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PUDDIN’ - A story by ripeness
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Tongue PUDDIN’ - A story by ripeness

A story by ripeness

This story contains subjects such as:
• belly expansion
• pregnant bellies
• impregnation, impregnators and the women who love them
• navel and belly tickling
• erotic foreplay
• lactating breasts
• consent and healthy sexual relationships
• my deepest dreams and desires

You should be 18 years old or older to read this material, but it’s actually pretty PG in my opinion compared to what kids are exposed to nowadays so hope you enjoy if you should chose to read it and are decidedly under-aged, according to society, to have any erotic ideas and sexual imaginations.


She smiled and quietly surveyed her begging to be caressed, burgeoning belly, imagining she could actually feel her gravid flesh stretching and straining its way further out from the folds of her silky black robe. She feasted her eyes and her appetite trying to remember the last time she’d indulged in as much vanilla pudding as she had just stuffed into herself. Packing her healthy all belly and breasts body to a new trimester.

She placed a warm hand on her smooth womb under the easy access standard issue breeder garment she wore and began strumming her fingers slowly over her navel. At 5 foot 4, and pushing 210 lbs her hands easily touched in front of her teardrop midsection and she gently caressed and stroked her tight nine month belly all over and turned away from the counter, groaning as she felt the cold, rounded edge of the hard stainless steel metal press into the small of her back which took some weight off her legs. She closed her eyes and leaned back, bringing her hands up again to fully caress her freshly swollen curves, moaning quietly as she shifted her weight so that gravity could softly drag the fabric open around her rounded sensitive flesh, her breath quickened and she opened her heavy lust-filled eyes to gaze upon her three massive curves as the bobbed and heaved with her every breath.

She loved accidentally and intentionally exposing and tickling her heavy womb in front of her impregnator. She felt her big sensitive body heat up and her belly tightened and quivered with her anticipation of his touch and sometimes from their baby’s movements. When he finally gave her his incredibly gentle touch a huge rushing, dripping sensation would always fill her easily stimulated vaginal region.

Her feminine nether juices weren’t the only thing dripping on her perfectly impregnated figure.

Her swollen womb looked like it was exploding out from below her jiggling but firm and now slowly leaking breasts. She could feel her arousal spread deliciously out to her straining nipples as the warmth and dripping culminated throughout her amply rounded breasts.

She felt her wet hardened nipples being tugged at by the fabric of her robe. Her hormones raged even more as she thought lustfully about her impregnator and how he loved to worship her beautifully rounded body until she came over and over and over again as he simultaneously filled her body well beyond a normal pregnancy with his copious loads of cum.

She groaned lustfully at these thoughts, glancing down to watch her exposed and incredibly packed belly which now looked shiny, beyond full term, straining out from her open black silky robe the fabric ticklishly shifted again with her movements settling softly against her milk-dripping breasts and the ample sides of her incredibly sensitive belly flesh.

She stroked and drummed her swollen womb with her fingertips slowly brushing her flattened smooth navel as she arched her back, sticking her belly out even more. She relished in the sensations as she felt her sweet creamy snack slither it’s way down into her stomach. Down into her overly-packed baby- and now pudding-filled belly.

She awoke from her playful self-pleasuring day dream to the sound of strange voices and movement in the hall as her two female bodyguards addressed a group of three males.

She looked to her right as a hush fell over the troop as they all quickly became very aware of her enormously glorious naked pregnant belly and breast flesh completely on display just beyond her bodyguards.

She recognized their more civilian style uniforms, they were not yet soldiers, they were young male impregnators, new to their adult status. No doubt eager to pleasure and please a female breeder and then fill her womb up completely and then fill it even more, making sure to impregnate her or at least stuff her womb full of as much cum as possible in each breeding session assuring a swift and hopefully multiple pregnancy.

She doubted they would say ‘no’ to practicing their breeding skills with her and her perfectly and quickly ripening figure.

Reluctantly and unhurriedly she covered her amply rounded body stroking her nipples once, teasing herself a little as she tied a simple knot in the belt of her robe at the top of her grand curve. She looked up, seeing the stunned younger impregnator males watching her intently in sheer awe of having witnessed so much naked pregnant flesh no doubt. They probably hadn’t yet filled their first breeder, and were no doubt looking for service by approaching any of the breeding females’ bodyguards to ask permission to speak with their charge.

If she was so inclined she could let them all practise on her body at once, she thought playfully and lustfully, after all it was her right to be pleasured and to have her womb packed full of cum at all times if she so pleased and gave them all her verbal consent in front of her bodyguards.

