Overdue (Fpreg/Mpreg)
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Week 35
"I know it goes without saying how much we've been able to accomplish together over the past five years. And we literally could not have accomplished this momentous occasion if it wasn't for the hard work of everyone here today." 
Bill Swanson was many things; a savvy tech entrepreneur, a charismatic public speaker, and the kind of boss who buys everyone drinks at the end of the Friday work day. One thing he was not, was humble. "I know you've all heard about my nomination for the national science grant, and trust me, my intel indicates we will be able to continue my project for at least another five." The large conference room applauded lightly, humoring the handsome and precisely manicured CEO as he not-so subtly lavished in the praise. "After many, frankly too many, failed tests we finally have our perfect subject who has been performing magnificently, and on his last day here before his leave... we all wish you the best. Congratulations Justin." 

The room applauded, much louder this time, for Justin as he took a breath before standing. With his hand pressing on the table, he hoisted his 35 week twin belly, barely contained in a custom button up shirt, to a standing position. Smiling shyly, he waddled to the front of the table, where Bill put a brotherly arm around Justin's shoulders. "Thank's everyone, it-"

"Justin has been able to keep the twins stable and growing to term, and the doctor anticipates a safe natural labor and delivery. As the first successful trail of my fertility study, without him taking one for the team, we'd still be at the drawing board." Bill places his free hand on Justin's belly, giving it a rub of pride while Justin blushes a deep red. "And in our thanks, we all chipped in to give you a little gift". 

Bill motions to the intern standing in the corner, who hustles up with a hastily wrapped gift. "You guys didn't have to" Justin smiles at his work friends. He unwraps the large XL t-shirt with the letters D-I-L-F splayed across the stomach. "Oh yeah you really shouldn't have." he grins through his teeth, while Bill doubles over in a fit of laughter at his hilarious gift. Wiping the joyous tears from his eyes, Bill pulls Justin in for a hug, while Justin gives a discomforted "oof" at his belly pressed in to Bill. Waddling to his car after his goodbye ceremony, Justin takes a moment to look at his shirt. "Demeaning, but it looks like this might actually fit" he looks down at his heavily pregnant belly. "You guys made Daddy outgrow everything else." He smiles through a soft moan as he awkwardly lowered himself behind the drivers seat, wheel pressed in to his tight bump and his feet still just able to reach the pedals. Baby A, the girl, kicks right below his belly button, causing Justin to grimace and place his hand on the point of impact. "Whew. Almost done." He collects his breath and starts his drive home, just as the first drops of rain began to drip on the windshield. 


"Ladies! Ladies! Ladies!", Betsy exclaimed from the bench as she blew her whistle, bringing the basketball practice to a halt in the old college gym. With a frustrated grunt, she leaned her 35 week twin belly over her legs and pushed herself up to standing. With a huff she waddled her body, tight yoga pants and a large college t shirt tightly hugging her pregnant form, to the top of the key and asked for the ball. Her point guard steps aside as the pregnant coach takes the ball, awkwardly trying to dribble and be in an athletic stance. "Read your pick..." the center approaches and sets the screen. Betsy attempts to waddle with more speed, but is out of breath at just a quick burst around the tall girl. "... and then pop". The center moves to the three point line, as Betsy bounces a perfect pass to the girl who sinks a shot. Breathing heavy, she is able to barely say "'s... it's that easy. Let's run it again." She pats her point guard on the back and waddles back to the bench, hand on her back to support her large twin boys running out of space in her belly. She stifles a relieved moan as she slowly maneuvers her body on to the bench, placing her hands on her belly as it sits between her legs. 

At the end of practice, Betsy is standing in front of the group. "Coach Feldman here will do an incredible job while I'm out, I want you guys to listen to her, she's been playing this game a long time and knows her stuff. I'll be out for a week or two before I have the babies, and then a few weeks of maternity leave and I'll be back in action. I'll be checking in every once and a while, I know you guys have been anxiously awaiting the idea of having some cute little babies around here" she laughed. She dismissed the girls, and waddled out of the gym hosting an impromptu Q and A. With most of the questions revolving around her size, there was no question that even for twins, Betsy was carrying them rather large. In her mind she knew that hopefully it means they'd be there sooner rather than later, she was just waiting for them to drop. 

As the rain poured down in the gym parking lot, Betsy struggled to jog with her bag over her head. Puffing and huffing, she made it to the car and squeezed herself in. With a white knuckle grip on the wheel and barely able to see, she slowly drove trying to avoid an accident. Her belly growled hungrily, as she placed her hand on her belly. "Sorry guys, mommy's gonna get you some food here short-" BAM. Her tire bursts over a nail in the road, Betsy struggles to maintain control as she brakes and slides to an eventual stop on the side of the road. Lifting her head up, hair in her face and still processing what happened, she places her hands on her belly, pressing where the babies normally are. After a terrifying moment of no response, she was relieved to feel both of them jostling in response to the accident. 


"Jesus, rain came outta nowhere" Justin whispered to himself as he cautiously drove through the downpour, his hazards flashing as he slowly began to notice a car swerved on the shoulder ahead of him. "Shit luck pal" He mumbled just as he notices the driver outside of the car, looking like she had swallowed a beach ball, and soaking wet. Driving past her, he pulls off ahead and turns his car off. Opening the door and holding on to the frame with both hands, he pulled and groaned himself up, waddling back to the scene of the accident. "Ma'am, are you ok?" He called out to the pregnant woman in front of him. Waddling closer, he is stopped in his tracks. 

"Betsy?" he asks in disbelief. 

"Justin?" she responds, recognizing the man from her drunken one night stand months ago... and now just as equally, massively pregnant as her.


"Well I think you look great!" Justin smiled warmly as the two very pregnant acquaintances had burgers and fries at a local diner across from the auto repair shop. Both bellies were causing the two to be very cramped in the booth, and they laughed at each other struggling to lean forward enough to enjoy their food. 

Betsy returned the smile, "Thanks." She took another few fries and ate them hungrily. "I feel huge. Doctor said I'm already measuring at 44 weeks with these two." She patted her womb, accidentally getting a dab of ketchup on her shirt. "Damn it" she breathed as Justin handed her a napkin. 

"Can't tell you how many times I've done that" he explained, trying to help her feel better. He kept glancing nervously at her belly, doing the math in his head and trying to figure out the exact date they had been together. 

"Don't worry, they're not yours." Betsy laughed. "I'm carrying for my sister and her husband, just me being a good little sister". 

"Not quite so little anymore" Justin joked. 

"Look who's talking, you look as big as me, you said you're what 47 weeks?"

"Ha ha ha" Justin sarcastically replied. "35, Same as you." 

"Maybe I'm the father." Betsy grinned mischievously. Justin immediately remembered why they had ended up sleeping together in the first place, they had an immediate connection.

