunteered, but Dr Field had agreed to give a young woman a belly so big, she was temporarily unable to walk.

She knew it would be a little while before she would be back on her feet.

She sat there upright in bed. Her hands gently resting on the blimp of a belly that was distending out from her. Her overly distended gut stretching all the way down the length of her legs, which were now lost to sight, and resting on top of her feet. The weight of her belly was great, heavier than she had ever expected it to be. Of course, the thoughts were there of just how she was going to live with that thing for two years. But she loved it just the same amount as she was worried about it.


Erica wondered what the next two years would hold for her and her belly. She wondered just how big the effect it would have on her life would be. She knew it would be big, just not how big. Erica’s belly was so vast now that it was almost a separate entity to her. Obviously, she knew that was ridiculous, but it amused her a bit. The belly was hers and she had never loved it more, and it had never turned her on more. And it wasn’t going anywhere for two whole years.

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Erica's Belly Chapter 4.5

Erica was sitting there. She had been for a week. Her back against the backboard, propped up with pillows, her legs stretched out on the bed before her. On top of her legs, now stretching all the way down to her feet; lay her titanic belly. At the end of her colossal tummy, her belly button was now enormous, it looked more like a tennis ball that had been implanted under the skin; rather than a human belly button.

Erica's belly was now so big she was unable to walk. She was not capable of standing up on her own anymore. She had done this to herself, voluntarily. She had undergone a rather unorthodox procedure to have a sack implanted below her abdominal muscles, then, over the course of four expansion procedures, the sack had been filled with six whole gallons of a special expansion gel. The gel had semi-solidified into a jello like consistency in the sack. Now, from her once slim, athletic frame, protruded a behemoth of a belly.

At the start of her expansion journey, Erica had wanted a big belly. She wanted her belly to look pregnant, very pregnant; but now, she was worried that she had maybe gone too far.

During the previous expansions, she had always had a safety net. There was the option, providing she was willing to have her belly covered in scars, to have the implant removed. But now, thanks to the enormous size of it, the implant was no longer safe to remove with the gel intact. Therefore, she would have her belly for two full years. After around two years, the gel would naturally degrade into a watery consistency, it could then be drained and the implant sack removed, and her belly would be gone. Providing, of course, she didn't want it refilling.

But for the next two years, whether she liked it or not, her massive belly wasn't going anywhere. No matter how much it affected her life.


At first, she had been excited. The prospect of having a belly that stretched the length of her legs to her feet made her feel fantastic. When she had been sat there, watching it grow and expand beyond anything she had imagined, she had been slightly worried, but she was still turned on. The belly inflating before her was her deepest desire, it was hers and she loved it.

Now, facing the prospect of being immobile and not being able to walk for two years, the concern was growing.

Her belly was awash with bright red stretch marks. She was no longer capable of reaching the full expanse of her belly, so Jen had been helping with the application of oil and lotions to the stretched skin. Jen had loved it, being so close to Erica's belly. But, the creams weren't working as well as they had before. The stretch marks were fading slightly, but Erica knew that the skin on her belly would never fully recover. Even if she were to have the belly implant removed.

Erica's back was arched heavily, accommodating her enormous gut. Again, she knew that, even if she were to have the belly removed two years down the line, her back and spine would likely never fully recover. Even when she had the support of Jen and the nurses from the Dr Field's office, her back was in pain as she walked. She had been relying on Jen and the nurses to get her to the bathroom, get washed and bring her food. She was in no state to do it herself.

She had tried standing a couple of times on her own, but it had been too much to bear. Her belly was immensely heavy, requiring her to effectively carry it in her hands. As she needed the strength of both arms to support the incredible mass of her gut, her back was unsupported. The pain was therefore too much; she knew that until she strengthened her back, she wouldn't be going anywhere on her own.

The pain was becoming slightly less as the day's progressed. In bed, she was performing some of the exercises Jen had shown her; but, she knew that the pain would not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Her life was irreparably changed as a result of her belly. She knew her skin and her back would likely never recover. She knew that she would never walk the same again, her hips and legs would likely adjust to accommodate her gargantuan stomach, and would likely never go back.

