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Last night out
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Last night out
She caught my eye as I walked past the open bathroom door. She wasn't doing anything particularly special, just standing at the sink straightening her hair after a shower. Her booty cheeks peaked out from the bottom of her pajama shorts. Somehow, even at 40 weeks pregnant, that booty was still as perfect as the day we met. Firm, fit and just a little too big for her petite frame. Like I said; perfect.

My eyes slowly traveled up her back, now slightly arched from the weight out front. She was, of course, topless because the flatiron "made her too hot." Her dark hair flowed onto her shoulders as she worked with it.

I then caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror. She really was a beautiful woman and I still couldn't believe how lucky I was to be her wife. Her makeup, already done, was flawless as usual. Her breasts, now unusually heavy, were jiggling as she continued to work on her hair. Her stomach, not very tight and round with our daughter was pressing into the counter slightly as she leaned in to inspect her work in the mirror; the belly button sticking out proudly.

"Can I help you?" she laughed as she finally noticed me standing in the hall like a deer in headlights.

"What?" I replied, pretending to be innocent. "I'm just looking. That's allowed."

"Are you going to get ready or what? We have to be out the door in like 45 minutes."

I could tell she sounded annoyed. I just had to keep telling myself that if I was a big and uncomfortable as she was, my patience would probably be short too.

"All I have to do is put my dress on." I said as I walked in and smacked her firm ass. I loved how meaty and tight it always way. She was an avid runner, and fuck did it show.

I stood at the sink next to her and brushed my teeth, trying not to look at her swollen breasts. Her arms were raised above her head as she, for whatever reason, continued to work on her hair, which I thought looked fine. This caused her already annoyingly perfect tits to lift even higher and bounce from side to side as she straightened.

I rinsed my brush and checked my own hair once more. Of the two of us, I was definitely the more easy going with my looks. Typically I brushed my hair, did minimal makeup and went with it. I think this almost annoyed Jen at times as I genuinely think she felt my looks were naturally good and she felt she had to work for hers.

"We don't even have to go if you don't want to." I said as walked across the hall into the bedroom.

"You're the one that made the reservations and said we were going out!" she replied as she walked into the bedroom.

"I just thought it would be nice to have one last night out as just the two of us before your appointment tomorrow. You know he is going to talk about inducing because she's so big."

"I know." she sighed. "I'm trying not to be a bitch. I'm just edgy"

I walked over and stood behind her as she faced the full length mirror leaning against the wall. I put my hands around her and rubbed her stomach as I pulled her in tight against me. She was almost sweaty from the heat of the shower and standing in front of the mirror in the hot bathroom. Her hair clung to her face and I kissed her neck softly as I caressed the belly. I could literally feel how uncomfortable she was as we stood there together. She leaned hard back into me, placed her hand on stop of mine and guided my hand down her stomach to the underside and paused right above the stretched waste band of her tiny shorts. I could feel our now nearly 10 pound baby girl squirming around in the limited space she had left.

"You can be as bitchy as you want." I said as I continued to hold her tight and rub my hands on her stomach. "We can go. We can stay. We can order pizza and watch Real Housewives. Whatever you want."

"I'm already showered and did my hair, we're going." she laughed as she waddled to the dresser. She removed her cheer shorts and changed into a pair of black lace panties. These had always been and always will be her "we're going to fuck tonight" panties. They were a size smaller than what she normally wears and it let her cheeks hang out just a little more than what was appropriate. It drove me fucking nuts, and more importantly, she fucking knew it. They were especially bad this late in pregnancy as her ass had taken on just a little extra padding. They were fucking magnificent to say the least.

"Seriously?" I asked as she put on her bra, her tits almost spilling out of the top and sides in the process.

"What?" she smiled back. "They make me feel pretty!"

"They make me feel something too" I laughed back, trying to keep my cool.

She walked back over to the mirror and spun a few times, looking herself over. She stopped and looked back over her shoulder to check out her ass and rubbed it as she looked.

"At least I've still got this." she joked.

"Please, you've still got it all and you know it."

"Yeah, your right" she laughed. I was glad to see that maybe her mood was lifting a little.

She struggled back over to the dresser and went into my side of the drawers. After rummaging around for a second, she pulled out a pair of my black panties, not unlike hers, and threw them at me. She then pulled out the matching little bra and walked it over to me.

"Will you?" she asked as she held it up.

"if I have to" I said sarcastically and snatched it from her playfully.

"Hey, I've got my fat ass wedged into these for you, you're going to do the same!" she joked.

"That sounds even."

"Its not even close." she replied "but its a start."

I took off my pajama pants, my tank top and my panties with kittens on them. As requested, I put on the black panties and matching bra. This bra, I should add, was from before my implants last year. I didnt do anything drastic, but it goes without saying that going from a 30a to a 30c, you're going to notice the difference. My tits were spilling out of this thing like crazy by the time I got it clasped and Jen just giggled as I struggled.