Justin was about to tell her about his job, the drug testing, the overall science-y method of having these babies. Also, the air tight NDA he was forced to sign. In his panic about coming up with an answer, he blurted "I'm having mine for my sister also!"

"Didn't know you had one." Betsy raised her eyebrow, mildly suspicious. 

Justin shrugged his shoulders, he hated lying to her like this. "We didn't discuss too much before the shots took over and we were making out in the back of that cab." And once Betsy scoffed at his seemingly dismissive tone, he made sure to add, "But I wanted to stress, that night was..." 

"Amazing", Betsy smiled. Both of them blushed and looked away, smiling. They jumped when Betsy's phone buzzed on the table. "My car's done" she said apologetically. "And I'm already late for a doctor's appointment as it is."

"Ah of course", Justin slowly scooted out of the booth, and they chuckled at the sight of the two pregnant friends struggling to scoot themselves out and politely help each other to standing. "We did it." Justin smiled, out of breath. 

"Thanks preggo" Betsy poked Justin's belly at his popped out belly button. There was a pause that felt like it lasted an hour, before finally they both said "we should meet up again.." at the same time. "I'd like that" they responded in unison. Blushing again, they exchanged numbers. 

"Would next week work?" Justin asked, failing to cover up his anticipation of her answer. 

"I'll text you." Betsy smiled, she wasn't one to show her cards THIS early. "Good to see you Justin" she said with a smile as she turned and waddled out of the diner, hand rubbing her belly the whole way.

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Week 37

"Any new women in your life?" Dr. Morrow asked as he moved the ultrasound wand over Justin's now 37 week twin belly. "Justin?" the doctor gave a concerned glance to the increasingly pregnant man. Justin snapped out of the trance provided by feeling the wand on his belly.  

"Oh what? No, still single, and not many girls want to get with all this" Justin motioned to his noticeably larger, rounder, tighter belly. 

"No close friends, relatives all getting ready for the big day?" The older doctor patted Justin's belly and showed him the babies on the monitor. 

Justin held for a moment. "Nope!" He smiled innocently and placed his hands on top of his growing belly shelf. 

The doctor began writing intensely in his binder. Justin laughed to himself at how intensely Morrow always took notes. "Ooooook then, great! Let's take a look at your bundles of joy." He motioned to the ultrasound screen, showing two large masses together in the womb. 

"That never gets old" Justin, eyes brimming with tears, whispered as he saw his babies. 

"Both of them coming in at about 7 lbs too, very healthy. How've you been feeling?" The doctor wheeled his stool over and helped Justin awkwardly sit up, pulling his shirt back over his belly, a small sliver of skin now peeking out from the bottom. 

"Big. Huge. Slow." Justin rubbed large circles on the sides of his belly. "I read twins should be usually done around this time right?"

"Well 36 weeks is usually when I'd say they are ready to roll, but in your case with the drug trial it's a special circumstance. So far everything has looked textbook, I don't anticipate any more than a week before this show gets on the road. If next week you're still pregnant, we can look at inducing. 

"Amazing" Justin smiled with excitement, his legs kicking playfully with glee. "Their dad is getting rather impatient". 

"I bet he is" the doctor smiled. "Looks like you're still pretty high, you're at 0cm and 0% effaced as well, but that can change overnight. Keep doing what you're doing. Walking, bouncing, spicy foods, all the old wives tales should help out here."

Justin looked down at the swell of his belly, larger today than even yesterday, and he felt fortunate that things had gone so well, his body was reacting wonderfully and it really showed with how big he was getting. He looked every bit of 37 weeks with twins, which they measured now to estimate out at 46 weeks with one baby.  His body was perfectly suited for pregnancy. He gave a tired "oof" as he swung his legs over the edge of the exam table, and with a hand from the doctor, he was able to slowly get his feet under him and stand up straight, his belly stretching forward and exposing more of his tight skin. "Anything for the stretching?" He chuckled as he gingerly rubbed his palm on his increasingly sensitive underbelly. 

"Lotion, cocoa butter, have to just keep it hydrated." the doctor didn't look up as he wrote frantic notes on his pad. "Ok, this time next week, let's see you back here bright and early. Hopefully before then we'll have some babies.

"Woo!" Justin gave a lighthearted fist pump and slowly waddled out. He slowly made his way down the hall, meeting with a nurse who has been helping since day 1. She gave his belly a quick pat, and was shocked finding out that the twins were still so nice and cozy. "yeah but by this time next week, worst case scenario is we have them induced." 

"Oh... yes of course" the nurse hurriedly said as the began to walk away. "Have a good week." she began to briskly walk down the cooridor. Justin missed her turning in to Dr. Morrow's office, as he had already begun the process of turning his swollen body and continuing out of the front door. Opening the entrance to the parking lot, he slid his phone out from his pocket and texted. "You blow up yet? On my way over." 


Betsy's phone vibrated with a small "Ping!". The sunlight was streaming in through the bedroom window blinds, covering her face as the warmth slowly began to wake her from her restless slumber. "Mmmmmmmm" she reached her arms up high and stretched as much as she could, laying sideways and with her larger twin belly resting on a pillow in her bed. Wearing a white tank top and her underwear, her increasingly more common wardrobe choice.

She groaned as she tried to reach behind herself to grab the phone. No luck. With a pout she tried to push herself back, but ended up red faced and flustered as her belly was holding her in place. "Okay you guys.. this is getting ridiculous". She groaned as she placed her hands under her belly. "One... two... threee" she huffed as she slowly held her belly and lifted it directly above her. Resting to catch her breath, she looked down at the ball of flesh and babies that was towering over her. She finished turning over by slowly letting her belly fall sideways, grimacing at the stress it already brought to her overtaxed back. 

She finally got her fingers on her phone. She read the text from Justin, looking down at her belly that had done nothing more than grow the past few weeks. "Still a house" she texted back, snapping a quick photo of her belly bursting out of her tank top, only half covered with her belly button popped amid the smooth tan skin. 

After taking the five minutes to hoist herself to standing, she placed her hand on the wall to catch her breath as she waddled in to the living room of her apartment, pressing her hands in her back and moaning as her spine cracked. "There we go." she breathed with relief as she moved to the front door, opening it to see the morning's weekly package on the ground in front of her. "We need a better system" she complained as she slowly squatted, hand on the door frame as her body sunk low enough to grab the bottle of medicine and the note. Huffing and puffing, she pulled herself back up to standing and closed the door. 

"Here's this weeks dosage. I miss you. - Bill" the note was wrapped around the bottle containing a small syringe, the same drug that Justin had been testing for the past 37 weeks. Betsy went through her motions, prepping the solution, finding a good spot on the belly, and injecting herself with her bump resting on her bathroom counter. "There we go babies, stay nice and healthy for mommy here". 

