Maya Metra - A Story by ripenessg
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ripeness (Edited)
Tongue Not quite done...will post more soon!

Lust and hunger impregnated the air, buffered by the rolling waves and out across the warm ocean waters surrounding a pocket of small coastal villages amid hundreds of small uninhabited islands in the south pacific.

The scent drew the attentions of an ancient creature with a particular method of mating.

It bathed itself in the erotic scent, savouring the full ripe air around its huge squirming form , and surveyed the beach for its source in the hope of locating a suitable host to fill and pleasure and assist in incubating and birthing its offspring. 

The beast’s shiny dark blue and purple membranes glistened as the round golden sun hung low, large, very swollen and heavy over the ocean as waves teased and slowly melted the sun’s fullness and spread its light across the rippling tides that slowly rose with the full moon as it spied down into the small cove.

It had chosen isolation and gone into hibernation after its first human mate, an adult female woman, had vanished, apparently, during some ominous human naval activity and experiments decades before. At that time, long ago, the human monsters had been setting up their test equipment far enough away from the tentacled beasts makeshift rocky outcrop on the ocean, or so the creature had come to believe through its curious observation of their activities and then it had observed a frighteningly strange and enormously powerful vibration in the ocean followed by an ominous amount of dead marine life it wisely had chosen not to take advantage of to feast on.

It had watched the human beasts with detached curiousity from what it had thought was a safe distance in it’s former secluded breeding cave off the coast of a chain of hundreds of tiny islands. 

It had been almost a century ago that the beast had captured the beautiful and strong human female while she spear-fished alone nearby the beasts domain. 

She had no time to struggle as the secretions from the beasts slippery smooth and scaly-looking skin had leeched into into her body and left her in an incredibly aroused, sensitive and near catatonic state of docility.

It remembered fondly her voice and the sounds she had made as her body had grown, filling and stretching in the most beautiful, cock-stiffening and feminine way to accommodate it’s enormous amount of matured jelly-like eggs that it had filled her newly impregnated body with as she lost herself to its gentle delicate stroking and caressing of all her many perfectly swollen, round, stretching and straining erogenous regions at once.

The beast had listened and watched as she moaned and squirmed, grasping at herself in shock, which slowly softened to wonder and finally appreciation as she had lost control every time it filled her belly more and more. She swelled huge and tight, slowly, and creepily. Then sometimes her belly swelled out in massive orgasmic spurts and visibly her whole belly pushed out many inches in all directions, noticeably becoming rounder and fuller as it squirted more and more of its jelly and soft eggs into her, and not a drop of its cum missed its mark, its thick tentacles creating a tight seal inside her reproductive canal. She lost herself to her own audible sloshing, squelching, filling, stretching, and swelling with liquid sounds emanated from where its tentacles wriggled orgasmically inside her completely stuffed snatch.

The cave filled with the sounds of her erotic moans as her thin tribal covering gradually stretched and then tore at the middle seam slightly, easily exposing the curved quivering flesh around her ready to pop navel. He let her garment rip on its own, watching her reactions to the sensations as the fabric caressed her flesh as she grew the garment became thread bare and translucent so her navel and breasts became visible through her clothes as his sweat from his exertions soaked onto her very round body. He was enjoying the moment more and more, and then the sides finally splitting wide open with one huge loud ripping sound as she let out a very long and erotic groan as her huge round belly shot forth into the waiting and squirming tentacles of her captor. It caressed, flicked, and gently hefted and felt the weight of her huge ticklish mound as she moaned and cried out in orgasmic abandon whenever she’d feel the tentacles move over and squirm right near her sensitive nipples and navel.

The beast ripped the useless garment off of her swollen body, she wouldn’t need clothing or modesty to keep her warm and humble anymore. She was now a sight to behold and worship.

Her body now lay completely exposed and she had laid back as if in invitation to allow the beast to run its tentacles deliberately and slowly around and over her incredible new curves, it had very quickly discovered how sensitive her inner thighs, navel and underbelly were becoming. She thrust her body up whenever it touched her jiggling belly, with lust filled eyes, as if she were enticing the beast to fill her belly even more, and it had longed to feel and caress more of her rounded and straining with life flesh.

It remembered how she’d groaned and panted as it had freed her from the confining garment and how her newly full of life impregnated belly and huge, soft, firm, jiggling, shiny, squirting breasts had fallen heavily into its sight with nothing to protect her from its tickling, suckling, secreting tentacles which stroked and groped her newly exposed colossal curves.

Her constant erotic breathlessness, moans and whimpers were joined by the sounds of an already immensely stuffed uterus gurgling and straining to contain the beasts load and now newly squirming offspring as they began to hatch inside her. All the movement was now beginning to cause her abdomen to stretch out to a beyond normal pregnancy size for a regular human female and the small round eggs were visible under her round tight flesh.

In no time her slim abdomen had become tight, shiny, and alive with his energetic brood as the millions of tiny eggs hatched more quickly in their warm new home, and started to feed off the copious amounts of jelly like goo that had accompanied his ejaculate, and she grew bigger as his offspring grew a bit and her breathing had become very deep as she watched her belly ripple with life.