Sexual release in all its forms were the impregnators and breeders way of life after all. Even once a breeder became pregnant, the impregnators would continue to seek service with her more and more as she progressed in her pregnancy because it only enhanced sexual intelligence especially for the younger impregnators who were eager to learn the arts of sexual pleasure while creating and bringing life into the world.

This cycle of eager reproduction and sexual fulfillment fuelled The Hive’s citizens, keeping them happy, entertained, and fulfilled in their other duties.

The surviving legion of humans she had found and joined, after martial law had been declared, were very good at keeping their pregnant female warriors well-fed, well-fucked, safe, and content. These were the main reasons she’d stuck around with them for so long when she’d witnessed how this group worshipped their pregnant women and kept them pleasured throughout their pregnancies.

Once her pregnancy had been discovered she had become like a goddess, untouchable to anyone unless she decided to be touched, and protected by the inner echelons of the collective that called themselves The Hive.

The Hive valued their future progeny as if one of their own and would fight to the death to protect her and the unborn baby growing in her incredibly swollen pregnant belly.

Their future was sure kicking up a storm right now, she thought, as she smiled down at her packed womb that she now cradled lovingly in her hands, her fingers splayed wide on her lower belly in offering as if she were holding a gift out in front of her as she walked towards the young gaping impregnators, her silky black robe fluttering open slightly as she walked teasingly displaying her navel erotically for the males viewing pleasure.

Their eyes were practically caressing every inch of her swollen womb as she exited the mess hall, no doubt hoping to be chosen by her for some practice pleasuring. She calmly greeted the young impregnators and asked if they’d like to caress her bare belly, to which they jumped at the chance and she giggled at their eagerness feeling herself growing wet with every gently reverent and tantalizing ticklish belly touch and sensual caress she received from them. They definitely weren’t shy once they had her consent and this was typical of the impregnator role. No touching unless consent was received in front of her bodyguards first, and this is especially important if you’re an impregnator who hasn’t done the impregnating.

She let them touch her because she knew it was good for them to learn as much as they could about a very pregnant breeder for soon they too would be chosen to fill other female’s wombs. Once a breeder became pregnant with an impregnator’s offspring she could take on other impregnators as lovers should she choose without fear of social stigma. And likewise an impregnator could be chosen by multiple breeders especially if he acquired a name for himself amongst the ranks as being a sensual, gentle, and supportive lover. This freedom and removal of fear, guilt and jealousy is what made their system work, that and the fact that they were losing many soldiers and civilians to the violence of the various skirmishes which continued the war. Many, many babies were needed if they were ever going to give their DNA a fighting chance to survive and continue the species.

One of the young impregnators bowed kneeling before her, and slowly looked up taking in all of her curves as he raised his head, his lust filled dark eyes piercing into hers.

“May I give a greeting to our future miss?”, he requested in a husky and eager tone.

She smiled and nodded as she pointed her full voluptuous body towards him. He brought up his strong hands that were slightly shaking with eagerness, and brought them to either side of her big round welcoming pregnant belly.

Ambitiously he leaned in very slowly, and gently kissed her with a soft sucking sensation around her belly button, tickling her flat, smooth and incredibly sensitive navel with his tongue as he stroked and drummed his fingertips gently and seductively all around her huge and extremely ticklish belly which, to the groups enjoyment, jerked and shuddered visibly under his very adept manipulation.

The other two impregnators took turns gasping and sighing quietly, obviously enjoying the show as she blinked her eyes very slowly and her breathing deepened while they all watched as her womb and breasts heaved, clenching and dancing with their comrades lust-fuelled caresses.

She let her eyes close and her head drop back slightly as she placed her hands on the small of her back for support which only served to thrust her big heaving belly out even more, an obvious invitation for his tickling lips, tongue and touches and she moaned gently as she felt her now fully exposed breasts squirt forcefully to life once again and her birthing canal quickly became slick with more of her feminine juices.

He looked up reading her face and almost came in his pants when she moaned loudly and unapologetically. His eyes became heavy with lust and he smiled seeing the effect he was having on her jiggling ticklish flesh as it rippled under his hands. He gazed on her huge swollen belly and breasts as he manipulated her soft, firm and supple flesh and swirled his tongue very quickly around and around into her flattened navel, sucking on the area as if he was trying to help suck her belly button out turning it into the prominent outie he could tell it would soon become at any moment, if only he could have more time alone with her.

His cock got hard thinking of her squirting all over him in a huge orgasm when he came inside her, feeling and watching her big belly grow visibly causing her navel to pop out as he ran his hands over her skin, thumbing and tickling over and around and inside her newly popped navel causing her to orgasm again as he stroked his other splayed hand all over and around her straining sphere feeling it jerk and clench immensely as the orgasm he helped give her rippled through her body, feeling her powerful baby-filled body contract and dance under his hands was such an amazing turn on for him.

