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Looking for birth (fictional) story taking place at a wedding
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So I cannot remember if this story was on Tumblr or was about the garland or gartland family having a wedding where the mom and one of the daughters were pregnant and they end up giving birth at the reception. Simple story, just can't find it in my history at the moment. Any help would be appreciated.
(November 29, 2023, 8:02 am)thejmanzz So I cannot remember if this story was on Tumblr or was about the garland or gartland family having a wedding where the mom and one of the daughters were pregnant and they end up giving birth at the reception. Simple story, just can't find it in my history at the moment. Any help would be appreciated.
I'm pretty sure I have that downloaded somewhere, but this should be in the requests section
It was a very big day for the Garland family. Allison was going to tie the knot at 25 and get married with
a huge wedding being successfully planned. The one thing Allison wasn’t anticipating when she got
engaged was that her mother Sonia (47), and her younger sister Kali (22), were going to need new

The Garland girls were always known for being drop-dead gorgeous. Allison and Kali were both a bit on
the short side, but had no lack of curves. Allison’s came in naturally, but Kali would have to first get
knocked up during her senior year of college before she began to grow rapidly. Her B cups quickly
approached C and were pushing D, a sure sign that they were filled with an uninvited substance so early
on. Kali got pregnant at a party and no idea where to start in determining who the father may be, so she
didn’t even bother investigating. It was after her bridesmaid dress was selected and bought that she
realized what had happened, so Allison’s efforts on finding her ideal dress for Kali were thrown out the
window. Now approaching 9 months, Kali’s small frame kept everything in tight. Despite her increasingly
disproportionate chest, her baby-belly was true to her frame and she didn’t gain too much weight in the
process. On the other hand, Sonia also found herself knocked up due to her promiscuous nature since
divorcing her husband several years ago. Sonia’s twin-filled belly was planetary compared to her
daughter’s, and her already ample curvature was only enhanced.

To help ease her sister, Kali got the dress modified to accommodate her growing belly. The skin-tight
princess pink dress came down to her knees and the shop was able to cut some stitching to give her
belly a tiny bit of breathing room. Her breasts, however, could not be helped. The material squeezed
them tight, but Kali was willing to deal with the pain. Since Sonia would be sitting in the audience, she
had a lot more flexibility, so decided to wear a maxi-style skirt that covered her belly with a cardigan on
top. Things were actually going better than what they thought when the news broke out.


After pictures and early greetings, the ceremony began in full swing. Kali stood behind her older sister as
the first bridesmaid. Before Allison even walked into the room, Kali felt a bit of pressure between her
legs “What the hell?” she thought to herself. Although she recognized in the back of her mind that her
due date was just around the corner, she didn’t want to believe that it was real. “Just another false the last 3 times...” she hesitantly tried to convince herself. Without mutual communication
on the matter, Sonia also felt a pulse of pressure unusually harder than normal prior to the ceremony.
She likewise decided to ignore it. Nothing was going to ruin her first daughter’s wedding day.

The ceremony progressed as normal. Both Kali and Sonia were too occupied in the moment to care that
the pressure was slowly building. Sonia wiggled slightly in her seat while Kali stood motionless,
breathing deeply, but as quietly as she could to not draw attention. Her pelvis began to hurt and she
knew she was in labor for sure. “Oh God oh God oh God, not here!” she thought to herself. Her breasts
were already aching from the dress, as if vice grips were pressing them. Her breathing was restricted by
her dress and she became desperate to at least shake out her legs. Nevertheless, she remained
motionless, taking in all of the discomfort and only staring inattentive towards the newlyweds as the
pastor slowly progressed. When the kiss finally occurred, the cheering of the crowd allowed Sonia and
Kali to breathe a little louder, both of them barely focused on the big smooch. They each waddled out of
the room after much shuffling of the crowd. Kali wanted to get to the hospital, but already had the
responsibility of arriving at the reception in the first vehicle to get final preparations arranged. “Okay,”
she thought to herself. “Once I’m done, I’ll slip out quickly with a bathroom excuse.” She knew it was a
bad idea, but she almost didn’t care.


