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Preggophilia App
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Question Preggophilia App
So, since some people don’t wanna wait to see their notifications from the site, what about an app that is basically the site in one app and you can get post notifications?

Walking your stick to pregnant women is not a bad thing.
April 9, 2018 10:01 am
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RE: Preggophilia App
Would email notifications be useful? These can be enabled by subscribing to a thread or subforum at the bottom of the page. An app is an interesting idea -- any suggestions as to what it could do outside of notifications?
April 9, 2018 10:26 am
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RE: Preggophilia App
It could have its own camera built in for taking candids
April 11, 2018 5:00 pm
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RE: Preggophilia App
Apps generally cost a LOT to build -- it would be a huge investment for the admin, and for such a niche interest...
A less-expensive alternative might be to find a forum solution that is very mobile-friendly and that can use those little notifications I always turn off, hehe. You know -- some sites are like "hey can we send notifications directly to your browser?" and I'm always like fuck no, but they do work. It's basically all the cool features of an app but without the headache of app creation and maintenance.
April 13, 2018 1:47 am
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RE: Preggophilia App
You would also have to make it a cross platforming app so that way everyone can use the app.You also have to make sure that it can support iOS and Android devices. Other wise the app won't work properly or only be supported on one device.

Preggo Babes 4 life
April 15, 2018 3:12 pm
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RE: Preggophilia App
That sounds like a kick-ass idea! They should make an app for iPads as well!

April 16, 2018 7:06 am
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