And yet, despite everything, she still loved her belly. Staring at it day in, day out, turned her on like nothing had ever done before. She loved it, it was the reason she had wanted it in the first place.

Hell, the tiniest part of her even wondered what it would be like bigger.


'Jen!' Erica shouted.

It had been two weeks since Erica's belly had undergone the expansion that had increased its size to gargantuan proportions. She had been in bed for that full two weeks, apart from the odd times Jen and the nurses, who were now no longer coming to the apartment, had helped her out for necessary things.

Erica had had enough though. She had been performing the back strengthening exercises for two weeks. The pain, which had been prominent even when in bed, thanks to the immense arching of her back, was starting to dull. She hoped that she was finally ready to walk on her own. She knew that, for the time being, she would have to carry her belly around with her hands. Her body was simply not used to its incredible size and mass. But, in the interest of getting out of bed for the day, it was something she knew she would be willing to do.

'Yeah?' Jen said, appearing at the door.

'I want to get up,' Erica said. 'I've been in this bed long enough, I think I'm ready.'

'If you're sure. I don't want you to rush anything.'

'I am. My back is feeling better. I think it's strong enough to support itself.'

Jen came further into the room, she said, 'OK then, how do you want to do this?'

'Well, I was hoping, if you could just help me up by lifting my belly as I support my back, I can hopefully walk a bit on my own.'

'Sounds good,' Jen said, clearly delighted at the prospect of further cradling her friend's titanic tummy.

Erica threw the covers off of her. She was completely naked. Thanks to the size of her belly, even the largest of maternity clothing, which she had bought following her previous expansion, were no longer big enough for her. Her incredibly unusual body shape meant that no standard clothing would fit her.

Dr Field had arranged for a tailor to swing by Erica and Jen's apartment to sort something out for Erica. He had been two days ago. He had offered Erica a saving grace. Not only would he provide her with clothing to cover her body, he had also developed some special support shirts. These would evenly distribute the weight of Erica's enormously heavy belly evenly over her body.

As Erica had stood, Jen supporting the weight of her belly, and Erica supporting her back. The tailor had done his measuring. Jen had gently released the weight of Erica's belly and the strain on the skin below her breasts had been tremendous.

The hardening agent Dr Field had put into her belly was maintaining the anti-gravity pregnant look, but the weight was still there. And the weight of the six gallons of gel, inside the implant, inside of Erica's belly, was making it very heavy.

The tailor had offered the support shirts. This would mean that Erica would be able to walk without supporting her belly or her back. Almost like normal, apart from the waddle she would have to adopt thanks to her immense gut.

As the sack had inflated during the last two expansions, it had taken more room than ever before in her body. Her body's shape had changed like never before. The sack had increased the size of her waist, and the incredible arching her back had undergone had made her bras unsuitable for her.

But, the shirts were going to take another two days to arrive; along with her special panties and bras and clothing. So for the time being, Erica had to make do with what she had from her previous body. Although, the only things she was going to put up with, to preserve what little modesty she could possibly have without clothes that fit her, was the panties. Jen had seen it all before, and she didn't mind Jen looking at her body, which she did a lot of. After all, despite all of the problems her belly was causing her, she loved it; and, without Jen, she wouldn't have it.

Erica swung round so she was sitting on the side of the bed. Her belly stretched forward, well past her knees, seemingly floating in midair.

Jen then positioned herself in front of Erica. The two girls nodded at each other. Jen took the weight of Erica's gargantuan gut while Erica supported her back. She then slowly stood up.

Jen then slowly released the weight of Erica's belly. Erica felt the weight start to pull down her frame. Then, when Jen had fully released it, the weight on the skin below her breasts was immense. She slowly let go of her back, the pain was there, but not too bad. She then lifted her belly, taking the strain off of her frame.

Jen then handed Erica some panties. Erica took one hand off of her belly and dropped them to the floor. She stepped into them and then looked at Jen.

'I'm sorry, there is no way I am going to be able to pull these up,' Erica said. 'My belly is too big, I can't bend down.'

Jen just smiled. She moved behind Erica and pulled the panties up. She watched them snap tight into place on Erica's ass, which still looked fantastic; tight, pert and firm. It looked better than ever, which Jen assumed was down to the extra weight of Erica's belly, when she had been walking around after her previous expansions, firming it up more. Jen felt a bit sad knowing that such a nice butt would not be the best asset that Erica had. That honor would without question go to her colossal belly.