She was being so turned on by the growing amount of ticklish movements happening inside and outside of her as the beast admired and caressed its handiwork, ticklishly examining her overstuffed womb and her naked, huge, softly bouncing, full, juicy and now slowly leaking breasts. It sucked and tugged gently at her straining hardened nipples causing her to moan and arch her back thrusting her jiggling breasts and belly up into its tentacles begging to be touched and sucked on more and more which the creature was more than happy to.

The creature caressed its oozing tentacles all over her glistening with sweat, heaving 2 foot around tight belly and her large soft heaving breasts. It could feel her becoming bigger with every deep breath as more of it’s young hatched within her, as she had panted and moaned her way through orgasm after orgasm as the beast continued to keep her stuffed snatch filled so none of its offspring could be birthed before they hatched inside her huge warm heaving belly. The beast stroked her up and down directly over her stretched navel, pulling up and down at the little sensitive crease, which made the female immediately lose herself in a powerful orgasm, the beast kept this very erotic caress going enjoying the show as she squirmed, thrusted and laughed through the overpowering ticklish sensations. Her navel was definitely a powerful little button that the creature was now using as a gauge for her growth as it flattened more and more with every growth spurt.

As the beast kept toying with and jiggling her swelling belly she began pleading in her strange human language, in what it could only assume was her desire to be filled even more. She would lift her head in a daze to see how much further she’d grown and then let herself fall back in pure ecstasy as her silky black tendril-like hair cascaded over her jiggling breasts as its many wriggling tentacles fondled her and encased her form. She would moan breathlessly in between her soft erotic words begging to be impregnated even more and how much she wanted the creature to continue caressing her navel and take pleasure in filling her up.

It knew it’s cum was having an effect on her, causing her to become his willing vessel for his abundant release of reproductive juices as it fucked, fondled, and filled her womb somewhat against her will since her brain had become flooded with its other worldly hormones as his secretions travelled through her bloodstream and muted the areas that controlled pain and fear and flooded her superior and yet weak human brain with sensations and feelings of happiness, wellness, and had enhanced her maternal and mating instincts which had definitely taken  over very quickly after he’d finished filling her uterus the first time.

As the beast had pumped load after enormous load into her it had enjoyed watching her watching herself as her newly impregnated belly began to swell up and out, audible squelching, sloshing, and stretching noises creeping along in time with her expanding belly which filled up immensely towards their awaiting gaze, growing very shiny with sweat, perfectly smooth at first and it became more tantalizing to gaze upon her fecund flesh as her belly looked like it was reaching a size between them that was impossible to ignore...that begged to be inspected more closely as it had quivered with more and more movement.

It has come inside her as a trickle at first. Then, slowly, the trickle grew in force and speed as the beast built up to its first big pump of eggs and cum which then swelled her belly and stretched her to six months expectancy and then a couple minutes after, her belly still bouncing sexily from all the movement, a second load from the creature caused her big tight belly to swell out to a tantalizing full-term perfectly round heavy with life pregnancy, completely helpless to its sensual caressing, she orgasmed all the while as she ripened.

Thinking the creature must be done the newly impregnated female lifted her head groaning loudly as she gazed upon her new curves to see her new enormous, slick with sweat and incredibly packed belly trapped below the creatures scaly squirming body as tentacles hovered and writhed all around her in anticipation. 

The beast continued to gently stroke her grand sphere all over in an intoxicatingly slow rhythm, reading her facial and bodily reactions as her breasts squirted to life and her belly flesh rippled ticklishly and she moaned erotically in response...closing her eyes and letting her head fall back heavily as these gentle sensations took over her mind. 

It rubbed slowly all over her huge juicy ripe breasts as it also stroked lightly over her hardened leaking nipples, and then it ticklishly stroked and gently slapped her sensitive lower belly and caressed around her incredibly sensitive popped out navel, causing her to gasp in appreciation of all the erotic sensations.

Gently the creature squeezed her entire huge swollen belly causing her to gasp quietly as she lost her mind to the sensations as some tentacles also moved down to her inner thighs to caress her and caused her to tremble with incredible erotic pleasure she squirted breast milk all over them as she came again.

She also felt like she’d squirted multiple times around it’s thick shaft as she orgasmed from its very slow, sensual caresses on her very plump sensitive impregnated breast and belly flesh. It’s like it was preparing her body for something more...

It had brought her to the edge of yet another orgasm, and she moaned loudly in orgasmic shock as she suddenly felt the creature’s breeding tentacles grow rock hard inside her once again. Her eyes grew wide as she watched as yet another huge spurt shot into her already full belly which very obediently and audibly stretched up and out into the cool air in the cave and into the beasts waiting tentacles as they wriggled and swarmed all around her huge sensitive belly and dripping, jiggling and very round swollen breasts.

The slick sounds and sensation of the tentacles gently slapping, flicking and tickling her massive full term pregnant belly caused her to moan in pure pleasure, she thrusted her belly up and out as she orgasmed, wanting more and more of the touching as she was completely helpless and exposed to the creatures attentions, and she let go, and lost herself to her new role of incubator for the beast’s offspring.

The creature took immense pleasure as it watched her orgasm over and over as she loudly and willingly moaned and continued to thrust her belly up and out as she begged to have her womb filled and her belly and breasts caressed even more. The creature had been very pleased with their work so far and had been very happy to do anything for it’s mate’s comfort and enjoyment.