He looked up again to watch her reaction and she could tell by his ragged excited breath on her skin that he was taking much pleasure in feeling her womb contract and her belly muscles clench and ripple under his incredibly knowledgeable and seductive touch.

Her hands came up to frame the top of her incredibly round belly which she caressed all over her juicy breasts and joined his hands as he continued to suckle and kiss her flat navel reverently one last long time, quickly flicking upwards a couple of times with the tip of his tongue catching the top ridge of her navel area, the last remnants of her innie which drew another orgasmic groan from her lips. He simultaneously let his fingertips flutter very slowly away as he caressed and stimulated her, allowing them to enticingly and ticklishly drift off of the very sensitive under portion of her swollen belly flesh causing her skin to ripple very visibly one more time.

She breathed out audibly as she felt his touch stopped, obviously turned on, hardened, dripping nipples also giving her away, and she was not afraid to show it since it was her right to feel pleasure and to be pleasured as much as she wanted.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked down past her swollen curves into his calm and piercingly dark eyes. Eyes that she knew very well contained wisdom beyond his years.

“Very good, hmmm mmmm, yes, your enthusiasm and eagerness is greatly appreciated. No doubt you’ll enjoy siring many healthy children in the very swollen wombs you will no doubt soon fill so very generously”, she spoke in soft panting breaths as the young impregnator rose confidently to stand before her, his shirt just close enough to cause her big round belly to jerk ticklishly as the fabric of his uniform drifted close to her distended flesh, and he continued to stare into her eyes. She decided to test him and stepped closer letting her bare belly press on his lean body and felt his eager, thick penis pressing willingly into her fleshy dome. This one really wasn’t easy to rattle she observed in appreciation.

Reluctantly, she stepped back and chose not to pursue him any further, for now, despite her right to if she chose to, and her desire welling up, she did have a prior engagement to keep with the impregnator of her current baby and she didn’t want to be late. She considered inviting him to join her and her impregnator but decided against this for she wanted to ask her impregnator first to make sure he would consent to having someone join them. Consent works both ways to keep the peace amongst their group, and permission was the only thing more important than pleasure.

“This humble breeder acknowledges your confidence, positivity, and eager attentions. I thank you all for your very impressive, loving, and incredibly arousing blessings on The Hive’s shared future.” She used both of her hands to caress and support the underside of her massive belly as she spoke to them.

With that she beamed an enthusiastic smile at them all and covered her huge swollen belly as best she could and turned to follow her bodyguards down the hall.

She looked back once at the group seeing them all still standing there. The two more reserved impregnators in training were acting giddy and were amusingly patting each other enthusiastically on the back. The emboldened, aroused one who had worshipped all over her very round alter of reproduction was watching her, his dark eyes burned into hers with so much lust and longing to continue what they’d started and she felt her flesh shiver with lust, the feeling of his touch on her belly flesh definitely stuck out in her belly muscle memory. Her womb clenched and jiggled at the memory of the sensations of his mouth on her navel.

She was glad she’d remembered his self chosen name and birth number from the tag over his heart, i204 :: GUION, in case they crossed paths again, she might not be able to resist his not-so-subtle invitation to breed with her in the future. She openly smiled confidently back at him one more time before turning and continued on her way. No games were played in The Hive, pleasure was pleasure and duty was duty, all negativity and drama was avoided by everyone being treated as complete equals.

She and her body guards proceeded silently to the reproductive pleasure chambers where she would meet her chosen mate for yet another very filling sexual encounter. Her companions who had sworn to protect and attend to her throughout her pregnancy and birth, walked by her side, stealthily ready to kill and die to protect their goddess and the contents of her now very swollen belly as it jutted out hugely and seductively from below her perfectly round, engorged breasts on her otherwise svelte and strong frame.

They came to a stop at two oversized golden doors that curved out into the hallway, in a very familiar and symbolic shape, and quickly knocked a complicated sequence that was changed daily. With all the technological advances the human race had developed and obtained there became more and more ways to bypass the highest security channels. Combining low tech with high tech was safest for their privacy and survival.

The doors phased out of the way and quickly reformed behind them as a gentle chime announced their arrival upon entering. The faint and constantly overlapping moans of orgasmic impregnating and erotic whispers of impending birthing pleasure could be heard echoing enticingly off the high ceiling of the reformed place of worship.

Her nipples grew stiff once again and her milk started slowly drizzling from her large firm breasts enveloped in their silky confines as she became immersed in the all too familiar sounds.

