Original story : M' I pregnant? (Mpreg content)
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Hello everyone! Here is a story idea i had a few days ago while i was making my fake belly.

Disclaimer : I'm french and it's my maternal language. I learnt english at school and through video games and movies. So, be comprehensive if i make mistakes! :p

Day 17 : 8th Test

At least, i reached to make an almost perfect fake pregnant belly! Yeah i know, it may sound a bit weird and all, but i'm a man and... i have a fetish for pregnancy. I mean, i'm attracted to pregnant women but... i always wanted to know how it feels to be pregnant, how my body would change if i was pregnant. As a hetero cis male, i never had the desire to make a transition or to perform any chirurgical operation, so i decided to make my own "pregnant body" with a pillow and a few clothes, some i stole from my ex before we broke up...

For that 8th test, i added two bras over two layers of tshirt, so my tshirt doesn't look too loose over my body. And now, my "belly" looks perfectly round! My pair of jeans fits perfectly over my lower belly and the scarf around the pillow was tight enough to hold it perfectly! I should try to buy a pair of maternity jeans so it will be even more perfect! While i was writing down my report on my computer, i couldn't stop to rub it, to feel the round shape of my pregnant belly, the curves of my new hips (Yeah, i added two rolled towels under the layers of two pajamas trousers + one denim jeans to make them looking curvier).

I was so happy i decided to sleep in my bed with my "new body!" I waddled to my bed and laid down under the covers. The feeling was so intense i felt my erection building up under the pressure of my clothes, but it was unreachable so i ignored it and felt asleep without satisfying my desire...

Day 18

I wasn't working today, but i woke up early this morning... I felt dizzy, and my back was hurting, i guess i tied the scarf too tight over my back and my fake belly. I sat down on the side of the bed and felt the pain getting stronger. I arched my back and got up before i waddled slowly to my bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. I looked wonderful, but something felt wrong. The weight of my belly felt heavier, and it looked much rounder than yesterday... I mean... my fake belly was making ripples and imperfect bumps here and there... and today, nothing... I pressed my finger on it and i froze.. It felt like it pressed on my own stomach! I took a deep breath and tried again, the same sensation occured!

Then, i started to lift up a layer of shirt, and lifted down a layer of pajamas trousers... the other shirt and the other pajama trousers... Then, once i reached the last tshirt, my eyes widened when it revealed my own belly... round and soft, with no hairs on it, my popped belly button in the middle! What was happening?! Was i dreaming? Was it an hallucination?! Was it true?!!! I took off my clothes and looked to my naked belly. I was pregnant for real!!!

I hope you liked this introduction! I'll make the next part soon. If you have some ideas you'd like me to explore, or if you want to correct some mistakes, or if you want to give me some advices, feel free to do so! Smile
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It’s a good start, I hope the transformation does lead to the character finding a pregnant woman to get close to and both succumb to their hormones.
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(May 7, 2023, 8:34 am)donbambino24 It’s a good start, I hope the transformation does lead to the character finding a pregnant woman to get close to and both succumb to their hormones.
Eheh, maybe ^^ It may lead to a lot of others events too :p Keep an eye on the thread, i'll write a new part today ;D (Sadly, no date with a woman, pregnant or not ... not yet!)
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Part 2 : Shall i try again?

Day 18, Afternoon

Being pregnant feels so much different than being my normal self... I needed to pee more often, i felt so hungry i ate two times more than usual, my back hurted and my legs felt sore... But the feeling of my hands on my belly, the look i had in the mirror, it was just amazing!

I spent most of the day laying on my bed, half naked with my hands on my pregnant belly. A thousands questions overfilled my mind and i didn't knew the answers... Am i pregnant for real? Is a real baby inside of my belly? If yes, will i give birth? How? Shall i see a doctor? Or shall i contact someone else to ask for some advices? My friends? My ex? My mother? A colleague? How long until this transformation ends? ... Daylight was slowly fading outside and i felt my eyes getting heavier. All those new sensations and those questions exhausted me and i fell asleep very quick...

Day 19
The next day, when i woke up, i felt a weird mass of pillows next to me. It was my fake belly! When i looked to myself under the covers, i was back to normal! My stomach was flat again, with a small layer of fat, my hairs reappeared and i didn't felt different compared to before my transformation. Then, when i looked to my alarm clock, i saw i was a bit late for work! I took a rapid shower, put on my clothes, cleaned my teeth and brushed my short blond hair before i ran to the train station, direction the office.