She waddled over to me and kissed me. Her lips were soft and warm, her fingers tickled my back as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. Her enormous belly pushed hard into me as she leaned in. I immediately grabbed her tight ass and pushed her harder into me. Again, I didn't want to get too excited to just be let down, as I've been told "no" a lot in the last few weeks of this pregnancy.

"After dinner." she said as she pulled back. "If you're good."

"Bitch, I'm always good."

"Hmmm, ok. We both know that's bullshit." she laughed.

We both got dressed. I decided to go with a black cocktail dress. One, it was somewhat comfortable to wear. Two, it didn't show any cleavage, which was the goal since I was crammed into this tiny bra with the jaws of life. Three, it was tight enough to show off my own ass, which I know Jen loved, and short enough to grab looks for not just Jen, which I loved too.

Jen went with a pale pink, knee length dress. To say it was tight was a gross understatement. I clung to her body like a divers wetsuit and she looked fucking magnificent. Jen was always proud to be a woman, took women's rights to heart and had the spirit of a fighter. She believed women should do what they want, wear what they want and never have to fear. Tonight, she was a living example of her beliefs. This dress showed her beautiful thighs, clung to her fat ass and belly to the point that you could see the lace print on her panties and her belly button poking out in front like a symbol of victory. She had concurred this pregnancy, was over it and didn't care who knew it.

"I hate you and your skinny fucking body." she said as we stood at the kitchen island while she put in her ear rings.

"Yeah. I do look fucking fire tonight." I joked back.

"How do I look?" she asked as she did a coy little spin.

"Fucking gorgeous." I replied "For real. I don't think a pregnant chick should look as good as you do."

"Thanks." she replied. "I'm fucking huge. I might as well own it. If people don't like it, they can get over it."

She spun again just for play. She was absolutely right. This dress was amazing when she wasn't pregnant, and now that she was realistically a day or two from popping, it was beyond words. From behind, her ass was on point. You wouldn't even know she was pregnant if this was your only view. The dress stretched over it to the point you could see each cheek move as she walked, the panties and their lace print not giving a care that they could easily be seen. Her profile, was really the star of the show. She was a flawless as any pregnant woman only dreams of being. Her bump, albeit huge, was flawlessly round and tight with the cutest little belly button protruding out front. Jen and I have this thing called "memory burn" where something is forever burned into our minds. For me, her this pregnant in this dress with this confidence is one for me.

Her tits bounced as she walked in her heels toward the car. She carried her clutch with her left hand and rubbed her lower stomach with her right as we walked.

"You ok?" I asked

"Yeah, she's just super heavy and moving like crazy"

I couldn't help but stare as I pulled my car up to the curb to pick her up. I fucking love this woman and everything she had brought to my life and was about to bring. Also, that fucking dress might have been part of it.

Dinner was a complete success. The reservations I'd made a Ruth's Chris were spot on, we had some great food and laughs as we talked about all the amazing things we'd done together and all that was yet to come.

As I drove home, she reached over and held my hand as it rested on the shifter. Jen isn't typically a touchy-feely type so this grabbed my attention. I looked over and studied her. She looked genuinely happy. Her heels had been kicked off onto the floor, she had one leg pulled up and was sitting on it comfortably like she always did on road trips. Her other hand slowly rubbed the gigantic belly, her swollen breasts rested heavily on top of it and moved just a little as she brushed against them while she rubbed.

"Where are we going?" she asked as I pulled off the interstate several exits early.

"You'll see."

"I hope its to go back to Ruth's Chris for more chocolate cake." she laughed.

"I know, right! That shit was amazing!"

She squeezed my hand tighter.

I pulled up to the entrance of the St. Regis. Jen looked confused. We'd been here before for afternoon tea with her mom, so she knew where we were, but I could tell she was completely surprised.

"I got us one more micro vacation before Snuggs (our daughter's nickname) comes. "

"Sarah, you didn't have to do this!" she replied, still surprised. "I don't need all this."

"Yes you do. Let's go."

We got out, I tipped the valet who definitely checked me out, not doubt because of that fucking ridiculous bra I was wearing. I sat Jen down in the lobby and checked us in.

"Let go." I said as I grabbed her hand and helped her up.

"I hate you." she smiled as we made our way to the elevator.

We entered the room and I could tell that Jen was still really surprised. I had rented us a junior suite (I'm not a millionaire so the executive suite was out of my range, lol) but it was still a nice room. I had also dropped off our bags earlier that day on my way home from work so everything we needed was there.

"Still hate me?" I asked as I walked up behind her. She was staring out the window at the city and almost looked ready to cry.