She smiled to herself as she did another slow and sexy belly caressing circuit around and around moving to the front of her huge swell she found her soon to be popping out belly button and rubbed over and over her most sensitive area on her belly with one finger in a slow sensual caress preparing her body for her daily filling of her impregnator’s impressive load of cum.

The male warriors of The Hive that were healthy and checked as clean and disease free and emotionally suitable matches for the creative rigors of the job were awarded impregnating rights and then would be chosen to be called upon at any time by the pregnant females to pleasure and take care of these female’s carnal needs throughout their entire pregnancy and of course during the very erotic birthing phase of reproduction.

The impregnator she’d chosen, and that had also chosen her, had a very tender and knowledgeable touch and had already had a chance to show off his excellent battle skills as well as his impregnation and sexual pleasuring abilities.

He’d been with The Hive since the beginning, even before the last remaining humans had enhanced their races stability enough for the highest level of enjoyable procreation to the very well run and peaceful machine it was now in helping to produce the future human warriors within the massively swollen bellies of females to keep the dwindling human race fighting through the discovery of a cruel and unmerciful alien occupation on Earth, now turned intergalactic civil war that still raged within a couple thousand light years of the edges of Earth’s solar system, still far too close for comfort.

She swayed slowly to the sensual spa sounds that accompanied the enticing sex symphony, also listening to the soothing sounds of the water splashing, rippling and dripping as her ripe belly would soon be when her impregnator arrived from training with one of The Hive’s many squadrons that her progeny would help replenish.

Her job was the easiest and the hardest for she knew her offspring never truly belonged to her and her alone, and she might be forced to part with her precious cargo shortly after birth in order for her child to be raised by the helpful android colonies on Earth to become the next generation of soldier, and / or breeder / impregnator.

Female and male human breeders and impregnators were selected at birth by human elders, and with the help of the android care takers artificial intelligence, based on the health of the infant’s genetic material and observed aptitude. This was the most efficient way to keep their race as strong and healthy as possible especially after the atmospheric nuclear explosions that started the alien/human civil war which had almost left the entire Earth completely sterile.

She decided to undress and wait for her mate in the pool, moving her hands to undo the belt of her robe when she heard a familiar smooth masculine voice tell her female bodyguards to stand down and a strong set of hands move smoothly over her own at the tightly knotted belt in between the hills of her huge belly and massive breasts.

He took her hands in his own and parted them, pulling them gently and slowly down to her sides, knowing because she’d told him of what this gentle display of control did for her insides.

And a lot of things, she didn’t have to ask for, he just seemed to know and took her cues in stride.

He moved his body intimately onto hers from behind letting his erect penis throb in the small space below her ass cheeks and between her eager thighs, making her breath catch, and her insides ripple and grow hot in anticipation as she felt his hardness throb and jerk, stroking this sensitive area on her body.

“That’s my duty mistress”, he spoke softly into her left ear as he caressed her palms and inner wrists before moving his arms back around her
incredibly swollen form that he’d become all too familiar with pleasuring and leading to orgasm sometimes by simply caressing her belly alone.

This was one of the main reasons she’d chosen him to be her impregnator, he had proven the rumours about himself as being very good with his hands and mouth to be true. And once she’d discovered this for herself, along with her own gentle coaxing, he’d grown to know exactly how to touch her to get the desired reactions from her body in almost no time.

She knew he enjoyed her even more in her incredibly pregnant state since she had become hyper sensitive and loved to be mated over and over again and completely filled, taking in as much of his impregnator cum as she could, which sure did impress him as he inflated her body more and more during their daily love making sessions. It had taken him very little time to help make her body so hugely impregnated with his child, The Hive’s soon to be newest addition had grown quite healthy and large in this impregnators incredibly fertile swollen womb.

“How pregnant are you now?”, he purred lustfully into her ear even though he already knew the answer. His question, she knew, was more to turn her on by reminding her of her incredibly sensitive state and what he’d helped do to her curvy body.

He pulled her by her hips gently so her round ass perched over his hard thick crotch hidden only by folds of his silky black shorts. His hands splaying over her wide hips pulling her robe open slightly over her enormous belly which caused the silky material to slide very slowly and ticklishly across her very sensitive and now exposed navel inspiring her to grind her posterior back over his hardened member.

“I am in my ninth month of pregnancy...with your very big and active child.”, she panted adding a teasing tone to the last part of her announcement while gazing upon her swollen state, growing wetter in anticipation of his caress, she panted again and heaved her big beautiful belly and breasts purposefully in and out to entice him to touch her on her most sensitive areas.

He chuckled leaning in close and looking down over her shoulder and whispered in a mock-admonishing tone, “You sure all of this beautifully plump belly is our baby?” He lightly tickled her underbelly with a couple fingers for emphasis. “Pretty sure I watched you polish off an entire box of prepared vanilla pudding in the mess hall earlier this morning.”

