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Lili Shares - Please read the rules! <3
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Hello everyone!

Let me start by giving credit to the legend Andy, and say thank you for posting all the links to sites that share videos. If you find a video from Upstore that you would like, I am happy to share with you! I had no idea there was such a treasure trove out there! I've found somewhat of a refuge here, so I really want to give back. Just post a link to the video you want and include the name. I will add upload it to the mega folder below and you can download it from there :3

!!IMPORTANT!! I AM NO LONGER ABLE TO TAKE FLORENFILE REQUESTS. I no longer have access to the account. I am terribly sorry but it seems someone ruined the fun and love for everyone.

Here is the folder where I will upload requests:

 - Please read the following rules before posting! I am new here so these may change and I will let you all know if I decide to update them. If your request doesnt follow the rules, I will ignore it! -

1. Fist and foremost, I work full time so please be patient. I will download your requested video and upload it to Mega as soon as I can. I will do my best to keep you update on timing!

2. I will only download videos that are uploaded to Upstore. If you are looking for videos of cam girls, and are where I get mine.

3. I will not download anything that contains illegal content or does not contain pregnant content.

4. Because I don't pay for Mega, I will take down videos I am not personally interested in when I run out of storage. You will have at least 1 week to download your request. If you miss that time frame, or you are new to the thread and would like an old video, just let me know and I will re upload it!

5. Please do not use any of the videos I share with you as trades.

6. Please do not PM me with requests.

7. Requests are limited to 2 videos per person every two weeks for Upstore every month. I will do my best to keep up with everyone!

I don't ask for anything in return but if anyone out there knows how to do 3d modeling and wants to share the love, please PM me! Much love to you all, my fellow preggo fans <3
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My only request and thank you
(August 2, 2021, 6:10 pm)warhammer453 My only request and thank you
Ooo I like the look of that one! Its downloading now and will be uploading shortly Smile
My request:
(August 2, 2021, 6:20 pm)boppo My request:
I think I have that one already. Let me check for you before using data Smile
Liked by warhammer453 (Aug 2, 2021)
hello, I read your post and I wanted to participate too I leave the link of the video that I would love to see

Thanks for your patience, take your time
Liked by ilcarpw (Aug 2, 2021)
(August 2, 2021, 6:20 pm)boppo My request:
Found it! Ive added it to the upload queue and it should be finished uploading in about an hour or so. Enjoy Smile
hello, here is my request:
thank you
Liked by MrDelmontae (Aug 2, 2021)
Thank you
Liked by Lili_cakez (Aug 2, 2021)
(August 2, 2021, 6:43 pm)warhammer453 Thank you

Its all ready for you. Enjoy!
Liked by (Aug 11, 2021)

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