Betsy turned her phone's music on, Bodak Yellow came streaming out of her bluetooth speaker as she slowly danced her body in to her bedroom looking for something to wear. With her hand on the belly, she swayed her hips as she attempted top after top, finally settling on a tight under armor tank that barely fit over her bump, the arm holes stretched large, enabling anyone to see the sides of her sports bra and seemingly ever swelling breasts. She put her hands on her knees and playfully did a small booty dance to the music, singing along and taking her trusty yoga pants from a nearby hook. Plopping on to her bed, she fished her legs through the pant legs and slowly pulled them up to her belly, pulling the top over her womb as much as she could. The elastic snapped back down, causing Betsy to jump and leaving her underbelly exposed. "I really don't want to have to do any more shopping for you two" she says to her belly, silently staring back up at her, always there reminding her. She gave herself a sigh in the mirror, seeing how much she had grown in just 2 weeks. She turned sideways and placed her hands on top and bottom of the belly, admiring how high and round she still was. Dr. Morrow told her that she was looking as healthy as ever, they still were at 0% effaced and she was still 0cm, but he comforted her by saying that they could still come at any time. He obviously knows what he's talking about. 

She faintly heard a knock at the door, and her face lit up as she tried to hustle/waddle to see Justin.

Justin had his hand pressed in his back, holding a water bottle as he adjusted his tight shirt, struggling to keep it pulled down covering all of his bump. He gave up as it snapped back from his gym shorts, hanging loosely and exposing his globular midriff any time he'd lift his arms. He took a deep breath to hide the fact that he almost passed out just trying to go up the steps to Betsy's apartment. 

Betsy opened the door, met with the sight of Justin's belly dominating the doorway. "Woof, look at us" she laughed as she clocked their almost identical bellies, both sticking out from the bottom of their shirts, both exploding off of their thin frames and heavier than yesterday. 

"You look how I feel" Justin smiled and shuffled closer, trying to hug Betsy as they lightly pecked on the lips, both having to lean far over their combined bellies lightly pressed together in their doorway embrace. 

"Mmph" Betsy smooched as she strained against their bumps, "more than ready to pop?" She playfully asked as she placed a hand on either side of Justin's belly with a shake. 

"I feel like I'm gonna burst if I move too quickly" Justin groaned and bit his lip as Betsy shook. He took his hands and placed them underneath her belly, lifting some of the weight. "Wow, it's so heavy" he whispered in amazement. 

"Ohmygod, can you do that 24/7?" Betsy cooed as she felt some small relief finally on her lower back. "It's massive. I'm literally too pregnant it's nuts". She lightly pulled away and waddled in to her apartment, loose laundry on the floor all around, casualties of simply being too big to want to spend the effort bending over. "Why are you sweating already?" she asked curiously as she padded to her fridge to get a water. 

"Elevator is out." Justin huffed as he leaned against the counter, rubbing his belly absentmindedly. 

"Still? They haven't answered my calls!" She waddled over to her bathroom, making sure she hid the syringe in the medicine cabinet before waddling back in to the living room. "I don't know how many more trips I can take without having to rent a crane to just lift me to the third floor."


"So they're still nice and cozy in there huh?" Justin panted as he held Betsy's hand, the both of them waddling down the block as a part of their routine to try and get some momentum on labor. 

"Still nice and cozy. I'm measuring 46 weeks already!" She laughed in disbelief as she lightly tapped her belly with her water bottle. "Dr. Morrow said that I am particularly good at being pregnant" she beamed with pride. 

Justin almost tripped over himself, "Wait, do you go to the clinic over on Maple?" 

Betsy nodded, "I've been seeing him ever since I started taking.." her mouth snapped shut, she new she was still not supposed to talk about the drugs that her ex boyfriend had been leaving for her, ones that secretly had given her the chance to have a baby, something she thought impossible just 37 weeks ago. "Since I started blowing up like a balloon" she corrected herself, playfully bumping Justin's belly with her own as they kept waddling, breathing heavy and already sweating after a few minutes. 

"Well then. Why don't we make it so we have appointments just together?" Justin offered. "Or I know... never mind."

Betsy's eyebrow raised up. "You can't just do that you gotta tell me now!"

Justin couldn't resist when she'd turn on the cute. He stopped waddling and held both of her hands, facing her as their bellies touched. "I know we just only got back to, kind of, seeing each other. And you know I know first hand just how hard it's starting to get being this big and alone. Maybe, at least until we have the babies... we should move in together-"

"Yes" Betsy replied immediately. She breathed a sigh of relief, finally she wouldn't have to worry now about if she would be able to get off of the couch, something that had been frustratingly more common as she's approached the 38th week, already somewhat late for twins. 

"Great" Justin smiled. He felt his babies roll in his womb, and placed Betsy's hand on his stomach. "I think they agree too." 

Betsy smiled and rubbed his belly, "I can't wait."

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Week 38, 2 Days

Another morning bigger. Another morning larger. Another morning where Justin woke to nothing but the view from his globular belly ominously sitting over him. With a start, he opens his eyes and wipes the odd dream away from his eyes. Grunting as he sat up, he let his belly painfully settle between his hips, spreading them wide as he leaned over to his laptop on the nightstand. Using his belly as his miniature (and becoming less mini seemingly by the hour) desk space and typed another email to Bill.

"Hey Bill,

Just wanted to shoot another email your way, saw you had an out of office so I'm sure this will all be a moot point when you get back. Still cooking these little ones! Have another appointment with Morrow today to schedule a c section, or hoooopefully induce if things are looking good enough!!! (Crossing fingers, toes, even trying to get the babies to join in and cross). I attached some pics, per your request. As you can see I'm bigger than a house and ready to be D-O-N-E. I remember not seeing many people going this long with 2 when we worked in the clinic but you know how much I love being the odd man out. This time next week I should be sending you the full album of the babies. Let me know when you get this!


Justin pressed send on the email, hearing the whoosh and knowing that he had been at least keeping up his end of the bargain. Bill demanded Justin check in almost daily, and where once responses were immediate, they have tapered off and now an out of office email blast simply said "Out of the country, will respond when I can".

"I thought you said you were on leave?" Justin jumped as Betsy called from the bedroom door. He closed his laptop to see Betsy leaning with playful attitude against frame, her hand on hip while the other was placed on top of her 38 week 2 day ,big with a capital "B", belly. The spherical mass protruded from under her white sleeping shirt, one of Justin's old t-shirts that wouldn't even fit her at week 30, let alone now as the shirt didn't attempt to go past her belly button. He flannel pj shorts were increasingly shorter as her butt increased in size, although her hips still remained fairly skinny. Resting on her belly as well was her portable speaker.

Justin shot his head back in protest. "Ugh can we do this later?"