Jen then got Erica's robe off the back of her door. She moved behind Erica and held it in place. Erica slowly put her arms through, releasing her belly one arm at a time and then supporting it once the arm was through the sleeves. When both arms were through, Jen walked around to the front of Erica. She tied the robe around Erica's breasts, but leaving her belly protruding out through the opening exposed. There was not a chance that the robe would be able to cover the massive surface of her belly.

'Are you ready,' Jen asked.

Erica nodded. 'I think I am.'

'OK,' Jen said. 'Let's take this slow.'

Erica did. Each step was painful. The pressure on her back and spine was there with each step. Her belly, even with her supporting it with both arms, was putting immense strain on her body. But, slowly she made her way out of her bedroom and into the living room. She then made it to the couch, where she slowly sat down, feeling indescribable relief.

Erica had never thought that such a small walk could take so long and be so painful. But, with a belly the size of Erica's, she guessed that even the most normal things in her life would be difficult.


Erica was sitting there on the couch. It had been two days since she had made her way there for the first time on her own. Over the two days, she had been performing the back strengthening exercises while standing. Thanks to the extra resistance of standing, her back was becoming stronger and stronger, meaning she was now walking with much less pain in her back.

She was still however still having to support the incredible weight and strain that her titanic tummy was putting on her body. However, that day, thanks to the support shirts she had been promised by the tailor, that was about to change.

They arrived just after lunch. Erica wasted no time in trying one on.

Jen brought the package over to her and Erica stood. By herself. Her back was now strong enough that she could stand without supporting it, meaning all she had to do was support her belly, no longer needing Jen's help.

She released her belly from her grip, feeling the strain it placed on the skin below her breasts. She then removed the robe she was wearing, exposing her mammoth belly in full and her breasts which were resting on the shelf her belly was creating with her torso.

She took the shirt and pulled it over her head. She then pulled it over her breasts, it was tight fitting to her.

'Would you mind pulling this over my belly?' Erica asked. 'I can't reach the front!'

'Sure!' Jen said enthusiastically.

Jen did. She pulled the material to the front of Erica's gut, over her huge belly button, and then then returned the shirt to Erica's waistline.

'Wow!' Erica said. 'This is fantastic.'

The shirt worked amazingly. The weight of Erica's massively distended belly was evenly distributed across her frame. No longer was the skin below her breasts being strained by the weight.

Erica took some steps cautiously. She managed to do so without carrying her belly by cradling its immense size in her arms. She started walking faster, more confidently. She was still waddling, but that wasn't going to change and she knew it. But the shirt was doing exactly what the tailor had promised. The weight of her belly was no longer localized. She could walk freely. Well, waddle freely.

Erica's future once again looked bright. Just a week earlier, she thought she would be stuck in bed, staring at her humongous belly for two full years. But now, not only was she able to walk much more easily and comfortably. She also had the belly of her dreams. A belly bigger than anything she had ever seen. A belly bigger than she had ever imagined.

Having the shirts meant she could enjoy her belly whilst also still getting on with her life. She knew that such an enormous belly would still take some serious getting used to, and present challenges she hadn't even yet considered. But, with a belly as big as she had, Erica couldn't care less. She would do anything for her belly.

As the shirts would also allow her to be more independent, it also meant that Jen could finally go ahead with her own expansion; which, in order to help out Erica, she had delayed.


The next day, two things happened.

The first; both Erica and Jen suspended their studies for at least one academic year, although they both knew it would more likely be at least two. Erica was certainly in no state to be worried about studying, and the money she was receiving for her participation in the procedures was considerably more than both she and Jen would need for the next ten years, let alone two. Jen would also soon be in not much of a state to study.

The second thing; Erica and Jen went to Dr Fields office so that Jen could undergo her first expansion procedure. It was the first time that Erica had been out of the apartment since she had bloated her midsection to its current enormous size. As she had had to do when she had travelled home from the office following her last expansion, Erica had sat across the backseats of the car the doctors assistant had picked Erica and Jen up in. It was the only she could fit into a normal car.

