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andy789 (Edited)
Revised Requesting Rules - September 20, 2020

1. You will search our forum to make sure model & video are not previously posted. When you search, on bottom right hand, click on post and do a word search...This will give you specific page & post. 

2. You will also search on Google to make sure it is already posted or not. On Google, if you find premium file host like, Rapidgator, Filejoker, katefile, keep2share, etc. link, provide Andy those links, and he will get you mega link for the video. You will make a statement in your request that you have searched.

3. Total file size of requested videos from cam video sites can be up to One GB ... 

4. You can make request every two weeks. If you make one request today, next request can be made two weeks from today!

5. Provide video link from webcam sites, like hXXp is not required. Other cam sites are also allowed as long as you provide picture of the video.

6. Upstore link is NOT required.

7. Request from pregnant-hd - Two videos every two weeks, with total maximum file size 2 GB. 

8. YoU may request from other websites, like mypreggo, or Japanese, etc. 

9. Only uncensored videos can be requested. Censored videos are not accepted.

10. NO request will be accepted by PM, personal forum mail.

11. If you need any technical or any other help, please ask in this thread.

12. Do NOT make vague request of words or pictures. 

13. When your request is fulfilled, you must click "Like" on that post. Failure to do this, your future requests will NOT be fulfill.

14. When replying, do NOT quote original message, unless is it absolutely necessary.   For your reply, you may refer the page and the post number as a reference.

15. Do NOT make unnecessary editorial comments. This is not a discussion thread.

16. When you request each time, you must say that you have search and follow these requesting rules. This is required regardless how many times you have requested before.

Long Live PreggoPhilia . . . 

You are encouraged to click on "Like" to let Andy know that you have read these rules....

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Can you get any marbelle_20 vids

Hoping you can find some of Diamondkittenbaby, might be hard though.....

Kayla rose!

Pregnant Amateurs - Bell
Jade and WinnieCooper their couple video

Liked by KniteNSilent (Apr 2, 2020)
andy789 (Edited)
This is good...Your requests have been noted as you have noted above.

Also, you may visit this site, and send me download link. You don't have to be a member to loo around or search! (Only for webcam models)

Once you find the model, and specific video you like,  click on "Upstore" button. Then, You will get a new page for download...make a copy of that url, and note in your request.

Examples of your above requests noted >> Please check that girls you want are the right once in link below.

Could not find Bell. So, find link from reference site and make a note in this thread!

Any question, please ask in this thread or by PM.

Liked by lpmbag (Sep 20, 2020), AmeliaS (Aug 20, 2020), mister (Apr 11, 2020), ChaoticObserver (Apr 10, 2020)
some vintage videos please if you have them :) or ATK pregnant stuff

andy789 (Edited)
(April 2, 2020, 3:04 pm)maxinep1505 Wrote: some vintage videos please if you have them :)  or ATK pregnant stuff

Please please be specific with name, site name, etc..

Provide website links if possible...

The more specific information you give, quicker response you will get!

If you make vague, not clear request, you will not get response from me.....Your request will be ignored.

Cheerios ...

Liked by lpmbag (Sep 20, 2020), AmeliaS (Aug 20, 2020), mister (Apr 11, 2020), KniteNSilent (Apr 2, 2020), maxinep1505 (Apr 2, 2020)
KniteNSilent (Edited)
I was just wondering if u have the ability to get envisionthis_ and blondesummer bcuz my web source is no longer active to obtain the vids both have popped but there r some good vids out there somewhere I'm sure @andy789 can find lol chaturbate site both and mv

Also that .org site isnt working for me I'm kinda curious y

Request for a full version of this video...


Liked by Neo__hec (Apr 20, 2020), Daniblacklist (Apr 5, 2020)

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