"You promised!" Betsy pleaded as she waddled in to the room. She noticed Justin starting to huff his way in to a good position on the edge of the bed. Wearing only his boxers, his belly hung off of his normally slim body, shiny and drum tight, stretch marks starting to form. "Look at this hot baby daddy" Betsy teased as she playfully rubbed his womb. Her belly pressing in to his as he responded by rubbing the sides of her belly.

"I look almost as good as this sexy preggo mama" he laughed and gave the belly a light kiss.

Betsy pulled her belly back. "Oh no, not before you do what we promised. Just cause we share the bed now doesn't mean this turns in to an all out pregnant sex den"

"It's not my fault. Hormones!" Justin grinned and started pressing his hands on the mattress. Betsy saw the effort that was being exerted and quickly put a hand behind his back, holding his arm as they slowly got him up.  "Th-thanks" Justin breathed  as they took a moment to both catch their breath, their bellies truly becoming a growing burden as the final weeks were passing by. "I will need to put pants on" he smiled appreciatively as he waddled to his dresser.

"I have the wardrobe figured out already" Betsy grinned from ear to ear.

Justin missed the bounce back email he had just received, from Bill's account saying "Unfortunately that email account is no longer active and will not be received."


Betsy's belly hung in front of the camera, blocking the view of anything but tight round skin as she finished adjusting the camera height. "Okay here we go" she shuffled back so the camera can see her face. "Hey everyone. Betsy and Justin..." she looks off camera with a nod saying 'yes this is happening' "... Betsy and Justin here and we're both 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant with twins." She stands up and waddles back, showing enough of her truly massive belly so that it is on display for the world, she is wearing a cutoff shirt that says "Baby Mama" in big pink letters, and Short pink shorts. "Mom and Dad are getting a little antsy so we thought we'd help the babies along." She smiles and hurriedly waddles to the side table, pressing a button as "Baby Mama" begins to play.

She sways her hips and struts/waddles to and from the camera, and and when the chorus first comes in, Justin begrudgingly waddles in from off camera, wearing a white cutoff shirt with "Baby Daddy" in blue letters, and blue short shorts. Betsy takes his belly and has her hands on either side, getting him to sway his hips and attempt to dip low with her. Justin begins to loosen up, and they giggle through the second half of the song, playfully dancing and doing awkward moves before they both begin to get out of breath, sweat forming and their faces getting red. Once the song ends, Justin is doubled over panting while Betsy slowly sways to the camera "P-please come soon babies!" she smiles and gives a thumbs up as the stops recording. As soon as the camera cuts, she lets out a huge breath and moans as she straightens her back. "Ooooooooof. Jesus that's getting tough to do".

"We should... get ready to go." Justin puffed, waddling over and massaging Betsy's back lightly.

Betsy closed her eyes and moaned lightly at the touch and nodded. "Thanks for doing that" she smiled and kissed Justin on the lips.


"Good golly Miss Molly look at that belly" Dr. Morrow joked as Betsy lifted up her shirt, shivering slightly as he applied the cold ultrasound gel and began to scan and check the babies' progress.

"Trust me, my back and ankles know all about this thing" Betsy joked, laying back and looking at her monitor.

An arms length away, Justin was being scanned by one of the nurses, seeing his babies on the screen. He turned and grabbed Betsy's hand, and they shared a smile of anticipation knowing the end was in sight.

"It looks like they are both as healthy as can be. Big too! Looks like both coming in at about 7 pounds."

"Wooof" Betsy exclaimed as she puffed her cheeks with a big breath.

"Good job Mama" Justin whistled with amusement.

"I have 8 pounds a piece over here." the nurse added as she wiped off the remains of the gel from Justin's bump.

Betsy laughed and raised her hands in the air in triumph. "Yes!"

Dr. Morrow scooted his stool between them. "Looks like both of you are doing great, both look healthy, the babies are healthy. Let's take a look and see how we're all progressing.

Betsy and Justin eagerly awaited the Doctor's thoughts, as he took a moment to check each of them.

"Hmm", the doctor said to himself, writing in his notes and going to his computer.

"How we looking down there?" Betsy asked, hoping to break the tension that snuck in to the room.

"What? Oh, yes. Umm. Still 0%, 0cm and both of them are riding high." the doctor fumbled as he typed on his computer.

"Really?" Justin leaned forward as much as the belly would allow. "No action at all?"

"It appears, not as much as we were hoping. But! This means we can get you both set up for the end of the week to get induced. Friday ok? That should put you both at 39 weeks.

"Let's do it." Justin and Betsy said almost simultaneously.

"Uhh great. Cool. Awesome. So sorry but I need to head to another appointment, but Tracy will get you up and outta here. Ok? We will see you two, or should I say you six, Friday!", the doctor barely finished speaking before hustling out of the room.

Justin and Betsy looked at each other, finally answers.

"Just a few more days" Justin smiled.

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Week 38, 6 Days

"" Betsy huffed as she slowly and rhythmically bounced on her purple yoga ball, her belly covering her underwear, making her appear almost naked to the eye as she rolls her hips and tries to loosen them up for their labor the following day. Her now D-cup breasts were tightly packed in to her Calvin Klein top, giving her some increasingly impressive cleavage. She could barely contain her anticipation and excitement as she tapped her fingers on the overstretched top of her almost perfectly spherical womb.

She grabbed her phone from the coffee table, and discreetly texted a contact: "B".

"Hey, haven't gotten a new drop-off in a bit, you ok?" Her previous 3 messages had been unable to send, she held her breath as she saw the progress bar, only to have the phone tell her that it could not connect. She tossed the phone aside and continued her routine. She stopped bouncing and grimaced as the babies moved. "Ooooooooookay guys, you're too big to be moving like this, mommy is getting uncomfortable," she cooed to her babies, trying to calm them with rubs from her soft hands.

"More movement?" Justin asked as he waddled in, wearing jeans with a maternity band that he was struggling to pull over his womb. "Come on..." he grunted to himself as he tried another attempt, he would get it up to around his belly button, but the material would snap back below. "What's the point of maternity clothes if you can just grow out of them?" he huffed.

"Well they aren't designed for people as big as us," Betsy reminded him as she rubber her belly. "Plus this time tomorrow hopefully we'll be pushing out some kids for us to play with," she stuck her tongue out and danced a small jig on her ball, stopping to get her bearings. "Wow even that has me out of breath now!" she exclaimed as she brushed her hair out of her face.

Justin waddled over, extending his hands to Betsy. With a quick count to three, he leaned back and pulled while Betsy planted her feet and groaned herself in to a standing position. A few shuffling steps as their bellies bumped and Betsy regained her balance. Justin placed a hand out to help steady his increasingly pregnant girlfriend. "Whoa," he breathed as they both caught their breath. "You're sweating," Justin noticed.

