Looking for a story "KAYLEIGH"
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I used to copy&paste and share this story on when the website still exists 
I have been searching through Google to find this story but I can't

My name is Kayleigh. I am a 17 year old redhead living in a quaint house with my Mom and Dad. I have a younger brat brother named Kyle, oh he's 12. We own a cute little mastiff named Red. Did I say little8?! LOL, standing on his hind legs he is even taller than my dad, who is 6'3".
About 9 months ago I went to a party that I was invited to by my friends. I got drunk and needless to say I was raped by all 12 guys at the party. I was left sore and bloody. The worst part was having to stumble back to my house. When I got home my parents were waiting and they knew. My mom comforted me, knowing I learned my lesson.
So here I am in my room on a Friday, 9 months pregnant with not 1, but 2 babies in my belly. Part of my lesson was that I would have no choice but to keep the babies and learn the consequences of being a "slut" as my mom calls it.
Sitting on the computer going through my MySpace messages, I begin to stroke my obscenely huge belly. From the start of my pregnancy I have noticed a lot of changes in my body. For one, my BOOBS. I used to have such small pointy ones, almost tiny enough I could pass for a little boy, now they are double D's! Not to mention they have been spilling out milk for about a month now. To compliment my new boobs, my areolas are so large; they look like pink pepperonis in contrast against my pale white skin. In addition, my nipples are still pointy but just a bit thicker. My pussy lips are a bit pudgier now, almost reminiscent of my days before puberty. And of course the obvious, my belly.

