Mail Order Pregnancy #2
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Lina Clayton
Mail Order Pregnancy #2

Hi!!!! It's been a few months! I've been away recuperating from a drought of creativity drive and of course the holidays. I hope they've treated you well! I've got a few stories on deck, a longer book in the wings I'm working on (or two!) and of course, this new story I've finished! This is a continuation of my "Mail Order Pregnancy" story. But a unique one in it's own rite. You can read the whole thing HERE: Mail Order Pregnancy #2

About: "Charlie tries again with a lovely blonde Kayla, who arrives promptly to accompany him to dinner. Kayla has a tricky history which follows her to Charlie's doorstep."

I hope you enjoy! Here's an excerpt from it...

       - Once again she struggled to adjust the belt over her body. He couldn’t help but stare again. This time she noticed. 
“Oh, does this amuse you?”

   “Kind of, yea.” He laughed. “It’s a turn on.”
    “Really?” She said, puffing out her chest making an overly sexual comical stare, sending him into a flurry.
    He laughed “Absolutely, why do you think you’re here?”
  “True, this is true. I’m here for your amusement, and my embarrassment.” She joked. “Get us home?” She put a hand out to his shoulder.
    “Gladly.” He smiled, pulling onto the street and down the road.
  Stopping at a light, he looked over, his hard on back in full force. This time she saw it.
“Shit, I’m sorry.” he tried brushing it off.
       “Hun, it’s fine. I was wondering when you were going to show me.”
“Show you?”
   “Yesss.”  She cooed seductively, reaching over and gently grabbing his crotch, feeling his hard on through his pants.
   The light turned green, he didn’t move at first stunned. He gulped and pressed on the gas, she kept going.
  “How far?” She asked quietly.
“Uhm, five minutes.”
       “Okay.” She managed to work her hand down his pants. She didn’t have to go far to find him. Charlie was breathing heavy and trying to focus on the road while she began stroking, both hands white-knuckling the wheel. Slowly, she began moaning slightly as she did, feeling the length of him.
    “Why do I feel like I’ve got my work cut out for me?”

Read the full thing here:
I was hoping that you would have gotten a few more stories out of this concept.
Liked by Lina Clayton (Jan 19, 2020)
Lina Clayton
I do! This is only the second!  Wink

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