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RE: Iris
i loved it.
October 27, 2015 8:42 pm
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RE: Iris
Strange reports coming from the Mark Stretch Extreme Gestation Laboratory have continued to confound and intrigue medical personnel from around the world. One year ago, Iris Fields, dubbed the "Generational Woman" swallowed one of her caregivers in an.. unconventional manner. Since then, said caregiver has been living and even thriving inside Ms. Fields' womb. While this is surprising enough, it would seem that Iris wasn't content to stop with just one. Four months after the disappearance of Ms. Jones, the entire nursing staff of the center had been transplanted into her swollen belly. Eight months later, another set of staff had gone inside. Titillating rumors (that in fairness, seem to be well founded in reality) of what goes on inside Ms. Fields keep new hires coming along, but the staffing department of the lab has to keep on its toes. So far, 67 young women have been found inside the impossible belly of Iris Fields, and she shows no sign of slowing down. Iris' legendary breasts have eagerly gone back into expansion mode to keep up with her new occupants, surpassing even their previous incredible size. When asked for comment, Ms. Fields said simply "Oops?".

This, coupled with rumors of another young woman with an incredible girth entering the facility, ensure that there will be interesting data for pregnancy researchers for some time yet.

A.P. News, Chicago
Submitted February 29, 2049

"What do you mean, you ate Rachel?" Iris asked irritably.

"I didn't mean like literally, chomp chomp." came Sarah's voice over the speaker. "I told her I had the same feeling you did when we first met - and so I did the same thing. So... I'm pregnant again!"

Iris was considering reacting sharply, but then realized the sheer hypocrisy of that.

"It really is an amazing feeling, being so incredibly pregnant, isn't it?" she asked, stroking the tiny parts of herself she could reach.

"You've still got way more experience than I do in that area, Mom!" Sarah giggled. "But yeah. The sensations when she crawled inside me, her breasts going in, feeling her curvy body swimming around inside me.. mmmn."

Sarah trailed off for a few minutes, obviously distracted, before continuing. "You know, she gained some weight just by being in here with us. Her boobs were almost twice the size they were when she first arrived when I swallowed her."

Iris raised an eyebrow. "You're probably exaggerating things, dear."

"Maybe. But she's definitely biggerOOOH!"

There wasn't much talking for a while after that.
Iris Fields really had no idea what was coming when she got pregnant with her first child. In fairness, who would have imagined literally outgrowing a house during pregnancy, despite all the jokes? But that's the position she found herself in, a veritable fertility goddess, enormous of bosom and swollen with life.

I even have my own cadre of priestesses. she thought to herself with a chuckle, concentrating on the sensation of the frisky young nurses inside her. Her musings were cut off when the door to her pool chamber opened, and a surprising sight was wheeled in.

One of the hopeful nurses walked in pushing what looked like a specially modified wheelchair. In the wheelchair was the largest woman Iris had ever seen (only because she can't really see herself in a mirror, there are none large enough). The girl was roughly of average build, though with some very prodigious breasts hanging from her chest. The shocking part was her enormous belly. She was much larger than Sarah had been the day she delivered Marcus, and was obviously not quite used to being so big. She couldn't walk, had some trouble moving around, and her belly was in constant motion - whoever was in there was definitely not asleep.

"Hello, there." was all Iris could think to say to the young woman before her. "What's your story?"


"My name is Leanne. Leanne Corvo." the girl started, explaining with a flushed face and in between pants and gasps as her occupants stressed and aroused her. "And.. my story is sort of like yours. A month ago, I was a regular girl."

She waved a hand dismissively. "Well, regular ish. I had an incredible body and my boobs were big enough that I could hypnotize any man I wanted. Back then, I thought having an M cup rack was about the biggest you could go." she moaned as one of her occupants shifted, and she rubbed the spot on her belly where it had moved. She was obviously in a state of constant arousal and distraction due to her size and who she carried.

"I was, heh, wrong about that." she said, idly lifting a breast. "But first things first. My boyfriend and I were watching the news, and we saw a story about you. We were amazed by what they said you could do. Taking people inside you and making yourself pregnant with them?" she shuddered with ecstasy at the very thought of it, amplified by the fact of it swollen before her. "It was pure fantasy. But it sounded amazing. We couldn't stop thinking about it. And one night three weeks ago, when we were making love... his head slipped inside me. His actual head, not the- anyway." she paused to take a breath and focus.