At the convention center down the street, Kali arrived with the other bridesmaids to make sure the staff
was ready, the DJ was plugged in, and the champagne was flowing. Kali worked sluggishly, waddling as
wide as she could in her dress. By the time the guests and couple began to flow in, she got her first
contraction. It hit her hard, but not enough to release a moan. She was leaning on a table when Sonia
waddled in and saw her. “You okay baby?” Sonia asked her pregnant daughter. Kali didn’t want her
mother to freak out, so she decided on a whim to hide her grimace and nod. “Yeah mom, I’m doing

Much time went by, each of them even went through the whole dinner trying to hide their growing
contractions, albeit they barely touched their food. After toasts and cheers of merry blessings, the DJ
opened the dancefloor to the first dance. Although on opposite ends of the crowd, Kali and Sonia
decided to hang towards the back so they could move their legs and lean over as needed. Again, their
burdening labor prevented them from paying too much attention to Allison. Once the dance ended,
beads of sweat began to run down Kali’s face. It wasn’t long before the DJ played a new song, one for
everyone to dance to. The bass hit the pregnant girls like a wave, vibrating their low wombs violently
and causing the pressure to build faster and faster. It was so loud that they finally gave into the pain and
began releasing, knowing they couldn’t be heard. Kali knew what she needed to do; she had to find her
mom and tell her what was happening. The crowd was tight and they struggled to find each other. After
5 minutes of searching, they met with a belly bump before turning to each other. “Ohhhhmygod mom,”
Kali loudly said with anxiety building “I thi, I think I’m-” Sonia cut her off, “I know am I...” They
both looked at each other in horror. They were both quickly approaching the birth of their children in
the middle of the dancefloor at Allison’s wedding. They surely thought that nothing could be worse.

“Okay, what do we do?” Kali asked as another contraction began to rip through her. Sonia placed her
hands on Kali’s shoulders “We stay strong. We do this together” Sonia led Kali to the edge of the
dancefloor, the speakers booming and rattling them as they waddled through the crowds. Sweat began
to pour down each of them and they quickly found contractions building. They slipped away into the
bathroom, the only place Sonia could think of. Since the bathrooms were split into single rooms, she was
able to lock themselves in. Kali struggled onto the toilet while Sonia leaned back against the door, both
of them panting heavy through their ripping contractions.

“Mom, I’m scared!” Kali whimpered “What do I do?”

Sonia took some time to breathe “We need to get out of these...out of these...AHHHHHHHHH!”

Before Sonia could finish her sentence, she dropped to the ground and began to instinctively push,
screaming at the top of her lungs. Kali only watched in horror as Sonia felt like she was being ripped
apart. Sonia began to hyperventilate and scream in short bursts, unable to move. Kali didn’t watch for
long before her body also took her over, causing her to cry and rock back and forth on the toilet seat.
The music was so loud that despite their cries, nobody had a prayer of hearing their distress. In that
moment, almost simultaneously, both of the laboring women expelled hot and sticky liquids all over the
bathroom, their waters breaking violently. Kali had a moment to breathe relief at the release, but Sonia
was still pushing with full force. “NNNGGAAAHHHHH, NNNNGGAAAHHHH, NNNNGGAAAAHHHH” Sonia
only gave short bursts of screams as her legs spread as wide as they could. Everything was happening so
quickly that she had no time to even suggest removing their attire. Kali did manage to untie her dress
and pull it over her belly, but not much beyond that; another contraction hit as she doubled over and
almost fell off the seat. “AAAAHHHHHHHHH OOOHHHHH GOOOOOOD!” Kali had no words for the pain,
the pain of her first child being born through her super tiny frame. She didn’t have the gift of wide hips
like her mother and sister, so she knew she was in for the long haul. Sonia kept pushing continuously,
screaming as Kali slowly made her way onto the floor. Kali could see that Sonia had not even bothered
taking her panties off, causing the head of the first baby to bulge against the fabric as it emerged. Before
she could offer assistance, Kali’s next contraction took her over as she threw herself backwards against
the toilet. Her legs spread instinctively like Sonia’s, exposing her near-crowning infant. Kali forced her
legs apart with enough might to rip her dress, but neither of them seemed to care. In that moment, both
of them were pushing, Kali less so due to her lack of knowledge on how to. After a few minutes, Sonia
paused, taking a big gulp of air as the head finally emerged. Without a second thought, she bore down
and pushed for as long as she could, birthing the rest of the baby into her underwear. As it began to cry,
Sonia desperately pulled her panties down and recovered the infant. “A baby have a little
sister, Kali.” Kali stopped focusing on her own pain and almost smiled at the sight. It was short-lived as
another contraction hit her “Oh mommy,” Kali cried. “It hurts so much!”

