It's a longshot, but I'm looking for 2 old stories. Any chance someone archived them?
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bmat89 (Edited)
As the title states, I'm looking for 2 old stories.  I'm hoping that someone has archived them and is willing to share them, or knows where I might find them.  I would be grateful if so.

The 1st is an interactive story from, called "The Pregnancy Ring."   story id: 1700191
There is a 'new' interactive story that goes by that name,  but it is not the original.  The new one has 2 chapters and is seemingly abandoned.  Apparently the original was deleted when the primary owner deleted their account.
All I have found thus far are links to a few random chapters of the story on, and an archive that someone has created using, and then sharing what they have through a google spreadsheet.
Here is the story outline of the old version.

The 2nd I believe was also an interactive story from  I don't remember the name, but it was also removed as far as I know.
It was about a babysitter who came over to a researcher's house.  The pregnant woman gave her a bracelet (either ancient or one she created) that had multi-colored stones on it.  Both her and the woman wore a bracelet and when her pregnancy was transferred to the babysitter, one of the stones would glow.  A few more pregnancies were transferred the same way.

Thank you for all and any help you can offer.

joebillyjoe (Edited)
I've been looking for The Pregnancy Ring for a while, too. is a horrible website, a lot of great interactive stories have vanished over the years due to the author's accounts getting removed. I do have the entirety of the main storyline of The Preg-Transferer saved in case that story gets nuked, since it's long and a good one.

Might work for this?

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