"I sweat all the time, I've got this furnace I've gotta lug around!" Betsy joked as she softly pressed her belly in to Justin's. "I'll just freshen up and we'll go? I hope my surprise still fits."


"Are you pulling?"


"Pull harder!"

"I don't want to rip it!" Justin replied directly in to Betsy's belly button. He reached up again, grabbing the hem of Betsy's dress and beginning to pull it down over her belly. "Suck in if you can".

"Shut up," Betsy replied. Or more, Betsy's arms replied, sticking straight up out of the blue dress that would have been tight before the pregnancy.

"Here we go." Justin assured her as the top began to slowly slide down her belly. He gently kissed her belly, not seeing the electric pleasure causing her eyes to softly roll back in her head as the dress finally fit.

"Fuuuuuck," Betsy moaned, losing herself in the thought of where a kiss like that could take her tonight.

Justin braced against the bed and slowly stood. "Can you breathe?"

"Barely," Betsy smiled breathlessly. Her face was flush, blonde hair radiant and full, and her breasts...wowza.


"We can stop if you want," Justin waddled with his arm around a truly struggling Betsy. Her dress was almost see-through, as her belly was simply too large for even the stretchiest of her "sexy" dresses.

"No.... just.... almost.....jesus," Betsy huffed, barely able to get a breath as she shimmy/shuffle/waddled on her flats.

Justin guided Betsy to his car, unlocking it and opening the passenger door for her. Holding his hand, she breathed a sigh of relief as she scooted her backside on to the seat, spinning her legs in slowly as her belly pressed in to the glove compartment. "Ohmygod" she whispered softly to herself as Justin leaned in. "We can just stay in tonight?"

"Nope. Nuh uh. This is the last night before babies, we're going out. Get in." Betsy pointed to the driver's seat and folded her hands over her belly.

Justin waddled around to the driver's side, squatted and shimmied in, only to have a curious feeling of rubber steering wheel bump in to his belly. He made a confused face and attempted again. "Oof," he groaned, trying to pull his body in to the seat.

"Everything ok?" Betsy asked, concern on her voice.

"I..." Justin responded before clenching his teeth and groaning, but failing to move an inch. "I'm too big."


"Hello Justin? This is Marcus, your Uber driver? I'm outside."

"Great! We'll uh... be right out.

Marcus put his phone back on the mounted stand. Checking his mirrors before turning to his right and seeing two incredibly pregnant bellies in the window. He rolled it down as Justin lowered his head down in to the opening.

"Marcus?" Justin asked, out of breath.

"Yes!" Marcus replied after a moment of staring, mouth agape, at the truly massive couple in front of him.

The back door opened and Betsy, groaning and trying her best to rub the pounds of food she put down at dinner, slowly made her way in to the seat, "sorry... eating for three and maybe ate a fourth."

"No- no worries Ma'am" Marcus stared at Betsy's naval, rounded and poking through the blue dress on it's last ounce of strength.

Justin began his struggle to sit in the back, crawling in and finally plopping down on the back seat, his belly dangerously close to touching the back of Marcus'.

"So.. when are you due?" Marcus asked politely as they pulled away from the Brazilian steakhouse.

"Tomorrow" Justin and Betsy replied together, hands on the other one's bump as they tried to get comfortable.

"Ah so exciting! My husband actually just found out we're expecting as well."

"Congrats!" Justin smiled and tried to lean forward to pat him on the shoulder. "I'd give you a bro-shoulder tap but right now I can barely move."

Betsy began to rub the side of her dress. "Justin" she whispered hard, trying not to alert Marcus. "Situation!"

Justin's head snapped to Betsy, "labor?"

She shook her head. "I think I grew..."

Justin looked down to see a few strings beginning to fray on the side of the dress. The fabric was about to blow.


"Get... this dress... off.." Betsy panicked as she tried, and failed, to muster more than an awkward waddle, panting and huffing as she struggled to stop the spread of the growing tear in her dress seam in the apartment hallway.

Justin was shuffling ahead, trying to unlock the door as fast as his pendulous body would allow as Betsy's swollen form approached.

The door clicked and Justin waddled in, at the same time as Betsy. He noticed the two of them side by side positioned themselves in such a way, that their bellies each grazed the doorframe as they padded in to the room. Betsy didn't notice as she took her hand off of the seam with an audible RIIIIP. She turned, wide eyed and in shock as her dress hung loosely, her belly bursting out of the middle and exposed to the world.

With her eyes welling up, she whispered. "This was the largest one the store had... I'm too big for it... I'm a huge pregnant cow." Her voice grows louder as she starts to cry.

"Whoa, hey there" Justin approaches and places his arm around her shoulder. "You're not a huge pregnant cow. You're my sexy pregnant Betsy" he smiled and rubbed her belly, kissing her on the cheek.

She began to slowly calm down, closing her eyes feeling Justin's hands on her stretched skin.

"And tomorrow... we can say goodbye to these bellies." He began to kiss her neck, as she rolled her head back and bit her lip. Justin took the bottom of her torn outfit and pulled off the rest, leaving Betsy in her straining underwear, almost ripping itself containing her swollen breasts and expanding backside. "But tonight I'll make Mama comfortable." He grinned slyly as his hand moved down and gave her backside a squeeze.


In the bedroom, the two expanding lovers tried to lower themselves on to the bed, but ended up awkwardly huffing and rolling on to there sides, struggling to get close enough.

"Oof... sorry... unghh" Justin moaned as their bellies bumped and rubbed, pressing together as they battled to maneuver around their mountains of babies. Justin was not only in his boxers, his slim muscular build dominated by his globular belly tightly shining in the light of the bedroom lamp.

"We're too big for this" Betsy huffed. They were both already tiring after the initial effort to remove Justin's clothes and sway in to their bed.

"I need it... I want you so bad" Justin groaned as he crawled up to kiss Betsy's face, his belly dragging on the mattress as he cupped her breast.

He moved up to resting on his knees, and Betsy rubbed the underside of his womb. "You're getting a few more stretch marks here" she noticed, seeing a few small red lines beginning to web out of his view.

"I'll get lotion" Justin grunted as he turned his body to reach for the bottle on the night stand.

Her hand went further south, finding his manhood enlarged and ready in his briefs. She softly ran her hand along the outline as her body began to fall asleep. "Maybe after tomorrow you can get me good and knocked up with your b- babies" she yawned as Justin fumbled with the bottle.

Turning back around he was about to tell her that's what he wants more than anything.. but found Betsy sleeping soundly on her side, the babies kicking and rolling. He smiled to himself and leaned forward to kiss the babies. "See you guys tomorrow" he whispered and rubbed lotion on his own belly, relaxing himself to sleep.

