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New to Preggophilia? Tips and tricks!
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So I've been noticing a lot of newcomers to the site and with that brings lots of new content but also lots of inconveniences. I just want to make a quick post about some general courtesies that not only will help newcomers get the most out of the site but also become an appreciated contributor to the community.

- First things first. Lurk more. This not only will allow you to get a feel for the site but also help to understand the basic ways it operates. Read the rules stickied in most of the boards if you are unsure, they are there for a reason.

- Search. See those numbers in the corner? nearly 6000 threads with 140000 pictures and counting. Looking for tight clothes, blondes, big boobs, etc. Chances are there are several threads that have the same theme.

- Use the sorting systems. Lots of lurkers will grant Karma points to posts that are well received. Also rate the thread overall. Just by organizing the top rated threads/most viewed will most definitely show you the best of the best.

- Pay attention to Karma points. Some posters on this site are renowned for posting loads of quality content quite frequently. Posters such as sbflicker or orta03 have dozens of threads and posts that are easily accessible by just looking at their profile

- Dates matter. Each post shows the date it was posted. If the last post was two years ago, the only reason to reply would be if you have more/new content relative to the thread. If you appreciate the thread, award karma points. Posting in an old thread is called "necroing" or bringing it back from the dead. No one likes zombies.

- No original links. This is in the rules of the board. Information such as personal links, names, addresses, etc are not to be shared on the site. Most of these women might not appreciate the specific attention we give. It is always best to give privacy. That way the site stays out of nasty limelight and content will continue to arrive as we have kept our hands to ourselves. Unfortunately there are members who either do not understand this concept or frankly don't care, don't pour gasoline on a fire.

- Use your brain. The most important trick. Also sometimes the hardest. If a picture set was posted 3 years ago, chances are there is not "moar!". Most posters here are of the male variety, don't ask when we are due.

Welcome to this site, its probably one of the only one of its kind for now. Treat it with respect and the community will grow as it already has been. Hope this helps! Thanks

P.S. feel free to add anything you think I may have forgot or ask any questions. Its a generally helpful community.
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Some good tips for everyone to follow new and old to the site.
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Good refresher mate!
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Thanks tomostrife! I've pinned this thread, great information for newcomers.
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(March 23, 2016, 2:31 pm)pregphil Thanks tomostrife! I've pinned this thread, great information for newcomers.

Thanks pregphil. I appreciate the help. Gotta say if you are the one moving the new misplaced threads, you are on point.
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(March 24, 2016, 1:00 pm)tomostrife
(March 23, 2016, 2:31 pm)pregphil Thanks tomostrife! I've pinned this thread, great information for newcomers.

Thanks pregphil. I appreciate the help. Gotta say if you are the one moving the new misplaced threads, you are on point.

Thanks! I do my best. Reported/flagged threads from members help the most.
I always like to stress the "Look, but don't touch" rule.

By that I mean if you are watching a profile or someone progress through their pregnancy, don't try to talk to them, don't comment on their pictures or videos saying weird shit. Talk about them all you want after all the content is provided and said person pops.
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...I assume the new rules are in reaction to "the incident" from a few years back that made the news. I was around years before that happened. Can't say I'm surprised it happened. Pity it took the negative media attention for the rules to change.

I will say this though: With CraigsList Personals now gone, I do think the rules on soliciting meetups should be relaxed on this site. I get the concerns but I feel as long as all parties are consenting, it shouldn't be a problem. I get sex is assumed but not everyone looking to meet up with a pregnant woman is looking for sex.

I would advocate for folks to be allowed to share their contact info in their profiles be it email, Social Media handles and so on. No links though.

My 2-Cents aside.

I do feel like encouraging more non-pregnancy discussion can help generate more participation. That's just me though.
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Sorry, but i don't know how to submit something. Can you help me?
Open the forum you want to post in and theres a Post Thread button near the top right corner

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