As he said this he brought his arm up and rested his strong scarred right hand gently on the top of her plump belly subtly grazing her right breast and he could feel her breath quicken in anticipation at his touch and the incredible warmth radiating off her round sensitive belly flesh all but gave her erotic wishes away. The juices began flowing into a slow trickle inside of her as she revelled in these simple but erotic sensations.

She giggled guiltily, causing her body to shake in his hands, “I guess you caught me didn’t you!”

“Are you going to punish me now for being so greedy”, she taunted him enjoying their playful banter immensely.

“I was thinking what would be the most suitable punishment for this very heavily pregnant ward of The Hive...”, he trailed off taking his right hand from lightly stroking her under belly to inside her robe to her left breast caressing it slowly and squeezing gently to get the desired result.

She gasped silently in pleasure as she felt his fingers stroke gently over and then pinch her erect wet nipple causing her to arch her back so that her robe fell completely away from her enormous pregnant belly as if it were futilely trying to escape into the warm hydrated air of the spa and away from the familiar tickling torture it would once again become a slave to in due time.

It had not taken her impregnator very long to discover all her incredibly sensitive areas. He took a lot of pleasure in watching her squirm and writhe, jiggle and shake, as she grew larger and larger and larger still with his copious amount of belly swelling seed.

He now enjoyed making her wait in anticipation mostly avoiding her nipples, navel and belly as much as possible letting the anticipation build till she practically begged him to rub, tickle and caress her breasts, navel, inner thighs, belly and clitoris all at once while he also banged her in whatever position they ended up in. She knew her heavily pregnant body turned him on immensely, she could feel his dick pulsating and his body becoming hot and excited now that her belly was exposed in all it’s shiny, tight, smooth, beachball sized splendor.

“Hmmmm...”, she purred, “...I think all the pudding did add a couple extra inches to my pregnancy”. She loved teasing him right back letting her head fall forward a bit as she writhed under his continued breast and nipple caressing to look upon her grand sphere as it rippled enticingly with their busy child’s movements. She reached up and began stroking in circles over and under her big belly trying to entice him to join her she pulled up on her big belly slightly and let it bounce gently back out to its girthy extremes, which also caused her breast to jiggle in his hand in mesmerizing tandem. She looked up and behind her watching him watching her pleasure herself in the multiple reflections of the faceted glass walls around the room. His breathing grew deeper and she felt his hand on her breast relax a bit as she distracted him with her big belly bouncing display.

The candle light rippling over their bodies casting a familiar warm intoxicating glow and deep dark shadows to fall across the floor which only accentuated the immense size of her swollen with child belly. She closed her eyes and turned her head back to their reflection in the mirror across from them and softly moaned adding her voice to the overwhelming sounds of erotic foreplay that echoed enticingly off the high walls of the pool room.

“Your navel pops out very sexily every time you lift your incredibly tight belly up like that”, he growled into her ear, barely containing the lust in his voice at this point. “We can definitely blame that on the pudding.”, he jokingly admonished while kissing her cheek and neck lovingly.

“Really!”, she opened her eyes in surprise wanting to see it for herself, she’d been wondering for awhile now if her navel would pop out at all before she gave birth.

“I actually fooled you this time, you sexy little freak”, he laughed and grabbed her around her hips again with both hands and bounced her slowly and gently against his throbbing crotch causing her enormous bare belly to shake and jiggle in her hands as she sighed looking a little disappointed and then she smiled, content to relax back into his warm body again as her hands continued to cup and slowly stroke her big belly.

“I love that you’re so fascinated by your huge pregnant belly. You know you’re the reason I decided to keep up with this impregnator gig.”

He kissed the top of her head before continuing.

“I wanted to create and enjoy creating life and watching it grow bigger and bigger and help you transform your sexy little body into the beautifully curvy sex and fertility goddess that you have grown to become, I know our children are not truly ours in this life, but love is love and it’s all we have to keep us, all of us, going.”

As he spoke softly she continued her gentle belly bouncing, smiling in agreement with his words.

“You and your big tight belly bouncing like that are making me so fucking horny...”, he added breathlessly bringing his hands up to catch hers then moving them slowly off her swollen curve and down to her sides again and she knew what was coming and wriggled her ass up against his body in anticipation barely suppressing an enthusiastic squeal of pleasure.