"It was the most amazing sensation I'd ever felt at that point." she continued. "And each second after that raised the bar. I kept riding the orgasm through the contractions, pulling him deeper and deeper inside me as my belly grew, until my lips closed over his feet, and I was done. Lying there in bed, enormous, naked and sweaty. Fortunately, I was on my side, so I could still breathe and see what I had become. My stomach was stretched out incredibly, and I could see his outline clearly, moving against my taut skin. It was like I was wearing a thin t-shirt and it was hugging my body perfectly - except it was showing his body instead. He drifted off to sleep inside me, and not long after, I slept too."

She took a moment and drank some water the young nurse handed her. "Thanks. Anyway, the next morning I woke up and remembered everything. I thought it had been another one of my incredibly intense dreams, but I felt him shifting in his sleep inside me, and knew it had been real. What was most noticeable though was that my belly wasn't as tight or stretched looking anymore - it was round like a pregnant woman's. I had somehow filled out during the night. That was when I realized my situation. I had gotten what I wanted, I was pregnant with my buff boyfriend - but I hadn't considered what that actually meant. Fortunately, I was in good shape, so I barely managed to get to my feet and shuffle over to the kitchen. The sides of my swollen belly kept brushing against doorframes, but I was incredibly hungry. I ate most of what was in my refrigerator and some of the pantry, and finally got my stomach to quiet down. Then I remembered I was late for work. I managed to get my pants on somehow - to this day I'm not entirely sure how - and I found an old shirt that I'd gotten as a gift. It was an XXXXL t-shirt made for some kind of joke, but I was glad I had it, since it barely managed to fit over my boyfriend bump. I had my balance by then, so I put on my sport jacked and waddled to work."

Another bottle of water, and she went on. "Naturally, people stared at me. I got stares due to my figure before, but back then I was just incredibly curvy. Now I was something out of the tabloids. That plus my swollen breasts not being able to fit in a bra anymore and the tight t-shirt gave the people on the street quite a show. I squeezed into work fifteen minutes late and thoroughly photographed. Over the next week or so this became a routine - they even sent me a new desk and chair to sit on so I could fit in my office. People were very understanding at work - maybe they were fans of yours. In any case, it was sort of surreal to use one of those medicine balls as a chair when I was actually bigger than it. One evening though, things changed."

Her face reddened and she became a bit flustered. "My boyfriend and I were relaxing in my office after work. I was laying on top of my belly, stroking him through my belly the way any pregnant woman would. I had my t-shirt and jacket off and the door closed for privacy - even without a bra, the t-shirt was uncomfortably tight. That was when he got an idea. I felt him shifting around inside me, more than usual. I was about to ask what was up when I realized exactly what was up - he had an erection inside me, and he was intending to use it! He couldn't get out, of course, but he could stimulate some of my most sensitive parts from inside there. Before I could protest or tell him to knock it off, I was too turned on to want to. My belly was moving like crazy and I was panting and moaning and sweating from him fucking me from the inside."

She actually came at this, and patted her swollen middle affectionately. "Yes, it turned out alright, dear. Don't beat yourself up. *ahem* Unfortunately, it turns out that what I was doing looked an awful lot to anyone watching like going into labor. Two of my co-workers (who I'd actually had crushes on for a while) came in and said they were here to help. I was too far gone to explain to them what was actually going on, but that phrase - "here to help" gave my libido some truly insane ideas. I was only wearing a miniskirt by that point, so I nodded and they went around behind me to do.. whatever. We'd all had some basic training in first aid, and this had been covered. One of them went to call a doctor, but promised to be right back. While he was away, I started to swallow the other one. It was actually even better than the first time. The angles involved and the sheer size of me amplified the sensations incredibly. I thought to ask if he was okay with this, but I saw him throw his clothes aside - he had stripped naked to accommodate me. Question answered, I kept swallowing with a vengeance. More and more of him slid inside me and I grew even bigger. My other co-worker came back to find me bent over with a pair of legs sticking out of me. Instead of freaking out or anything, he also removed his clothing. I nodded my assent in between screams and he got to work. He knelt in front of me and started playing with my breasts and making out with me, pleasuring my other hot spots while I engulfed his coworker. None of us were capable of coherent thought then, we were simply focused on the otherworldly sex act we were engaged in. With a gasp and an orgasm, I finished off the middle man, and the third assumed the position. He started out by just having regular sex with me - which was fine, we were all very much in the mood for that. He'd clearly been thinking about this for a while, because it was incredible. I was being fucked from the inside and the outside at the same time. He came three times before he finally started to be swallowed. The last one I took feet first - he said he wanted to watch himself disappear inside me. I swallowed him slowly, savoring every tiny sensation. When I got to his erection, which was harder than anyone I'd ever seen or felt, I almost literally went insane from pleasure. I felt his entire shaft slide all the way up inside me, it was nirvana. I almost don't remember the rest, but not long after that, it was done. My belly had swollen out enough that I had been forced back into a sitting position, which is when I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, my boss had found me there. Shirtless, sweaty, and almost too big to fit in the office, and with three burly men sleeping inside me. She called the hospital, and they brought me into this lab to verify my story. Then I asked to come see you, and you kind of know the rest."