She reclined in the beasts wriggling tentacles, her legs spread wide open, her hands cupped the bottom sides of her huge swollen womb, her belly and breasts were completely exposed as they forever would be now...she moaned and whimpered softly and erotically all through the night as she and the creature had caressed her plump tight over-filled womb throughout many much slower growth spurts as its offspring matured inside her huge, stretched womb. 

The offspring would continue their active phase as they hatch inside her and be constantly wiggling and moving causing his mate much pleasure, especially when she woke up at dawn, they would welcome her back to consciousness with an explosive wriggling that had made her scream in pleasure, as she arched her back and came loud and hard, squirting more of her juices and heaving her massive womb up and out. She had been unable to stop the out of control urges.

Her body had rippled with life, and their offspring would continue to grow slightly as they were nourished by her body’s amniotic fluids as well as the beasts jelly-like cum.

Over the next couple days the many tiny embryos had begun squirming and wiggling constantly trying to swim around inside her, causing her to experience orgasm after orgasm as her belly very noticeably danced with all the movement and caused her much pleasure to watch and feel her belly contents constantly rippling and tickling her from the inside as the beast was constantly caressing her busy womb all over on the outside.

The creature lay beside her, a single large tentacle wrapped possessively around her newly impregnated belly,  stroking it very slowly while erotically excreting a creamy substance and then rubbing this warm tingly goo all over the tight skin of her grand swollen sphere as she smiled and sexily moaned while she tried to sleep through all the erotic activity in and around her very succulent and ripe belly.

The next day, the creature had woken her up as she experienced another orgasmic growth spurt as it came into her suddenly. The creature had cum inside her from behind this time and her belly very obediently filled to nearly five feet around in diameter. Her perfectly round, incredibly tight and sensitive sphere was alive with movement and the creature loved to caress and fondle her as she swelled even more which had driven the female insane with lust as she grunted like an animal and held her lower belly for support as she grew.

Her large juicy jiggling breasts which were encircled with its smaller tentacles would bounce erotically against her enormous belly and she had enjoyed caressing her own nipples while it worked on tickling the soft supple and incredibly sensitive flesh that covered her deliciously swollen and visibly active womb as its offspring reached maturity and explored their juicy confinement causing her belly to constantly ripple and jiggle and this filled her with so much pleasure as she felt herself squirting multiple times around the beasts insatiable cum cannon. She felt herself losing any remnants of wanting to return to her past life, all she wanted was to be fed and fucked full of the beasts offspring and feel herself and the beasts offspring cause her to grow immense in her pregnancy.

As it had emptied yet another load into her, it flipped her over in mid-air so it could watch her watch herself helplessly as her belly jiggled, undulating with its newest batch of babies. All she could do was stare and moan in appreciation of her new huge gravid dimensions as she grew even more pregnant with even more of its many offspring.

She lifted her head and looked down at her huge squirming five foot around belly and tried vainly to reach her navel that she could only imagine must have flattened out with the amount of life she carried within her. The beast noticed her straining to reach her navel so it decided to assist her and swirled a couple tentacles around her puckered and fleshy with ripeness navel area where a slightly visible line now bisected her huge belly from her heaving breasts down to her stuffed breeding hole area. 

The beast tentacles tickled her sensitive navel area without mercy causing her to jiggle with laughter and she thrust her tight belly up into its tentacles as he pumped multiple smaller loads into her which it had noticed amusingly how it had made her navel puff in and out for a minute and then suddenly it popped out prominently into a little bump, and she moaned loudly at the sudden sensation of feeling her navel pop outwards to her and the beasts viewing and tickling pleasure as it explored her new navel, sucking it, pinching and gently stroking the new little sensitive area it had created on her very ripe body. She had tried vainly to squirm away from letting the beast touch her navel, but it could tell she enjoyed the extra care and attention of her body’s  most sensitive areas the most about her predicament.

She orgasmed once again as she joined the beast in stroking her huge pregnant belly, she revelled in the ticklish belly rippling sensations as the beast licked, rubbed and gently sucked on and toyed with her new extremely sensitive navel nub. It stood over her enjoying the show as she squirmed spread eagle and arched her back allowing him access to caress all her curves as she came again and again and squirted in pure pregnant pleasure at all the erotic sensations.

The next day the human males we’re busy placing old war ships with various land creatures as test subjects and rigged them with explosive devices. At the same time the beast had been deep underwater hunting to replenish its own energy and searching for nutrition for its ever growing mate and offspring when it had felt a very alarming disturbance through the currents from the direction of its cave and sensed the immense death and destruction caused at the surface of the ocean.

The creature hadn’t waited more than a couple seconds after it felt the initial huge shockwave ripple through the oceans currents which soon returned to calm underwater as if nothing had happened.

The creature had known its mate had had enough food in the cave to keep her satiated until the beast could return the next day, but it feared the worst and had immediately made its way back to the location of its cave.

The beast surfaced stealth-fully among the now very alien landscape of charred and barren outcropping of barely familiar rock formations that it knew had to be it’s tiny island cave. The cozy lair where his enormously impregnated human female had been incubating his young was empty except for some small piles of charred ashes leading into the water and strangely the food it had tucked into an alcove within the cave was completely intact. The beast left the cave in despair noticing the incredibly twisted metal hull of one of the ships in the distance. The creature slipped silently underwater and away from the deadened landscape it had once called home.