Sonia wasted no time “It’s okay honey, I’m here with you,” She said as she removed her top to feed the
newborn in her arms “Push with the pressure and breathe with the pauses” Kali tried to do so, despite
her lack of experience. “OOOHHHHHHH, I don’t think I can!”

“Listen to me Kali, you have to pu-” Again, Sonia failed to finish her sentence. The next one was on its
way, surprisingly quickly. “Okay baby, try to take your dress off before you get in too deep” Both of
them removed all of their attire, leaving them both naked and facing each other as their canals spread
further and further.

Kali’s tiny frame makes the baby impossible to budge, having not even fully crowned. Scared, she
sluggishly slides over to her mom and Sonia wraps her arm around Kali. The two women embrace as
they each struggle to give way to their unborn children. Although Kali is further along, it didn’t take long
for Sonia’s second baby to race to the same spot. Sonia could tell that the second one was larger, likely a
boy, although she never bothered finding out gender. Kali’s lips spread wide, burning her as they
thinned out and the crown of her baby’s head surged forward. It didn’t take long for a quick pop and a
sharp screech from her mouth to indicate that the baby’s head pushed through. Kali looked down at the
head protruding from her vagina, lost for words on what she was feeling. With her energy drained, she
gave a weak push in hopes of it coming out “Kali baby, you have to wait for the shoulders. Just breathe,”
Sonia tried coaching despite her own growing contractions due to the second baby in her womb. Kali
could barely comprehend every other word of her mother’s advice as she kept giving small and
ineffective pushes, leaving her in tears and exhaustion.

Sonia set her first baby aside in her pile of clothes as she carefully brought her hands down between
Kali’s legs. She struggled to get a hand on the baby’s head, but eventually was able to give it a slight
twist, which Kali struggled to endure. “Okay baby, now you can pu- AHHH!” Both mother and daughter
were hit with waves of contractions. They held each other’s hand as they pushed together, crying loudly
with their legs almost locking with each other.

In that moment, a knock on the door occurred. “Hello, is anyone in there?” Kali could tell it was one of
the bridesmaids, Allison’s old roommate Rose. “Rose! Rose oh God, NNNNAAAHHHH Get help!” Kali
screamed. “Kali, you’re in there!?” Rose laughed, clearly drunk by her speech. “We’ve been looking for
you eeevvery where guuurl! Hurry out of there, I need to pee before I ditch with this hottie!”

Kali grunted “Wear f***ing protectionnooww,” her sarcastic comment turned into a push. The
shoulders emerged as Sonia watched her daughter struggle through. Not too long after, Kali stopped
pushing, clearly without energy to keep going. With her own baby now half way out as well, there was
little Sonia could do to help. The both of them could only grip each other. Kali’s fatigue caused her to
nearly pass out as Sonia desperately tried to expel her own baby. The monster of a twin was larger than
even her singleton births, ripping Sonia’s practiced womb apart. She cried out as she cradled the nearly
uncontious Kali to her breast and pushed harder and harder. After a while, the second baby finally
emerged, but not without Sonia’s loudest scream to accompany it. She was sure that she might have
torn, but it didn’t matter at the time. She recovered the baby and rested Kali’s head on her somewhat
still large belly, trying to get her daughter to regain consciousness.


What felt like minutes passed before Kali came out of it. Sonia reached for the sink to wet her hand and
wipe Kali’s sweat. When she awoke, Kali seemed aware of the situation and prepared to push again. She
was leaning into her mother, who held her from behind. Kali gave a few earth-shattering pushes as the
rest of her baby slowly slid out of her tiny canal. As it slid on the floor, Kali collapsed into her mother,
taking a moment to recover as her son began to cry.

Sonia got Kali up and showed her how to nurse, holding her new daughter and son to each breast as Kali
cradled hers. To say the least, it was quite a story when word finally reached the guests and couple
about what had happened, but that didn’t matter to Sonia or Kali. Mother and daughter spent several
minutes by each other’s side nursing their new babies, tired as hell, but happy as ever.
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OMG - I wrote that and posted it to Tumblr years ago!!! 

Thanks @ILikePregnancy for sharing a copy - I know I didn't have it anymore. Awesome to know folks enjoyed it Smile
Thanks so much for reposting the story here!

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