He grunted and groaned erotically behind her and she felt the familiar exertion of his impregnator transformation as he held onto her hips with his first set of human hands while another set of arms came over her shoulders and easily undid the knot of her silky black robe that had all but failed to contain her incredibly ripened with child body. The robe slipped down her body over her enlarged, sensitive, dark rosy pink nipples and fell at her feet. He groaned again as a second new set of arms grew out from his back and gripped her waist, locked and loaded to begin their assault on her lusciously swollen body he’d helped create.

All human impregnators were granted the ability by their few alien allies to grow up to two extra pairs of arms to assist in the pleasuring and birthing phases, so they could both soothe and at the same time assist in the delivery more efficiently.

The hormones released during foreplay and intercourse were very important to the health of their offspring and the mother’s mental and emotional wellness, which would go hand in hand for almost another month for her, if she made it all the way to full term. Then her impregnator would either be chosen by her again or a new female for child bearing duty or he could choose to retire his stud status and choose a new station in the army reserve to protect The Hive as a drone flier on the frontlines.

Female breeders got the same options and choices as the male impregnators and many had joined the infantry after their minimum 5 year or 5 birth breeding phase of their lives. Those who were not interested in, or not able to breed due to anomalies or insufficient genetic materials were granted the freedom to choose between 5 years of service as guardians to the breeders or to go straight to the army barracks to join a rank of soldiers. These women were still very valuable and respected among all the various circles and chain of command within the hive. Just as the men who were not interested in taking on the role of impregnator, all forms of love and breeding were accepted and encouraged because love and continuing to create life and love and protecting their love was the only thing worth living for.

She swayed her bare hips and ass seductively over his still throbbing cock bringing his full attention to the present as his two sets of hands enveloped her curves with confident eagerness. He caressed both her large full breasts gently in two of his new hands and reached slowly around to cup and stroke just her swollen sides knowing this would give her enough for now because if he wasn’t careful his belly touching would put her over the edge prematurely and he liked to let the feelings of anticipation build and make her wait for her huge orgasmic release and then make her beg for his tickling touch while he was buried deeply inside her.

She thrust her belly out and from side to side into his strong eager hands already silently begging to have her very delicate navel area worshipped.

“Soon mistress.”, he laughed and whispered tantalizingly into her right ear, knowing exactly what she was trying to tell him with her movements, as he continued his way down her body to her shapely ass with one set of arms while the others continued to caress and delicately assault her nipples and gently and enticingly feeling around her huge breasts in his own intoxicating rhythm, knowing how wet she was becoming.

“Why don’t we get your gorgeous pudding plump body suited up for our agreed upon chosen fantasy today?”, he said giving both her ass cheeks a rub and a firm squeeze, while watching her belly jiggle as she gently laughed obviously enjoying his attentions.

“Yes please.”, she breathed huskily, taking his hands on her breasts into her own and kissing his rough knuckles gently, showing him her love, admiration, and appreciation for him.

She watched as he removed his shorts and turning to her he lustfully eyed up her very full round breasts and big belly that he’d help create as he stroked a hand over his throbbing groin once to show her how it bobbed enticingly and appeared to have a mind of its own aiming up at her very familiar and taut swollen belly as if it were pointing up at its handiwork and then bowing before an applauding audience.

He turned and moved towards the pool picking up a small round white glowing disc off a nearby stone pillar and stepped slowly into the perfectly calm water looking back and reaching one of his many hands out to her inviting her to join him.

She ran her hands over her breasts and down her body to support her round pendulous belly as she walked slowly and seductively into the warm water and towards the man who had helped make her body so very, very full with their child. He swam up to her as the water reached her knees and took her into his two sets of arms. One hand rested reverently over her big belly and then tickled her gently below her navel with a couple finger strokes, getting her to release a soft moan and she nuzzled and kissed his neck in response to coax him on.

He carried her into the middle of their private pool sectioned off from the others in the room by a high but open at the ceiling and semi opaque glass wall. They could just make out the movements of the bodies in the other sections of the spa room but not any details creating a private orgy of gentle sexual sounds to only help entice the female’s body into impregnation, or already pregnant ecstasy, and then throughout an assisted orgasmic water birth. The sounds also heightened the arousal in the male impregnators as their comrades did their duty to fill The Hives females up with cum as much as possible knowing it was their right and to rejoice in being chosen to pass on their genetic material.

They listened, together, entranced by everything going on around them. His hands holding her lovingly in the warm water as they moved in the golden candlelight towards a small slightly submerged seated area.

As the water reached his chest height he brought her out of her daydream by finding her navel with his tongue, sucking and swirling over and around the most sensitive area on her pregnant belly causing her to splash, wriggle, and squeal with pleasure and he laughed at her helpless plight and happily continued chuckling at her half assed attempt to make him stop his very welcome touches. Her big tight belly jiggled helplessly in his face as he carried and tormented her navel the last couple steps to their partially submerged birthing throne where he would be performing his newest mating ritual creation on her soon to be writhing with erotic pleasure pregnant body.