Almost a hundred years ago the beast still remembered his first human mate fondly, and how suited her womb was to handle its copious loads of belly swelling eggs.

The beast swam the shallows near a rocky outcrop close to the shores frequented by one of the larger more organized human tribes on one of the hundreds of sparsely inhabited islands in the South Pacific.

It felt due for another attempt to mate and ensure its species survival. It hasn’t tried mating since the loss of its last human broodmare. It hunted quietly from afar surveying the shores for a fit human female to fill and incubate its enormous brood. It decided to risk being discovered in order to find another human female. It had been waiting patiently long enough and its need to breed was taking over its rational judgement.

The winds shifted and it smelled a strong scent of female arousal it had not sensed in a long time. Slithering into the dark dusk coloured waters it risked moving closer to the shore to investigate the enticing aroma.


A group of three females dressed in knee length grass skirts and adorned with delicate shell and pearl beaded jewellery hung over their bare breasts and around their wrists and ankles. Their long wavy dark hair strategically covering their ample endowments until a playful breeze bared their perfect sun kissed breasts and deep rosy nipples.

They walked along a well beaten path and ignited lanterns as they made their way down to the large red sun which sunk closer to the deep blue and gold flecked ocean. It was their duty to welcome back the tribes fishing party lighting the way along the shore from where their canoes would be moored.

Two of the females continued along the beach following a path created by unlit torches.

One of the females lingered by the beach and walked the other way picking up shells and other gifts from the ocean and placing them in her deer skinned apron that barely contained an unmistakably swollen, round, full curve of a nine month pregnant belly.

The creature had been watching the trio from a safe distance of a rocky outcrop about fifty feet from the shore, it’s inky black body blended into the dark blue waters as the blood red sun was half dipped into the sparkling ocean.

It couldn’t believe it’s luck when the round, full of life female of the group had wandered away on her own approaching the waters edge and it decided to make its move seeing the other two females move into the distance and out of reach.

It dove silently into the waters readying itself to strike.


The pregnant female sat at the waters edge with her legs stretched out into the tips of the waves that reached out to her and surveyed her treasures spread out next to her. She planned on making a couple toys for her older sisters twin babies that she had agreed to carry for her and her sister’s husband. Her sister had asked her to help her since she was not able to conceive and so she had laid with her sister’s husband to help them achieve the family they had so desired.

Her sister’s children were moving quite noticeably in her hugely swollen pregnant belly which sported the familiar dark line and popped navel which had appeared quite early on in her pregnancy. Her navel now stuck out quite prominently visible through the apron and looked like it was begging to be touched. She couldn’t wait to meet a husband and allow him to impregnate her body again, she loved feeling life growing inside her and filling her belly up to be so big and round was her ultimate dream as a very fertile female.

Her family had encouraged her to assist her sister and supported her throughout her task getting her the best care from the tribe’s shaman.

She didn’t know if she fully trusted the shaman’s practises as they were very hands on and felt invasive and even incredibly erotic at times, but she knew it was important to her sister that she follow her wishes and wanted to make her family and her sister’s husband’s family very happy by allowing them to continue their bloodline.

The shaman had been visiting her every month, and then every day since her sixth month when her navel had popped early and he had discovered that she carried multiple babies in her larger than normal womb.

He began every nightly visit by asking her to lie down topless almost flat on her back as she reclined onto some grass mats, which she would use for support as she gave birth. The mats were arched causing her to rest comfortably so her belly and breasts were thrust up and out as much as possible which she had learned was the shaman’s preference so he could perform his rituals more easily on her straining flesh. She then bent her knees and placed her feet together with her legs spread open wide she’d then grasp her ankles and sink deep into the stretch and close her eyes while the shaman would ask her to breathe slowly and deeply causing her big belly and soft round breasts to expand very slowly and very noticeably and she looked completely pregnant and full and her body in this position looked as though it was practically begging to be touched. Her body looked like a cock stiffening wonderland of juicy curves begging to be licked, tickled, fucked and sucked on.

She noticed how much her belly and breasts would stick out quite prominently in this position especially as she did the deep breathing exercises the shaman had instructed her to perform for him. She noticed how she felt very turned on as the warm air in her hut suddenly felt very wet and heavy against her bare belly and breasts in his company. Meanwhile the shaman was busy lighting candles and placing them around her round body in the middle of her hut, muttering quietly and soothingly as the golden light flicked over her prone and very pregnant form as beads of sweat glistened and slowly trickled over her ticklish womb and juicy breasts. 

He would enter the candle circle and slowly hover his strong handsome hands over her entire body speaking his incantations for healthy growth, birth and fast recovery. Next he always asked her to spread her legs wide and he’d kneel between them and spend a good hour rubbing a potent smelling oil onto her lower back, inner thighs, and then move up to her huge belly and massive breasts and nipples which left her feeling dizzy. He would whisper more incantations, that she couldn’t make out, right at her navel as he rubbed oil over her round body, and would often and repeatedly blow cool air directly onto her navel, as her flesh jiggled ticklishly which he noticed and fully encouraged through his whispers. It felt to her like he was trying to fill her belly up even more, which would tickle her immensely and cause her to sigh and moan softly and her big baby filled belly would pull, jerk and ripple ticklishly much to the shamans enjoyment as he would whisper to himself sounding pleased at the movements he was seeing, and he never took his hands off of her belly, she felt like the babies and her womb were moving obediently for his navel whispering spells. She was entranced by the erotic sensations, unable to resist these sweet caresses and all the rippling movement which gave her the strong urge to perform a mating ritual with the handsome older shaman, she wanted him to fill her to over full with more babies, and never wanted these sessions to end.