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Week 39

"Are you sure you measured right?" Betsy asked Dr. Morrow as the doctor took the measuring tape off of Betsy's belly. She craned her neck to peer over as much of her belly as she could, itching at a patch of particularly stretched skin near her belly button. She had on old sweats and her "sleep shirt", one that started at her knees before pregnancy, and now only would just cover her underwear around the house.

The doctor wheeled away and wrote in his notes. "It would appear I did, coming in measuring at 51 weeks. Big Mama!" He chuckled as he went over to Justin, equally as pregnant and laying back with his belly exposed. "Now once the drugs are administered, they shouldn't take long to kick in. We should have you both breaking your water here within a half hour. He ran the tape measure from Justin's pubic bone to right under his chest. "Wow. Measuring in at 52 weeks after all is said and done."

"Jesus. A little much no?" Justin huffed, slapping his belly audibly.

"Certainly big, even for twins, but you both grew some big healthy babies and another reason why you're getting induced today." Dr. Morrow went to his computer and entered the data. The door opened and two nurses came in with IV's. "You two ok with needles?"

"Just keep them away from my middle" Justin joked.

The nurses wheeled the IV's around to either side of the very, very pregnant couple. "So what is this you're pumping in to me?" Betsy asked curiously.

"Well, with the trial drugs that are currently in your system, this is basically a counter agent to ensure that we can assist the body in naturally beginning the process. Justin, you should be aware of how it all works I would think."

"Umm. Yes." Justin said nervously. He still had not explained to Betsy the "particulars" of his pregnancy.

"Great." Dr. Morrow clapped as the nurses stuck the needles in to their arms. "Just sit tight, and I'll come back here in an hour to check in."

1 Hour Later

"Are you sure? No contractions... nothing?" the doctor looked over at each of the swollen parents to be.

Justin and Betsy shook their heads. Rubbing wide circles on their bellies.

Dr. Morrow furrowed his brow and looked over to the nurse who had called him, and who was doing a terrible job of hiding the creeping worry on her face. He pulled her aside and quietly whispered "Let's up the dosage. As much as we can and then call me in 15. Let's get them moving."

"That should work?" the nurse whispered hopefully.

The doctor looked back at Justin and Betsy anxiously awaiting word. "It better. Bill said this would work. With the dosage and moving around, 15 minutes tops."

1 Hour Later

"Hey... doc?" Justin huffed as he placed his hand on the hospital hallway wall. He was doubled over his bump, holding underneath and trying to catch his breath. "Should.... should this have done something by now?". Betsy, with both hands in her back and ponderously waddling past, wiped another bead of sweat off her face red with exertion.

Dr. Morrow waited on his cell phone, trying to call Bill again. "The number you have dialed is not in service..." the automated response replied again. "Ummmm... should know here in a second... just keep walking and it should be clearing up.

Justin gave a frustrated look and pushed off of the wall, moaning at the effort it was taking to keep his shuffling waddle going non-stop.

45 Minutes Later

"I... I can't... need to stop!" Betsy barely breathed through her gasping, as she was almost pleading with a visibly sweating doctor who insisted they keep waddling back and forth. "Just tell us this isn't working and make it stop, I can barely walk if we keep going".

Justin approached from behind, his shirt covered in sweat, his belly shining with moisture. "I don't think this is working." He managed to pant between breaths.

Dr. Morrow ushered the two of them in to the office, where the nurses helped the two struggle and groan on to the exam tables. They finally had a chance to rest their aching shaking legs.

"Let's just... I give the OK for a c-section" Justin demanded. Betsy nodded in agreement.

"Ummm. I can't do that." Dr. Morrow responded almost silently.

"What? What did you say?" Betsy snapped to attention. She would have shot up straight, but her belly stopped her.

"Yes. You see, the contracts you both signed stated that the babies must be delivered naturally, in order to receive the appropriate compensation..." he trailed off at the wide mouthed expressions staring back at them.  

"That's bullshit!" Justin exclaimed, almost yelling. "We want them out, we need them out!"

"I'm afraid... we will try again here in a few days. I'll get you guys in the system to come back here once I get a new dosage of the induction drugs." Dr. Morrow couldn't look at them.

"Where's the rest of it?" Betsy demanded.

"Well, we used all of it. My hope is that it will kick in here before too long. I will call you guys as soon as I get more in. In the meantime, just try and relax and do the regular old methods. Trust me we all want these babies out."

Justin wiped his eyes in disbelief. Betsy layed back on her bed, defeated.

"We'll be ok. Just a few more days." Justin reached for her hand and held it comfortingly. He turned to the doctor, "you call us as SOON as you can."

Week 41

A dark office. The lights had not been turned on in days. Dr. Morrow nowhere to be seen. On the office phone a blinking light, showing 12 new unread messages...

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Week 39, 1 Day


Betsy's tired hand fumbled and slipped the morning alarm off. She rubbed her eyes and groaned, heaving her belly up and slowly scooting back to allow her belly to sit between her legs. She looked down at womb, still growing every so slowly as yesterday's hospital visit proved to be less than ideal to say the least.

"Good, you're up" Justin said from their bedroom door. His belly was barely contained in an XL under armor spandex shirt and gym shorts. He had a hand on the doorframe to help his balance as he rubbed his exposed underbelly.

"You're up early." Betsy tiredly noticed.

"Idea." Justin huffed as he waddled to the bed. "We have a lot of that stuff in our system still, I figure we go all out with trying to induce, if we stick with it... should pop in no time." He winced as he slowly lowered his swollen body to the edge of the bed, rubbing Betsy's belly.

Betsy took a moment to consider, she was feeling inspired by Justin's apparent optimism. "I'm down. Let's get these babies out, we don't need the medical help anyway." She excitedly tapped her fingers on her bell as Justin clapped and hooted in response. Bracing her hands on Justin's the two parents-to-be huffed and puffed an slowly got to standing, smiling to each other as they caught their breath.

Justin placed his hands on either side of Betsy's bump, their belly buttons pressing together. "You definitely feel ready... I give it three days tops."

Betsy felt Justin's belly in response. "Three days, then let's give doc a call."

Cue "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor

Betsy grunts as she struggles to lean over her belly to tie her sneakers. Justin holds on to the edge of the kitchen table and shakily gets to a knee, tying her shoes and looking up. All he can see it Betsy's tanned firm belly with her hazel eyes peeking from above the baby mountain.

Holding hands, Betsy and Justin waddle at a brisk pace down their block outside of the apartment. They smile at each other and wave at passing couples who take a minute too long to stare at the increasingly swollen couple.

A knock on the door, and Betsy hustles over to find a PostMates delivery of spicy hot wings.

With their bellies out and covered in sauce hand smears, they sit belly to belly on their yoga balls as they bounce together.