Little did she know that she’d be leaving this room with a popped navel and a much bigger belly he thought playfully and a little sadistically. He wouldn’t hurt her or her baby, he’d done his research and just wanted her to feel pure and full of pregnant pleasure, and he secretly hoped this would guarantee that she’d ask him to impregnate her over and over again. He’d impregnated women before and none of them had the overwhelming love and unbashful attitude about their nude pregnant body as this woman did.

He secretly wanted to be hers exclusively, and she seemed like she might want the same, he knew she was free to take on new lovers and he was free to sire more children with any breeder who would call on him. He noticed that she’d never called on any other impregnator that had approached her even while he’d been away on duty.

He very slowly and seductively removed his eager to please mouth from her navel with one long slow sucking sound in a gentle kiss as she let her head fall back blissfully, revelling in the hot, slippery sensation not wanting it to end, and wishing she could remain this pregnant and full bellied forever and secretly and selfishly wanting to be his only mistress for impregnating, knowing that their coupling could end soon after she gave birth should he become busy with another breeder.

He placed her gently on the reclining pedestal which ergonomically angled her body so her vagina, hips, a small portion below her breasts at the very top of her belly, and ass all remained submerged, with the majority of her belly including her navel and huge firm breasts helplessly exposed, like three exotic islands, for his and her viewing and touching pleasure.

“Now because you chose “random” you realize that this means you’re giving up having your choice in sexual positions and techniques. Do I have your permission to commence pleasuring you, with the safe word being “Aquarius””, he reminded her wanting to make sure he received her consent and she understood his intentions with her before they began.

“Yes, you’ve been so loyal and respectful towards me, I want you to enjoy my body fully in the way you’d like to.” She looked nervous for the first time since they’d began their love and baby making partnership.

“I swear on this gorgeously swollen with child belly,” he placed all six of his palms flat covering her entire belly and stroked her womb with all his thumbs. “I would never do anything to harm you or our child”, he said looking seriously into her eyes. “Just remember to use the safe word, “Aquarius”, if you want me to stop and make sure you tell me what feels good every now and then and if you want more or less of what I’m doing as we progress. Otherwise I’ll be forced to use your moaning for directions.” He smiled at her and stroked her cheek as he spoke he looked into her burning lust-filled eyes. She loved the respect and care he took in showing her how serious he took his role in pleasuring her body.

“More please”, she smiled looking up at him seductively and back down to his hands attempting to cover her giant island of a belly that thrusted up majestically into the warm air because of the exaggerated curve of the submerged seat.

“Soon mistress”, he said squeezing her completely exposed, vulnerable rounded belly gently in all of his hands, momentarily hefting it slightly, as she gasped at his words and possessive touch. He was so full of lust for her baby filled body, he locked eyes with her and then she saw his gaze move down to linger on her breasts and belly as he blinked very slowly and let out a soft animal-like groan of lust which made her feel like she was blushing all over her body, and her vagina felt like it was gushing in response to his gentle attentions.

He was so incredibly drawn to her huge gravidity. He whispered in a very serious and commanding tone, “Soon I’ll caress your beautifully pregnant body and tickle this massive, huge, tight round belly all over as I fuck your sexily sensitive navel with my tongue right before you climax, but first...”, he took her silky black belt from the robe that he had helped remove earlier and placed it over her eyes as a makeshift blindfold. He then lifted her legs out of the water and she felt the seat beneath her raise and angle her body slightly up to meet him over his shoulders so he could better prepare her vagina for penetration, “...I want to make you moan and beg for me to fill your womb up even more.”

Last time they had mated together she had let her head fall back at his belly worshipping whispers, and she loved the feeling of his cum flowing into her, filling her body, his many hands had gauged her growth spurt last time and she could actually feel herself grow, her swollen womb had pressed tightly into his hands as he continued to fill her and he had swiftly tickled and stroked and pinched her belly flesh making her belly muscles contract uncontrollably and her tight womb had jiggled and danced in his hands as she arched her back orgasming over and over, her head falling back in total abandon as she vocalized her incredible release, feeling like she was dripping and squirting while she was filled.

She groaning in anticipation for more of that as he propped her up and supported her body with a sets of hands and kissed his way down from her knees, along her inner thighs and very slowly and gently licked and sucked on her vaginal lips. She rubbed her breasts and belly all over becoming incredibly turned on at the anticipation of him tickling her very sensitive belly and navel as she orgasmed.