Iris looked at the young woman with a new sort of respect, and eyed her impossible middle with some envy. It had been a very long while since she had any men inside her. "So what is it you want, then? Just to chat?"

"No!" Leanne said sharply. "I want to go inside you like the other staff! I can't walk anymore, I can barely move - but if I'm inside you, I can grow as big as I want. Please.."

There was a certain hunger in the girl's voice that Iris could understand very well. Heh, fertility goddess indeed. Behold, my first supplicant! And swallowing her would feel AMAZING... especially if she can let some of those men out to play.

"Alright, but hurry, before the doctors come back."

The nurse who had wheeled Leanne in loaded her into the crane they used for Iris' physicals and hoisted her up. The swollen young woman filled the basket completely, with her belly resting inside the thing and her legs and breasts hanging over the sides. The nurse sat on top of her and began undressing her. Soon, they reached the top.

"Alright, are you ready?" the nurse asked.

"Definitely." Iris said eagerly, and she soon felt Leanne's feet slide into her nethers.

Leanne's huge body had to be supported by the crane as she was fed into Iris' womb slowly but surely. For a moment, it looked like her swollen middle was too big for Iris to engulf - but a mighty "push" and some help from Leanne and her largest curves popped inside. Leanne's enormous breasts slid in almost as an afterthought, and it was done. The nurse slid in immediately after, since that's why she had come in the first place.

Iris watched Leanne's distinctive outline slide along the surface of her belly as she was welcomed into the ever growing crowd of women that she carried. Leanne was the second most heavily pregnant woman in the world, after all - it was only proper that Iris help ease her burdens.

Now we just have to figure out how to get those men out of her and into the rest of us.

Vital stats - recorded March 2, 2049
Name: Iris Fields
Gender: F
Height: 5' 10"
Total Weight: 59,150 lbs (44,200 breasts, 13,850 belly, 1,100 Iris)
Belly Weight: 13,890 lbs (850 Leanne, 3,660 Sarah, 9,380 various busty nurses)
Chronological Age: 64
Physical Age: 25
Breast Size: About the size of a small sperm whale each
Breast Weight: 22,100 lbs per
Months spent pregnant so far: 1,260
Measurements: 554-440-320

Name: Sarah Fields
Gender: F
Height (estimated from measurements of Iris Fields): 5' 11"
Weight: 3,660 lbs (2880 breasts, 600 Sarah, 180 Rachel)
Age (measured from beginning of Iris Fields' 43rd week of pregnancy): 42
Physical Age: 21
Breast Size: Minivans with nipples
Breast Weight: 1,440 lbs per
Measurements (estimated from imprints on Iris Fields' abdomen): 720-195-160

Leanne Corvo
Gender: F
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 850 lbs (600 boyfriends, 120 breasts, 130 Leanne)
Age: 21
Breast Size: 60TTT - a pair of prizewinning pumpkins
Breast Weight: 60 lbs per
Measurements: 60-480-36
October 31, 2015 2:32 pm
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RE: Iris
Love how this is going, can't wait to read more!
Any plans on the men in Leanne being birthed by her into Iris after which an internal orgy ensues, resulting in all of the female techs getting knocked up?
January 31, 2016 4:24 am
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RE: Iris
That's definitely Iris's plan. Whether or not it's mine you'll just have to wait and find out. Wink
February 3, 2016 10:54 am
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RE: Iris
Any progress on the continuation to this story? Smile
May 23, 2018 3:36 pm
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