Week 39, Day 4

"Hey Doc, just want to check in, we've been waddling our asses off out here trying to help you out. Give us a call back when you're back in!" Justin hangs up the phone as Betsy gives a relieved sigh. Both of their morning "run" outfits are showing a tiny bit more belly. Their smiles just a fraction smaller since earlier in the week.

Holding on to the arm of the couch. Justin breathes heavy as he squats deeply, his beach ball bump grazing the ground as he slowly struggles to push himself back up. Betsy, hands on her hips, pants as she bounces hard on her ball. "Lets... go... babiessss..." she sings to herself.

Another delivery of spicy wings. Wrappers and boxes on the couch as the two of them sleep covered in wing scraps.

Week 39, Day 6

"Doc. Call me back. Just want to see where we're at." Justin, not hiding his frustration, hangs up as Betsy struggles to pull her workout shirt on over her noticeably larger belly.

"Jesus you guys.. Mommy's getting a little frustrated here" she complains to the stubborn little ones in her bump.

Panting and gasping, Justin clings to the apartment stair railing as Betsy is doubled over panting at the top of the apartment steps. "Can- can we stop?" Betsy asks through heaving breaths.

"Just... just one more" Justin gasps in response.

Week 40, Day 2

"Bets!" Justin moans from the side of the couch. He grunts and tries to push himself up from his squat, but is simply too tired. Betsy shuffles in, belly only larger and her hair tied up, as she struggles to lift.

"Almost....." Betsy strains as their bellies press and they both sit on the arm of the couch.

Week 40, 5 Days

Betsy and Justin slowly sway down the block, their largest workout shirts now not able to cover past their painfully popped belly buttons. Justin pants on the phone. "Please... just tell us something... call me back..."

Betsy stops and presses her hands in her back. Leaning back and trying not to tear up at another failed connection.

Week 41

With a hand on the wall for support. Justin sways back in to the living room in nothing but his boxers. Betsy slowly and sleepily bounces on her yoga ball, her belly dangerously close to rivaling it in size. "Please... please babies...." she whispers softly to herself.

"I think... I think we have a problem.." Justin pants as he groans his body to the couch.

"Did you call?" Betsy asked quietly.

"The voicemail was full." Justin responded, not bothering to hide his concern.

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Week 41, 6 Days

Justin felt the warm water pounding on his lower back. Finally, a moment of relaxation, of some comfort. The massaging pulse kneaded his aching muscles, the ones that were struggling to support what currently hung heavy and globular in front of him. He could fee how dry his feet were. His womb, currently pulling and pushing himself tighter by the hour almost, blocked the water from cascading fully down to his swollen and strained ankles. He looked down at the tight expanse of his belly, his hands up against the wall, trying in vain to provide a way to take some of the weight off. The morning shower was one of the bright spots of the day, a brief moment to think about something other than the currently "growing" predicament. Neither him nor Betsy were dropping. No dilation, no word from the doctor, and no labor in sight. They were very nearly out of clothes that covered them decently, and they were slowing down more and more by the day. Their motivation to induce had slowly melted in a growing desperation, one that they had refused to acknowledge or communicate to each other. They both were slowly becoming TOO pregnant, and neither wanted to make it real by saying just how nervous they were becoming.

"Ugh." Justin groaned, his relaxation now defeated by that creeping anxiety. He huffed and turned off the shower, placing his hands on the edge of the shower door as he carefully and shakily stepped out and on to the bathroom floor. Looking at himself in the mirror, he placed his hands on his back and tried to contain his unease at what he saw, a belly looking almost due with triplets, shining with water and drum tight. His belly button was painfully popped out, almost out of his reach. He dried off what he could and began the slow waddle in to the bedroom.

"-there literally isn't ANYBODY else to fill in?" Betsy struggled to lean forward in the recliner, her belly exploding off of her frame, her breasts swollen and perched on top as she subconsciously rubbed a large circle on the side of it. Her face dropped as she listened to her athletic director on the other end. "-I'm not really in a condition to coach at the moment..." she heard the shower turn off in the other room. She placed her hand on the receiver and called out "Justin!".

Moaning in the bedroom, Justin blindly fumbled with a pair of boxers, holding his hand out to the dresser to keep himself balanced. "C- coming!" he panted, finally pulling them tightly over his expanded backside, and due to his hormones, his almost constantly swollen member.

Puffing and leaning over to push down the lever, she grunted as her feet hit the floor. "Still nothing.. I swear I'm not lying..." . Her cheeks puffed as she sighed, bracing her feet and beginning the process of standing. "OoooooooooohGod...s- sorry" she panted, after collapsing back in to the chair. "Justin!" she heaved. She brought the phone back to her ear. "As you can tell.-" her face turned white. "That's simply not... breach of contract?!"

Justin finally padded in to the living room, already sweating again due to the 80lb furnace attached to him. "Sorry, let me help" He waddled to Betsy and they clasped hands. She mouthed the words "hold on" before going back to her call. "Okay fine. I'll be there at 8". She tossed the phone on to the side table. She looked up and nodded at Justin, as they both moaned loudly, no longer bothering to be polite, not at this size. They took a moment to lean against each other and collect their breath.

"Who... who was that.." Justin huffed.

"My boss." Betsy groaned. "Turns out there was a small bout of food poisoning with the coaching staff at the team dinner... I have to coach tonight."


"Oh my God.. Coach, how can you still be..." asked Paige, the star point guard.

Betsy slowly lowered herself on to the locker room bench, wincing as it groaned under her weight. Her blazer was pulled tight over her swollen chest, and the buttons of her blouse didn't even bother to close, her belly tanned and shining in the lights of the stadium. "Just a litte stubborn" she faked a smile as she looked at her team, all mouths agape at her size. "But I'm not playing tonight, you guys gotta go out there and take care of business, otherwise this whole season is going to go down the tube."

Using her belly as a makeshift desk, she held her whiteboard on top of her womb as the team crowded around her. She outlined the game plan as she was in her element, her white board balancing on top a the team huddled around. "Alright girls, I want Paige, Laura, Rachel, Bri and Liz starting tonight, we'll have lots of subs, fresh legs out there." The starting five girls all put their hands in the middle, touching Betsy's exposed belly. "Okay girls, lets win this for Coach and the babies... Babies on three". The team all puts their hands on Betsy's womb. "One two three BABIES". The girls all giggled and laughed, running out of the locker room out to the packed gym. "Girls?" Betsy called after them, finding herself massively swollen and heaving her womb to standing, almost falling over as she momentarily bumped in to a locker. Shakily standing, she looked down at her huge belly, "please... I can't go too much longer babies..." she whispered to herself, as she wiped the moisture from her eyes and ponderously waddled, her belly pulling her back painfully to the left... right... left... right...

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Will they make it to week 44? :O

Week 41, 6 Days (Cont.)