She would often fall asleep during his belly and breast rubbing and navel blowing spell sessions feeling extremely turned on by the much older and experienced shaman’s touch.

She would awaken peacefully on her back at sunrise in her bed, her nipples dripping and straining and her fuller feeling pregnant belly still very much exposed, her fecundity reaching for the ceiling, begging to be looked upon and touched. It glistened and dripped ticklishly from all the shaman’s oil, and to her imagination she always felt like the shaman was still with her and she could still feel his touch on her belly and his sensual breath in and around her navel throughout the day, which made her shiver erotically as she sat her perfectly round pregnant naked body up, her big baby filled belly forced out even more as it strained with the effects of gravity, pushing her big round breasts up and out a bit. She noticed again how incredibly wet she was between her legs and wondering if it was even her own wetness from being turned on by the shaman’s methods or if something else might have taken place...or been done to her as she had slept.

Her belly had grown quite large over the following months and the shaman continued his nightly ritual visits and she looked forward to seeing him and feeling his erotic attentions which filled her with a growing wetness of anticipation. And wished she could stay awake for the entire two hour ritual but she always seemed to wake feeling incredibly wet, full, and ripe in her pregnancy, she also was beginning to wonder if the shaman was filling her with his seed in secret or something else perhaps, for as she slept she was becoming so full, big and round and she was drawing a lot of enamoured looks from the men of her tribe as her pregnant body grew quickly, filling her clothing with curvy straining flesh that begged to be touched. She decided to not worry about it, she was healthy and fit and that’s all she could ask for.

She woke from her day dream rubbing her big juicy and now very active baby belly in both her hands and gathering up her gear. She got up slowly and walked closer to the water line spotting a giant conch shell that she would give to the shaman as a gift tonight for taking such good care of her during her pregnancy.

She leaned down and grasped the shell, adding it to her collection in her apron and then turned to head back to the village to prepare for her nightly pregnancy ritual. She went to take a careful step on the sand but her legs wouldn’t budge. Caught off guard she attempted to see past her belly at what she was tangled in and panicked when she felt, whatever it was, slide up to her thighs, looking down her side she saw a creeping darkness wrapping its way up her legs and encircling her hips and created a ledge for her big belly to rest on as she felt herself lifted up over the beach and to the water. She tried to scream out to her two friends but they were too far off to hear her over the crashing waves.

The darkness continued up her curvy body, squeezing and caressing her as it squirmed it’s way up over her straining fleshy mounds and she remembered feeling something enter her mouth and it pumped something delicious into her which made her feel dizzy and lucid. She closed her eyes and her body went limp as she floated above the ocean and away from her homeland.

She awoke feeling her full belly and breasts swaying gently in the cooler night air, the sounds of waves crashing loudly nearby. Whatever had wrapped itself around her arms and legs wasn’t squirming at the moment but she could tell she was moving through the air and her massive belly and breasts jiggled under her apron with her captors movements.

She turned her head slightly looked down seeing what looked like a mass of tentacles writhing and moving quickly as it took her away from her loving family and friends. She cried out and squirmed futilely in her tentacle bondage. The creature stopped and brought her closer to its body, wrapping her gently and entirely in tentacles which squirmed all over her sensitive womb, poking and stroking her navel and nipples, causing her to stop screaming and strangely she began to moan quietly at first as it assaulted as many erogenous zones as possible as she protested hesitantly and then moan erotically, and the beast could tell by her soft panting breaths that she wasn’t entirely repulsed by its touch all over her wonderfully sensitive round body.

Another tentacle once again filled her mouth and stomach with the same liquid to subdue her further, she passed out again, feeling everything fade out.

She awoke suddenly sitting inclined and drowsy. The big babies in her belly were moving occasionally and thankfully she appeared to be okay.

The beast...she suddenly remembered the tentacles and the beach where she’d been abducted. She had no idea where she The air was warm, and the walls of the cavern were covered in a soft moss that her tribespeople used to make bedding in their homes and cushions on their ships. She figured she couldn’t be too far from home.

She decided to get up and try to make her way out before the creature came back. She got to her knees gingerly and felt for the cavern wall to stabilize her as she lifted her heavy with child body.

She strode towards the sound of the ocean crashing in the distance. She didn’t make it far before the creature who’d been watching her this whole time from the darkness grabbed her again. She shrieked when she saw its tentacles wrapping around her body and arms once again subduing her movements easily.

She tried to fight her way free, futilely and was dragged back into the darkness. The creature encased her body all over spreading her legs and arms out so she remained in an inclined position. It then wrapped smaller vibrating tentacles all around her breasts, nipples, belly and navel and found her vagina and clitoris. The female moaned softly amongst the writhing limbs of the monster, being touched in so many of her erogenous areas at once was causing her to relax a bit realizing it wasn’t hurting her but seemed to want to pleasure her.