While i was working on my computer near of the windows of the open space, i couldn't stop thinking about yesterday... I didn't took any pictures, i should have done that... And what if tried again tonight? I'll take a day off tomorrow then, so nobody will bother me. Suddenly, i got distracted by Jeanne, one of my colleagues. She was a beautiful redhead woman in her late 20's. She had an average body with curvy hips and a bit of fat at the level of her stomach, but damn, it gave her a sexy look to me! She asked me something about a file i was working on, but before i could reply, she asked me : 

"Are you feeling okay? You look a bit distracted. Have you made something interesting during the week end?"

-Mmmh? Oh ehm ... not really, i mean yes, but ... i stayed at home and..." I blushed red and stopped talking before i made a mistake

"Oh it's your life after all, i don't want to break your intimacy! I guess it was something great and you wanted the week end to last longer?

-Eheh yeah, something like that! I said before i turned around and made a sigh of relief.

When she saw i was continuing to work, she put some papers on the pile next to me and left. I turned around and looked to her walking along the passage in the middle of the office ... those hips wow... But then, i thought i couldn't end our conversation with me ignoring her!

"Oh Jeanne, see you at the cafeteria?" She turned around, smiled to me and nodded before she made me a friendly wave.


Day 19, evening : 9th Test

I'm ready, again! In front of my mirror, i was finishing my fake pregnant body, adjusting my clothes and my jeans around the pillow. Will it work again? I hope so... I took a day off tomorrow so nobody won't bother me during the experience... I prepared a small dinner and ate it while i was rubbing my fake belly. I made the dishes, biting my lips each time i took a glance to myself... In bed, i looked to myself again before i felt my eyes getting heavier again...

Day 20

Again! It worked! I'm so happy! My belly was back again! I took off my clothes and laid down naked on my bed, carressing each curves of my body and teasing my belly button. Behind my lower belly, i felt the heat of my excitation rubbing against the sensitive skin... I moved my hand and touched myself a bit... God i felt so horny, it was so hard between my fingers! Suddenly, i felt the need to moan before the fruits of my horniness erupted all over my tight skin! What a sensation!!! It was amazing!

Once i caught my breath and calmed down, i got up and waddled to the bathroom to take a shower. Once i was clean, i put on a pair of trunks, a pair of joggings, a large tshirt and a large sweater. I turned on the music and started to prepare a little breakfast before the doorbell rang!!! Who was it?! Oh, the delivery service! I ordered a new microwave since the old one was broken! I can't ignore it, and i'm sure the delivery man already heard there was somebody in there!

I went behind the door and asked "Hello, who is it?"

"Oliver from Nozama services! I have an order for Thomas!"
-"Yes it's me, could you let it on the carpet please?"
"Oh sure mister! But you have to sign my tablet to signify i gave you the order!"

I took a deep breath anbd opened just a crack, trying to hide my body behind the door. He looked to me with curiosity and passed the tablet through the crack. I signed it and thanked him before i gave it back to him.

He checked on it and turned around before he waved to me.
"Okay everything is alright for me! Have a nice day, and congratulations by the way!"

Wait what?! Congratulations? For the order? Or... or maybe i misunderstood something else!". Once he left, i put the cardboard box in my house and locked the door. My heart was beating hard. I calmed down and went back to my kitchen... But while i wanted to prepare a small breakfast, i discovered the milk bottle was empty... the bread was dry in its paper bag, and there were no more cornflakes in the shelf! I forgot to fill my fridge! I should have checked on that yesterday!

The only solution was to go to make some errands... I decided to go to the small convenience store three streets away from here. There weren't a lot of customers at this hour and i went here one or two times since i moved in town. So nobody won't recognize me in case my pregnancy is revealed... I put on my coat so i could hide my belly a bit and then, i went to my car and drove here. It wasn't easy since i had to move my seat a bit backwards to give room to my round middle...

In the store, i waddled rapidly behind a rack so the cashier won't see my body. "Good morning" I said rapidly before i filled my bag with anything i could eat. Once it was done, i waddled to the cash register and tried to face him or hide behind a small candy stand. The 50y/o lady looked at me and bipped my artlcies. I put them rapidly in my bag, blushing red, hoping she won't make a remark. Once she announced the prize, i paid but before i left, she said to me. "Have a nice day sir, it may not be easy to be a future dad. Congratulations by the way..." I froze before i waddled rapidly to the exit! But outside, i bumped on a lady with her daughter next to her. "Oh, i'm sorry I..." The lady chuckled "Oh it's nothing, take care of you!". The little girl smiled to me "Oh, mom, the mister is pregnant!". The lady frowned her eyebrows "Oh honey, it's rough to say that out loud. Don't bother him!" Then she looked at me again. "Excuse her, she's a bit young! Have a nice day, and oh, you're the neighbor from the blue house? You helped me to remove the snow from my alley four months ago! I see your baby is taking more place now! You may be due soon now, isn't it?"