It was in the office, during Jen's expansion that Erica first seriously thought about having another expansion performed on her own belly. The prospect of seeing her already titanic belly grow even further, turned her on immensely.

The first thing she would have to do though, before telling Jen and seriously considering it herself, was to see if this was something that Dr Field would willingly do. Which she wasn't so sure he would.

Surely though, Erica's belly hadn't reached its limit yet?

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Erica's Belly Chapter 5

'Erica!' Jen shouted.

Erica stirred awake. She could hear her friend shouting, there was concern in her voice.

'Erica!' Jen shouted again.

'What is it?' Erica asked, replicating the concern that was there in Jen's shouts.

Erica struggled up in bed, wondering what was going on. She took hold of her gargantuan belly, one hand at either side. She slowly swung around in the bed so that she was sat on it to the side. Her belly seemingly floated in mid-air well past her knees, with her tennis ball sized belly button protruding out at the end.

There was a hurried knocking on Erica's door.

'Yeah,' Erica said. 'Come in, what's going on?'

Erica's door then swung open. Jen was standing on the other side. All she was wearing was her panties, no top, her breasts and belly completely exposed.

Erica was shocked. She saw what was concerning Jen.


Erica and Jen were sitting in Dr Field's office. Jen was sitting in the chair Erica had sat in three times before. She was awaiting her first belly expansion procedure.

Jen was feeling trepidation about what was about to happen. But, at the same time, she was feeling overwhelming excitement. She had been waiting for the day to come when she could finally have a swollen, bulging belly of her very own.

Over the past few months Erica's belly had been through the same procedure Jen's was about to. A sack had been implanted under Jen's abdominal muscles and was about to be filled up with a special expansion gel. This would bulge out her stomach to fulfil a great desire of hers: to have a big pregnant-looking belly.

Erica had taken it much further. The sack in her belly now contained a full six-gallons of the expansion gel. Like Erica had during her first procedure, Jen was opting for a half-gallon to start off with. To stretch the skin on her belly a bit, and make it ready for what the future could hold.

Jen wasn't sure she would ever want her belly to be as big as Erica's; but, she also knew that Erica didn't set out for her belly to be as big as it was. She couldn't possibly know what the future would hold for her; she didn’t know how much she would like her belly, she didn’t know whether she would have any more gel put in at all, or whether she would go as far as Erica. Maybe further. The thoughts of such a thing turned her on immensely and sent shivers through her body.

When sitting down, with her legs stretched out in front of her, Erica's belly now reached her feet. It was gargantuan in size. It was covered in stretch marks. Her belly button looked more like a tennis ball that had been implanted under the skin at the end of her belly. It was so big that, even at full stretch, Erica was unable to reach the end of her own mammoth midsection.

The size of Erica's titanic tummy had caused her back and spine to curve and arch massively to accommodate the colossal size of it. At first, she had been incapable of walking due to the size and weight. She had slowly strengthened her back so that all she had to do was support her heavy belly. The heft of it had caused the skin below her breasts to be subject to immense strain if she wasn’t' carrying it around in her own arms.

Thanks to the size of the implant, it was no longer safe for it to be removed. Meaning that, until the gel inside the implant, inside of Erica's belly, degraded down to a watery consistency so that it could be drained, Erica was stuck with her gargantuan gut. For two full years.

Dr Field had organized for a tailor to visit Erica so that she could have some clothes specially made. Nothing off-the-shelf would fit her unusual body shape anymore. She had had special clothing, panties and bras made; and best of all, some special support shirts. The shirts distributed the intense weight of Erica's belly evenly across her body. This meant that the entire mass was not localized on the skin below her breasts, meaning that she could walk with much more ease and comfort. It was still by no means like not having the belly, she was still waddling around, to compensate for her ballooned midsection, but, it was better than without the shirts.

The shirts had meant that Erica could now walk without effectively lugging around her belly. She had gained her independence back to an extent. She had only had them a day and life was becoming a bit easier. They were tight fitting and accentuated the fantastic curves of her body.

The belly that protruded out before her had become a concern due to the limitations it had imposed on her for two whole weeks. But now, she loved it once again. It was her ultimate desire and the turn on she had intended it to be. Not the burden it had been.