Her vagina quickly became filled by its squirming limbs which secreted a surprisingly pleasant smelling pitch black inky substance. She began to feel warm and safe in its clutches as the beast began moving its limbs over her body, examining and enticingly caressing her plump curves as if preparing her for something more.

The creature felt her body relax as it began its assault of her already very pregnant form. It would take its time building the trust of this one until her time to birth came upon her. It would return her to her people and then find her and fill her with its own brood, it’s first task was to pleasure her immensely pregnant body until she came over and over explosively and in time she would seek out the beast and beg it to fill and impregnate her body. The creature was no stranger to patience and enjoyed the wait, knowing she’d be back for more soon enough.

It’s tentacles on her body stroked all over her very gently at first enticing her nipples to harden and squirt milk out forcefully, she began panting and moaning and squirmed futilely once again trying to free herself from its grasp. 

Her big belly grew rock hard with her impending orgasm, as her popped navel and lower belly were caressed nonstop by many tentacles. Her vagina and clitoris prodded gently by the thicker tentacles over and over as she began to thrust her body up and down once again trying to get away from the tickling erotic sensations that were happening all over her helpless body.

She felt multiple tentacles slurping at her huge heaving breasts and one after another would stroke over and around her fullness, endlessly poking at her wet rock hard nipples. The thicker tentacles between her legs began filling her vagina, one after another, so she felt constantly stuffed and full like she was being pumped with an overwhelming wriggling sensation. Other tentacles caressed over and around her ripe belly and she could tell the beast enjoyed this area of her body most of all because it continuously caressed, stroked, and flicked her sensitive womb which rippled with movement inside and out, occasionally she’d feel a very erotic stroke and gentle tug at the small ridge of what is left of her navel, the beast could tell by her shivering shaking belly flesh that this area was very sensitive to touch and it decided to take her over the edge with this navel stroking as its tentacles began to also tickle their way up and down her inner thighs all at the same time.

The creature decided she was the perfect vessel for it to mate with, and it would finish its imprinting and mind-linking with her for now by filling her a bit with cum but it would not implant her with its offspring since she was already incubating her own kind. The beast would simply lay the foundation so she would become its willing sex slave and return to it shortly after she birthed her current active litter.

The female moaned loudly, nearing her climax, and thrust her heavy nearly full term with twins belly and breasts up into the swarm of tentacles that were caressing her already, she was obviously enjoying herself immensely as she became very turned on and hungry for more of its touch on her sensitive swollen with life curves.

The beasts breeding tentacles slowly and gently stroked around and around her breeding hole and caressed her clitoris causing her to cry out and thrust her hips begging to be filled even more by its thickness.

The beast gave her her wish and plunged more wiggling squirming tentacles into her already juicy filled birth canal as she arched her back and cried out in pure lust.

It pumped and pumped and pumped its juices into her as it also slowly and ticklishly caressed her visibly growing belly which stretched the apron she still wore. The beast gently undid the apron and placed it under the small of her back which made her belly stick up and out into its awaiting writhing tentacles as she orgasmed and squirted their juices all over herself and the beast. It would make her burst out of her clothing later when she was don’t birthing her babies and retuned begging to be impregnated by the beast. Her now bare breasts heaved in her hands as she caressed herself through her huge orgasm as the tentacles continued to slowly fill and tickle her belly to a new trimester as she watched herself swell hugely she lost herself to the sensations as her mind began to succumb to the beasts sensory flooding fluids.

The creature sucked on her exposed rosy nipples causing her to shiver with another orgasm as it continued to caress her baby and semen filled belly leaving its tentacles deep inside her to keep the copious amounts of its breeding juices trapped so they could enjoy the fruits of its labour.

And enjoy it they were, the beast looked at her juicy belly which resembled a plump ripe fruit begging to be squeezed and touched as much as possible. Her belly puckered around her navel which had turned out into a sensitive nub and a faint line grew from her belly down to her breeding hole. The beast traced its way very slowly up and down this line and around her puffy navel over and over again, driving her insane with lust and causing her to squirm and moan as it tickled her and brought her to the brink of another orgasm. With her breasts, belly and, navel being caressed over and over in wild abandon the beast felt its breeding tentacles swell inside her causing her to let out yet another huge squirting orgasm and as her breasts dripped so did her breeding hole, but most of the beasts cum had already been absorbed and sealed inside her body where it would remain until she gave birth to her human offspring. The beast decided to keep her a few more hours comfortable, fed, healthy, orgasming, and get her used to feeling as gloriously swollen in her pregnancy as possible so that it could be sure that she would return to him begging it to fill and caress her belly. As the beasts cum drained out of her so would her desire grow to feel that full again, her lust filled body would bring her back to the beast. 

She fell asleep very quickly after her huge multiple orgasm, the beast still caressing her straining flesh as it withdrew its tentacles from inside her breeding canal, and a very small trickle drained slowly out of her, but most of its sticky thick jelly like cum stayed put in her swollen belly. It placed her gently onto a mossy patch in the cave and her taut belly and firm breasts stuck straight up and looked like very beautiful ripe fruit in the low light of the cave practically begging to be squeezed and devoured by the beasts eager mouth and tentacles.

