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So this is where everyone went... Greetings everyone. Name's Amenshawn (aka, He who does not finish writing stories.). Been around various preg sites for a long time now, but just stumbled across this one today.
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Hey all,
glad to see im not the only one. as far back as i can remember using this glorious thing we call internet, ive been into this stuff. theres just something about pregnant women... you get it, im sure.
regardless, hope i can contribute here
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I was eight years old… Ms Kanar was my Sunday school teacher and she was 6 mo prego when she started out our school year. She wore a red top with black poka-dots and jeans that made her VERY uncomfortable. She would lean so far back in the metal backed chair that sometimes her belly button would stick straight up like a tent pole. Her legs were always spread wide, and I could not help but stare. It was fascinating, and she was one of the first pregos I can remember. She was beautiful. Her long wavy brunette hair was enough to make me crush on her alone (let alone her intriguing belly). This was when I began to like pregos…
After Kim gave birth to Taylor she no longer taught the class. Ms. Beyer took over she too got prego!!!
I only became more and more fascinated. My aunt got prego and her belly became the first ever prego belly I touched. It was so quick you would have thought I was afraid my hand was going to fall off… By the time I reached high school, I was so into pregnancy that I could barely contain myself. and stormrszone became my two favorite places to go online, and I would ride my bike down to the library everyday to go look at every picture book I could find of a pregnant lady…
In high school 3 of my friends got prego. One of them, Ashley, was in ms schmanski’s bio class (btw Ms Schmanski was prego too). Because, Ashley and I (Bubba’s) last names both began with “B” we sat next to each other… We never talked about her pregnancy though (because I was waaaaay too nervous). Ms Schmanski, however, always talked about hers. She mostly bitched about how uncomfortable she was, and how 40wks meant 10 mos of pregnancy and NOT 9 mo.  Best year ever!!!
It was not until college that I got the most brilliant of ideas… I would start an Ad agency the specialized in family marketing (particularly parenting). I poured my heart and soul into it and after about 5 yrs. We where huge! I have 3 offices across the country and hired 17 fulltime staff members. We now represent some of the biggest clients in the business, and I have my dream job. I spend everyday traveling the country meeting with mothers/mothers-to-be/and families, searching for maternity models, and understanding fashion industry trends… Pretty cool, huh!?!
Dreams really do come true…
Please do not re-post. This original content is meant only for the members of this forum. Thanks and enjoy!!! Big Grin
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Hi, preggophiles!
I'm Preggoneer and I've loved pregnant women ever since I was 5 years old, probably. I don't know why preggo bumps has been giving me boners for so long, but well, at least I know I'm not the only one!
Now, I have a question. Is pornography with preggos allowed in here? 'cause I've only seen candids, bump pics and some nudes.
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Hi, I'm Alex 24 from New Jersey
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Hi I'm new to this site, preggo admirer since I can remember and sexually atracted to preggos since late highschool years I think. I'm from Latinamerica country and I would like to be a contributor here. I've noticed that this looks like an open place and people post quality material. Not like some porn dedicated websites, hispanic and european that I've seen before, I prefer something dedicated to the preggo beauty and preggo lovers community!
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Hi there, I'm Hyperia, a 29 year old Dutchie who loves pregnant women, but mostly women in labor and pushing Smile
Hi all! I'm from Ireland and for as long as I can remember I've loved pregnant women! Glad to see there is others like me! Smile
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Hello all,

I'm a pregnant lover in North Dakota who has been posting to the site for about 2 months. I find it very encouraging to see so many other people involved in the community, for the longest time I always thought I was a weird freak because of my attraction.
As long as I just had a fellow North Dakotan post ^^ whoop whoop.

I've had a think for pregnant girls since I was about 13, all I remember about the start of it was I was at Disneyland with family, and saw something that just triggered it and, well, been stuck with it ever since. The oh-so-Catholics they were, my parents thought there was something wrong with my mind, and as you might have guessed, actually tried therapy to try and get rid of this "fetish". But, lo it's stuck with me all the way to my college years. I used to think I was the only one who thought of pregnant women as beautiful, but now I see that this site supports everyone who does. Thanks you guys Big Grin
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