She had been able to accompany Jen to the doctors to watch as she had her first expansion procedure performed. She had also suspended her studies, along with Jen, so that the foreseeable future could be enjoyed without worrying about college work. The money she was receiving for participating in the procedures was enough to cover both her and Jen's life for the next ten years, let alone the two she would have the belly for.

She fully intended on continuing with her studies and becoming the cosmetic surgeon she had always intended to be. But, for the time being; Erica's life was going to be devoted to the best part of it. Her belly.


Jen was clearly nervous. There was concern on her face as she sat there. She had had the sack implanted two weeks earlier, just before Erica had undergone her last expansion. Now, she was at the point of no return. If she were to go ahead with the expansion, the only way to get rid of her belly before it degraded naturally would be to have it surgically removed. This would leave heavy scarring on her stomach. Something she obviously didn't.

'OK, Jen,' Dr Field said. 'Are you ready?'

Jen didn't respond. Dr Field could see that she was worried. Erica could see it too.

'Why don't I give you girls a minute?' Dr Field said as he left the room.

'What's wrong?' Erica asked.

'I'm not sure I can go through with this,' Jen said.

'What? You have wanted this for so long.'

'I know, but now the time is here, I'm not sure I can do it.'

'OK, take a deep breath, and listen. I was thinking you might say something like this. This is something you want Jen. Trust me. I've seen the way you look in awe at my belly. You love it just as much as I do. Hell, maybe even more. If it wasn't for you, I likely wouldn't have this belly now. You had the courage to ask if this could be done, and thanks to that, I now have a belly bigger than any I have ever seen or ever imagined. I mean look at it, its huge!'

Jen smiled.

'Nobody is going to force you to do this today. But, I know you. If you don't do this today you are going to regret it for the rest of your life. You'll keep seeing my belly every day and you'll keep thinking, I could have had one like that, but I couldn't go through with it. You want this Jen, I know you do. You'll look fantastic and feel even better. Trust me. I know.'

'You're right,' Jen said. 'You rehearsed that, didn't you?'

'Like I said, I was thinking you might say something like that!'

The two girls smiled at each other.


Soon after, the gel was being pumped into Jen's belly. It didn't start instantly, the sack needed to get some volume to it first. But then, like it had with Erica, the bloating began.

Jen's belly moved quickly. It grew and grew, inflating and expanding. Pushing out from her slim, muscular and athletic frame. Her belly was looking like it was really pregnant. And it was growing before her eyes.

Jen couldn't help but smile as she watched. Her belly was ballooning before her. Growing bigger and bigger, distending and protruding out from her frame.

She could feel the pressure building as the gel flowed into her belly and as the implant grew, expanding her belly with it.

It was uncomfortable for sure, but the sight of what was happening as her belly bloated outwards was enough to mask the small amount of pain.

The inflation didn't last long; there wasn't a lot of gel that was being pumped in. But still, after the last drop had entered Jen's tummy, she undeniably looked pregnant.

Her once flat and toned belly now protruded out about a quarter of the length of her thighs. She looked like she was about halfway through a pregnancy. Her belly looked round, firm and swollen. A perfect pot belly Erica thought. She knew that it would look good on Jen.


Jen stood there in the bathroom, naked, staring at her new body. Her belly looked perfect; round and swollen. But, just like she knew she would, she couldn't help but wonder how good it would look bigger. For now though, it was perfect.

She lovingly massaged and caressed her distended tummy. There weren't any stretch marks yet, her skin was still smooth and supple. She would start with the oils and lotions early to try and keep it that way as long as possible. She loved the covering of stretch marks Erica had, but she wasn't so sure she wanted them to be so prominent on her own belly. She knew that Erica would have those marks for life. There was no way her skin would ever fully recover. And Jen knew she didn't want this belly for life. She was young and wanted to enjoy it now, and remember later in life. But not by the lasting marks it would leave on her body if she didn't take good care of herself.

Her belly button was flattening out; she wondered how big it would get. She tried to imagine it being as big as Erica’s, protruding out at the end of her belly. It was so big, Jen could hold it in her fist, the size of a tennis ball. Erica hadn’t been able to do that with her own belly button, it was well out of reach. Maybe, if Jen’s belly ever got big enough, and her belly button with it, Erica could try holding Jen’s full in her hand, as Jen assumed it would be out of her own reach.