They had discovered early on for their mutual love of belly and navel stimulation for her female body. During their breeding training when they’d both chosen to be paired up, they’d learned about a legend that once told of a woman’s massive multiple pregnancy due to her and her impregnators very compatible sperm and egg had created. The myth throughout the Hive says that the woman’s belly was so big and pregnant that her impregnator must have been inhuman and grown alien tentacles instead of arms and fucked her full of cum into every entry point in her body. The legends also said that the woman went into labour and orgasmed the entire time as her clitoris, belly, breasts, and inner thighs were caressed and fondled simultaneously by her impregnators tentacles, creating the perfect amount of wetness to make the birth speed a record setter of thirteen minutes.

He scooped up some water in one hand and brought it over her body letting the water drip slowly near her navel and glanced up watching her massive globe shiver as the droplets randomly trickled across her ticklish and fleshy expanse. He smiled as he continued to explore his way to her clitoris with his tongue while listening to her sigh loudly and happily as she revelled in these new gentle tickling sensations.

She’d chosen “Random” for her choice of sexual foreplay today wanting to be surprised. That meant her impregnator got to be creative and choose a new position and duration for their sexual episode. A small service bot hovered nearby orientated on their position as the impregnator spoke softly, “Computer, run program ‘G-Omega’ until ‘Aquarius’ is spoken.

“Yes, Commander Eidayo”, the little bot glowed blue as it commenced adjusting the lighting to be dimmer and it absorbed the small white instrument he held before him, taken from the pedestal earlier.

The commander waded around to see his squirming breeder’s beautiful face fully entranced by his ample knowledge of how to pleasure her impregnated body.

She reached up to grasp and caress her massive breasts pinching her nipples slightly as her breathing grew deep and she put her hands in the water to her swollen sides when she spotted the blindfold in his hand. She knew she was going to be exploding into a whole new trimester very soon and she rubbed her big tight belly all over in sweet anticipation then cupping her belly below her navel as he made her world ripen.

He kissed her on the mouth and swirled his tongue over her own as he reached up and caressed her huge juicy full breasts as they jiggled enthusiastically with her deep ragged breaths.

She arched her back thrusting out her breasts and belly at him, offering herself to his incredibly arousing touch.

He stroked her navel with his thumbs pulling gently stretching her navel open, or poking her erotically and swirling his thumbs inside her unable to resist taking her to her most aroused state he quickly caused her to shiver and jiggle her breast as she nearly came over and over again...always on the verge but he always held back just enough to make sure she got what she wanted while prolonging her pleasure so they could come together and when he came he would fill and stretch her already massive belly.

He let his other fingers roll over her nipples causing her to thrust her juicy breasts up into his hands and he continued his breast and belly torture until he couldn’t take it anymore as turned on as he was becoming watching her lose herself to his gentle, patient, playful touch. She was addicted to his skilled hands, they knew exactly where and how to touch her to get her to that trusting stage in their relationship, where she could give herself to him and vice versa.

A small robotic arm rose out of the water between her legs, rippling the water and tickling her inner thighs with a long strip of round tubing which the robotic arm gently placed into her anus causing her a bit of discomfort but she suddenly knew what he was going to do to her. She clutched her big belly in wonder and anticipation of their newest sexual experience together.

To be continued...

If you like this let me know and I’ll reply as soon as I am able!
June 11, 2018 12:20 am
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RE: PUDDIN’ - A story by ripeness
This is a very good story and I really like your writing style.
I'd love to read a continuation!
June 11, 2018 1:14 pm
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RE: PUDDIN’ - A story by ripeness
I really enjoy writing these stories for you guys!
Glad I lived long enough to find a hobby or whatever this is...that I enjoy spending some downtime on, and that others are able to get some pleasure out of too! Even if it is writing of a deviant nature, it feels honest and good to share fantasies with like minded people!

I’ll keep practising and working on my writing, grammar, and all could always be better...I just need to stop eventually and move on to the next story! Got another one dropping soon!
June 11, 2018 9:00 pm
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RE: PUDDIN’ - A story by ripeness
@davidstar that is a beautiful angle of that beautiful pregnant girl and he huge belly!
June 11, 2018 9:03 pm
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RE: PUDDIN’ - A story by ripeness
I loved reading this. Nicely done, I especially enjoyed how descriptive of everything you are.
June 30, 2018 10:27 pm
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RE: PUDDIN’ - A story by ripeness
Ripeness, I love belly button foreplay! Write some more! I like your story (as odd as it is).
July 2, 2018 8:47 pm
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RE: PUDDIN’ - A story by ripeness
I bet it feels amazing to be loved/turned on in this way.
It’s good to know other people out there are into it!
I thought I was weird too once but then I found this site and I feel a lot less odd!
July 8, 2018 12:39 am
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