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LTKNT101 (Edited)
This spicy Latina put on a very good show for me. I enjoyed watching her rub her fat pregnant cunt and fuck it with two different size dildos. I got her seriously fired up with my tips and made her cum hard. She was very obedient and playfully did what I asked her to do. Her navel is inverted creating a hole in the centre of her belly. I’m hoping it pops out when she gets bigger. 

Run time is 43 min 42 seconds


Pamelawetxx 7/4/20 Video

Webcam Link:
Liked by preggolover70 (Jul 15, 2020), Neo__hec (Jul 12, 2020)
I'm not so sure she's pregnant, but following to see for any progression. Thanks for sharing
She’s knocked up alright. You can tell by the fullness of her belly. She’s on preggo cam which also indicates she’s got a bun in the oven.

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