Jen went to bed that night happy, wondering what the future held for her and her belly. She didn't think that future would arrive so soon.


'Erica!' Jen shouted.

Erica stirred awake. She could hear her friend shouting, there was concern in her voice.

'Erica!' Jen shouted again.

'What is it?' Erica asked, replicating the concern that was there in Jen's shouts.

Erica struggled up in bed, wondering what was going on. She took hold of her gargantuan belly, one hand at either side. She slowly swung around in the bed so that she was sat on it to the side. Her belly seemingly floated in mid-air well past her knees, with her tennis ball sized belly button protruding out at the end.

There was a hurried knocking on Erica's door.

'Yeah,' Erica said. 'Come in, what's going on?'

Erica's door then swung open. Jen was standing on the other side. All she was wearing was her panties, no top, her breasts and belly completely exposed.

Erica was shocked. She saw what was concerning Jen.

Jen's belly was big. Only, it was a lot bigger than it had been when she had gone to bed.

It was the early hours of the morning, about five am. Only seven hours ago Jen's belly hadn't been as big as it now was. Erica didn't know what to think.

'What happened?' Erica asked.

'I'm not sure,' Jen said, concern growing in her voice with every word. 'I felt a pain in the night and it felt as though the pressure was building in my belly, almost like the gel was still being injected in. I thought that I had rolled over onto my belly, not being used to it. I reached under the covers to massage it and it didn't feel right. I got up, took my shirt off and saw this.'

Jen's belly had ballooned out considerably. She now looked like she was about three-quarters of the way through a pregnancy. Her belly button was now protruding slightly proud of the surface of her skin. Her skin was much tighter and her belly appeared much firmer.

'Come closer,' Erica said.

Jen did. Erica put her hand on the surface of Jen's belly. It was warm. Too warm. She pushed in gently.

'Ouch!' Jen said.

'Sorry,' Erica said. 'But feel it, it feels spongy.'

Jen did. She pushed gently into her tummy. The mass of flesh gave, unlike Erica's belly which was firm to the touch. Rather than the gel that had been injected into her belly, and then semi-solidified into the jello like consistency, in now felt as though there was a sponge implanted in her gut. And it was still growing.

'Sit down,' Erica said. 'I'll call Dr Field; I have his personal cell number.'

Jen sat down next to Erica on her bed. She was caressing and massaging her belly. It was still expanding. It was now approaching the half-way point of her thighs on the way to her knees. The first faint stretch marks were appearing on Jen's skin, and still it kept on growing.

'I'm worried, Erica,' Jen said. 'What if it doesn't stop?'

'Don't talk like that,' Erica said. 'Dr Field will know what's going on.'

I hope, Erica thought.

Erica called Dr Field, she was growing more and more concerned herself.

'Dr Field,' Erica said. 'It's Erica; sorry to bother you, there's something wrong.'

Jen could hear a mumble on the other end of the phone, nothing clear. She was more concerned about her stomach which continued to balloon in front of her. The pressure was growing and her belly expanding. Her belly button was pushing further out, on its way to the midpoint of her thighs.

'It's Jen's belly,' Erica said. 'It just started growing and ballooning out. We're really worried. It keeps getting bigger and we don't know what's going on.'

Again, Jen heard the mumbling through the phone. Dr Field was clearly explaining something to Erica. Jen was hoping that he knew what was going on.

'OK,' Erica said. 'OK. Really! Wow, OK. Thank you. I'll let her know. Bye, we'll see you later.'

Jen's belly was still growing, stretching and distending. Growing bigger than Jen had even imagined she would be after a second expansion, let alone the first. It was feeling spongier with each little bulge it made.

'What's happening to me?' Jen asked.

'Don't worry,' Erica said. 'Dr Field knows what's happening.'

'How much bigger am I going to get?'

'Not much, you should be nearly done now.'

As if on que, Jen's belly took one final surge. It reached the midpoint of her thighs, stretching half-way to her knees. It was over. Jen slowly massaged and caressed her swollen tummy and over-stretched skin. The stretchmarks were now slightly more prominent. Her belly button was bigger and her back had started to arch in order to accommodate her bigger swollen tummy.

