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Pregnancy roleplay
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i created another Skype for a "total rp". this is my new character, Claire. When you'll talk to me on that Skype, i'll only be her.

She is 18 in her first year of university and she have a fertility treatment so don't try to turn her on because it would make her treatment work extremly fast!

see you on her Skype : [email protected]
Also on kik giving role play a try from the female perspective. I'm into rapid pregnancy, transformation from male to female and detailed descriptions etc. Not keen on violence, incest or furries.

Kik is empreg
Looking for female to rp with! Message me!
Hi there

Looking for a sexy pregnant female for roleplay on skype, pm me if interested.

I'm a 31 male from Denmark that gets turned on by pregnant women and long and detailed roleplays
Hi, looking for a pregnant role-play partner.

Im into mpreg and regular pregnancy. So males and females welcome.

My kik is: Corgilover145
I'm looking for a female to role play with
anyone up for a bit of sexy fun tonight on Skype? PM me if interested Wink
(February 10, 2016, 4:29 pm)qetu65 anyone up for a bit of sexy fun tonight on Skype? PM me if interested Wink

your PM is not switched on. Knock me up on kik: empreg
Knock me up too: dolria1 on kik, or miara2261 on skype.
My d-iscord is Dolri3#7259
Kik is dolria1
Looking for dom partners for futa on Pregnant rp or male on pregnant male and rp
Hi there, any females up for a sexy roleplay tonight on Skype? PM me if interested

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