I signed off MySpace and headed to shower. With my parents gone for 3 days for an anniversary cruise, I wouldn't be yelled at for taking too much time in the shower. I just looooooove masturbating in the shower!
Once I got the water started, I began to strip and admire myself in the mirror. God I look so hot I thought. As I mindlessly patted my belly and stroke my nipples I heard the door open.
"Hey Kay..." Kyle stopped and starred.
It took me a while for me to snap out of the trance until I noticed him just oogling over my nude body.
"Get the fuck out of here twerp!" "Don't you know how to freakin knock?!" I yelled.
I pushed him out and closed the door.
"Sorrrrrry" he mumbled. "I just was trying to tell you John is coming over to sleep over." he said.
"Alright that's fine, just knock next time." I shouted through the door.
I hopped in the shower and started lathering up my body. It was getting harder and harder to keep myself clean because of my large girth, but somehow I managed. Rinsing off, I grabbed my razor and cleaned up my legs as much I could and thinned a small patch of red pubes(yes the carpet matches the drapes lol!). I put down the razor and admired my work.
I heard the front door slam shut, guess John's here. I picked up two toothbrushes from the sink and hopped back in and sat down. I started to fantasize. John came to mind, sure he is only 13 but he has the nicest ass I've ever seen. I just want to fucking squeeze it. I plunged one toothbrush into my hungry hole. The shower water began to get cold, damn must have been in here too long. The cold water created goose bumps all over my body.
My nipples grew out and hard as I plunged the second toothbrush in my pussy. The grooved handles were dancing around my g-spot and driving me insane trying to hit it just right.
In and out in and out, with each shove my hole grew slicker and slicker.
"God I want that ass!" I mumbled out loud.
My thrusts were becoming more and more urgent as I could sense my orgasm building up deep inside my body. My other hand grabbed my breast and started to squeeze it as I felt myself reaching orgasm. UGH. I gave one last squeeze of my breast and jammed the toothbrushes in with reckless abandon.
"UGH YYEEeeSSS!" I moaned as I started to spasm.
My swollen feet curled up in response to my wonderful orgasm. After what seemed like an hour I finally got up and waddled out of the bathroom with a towel that I *tried* to wrap around myself. The cold frigid air sent shivers down my spine as I waddled to my door.
As soon as I got in my room I dived on top of my bed, dropping the towel on the floor. My breasts bounced and leaked a little bit of milk. I playfully grabbed my breasts and pulled them. I mashed them together, pulled my nipples till it hurt. Gosh I was so fucking horny! I took a peak at my vanity mirror and admired my pussy and belly bulge, you could barely see my head from the view.
I heard yelling from the back room, probably my stupid brother arguing with John about a game. Then I got an idea...a cure for my burning desire in my hole. I shall seduce the two boys. A wide grin came over my face as I pulled out a thin XXXL t-shirt of some football team. Just enough to see I'm not wearing anything underneath and it won't be too obvious that I had any scandalous intent.
I pulled it over my head and headed to Kyle’s room. My body was shaking all over as I waddled over to the door frame. Second thoughts raced through my mind, doing my brother and his friend was so perverted and wrong. What if they rejected me? I'd be the laughing stock of the neighborhood...I held my breath as I tip-toed to the door frame with anxiety pulsing though my veins.
I peeked at the screen and they were playing halo3.
"Hey guys can I play?" I asked.
"Hey Kay" John squeaked.
"Sure" Kyle replied.
As they turned around I could tell they pissed their pants, their faces were so white they could have passed as ghosts. I laughed as I picked up the controller and signed in.
We played a quick match with just the 3 of us. All throughout the match they would just stare at my breasts thru my shirt as I assassinated their characters with ease.
"Arrrrrrghhh" screamed their characters as I slammed them down to the ground.
The match ended and I had all the kills.
"Ahah! I won!" I cheered as I stood up and did the best victory dance a preggo girl could do.
They didn't say anything; their eyes were glued to my bouncing chest. I swallowed hard and made my next move.
"You guys like these?" I asked, juggling my breasts with both my hands.
All they could do was nod as their faces turned red. I was a bit shaky as I rubbed my belly, tempted to just go back to my room, but I was just too god damn horny.
"Sis...what are you doing?" Kyle stuttered.
"Trying to have a good time" I giggled as I sat on Kyle's lap. "Wanna feel?" I asked.
"That's sick Kay, you're my sister, and besides you’re pregnant, gross!" he complained.
"Come on...I got needs ya know, just fuck me!" I whispered in his ear.
He just shook his head and pushed me off.
"Fine, John will fuck me won't you?" I begged.
I snuggled up to John and I squeezed that sweet, sweet ass. I lifted up my shirt and tossed it at Kyle.
"You're going to fuck me if you like it or not John, take off your pants!" I ordered.
"Yes mam" he said as he tore off his pants and underwear.
His boner was so cute, uncircumcised, and it was curved upwards. My guess was 4 inches. I grabbed it as I sat sideways on the floor.
"Fuck me, let’s go!" I screamed.
That was all John needed to start plowing my fiery hole. I could tell he was a first timer; he was just slamming into me with no idea what to do. My tits were bouncing and my belly was jiggling as well. I could hear John mumbling something just as I felt my orgasm building and the poor kid came in less than a minute.
"Sorry..." he said.
"That's ok, at least you tried." I comforted.
I went to get up and Kyle stopped me.
"I changed my mind...I want to fuck you sis...I don't care if it's incest." He said.
He stripped and aimed straight at my hole. God his dick was even smaller than John...hopefully he can satisfy my fire. He plowed through my pussy with the same speed as John but something felt different. Maybe it was the cum already inside me or maybe because the thought forbidden fruit made it all the better. All of a sudden he grabbed my bouncing tits.
"Ooooooooooah" I moaned as my orgasm fired off.
"Fuck ffffuckkkkkkk" I screamed as he rammed into me like a battering ram.
"" he moaned.
He grabbed my tits even harder, resulting in milk spraying his face. I could feel him start to spasm as he sprayed my innards with his incestuous cum, so warm. He fell off me as his dick shrank out of my hole. I kissed him and left the room.
I waddled back to my room satisfied and sleepy. I plopped on my bed and fell asleep on top of the covers, semen still running out of my pussy as I closed my eyes.
I was awakened by an electric feeling in my hole, what the hell? I opened my eyes to see Red, our friendly mastiff lapping at my semen crusted pussy. At first I was kind of shocked and pushed him away but he insisted of licking me, so I let him, besides I have never felt this amazing since...well ever!
He licked my clit and I just shook all over in orgasm, so much so, that I fell off my bed. Red followed and started to lick me more.
"No boy stop!" I whispered, trying to recover from the orgasm.
I got on my hands and knees, but I was weak. All of a sudden Red jumped on me. He weight was too much as I held on to the bed to keep my balance.
"Red what the fuck? Get off me!" I ordered.
Red would have none of this, as I felt a pointy tip enter my hole. He started to hump me, oh god what the hell was this dog doing? I felt something grow in my pussy, Red was raping me!!
My pussy stretched as his over sized tool expanded. His dick inflated and tore past my uterus, stretching it while I screamed in pain. This dog was going to kill me and my babies I thought. All of a sudden he finally stopped, but the ride wasn't over, I felt a lot of pressure in my belly, my water broke! I cried as I felt the first contractions hit me. On top of all that, a ball stretched my pussy even further.
Then it hit me, the ball locked into my g-spot and pleasure ensued. It felt like I had a full 2 liter bottle of coke in my hole and it felt good, soooooo good. I felt this weight drop from my hips, the pressure so intense. I'm about to give birth!
I tried to push Red off of me, but the stupid ball was too huge to pass through my entrance. I could just imagine it two daughters sucking dog cock...that thought alone sent me over the edge and starting cumming hard.
I passed out for about 5 minutes to feel the "coke" bottle slip out of me. Oh my god I thought, as I saw his penis. That was inside of me?!
Then another contraction hit, the babies were coming now!! I shoved my face in my pillows and screamed my lungs out, as number 1 stretched my hole, making me feel like 2 coke bottles were in my pussy. After 10 minutes of screaming and pushing, I gave birth to one of my baby girls. Red walked over and started licking her clean...especially around her baby hole. Then I felt number to come. It was almost painless, it slid out like my hole was a slide, and the sperm was the lube. She poked out and landed next to her sister. Exhausted, I passed out next to them.
I woke up to Red taking care of them, he cleaned all the blood and cum. I sat up and took my womanly responsibility and started to feed my two baby girls. They didn't drink much...guess Red fed them too!

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