Jen took a huge breath and relaxed.

'OK, the pressures gone,' Jen said. 'What was that?'

'There was a mix up,' Erica said.

'A mix up?' Jen said, confused.

'Yeah, at the office. The wrong gel was injected into your belly.'

'What do you mean the wrong gel?'

'An experimental expanding gel was left in the wrong container. This gel reacts once it has semi-solidified, unlike the gel in my belly.'

'What do you mean?'

'When the gel reacts, gas bubbles form in the structure of the gel, essentially increasing its volume. That's why your belly feels so spongy. Unlike my belly, which is a solid mass of gel, yours has little gas bubbles all the way through it. They have pushed out the space of gel, making it bigger and causing your belly to expand.'

'What does this mean?'

'At the minute, not a lot. Dr Field wants us to go to the office later today. He'll do a quick assessment on you and determine what the next steps are. He's also promised that he will compensate you with a very large sum of money for what has happened. As an experimental doctor, he is well insured for things like this. He said you'll never have to work again if you don't want to.'

'That sounds great and all, but what about this?' Jen pointed at her protruding gut.

'For the time being, let's just enjoy it. There isn't anything we can do now. So don't fret over it.'

Erica gently placed her hand on Jen's swollen midsection and started gently rubbing over of the stretched skin. It still felt slightly warm from the reaction that had happened with the gel. It felt firm and tight, but spongy when it was pushed on.

'I was so worried there Erica,' Jen said. 'Not having control of my body and what was happening to it really scared me.'

'I'm sure it did,' Erica said. 'I can't really relate of course. I mean, I was pretty helpless last week, I couldn't even walk thanks to the size of this thing.'

Erica gripped her own gargantuan gut.

'And remember, you were there for me. Now I'm here for you. But, there is something I've been wanting to tell you.'

'Oh?' Jen said.

'I was going to run this by Dr Field first, but what the hell. I want another expansion. I want my belly bigger.'

This shocked Jen. She wasn't sure how to respond. Sure, she loved Erica's belly. The colossal size of it, the shape it had given her body, the covering of stretch marks. But, what had just happened with her own belly had given Jen another perspective on things.

'Erica,' Jen said. 'I love your belly. You know I do. Hell, before today I would have loved it if it was the size of this room. But, after today, after what’s just happened, it's got me thinking. Do you think that's such a good idea?'

Erica just looked at Jen.

'I mean, if you go ahead with it, I'll support you, no matter what. But just think of the repercussions. You're huge; your belly is bigger than any I have ever seen. You've said it yourself. You're pretty limited now. Sure, the support shirts have made it easier, but who knows what a bigger belly would do to you. You back can't arch much more, it's at its limit.

'Your body will likely be changed for the rest of your life, you know that. You've accepted it. And your belly is great. But, don't you think you should live with this size for a while. Hell, give it the two years; wait until you can get it removed. If you still want it then, have all of the six gallons reinjected and then add more. But please, as your friend, I'm a bit worried about how far this is going.'

Erica sat there thinking. Maybe Jen was right. Her belly was gargantuan. Bigger than she had ever wanted it, or imagined it, to be. Maybe it was enough. She could do what Jen said, wait the two years and then have it refilled. Maybe then, she would be ready to give it up and move on with her life. Sure, it was a long way off, but at least she would have the option of doing it. And if she didn't want to do it, she could expand her belly even more.

'OK,' Erica said. 'You're right. I'm being too heavy handed with this. I'll wait.'

Jen smiled and then engulfed Erica in a hug.

'Let's focus on my belly for a bit, OK?' Jen said.

'OK,' Erica said, a grin forming on her face.

Erica loved the feeling of her friend’s bare belly and breasts pushing into her as they hugged. The journey the two girls had been on with their growing bellies had really brought them closer to each other. She wondered if Jen would take her expansion further. She didn’t know whether the experience she had just had would put her off it. She hoped she would go further. She hoped that one day, Jen’s belly would be as big as her own. She thought that would be fantastic.

But, at the end of the day, it was up to Jen.


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