"Y...yeah, soon... Excuse me, i have to go back home, i have an... appointment..." I said before i drove back home.

What was happening?!!! Back at home, i sat down in my sofa, trying to understand what had just happened... Those people, they thought it was normal to see a pregnant man! I lifted up my sweater and rubbed my bare belly slowly. And, that lady, she knows me, but she knew i was already pregnant, as if her mind had been altered... I don't know why that magic pregnancy happened to me, and how ... But this is ... Amazing!!!

End of part 2! I hope you liked it too! If you have any advices, any scenes suggestions, any corrections, feel free to write to me! Smile
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This definitely needs to continue
Hey everyone! Here is the next part of my story! It's a small one, but i may make a new one very soon again! Enjoy!

Day 30

A date! With my colleague Jeanne! Next week! I was so happy when she asked me if i wanted to have a drink with her outside of our jobplace! In the train and on the street while i was going back to home from work, i couldn't stop smiling or singing. Once i was at home, i wanted to celebrate that in my own way, wearing my fake pregnant body. As always, it took me 15 minutes to put on everything... But this time, my fake belly was a bit loose so i added a little layer of thick towel under it to make it hold better. And while i did that, i saw two small towels rolled in ball in the back of the drawer so i decided to put them in my bras. Now, i looked like i was a bit more pregnant with a feminine chest eheh!

Once i was ready and "pregnant", I drank some beers, prepared something to eat, drank another one, watched TV while i was eating my dinner, drank one more beer... and fell asleep in my sofa, half drunk.

Day 31 in the morning

I woke up nauseous and a bit tired. I got up and arched my back before i waddled to the bathroom, but suddenly, i froze when i saw my figure in the mirror of the living room... I looked a bit overdue and .. i had breasts! I mean, real ones! I waddled faster to the bathroom and i took off my top clothes, revealing my boobs and my darker nipples! This new sight gave me a hard one and i couldn't stop massage them! I got fully naked and took a good shower. The feeling of the water flowing on the tight skin of my middle, my erected sex poking against my lower belly, my sensitive breasts heaten up by the warm water, everything was amazing!

I put on some fresh clothes and went outside, waddling slowly to the small supermarket. The lady at the cash register said hello to me and complimented me again about my future parenthood. When i finished to fill my basket, i came back to her and paid, discussing with her about how it's hard to find maternity clothes for males like me and all... It was surreal, but so exciting! She gave me some advices about a clothing store near of here where i could find larger clothes, so i decided to go there.

A few minutes later, i was in the changing room of the said store, trying on some tshirts and sweaters. The mirror was broken so i had to go in the store to look at myself in another mirror. The cashier, a man in his late 20's, went to me and commented "Mmmh, this one looks good, but i think you should adjust the sleeves. This one? Oh, you didn't saw it eheh, but it doesn't cover your lower belly!" I chuckled at his jokes, but at one point, he asked me seriously "How far along are you? It must be amazing to become a father soon?"

I blushed and hesitated a bit before i answered : "Yeah, it's great, but it's not something natural you know, and i'm ... 36 weeks pregnant!" He smiled and replied : "Oh, it will be soon then! And, yeah, i know. You're very lucky you know...". Then, i blushed red and i felt my heartpace increasing.

"You... do you want to touch?" The green eyed man blushed when i rose up my shirt and revealed the round orb of my belly. He approached his hands and carressed the sides slowly "Wow, it's so soft and... Oh?" I froze when i felt what he felt too.. A kick! I felt something kicking inside of me! So, do i carry a baby for real?!" He smiled wide to me "Oh wow, incredible! Your baby said hello to me!" I nodded and looked at myself, i was amazed by that new thing!

Back at home with my errands and a bag full of clothes, i decided to do something i never thought i'd do one day : I called an Ob/Gyn to make an ultrasound appointment in four days!!!

End of part 3! Next part very soon!
Damn this story is getting really good, hope to see the main character explore intimacy in his pregnant state. Maybe even with a pregnant woman and have both of them be absolutely massive.
Salut neodymes!

Très bonne histoire, bravo!  Big Grin

Si je peux te faire une suggestion, mets plus de moment où le personnage se caresse et vient. S'il a vraiment se fétish, il serait surement toujours en train de se masturber en caressant son ventre (ce serait ce que je ferais à sa place  Wink  Tongue ) 

J'ai hâte de lire la suite, bon boulot!

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