I pressed up against her tightly as we stood there. Again, she found my hand and ran it up and down her bump. Over and over. I loved feeling how big she was and I kissed her neck slowly. She tilted her head slightly, welcoming more kisses. I took the opportunity and continued.

She took my hand over her bump again, this time lower. I almost quivered as we crossed her belly button and headed further down. We reached the top of her panties, which I could clearly feel through the skin-tight dress. I continued down more and rubbed my hands along her clit.

"Sarah" she whispered and pushed her ass hard into me. I ran my unoccupied hand along her panty line, squeezing her tight ass. As I grabbed handful after handful, I felt my knuckles rub against my own clit and knew I was instantly wet.

She turned and faced me. We kissed long and deep; her tongue playing with mine. Meaning business, she grabbed my ass and pulled me toward her, again, her belly pushing hard into me.

Her fingers found the zipper on the back of my dress and it was almost immediately on the floor. She kissed my neck, licked my collar bone and made her way slowly to my breasts. Jen was completely against the implants, but since getting them, my tits have always been her go-to playground. She kissed the top of them, licked between them and ran her teeth along the edge of the bra, knowing my nipples were there and would be grazed by her teeth in the process.

Somehow, my fingers managed to find her zipper and I slowly unzipped her dress as she licked. The dress seemed to almost burst off of her as I unzipped, probably from her eagerness but probably from her body almost exploding out of it the entire night. She then, thankfully, found the clasp of my bra and unfastened it, letting my tits bust free. The bra was flung somewhere in the room, but who the fuck knows.

Slowly we walked our way to the bed. I turned and slowly lowered her to a sitting position.

"You don't have to be careful." she said. "Its probably our last night. Make it fucking count."

With that she grabbed my ass and pulled me close to her, kissing my stomach and belly button before making her way down to the top of my panties. I softly grabbed her hair and gave it a playful pull, keeping my hand on her scalp as she slowly pulled down my panties. Her tongue slowly danced around me and I was almost ready to beg for more when she slapped my ass, hard.

"Did you bring it?" she asked looking up at me while still kissing my stomach softly.

"Yes. In the top of the bag."

She stood slowly. Again we kissed like mad, grabbing at each other. I unsnapped her bra, exposing her milk filled tits. Her veins visible from the struggle to just contain the newly formed milk. They almost looked painfully swollen, and I was nervous to play with them, at first.

I grabbed one softly as we kissed. Slowly squeezing it in my hand and rubbing over her nipple with my thumb. They were perfect, firm, tight and so heavy. She looked like she had had a boob job herself and I know they had to be tinder as fuck, but it didn't seem to slow her down. She grabbed her other breast herself and squeezed it hard as we continued to kiss.

Jen then pulled away and waddled over to the bag on the sofa. I watched her fat ass jiggle as she went, her cheeks now almost fully exposed. I was in heaven.

"Lay down. I'll be right back." she said as she took the overnight bag to the bathroom. I did as I was told and played on my back on the bed, rubbing myself and my tits as I waited. My finger barely entering myself as I played. For me, the tease was half the fun.

Less than a minute later, I was getting lost in myself and moaning softly, touching myself a little deeper. Then a little deeper. Then a little deeper. Then, Jen came out of the bathroom and stood at the end of the bed. She was still wearing her tiny little black panties for me, and somehow had managed to put on our seven inch strap on. It was almost funny to see someone so miserably pregnant wearing a strap-on, but now wasn't the time for laughs.

"Hows this?" she asked as she rubbed the strap-on.

"Fuck yes."

"Slide to the end of the bed."

I did as I was told and spread my legs. She leaned over me and again, began to have her way with my tits; kissing, licking, bighting, grabbing. She loved them way more than she would ever admit, and I loved how much she loved them. I could feel her belly pushing into me as she leaned over me to play. She was way too big for the position she was about to try, but I wasn't about to stop her.

"Scoot over a little so you can see around me." she demanded. "The mirror is right behind me and of you move over just a little, you can see my ass in these panties in the mirror like you like."

She was clearly impatient because as I was angling myself slightly she was facing my legs open again and kissing her way down my stomach. She was right though. The mirror was directly behind her and I could see that sweet fat ass perfectly as she worked. It was genius.

Slowly she worked her way down my body. She worked her way down my right thigh, then my left; kissing and liking as she went. Wasting no time, she quickly entered me with her tongue. Jen had a tongue like no other, powerful, precise and quick. Over and over she rolled it around and played with me. One of my hands rested on her head while the other I used to play with my tits.

"Fuck, Jen!" I almost yelled. "There!"

She dug deeper, hitting the spot with ease. She knew my body well. Again and again she teased me; getting me closer and closer. I was running out of time and squeezed my thighs against her face to try to regain control, but it wasn't happening. I was there. I was there. I was there . . .

"Get on all fours." she said as she pulled back and stood. "Now."

Without question, I rolled over and got on all fours.