She barely fit in her seat. She barely fit in her outfit. She barely fit in the gym. All she could feel were the hundreds of eyes on her, leaning back in her chair on the bench as far as she could. Her belly, hanging between her legs, just big enough where it was almost reaching her knees. Her hair, which she had spent too much time prepping before the game, was now up and tied in a messy ponytail, a layer of sweat on her brow. Her face beet red. Her belly, bursting out of her largest blouse. She was too pregnant. Too pregnant for coaching, too pregnant for pacing the sideline, too pregnant for sitting down. Too pregnant for anyone who is carrying twins. The last, most concerning thought that began to slowly present herself in her head, she was simply too pregnant to feel like everything was ok... 

She tried to not let it get to her, to get in the way of doing what she loved. But her size was quickly becoming an issue to more than just her. 

"Alright push it... push!!!" Betsy leaned over her belly, careful not to lean too far or she's lose another button. The girls sprinted by, down by 2 points and running the fast break. She grunted, leaning forward more and placing a hand on her belly to see the end of the play. Paige was fouled hard, hitting the floor and slowly trying to crawl back up. 

"Foul! what the Hell!" Betsy yelled, "How ca-" leaning back and quickly shoving her womb forward, she tried to get enough momentum to stand up. "caaaaaaaa-" she stopped mid lift, trying to keep going. Two assistant coaches helped her by holding her hands and she finally heaved to standing. ""F... foul... foul" she barely breathed, out of breath and struggling for air. She slowly waddled down the bench. By the time she made it to the ref, the play was already moving down the other end of the court. "Just.. just one second" she pressed her hands in her back, as she felt another button snap. "ooooo... need to sit.." she breathed, blindly reaching behind her to hope that a chair was there. 

"Whoa coach watch out" one of the girls said as she moved out of the way, helping Betsy finally lower her body on to the tiny chair. She thanked the girl quietly, wiping her face with her hands, leaning her head back and panting. She closed her eyes and tried to keep her wits about her. 


"Foul!" Justin called from the front row of the bleachers. His tray of nachos, balancing delicately on his belly, fell off and he looked down. Thankfully, it landed with the chips relatively not touching the floor. He was too hungry to care. He grunted, leaning over, his fingers grazing the plastic tray. Rising back to sitting, and already wiping sweat from his face, he shifted forward... forward... and slowly went to his knees between two rows of seats. 

"Jesus." he whispered, as he felt the cool metal press lightly on each side of his belly, his school t shirt stretched to the max, leaving a whole half of irritated pink belly exposed to the cool gym air. He plopped down far enough to grab his nachos, put them back on his spot, and pressed his hands on the metal seats. Shakily, panting, biting his lip and grunting, he barely got his swollen form back on as well. 

He barely fit in his seat. He barely fit in his outfit. He barely fit in the gym. All he could feel were the hundreds of eyes on him, leaning back on his seat as far as he could. His belly, hanging between his legs, just big enough where it was almost reaching his knees. Her hair was a mess, not bothering to worry about it. His face beet red. His belly, bursting out of his largest shirt. He was too pregnant. Too pregnant for cheering, too pregnant for climbing the bleacher steps, too pregnant for sitting down. Too pregnant for anyone who is carrying twins. The last, most concerning thought that began to slowly present himself in his head, he was simply too pregnant to feel like everything was ok...

At the close of the game, and with the help of the railing, Justin pulled himself up; exhausted. He took one slow lumbering step at a time down the stairs. His belly swinging left, right, left, right. His hands pressed deeply in his back as he finally made it to outside of the girls locker room. He leaned heavily against the lockers, rubbing his belly as the last of the team walked by, their chatter moving to a concerned whisper as they walked by the heavily pregnant man. Craning his neck, Justin attempted to peek in to what he could see of the locker room. 


"Come onnnnnnn" Betsy groaned, leaning over awkwardly. Her right hand pressed in to the bench, the other flailing out to her side, trying to get a grip on the lockers that were a few inches too far away. She was beyond exhausted. Plopping down heavily back on the bench, her belly spread her legs painfully far apart, causing her to wince as her hips spread further than they were designed to. She didn't know if it was the hormones, or the exponentially increasing frustration of her condition. Her hands went to her belly, and she struggled and failed to fight back tears. 

"Get out... get out of mommy... please..." she whispered. For the first time, pleading directly to the babies that simply weren't budging. She began to press on the top of her womb, because why not? Nothing else has worked to this point. Her and Justin have been ballooning... growing... expanding... further than they have both seen in their extensive google searches about twin pregnancies. She leaned forward and, with her head in her hands, began to cry. 

"Betsy?" Justin's voice echoed through the locker room. "Are you ok?"

"Why won't they come out!" she exclaimed, voice cracking through tears. 

"I'm coming in baby." the voice responded. She heard him coming, the huffing and puffing as his womb gave him no room for the air in his lungs. His belly peeked around the corner first, followed slowly by her concerned boyfriend. "Baby..." he tried to hurry over and, groaning, lowered himself next to her and put a protective arm around her. 

"Why won't they come out? Why won't they come out!" Justin pulled Betsy in tighter, trying to calm her down. 

"They're going to come out. We just need to keep trying."

"We're too pregnant Justin, we're still not even dilated, we haven't dropped. I don't know what to do." 

The sides of their beach ball wombs pressed lightly together. "We'll figure it out, I'll make sure nothing bad happens. We just need to keep calm." He kissed her cheek. Playfully, he put his hand on the top of her belly, speaking to the babies. "Get out of Mommy you guys.. she wants to meet you two!" 

Betsy smiled warmly. Justin is going to be an amazing father. For the first time all day she began to feel relatively ok. Seeing him in "Dad Mode" only brought her comfort. 

Justin awkwardly bent over, and planted a kiss on the belly. "Get-" *kiss* "out-" *kiss* "of-" *kiss* "mommy" *kiss*. 

Betsy bit her lip. His touch, his tenderness, on the vastly stretched womb began to make her feel a heat of passion. 


"Get... out... of... mommy" Justin huffed, leaning back on his hands on the bench completely naked. On his lap, facing away from him and leaning back in to his womb, Betsy held her womb with one hand and the locker across from her as she slowly, methodically, lowered herself on to his erection. 

"Please... pop... pop me baby..." she panted, moaning. Her naked breasts, so swollen with milk, flopped heavily as the two of them both cried out. 

They both panted, gasped. Barely able to move and breathe without feeling like passing out. But they needed the babies out. Nothing else was working. At least in this intimate moment, they forgot the physical pain, only feeling the pleasure of each other, massively pregnant and not trying to let the other see how worried their face was. 

Off to the side, in the pocket of Justin's jeans. A missed call and voicemail from Dr. Morrow.

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I wonder what "The Good Doctor" had to tell them.

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