She placed her hands under her huge swollen belly as she slept soundly. Her time to birth drawing closer and closer as she caressed herself under the watchful eye of the creature.


The shaman approached the shoreline scanning the area for signs of his hugely pregnant patient. When he had arrived at her place and realized she wasn’t there he had become worried as she’d never missed one of their healthy birthing and breathing technique rituals.

He knew by the luscious size of her sexy pregnant belly and her big juicy leaking breasts that her time was very near and he thought perhaps that she’d gone into labour and couldn’t make her way back to the village unassisted. He’d become quite enamoured with her especially when he had learned that the babies she carried were to be given up for adoption to her sister and her sisters husband. 

He wanted nothing more than to marry her, love her, and then impregnate her with his own offspring and make her body glisten with sweat as he pumped her so full of their babies that she’d have a huge swollen belly and breasts just like she did now. He could not get enough of her hugely impregnated body and how her body reacted when he performed his belly massaging for recovery which he could tell from her reaction that it felt a lot like belly worshipping rituals on her as she practised the standard deep breathing techniques that he had taught every other pregnant female who called on his services...but she was different. 

She had offered herself to her sisters husband and fallen pregnant for them. Because if this display of love and self sacrifice, he had fallen for her and wanted nothing more than to take her as his bride and have her mother their many children. He knew he was crossing the line by blowing into her navel and applying the moisturizing salve to her breasts, belly, and birthing canal as she fell asleep and/or slept. He preferred his patients and their partners to be awake or help participate in the entire ritual but knew that the multiple pregnancy was taking its toll on her energy levels especially since she didn’t have the help of a partner to massage and ease her body of the rigours and stress that a pregnancy let alone a twin pregnancy can have on any woman.

He approached the water line and found a small cache of shells and various other unnaturally gathered materials strewn about as well as the beginnings of some hand crafted toys, and some suspicious black inky substance that looked familiar to him. He rose quickly and rushed over to a small canoe that his village people used to navigate the many small islands and coves around the shoreline of their island.

His mind wandered to a story told in his former tribe when he was young about a squid beast who would snatch small children from the shore who strayed too far from their parents. His grandmother had told him that a woman from their tribe had gone missing while fishing and the children began telling stories of the squid beast that had left a trail of black ink which could be followed if you act fast enough and are brave enough to follow it to the dark place where it leads to find the woman and free her. The boys would be told by the elders they’d have to rescue and marry the squid woman if they didn’t choose a mate soon enough. An ongoing childhood myth that left him feeling haunted as he scanned the sands and ocean for answers.

He knew that the nearest island was about 10 km away a faint speck on the horizon, and he knew it was deserted, for it was small and rocky without much protection from the elements offered by the sparse vegetation but he knew of underwater entrances from listening to the tribes people’s murmurs throughout the village. He would go there first immediately, undercover of darkness using the stars to guide him.  

Hours later he sensed something sinister in the air, as he approached the island and cave entrance. He heaved his craft up onto shore and carried the oar as a weapon not having time to return to the village and not wanting to scare the people of the tribe. He would return for reinforcements to do a more thorough search in the morning.

The sounds of the waves crashing made him nervous as he couldn’t hear anything lurking nearby. But it also gave him the element of surprise and this emboldened him in the darkness.

He climbed the cave’s exterior knowing of an entrance through the rocky peak, he searched for it to see if his beloved patient had been taken to this secluded area. If he didn’t see anything he would return to the village immediately and have them search their island and expand the search to all the islands nearby until they found her he thought, worried about her especially in her delicate condition.

He peered down into the cave and spotted something, a piece of fabric that looked familiar, he climbed in and retrieved it recognition coming over his face that it was part of his beloveds pregnancy apron to help protect her growing belly from the elements while providing support to her straining womb in her later heavier months.

He scanned the cave and called out to her listening for anything over the waves was near impossible. He could see that the cave was empty in the moonlight, so he quickly crawled out and went back to his canoe calling out for her constantly. He paddled all around the tiny island and called out, coming ashore and searching the small crop of trees and bushes finding no other trace of his beloved.

He regretfully decided to leave after he’d searched every area he could see in the moonlight and every entrance he knew of. He would return with reinforcements in the morning and decided it best to leave her garment where he had found it in case she returned for it. They would return for it in the morning, and hopefully they would find her in it.

The shaman paddled back quickly, scanning and calling out for her as he went, disheartened but on the lookout for anything on the horizon as he headed swiftly back to the tribe’s main island.

He returned to the beach as dawn was breaking, and ran from one end to the other for more clues, finding nothing he returned to the village to share what he had learned.

The tribes people were all gathered around the main fire, and a figure he recognized immediately was sitting with her back to him with a blanket over her body, but he knew immediately and felt the wave of panic subsided, and he composed himself quickly.

The chief saw him approaching and placed a hand on his shoulder, a look of concern in his eyes. The shaman felt the dread rise up again and looked to his love once more. And moved through the crowd so he could see her face and immediately his face went pale when he could see all of her. 

Her body was bare and glistening with sweat, her breathing laboured and her hands and feet firmly planted into the ground around her.