"Give it to me, Jen." I begged.

She grabbed my hips and almost slammed me into her; our strap-on entering me hard and fast. In our relationship, I was the aggressor ninety percent of the time, so this all took me by surprise. A very pleasant surprise.

Again she entered me. Again. Again. Faster and faster. I could hear her panting and moaning with each slam into me.

"Fuck me, Jen. Fuck me!"

"You like that? You going to cum for me?" she asked.

"Fuck yes. I'll cum for you. I always always do!"

This seemed to excite her more and her moans became louder. Was she going to cum just by giving tonight? That would be a first for her for sure.

"Fuck yes you do. Fuck yes!" she moaned. She was really into it which only make me climb higher faster.

Again. Again. Again. Again. Harder, deeper. Her grip tightened on my hips. She was making sure she was getting as deep as possible. With every thrust I could feel the bottom side of her huge belly rubbing against my ass. There was no way she could avoid it, she was just way too big to be fucking me like this, and neither of us cared.

"I'm there!" I yelled as I looked back. Her tits bouncing hard as she slammed into me. I looked past her into the mirror behind her and could see that firm perfect ass jiggle and then tighten; jiggle and then tighten with every fucking slam.

"Cum for me, Sarah. Do it!" she screamed.

"Fuck yes. Fuck yes. Fuck yes." was all I could manage before I had to bite my lip. I grabbed my tit hard and let myself go completely for her. It was literally the hardest I think I've ever cum for my wife in our entire relationship and it was truly amazing.

I whimpered as she slowly pulled out and laid on the bed next to me. We both tried to catch our breath for a minute before either of us said anything. I looked over at her and smiled. She was laying on her back, the strap-on standing tall and wet with my juice, her enormous belly stickup out equally as far.

"That was fucking amazing." was all I could manage.

"Yeah. Definitely." panted back. "Now its my turn."

"Are you sure you can keep going?" I asked, and almost instantly regretted. She leaned over and kissed me while pulling me toward her.

"Fucking sure."

I stood over her and removed the strap-on harness and cleaned it before strapping it onto myself. She looked simply massive as I stared down at her. Her stomach was rock hard, her tits just as full and bouncing as I made way way on top of her.

"How do you want me?" I asked as I kissed my way down her neck toward those huge perfect tits.

"Try on top. What the fuck ever. Just fuck me, Sarah!"

I kept making my way down her chest until I got to her nipples. Fuck were her tits on fire. So swollen, so heavy and absolutely perfect. I had my way with them, being careful to keep my weight off her belly. I licked, bit, rubbed my face on them. I couldn't fucking get enough. I finally got the courage to put one in my mouth and suck. It was fucking glorious. Nothing came out as I had, for whatever reason, expected, but it was still simply amazing. I moved my way over to the other and again nibbled my way around and the found my way to sucking, hard this time than before. I'm wet as fuck now as I write this just thinking about how perfect she is.

I eventually stood on my knees and ran my hands up and down her body, massaging the tits, the belly and down to her soft thighs. I pushed her legs apart, grabbed the strap-on and slowly forced it inside of her.

She moaned, shockingly loud as I entered her which almost scared me.

"Are you ok?"

"Fuck yes. More!" she begged, grabbing her tits with both hands.

I again entered her. Again and again, building momentum and force with each thrust. I watched her writhe and pleasure under me; arching her back, grabbing her tits, twisting in delight. It was hard to believe that I was fucking her as enormous as she was, but her size seemed to be forgotten as she took each blow from me.

"I'm so close. Don't stop now. Fuck, don't stop now!" she pleaded as the slams continued. she held her tits with one hand and her lower stomach with the other as we went. I could tell that the bouncing was probably uncomfortable but she didn't care. She was on a mission to get there and I was too.

Suddenly she stopped. "Get on your back." she demanded.

I fulled out and obeyed and was immediately on my back. She seemed to not even struggle with her weight as she almost instantly got on top of me. She immediately began to ride me, putting the strap-on deep inside her. I stared up in awe at her full term belly. It really was a sight to see, so full and heavy; stretched to its max and tight to the touch. Her tits bounced as she rode. Harder and harder.

As she rode me I could feel her body tighten up. She was close. I began to almost scream for her as she continued to pound down onto me.

"Jen! Cum for me Jen!" I begged. My tits were bouncing hard from the ride and I saw her eyes locked onto them. She then leaned back and placed both hands on my thighs for support, arching her back, the belly sticking out almost to my tits.

Her head leaned back and she moaned one last time before I felt her shutter with pleasure. She was there, on her due date, cumming for me, loudly. I grabbed her tits one more time and squeezed as she came.

She looked down at me and smiled, sweat running down the side of her face.

"Fuck, Sarah." she laughed and rubbed her belly, hard and deep. "That could have been enough to either put me into labor or get us kicked out of here"

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