My stories... maybe.
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Reading the short stories of TheLemmerPie gave me the inspiration to try to do the same. So I'm going to look for pictures on which to write stories, but I'm as curious as you suggested me. My only problem being that I'm French and my English may be slightly bad for a long text...

See you soon, maybe...

TheLemmerPie (Edited)
Translating in english when it's not your native language can be hard, sure. That's why I first write in french, then make it easier (like, "all the text is write in present"), then translate myself, or google+re-reading. Too bad I don't have someone with english as native language....
I hope to read you one day ^^ Don't hesitate to take your time

With both of you, as well as anyone else out there, I have no problem helping you edit your translations in English. These are some fun stories.

Liked by TheLemmerPie (Dec 1, 2019)

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