Her enormous pregnant belly thrusted hugely up and out in time with her laboured breaths. She was a vision of orgasmic labour and the shaman felt his cock grow hard as he saw the look of pure ecstasy in her eyes as she gazed upon her beyond pregnant belly.

She looked like she was carrying many, many children, her belly had grown so much so quickly that the shaman thought she was carrying at least six full sized babies.

The shaman recovered quickly from the lust inducing sight of his beloveds incredibly swollen, labouring belly, and bare heaving, squirting breasts, and ran to her side to help her stand and then lifted her into his strong arms to take her to her hut where he would stay with her until she gave birth.

He asked a local tribeswoman to bring him some ingredients and oils to aide him in assisting her to give birth.

He entered her home and helped her into a comfortable reclined position as she moaned and panted. She was lucid and mumbling a word over and over between her panting...which sounded to the shaman like...”more” and “yes, give me more”, as she rubbed expectantly over her huge new belly which stick out grandly. He had never witnessed anything like this in any pregnancy, but he knew she was in hard labour and he had to prepare himself to help her birth these babies as quickly as possible!

The tribeswoman entered the hut and produced the satchel of birthing tools and quickly left with fleeting words of well wishes and prayers as she looked on ashen faced at her neighbour who laid under a heaving labouring belly that was much too big, too round, too plump to be considered carrying just two babies. The shaman told the tribeswoman to keep everyone else out of the hut to protect the babies from any negative energy, and prepared the area around his beloved for when her time came.

She looked over seeing through her lust induced labour the shamans familiar hands placing tools and the familiar bottles of massage oils out and she felt her nether region become soaked and and hot with the thought of his hands being on her breasts and belly as she laboured as she orgasmed her babies into the world.

The shaman had also noticed distractedly that besides her belly being beyond pregnant than anything he’d ever seen that she wasn’t in pain at all, more like she was enjoying her contractions immensely for she sighed and cooed and caressed her straining womb like she was about to orgasm every minute or so becoming overwhelmed by the tightness and she’d arch her back and thrust her jiggling belly out into the air and grab her squirting breasts and caressing them and as much of her big belly as she could reach. Needless to say he’d never seen anything like this in all his years of helping women give birth but he was finding it hard not to get hard at the mere sight of her and selfishly wanted nothing more than to impregnate her as soon as she was done with her sister’s babies, for surprisingly to him she was a vision of pure ecstasy and erotic sensuality even at what he could only guess was full term with twins in active hard labour!

He brought the oils over to her side hoping to assist her with her belly and breast rubbing and to get her to ease into a more calm state, and to help her slow down her breathing through her contractions, for her rapid erotic sounding panting probably wasn’t as efficient at getting her and the babies enough oxygen.

He spread a blanket over her legs and placed a bundle of clothing and blankets under her head and her back to angle her body a bit so gravity could assist her to birth her sister’s babies. Her huge belly and popped navel stuck out expectantly and rippled enticingly out to him as if begging to be caressed, and she looked at herself and then stared lustfully up at him while stroking the side of her impossibly big womb. She wasn’t the same person he’d been with her alone long enough to know something had changed in her.

She saw him oiling up his hands and her eyes lit up as she squealed in pure abandon and threw her head back laughing and arched her back and belly and breasts out to him and murmured again...”yes, more, I want all of you inside me, to fill me up and touch me all over”, she lifted her vagina up to him in offering as her belly and breasts jiggled enticingly up at him. He smiled at her and asked her to relax and to take deep slow breaths and for a moment she seemed to hear him and calmed her lust filled body. She looked at him and in her normal voice she told him how scared she was, he lied and said this is normal and he would stay with her and help her until her babies were born, the lie being he wanted to actually stay with her much longer than that and make her orgasm and impregnate her and spend every moment by her side. He didn’t know how he would tell her his feelings so he did his best to show her for now by helping her.

He would send for his beloveds sister and the father of these babies once he knew they were safely breathing on their own.

After a light examination of her birthing canal and vagina, which he was amazed had already expanded to 9 cm, he began rubbing oils onto his hands and gently he felt all around her very swollen yet familiar belly for movement and massaged her rock hard womb as she deep breathed and orgasmed almost 30 seconds apart now. 

He noted that she was progressing at an astounding rate as her contractions reached peak momentum and the first of the babies was clearly visible at the event horizon of her beautifully wet, stretched and staining vestibule of life. The babies head began protruding our from her body moving at a tantalizingly pace and she held her tight heaving belly and orgasmed once again squirting some strange black inky substance that the shaman recognized immediately as the same ichor he had found on the beach.

He got a piece of cloth ready for the babies just as the first baby slipped out with a gush of the black oily substance and one last loud grunting orgasm for the pregnant woman of his dreams. God he couldn’t wait to impregnate her again...someday he’d get to help her experience this much pleasure with her own baby (or babies...he hoped)!

He helped the little life to breath then severed the umbilical cord and swaddled ther first baby before handing it to its birth mother for a moment before he took the little one to a nearby cushion to help hold the baby close to its birth mother while they awaited the adoptive parents who had gone on a hunting trip very early in the morning.

The second baby was even faster at being birthed than the first he noticed.

I am going to be so very round and I am going to fucking love every second of it ♥️
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Very nice read. I hope there is more to it.

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