Lost Youtube Video of Asian Girl Belly Inflation
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Bellyfan27 (Edited)
Looking for a Youtube video which is now lost. I was of this asian girl, black hair, probably early 20s. She was wearing a loose gray shirt and black pants. Sitting on a white bed with a white wall. She takes a drink from a mug. She starts to inflate but it's just a balloon in her shirt. She smiles and laughs and fakes that she is in pain until it gets too much and the balloon pops. Went back to the channel and all the videos were gone. Uploader said that this was part of a larger series he got on MEGA. He never uploaded all of them. I think this was part 2 or 3 of 4 parts and I think the title was somewhere along the lines of "td part 2" or "Td part 3". I believe this was the channel: hxxps:// The uploader said that it was part of something called "Inflatechan" or "Inflate a chan" or something along those lines and that he had a bunch more videos in a folder but only uploaded 4.

This is the only image I could find of it.

.jpg   th.jpg (Size: 3.12 KB / Downloads: 308)
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Link to image

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